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Dear MacTech Magazine,

We are the hosts of an internet resource for web developers and individuals
who want to track visitors to their web pages. It is called the ‘Museum of
Counter Art’. The museum contains nearly 500 sets of TOTALLY FREE counter
artwork for anyone to use. The counter sets can be used with most any
counter CGI, across all platforms. We just completed a major redesign of
the museum and would like to get the word out to as many people as
possible. Although our site is not Macintosh specific, it is a resource any
Mac web developer will want to know about and use. We would really
appreciate a mention in your daily news section, and a link placed in your
‘net reference area would be fantastic.

Please stop by at the Museum for a tour. Here is a brief description that
you can use:

The Museum of Counter Art

The museum is a showcase for digit artwork used with web page hit counters.
Counter Art is displayed in the various exhibit rooms of the museum based
on its particular look or style. Information about each artist and links to
download the artwork are provided for each counter set. The museum now
exhibits nearly 500 different works of counter art, with links to many
popular counter CGI’s. Tours start at:


Andrew Soderberg
Curator, Museum of Counter Art
President, Merlin Media, Inc.

PS. We are all Apple alumni, and the Museum was designed completely on Macs.

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