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Wednesday March 7

Google Maps allows businesses to identify as owned,...

This year, celebrate International Women’s Day by supporting a women-led business. Starting this week, businesses can now identify as owned, led, or founded by women, by enabling the women-led attribute from their Google My Business dashboard. Attributes appear on a business’s Google listing on Maps and Search and give customers more details like “Has Wi-Fi” and “Outdoor seating” to help them decide where to go.

Great idea from Google.

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Netflix is bringing video previews to its mobile apps

A year after introducing video previews on its TV experience, Netflix is now planning to bring the feature to its mobile apps. The company announced today this will be rolling out in April, noting that it was developed to help make it easier and fast...

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Netflix isn't chasing the competition into...

Fresh off of its Oscars win for Icarus, a documentary about Russia's doping epidemic in sports, Netflix held a press event at its Hollywood headquarters. There, inside a 280,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art studio that it just opened last year, CEO...

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Tidal's next exclusive concert pairs Deadmau5...

Electronic musician Joel "Deadmau5" Zimmerman is stripping down his sound and adding string instruments to his army of synths for a Tidal-sponsored "Where's the drop?" concert next month. Tidal subscribers can jump in on today's pre-sale, while the g...

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How to use iPhone and iPad as a magnifying glass

Apple has some fantastic functionality packed into iOS with its accessibility features. While some users rely on these features daily, some of them go overlooked by many. One of these useful features is the ability to use your iPhone or iPad as a magnifying glass.


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Apple Daily Report for March 7, 2018

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a road trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

Bloomberg, working with Moody’s Analytics data, thinks it has come up with a shortlist of likely locations for Apple’s next U.S. campus.

Hey, U.S. citizens, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t accept iTunes gift cards as payments. Some scammers are looking to fleece folks by asking them to pay back taxes with such cards, do don’t be fooled. 

Apple has updated Apple Music app for Android to version 2.4. It offers such enhancements as music video playback options that bring it more in line with its iOS counterpart...

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9to5Mac Daily 042 | March 7, 2018

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.


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Square’s Cash app on iOS now supports direct deposit...

If you’re already immersed in the Square Cash ecosystem, Square is adding support for yet another new feature to the app. In a tweet today, the company announced that the Cash app on iOS now supports direct deposits, making it so you can receive your paycheck or other transfers directly in the app…


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12 sci-fi movies that totally deserved to win Best...

Like most lists, this is completely subjective but, for at least the first eight on the list, I would have to agree.

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How to implement Apple's two-factor...

Given the news about the cost of a pilfered iCloud account, it seems only prudent for users to take precautions. A good safety measure is two-factor authentication -- AppleInsider shows you how to turn it on from your Mac or your iPhone.

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Disable retweets

I’m in the latter camp that can’t really use this (I use Twitterrific to manage this kind of stuff on a finer level) but for some of you, this might be useful.

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Get a 2016 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and cellular at...

Costco’s been rolling out some good ideals for iPad models lately. Last month I told you about great deal with a regular iPad, but this month Costco members can pick up the 2016 9.7-inch 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and Cellular for just $400. If you don’t mind slapping down some additional cash, you can get the 256GB model for just $500. The catch? Both are only available in gold or...

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External Link: Why Google Fiber Failed to Fix...

In 2010, Google shook the tech world by announcing that it would get into the ISP business with Google Fiber, deploying gigabit fiber-optic Internet connections in what would become nine metro areas around the United States. Now Google has put the ambitious project on an indefinite “pause” and is even pulling out of Boston. You can likely guess the reasons why Google Fiber has struggled: local politics and the difficulty of installing real-world infrastructure. Despite its challenges, Google Fiber has had a positive effect on the Internet market in the United States by generating discussion about broadband competition. Plus, in markets with Google Fiber, broadband prices have dropped and service speeds have improved radically.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and...

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Amazon working on a fix for Alexa’s creepy laugh

Over the past few days, users with Alexa-enabled devices have reported hearing strange, unprompted laughter. Amazon responded to the creepiness in a statement to The Verge, saying, “We’re aware of this and working to fix it.”

Thankfully it’s being fixed.

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External Link: Alexa Is Laughing at Us

Users of devices with Amazon’s voice assistant are reporting that Alexa is laughing at them randomly, sometimes as an inappropriate response to a query or even with no prompting whatsoever. Amazon says that the issue is caused by Alexa mistakenly hearing the phrase “Alexa, laugh,” and that it’s changing the phrase to “Alexa, can you laugh?” and also changing the response from simple laughter to “Sure, I can laugh.”


