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[MD1] PowerTools signs OEM agreement with UMAX

PowerTools signs OEM agreement with UMAX Taiwan

PowerTools announced today that it has signed an OEM agreement with UMAX of
Taiwan. Within the agreement, PowerTools will be given the rights to
purchase hardware products to be integrated into existing PowerTools
technologies. “We felt that it was necessary for us to work together with
UMAX to gain additional products and support for our valued customers,”
says Victor Wong, CEO, PowerTools. “Having multiple sources for some of our
core products will allow us to be more flexible and stable. This will
ensure that PowerTools will continue to be able to provide quality products
for the Macintosh community for a very long time.” In reference to their
existing license with Motorola, Wong says, “We have not been asked to give
up the license, nor has Motorola offered to buy it back from us. They tell
us that they will continue to ship products and provide support to us for
quite a while longer.”


Victor Wong
CEO, PowerTools
4544 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 101
Austin, Texas 78745
United States, Planet Earth
Tel: 512-891-0646 ext. 360
Fax: 512-476-6399

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