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Thursday February 12

Two days after AAPL hits highest market cap ever,...

Two days after Apple set a new record for the highest market capitalization of any company, valuing it at more than $700B, billionaire investor Carl Icahn has suggested the true value of the company is close to double this, at $1.3T.

Icahn, who is one of the company’s ten biggest shareholders with stock worth around $6.5B, says that a realistic valuation of the company would be 20 times its earnings per share. Factoring in Apple’s cash reserves of $178B, that would give a share price of $216–for a total company value of $1.3T.

Icahn notes that while he has previously been criticized for over-optimistic valuations of AAPL, 31 analysts have “dramatically increased” their earnings-per-share...

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Wednesday February 11

Apple teams up with Pinterest to help make app...

Pinterest today debuted a new type of post that users can expect to see showing up in their feeds soon. The new “app pin” shows additional information, such as an app’s developer, when users link to software in the iOS App Store. These new pins feature a prominent “Install” button that opens a standard App Store preview pane and allows users to install an app without ever having to leave Pinterest.

The change was almost certainly prompted by Apple, as Pinterest also announced that the tech company had created an App Store profile to share both popular and undiscovered applications. The profile currently features collections like “Editors’ Choice” and “Fashion Apps.”

You can download the updated Pinterest app...

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Financial services

Forums: General FCS Discussion

Financial services are the economic services and products provide by the financial institution such as insurance companies, consumer finance companies, banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms and investment companies. international financial services a leading management company integrated in Mauritius and approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to provide counseling and management services for international businesses. It is also a part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England as well as a Platinum Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK).We live in a country whose financial system seven years ago was only saved by a £1tn intervention. Trinity financial services is a company listed on the official market of the...

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iOS users can now install apps directly from...

Apple and social network Pinterest on Thursday rolled out "app pins," a new type of enhanced pin that lets users of Pinterest's iOS app install pinned apps on their device without switching to the App Store.

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Have an out-of-contract iPhone? US carriers are now...

As of today, any mobile phone that has completed its contract term or that has been paid off in full under a financing plan must be unlocked by US mobile carriers at the request of the owner.  

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular will begin to notify customers who have phones that are eligible for unlocking. After requesting that the device be unlocked, the carriers have two days to respond, although it may take longer to actually have the unlock completed.  The carriers agreed to these rules in late 2013 as part of the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service. At that time, the carriers pledged to implement three rules by May of 2014 and be in compliance with all of the rules by today.

Those customers with used, carrier-locked devices can have them unlocked for a reasonable fee. Even prepaid users get an opportunity for unlocking - they can have their phones unlocked no later than one year after initial activation, "consistent with reasonable time,...

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Apple offers closer look at Campus 2 as the City of...

Apple's spaceship-like Campus 2 project was shown from a new angle Wednesday as the company allowed members of the media on-site, while Cupertino leaders have begun to reconsider ways to diversify the city's Apple-dominated tax base.

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Apple provides ‘sneak peek’ of its new campus as...

Image via KQED

Apple has continued to make steady progress on its new headquarters, and this week provided KQED News with a special “sneak peek” at the construction site. The news outlet has released several photos of some of the major structures on the upcoming campus, and has promised additional photos from the tour will be published later this month.

Last week we got an drone’s-eye view of the progress, which gave us our first look at some of these buildings. The new photos provide another point of view, showing the structures from the ground. This is the first time we’ve seen photos like this for the “spaceship” campus.


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New rules requiring U.S. carriers to unlock out-of-...

America's top wireless providers can no longer refuse to unlock devices for customers who have paid financing plans in full or completed their contract term under a new set of industry rules -- agreed to over one year ago -- which go into effect today.

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Stanford Health Care launches MyHealth app for iOS...

Stanford Health Care released an iOS app today for its MyHealth service. The new software allows patients to track their health data and keep track of the information in their online MyHealth account. A HealthKit syncing feature allows the app to pull in your data from Apple’s built-in data tracker and upload it to Stanford for a “virtual checkup.”

The app can also be used to make appointments, see test results, and consult with your doctor over a video chat. Users can also manage prescriptions and message Stanford’s...

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I’m Brianna Wu, and I’m risking my life standing up...

This weekend, a man wearing a skull mask posted a video on YouTube outlining his plans to murder me. I know his real name. I documented it and sent it to law enforcement, praying something is finally done. I have received these death threats and 43 others in the last five months.

This is just unreal. You have to read this piece.

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Hands-on with the Olloclip Telephoto + CPL Lens for...

Olloclip Telephoto + CPL Lens

Back in the days when I was writing for "another website", I did a review of Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($79.99). Now while I love the fact that I can take ultra-wide angle, fisheye, and macro photos with my iPhone 6 Plus, I'm more of a fan of telephoto lenses. Well, it didn't take long for Olloclip to come out with the answer to my wishes with its new Telephoto + CPL (circular polarizing lens) for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($99.99). 

The Telephoto + CPL lens follows the new design meme of snapping into a wearable lanyard pendant in bright green, light blue or black -- it's nice to be able to carry your lenses without shoving them into a pocket where they might be scratched by keys. The lens kit itself has a total height of 1.08...

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Apple releases 2015 Supplier Responsibility Report,...

Apple on Wednesday issued its annual Supplier Responsibility Report, covering a range of issues from factory overtime to the environment, including new rules for factories wishing to be a part of its global supply chain that prohibit those firms from charging "recruitment fees" to employees.

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Led Zeppelin re-releases Physical Graffiti 40 years...