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iPad 2018 rumors: New iPad Pro design with Face ID...

Updated 3/07/18: An analyst has projected new iPad Pro models to ship late in the June quarter, after a launch at WWDC.

When it comes to the tablet market, there’s the iPad and there’s everybody else. Apple dominates the market, especially in the premium price range. To hold on to its position, Apple has been kept things fresh with new models like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and new technologies like Apple Pencil and ProMotion.

To read this article in full, please click here

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FBI chief continues his demand for law enforcement...

FBI Director Christopher Wray has continued his fight to make it easier to defeat the encryption-based security of devices like Apple's iPhone, declaring in a speech at Boston College that these security systems could be designed in a way to help law enforcement agencies, as well as updating laws to keep up with changes in technology.

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News: New Indiegogo project aims to improve iPhone...

A new project on Indiegogo, Safeskin, is looking to address one of the main limitations with Find My iPhone with a case that locks onto an iPhone and prevents it from being turned off. While it’s not clear exactly how Safeskin works to keep an iPhone powered on, it appears that it connects to the iPhone Lighting port, suggesting an electronic solution rather than something that simply interferes with the physical controls. The package will also…

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Review: Como Audio Amico Wireless Speaker System

We saw many, many audio products during our CES adventure this year. There were traditional audio companies offering expensive hifi speakers, high-tech amplifiers, and receivers, and many newer companies offering Bluetooth speakers that featured Google Home and Alexa "smart" assistant integration. One of our most interesting finds, however, was a company going in an entirely different direction with their products. Como Audio is a US-based company led by industry veteran Tom Devesto that makes wireless speakers that blend old-school design with modern connectivity. The Amico is the entry point into the Como Audio ecosystem; we think it's very charming.{/exp:char_limit}

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Google's Android P supports same HEIC format as...

Google on Wednesday revealed a slew of details about the next version of Android, codenamed Android P, including a pair of features following in Apple's footsteps.

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Alexa spontaneously laughing at customers, Amazon...

HomePod may leave a lot to be desired in its current state (and the occasional wood-stained ring), but we’ve seen no reports of Siri spontaneously laughing for no apparent reason. The same can no longer be said for Amazon Echo’s Alexa…


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Samsung wants your TV to disappear

A new 8K UHD, microLED, ambient mode, and smart features for your phone were all touted at today's Samsung 2018 TV press presentation

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How to try improving your sleep by turning on Night...

Do you find the blue light emitted by your Mac's screen make it harder to go to sleep, especially if you're at the keys late in the day? AppleInsider explains how to use Night Shift in macOS to automatically make gradual changes to the the color of the display, to help you get a good night's rest.

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UnitedHealthcare promoting healthy living with...

UnitedHealthcare is the latest insurance firm to look to Apple Watch as an incentive to keep its customers healthy. The provider will not only offer the option to earn an Apple Watch for essentially free, but it will allow users to earn up to $1,000 toward medical bills after the cost of the wearable.


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Golf Plus Apple Watch app aims to replace expensive...

A lot of people argue that apps on the Apple Watch are completely and utterly useless —insisting that complications are the true potential behind Apple Watch. However, the app Golf Plus wants to buck that trend by potentially replacing your high-end golf analyzing gear with Apple Watch.


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Scam victims pay ‘back taxes’ with iTunes gift cards

It’s tax season so please make sure your less tech-savvy family and friends are aware of scams in general and this type specifically. My wife almost got caught in a “Canada Post” phishing scheme a few days ago.

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Amazon Echo users report strange 'laugh'...

Reports of a strange error from owners of Amazon's Echo device range have surfaced, claiming the Alexa digital assistant is making an odd 'laugh' sound at random times, with the noises sometimes made without any verbal prompts, commands, or external forces interacting with the voice-activated speakers.

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News: Report: iPad Pro with Face ID could debut at...

A new report from Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang in Barrons suggests that Apple’s rumoured Face ID enabled iPad Pro models may make their debut at this year’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference in June. Zhang expects that the new devices could offset some persisting weaknesses in iPhone X sales, and estimates that the new iPad Pro would be ready for mass production with a release date in late Q2 2018. Rumours of Face ID coming to the…

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How two photographers unknowingly shot the same...

Even a more-than-cursory look at the two photos would lead you to believe they were identical. Great story.

