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Saturday August 13

Storyspace 3.2

Enables you to share Storyspace Reader, a free standalone app for reading Storyspace files. ($149 new, free update, 188 MB)


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Tesla preps an extra long-range battery for its...

Tesla has dropped hints that it's ready to extend the range of its electric cars (there was an allusion to a "P100D" hidden in firmware), but it now looks like that long-distance technology is getting closer to fruition. Dutch regulators have approv...

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MIT's and Microsoft's flash tattoos can...

Those stylish flash tattoos could do more than just look cool in the future. A team from MIT and Microsoft Research has developed a fabrication process called "DuoSkin," which can be used to make temporary metallic tattoos that double as on-skin inte...

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Review: The Raumfeld One M is a wireless streaming...

When it comes to multi-room audio solutions, Sonos is about as ubiquitous as it gets, but German audio manufacturer Raumfeld is looking to get into the action with its own set of wireless speakers.

Its 120-watt One M Wireless Speaker ($499 on Amazon) has been sitting on my desk for the last few weeks, and like Sonos, it brings easy to configure wireless audio streaming to any room in the house. Raumfeld sent me two speaker setups to test, the aforementioned single speaker One M, and the Stereo Cubes — an option that delivers a wider sound stage.

I’m still putting the Stereo Cubes to the test, but have used the One M for long enough that I feel comfortable speaking about its pluses and minuses. If you subscribe to one of the unit’s supported streaming services, and are aware of its shortcomings, then the One M can be an excellent pick....

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Google's Fuchsia operating system runs on...

Google is no stranger to creating whole platforms when it needs them, but its latest project might be something special. It's working on Fuchsia, an open source operating system that's designed to scale all the way from Internet of Things devices th...

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Apple Watch supplies run low ahead of September event

You'll find a lot of Watch variants marked as "Sold Out" if you browse Apple's online store, 9to5mac has discovered. And, yes, the list includes ones with brightly colored bands Cupertino launched just a few months ago. While there could be a differe...

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DEVONthink 2.9.2

All three editions continue to tune up the new synchronization features. (All updates are free. DEVONthink Pro Office, $149.95 new; DEVONthink Professional, $79.95 new; DEVONthink Personal, $49.95 new)


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The incredibly intricate badges of Def Con

Three days before the 24th annual Def Con hacker event, badge designer and builder 1o57 (aka Ryan Clarke) had a problem. "The lion's share of the 20,000 badges showed up this year not programmed," he told Engadget. He gathered up a team and they went...

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Olympic pools to be drained, water replaced

Two pools at the Olympic diving center will be drained and the water replaced on Saturday, a radical measure taken five days after the pools turned green due to what officials said was a contractor’s error.

I listened to a radio piece about this the other day and apparently there is no danger to the athletes, but it’s good to see the organizers doing the right thing.

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Lyft turns down GM acquisition

Ride hailing company Lyft rebuffed acquisition interest from General Motors Co and will raise a new funding round instead, technology website The Information reported on Friday, citing two people familiar with the situation.

This is a great move from Lyft. I have little to no confidence in General Motors’ management or the products they have. Quality is certainly not a word that comes to mind when I think of GM.

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Test-driving two of Alta Motors' electric...

What's insanely quick, all-electric and only has two wheels? The Alta Redshift MX. On the this Translogic, host Jonathon Buckley rediscovers the joys of electric motorcycles with the Alta Redshift MX and SM. Alta Motors is a company built on the...

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Sony's hi-res turntable and software make it...

Vinyl has seen a resurgence lately, with sales growth for this format outpacing digital. To stay on top of that trend, Sony refreshed its record player lineup to include the not-so-memorably named PS-HX500. Though it cuts a familiar figure, resemblin...

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Recommended Reading: How Netflix is changing...

Netflix and the
future of entertainment
Ben Bajarin,

Since Stranger Things debuted on Netflix, I've seen a number of articles and heard a few podcasts discuss the merits of an 8-episode season over the usual 13. When you think about sh...

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Review: Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for...

Logitech's Create Backlit Keyboard Case, made specifically for the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro, leverages the tablet's Smart Connector port for both data and power, negating the need for a separate battery or pairing process with virtually no key lag.

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This week’s top stories: Apple’s upcoming MacBook...

In this week’s top stories: Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro with OLED touchscreen, the latest iPhone 7 leaks, Apple Watch 2 reports, and much more.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Six designs that bust e-waste

By Cat DiStasio

Many modern gadgets seem like they were designed to be disposable, forcing consumers to buy a new model instead of repairing their old one. This leads to an enormous amount of waste, and it's difficult to find places that recycle the...

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The Week in iPad Cases: A case with an embedded...

New iPad cases of the week

This week’s roundup of new iPad cases features This Is Ground’s Mod Pro, an iPad travel bag that features an embedded Tile luggage tracker. Plus, folios, other functional organizers, and more. Read on!


The FlipBook (9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air/Air 2, all iPad mini models; $60 MSRP, same price on Amazon) is a sleek-looking folio, made with a soft faux-leather exterior.

To read...