The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign continues in 2015, turning the spotlight on the double album Physical Graffiti. The deluxe edition of the group’s sixth studio album will arrive 40 years to the day after the original debuted on February 24, 1975. As with the previous deluxe editions, Physical Graffiti has been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and is accompanied by a disc of companion audio comprising previously unreleased music related to the original release.

It’s available for pre-order.

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Apple bars suppliers from employing debt-bonded...

Apple’s SVP of Operations Jeff Williams said today that the Cupertino company made changes to its requirements for supplier factories with regard to bonded labor practices in October. The practice in question centers on suppliers charging workers recruitment fees in exchange for a job on the assembly line.

Apple now says that these fees should be paid by employers, and employees should not pay anything at all.

As Bloomberg notes, Apple has previously stated that its supplier partners should not charge laborers “excessive fees” equal to a month’s pay or more, but with the recent shift has banned what Williams referred to as “bonded servitude” entirely.

Apple has long...

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You’re welcome Heineken

Heineken NV, the world’s third-largest brewer, forecast growth against a tough market backdrop in the year ahead after reporting higher revenue for 2014 and increasing its dividend.

I’ve done my part.

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Apple confirms that Aperture will be discontinued...

It’s time to move on from Aperture.

Shortly after last week’s deployment of OS X 10.10.3 to developers, Apple updated its official Aperture page on its website, adding a notice stating that Aperture will be removed from the Mac App Store when the Photos for OS X app launches.

The same notice can also be found in the app’s Mac App Store description. Once removed from the Mac App Store, it will no longer be possible for new users to obtain the Aperture software, but those who have previously purchased Aperture will continue to be able to download it from the “Purchases” tab.

Apple first announced that it would be discontinuing Aperture and iPhoto back in June, but the company did not specify at that time that the software would be removed from the Mac App Store entirely. Instead, it said only that there would be “no new development of Aperture” as it focused its...

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Want to buy this guitar? He may not sell it to you

A Craigslist ad selling a guitar:

“THIS GUITAR WILL NOT PLAY DOOM METAL. This guitar needs to play GOOD RIFFS and not BORING doom riffs. If your favorite band is Black Sabbath, I can’t sell this guitar to you. If you own a Fender or Gibson and want to upgrade, I can’t sell this to you (Ibanez Japanese guitars are the PRIME of guitar craftsmanship crafted by the ancient Japanese wizards—if you think otherwise, you haven’t played one of these HEAVY METAL BATTLE TANKS.)

“If you want to play REAL GUITAR RIFFS, this guitar is for you! If you have a Marshall full-stack in your bedroom, THIS GUITAR IS FOR YOU. If you say you are ready to buy this guitar and show up to buy it wearing a Mastodon shirt, I can’t sell it to you. I MEAN RIFFS, not some banjo jangle pentatonic shit. If you own an HM2, this guitar is perfect. You can get the perfect chainsaw distortion with these HOT HIGH GAIN RAIL PICKUPS. Real riffs only.”

That’s some funny shit.


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Apple's iPhone 6 Plus drives double the data...

The phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus sees data usage closer to a tablet than a phone as users consume more mobile video content, according to a new report, while iOS continues to dominate the enterprise market around the world.

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iOS apps for guitarists

Good list of apps here from Lee Peterson. I use all of those and a couple more.

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Foremost: Small-batch, American-made clothing for...

Each month, Foremost releases a limited-edition collection of clothing — three-to-five items per gender — alongside an interview series with some of the world’s most prominent, interesting, and creative personalities.

Good luck to my friend, Matt Alexander, on his new project.

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∞ Black Label Society: Stronger Than Death

Zak Wylde puts on such a great show. This is one of my favorite BLS songs.

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Android Wear sales: Bad compared to phones, OK...

So far, we haven't had much information about how Android Wear is doing, but the analysts over at Canalys say that more than 720,000 Wear watches shipped in 2014. LG's first G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live were available at the end of June, so these numbers mean that all six extant Android Wear watches shipped around three-quarters of a million units in six months (and remember, a unit shipped isn't necessarily a unit sold).

These numbers are decidedly unimpressive when considered next to smartphone sales numbers—Apple by itself sold almost 114 million iPhones in the same amount of time—but by smartwatch standards, the Wear ecosystem is collectively doing OK. Pebble recently announced that it had shipped (that word again)...

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Samsung Smart TV Owners Fume Over Sneaky Pop-Up Ads

Samsung Smart TV owners, already shaken by news earlier this week that their TVs can transmit voice commands and other private data to third parties, have been hit by another revelation -- that the devices sneak ads into movies they're watching without the owner's knowledge or consent. A user on the Plex forum complained that a Pepsi ad popped up every 10-15 minutes while he was watching content on his Samsung TV. This followed upgrading his Plex Media Server to version 0.9.1101.

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Daily Deals for February 11, 2015, featuring Simon 4...

It's time to save some of your hard-earned money with our Daily Deals, featuring exclusive deals for AWT readers, hardware discounts and our own handpicked iOS and OS X sales. All prices are USD and subject to change. Please check prices before you purchase as some deals may expire quickly.

AWT's Daily Deal

Simon 4.0 [OS X; On sale for $49.00, down from $99.00] AppleWorld.Today is pleased to offer an exclusive deal on Simon 4.0 by Dejal Systems. Simon is a robust site monitoring tool for OS X that checks servers for changes or failures and notifies you when a change is detected. The app sends a notification via email, sound, speech, Twitter, or a variety of other means.

The native Mac utility can be used to monitor both your own website and servers as well as external sites. You can use it to track your favorite blogs, check for web mail, keep an eye on auctions...