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An archive of Heavy Metal, the influential “adult...

Heavy Metal was unabashedly sexist, even misogynist, but as a kid I devoured every issue, in particular, the amazing writing. I’d never read the fantasy genre before discovering it in the pages of Heavy Metal.

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Rumors: Cheaper HomePod and MacBook Air coming this...

A new report today shares the forecast that Apple will be making even more moves to offer some of its products at more affordable prices this year. The new products to allegedly receive even lower price tags include both MacBook Air and a new HomePod. Meanwhile, another report today suggests that a new iPad Pro with Face ID could show up as soon as June at WWDC — earlier than others expect.


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UnitedHealthcare adds Apple Watch Series 3 to...

U.S. health insurer UnitedHealthcare is adding the Apple Watch Series 3 to its Motion program, which lets people earn up to $1,000 per year off their insurance premiums -- assuming they meet daily fitness goals.

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Analyst: iPad Pros with Face ID coming in June

In a report to clients — as noted by AppleInsider — Rosenblatt Securities' analyst Jun Zhang says Face ID iPad Pros will ship late in the June quarter. 

Apple is expected to update its 10.5- and 12.9-inch Pros with front-facing TrueDepth cameras, enabling Face ID, Animoji, and other 3D-sensing technologies. Zhang thinks the tech giant will ship about 6-8 million updated Pros in the June quarter.

Chances the analyst is right, per the Sellers Research Group: 90%. There’s little doubt that Face ID is coming to the tablet line (at least some models). Both second-generation Pros debuted in June last year. It makes sense for Apple to debut them at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference with availability following shortly thereafter. (WWDC hasn't been officially announced, but rumors are pointing toward June...

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Hands on: Writing blogs on the Mac with the new...

MarsEdit has helped bloggers on the Mac for a decade, and the update that includes a revamped design for the online writing tool is compelling.

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9to5Toys Last Call: iTunes $100 Gift Card $85, Beats...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Upcoming 'Jurassic World Alive' for iPhone...

The latest "Pokemon Go" clone to be announced is Ludia's "Jurassic World Alive," which will see people "collecting" creatures in augmented reality via their iPhone.

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News: Lower-priced HomePod may be coming later this...

New reports from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News and Japanese blog Mac Otakara are suggesting that Apple may have a more inexpensive HomePod model in the works for release later this year, MacRumors reports. While the report is unclear as to what would differentiate the lower-end model from the current HomePod, it seems to suggest that it would be a smaller version, perhaps intended to compete on price with Amazon and Google’s speakers, but…

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Markdown-friendly Deckset presentation app latest to...

Deckset is the latest macOS app to join the growing list of software that has outgrown the stagnant Mac App Store. Citing a lack of flexible pricing options, Deckset is leaving the Mac App Store as it launches version 2.0.


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News: Apple releases fourth watchOS 4.3 developer...

Apple has released a fourth watchOS 4.3 beta along with new public betas for iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3, matching the fourth developer betas released earlier this week. Featuring a build number of 15T5199f,  the sparse release notes don’t suggest any significant changes since the prior beta. watchOS 4.3 is expected to bring iPhone music control back to the Apple Watch and allow Nightstand mode to work in portrait orientation. The latest beta…

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Microsoft VP confirms move to replace short-lived...

Microsoft will be moving away from offering Windows 10 S as a separate operating system release in favor of a built-in 'S Mode,' an executive has advised, confirming an earlier rumor it was looking to replace the stripped-down Windows version in favor of an option in full Windows 10 installations.

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Apple's Face ID-equipped iPad Pros likely ready...

Anticipated iPad Pro upgrades should be on the verge of mass production, but may only hit doorsteps late in the June quarter, an analyst claimed in an investor memo obtained by AppleInsider.

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Amazon Alexa devices are laughing spontaneously and...


Owners of Amazon Echo devices with the voice-enabled assistant Alexa have been pretty much creeped out of their damn minds recently. People are reporting that the bot sometimes spontaneously starts laughing — which is basically a bloodcurdling nightmare.

Step through the article, read the tweets. This has all the elements of a next-gen horror movie. I can’t help but wonder if there’s IoT hacking going on here, if there’s not someone having a good laugh over this.

Or ghosts. Yeah, probably ghosts.

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132 year old message in a bottle found on WA beach

Western Australian Museum blog:

The world’s oldest known message in a bottle has been found half-buried at a West Australian beach nearly 132 years after it was tossed overboard in the Indian Ocean, 950km from the coast.