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ICYMI: This rock-armored insect could change medicine

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley discovered that an insect called the caddisfly spins strong, stretchy silk that works like a biological sticky tape. The caddisfly uses it to attach stones to its...

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Akitio releases Thunderbolt 3 PCIe expansion chassis

Akitio has released the Thunder3 PCIe Box, a Thunderbolt 3 external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis device designed to provide an additional PCIe slot for Thunderbolt 3 computers where there’s either not enough space to install another PCIe card or on systems such as laptops where there previously was no option to add a PCIe card.

The Akitio PCIe Box features a 1x16 slot that supports half-length, full-height, double width cards, which can be swapped out due to the completely screw-less design of the Akitio box. The 1x16 PCIe slot also supplies up to 25 watts of power to the card, providing an all-in-one expansion chassis solution.  

The box has two Thunderbolt 3 ports for daisy chaining up to six devices as well as a DisplayPort to easily add an additional monitor to...

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Maclocks announces lock for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook

Maclocks, the Apple lock specialists, has introduced the New MacBook Lock, which the company claims is the first lock specifically designed to include security for the USB-C port on a 12-inch MacBook.

The lock’s bracket weighs less than 0.1 pounds, so it adds minimal bulk and still allows the MacBook to fit in a sleeve or bag. It’s fastened to the bottom of the device and incorporates the security slot to which the included cable lock is attached. 

Tonality CK - create beautiful black and white photos on your Mac

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Writing App Ulysses Blends Power and Simplicity

The Soulmen recently won an Apple Design Award for Ulysses, a writing app for the Mac. This got Julio Ojeda-Zapata curious about it and its iOS sibling. He liked the product’s blend of minimalism and raw power.


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Severed is a gruesome, yet gratifying dungeon-...

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

Drinkbox Studios has quickly established itself as a go-to source for quirky and colorful, yet still action-packed experiences, and its 2013 game Guacamelee! is the perfect example of that. While it riffs on Nintendo’s classic Metroid template, giving you both abilities and a world that constantly expand and deepen throughout the adventure, the game added a vibrant edge and sense of humor that made it feel fresh and unique.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click...

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SteelSeries Siberia 840 is SteelSeries’ newest...

SteelSeries’ $329 Siberia 840 is the company’s newest wireless headset. It’s part of the Siberia 800 family of gaming headsets.

The Siberia 840 combines the same features of the Siberia 800, including two swappable batteries, cross-platform compatibility for universal use, and Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology for total immersion. However, it takes things to another level with a set of new elements, including Bluetooth connectivity and software customization, according to Brian Fallon, SteelSeries’ category manager, Audio.

The Siberia 840 works with all major gaming consoles and computer operating systems. It comes with an OLED Transmitter to visually monitor all audio, wireless, configuration and system settings, including audio sources, profiles, battery life and more.

The Siberia 840 also boasts memory foam padding on the headband and ear-cups. It features a retractable microphone with an LED on/...

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MG announces the Novi Portable Charging Station

MG has announced the $285 Novi Portable Charging Station, which features a wireless charging dock that charges up to eight lightweight portable battery pods in only 2.5 hours.

The Novi Portable Charging Station consists of the Novi Dock and portable Novi Pods. The Novi Dock is powered by an internal AC adapter with a removable 2-prong cable that can be used in any country. Each dock can hold up to eight pods. Using MG's LunaPulse Technology, the Novi Dock charges all Novi Pods upon contact. 

Each Novi Pod houses a built-in Lightning and Micro-USB charging cables. Each Novi pod is reportedly capable of totally recharging your device in as little as an hour and a half.

Creative Kit 2016: Six powerful Mac photography apps with over 500 creative tools

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The week in Apple news: MacBook Pro rumors, Apple...

Apple headlines for the week ending Aug. 12, 2016

Apple released new betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, so the development cycle is speeding up as we approach the release day. There’s plenty of other Apple news from the past week. Find the important headlines in this slideshow, and click on the link to get more information.

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This week on AI: Two new Apple Watches, mysterious...

Future hardware rumors were unusually diverse this week, possibly giving us a peek not just at future iPhones but things like the second-generation Apple Watch and mysterious new health gadgets.

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GM reportedly tried to buy Lyft

General Motors is serious about gaining a foothold in the ride-sharing industry. Not only has the company established its own car-lending app and purchased the defunct Uber competitor, Sidecar -- but according to The Information, it's also been toyin...

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Friday August 12

Your olive oil is almost certainly fake

This story is all kinds of depressing. Since I’ve started to learn how to cook, I’ve fallen in love with olive oil. Depressing to know that the vast majority of what I’ve been using is adulterated at the very least and most likely an out and out fake at the very worst.

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The strange brain of the world’s greatest solo...

Honnold has always fascinated me. I’ve watched all of his Youtube videos and simply can’t comprehend how he can possibly do what he does. Turns out, he may literally be wired differently than the rest of us.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The Week in iOS Apps: You've got the cutest...

Oh, baby!

This week’s roundup includes an app that helps you display and share your baby pics with maximum adorability. Read on!


