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[MD1] Rhapsody Core OS Announcement

Dear Developers,

As you know, we recently announced our intention to acquire NeXT Software,
Inc. and deliver a new operating system based on NeXT and Apple technology
code-named Rhapsody. At Macworld San Francisco, we shared our high level
strategy and goals for this operating system. We want to share as much
information as possible when important decisions have been reached.

At Macworld, we indicated that Rhapsody will be based on a robust
operating system foundation that features full preemptive multitasking,
memory protection and SMP and we committed to announce our choice for the
core OS within a month.

We have chosen to deliver these capabilities using the Mach kernel. Apple
completed a thorough evaluation of several options. Each of the options had
both technical and business strengths. Mach represents the best balance of
technology, business fit and maximizes our ability to deliver on our
stated goals for Rhapsody. We believe the Mach-based core provides Apple
and developers a compelling technology foundation in which to build
innovative and world class products.

Clearly, there are further technical decisions still to be made. We will
continue to update you on a continuing basis.

Ellen Hancock
Chief Technology Officer

Avie Tevanian
Vice President, NeXT Software, Inc.

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