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[MD1] Windows 98 due June 25th

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Microsoft told more than 500 resellers, OEMs, and independent developers
that Windows 98 will ship on schedule for a June 25th release. Windows 98
is to begin preselling on May 28 according to Microsoft. An OEM version
will ship in mid may.

While pricing has not been set, TechWeb notes that the MAP will run about
$89 which was similar to Windows 95.

Distributors are planning for the Windows rollout, but there is less
anticipation than there was with Windows 95.

“It’s more of a hardware than a software upgrade,” Max Cowsert,
merchandising manager at SoftKat, a software distributor in Petaluma, CA
told Techweb. He said much of the interest in the OS upgrade comes because
of its support for the universal serial bus and digital video disk.
said aside from games, few Win 98 applications are due this spring, but
revamped utilities for the OS are due in the fall.

To stimulate interest in the OS upgrade, Microsoft recently made a
beta preview of Win 98 available for $29.95 via Internet download.
those users are offered no discount on the final copy.



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