Adorable (freemiun) gives you tools and templates for gussying up and displaying your baby photos. It includes filters, “hand-crafted” artwork, text effects, and your choice of digital frames to make the images pop. Bottom line: Gitchie, gitchie goo!

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Apple Watch availability continues to deplete ahead...

The original Apple Watch was officially released in April of 2015 and instead of fully refreshing the device, Apple has since then introduced a variety of new band and color options. This fall, however, we’re expecting to see a full-on Apple Watch upgrade. Ahead of that expected update, stock of existing models has been depleting gradually over recent weeks.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Gruber vs. Malik

Om Malik and John Gruber disagree on a couple of issues including the perception of Apple executives, and whether Apple should buy Netflix. They both have good points. I’m friends with both of these guys, and they themselves are friends—it’s great watch two intelligent people having a conversation like this.

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Apple looking to further expand its presence in the...

A week following Apple’s $200 million acquisition of Seattle-Based machine learning and AI company Turi, GeekWire is now reporting that Apple is looking to dramatically expand its presence in the state. Currently, Apple occupies less than two floors of an office tower in downtown Seattle. This expansion, however, could see Apple occupy “several hundred thousand square feet” of space.


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Ad blockers circumvent Facebook's unblockable...

Let the whack-a-mole game begin. A mere two days after Facebook blocked ad blocking software, the ad blockers have managed to block Facebook’s ad blocker-blocker.

Thursday morning, Adblock Plus announced that a new filter for banning Facebook’s ads has been added to the main EasyList filter list used by the extension. Here’s how to force Adblock Plus’s filter list to update if you want in on the adblocking action.

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The problem with Managed Apple IDs and iTunes U

Fraser Speirs posted another great article about using Apple IDs and Managed Apple IDs when preparing courses for students.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple's board chair & general counsel sell...

Two high-level people at Apple -- the chairman of Apple's board of directors, Arthur Levinson, and general counsel Bruce Sewell -- recently unloaded a combined $10.1 million in Apple shares, according to required SEC filings.

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Universal search on Apple TV goes beyond US services...

Apple has silently added Australia's Stan to the list of services supported by universal search on the Apple TV, representing the first time the feature has gone beyond U.S.-based companies.

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CVS really doesn't want to accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay is making headway with big retail chains, many of which have made the switch to NFC-equipped payment terminals and either have already or will soon start supporting Apple’s mobile payment system. But there are still some notable hold-outs: Walmart is one, and this week CVS announced its own solution, called CVS Pay.

CVS Pay is a new feature in the CVS Pharmacy app for iOS and Android that puts three separate cards in one spot. Instead of pulling out your debit card, ExtraCare rewards card, and Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account cards for pharmacy pick-ups, you can just use your phone. Like Walmart Pay, CVS Pay generates a two-dimensional barcode that the cashier scans, after which you select the card you’d like to use to pay. It’s not as seamless an experience as Apple Pay, but in our...

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∞ Mark Knopfler talks about “Sultans of Swing”

Mark is such a fabulous musician. He’s one of the people that I always wanted to meet, but haven’t.

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Alleged iPhone 7 assembly schematics seem to kill...

These alleged iPhone 7 schematics, according to NWE, leaked from an assembly plant that is presumably now kicking into production with little more than a month to go before the introduction of the device. While the leak doesn’t claim to show anything majorly new that we haven’t already seen in the non-stop leaks of the device in recent weeks, it does confirm much of what we’ve been seeing up until now if legit. On the other hand, it kills the hope some had for dual-speakers.


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Rumor: Apple is looking for a big piece of real...

Real estate industry insiders in Seattle, Washington, are buzzing that a “large California company” is looking for a big piece of office space in the area and rumor has it that it’s Apple, reports GeekWire. The Cupertino, California-based company already has a small presence in the city, having leased one floor and part of another at the downtown Two Union Square office tower last year.

Earlier this month it was reported that Apple had bought Turi, a "machine learning platform for developers and data scientists.” Turn is based in Seattle.

Multiple sources told GeekWire that Apple may be considering properties in downtown Bellevue, including Schnitzer West’s 16-story Centre 425 building, which is under...

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9to5Toys Last Call: 13” 256GB Retina MacBook Pro $1,...

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Last Call Updates:

Review: ...

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Apple thought to be seeking vast expanses of office...

Real estate companies in the Pacific Northwest are allegedly "buzzing" that a large California business, presumably Apple, is eyeing Seattle for potential expansion.

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Review: Audeze Sine On-Ear Headphone

There is turmoil in the world of headphones. As rumors swell that Apple will be removing the 3.5mm analog headphone jack from its next version of the iPhone, many are worried that they will be forced to carry extra dongles or choose between a limited set of headphones that are “iPhone compatible.” Others argue that the 3.5mm jack is old tech overdue for replacement, and Apple is the best company to do it. One thing is for sure – if the switch to Lightning for audio is to succeed, we want some proof that it will be worth the hassle. With the Sine ($449 – $499) and its Cipher Lightning cable, Audeze has given us a peek into the future of iPhone listening.{/exp:char_limit}

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Alleged 'iPhone 7' schematics hint at mic...

