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[MD1] JConfig 1.1b

From: (Chris Kelly)

Version 1.1b of JConfig is now available.

JConfig is a Java class library designed to help you create shrink-wrap
style applications in Java. This version supports both Apple’s MRJ and
Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro2, as well as fixing a few bugs and adding some
new features.

You can download the latest version from:


Some of JConfig’s features include the following:

– Get extended information on files, folders, volumes,
and aliases: their icons, creation dates, version information,
and more.
– Enumerate the currently mounted disk drives.
– Launch a Web browser with a URL or a file.
– Identify, resolve, and create aliases.
– Enumerate the user’s video monitors.
– Get information on a video monitor: bit depth, bounds, etc.
– Create external processes.
– Send basic commands to external processes.
– Obtain the PSN or HWND of a process you created.
– Convert between Windows file extensions and Mac creator/file type
– Find applications by name.
– Find applications associated with a given file type.
– Iterate over the entries in the Internet Config file mapping

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Chris Kelly

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