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[MD1] CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems

Press Contacts: For Release August 4, 1997
Gordy Davies Kirk Ladendorf
Metrowerks Inc. Motorola
(512) 873-4797 (512) 891-2058


New Tools Support Embedded Development for Rapidly Growing High Performance
Consumer Electronics Market

AUSTIN, Texas -Aug. 4, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK),
one of the world’s leading providers of software development tools, today
announced they are shipping this week CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded
Systems. With this product, Metrowerks extends its popular CodeWarrior
development environment to include support for Motorola’s (NYSE: MOT)
MPC821 and MPC860 PowerPC embedded processors.

CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems has all the tools, libraries,
documentation and examples needed to develop, on a Windows 95/NT platform,
software for the MPC821 and MPC860 embedded processors. Features include:
Metrowerks’ award-winning Integrated Development Environment (IDE);
optimizing C/C++ compiler; support for PowerPC EABI (Embedded Applications
Binary Interface), ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) / DWARF (Debug With
Arbitrary Record Format) object files; support for Motorola’s S-Records;
and source- or assembly-level debugging.

Using the CodeWarrior Debugger for PowerPC Embedded Systems from a desktop
computer, a programmer can debug software running on Motorola’s
MPC821/860ADS bareboard, any MPC8xx board that supports BDM (Background
Debug Mode), or even a PowerPC system that has an RS-232 serial port. For
debugging software running on a PowerPC-based RTOS (Real Time Operating
System), CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems includes MetroTRK (Target
Resident Kernel). MetroTRK is a software debug monitor for use with MW
Debug, CodeWarrior’s source-level host debugger with a graphical user
interface. Designed for portability and customization, MetroTRK is suitable
for use as a board-level (kernel-level) software debugger or, in its
extended form, as an application-level debugger.

“CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems brings to embedded developers the
most intuitive GUI tools available,” said Greg Galanos, president and chief
technology officer of Metrowerks. “And, at $899, the price is a fraction
of what traditional embedded tools cost. We’re very pleased to be working
with Motorola to bring low-cost embedded solutions to market with greater
speed and efficiency.”

“With the availability of powerful, yet inexpensive, tools from Metrowerks,
our integrated solutions for our customers become even more attractive,”
said Fred Shlapak, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola’s
Wireless Subscriber Systems Group. “Motorola is committed to providing
complete solutions, with high performance PowerPC embedded processors,
superior customer service, and the support of valuable partners that enable
our customers to be first to market with exceptional products.”

Pricing and Availability

CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems is now shipping, priced at US$899,
and is available from Metrowerks, Programmer’s Paradise, and other
authorized resellers. Purchasers also receive a BDM cable with power cable
and a serial cable for source-level debugging. Academic pricing is US$119
and does not include cables. All purchases include free product updates
and technical support for a year from Metrowerks.

About CodeWarrior

CodeWarrior is an intuitive suite of software development tools that
includes an award-winning IDE complete with project manager, resource and
text editors, debugger, class browser, online documentation and tutorials.
CodeWarrior’s cross-platform compilers support C, C++, Java, and Pascal and
allow programmers to build applications for Windows 95, Windows NT and
Mac OS, all from one unique development environment.

About Metrowerks (

Founded in 1985, Metrowerks develops, markets and supports a complete line
of programming tools used for software development for a number of
operating systems and microprocessors. Intended for use on desktop
computers or embedded systems, these operating systems include Mac OS,
Windows 95, Windows NT, PlayStation OS, BeOS and Palm OS, running on
68K, PowerPC, MIPS and x86 microprocessors. Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior
products are used by over 90,000 registered users in 70 countries. More
information is available by visiting on the web.


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