Although Apple's 4.7-inch "iPhone 7" may replace a 3.5mm headphone jack with a second speaker grill, that grill may not actually have a speaker behind it, according to leaked schematics posted on Friday.

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Hackability of Volkswagen's Keyless Entry...

Hackers using cheap wireless devices pose a threat to millions of cars equipped with Volkswagen's keyless entry system, according to a study from the University of Birmingham. Scheduled for presentation Friday at the USENIX security conference in Austin, Texas, the study shows that thieves can use a simple wireless device to unlock the doors of millions of cars remotely, essentially by cloning the remote control that wirelessly secures a car door lock. A second hack involves recovering the cryptographic key by attacking the rolling code scheme.

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Drift Innovation Compass Wearable Camera

Compass (L) and Narrative Clip 2 (R) Wearable Cameras. Photo ©2016 Steven Sande

Over the past two years I've had the opportunity to review three different wearable cameras. The first was the original Narrative Clip "life logging" camera, which opened my eyes to the concept of having a camera that you could wear and use to capture photos automatically. The second was the Narrative Clip 2, a $199 device that I backed on Kickstarter and waited for over a year to ship. The third was the new Drift Innovation Compass Wearable Camera ($129.99), which I'm taking a look at today. 


Like the Narrative Clip 2, the Compass is a small rectangular box. However, it takes up about twice the volume of the Narrative Clip. That's both good and bad: I lost...

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Hillary Clinton to co-host new “With Her” podcast...

As the election cycle heats up in the United States, Pineapple Street Media co-founder Max Linsky announced today that he will be co-hosting a podcast with the Democratic US presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The podcast is entitled “With Her,” a play on Clinton’s campaign slogan of “I’m With Her.”


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News: Report: Secondary speaker holes on new iPhone...

A new report from (via MacRumors), suggests the the additional speaker holes shown on leaked photos of the next-generation iPhone may in fact be purely cosmetic in nature to give the device a symmetrical look, rather than indicating stereo speakers as previously speculated. Annotations in a leaked design drawing refer to the area that currently occupies the 3.5mm headphone jack as having simply a microphone and microphone mesh, oddly…

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AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 7,'...

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Mikey and Victor discuss the latest updates in "iPhone 7" rumors, rumored Apple Watch updates, and potential Apple Health hardware.

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Cory Doctorow On What iPhone's Missing...

Rumors of Apple's next iPhone missing a headphone jack have been swirling around for more than a year now. But a report from WSJ a few weeks ago, and another report from Bloomberg this week further cemented such possibility. We've talked about it here -- several times -- but now Cory Doctorow is shedding light on what this imminent change holds for the music industry. Reader harrymcc writes: Fast Company's Mark Sullivan talked about the switch with author and EFF adviser Cory Doctorow, who thinks it could lead to music companies leveraging DRM to exert more control over what consumers can do with their music.From the article:"If Apple creates a circumstance where the only way to get audio off its products is through an interface that is DRM-capable, they'd be heartbreakingly naive in assuming that this wouldn't give rise to demands for DRM," said Doctorow. If a consumer or some third-party tech company used the music in way the rights holders didn't like, the rights holders could...

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Iran may begin allowing iPhone imports, timeline for...

It looks like the iPhone may finally be coming to Iran.

The local media has reported that Iran is preparing to allow local retailers to import iPhones legally for the first time. Just last month, the country was threatening to ban the devices in what it was calling an anti-smuggling move. All that threat did in turn, however, was drive up the price of iPhones already in the country and actually increase smuggling.

The nation’s trade industry has requested licenses from the Traded Promoted Organization and requested licenses for nine Iranian companies to import the iPhone. Apple does not have any kind of presence within Iran itself, so this is a bit strange.

Iran is preparing to allow local companies to import iPhones for the first time to try to...

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Minecraft launches on the Oculus Rift next week

If you own an Oculus Rift and are eager to play Minecraft on it, we now know roughly when it's coming. Mojang developer Tommaso Checchi tweeted that it'll arrive to the Windows 10 Beta edition (version 0.15.6) sometime next week. We tried the highly...

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Mini-review: Enveo Chestnut Dock, an attractive...

When I reviewed the FŪZDock Apple Watch nightstand almost a year ago, I described it as ‘a neat, affordable solution which will work well with Nightstand mode.’ It’s done the job well enough that I hadn’t bothered looking for an alternative, but I’d describe the design as unobtrusive rather than positively attractive.

So when a Danish company realized my weakness for wood, and sent me the Enveo Chestnut Dock, I switched out the FŪZDock to give it a try …


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Apple celebrates India’s Independence Day with...

Apple continues to court favor with India. With the country's Independence Day around the corner, Apple is celebrating the occasion by having a special featured section highlighting apps from Indian developers on the App Store, reports Business Insider.

The national flag of India hoisted on a wall adorned with domes and minarets.

The “15 Apps and Games From India” sport apps and games; some are free and others are available at a discounted price of Rs 10 for a limited period. The apps are divided into three categories — Innovative services, Limited Time Offers and Indie Games for Rs 10.