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External Link: U.S. Carriers Now Required to Unlock...

If you’ve paid off your cellular contract, your carrier is now required to unlock your phone upon request. This is part of a 2013 agreement between the FCC and the carriers. The carriers must also unlock prepaid devices after one year of activation, assuming reasonable time, payment, or usage requirements. Contact your carrier for details.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Happy Hour Podcast 001 | New iOS 9 details, Apple...

Happy Hour is back and better than ever. Join us as we kick off the first episode and discuss everything you need to know about Apple’s master plan for iOS 9, a new music streaming service in the works, Apple Watch launch details, and more. The Happy Hour podcast is available for download on iTunes and through our dedicated RSS feed.

Click here to subscribe on iTunes or listen to the first episode embedded above.

New episodes of Happy Hour will be available every Wednesday. As...

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External Link: Phone Kill Switches Are Preventing...

So-called “kill switches,” such as the Activation Lock feature of iOS 7 and 8, are making real progress in preventing smart phone thefts. After Apple added the feature in September 2013, iPhone thefts dropped by 25 percent in New York City, 40 percent in San Francisco, and 50 percent in London in the following 12 months. Be sure to enable it if you haven’t already done so by enabling Find My iPhone in Settings > iCloud.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Amplified: Two And A Half White Guys

Jim, Shawn and Special Guest Dave Mark talk Tim Cook, The Loop Magazine, The Grammys and Kanye West!

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iPhone users can now reload their Starbucks Card...

The official Starbucks application for iOS was updated on Wednesday to add support for Apple Pay, allowing users to quickly reload their Starbucks Card with the press of a fingertip.

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Historic Genius Bar logos are being removed

IFO Apple Store:

An original and significant element of Apple’s retail stores is disappearing. Over the past month workers have been removing the “atom” symbol that has pinpointed the Genius Bars since the first store opened in 2001, and they are replacing it with wall graphics to match those recently installed in back-lit wall displays.

I’ll be sorry to see them go. One of my favourite photos I ever took was of Steve Jobs at the opening of the first New York Store. He was leaning forward on the Genius Bar and I framed a perfect shot of him with the word “Genius” right about his head.

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Starbucks iPhone app updated w/ Apple Pay, enhanced...

Apple announced Starbucks as an Apple Pay partner when it unveiled the mobile payment system last fall, and today the coffee chain is beginning to roll out support for Apple Pay through the latest version of its iPhone app.

While Starbucks does not yet accept Apple Pay in its brick-and-mortar stores, customers have long been able to pay with the iPhone app in stores using a digital Starbucks Card barcode scanned by a barista. Starting today, customers can load credit to a Starbucks Card within the app using Apple Pay as a payment method....

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How do you use Notification Center?

First introduced with iOS 5, Notification Center made its way to the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion in July 2012. Three years later, I've got a love-hate relationship with it. Some features are tremendously useful, while other aspects feel like yet another "thing" I've got to attend to. I'm interested in seeing if and how you use Notification Center on your Mac, but first, here are my thoughts. 
What I Love

There's a lot to be enthusiastic about, especially the zero-effort, glance-friendly delivery of information. You can be working along when ping! In comes an unobtrusive notification about an email message, a text, something new on Facebook, etc. Often, simply reading the notification is all the interaction that's required. I barely even break the stride of what I was doing. 

Also awesome? Do Not Disturb. There will be times when you can't have those...

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iPhone thefts drop after Apple adds “kill switch”

The number of stolen iPhones dropped by 40 percent in San Francisco and 25 percent in New York in the 12 months after Apple Inc added a kill switch to its devices in September 2013. In London, smartphone theft dropped by half, according to an announcement by officials in the three cities.

This was a real concern for cities around the world. The drop shows how powerful the kill switch has been as a deterrent.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Review: Hyper’s new Pearl is a compact, LED-lit...

It’s not easy to create a legitimately novel accessory these days, and it’s even harder to sail smoothly through a crowdfunding campaign to bring one to market. Sanho — better-known as Hyper thanks to a popular line of battery products — spent much of 2014 preparing to release a female-friendly combination compact mirror and USB battery pack, using both Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to raise funds for its production. After making a public splash at the 2015 CES alongside the new (and world’s smallest) laser pointer iPin, the mirror-battery Pearl ($39) is now shipping to customers through Indiegogo’s InDemand service.

The result — a 3.6″-diameter circular double mirror with a 3000mAh battery underneath — has been...

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Android Wear stumbles out of the gate with just 720K...

Though Google and its manufacturing partners hoped to get the jump on the Apple Watch with the debut of its own wearable platform last year, it didn't translate into blockbuster sales to consumers, according to a new study.

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Box to Let Enterprises Bring Their Own Keys to the...

Box is working with Amazon Web Services and Gemalto to bring to market the solution, called "Box Enterprise Key Management," and give its most security-minded customers total control over the keys used to encrypt data they store on Box. "Industries like finance, government, legal and healthcare are facing a new set of challenges when it comes to establishing control over their content -- and who can access it -- without hindering collaboration and productivity," Aaron Levie, Box co-founder and CEO, said in a statement.

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Apple's Activation Lock credited for drop in...

Apple Inc. Activation Lock Status Webpage

Reuters reported today that smartphone thefts -- particularly those of iPhones -- have dropped dramatically since Apple first implemented its "kill switch" Activation Lock in September of 2013.

In San Francisco, iPhone theft dropped 40 percent, while New York saw a 25 percent decline. Perhaps the most impressive decline was in London, where smartphone theft was cut in half. 

