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[MD1] VText Update and New Distribution Polices


22 December 1997 — In conjunction with the immediate availability of its
CWPro 2 update for its VText library ViviStar Consulting announced an even
more relaxed source distribution policy.

VText is an incredibly flexible and versatile C++ add-on library for
Metrowerks’ PowerPlant application framework. VText provides complete
Macintosh text support including: greater than 32kb text, tabs, rulersets,
undo, drag and drop editing, AppleEvent scripting and recordability, full
support for multibyte characters and inline input methods including
Japanese and Chinese text, and full support for bidirectional script
systems including Arabic and Hebrew.

The new relaxed distribution policies include: immediate source downloads
for evaluation purposes; shareware, freeware, and student authors not
needing to pay the normal licensing fee until their gross revenue from
their VText projects reaches a value ten times that of the normal licensing
fee or unless they desire technical support. Commercial developers are
still required to purchase VText developer license(s) once they have
decided to adopt VText.

The VText library is priced at $350 per developer seat. The license
includes royalty-free binary redistribution when linked with developer
applications with appropriate reference in the application’s about box.
Site licensing is available directly from ViviStar Consulting.

VText is available from:

DevDepot,, 800-MACDEV-1, 805-494-9797

ViviStar Consulting,, 602-483-3123

ViviStar Consulting specializes in Macintosh products and services
including software engineering, computer graphics, computer aided geometric
design, AppleEvent factoring, and Macintosh text support.

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