India’s Independence Day is observed annually on Aug. 15. It’s a national holiday commemorating the nation's independence from the British Empire on Aug. 15, 1947. 


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News: Apple gets approval to build proposed data...

Over a year after announcing plans to build a new data center in County Galway, Ireland, Apple has finally received approval from Irish authorities to begin construction on the new facility. Apple has been granted permission to build only a single data center for now, but the company reportedly plans to build as many as eight facilities on the site over the next decade or so, although the company will have to reapply for planning permission to expand…

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The Engadget Podcast returns!

In 2014 we said the Engadget Podcast was going on hiatus to "retool." Well, we haven't been sitting on our laurels. Over the last two years we've rethought our editorial mission, completely redesigned the website and, now, we're launching a new and i...

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Apple manufacturer Foxconn posts drop in profit with...

Foxconn continues to post disappointing earnings reports in 2016, with analysts pointing to the decrease in iPhone orders as the prime culprit -- but the actual reason isn't clear, according to the company.

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Daily Deal: A lifetime of Droplr Pro for only $21.99

Wouldn't it be great if you could share files with anybody, anywhere, regardless of what type of computer they're using -- and just do it by dragging and dropping the files? Droplr Pro is the tool that can make this dream a reality, and  we're going to give you lifetime access to Droplr Pro for just $21.99.

Droplr Pro creates a digital collaboration center for teams, making sharing and working on documents as easy as drag-and-drop or using a shortcut.  

  • Remove all sharing limits & start unclogging your hard drive and inbox
  • Enjoy customer branding & themes on all pages
  • Build collections that can be shared across accounts & even with the world
  • Share securely with password protection, self-destruct...
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ICYMI: Studying the 1700's clouds for pollution...

Today on In Case You Missed It: Scientists at CERN constructed a large chamber to replicate the cloud environment before the world's Industrial Revolution got its start after 1750. The thought had been that there were far fewer clouds on Earth th...

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‘Forbes’: Apple Music has sent three albums to...

This year Apple Music secured the exclusive rights for the first week of availability for three albums that all ended up debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums ranking, despite the fact that they were only accessible via one platform, reports Forbes. Future’s EVOL, Drake’s Views, and DJ Khaled’s first chart-topper, Major Key have all kicked off in the top spot.

Apple has been the only competitor that has been able to send a record to the top spot on the charts, notes Forbes. The company is the only one that’s simultaneously pushing streams and sales at the same time. Future, Drake, and DJ Khaled all made it to number one based off a mixture of streams and pure purchases.

What’s more, Apple came closer than any other streaming music platform to hitting the peak position...

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Former Apple engineer launches startup that...

While working as a product design engineer for the iPhone/iPod at Apple, Andrew Pletenetskyy found that his frequent traveling made it impossible to look after his indoor garden. After several failures with auto-watering solutions available on the market, he decided to solve this problem on his own. 

This led to him joining forces with Silicon Valley engineer, Alex Yevdakov, and together they formed 7sensors Inc. The two went to work and realized that not only can watering be automated, the entire growing process can be dramatically improved. 

7sensors’ Grow Box is a fully automated environment that not only waters your plant; it provides lighting that has the proper intensity and spectrum, as well as controls temperature, humidity and airflow. Grow Box does it all with the energy consumption of a single light bulb.

Once you receive the Grow Box, you plant a seed or a plant clone into the soil and add water to the tank....

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Apple wins approval to begin first stage of Irish...

Coming in well ahead of its deadline, Ireland's An Bord Plean?la has approved plans to build the first stage of an Apple data center, which will include support buildings and one of eight eventual data halls.

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News: Daily Deal: Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for...

Today in iLounge Deals, you can pick up a Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets for only $11.99 — that’s 58% off the regular price. Featuring a 180° fish eye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens, along with a carrying pouch to tote them around, this set of lenses can be clipped onto and removed from your iPhone easily to dramatically improve the capacities of your iPhone camera. Get the Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for…

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Apple gets the green light for its data center in...

An Bord Pleanala, an independent appeals review board, has granted approval for Apple’s 850 million euro Apple data center and a related electrical substation in Athenry, Ireland, reports 9to5Mac. Apple planned to start building the data center on a 500-acre site before the end of 2015. However, it was delayed when unhappy Irish citizens lodged formal complaints with the Irish government.


Complainants argued that the data center would increase noise and light pollution, flooding, and traffic. Some also said it would act as an eyesore and others said it would harm the local badger and bat populations.

An Bord Pleanala’s approval requires Apple to carry out all of the proposals put forward...

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Comment: Microsoft just demonstrated why Apple was...

I wrote an opinion piece predating the San Bernardino shootings on why Apple was right to stand firm on encryption even in the face of terrorist attacks, and another one afterwards explaining why it would be too dangerous to give the FBI the iPhone master key they demanded.

My main argument was that something as powerful as a master key to unlock an iPhone would eventually fall into the wrong hands.

So soon, the FBI would hold the key. Then other law enforcement agencies. In time, that key would be held in every police precinct house. We would then be trusting more than a million people with...

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SpaceX to start testing the engine that will take it...

