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[MD1] Load Balanced/Fault Tolerant WebSTAR

Dear Webmaster,

StarNine Technologies and Men & Mice are proud to announce the Public Beta
release of an Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing solution
designed to maximize the reliability and performance of WebSTAR web sites.

How It Works:

The idea behind Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing is simple. A
Plug-In installed into each of your WebSTAR servers periodically sends a
communications message to a QuickDNS Pro 2.0 server. From this message the
QuickDNS Pro server can determine if the WebSTAR server is still active,
the current load level and the requested load level for the WebSTAR server.
If the server happens to go offline, QuickDNS Pro 2.0 will temporarily
remove that server from it’s active DNS records, meaning that no requests
will be directed to that web server. When the web server comes back
online, QuickDNS Pro automatically adds the server back to it’s DNS records.

Becoming A Beta Tester:

WebSTAR and QuickDNS Pro users interested in beta testing this Intelligent
Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing solution are invited to download the
latest beta version of QuickDNS Pro 2.0 and the WebSTAR QuickDNS Responder
Plug-In from ( Site
needing additional copies of WebSTAR can download WebSTAR 2.0.2 at
( and use one of
the temporary serial numbers listed below. NOTE: Multiple servers can be
setup on the same network using the same serial number.

WebSTAR 2.0: WEB*-33yt-eeEp-489w-796p
WebSTAR/SSL 2.0: W*SL-79ry-qq8y-0t62-447y

Subscribing To The Mailing List:

It is also recommended that you subscribe to the QDNS-Beta list by sending
an email message to ( with a subject of
“subscribe”. During the beta test cycle please send comments, questions or
bugs to the QDNS-Beta list at ( only.

We look forward to having you on our Beta team.

Eric Zelenka
WebSTAR Product Manager

Snorri Gudmundsson (
Marketing Manager

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