With such impressive results, lawmakers are calling for action to mandate similar features in all smartphones. London Mayor Boris Johnson, New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon are all pressing for laws mandating "kill switches". California already...

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Google brings smooth Safari-like zoom to Chrome...

The latest build of Chrome Canary for Mac packs a great new feature that’s likely familiar to those who use Safari on a daily basis. While current stable builds of Chrome have a jaggedy pinch-to-zoom functionality that only zooms in 10% increments, the latest build of Chrome Canary provides a smooth buttery zoom experience like Apple’s browser.

As of right now, it looks like the feature works a little bit less fluidly than Apple’s offering, but that’s to expected in the most experimental public release version of Chrome. Zooming works the same way that it does in Safari and current versions of Chrome, so all it takes is pinching two fingers on the Trackpad.

If you’re sticking with Safari on your Mac for this reason or others (battery life, anyone?), it looks like this feature—once it makes its way to the stable release—will give you one more reason to switch over to Google...

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9to5Toys Last Call: Retina MacBook Pro $250 off, uNu...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.

Today’s can’t miss deals:
Last Call Updates:

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Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new...

Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can.

Apps Now Free

gTasks Pro - Tasks Manager for Google Tasks, Todo list & Reminders [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $4.99] Sync your tasks with Google and across your iPhone & iPad devices.
Never liked your tasks app? You’ll love this one :)

Pomodoro Time: Focus Timer & Goal Tracker for work and study based on Pomodoro Technique ™ [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period. Use either your iPhone...

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Four Little-Known Safari Tricks

Safari in Yosemite may look simple on the surface, but if you know where to look under its skin, you can find a number of useful and advanced features.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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XSAN 4 Pane in Server not showing Volumes after...
Apple's $848M, 25-year solar agreement is the...

Apple's landmark solar power deal, announced by CEO Tim Cook this week, is a long-term sustainable energy solution that should generate enough to power essentially all of the company's California operations, including the upcoming "spaceship" Campus 2, by the end of 2016.

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Smartphone Theft Drops After Spread of Kill Switches

alphadogg writes "Thefts involving smartphones have declined dramatically in three major cities since manufacturers began implementing 'kill switches' that allow the phones to be turned off remotely if they are stolen, authorities said on Tuesday. The number of stolen iPhones dropped by 40 percent in San Francisco and 25 percent in New York in the 12 months after Apple added a kill switch to its devices in September 2013. In London, smartphone theft dropped by half, according to an announcement by officials in the three cities.


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The Week in iOS Accessories: Dandy docks and super...

Dandy docks and super selfies

This week’s roundup includes a pair of cool new iOS docks and a couple of different accessories for taking great selfies. Plus: speakers, photo lenses, and more.


The $50 HeroDock has a sturdy aluminum base designed to support either your iPhone or your iPad while it charges. The maker says it features “a solid aluminum base for a solid foundation and one-hand release, a secure stage for docking all size devices, perfect lift and tilt for streaming audio and video.”

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Snowman teases new game Alto's Adventure

Snow, llamas, snowboards, inclement weather! Snowman has released a teaser video for its upcoming game, Alto's Adventure. I've been playing with the beta builds for quite a while and I am liking it a whole heck of a lot. I'll have all the details when the app ships on February 19th. 


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Tired of Tinder? Try Willow, the Quora of dating apps

For better or worse, Tinder and its clones have changed the way people date. But swiping through photos to find the hottest nearby hook-up partner isn’t for everyone. Willow launches Wednesday in the App Store to give you another, less superficial way to meet people.

How it works: People love to answer questions, if the popularity of Quora and Yahoo! Answers is any indication. They also love to talk about themselves. Willow combines the two with a Q&A-style format designed to encourage conversation before a big photo reveal.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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iPhone 6 Plus owners consume twice the data of their...

Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners outpace all other iPhone owners in data consumption, doubling the amount used by iPhone 6 owners and exceeding iPhone 3GS owners by a factor of ten. As reported by Citrix, the data consumption pattern of iPhone 6 Plus owners mirrors that of tablet users.

“iPhone 6 Plus subscribers generate the most data volume, double that of an iPhone 6. This increase impacts subscribers when choosing a new device – be careful to select a data plan that matches your super-sized screen.

Clearly the phablet sized iPhone 6 Plus shows data usage patterns more akin to tablet usage. For mobile operators, this increase provides an opportunity to shift subscriber Wi-Fi usage towards mobile networks.”

— Citrix

Our take on the news:

These results are not surprising...

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Review: iBattz’ Refuel Invictus battery case lets...

Like most things, the title of “best iPhone 6 battery case” is subject to change whenever something new and great shows up to challenge existing options, and as the iPhone 6 is still young, we’re expecting a lot of jockeying for position over the next few months. The latest real contender comes from iBattz, maker of some of the best iPhone battery cases I’ve tested. Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6 ($100, aka Mojo Refuel Invictus) is the first iPhone 6 case to include a great feature from some earlier iPhone 4/4S and 5/5s cases: removable, replaceable batteries.

Using solely the items in its own box, Refuel Invictus delivered the largest recharge I...

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Sketchy analyst claim says Apple will stick to 8MP...

A Taiwanese analyst speaking about the company which makes most of the lenses for iPhones claims that Apple will be sticking to an 8MP camera in the next-generation iPhone 6s, reports Taipei Times.

Jeff Pu said that the camera specifications of the next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6S, will stay the same as the current iPhone 6 at 8-megapixels, limiting potential catalysts to push [Apple lens supplier] Largan’s stock price higher in the second half of the year.