Until now, the previous world record for the oldest message in a bottle was 108 years, four months and 18 days between jettison and discovery.

The message is dated 12 June 1886 and was jettisoned from the German sailing barque Paula as part of a long-term German oceanographic experiment to better understand global ocean currents and find faster, more efficient shipping routes.

Fascinating. This is just a bit like time travel to me.

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News: Apple Music for Android adds music video...

Apple has released an update for Apple Music for Android users, rolling in some of the improvements that will also be coming to the Apple Music app in iOS 11.3. In addition to “significantly improv[ing] stability” and reliability on more devices, the update lets users watch music videos in fullscreen or inside the Now Playing view, continue watching videos while browsing through the Apple Music app, listen to music videos in the background…

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Stolen Apple account credentials can be acquired...

Account credentials for Apple's online services are being sold by online scammers for an average of $15.39, a report into stolen account sales on the 'dark web' reveals, but despite the seemingly low cost, Apple-based accounts appear to be priced more than individual user accounts for a considerable number of other online destinations.

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Apple's new US campus most likely to spring up...

With the company having ruled out California and Texas, Apple's next big U.S. campus is most likely to pop up in a northeastern state, a report argued on Wednesday.

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A lot can happen in a decade

Craig Hockenberry:

Whether you’re a developer who’s working on mobile apps, or just someone enjoying the millions of apps available for your phone, today is a very special day. It’s the ten year anniversary of the original iPhone SDK.

I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that this release changed a lot of people’s lives. I know it changed mine and had a fundamental impact on this company’s business. So let’s take a moment and look back on what happened a decade ago.

First things first, this is a great look back at a moment in time. The iPhone shipped, but there was no SDK, the secret (VERY secret) sauce that let developers build apps that sat on the shoulders of Apple’s iPhone software designers.

Craig tells the story of that first wave of folks who found ways to pry the mysteries of iPhone OS mechanics from the clues of the native apps built by Apple, dumping the classes of those apps and working out how they did what they did.

This is the...

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After nearly 10 years, Apple will stop taking new...

(credit: Dan Goodin)

A small yet colorful part of the iTunes Store will be history by year's end. According to an internal Apple email obtained by Metro, Apple will stop taking iTunes LP submissions this month. Apple confirmed the plans to The Verge, signaling the impending end of the paid multimedia album experience on iTunes.

The leaked email reportedly said, "Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPs after March 2018,” and “existing LPs will be deprecated from the store during the remainder of 2018. Customers who have previously purchased an album...

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Google Lens visual search lands on Google Photos for...

Google has started to roll out its visual search tool Google Lens to more mobile devices, expanding from its previous exclusivity to the company's Pixel smartphones, making the feature available to Google Photos users on Android before it arrives on the iOS version of the image management app.

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Bank of New York Mellon will handle Apple’s escrow...

Ireland has chosen the Bank of New York Mellon to administer an escrow fund of up to 15 billion euros (about $18.6 billion) in disputed taxes that the European Commission (EU) ordered the government to collect from Apple, reports Reuters.

The EU, Europe’s anti-trust and consumer investigation agency, claims that Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have attracted investment and jobs by helping big companies avoid tax in other countries, including EU members. The commission suspects Ireland was too lenient in rulings it gave to Apple and which helped the company shield tens of billions of dollars in profit from taxation. At 12.5%, Ireland’s corporate tax...

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Rumor: Apple to ditch the ‘notch’ design in upcoming...

According to ET News, Apple will ditch the “notch design” in 2019 iPhones. The design provides a concave spot at the top of the smartphone screen that’s home to the front-facing camera, separate infra-red camera for Face ID, dot projector, flood illuminator, speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor.

The article says Apple’s plan is "to improve obstacles such as 3D sensor and camera module that were in the way of implementing a full-screen on the front of an iPhone.” However, ET News doesn’t say how this will be accomplished.

According to the Sellers Research Firm (that’s me), Apple will indeed do this — IF the company can find a way to keep the current functionality housed in the notch while offering a full-screen display.

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Supply chain makes claim that Apple is already...

A questionable report from South Korean sources suggests that Apple is preparing a new display without a notch -- for phones 18 months down the road.

