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[MD1] PR: Entrada!

The Entrada! family of tools from Pictorius Inc. lets you build dynamic
easily maintainable web sites, powerful net apps and net-enabled
client/server apps.

Entrada! Net Builder helps you build dynamic applications with multiple
servers, built right into your app. Entrada! Corporate and Developer
help you build database apps that run over LANs, the Internet and
intranets. All Entrada! development tools are fully customizable and
include full source code.

For more info link to:

We’re also giving away Entrada Net Servers for free! Entrada! Net
Servers include Web, FTP and Mail servers, a suite of Agents that
replace CGIs plus database connectivity in a single no-charge
application. We want you to experience Pictorius’ easy-to-use, visual,
fully integrated, powerful tools — firsthand. No more piecemeal
solutions to get the functionality and easy maintainability you want.
To get yours email

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