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[MD1] AutoShare 2.0

AutoShare 2.0, a freeware list server and auto-responder
has been released and may be downloaded from
or by e-mail from

AutoShare is robust, speedy and requires little memory. The 68K and PowerPC
native server applications, tested with Mac OS 8.0 and compatible with EIMS
(Eudora Internet Mail Server, formerly AIMS and MailShare) and SIMS
(Stalker Internet Mail Server), are fully scriptable and may be configured
using the AutoShare Admin, an administration application with balloon help.
Lists in the hundreds and subscribers in the thousands per list are
supported, as are subscription, open, moderated, announcement and private
list types.

Version 2.0 introduces a fully revamped documentation showing just how easy
it is to get going with AutoShare, a major multiple preference sets feature
coming in handy with mail server multi-domains, a powerful filter process
extender, user interface refinements for both the server and the Admin,
up-to-date full scriptability plus many minor improvements and bug fixes.

AutoShare comes complete with script samples and documentation covering
features such as list-specific configuration and logs, fully automated web
archives, remote administration by e-mail, subscriber and administrator web
forms, advanced mail-back confirmations, automated bounce and unsubscribe
module, launching of external applications, keep applications up feature,
flexible process extenders, MIME configuration of outgoing mail messages,
tip of the day lists, simultaneous text and HTML archives, subscriber
address protection, poll feature for voting, subject prefixes in list
contributions, headers and footers in list contributions and digests,
rotating banners and much more.

Mikael Hansen (

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