SpaceX has recently inched closer to realizing its head honcho's -- that's Elon Musk, but you already know that -- ambitious Mars plans. It has sent its next-generation rocket engine, the one it's developing for the rocket that will ferry a spacecraf...

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Waze making it easier to avoid road closures with...

Waze is great for letting you know about traffic holdups en-route, but when a major event leads to road closures, options for avoiding the traffic chaos can be limited. That’s why the company has announced a new program to allow event organizers to notify Waze of road closures in advance, to help users stay well clear of them when planning journeys …


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T-Mobile drops the HTC 10 after less than three...

HTC just can't catch a break. The company's smartphone sales are down, fuelling consecutive quarterly losses. To bounce back, HTC needs its latest flagship, the HTC 10, to pick up steam -- and fast. But that's unlikely to happen now that T-Mobile, on...

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Apple finally gets go-ahead for Irish Data Center,...

Apple hasn’t been given an easy ride with its plans for a major new European data center in Ireland, but final approval has now been granted by the local planning body, subject to a number of extra conditions.

Apple first announced plans for the $950M data center some 18 months ago, aiming to deliver better connectivity to European customers for all its online services. All looked on track as the company was quickly granted planning permission for the facility, but despite the fact that the center will be entirely powered by renewable energy, an appeal was lodged on environmental grounds …


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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is one of...

Feral Interactive's newest game, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, is one of the best platformers I've played in some time. It evokes the storybook feel of classic Disney fairytales in its lush graphics and vivid colors.

Here's the summary of the plot: "When Minnie Mouse is kidnapped by the jealous witch Mizrabel, it’s up to Mickey to rescue her from a hexed castle in this fairytale platforming adventure. Bounce, jump, swim and swing through fifteen captivating levels, each filled with tricky tasks and imaginative enemies. 

"Overcome the outrageous obstacles Mizrabel has scattered throughout her magical stronghold as you play through a spellbinding adventure where sparkling graphics, charming environments and deft animations evoke the enchanting spirit of classic Disney."

The introductory movie is told in still frames, which threw me a bit and got things off to a bit of a slow start. Once I got past that, however, the pace was quick and the gameplay fun...

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Sky will stream tomorrow's Soccer Saturday on...

When broadcasters put down billions of pounds to secure rights to the world's biggest sporting competitions, consumers who aren't able to afford or don't want pay-TV subscriptions often miss out. In the past, companies like Sky and BT have laid on a...

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iPhone suppliers still hurting: Foxconn profits down...

iPhone assembler Foxconn has reported a 31% drop in its Q2 net profit, a hit being attributed to the recent decline in iPhone sales. The company reported net profits of NT$17.7B ($566) against analyst expectations of NT$23.9B, reports the WSJ.

There was some good news for the company, however, as its acquisition of Sharp got the government approval necessary to make the deal fully official.

The impact on suppliers of reduced iPhone demand was first seen back in May, when it was reported that Foxconn, Pegatron, Sharp, Japan Display and Sony had all seen their fortunes falling. The impact on one supplier in particular has worsened dramatically … ...

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Squid protein makes textiles self-healing

You might be able to repair your ripped jeans one day just be adding water, thanks to a breakthrough from Penn State researchers. Based on its earlier research on self-healing plastics, the team turned squid teeth proteins (yep) into a liquid form us...

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Leap motion app review: Sortee game is sorta fun

Flow Studio's Sortee is a game that works with the Mac-compatible Leap, a 3D motion controller. It's a fun game that will keep you occupied sorting objects for longer than your arms will hold out.

It's described as a puzzle game for children that tests their perception of everyday objects. But don't worry, grown-ups, you'll find it amusing as well. Players must sort everyday objects based on the criteria that define them, such as an item's color, the material it's made from, or how it's used. 


In Sortee, which costs $1.99, various objects float towards you, and you're tasked with sorting them into their proper categories by swiping them right or left, up or down. For example, on level, an "Indoor" bin is on your right and an "Outdoor" bin...

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Spotify Gaming puts your favorite soundtracks in one...

Video game soundtracks hold a pretty special place in the Engadget Gaming crew's heart. Whether it's a collection of painstakingly curated licensed tracks a la Hotline Miami or wholly original compositions from Austin Wintory or Jesper Kyd, the right...

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Meural's connected frame displays fine art with...

Unlike most other connected art-displays, Meural includes access to more than 20,000 pieces of art in the price of the frame.

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Local Canadian police station admits it owns a...

The Edmonton Police Service has fessed up to Motherboard that it owns a Stingray and that it "used the [surveillance] device in the past during investigations." After Vancouver cops admitted to using the phone tracker to investigate an abduction in 2...

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Weed spit test can detect if you're driving...

A new speedy spit test could be the breathalyzer's counterpart when it comes to roadside testing for marijuana. The technology, developed by Shan Xiang Wang from Stanford University, can detect the presence of THC (the main chemical in weed that make...

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Thursday August 11

CVS launches its own mobile payment system

CVS, which has yet to adopt Apple Pay and other NFC-based payment services, has launched a mobile payment solution of its own. It's aptly called CVS Pay, and it shows a barcode on the phone screen that the pharmacy can then scan to ring up your purch...

