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[MD1] Open Web Page Pro Library

Goo Software Expands Development Tools Product Line

Open Web Page Pro Library Provides Simple Link To Browsers

SAN JOSE, CA – Goo Software announced today that it has released Open Web
Page Pro, a CodeWarrior Pro 1 C/C++ library for Macintosh developers.

The library provides Macintosh developers with the ability to launch and
look up a URL in popular web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer.

With just a few lines of code, developers can launch and optionally set a
URL for a browser to look up.

The libraries are free and can be downloaded in the development software
section at the company’s web site at:

Source code licensing is also available.

Goo Software is located in San Jose, CA and may be reached at 408 245-5601,
by email at, or via the World Wide Web at

Media Contact:
Mike Amorose
Goo Software
408 245-5601

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