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[MD1] NetObjects TeamFusion 1.0

From: Jack Rotolo
Director of North American Sales

NetObjects is excited to announce that we are shipping NetObjects
TeamFusion 1.0, the client-server Web site authoring product that
alleviates the huge bottleneck created when Web teams are inundated with
site content changes.

To order or get more information on this novel approach to Web site
publishing, simply call our NetObjects TeamFusion reseller experts at
1-800-823-5157 today and reference Priority #653010. Or, for written
information on NetObjects TeamFusion, visit or read further.

Today, most corporate Web sites are developed and maintained not by
individuals, but by teams of IS managers, programmers, designers, editors
and many contributors who submit content but aren’t part of the core Web
team. Because these content contributors such as the Human Resources
department or Marketing sometimes outnumber Web developers 10 to 1, the
endless barrage of content changes has become the #1 bottleneck facing Web

NetObjects TeamFusion eliminates that bottleneck by empowering these
content contributors to do much of the day-to-day maintenance on their
portion of the Web site, while the Webmaster still controls the overall
look and feel of the site by approving all changes.

If you’re involved with building or maintaining Web sites, you owe it to
yourself to know about the advantages of NetObjects TeamFusion! Call today
for more information.

P.S. Remember, to order or find out more about NetObjects TeamFusion, call
1-800-823-5157 today and reference priority code #653010. If you’re not
completely satisfied with NetObjects TeamFusion, you can take advantage of
our money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you!

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