April, 2007
Table of Contents

This document is very large ... about 150 pages in the print version. The below table of contents will give you entry points to the chapters online.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Converting VBA Macros to AppleScript in Microsoft Office

VBA is going away in Office 2008 for Mac. Learn about the challenges and the benefits.

Chapter 1: AppleScript Basics

Tools, Resources and First Steps in AppleScript Syntax

Chapter 2: AppleScript in Microsoft Office (General)

Issues in converting VBA to AppleScript in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Chapter 3: Word

Word VBA Macros to AppleScript

Chapter 4: Excel

Excel VBA Macros to AppleScript

Chapter 5: PowerPoint

PowerPoint VBA Macros to AppleScript

Chapter 6: Entourage

An Introduction to Entourage Scripting (No VBA Anywhere in Sight)

Chapter 7: Resources

Books, References, and Tools discussed in Moving from MS Office VBA to AppleScript