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Media and Investor Contact:
Tom Biddulph
SkyWeyr Technologies Inc.

SkyWeyr Ships LiveIndex An Interactive Java Navigation Tool for Websites

EL CERRITO, Calif. – SkyWeyr Technologies Inc. announced the release of
LiveIndex(tm), which enables website visitors to interact with an intuitive
and familiar view of a website. Using an interactive file/folder metaphor
similar to the one used by the Macintosh Finder and Windows Explorer, users
can quickly navigate complex websites and HTML documentation. By default,
LiveIndex picks the type of view (Macintosh or Windows) that is most
appropriate for the user.

Tom Biddulph, founder of SkyWeyr, commented that “No longer do web surfers
need to repeatedly click through pages of HTML to find the information they
are interested in. LiveIndex allows them to quickly and easily locate
exactly what they are looking for.”

LiveIndex release 1.0 is primarily targeted at content creators and
webmasters who want to enliven their websites and HTML documentation. The
webmaster creates the index file and places it on the server like a regular
HTML document. Users are then presented with a LiveIndex window like any
other web page. LiveIndex is pure Java; it can execute on practically any
platform or operating system.

An online demo is available at ( We
have indexed several sites that you might find useful and informative. A
fully functional, time-limited version of LiveIndex can be downloaded for
evaluation purposes from (

LiveIndex is available for a retail price of $99/server. For a limited
time, it is available at an introductory price of $49/server. Volume
discounts and site licenses are available.


SkyWeyr Technologies is committed to delivering products and services on
the cutting edge of software development and network technology. The
company’s current specialties include Java programming and messaging
communication. Product availability and pricing information can be obtained
by calling (510) 237-8349, or by accessing SkyWeyr’s Internet Web site at

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