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[MD1] DISCOVER 4th DIMENSION road show

ACI US announces the DISCOVER 4th DIMENSION road show

Cupertino, CA April 25, 1997. In conjunction with the 4D Pro ship date,
ACI US also announced the Discover 4th Dimension road show. Beginning in
May, ACI US will present an introductory seminar for the new 4th Dimension
Version 6 developer and conduct high-end training classes designed for data
management professionals and experienced 4D developers. The ACI US Discover
4th Dimension road show will visit seven major cities throughout the United
States, and will be hosted by Walt Nelson, Director of Partner Development
for ACI US. Each stop on the tour will include:

* Two days of high-level 4D training:
– Day One: “A Technical Look Under the Hood of 4D V6.”
– Day Two: “Optimizing 4D and 4D Server Applications”

* The Discover 4th Dimension seminar for prospective customers and developers

As part of the road show in each city, ACI US will participate in local and
regional User Groups and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings. The seminar
and course descriptions are attached to this press release and are also
located on our Web site at Below is the current schedule for
May-June 1997.

May 15, 1997 Teleconference with the Boston 4D User Group
May 17, 1997 Attend BMUG 4D User Group, Berkeley, CA
May 19 – May 21 Chicago, IL (Training, May 19-20)
May 22 – May 24 Cupertino, CA (Training, May 22-23)
May 28 – May 31 Boston, MA (Training, May 30-31)
June 2 – June 4 Los Angeles, CA (Training, June 2-3)
June 5 – June 7 Denver, CO (Training, June 6-7)
June 14 – June 18 Washington, DC (Training, June 16-17)
June 19 – June 21 New York, NY (Training, June 20-21)

ACI US will announce the July-August schedule in late May.

Walt has been a 4D developer for more than ten years. He has been an ACI US
employee for nearly three years as the Manager of Developer Services and
most recently the Director of Technical Support . During the past year,
while working directly with Dominique Hermsdorff (the team leader of the V6
Development Dream Team), Walt was heavily involved in the documentation and
testing of V6. As the author of several advanced Technical Notes on 4D,
Walt worked with ACI’s top 4D Trainer, Jean-Pierre Ribreau (JPR) to develop
in-depth class material for the Discover 4th Dimension Road Show.

ACI US, Inc. was founded in 1987 as the US publisher of 4th Dimension and
the 4D product line. In 1995, ACI extended 4th Dimension technology to the
Windows platform. ACI US is located at 20883 Stevens Creek Boulevard,
Cupertino, CA 95014; phone 408-252-4444; toll-free 800-881-3466; fax

Brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders


Course Descriptions

Course #1 and Course #2 are high-level training sessions based on the JPR
training, 4D In-Depth. Each class will meet from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The
information that you receive in each course will be fully documented in the
course manual and on the example diskettes. Course fees: Members of the ACI
US Partners Program $395 per day; others $495 per day. Group discounts and
Partners Program sign-up incentives are available.

Course #1: A Technical Look Under the Hood of 4D V6 – One Day This is a
behind-the-scenes look at the new 4D V6 features from the advanced
developer’s point of view. Topics covered: *The V6 changes in the 4D data
structure and why they were made; *Database Properties and how to use them;
*How object-oriented concepts are implemented in V6; *The new Plug-in
architecture; *New concepts in V6: Constants and References; *Hierarchical
Lists: their uses and internal structure; *Resources in V6: new power and
control; *The Form Wizard: a look deep inside this tool for creating rules
templates for your 4D forms; *Style Sheets in V6; *Window management
enhancements in V6; *Pictures in V6 and the Picture Library; *Triggers and
Stored Procedures: advanced do’s and don’ts; *BLOB: an inside look at this
powerful new data type; *4D Web Services: do’s and don’ts; *The importance
of Triggers and Stored Procedures to Web Services.

Course #2: Optimizing 4D and 4D Server Applications – One Day The internal
workings of the 4D Engine, and how to use that information to optimize 4D
applications. Topics covered: *4D’s internal data structures: Records,
Fields, Bit tables, Address tables, Tags, Maps, Stacks, Process Variable
Tables, Inter-process Variable Tables; *How to calculate memory
requirements for 4D, 4D Client, and 4D Server; *What happens in 4D when the
memory is crowded; *Graphics and memory; *How to optimize Selections and
Sets; *The importance of unloading the Current Record; *How 4D internally
handles sorts; *Common search mistakes that developers make; *Using
Asynchronous Processing to optimize; *Optimization techniques using
Subtables; *Using Semaphores; *Use of the Empty Table and the One-Record
Table; *Creating your own Index Clusters; *Long Calls vs Short Calls to the
4D Engine; *Range Checking: how it works; *Performance implications of
starting and stopping Processes *Which type of Process in 4D is slowest,
and why; *How to give a Process the priority; *Techniques for optimizing
Client/Server: Local Processes, 4D Open, Stored Procedures and Triggers;
*Choosing your server hardware for performance; *New optimization
techniques for 4D V6.

DISCOVER 4TH DIMENSION Seminar – 2.5 hours
This seminar is free of charge. It is an overview of the 4th Dimension
product family with special emphasis on the 4D competitive advantages. 4D
developers and users are encouraged to invite prospective customers and
colleagues–especially those who are using other products. Topics covered:
*Database, Form, & Object Properties; *The Form Wizard; *Style Sheets;
*Interface objects; *User Environment Editors; *The 4D Language; *Generic
Programming in 4D using Pointers; *The 4D Debugger; *Multi-Process,
Multi-Window programming in 4D; *4D as a Web Server; *4D Server: Power &
Simplicity; *4D Insider: the ultimate cross-reference tool; *4D Compiler:
advanced error-checking and machine language compilation; *4D Plug-ins; *4D
Connectivity to SQL back-ends; Q & A.

Early sign-up is encouraged since space at all courses and seminars is
limited,. ACI University accepts VISA, Master Card, AMEX, personal checks
or corporate checks. We must receive payment no later than ten working days
before the class. To register, call the ACI University office at (408)
252-4444, ext. 248. To register by fax, send the attached registration form
to (408) 252-0831. By e-mail, write to us at or visit
our Web site,

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