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Experts believe DNC hackers are behind a larger plot

Although it's not the hack Donald Trump called for, security experts believe the same Russian hacking group allegedly responsible for leaking 20,000 Democratic party emails to WikiLeaks is also behind another attack that hints at an even larger Russi...

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New 'Rogue One' trailer has some familiar...

Disney and Lucasfilm just premiered a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and you don't even have to wade through NBC's Rio 2016 Olympics coverage to see it. As we'd heard, this prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope will focus on heroes trying t...

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Grindr is launching its own clothing line

Grindr is looking to insinuate itself into every part of your life it can. Next stop? Your wardrobe, of course. But it's for a good cause, in support of Athlete Ally's efforts in fighting against LGBTQ discrimination. You can find various items of cl...

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Riot Games is suing a huge 'League of Legends...

Cheating ruins online games. Full stop. Valve has cracked down on folks running amok in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends developer Riot Games is doing the same. Specifically, Riot is suing the owners of "Leaguesharp" (L#) which...

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Cracking The Code On Trump Tweets

jIyajbe writes: From "A theory has been circulating that the Donald Trump tweets that come from an Android device are from the candidate himself, while the ones that come from an iPhone are the work of his staff. David Robinson, a data scientist who works for Stack Overflow, decided to test the theory. His conclusion: It's absolutely correct. Robinson used some very sophisticated algorithms to analyze roughly 1,400 tweets from Trump's timeline, and demonstrated conclusively that the iPhone tweets are substantively different than the Android tweets. The former tend to come later at night, and are vastly more likely to incorporate hashtags, images, and links. The latter tend to come in the morning, and are much more likely to be copied and pasted from other people's tweets. In terms of word choice, the iPhone tweets tend to be more neutral, with their three most-used phrases being 'join,' '#trump2016,' and '#makeamericagreatagain.' The Android tweets tend to be...

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Deep Space Industries plans to land on an asteroid...

This week, asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries announced detailed plans to launch the first private mission to an asteroid by 2020. The California-based company plans to build a successor to its Prospector-X test craft called Prospector&nda...

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CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based...

Nearly two years after CVS became one of the first major retailers to actively block Apple Pay at its stores, the drugstore chain on Thursday rolled out "CVS Pay," a proprietary barcode-based mobile payments and rewards system.

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Researchers are developing a soft, stretchy touch...

Gaming with mice and keyboard or controller is one thing, but what about using a soft, stretchy touch panel? Wouldn't that look and feel pretty bizarre?

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Arcano Systems' chiptune synth offers 80s video...

Here at Engadget, we have quite an affinity for all things that remind us of what it was like to play video games in the 80s. That includes musical instruments and gear that are capable of reproducing those iconic chiptune sounds we all know and love...

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CVS introduces ‘CVS Pay’ barcode-based payment...

CVS today joined Walmart in continuing to resist Apple Pay, instead launching its own mobile payments solution. In a press release, CVS officially announced CVS Pay, a barcode-based solution to paying for goods and prescriptions in the company’s retail locations.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Kansas duo sues IP mappers for putting them through...

Imagine the exact center of the United States, somewhere in the middle of rural Kansas. There lies 360 acres of farmland rented by the Arnolds, a couple and their two sons who moved there in 2011. Within the week, law enforcement showed up looking fo...

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TCP Flaw Opens Linux Systems to Hijackers

A flaw in the RFC 5961 specification the Internet Engineering Task Force developed to protect TCP against blind in-window attacks could threaten Android smartphones, as well as every Linux computer on the planet. The flaw is described in a paper a team of researchers presented at the 25th Usenix Security Symposium, ongoing in Austin, Texas, through Friday. The researchers are affiliated with the University of California at Riverside and the United States Army Research Laboratory.

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The Week in iPhone Cases: Sparkle it up with...

New iPhone cases of the week

This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases brings us the Sparkle, a shimmery case from Prodigee that’s a real dazzler. Plus, a nice lineup of sleeves, classic shells, and more. Read on!


The Dana Tanamachi (iPhone SE; $25 MSRP, $9.72 on Amazon) is all about the looks. This form-fitting case is available in several different patterns inspired by the case’s namesake artist, and features a semi-flexible shell with a glossy coating, a protruding bezel to keep your screen safe, and matching press-through button covers....

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Adblock Plus bypasses Facebook's attempt to...

The war between Facebook and ad blockers is heating up. Just two days after the social network announced plans to restrict software that removes its advertising, the popular utility Adblock Plus has already unveiled a workaround. All you need to do i...

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Jibo's social 'family robot' won...

International crowdfunding is always risky business. Even if a project makes it to market, overseas backers usually have to pay a shipping premium. Sometimes, it's worse: today backers of Jibo's social 'family robot' have been told the product's rele...

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AWT News Update: August 11, 2016

There won't be an AWT News Update tomorrow (Friday), but today we've got a short update with something fun, something inconsistent, and something rumor-ish. 

