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[MD1]WEB FM 2.0v3

Web Broadcasting Co. releases WEB FM 2.0v3 update for FileMaker Pro 3.0.

Palo Alto, CA — Web Broadcasting Co. has announced availability
of the version 3 update for WEB FM 2.0, a full-featured
common gateway interface (CGI) that links Claris Corp’s FileMaker
Pro 3.0 databases with Quarterdeck Corp’s WebSTAR world-wide web server
software for Mac OS. WEB FM allows you to quickly and easily put a web
interface on your existing FileMaker Pro 3.0 databases, or add forms
and database processing to your existing web broadcasting station.

Empowering Dynamic Internet and Intranet Web Sites

WEB FM 2.0v3 provides FileMaker Pro customers with an easy to use and
powerful tool for creating dynamic web-based solutions for the Internet
and Intranet such as:

* Product & pricing catalogs
* Membership directories
* Event registrations
* Online Surveys
* Order Processing

WEB FM enables FileMaker Pro customers to easily build dymanic
web-sites without the complexity of CGI programming. HTML fill-out
forms are created with input fields having the same names as the
fields in your FileMaker Pro database. With WEB FM and the legendary
ease-of-use of FileMaker Pro, you have access to more than 100
powerful calculation functions to easily format highly customizable
and logical, rules based dynamic html pages.

WEB FM was developed from the ground-up for FileMaker Pro. Released in
August 1995, WEB FM has garnered widespread acceptance in the FileMaker
Pro user community with nearly 1000 active customers in 22 countries

“WEB FM is a must-have and vital tool for creating truly dynamic
web sites with FileMaker Pro backend databases,” said Apple Fellow,
Guy Kawasaki. “I use it for my online polls.”

Current WEB FM customers include Apple Computer, Claris Corporation,
Dow Jones & Co., Genentech, Quarterdeck Corporation, Stanford
University, Wells Fargo Bank, Ziff-Davis, and many others.

Version 3 of WEB FM 2.0 provides the following new features:

* Support for FileMaker Pro relational and portal fields
* Support for Infoseek-like “Next xx” records when performing a search
* Capability to mix “AND” and “OR” searches
* Capability to capture ALL http parameters

A trial version of WEB FM 2.0v3 is available for download at:


Current registered users of WEB FM 2.0 can download version 3 at:


The price of a WEB FM 2.0v3 license is currently $195 for corporations,
universities, organizations, and individuals. Claris Solutions
Alliance (CSA) members and K-12 schools should inquire about the availability
of special pricing.

To order WEB FM 2.0v3 by credit card, check, or purchase order,
please access our on-line order forms at
( Or contact us directly at (415)

About WEB FM and the Web Broadcasting Co.

Web Broadcasting Co. was formed to develop and market CGIs that
link Claris Corporation’s FileMaker Pro databases with Mac OS web

For further information contact:

Web Broadcasting Co.
555 Bryant St. #386
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Web: (
Email: (
Phone: (415) 329-9676

@ 1995-1996 Web Broadcasting Co. All rights Reserved. WebSTAR is a trademark
of Quarterdeck Corporation. FileMaker is a registered trademark of Claris
Corporation. Mac OS is a registered trademark of Apple Computer,Inc.

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