Pu’s reasoning–that limited supplies of higher-resolution CMOS sensors have lead Apple to make the decision–seems somewhat spurious for a company renowned for its supply chain management, but the idea isn’t an unreasonable one.

While those who know little about photography may buy on numbers, cramming more megapixels into a small sensor can actually...

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Apple Invests $848 Million Into Solar Farm

An anonymous reader writes: Apple is making a huge investment in solar energy, sending $848 million to First Solar's California Flats Solar Project. The deal will supply Apple with energy for 25 years. Construction of the new 2,900-acre solar farm will start this summer and finish by the end of 2016. Apple's share of the energy produced will be about 130 megawatts, while another 150 MW will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric. "The iPhone maker already powers all of its data centers with renewable energy. Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive officer, has advocated taking more steps to combat climate change."


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JP Morgan raises Apple price target to $145,...

Investment firm J.P. Morgan on Wednesday revised its estimates to accommodate for the April launch of the Apple Watch, a product it believes will help push shares of AAPL to $145 before the end of 2015.

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Transcript of Tim Cook at the Goldman Sachs...

Serenity Caldwell is a miracle worker. She put together a transcript of Tim Cook’s talk at the Goldman Sachs conference. Given the casual, conversational nature of his talk, that was no easy feat.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone 6/6 Plus come to Ting as Sprint MVNOs no...

Sources say Sprint is dropping a requirement that made the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) using its network—such as Ting, FreedomPop, Straight Talk, Boost, and Virgin—wait a certain period of time, usually at least a year, before offering support for the latest devices.

Up until now, that meant that Sprint MVNO carriers like Ting have only offered support for last generation devices. With the lifting of the requirement, Ting is getting set to announce support for both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Other Sprint partners will likely follow. 

Users that purchase a SIM-free unlocked iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can soon bring and activate...

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∞ Tim Cook setting the Apple Watch bar on “Cool”

An interesting moment in Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs talk where he calls out the moderator on his choice of watches.

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Personalized news feed app Pipes updated with new...

Pipes News, an iOS app that pulls together news feeds on technology, business, sport and politics, has received a major update, introducing a new look and a bunch of new features.

Pipes 2.0 comes with a great new design. Great new typefaces, integrated Stories, Twitter & Wikipedia views. […] We’re also introducing Pipeline. After popular request on App Stores across the Globe, Pipeline has come into existence. Pipeline curates all your Pipes in a very interactive UI. If you just want to quickly read through all your Pipes without opening them, jump to Pipeline.

Pipes News works in a different way to conventional RSS newsreaders, the developers doing the newsfeed collation at their end–and including both Twitter and Wikipedia in the mix. This automated collation is either a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view … ...

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Webcast of Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs talk

Tim Cook talks Apple accomplishments and a lot more. Some great quotes.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone and Galaxy smartphones more reliable than...

If you were thinking about buying a fitness band, a university study suggests you probably shouldn’t bother: it found that the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 measure activity more reliably than most current fitness bands.

The study by the University of Pennsylvania (via EurekAlert!) tested the ability of the phones to measure steps on a treadmill and compared the results to six dedicated fitness bands. The two smartphones had a margin of error of 12.9%, while the error rates of the fitness bands ranged up to 22.7%.

The study tested the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 against the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone UP24, Digi-Walker SW-200, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip. Only the FitBit One and Zip performed...

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How to add Internet Accounts to OS X (and why you...

Did you know there is a preference pane in your Mac’s System Preferences called Internet Accounts? Take a few minutes to read about this little known OS X feature.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Be your own Genius

the best repairs are the ones you do yourself. To that end, spend a few minutes reading Joe Caiati’s Mac troubleshooting guide, posted on 512 Pixels.

Joe is a former Apple Genius and writes from hard-won experience.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Samsung TVs start inserting ads into your movies

Advertising appears to be moving down the chain to your devices. An interesting and, perhaps, scary development.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Activation Lock has reduced iPhone theft by 25% in...

Officials in three major cities have reported dramatic reductions in iPhone thefts since Apple introduced Activation Lock as part of iOS 7, preventing devices being re-activated without the original owner’s iCloud login. Reuters reports that the number of reported iPhone thefts has fallen year-on-year by 25% in New York, 40% in San Francisco and 50% in London … 

Activation Lock was originally announced in June 2013 as part of iOS 7, resulting in ...

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Audubon Birds helps you identify birds and learn...

If you enjoy watching the activity at your bird feeder, but need help identifying which birds are sampling your food then you should check out Audubon Birds Pro by Green Mountain Digital. The mobile field guide contains detailed information on up to 821 common and rare bird species in North America.

Audubon Birds Pro is a perfect guide for both new and experienced birders. I count myself among the newbies and have used the app extensively to identify birds that I have seen or photographed while kayaking. I've also brought the app along on birding trips and have impressed experienced birders when I was able to playback bird calls on the spot. In one shining moment, I was able to settle a disagreement over the sound made by the Tennessee Warbler.

Audubon Birds Pro is focused on helping you identify birds, so the app launches to a dashboard filled...

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6 things Apple should fix in iOS 9

It’s not a shock to learn that Apple is always hard at work on the next big thing. There will always be another iPhone, a lighter MacBook Air, a faster iMac, and new operating systems to run on them. 9to5Mac reported last week that, according to its unnamed sources, iOS 9 would focus not on new features, but rather on cleaning up iOS and making sure all the bells and whistles added in iOS 7 and iOS 8 work like they’re supposed to, every time.

Think of it as the Snow Leopard of iOS. When Apple decided to slow the roll of feature creep in OS X 10.6, the result was an OS that didn’t boast hundreds of new features, but turned out to be stable and reliable—and we loved it.