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News: Daily Deal: 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

For Wednesday’s iLounge Deal, you can pick up the 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones for only $149.99 — that’s 25% off the regular price. These elite headphones are the first to be THX® Certified and have been expertly tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi for a fully balanced and ultra-realistic soundstage. Even with all the incredible sound and noise-isolating features, however, they’re still extremely portable…

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Panic and the mystery of the slow downloads

[VIDEO] Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser, on the Panic blog:

A few months ago, a complaint started popping up from users downloading or updating our apps: “Geez, your downloads are really slow!”

If you work in support, you probably have a reflexive reaction to a complaint like this. It’s vague. There’s a million possible factors. It’ll probably resolve itself by tomorrow. You hope. Boy do you hope.

Except… we also started noticing it ourselves when we were working from home. When we’d come in to the office, transfers were lightning fast. But at home, it was really, seriously getting hard to get any work done remotely at all.

So, maybe there was something screwy here?

This is a fascinating story, well told. In a nutshell, Panic got reports of slow downloads from a non-trivial subset of their customers, wrote a script to try to find a common link, and actually found that link. And it was Comcast.

Cabel tells the story in the video embedded in...

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Ireland picks Bank of New York Mellon to hold Apple...

The Irish government has reportedly selected Bank of New York Mellon to control an escrow fund holding up to $18.6 billion in back taxes collected from Apple, pending attempts to reverse a ruling by the European Commission.

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BlackBerry weaponizing trove of patents, sues...


BlackBerry Ltd on Tuesday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook Inc and its WhatsApp and Instagram apps, arguing that they copied technology and features from BlackBerry Messenger.


“Defendants created mobile messaging applications that co-opt BlackBerry’s innovations, using a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features,” Canada-based BlackBerry said in a filing with a Los Angeles federal court.

One of the patents in question covers the concept of a badge, that is, a changing number tied to an icon that reflect, for example, the current number of unread email messages.

Check out this thread from The Verge’s Nilay Patel:

Ummmm BlackBerry is suing Facebook for infringing a patent that claims to cover…. displaying a count of unread messages on a notification dot.

— nilay...

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Korean report claims Apple will drop the iPhone X...

A Korean report claims that Apple will drop the notch from its 2019 OLED iPhones. The company is said to be working on a new design where the screen will ‘completely fill the front of new iPhones.’

No details are provided about how Apple would deal with all of the technology currently housed in the notch. This includes the front-facing camera, separate infra-red camera for Face ID, dot projector, flood illuminator, speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor …


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An interview with Jon Gotow, the man behind Default...

On Feb. 16, I published an updated review for Default Folder X (, one of my favorite macOS utilities ever and one I’ve used for years. Recently, I interviewed St. Clair Software’s Jon Gotow, the man behind the app.

What was the impetus for creating Default Folder?

Jon: Way back in 1988, I was working on my Masters thesis and was really frustrated that the Open and Save dialogs in Microsoft Word would always open to the folder containing the Word application. I had to navigate to a different folder every damned time I saved a new draft, opened a new CricketGraph chart, imported a new MacDraw diagram, etc. It drove me crazy - especially because my state-of-the-art Mac Plus was far from speedy.

I'd written some Mac applications for my engineering class projects and knew there were low memory globals in System 5 that determined what folder the file dialogs would initially show...

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Chrome 65 Arrives With Material Design Extensions...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: Google today launched Chrome 65 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions in this release include Material Design changes and new developer features. You can update to the latest version now using the browser's built-in silent updater or download it directly from Chrome 65 comes with a few visual changes. The most obvious is related to Google's Material Design mantra. The extensions page has been completely revamped to follow it. Next up, Chrome 65 replaces the Email Page Location link in Chrome for Mac's File menu with a Share submenu. As you might expect, Mac users can use this submenu to share the URL of a current tab via installed macOS Share Extensions. Speaking of Macs, Chrome 65 is also the last release for OS X 10.9 users. Chrome 66 will require OS X 10.10 or later. Moving on to developer features, Chrome 65 includes the CSS Paint API, which allows developers to programmatically generate an image...

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Bank of New York Mellon will administer escrow fund...

A bank has now been appointed to manage the escrow fund for the €15B ($18.6B) in back-taxes the European Union decided Apple had to pay to the Irish government.

It took some time to agree the arrangements as Apple expects to get the money back at the end of a legal battle expected to take many years, and it will want to ensure the funds have been well invested during that time …


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Sonnet’s Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe flash drive is a...

