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[MD1] New PalmPilot Bundle

Special Pricing for the New PalmPilot Bundle

With the anticipated second release of CodeWarrior for PalmPilot, we are
pleased to offer to all CodeWarriors a new bundle consisting of the new
high-end Professional PalmPilot from U.S. Robotics and CodeWarrior for
PalmPilot DR2. We are offering an unheard-of bargain on the Professional
PalmPilot bundle! Customers purchasing the Professional PalmPilot bundle
before May 1, 1997 will also receive a free copy of CodeWarrior for Windows
95/NT DR2 with their CodeWarrior for PalmPilot DR2, so you can build
Windows 95/NT desktop application which HotSync with the PalmPilot. The
great value does not stop there, the Professional Bundle will ship A.S.A.P.
with a complimentary copy of CodeWarrior for PalmPilot DR1, giving you the
opportunity to begin coding for their new Professional PalmPilot.

Professional PalmPilot Bundle

You get:
CodeWarrior for PalmPilot DR 2 US$ 369
Professional PalmPilot US$ 399
CodeWarrior for Windows DR2 (competitive upgrade) US$ 199
Total Value US$ 967
Your Price US$ 549
You SAVE 43% US$ 418


Now you can create software programs that will run directly on the
PalmPilot device from the comfort of your Windows 95/NT or Macintosh
computer. Building your own Palm OS[TM]-based applications is easy when
using the award-winning CodeWarrior IDE with its editor, 68K plug-in
compiler and linker, source level debugger, the new direct-to-device
debugger, and the new visual interface design editor (Constructor for

PalmPilot Bundle Offer:

Buy the second release of CodeWarrior for PalmPilot now and equip yourself
with a complete set of development tools that let you create applications
for Palm OS on your Windows 95/NT or Macintosh computer. CodeWarrior for
PalmPilot incorporates the award-winning CodeWarrior IDE and the PalmPilot
SDK from U.S. Robotics. Developers who purchase the second release of
CodeWarrior for PalmPilot receive an extended set of updates. The PalmPilot
connected organizer is the latest U.S. Robotics device based on the Palm
OS(TM). It is a hand-held device that offers personal information
management (PIM) software including Date Book, Address Book, To Do List,
Calculator, Memo Pad, Mail and Expense; desktop software, and docking
cradle for one-touch personal computer connectivity. For more information
check out the U.S. Robotics Web site

Please note that the release date for CodeWarrior for PalmPilot DR2 will be
announced on our web site in two weeks. This offer is valid only as long as
supplies last, and is limited to one Bundle per customer. The Professional
PalmPilot Bundle must be purchased directly from Metrowerks or from
participating international distributors (international pricing may vary).
Shipping, handling, local sales tax and international duties are not
included in the price. Other restrictions may apply.

Metrowerks, Inc.
2201 Donley Drive, Suite 310
Austin, TX 78758

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