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Tuesday November 22

Apple patents foldable iPhone with flexible display...

An Apple patent published Tuesday reveals the company has for years been actively investigating a hinged iPhone format, with designs calling for a flexible metal-backed OLED display capable of being folded in half.

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Monday November 21

New numbers filed with the U.S. government show that...

Apple today has quietly released its latest diversity numbers, reflecting of the company as of July of this year. The numbers show that Apple is continuing its push towards diversity in the workplace, but that executive and upper management positions are still largely filled by white males…


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There’s another malicious link floating around that...

Every so often, a weird bug related to iOS will emerge that causes some sort of temporary misbehaving for users affected by it. For instance, nearly two years ago the infamous “effective power” bug took the internet by storm, and we’ve seen various other similar issues since then.

Now, it has been discovered that playing a certain .mp4 video in Safari on any iOS device will cause the device to slow to a crawl and eventually freeze altogether…


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Apple to hold one-day Black Friday sales event after...

Apple late Monday night posted a webpage teasing an upcoming one-day shopping event set for Black Friday, suggesting the company is reinstating its seasonal sale.

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Apple teases upcoming Black Friday ‘one-day shopping...

Apple today unveiled a new webpage teasing the upcoming Black Friday shopping holiday. On the webpage, Apple touts that it will be holding a “one-day event” this Friday, much like other retailers do.

Apple, however, has largely stayed out of Black Friday in recent years, instead opting to offload the responsibility of slashing prices to retail partners. If this webpage is any indication though, it seems like Apple might be preparing to reenter the Black Friday game this year…


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Apple's top management largely white and male,...

Apple on Monday quietly released employment diversity statistics current as of July 2016, revealing high level executive and management positions are overwhelmingly filled by white males.

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Quick take video review: LG's UltraFine 4K...

Apple alongside the release of its new MacBook Pro lineup partnered with display maker LG to develop a pair of complementary UltraFine Displays with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and high-resolution IPS panels. Today, AppleInsider takes a look at the 21.5-inch 4K version.

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Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro...

Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller is on a personal quest to stop the spread of misinformation about the company's new MacBook Pro flagship, as the executive penned another email outlining the why and how of Apple's decision to limit RAM allotments to 16GB.

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Phil Schiller again breaks down why new MacBook Pro...

The new MacBook Pros have been met with a wide array of responses thus far, with some praising the new machines and others viewing them as a step back for a variety of reasons. One common question since the announcement of the new models, however, has centered around why the machines max out at 16GB of RAM.

While Phil Schiller originally penned this limitation on battery life concerns, a new email from the Apple executive offers a bit more insight as to the reasoning…


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Macworld’s December Digital Edition: First Look at...

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld Digital Edition.

In the December issue

We take a first look at the new MacBook Pro and a closer look at the iPhone 7 Plus. And, see our amazing results of pushing the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode to the limit.

Also in this month’s issue:

Feature: The dual-lens camera makes iPhone 7 Plus a winner

Mac User: Ta-dah! Touch Bar is the highlight of Apple’s newest MacBook Pro

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The Apple Daily Report for Nov. 21, 2016

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a road trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

Apple has posted a new Apple Music ad that continues its "distractingly good" campaign. The ad stars Drake, an artist who has developed a good relationship with Apple and its music service.  Apple has also shared a new TV ad called "Frankie's Holiday" in time for the holiday season, accompanied with the tagline "open your heart to everyone." 

Some buyers of Apple's new MacBook Pros are finding that the three-finger drag gesture is working inconsistently on their trackpads, if at all, according to complaints on Apple's support forums and elsewhere. Where the problem is intermittent, it may manifest only on...

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WKRP’s “Turkeys Away”: an oral history

This post is from a few years ago but, in honor of the upcoming US Thanksgiving Day festivities, I thought some of you might want to read this oral history of one of the funniest TV episodes of all time.

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Best Black Friday Apple Deals: iPad Pro 9.7″ from $...

As Black Friday approaches, the 9to5Toys team has been working diligently to find the best deals leading up to the biggest deal day of the year. While the Toys team covers all of the big deals and new gear from the retailers you trust, we’re paying particular attention to Apple Deals here.

First, you’ll want to be sure that you’re following 9to5Toys on Twitter, RSS and Facebook for all of the latest deals as they pop up. This is important because retailers have gotten tricky with their Black Friday deals and the best deals often only last minutes at a time. Second, you don’t want to leave your computer on Black Friday. The best deals are online. Waiting in lines and wrestling HDTVs from Black...