To read this article in full or...

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Jon Stewart’s emotional farewell

Jon Stewart is stepping down as the host of The Daily Show. Here’s his announcement.

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Tuesday February 10

Shopping products feed

Forums: General Xsan Talk

Today everyone is depending on the online shopping for a variety of reasons. The online shopping is an excellent option for many business shoppers. There are many benefits which make online shopping most popular. The main benefits include convenience and express shipping options. One of the most obvious benefits of online shopping is convenience because of the ability to shop for products at a time convenient for the customer. Therefore online shopping eliminates the inconvenience and the customers can easily access online stores whenever they have free time. The consumer can order products from around the world. Additionally there are several websites and online retailers providing online shopping service. Therefore the customers may feel confusion while selecting a product. Therefore it is important to read the feed back from other...

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Apple's Activation Lock drives iPhone thefts...

Once a hot item for thieves and pickpockets, Apple's iPhone is becoming a significantly less attractive target as the company's Activation Lock prevents the devices from being easily wiped and re-sold, a new report indicates.

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Parallels Desktop 10 updated with support for...

Parallels announced this evening that its virtual machine software Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac has been updated with “experimental” support for the technical preview of Windows 10 from Microsoft. Users who want to take the latest version of Windows for a test run without overwriting their existing Boot Camp installation or creating a new partition can now do so safely within the confines of a VM.

The update also adds the ability to run the new preview version of Office for Windows 10, which includes updated versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Microsoft announced earlier this year that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for one year for any users running Windows 7 or later.

Parallels Desktop 10 is available from the Parallels website for $79.99. Special...

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Smartphones apps equal to fitness wearables for step...

Consumers searching for the best way to automatically log their daily activity may need to look no farther than the App Store, as a new study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that data collected by dedicated fitness wearables is generally no more accurate than that from a smartphone kept in a pocket.

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Talking Todoist, Apple Watch with developer Enric...

The folks behind Todoist are bringing their app to the small screen, and that's a big task. 

What we know about the Apple Watch is nothing compared to what's unknown. We know it'll come in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, across three lines: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The entry model will cost $349. It's got several customizable faces, features sweet apps for health, fitness, communication and keeping time. It does that weird heartbeat thing. There's more, of course, but the list of what we don't know is even longer:

  • What will battery life be like?
  • What will cost be across models?
  • How will Apple Pay work without fingerprint ID?
  • What features will work if a paired iPhone is unavailable?
  • What is the internal storage like?

The biggie for me is, what will third-...

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Apple invests $850 million in California solar farm

The project in Monterey County, California will provide enough energy for 60,000 homes as well as Apple’s future head office in nearby Cupertino, Cook said at a Goldman Sachs technology conference in San Francisco.

“We know in Apple that climate change is real. The time for talk is passed,” he said. “The time for action is now.”

Great move.

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Tim Cook talks Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and IBM...

Apple CEO Tim Cook was among the guests of honor at Tuesday's annual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, where he discussed a range of topics including the Apple Watch's role in life, Apple Pay's growth, and the symbiotic partnership with enterprise giant IBM.

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Daily Deals for February 10, 2015, featuring Simon 4...

It's time to save some of your hard-earned money with our Daily Deals, featuring exclusive deals for AWT readers, hardware discounts and our own handpicked iOS and OS X sales. All prices are USD and subject to change.  Please check prices before you purchase as some deals may expire quickly.

AWT's Daily Deal

Simon 4.0 [OS X; On sale for $49.00, down from $99.00]
AppleWorld.Today is pleased to offer an exclusive deal on Simon 4.0 by Dejal Systems. Simon is a robust site monitoring tool for OS X that checks servers for changes or failures and notifies you when a change is detected. The app sends a notification via email, sound, speech, Twitter, or a variety of other means.

The native Mac utility can be used to monitor both your own website and servers as well as external sites. You can use it to track your favorite...

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iPad saves child from leaving the school band

As his body weakened from a muscle disease, Ethan Och knew the time had come.

He told his music teacher he’d have to give up his favorite school activity.

His teacher wouldn’t let him just quit. They had another idea.

Today Ethan is back in the percussion section, drumming on an iPad hooked to an amplifier.

What a wonderful story.

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60-Second Tips: Adding an Apple World Today icon to...

We have a lot of veteran Apple users in our readership, but there are lots of new people coming into the fold every single day. 60-Second Tips are exactly what they sound like — very short how-to videos that focus on one simple thing you can learn to make your daily life more enjoyable.

Today’s tip is the answer to a question I’m sure a lot of you are having — will Apple World Today have a mobile app? The answer is no; instead, the site has been designed with a responsive theme that changes depending on the device it is being viewed on. If it’s an iPhone or iPad, it scales images and moves text around to fit the device. Likewise, on a desktop or laptop, you’ll see the full-width site.

Text for our readers who cannot watch the video

Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to just tap an Apple World Today button on your iPhone or iPad to go straight to the site? That’s why Apple has a feature for adding a icon to your iOS home screen....

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Review: Ears-on with the Legend ANC headphones from...

Back in January at CES 2015, we stopped by the House of Marley booth to check out some upcoming products, one of which, were the Legend ANC headphones. Since then, we’ve acquired a pair to thoroughly examine and it’s been a great experience so far…

If you’re into over-the-ear headphones, you’ll definitely want to give these a look. They are crafted with some very premium materials, have great sound, and as mentioned, active noise canceling. The headphones are constructed from stainless steel, recycled plastics, leather, and even...

