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[MD1] Cyclomatic Complexity Metric

From: (Bill Catambay)
Subject: [Ann] Metrics Software, and other Pascal updates

James Derrick has written a short article about his freeware plug-in for
the Codewarrior IDE to calculate the cyclomatic complexity metric for
Pascal source code. The cyclomatic complexity metric is a measure
complexity of a routine, originally described by Tom McCabe (“A Complexity
Measure”). Check out Pascal Central for more details.

New additions to the PascalWare page:

Monitor, Arrhythmia, Metrics, Puffyman

If you know of other freeware or shareware apps written in Pascal, let me
know and I’ll add them to the page. Thanks!

New links at the Forums and Links page:

(Mac) TCL Archive – Archive of several Symantec Pascal TCL classes.

(PC) Numerical Analysis – Some Sources of Numerical Analysis Code in Pascal.

Check out the Pascal Central web site:

The intent of Pascal Central is to provide the pascal community one place
to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal source code, and
Pascal-related internet links.

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