  • Siri speaks Pokémon GO!
  • Iran flip-flops, now wants to let iPhones into the country
  • A flurry of photos seem to show convergence of rumored iPhone 7 design features

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for August 11, 2016. Please note that the AWT News Update will not be published tomorrow, so we’ll be back on Monday afternoon.

Have you been asking Siri about Pokémon GO lately? The Apple folks have updated the...

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US government wants you to grow weed for science

Citizens hoping the US government would smile upon recent requests for deregulation, today is not your day: it will remain an illegal, schedule 1 controlled substance. But all is not lost, as the DEA announced it's allowing more organizations to grow...

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Deals: $550 off 2015 12" MacBook (1.3GHz, 8GB,...

Shoppers can snap up a 1.3GHz 12" MacBook for $999 this week at B&H. Or pick up the standard 2015 13" Air for $799. The 128GB 12.9" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) is also marked down to $849 with free expedited shipping and no tax outside NY.

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Iran to reportedly allow iPhone imports to cope with...

The Iranian government is working to allow iPhone imports in a bid to stem a growing smuggling problem in the country, reports said on Thursday.

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Iran getting ready to allow iPhone imports

Iran is preparing to allow local companies to import iPhones for the first time to try to curb the huge market in smuggled Apple products. The trade ministry has requested licenses from the country’s Trade Promotion Organization for nine Iranian companies to import iPhones, according to the Tasnim News agency. 

Unofficial Apple stores are common in Tehran’s upmarket malls, and many of the country’s young and wealthy population carry the latest models of the iPhone, according to Gulf News Retail. The government has largely turned a blind eye to the mass smuggling of phones and other Western goods, but Tasnim said there had been a crackdown in the past two months that had driven up smartphone prices, the article adds.

More than 40 million Iranians use smartphones, including millions of iPhones, which are often imported into the country by...

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Dropbox 8.4.21 - Cloud backup and synchr...
Dropbox is an application that creates a special Finder folder that automatically syncs online and between your computers. It allows you to both backup files and keep them up-to-date between systems... Read more
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Pokemon GO update: Take me to your leade...
The Team Leaders in Pokemon GO have had it pretty easy up until now. They show up when players reach level 5, make their cases for joining their respective teams, and that's pretty much it. Light work, as Floyd Mayweather might say. [Read more] | Read more »
Ruismaker FM (Music)
Ruismaker FM 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Music Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Following up on the success of Ruismaker, here's her crazy twin-sister, designed for people who want to design their own... | Read more »
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Space Marshals 2 1.0.15 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Games Price: $5.99, Version: 1.0.15 (iTunes) Description: The sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. This tactical top-down shooter puts you in... | Read more »
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Dungeon Warfare 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeon against greedy... | Read more »
Solitairica (Games)
Solitairica 1.0.7 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0.7 (iTunes) Description: Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire! | Read more »
Bowmasters tips, tricks and hints
At least for this writer, archery was one of the more pleasant surprises of the 2016 Rio Olympics. As opposed to target shooting with guns, which was dreadfully boring, watching people shoot arrows at targets was pretty darn cool. [Read more] | Read more »
Best apps for watching live TV
The Olympics have come and gone, leaving nearly everyone in a temporary state of "What the heck am I going to watch on TV right now?" Besides old reruns of Golden Girls, but that goes without saying. [Read more] | Read more »
What is Flip Diving, and why has it take...
Move over Pokemon GO. There's a new king in town, and it's "the world's #1 cliff diving game." [Read more] | Read more »
5 places where Pokemon GO is still numbe...
In the U.S., the bloom is off the Pokemon Go rose ever so slightly. It's still doing great, sitting atop the top grossing chart as it has for some time, but it's no longer among the top 10 free apps in downloads, possibly because darn near... | Read more »

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Apple is offering Certified Refurbished iPad mini 2s for up to $80 off the cost of new minis. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: - 16GB iPad mini 2 WiFi: $... Read more
Save up to $600 with Apple refurbished Mac Pr...
Apple has Certified Refurbished Mac Pros available for up to $600 off the cost of new models. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each Mac Pro, and shipping is free. The following... Read more
Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP
B&H Photo has Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY only: - 3.7GHz 4-core Mac Pro: $2799, $200 off MSRP - 3.5GHz 6-core Mac Pro: $3799, $200... Read more
Will We See A 10.5″ iPad Pro in 2017? – The ‘...
A MacRumors report, cites a research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, saying a new size iPad model is in the works. According to the highly respected Cho, who has a strong track record... Read more
IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Transforms Lapto...
IOGEAR has announced the launch of its innovative USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery which turns USB-C enabled laptops into desktop workstations. The new IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station features... Read more
12-inch Retina MacBooks on sale for up to $10...
Amazon has 2016 12″ Apple Retina MacBooks on sale for $100 off MSRP. Shipping is free: - 12″ 1.1GHz Space Gray Retina MacBook: $1199 $100 off MSRP - 12″ 1.1GHz Silver Retina MacBook: $1224.99 $75 off... Read more
13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro (Apple refurbished...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros available for $829, or $270 off the cost of new models. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros... Read more
21-inch iMacs on sale for up to $120 off MSRP
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