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Tim Cook speaks: Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and what he...

When Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks, the world listens—even if he’s speaking to a room full of bankers and other finance bigwigs at the annual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference.

And he didn’t disappoint. Cook announced that Apple is partnering with First Solar to build an $850 million solar farm in Monterey County, Calif. The 1,300-acre farm will produce enough power for Apple’s new campus, currently under construction, along with the company’s data center, offices, and 52 retail stores in California.

“We’re doing this because it’s right to do,” said Cook, who has taken heat for considering more than just Apple’s bottom line when he makes decisions. “But it’s good financially to do it. We expect to have very significant savings because we have a fixed price for the renewable energy.”

To read this...

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Updated Touch ID hardware to provide more secure,...

The Touch ID hardware is about to get better.

A report from well-connected insider Ming-Chi Kuo released on Tuesday stated that Apple’s new Touch ID model will improve the Apple Pay experience with fewer reading errors.

Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, projects that Touch ID module shipments will grow 12.4 percent this year to 262 million. His forecast was revealed in a research note to investors.

According to Kuo, the upgraded Touch ID module will “offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience by reducing reading errors.” He expects companies in Apple’s supply chain to begin ramping up for the new Touch ID module in the second quarter of calendar 2015.

Touch ID will remain in the home button on those devices for now, Kuo said, as he doesn’t expect the fingerprint scanning technology to be integrated into touch panels in the near term.

“Though Apple has...

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Apple gearing up for early-2015 MacBook Air refresh...

With the launch of new MacBook Air models featuring Intel's latest-generation Broadwell processors just around the corner, Apple has begun taking steps to prepare its international distribution partners for the updates, and to sell off remaining inventory of existing Air models, AppleInsider has learned.

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Apple becomes first U.S. company in history with $...

Shares of Apple reached a new all-time high on Tuesday, closing at $122.02 per share, with a record breaking market capitalization level of $710.74 billion -- the largest closing value ever for any U.S. company.

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Apple becomes 1st company ever to close at market...

Apple’s stock price closed up 2.3 points today to close at 122.02 giving the Cupertino company that was on the verge of bankruptcy less than 2 decades ago, the highest market cap of all time. The closing market cap of $710B reflects significant growth since it hit a recent low of a split-adjusted 56 in mid-2013.

To put it into perspective, Apple is now valued at $100 for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth.

Speaking of AAPL, Tim Cook is at Goldman Sachs today discussing Apple’s recent success and announcing a industry first...

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If I die on Mars: meet the people on a mission to be...

The Guardian:

Three volunteers are on the shortlist to be among four people on the Mars One programme, the first manned space flight to Mars – a one-way trip that’s effectively a suicide mission. Why do they want to leave Earth, and who are they leaving behind? As the list of potential Mars explorers is whittled down further on 16 February, meet those competing to be the first to land on the Red Planet.

I’d go.

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Apple announces $850m, 1600-acre solar farm in...

During Tim Cook’s talk at the Goldman Sachs Tech Conference 2015 today, the Apple CEO announced a new initiative that will see the company build a solar farm in Monterey County, California that Cook called Apple’s “biggest, boldest and most ambitious” energy project yet.

“We know at Apple that climate change is real… our view is the time for talk is past and the time for action is now… we’re now running all of our data centres… off renewable energy.. Just today we’re announcing our biggest, boldest and most ambitious project ever…building a solar farm in Monterey County…”

Apple says the new solar farm will offset all of its California operations including 55 retail stores,...

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Apple to build 'ambitious' 1300-acre, $...

Calling it his company's "biggest, boldest and most ambitious project ever," Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook revealed a massive new $850 million solar farm that his company plans to build in California -- one that will generate enough electricity to power virtually all of its operations in the Golden State.

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The Week in Mac Apps: Photo management tools, a hard...

Photo management tools, a hard drive organizer, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we have software that helps you rule over all your electronics, reclaim your hard disk space, and take your pictures to a whole new level.

1Keyboard 2.6

Sure, having multiple devices to use is awesome, but switching between them? Not so much. 

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Live blog: Tim Cook at Goldman Sachs Tech Conference...

As mentioned earlier today, Tim Cook is speaking momentarily at the 2015 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference where his remarks will be live streamed, and below we’ll update with the latest from the Apple CEO. In previous years, Cook has used the platform to share insight about product performance including the Apple TV and tease future roadmaps as the CEO often does. Today’s appearance follows Apple’s record quarter for any company with more than $74 billion reported in revenue and over 74 million iPhones sold. Apple is also positioned to release the Apple Watch in April, Cook recently mentioned, so today’s remarks should be interesting....

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Samsung says its TVs aren’t creeping on your living...

The Verge:

The company is stepping in to tell everyone to calm down and that those 1984 references are way off base. In a blog post plainly titled “Samsung Smart TVs Do Not Monitor Living Room Conversations,” the company does acknowledge that its clumsy, broad-strokes privacy policy could’ve used some clearer language.

The problem for Sony is that, even if their TVs don’t work the way they are accused of working, many of us have no problem believing they’d be sleazy enough to do that.

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[Sponsor] 62 Amazing Fonts, Brushes, Graphics, Stock...

Fill up your design toolbox with these essential graphic design files from Creative Market. On sale this week only… 96% off!

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Advice from an Apple Tech: Why it's essential...

No person is an island, and in the world of tech consulting, you’re going to need both help and allies along the way.

