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[MD1] Web Archer Desktop Internet Search System

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Susan Marlett
ClearWay Technologies


— Provides Desktop Access to Internet Searches, Databases, and Catalogs;
Built-in Expertise Speeds Successful Searches —

New York City, June 17, 1997, PC Expo — ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today
announced Web Archer(TM) Desktop Internet Search System, a powerful new
package that simplifies and speeds access to Internet searches, databases
and catalogs. Web Archer’s built-in searching expertise lets beginners and
power users alike find Internet information with new levels of accuracy and
speed. Complete desktop integration allows users to search with Web Archer
at any time, from any program.

“Most people access the Internet by starting with a search,” explained Mark
Kriegsman, president of ClearWay Technologies, “Web Archer is an Internet
search expert right on your desktop. It knows where to look, what to look
for, and how to take your browser directly there. Its built-in expertise
means you can actually find what you’re looking for — quickly.”

Users are thrilled with Web Archer’s unobtrusive design and Internet
searching expertise. “Whether I need to find a person, company
information, or just a relevant fact, Web Archer gets me there in one
click. It even launches my browser,” said Rebecca Rodman, a law student at
Northeastern University. “Using the Internet just got a whole lot easier.”

Web Archer costs US$20; users can download a fully-functional copy of Web
Archer for evaluation before purchasing it. ClearWay also licenses
customized, branded versions of Web Archer to publishers, companies, and
organizations that wish to distribute the software under their own label.
Customized versions carry the licensee’s logo and can be enhanced with
special-purpose searching expertise, database integration, and bookmarks.
Because users find Web Archer useful and enjoy having it on their desktop,
custom-branded versions are a highly effective promotional tool.

Final versions of Web Archer for Windows 95 and Mac OS will be available
July 31, 1997. A preview release of Web Archer for Mac OS is available now
at ( Parties interested in licensing
custom versions of Web Archer should contact Mark Heckendorn at

ClearWay Technologies, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the
leading developer of Internet acceleration tools. Founded in January 1996,
and privately held, ClearWay is best known for its FireSite Web Site
Accelerator. Further information on ClearWay Technologies may be obtained
by calling 1-888-55CLEAR, accessing ClearWay’s Web site at or by e-mailing

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