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[MD1] FREE Suite of IP Tools from AG Group Releases

Walnut Creek, California – August 26, 1997

The AG Group, Inc. releases AGNetTools(tm), a free IP utility suite
available for Macintosh, Windows 95 and Windows NT. AGNetTools includes the
following IP tools under a single graphical user interface:


Pings internet devices with a specified number of packets, timeout & time
interval. Minimum, maximum & average response times are reported back.


Traces the route packets take from your computer to any device with an IP
address on the internet.


Uses DNS to resolve names to addresses & addresses to names.


Uses the finger protocol to get information about a user on a given server.


Uses the whois protocol to get whois information about the owner of a
domain name.


Tests for availability of resources (via FTP or HTTP) on the internet &
calculates the time, size, & speed of download.


Resolves names for a range of IP addresses.


Scans ports on a machine to find supported services, such as HTTP/telnet/FTP.


Pings a range of IP addresses to find out which addresses are currently in


Scans a range of IP addresses for services, such as FTP/HTTP/telnet.


Provides basic network information, including AppleTalk address, IP
address, harware address, etc.


An option available from the View menu on Windows & the Edit menu on the
Mac allowing users to edit which services are on which ports (i.e. port 23
is telnet).

Download AGNetTools (

To distribute AGNetTools on CD ROM, via a web/ftp site, etc. please send
email to

About The AG Group, Inc.

The AG Group specializes in the development of powerful, cost- effective
network management software solutions to troubleshoot, optimize and
maintain mixed-platform, multi-protocol environments. We are dedicated to
bringing superior technology, ease-of-use, value and flexibility to the
Network Manager’s desktop. AG Group product offerings include network
protocol analyzers, traffic monitors and file sharing utilities, as well as
network training and troubleshooting starter kits and video tapes.

the ag group, inc.
2540 camino diablo
walnut creek, ca 94596
phone: 510/937-7900
fax: 510/937-2479

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