I’ve found this out both the easy way and the hard way over the years. Under easier circumstances, alliances formed when potential customers called or emailed looking for something specific that I couldn’t do or didn’t feel comfortable doing at that time. Case in point, iPhone repair. As much as I’d love to pick up the phone, hear the person explain they they’d dropped their iPhone and shattered the screen, then reassure them that I had the exact parts they needed in stock and could readily repair their baby for a good price, this wasn’t my area of expertise. Nor did I want to put the future of a device so many of us are umbilically attached to in my as-yet-unexperienced hands.

To read this article in full...

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Legacy Support! After 14 years, the first iPod still...

What happens when you hook up the original 1st-generation iPod with the latest version of iTunes? YouTuber Matthew Pearce attempted exactly that, and surprisingly found that the current version of iTunes (12.1) works just fine with the old 2001 iPod, and even prompts to set it up as a new device.

It appears that Apple is supporting the first-gen iPod, rather than it just happening to work: iTunes shows an icon for the original iPod design after connecting the device. The setup required a Firewire 400 to 800 adapter, and for newer Macs you’d also need a...

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Popular news reading service Flipboard launches a...

Flipboard for the web

The popular news reading service Flipboard is becoming more than an app on your iPhone or iPad today as it launches a web version for the first time. Flipboard first launched on the iPad in 2010 and later released a version specifically for the iPhone, and now Mac users can access Flipboard from any browser with today’s launch of the web version.

Current Flipboard users can simply log in through and access the same content from the mobile apps including Cover Stories and sources you follow including websites, Twitter feeds, and topics like technology, sports, and more.

New users can also access the newly launched web version of the site with options to log in through Facebook or Google+ or just create an...

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Tim Cook to speak at Goldman Sachs Technology...

Tim Cook will speak at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, starting later today. Apple will offer live audio of Tim Cook’s section of the conference. It is unclear how Tim Cook will feature at the event, whether it is an interview or a predefined talk. In previous years, Cook has generally discussed the state of Apple and the wider industry in a loose interview format. You can listen to the live audio here at 12:30 PM Pacific Time.

Cook has spoken at the Goldman Sachs conference for the last two years,...

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The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at...


Unlike the transistor, the lithium-ion battery has not won a Nobel Prize. But many people think it should. The lithium-ion battery gave the transistor reach. Without it, we would not have smartphones, tablets or laptops, including the device you are reading at this very moment. There would be no Apple. No Samsung. No Tesla.

In 1980, Goodenough, a whip-smart physicist then aged 57, invented lithium-ion’s nervous system.

He says, “I’m only 92. I still have time to go.” What a great attitude.

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Bug Bounties Entice Researchers to Don White Hats

Bug bounty programs are used by individual software makers to improve the quality of their products, but they can have incidental benefits for all software makers, too. One of those is to encourage bug hunters to wear a white hat instead of a black one. That's particularly true for researchers attracted to bounty programs, observed Eduardo Vela Nava, a security engineer with Google, which has a large and successful bug bounty program. "The target audience of bug bounty programs are researchers who want to keep users safe," he told TechNewsWorld.

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9to5Toys Last Call: Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.

Today’s can’t miss deals:

Last Call updates:

  • Nikon intros its first dedicated astrophotography DSLR alongside a slew of point-and-shoots
  • ...
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VESA's new DisplayPort standard will enable...

The latest Embedded DisplayPort standard will help pave the way for future ultra-high resolution displays and better battery life when it adds support for 8K screens starting in 2016.

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How many laws did Apple break?

Monday Note:

I have no trouble with the Law of Large Numbers, it only underlines Apple’s truly stupendous growth and, in the end, it always wins. No business can grow by 20%, or even 10% for ever.

But, for the other three, Market Share, Commoditization, and Modularity, how can we ignore the sea of contradicting facts?

Part of the reason why it seems Wall St doesn’t understand Apple is because the company’s operations don’t conform to so many commonly held beliefs about economics and business.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Pay flying high with JetBlue now on board

JetBlue passengers, leave your credit cards in your wallets: Apple Pay is on board.

The airline is rolling out Apple Pay on select flights between New York City’s John F. Kennedy airport and airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles starting next week. By June, 3,500 flight attendants will be able to accept mobile payments using new iPad minis in NFC-compatible cases on all JetBlue flights. The cases will also accept traditional credit and debit cards if you don’t have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Later this year, JetBlue is also integrating Apple Pay into its own mobile app so passengers can make purchases, and the company said customers won’t need to purchase Wi-Fi as part of their transactions.


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Review: ClamCase Pro case for iPad Air 2 – a premium...

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re looking at some kind of ultra-small MacBook Air on the right, next to my MBA 11. It’s actually my iPad Air 2 in the ClamCase Pro keyboard case that combines all-round protection with a near-laptop-quality keyboard.

I’m testing here the case for the iPad Air 2, but there are other models for the iPad 2/3/4, previous iPad Air and iPad mini … 

Look & feel

Aesthetically, the ClamCase Pro is a slightly odd mix. The keyboard itself is clearly closely modelled on a MacBook keyboard, chiclet keyboard with black keys set into an anodised aluminum base. The recessed ‘tray’ in which the keys sit is made from white plastic, in place of the all-aluminum MacBook casing, but is otherwise almost a clone.

The wedge shape of the keyboard also...

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Apple Pay takes to the skies via JetBlue

USA Today:

Starting next week, passengers on select JetBlue Airways flights can use Apple Pay on their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets to buy food, drinks and certain onboard amenities when the plane reaches cruising altitude. You’ll be able to upgrade to available premium seats, too.

JetBlue is the first airline to accept Apple Pay at 35,000 feet. It almost certainly won’t be the last.

One more Apple Pay domino falling.

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