Sonnet Technologies’ 1TB version of its Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Flash Drive makes a great product even better. It’s a new model of the pocket-sized solid-state drive (SSD) storage device that packs a Thunderbolt 3 interface.

Now the drive is equipped with 1TB of NVMe flash storage and leverages the 40Gbps bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3 to deliver data transfer speeds up to 2600 MB/second. The Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Flash Drive was designed for pro users and doesn’t require an AC power adapter. 

However, it’s also great for non-pro users who need a high capacity drive to expand the limited storage of most Mac laptops. And it’s a great solution for transferring or sharing info between multiple Macs.

Measuring a compact 2.8 inches wide by 4.1 inches deep by 1.25 inches tall, the Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Flash Drive connects to any compatible Mac or Windows computer, or at the end of a Thunderbolt 3 device daisy chain thanks to its 0.5-meter Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps...

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Trump administration talks escalating trade war;...

Not content with threatening import tariffs on aluminum and steel that could badly damage US automative and aircraft industries but have little impact on Apple, Trump is now considering far broader forms of protectionism.

His latest proposals could hit consumer electronics imported from China, with ‘the most severe scenario’ seeing Apple products caught in the net …


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Apple granted a patent for its Apple Pay interface

Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,911,123) for its Apple Pay interface. Apple Pay is the mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets users make payments using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. 

The tech giant’s patent notes that a mobile device receives and stores information for one or more payment accounts. It’s used to make payments using the payment accounts. In some examples, authorization to proceed with a payment is performed before each purchase made by the user. 

The authorization process can include receiving a verification of the user, such as a fingerprint scan or passcode. In some examples, a payment account is selected from among available payment accounts. In some examples, an indication is displayed of a digital item associated with a purchased item. In some examples, a payment transaction is initiated with participants of an ongoing communication. In some examples, an application of a retailer is invoked based on the availability of...

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Notable apps and app updates for March 7, 2018

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Health Endeavors has launched One Touch Health Smart Record. The app puts consumers in control of their health care record and applies data-driven intelligence to the health data. Consumers may request or send their electronic health record using direct messaging. “This is the beginning of the end of interoperability issues in health care,” said Kris Gates, CEO, Health Endeavors.

macOS Apps/Updates

Late Night Software has released Script Debugger 7, the latest version of its AppleScript IDE. 

Script Debugger is an integrated development environment focused...

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Apple Pay adds 20 new U.S. banks and credit unions,...

Apple has recently added more than 20 new regional banks and credit unions across the United States, as follows:

Advancial Federal Credit Union

Anahuac National Bank

ASI Federal Credit Union

Auburn State Bank


Burbank City Federal Credit Union

CentralAlliance Credit Union

Columbine Federal Credit Union

Connections Bank

DCH Credit Union

Hastings Federal Credit Union

Iowa-Nebraska State Bank

Lea County State Bank


McCook National Bank

Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Peoples Bank (Oklahoma added)

St. Francis X. Federal Credit Union

TS Bank

West Suburban Bank

Winchester Savings Bank

Apple Pay is also said to be arriving in Brazil, which will make it the first country added in 2018. The timing of the launch has yet to be released, but it’s possible it could be timed with iOS 11.3 which is expected around...

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Rumor: Apple to discontinue Apple LP format...

Apple looks to be discontinuing its iTunes LP format this year.

The format offered a rich experience with digital music and could include lyrics, photos, and liner notes as well as access to video.

The format had never been optimized for iPhone or iTunes, and while the special iTunes format has been around for almost ten years but only around 400 albums have used it.

Per Metro, Apple will discontinue iTunes LP submissions on April 1st.

‘Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPS after March 2018,’ it wrote. ‘Existing LPs will be deprecated from the store during the remainder of 2018. Customers who have previously purchased an album containing an iTunes LP will still be able to download the additional content using iTunes Match.’

Apple still provides technical guidance for the iTunes LP format through its TuneKit API.

Apple looks to be shifting its focus to its Apple Music subscription service, which offers similar elements...

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Tuesday March 6

Potential U.S. trade war with China speculated to...

The White House is reportedly mulling tighter restrictions over Chinese investments and imports into the U.S., conditions that could have a negative impact on the multitude of domestic tech companies manufacturing goods in China.

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Uber’s self-driving trucks are making deliveries in...

Uber announced today that its self-driving trucks have been operating in Arizona for the last couple of months. The company said it has two main transfer hubs in Sanders and Topock, but other than that, Uber is being pretty tight-lipped about the ope...

