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[MD1] NI Meets Technology Industry Hiring Challenge


Natural Intelligence Meets Technology Industry Hiring Challenge

June 30, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Beginning on July 7, five
successful candidates will begin their apprenticeship in Natural
Intelligence’s Developer Apprentice Program (DAP)Qan unusual and innovative
mentoring program which has yielded the company some of its most successful
hires. Created in 1994 in response to competition in the technology
industry for highly qualified software developers, the program continues to
prove an invaluable resource. The company regularly receives well over 100
applications for five positions.

Shari Agatstein, Vice President of Operations, noted that the DAP program
was quite unusual. “The ‘DAPers’ are not only trained in the technologies
and development methodologies employed by Natural Intelligence, but
considerable attention is also focused upon providing apprentices with
those skills that transform a programmer into a highly skilled consultant.”
Agatstein added that “project management, teamwork, public presentation,
and related intangible skills critical to a successful consultancy, are
also integral parts of the apprenticeship curriculum.”

All ‘DAPers’ are paid full salaries, above industry standards, and are
entitled to all the benefits current company employees receive. Because the
apprenticeship presents such a significant career development opportunity,
many applicants have even offered to waive the salary to participate in
this program. (These offers have not been accepted).

According to Marco Perucchi, a Natural Intelligence project leader who
entered the company via the ‘DAP’ route, this path was an unusual and very
productive entry point into the workplace. “What was highly significant to
me, was the complete accessibility to every single employee in the
companyQnot just to my assigned mentor. Even more impressive was the global
dedication of everybody in the company to making the ‘DAPers’ well rounded,
successful consultants.” Perucchi added that he was also very appreciative
of the ongoing solicitation of feedback on the program. “I could always
make suggestions regarding the content and relevance of the curriculum for
my personal developmentQand when appropriate, these suggestions were
incorporated into the next round of the program. The program, therefore, is
always improving and expanding its scope.”

The curriculum is revised each year to include the most current
technologies. In the 1997 Summer/Fall program, the participants will
immediately be part of the new phase of in-house Java Training, a field of
expertise for which the company is well known and highly regarded.

John Magee, Director of Consulting Services at Natural Intelligence, and
one of the founders of the Developer’s Apprentice Program, expressed his
continuing enthusiasm. “This is a creative and successful solution to the
persistent problem of attracting software developers in the current market.
We are using hiring standards which have been developed by Natural
Intelligence to identify people who not only demonstrate an enthusiasm and
aptitude for learning now, but who will have the drive and creativity to
accelerate the company’s future growth. I am very proud of this program,
and expect to continue to offer it to qualifying candidates regularly.”

This is the third anniversary of this program, which continues to be a
magnet for software engineers.

About Natural Intelligence,(tm) Inc.

Established in 1987 with headquarters in Cambridge, MA, Natural
Intelligence Inc., is a leading provider of quality custom software
solutions and training programs for the integration of business and
technology. Nationally recognized for its expertise in database solutions
for a wide range of business environments, the company offers Java(tm),
Sybase(r), Oracle(r), Microsoft(tm) SQL(r) Server, and Fourth Dimension(r)
solutions. Natural Intelligence also specializes in Java(tm) development
for cross-platform Internet and Intranet solutions. Customized courses are
offered by the Java Training Division. Software products include QuickCode
Pro(r), a code editor for 4th Dimension, and DragStrip(r), The Ultimate
Desktop Organizer for the Macintosh(r).

More information about Natural Intelligence can be obtained via email from, or from the World Wide Web at

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Press and Public Communications
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