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Organizer of disastrous Fyre Festival admits he...

Billy McFarland has admitted that he forged documents and lied to investors to convince them to pour a total of $26 million into his company and the now infamous Fyre Festival. He was arrested last year after what he touted as "the cultural experienc...

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What do you think Apple will call its over-ear...

A pair of recent reports have indicated that Apple is currently developing its own over-ear headphones, slated for release as early as the end of this year.

As is the case anytime a new Apple product is rumored, everyone quickly speculates as to what it could be called. Thus, it’s time for the same conversation about Apple’s headphones. What do you think they’ll be called?


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White House wants to let law enforcement disable...

The White House is gearing up to request that law enforcement and security agencies be allowed to track and shoot down civilian drones, Bloomberg reported. An official told the publication that the effort has been underway for months and it involves...

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Google brings voice calling to Home speakers in the...

It's taken a while, but finally Google Home speakers in the UK can be used to make hands-free voice calls. The feature was announced at Google I/O 2017 and introduced in the US last August. Brits have waited patiently since then (or switched to Alexa...

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Honda's Urban EV pre-orders start in early 2019

Honda said it wanted to sell its Urban EV Concept sometime in 2019, and now it's official. The automaker has announced that it will start taking orders for a production version of the tiny retro electric car in early 2019, with a European launch in...

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The IRS does not accept iTunes gift cards, don'...

A recent op-ed reminds U.S. citizens that Internal Revenue Service impersonators are out in force this tax season and, like last year and year before, some are looking to fleece unwitting victims by asking them to pay back taxes with iTunes gift cards.

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Pepe The Frog’s creator sues Infowars for copyright...

Despite artist Matt Furie's attempts to reclaim his Pepe The Frog character from neo-Nazis, his cartoon is still being used by the far-right. He created Pepe in the early 2000s and has described the character as a "peaceful frog-dude" whose true natu...

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Deals: Apple's high-end 15" MacBook Pro w...

Midweek deals are going on now with savings of up to $1,000 off. Pick up a high-end Late 2016 15" MacBook Pro (2.9GHz, 16GB, 512GB, Radeon 460) for $2,099. DJI's Mavic Pro drone is also $230 off, while $100 iTunes / App Store codes are just $85 while supplies last.

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Apple Music for Android update adds new Music Video...

Apple Music for Android is getting a small but significant update today, adding a handful of new features for Music Video playback. Today’s update brings the app to version 2.4.0.


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Apple Music for Android updated with music video...

Apple on Tuesday issued the latest iteration of its Apple Music app for Android, delivering a handful of enhancements, namely music video playback options, that bring the title more in line with its iOS counterpart.

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iOS 12 concept imagines redesigned Music app with...

We’re still a few months a way from the official debut of iOS 12, but that hasn’t stopped designers from using their imaginations to depict how the update could change iOS. Today, a new concept imagines an all-new Music app in iOS 12, including the return of Cover Flow…


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Google Lens is now available for non-Pixel Android...

Google Lens is making it way from the Pixel to Android devices and iPhones alike starting today. In a roundabout way, that is. The AI-powered photo analyzing app will live inside Assistant in Google Photos, as spotted by 9to5 Gooogle. The announcemen...

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9to5Mac Daily 041 | March 6, 2018

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.


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Even Merriam-Webster realizes the world is a...

Every year, the vocabulary druids at Merriam-Webster decide which words bubbling to the top of the cultural consensus should be immortalized forever in its dictionary. In early 2017, the list of over 1,000 additions included CRISPR and botnet, a clea...

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Apple confirms it will stop taking iTunes LP...

Raise your hand if you’d forgotten this even existed.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Treasury Department warns against scammers asking...

As tax day quickly approaches in the United States, scammers are ramping up their efforts to swindle Americans out of their money. CNBC this week highlights a growing scheme that sees scammers asking people to pay their taxes with iTunes gift cards


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Apple Daily Report for March 6, 2018

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a road trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

A British Columbia couple are demanding Apple pay $600,000 in uninsured losses after they were forced to close their farm business following a devastating house fire that they claim was sparked by a faulty iPhone. Cathy and Ian Finley believe a three-month-old iPhone 6 left plugged into a charge cord somehow heated up and started a fire in their living room in October 2016.

Apple has posted a new "Welcome Home" HomePod video to its YouTube channel. This one is directed by filmmaker Spike Jonze. 


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Google is helping US military train AI to study...

The US military's Project Maven is getting some help using AI to interpret drone footage from a not-entirely-unexpected source: Google. The company has confirmed a Gizmodo report that it's offering TensorFlow programming kits to the Defense Departm...

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FCA and Volkswagen offer six-month Apple Music...

Apple is partnering with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the U.S. and Volkswagen in Europe to offer new car buyers six months of Apple Music with select models supporting the CarPlay platform, doubling the streaming service's normal trial period.

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Digital boardgame 'Scythe' nears Mac and...

Asmodee reveals the current state of its upcoming digital board game "Scythe" arriving soon on Mac and iOS, as Feral Interactive delays the release of the iPhone-compatible version of "Rome: Total War" until the summer.

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How to protect your iPhone data with privacy...

As more companies and services are leveraging user data to greater extents, it’s becoming more and more important to be aware of your privacy preferences and how you can make sure your iPhone settings are in alignment. Whether it’s been a little while since you’ve checked out your privacy settings or you’ve never looked under the hood, follow along to make sure everything is set to your liking.


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Intel is funding the future of large-scale VR...

If you've donned a VR headset and immersed yourself in a proper virtual reality 'experience,' you might have seen chills, thrills, and...not too many people at once. Today, Intel released a demo showcasing a software solution to the crowd problem the...

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Review: Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger for...

Native Union is best known for making tech accessories that feature stand out designs with a dash of fashion. Its latest product continues that trend by mixing attractive materials and fun patterns with a low profile wireless charging pad for iPhone and Qi-compatible devices. Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger also happens to compliment the space gray HomePod perfectly…


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BlackBerry sues Facebook over alleged messaging...

BlackBerry on Tuesday launched a lawsuit against Facebook, arguing that services like WhatsApp and Instagram deliberately copy features from BlackBerry Messenger, one of the draws of BlackBerry's once-dominant smartphones.

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Indie brawler 'Way of the Passive Fist' is...

If you love stylish, '90s-style 2D side-scrolling brawlers like Golden Axe or Aztez, you'll dig the debut release from Household Games, a new studio made up of DrinkBox Studios, Queasy Games and Silicon Knights members. Way of the Passive Fist is ava...

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Six month Apple Music trials to be bundled with some...

Apple has teamed up with Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler to offer a new perk for customers buying certain CarPlay-equipped cars. From May, eligible vehicles will come with a 6 month Apple Music trial, which typically runs $9.99 per month.

Apple has partnered with Volkswagen in Europe and Fiat in the US to giveaway these extended trials. New Apple Music subscribers will be able to take advantage of the full six month free offer, existing subscribers can get 3 months free. More details after the jump …


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Review: iHome Reflect Vanity Speaker

When it comes to doing something different with speakers, we can always count on iHome to lead the way with interesting new ideas, and needless to say we were intrigued enough by one of the company's latest offering, the Reflect Vanity Speaker, to give it a slightly closer look. It's a Bluetooth speaker coupled with an illuminated vanity mirror allowing you to listen to your favorite music or even take speakerphone calls while getting ready for a night out on the town. {/exp:char_limit}

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MoviePass CEO proudly says the app tracks your...

When this story first broke yesterday, I didn’t post about it because I thought, “Naw. He didn’t say that. No one would be that stupid.”

∞ Read this on The Loop

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FDA greenlights 23andMe's direct-to-consumer...

Cancer screening isn't all that accessible -- you typically need an obvious genetic background that suggests you're at risk, which doesn't help if you slip between those cracks. You shouldn't have to run that gauntlet for much longer. The US Food and...

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Apple will stop accepting iTunes LP submissions this...

Back in 2009, iTunes 9 offered a way for artists and labels to pack in extra album material like art, videos and bonus tracks. Earlier on Tuesday morning, Metro found a leaked Apple document that spelled doom for the bundled extras. The Verge later c...

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Jamf's 'innovation pod' aims to offer...

Enterprise and educational device management firm Jamf is helping a group of 150 Haitian students to engage with the digital world, by shipping an 'innovation pod' providing iPads and other technology, as well as a digital curriculum, to a school in one of Haiti's impoverished areas.

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LG’s AI-enabled OLED TVs go on sale this month

LG has announced pricing for its 2018 TV lineup. It includes nine new AI-enabled OLED TV models and seven AI-enabled Super UHD TV models, each coming with LG's ThinQ AI technology. The OLED line includes LG's Signature W8 series, which will be availa...

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