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 21...

Notable software releases this week include Alfred 3.2, Microsoft Office 2016 15.28 and Office 2011 14.7, Hazel 4.0.8, Slack for Mac 2.3.2, Postbox 5.0.7, ChronoSync 4.7.1, 1Password 6.5.1, and Pixelmator 3.6.


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Turn your face into a cookie

This is very cool. I need one of these.

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Samsung says US Galaxy S7 phones safe despite...

Although the short-lived Galaxy Note 7 was plagued by battery fires, the Galaxy S7 line should be safe -- despite some rare incidents caused by damage, Samsung said in an unusual press release.

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10 sneaky holiday phishing scams to watch out for

Scams to keep an eye out for

Image by Thinkstock

It always happens this time of year, an influx of holiday related scams circulating the interwebs. Scams don't wait for the holidays, but scammers do take advantage of the increased shopping and distraction when things get busy to take your money and personal information. Jon French, security analyst at AppRiver, warns you of six holiday threats to watch out for.

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No TidBITS Issue on 28 November 2016

We’re taking the next email issue of TidBITS off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, although we’ll continue to post articles and ExtraBITS links on our Web site. The next email issue will be published on 5 December 2016.


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Developer brings classic FPS Doom to Touch Bar on...

In an unusual proof of its versatility, one developer has managed to get id Software's original Doom running on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

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Parallels Black Friday Mac Bundle: 1Password,...

From 9to5Toys:

Parallels just launched its Black Friday bundle and in it offers 7 Mac apps free when you upgrade or buy Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac starting at $49/$79. The apps regularly have a combined value of $509. 

In addition to Parallels Desktop 12, the go-to virtual machine software for running Windows, Android and other operating systems on your Mac, you’ll get a few must-have Mac apps for free including the popular 1Password password manager.

You’ll also get a one year subscription for an Acronis Online backup account with 500GB for storage in the cloud and much more.

Here’s what’s included:


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Doom running on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar is...

It’s an old philosophical question: “If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s an LED screen embedded in it for some reason, can it run Doom?” Okay, that metaphor got away from me, but the fact remains that there’s a time-honored tradition to “Running Doom On Technology That Shouldn’t Run Doom.”

In years past we’ve seen the 1993 classic running on a hacked ATM, on a Canon printer, on an oscilloscope, on a giant LED truck, and of course running inside another instance of Doom.


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What Apple’s MacBook Lineup Should Look Like

Dismayed by Apple’s direction with the new MacBook Pro models? You’re far from alone. Either way, Adam Engst feels that Apple needs to rethink its laptop lineup to provide models that optimize for each of price, size, and performance.


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Understanding Apple’s Marginalization of the Mac

Adam Engst argues that Apple’s recent Mac-related announcements are understandable because, despite its size and capabilities, the company can focus on only one platform at a time. And it’s not the Mac.


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Chase Pay QR code-based payment service launches...

Chase Pay is the latest mobile payment service to join the digital wallet competition. The new payment option relies on a QR code-based mobile app on your smartphone to complete payments in stores. A version on the web is also available for online shopping.


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Giveaway: Enter to win a motusBaseball Complete...

Motus this week is partnering with AppleInsider to give readers the chance to win a motusBaseball Complete Package valued at $149.95. Four lucky winners will be drawn on Nov. 28.

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A USB dongle can hijack all your Web accounts and...

A proof of concept from security researcher and software developer Samy Kamkar shows that macOS, Windows, and Linux computers can have any previously active Web logins hijacked merely by plugging in a tiny Unix device via USB or Thunderbolt, even if the computer is locked and password protected, and possibly even when it seems to be asleep. It can also hijack many router brands on the same network.

PoisonTap exploits several interlocked network and browser design features, rather than relying on an operating system, hardware, or browser flaw. This will make it harder to root out and resolve. Kamkar said in an interview, “The interesting attacks to me are by design: how do you exploit the protocol rather than a single buffer overflow that gets patched the next day.”

To read...

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HiRise Duet charges both an iPhone and an Apple...

Twelve South has released the $119.99 HiRise Duet, a charging stand that powers your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Made from metal and accented with Napa leather, this streamlined stand includes an integrated Lightning Connector and Watch Charging Disk. 

Twelve South has made sure that your daytime Apple Watch can still be used as your night-time clock; HiRise Duet powers up Apple Watch in Nightstand mode. When you wrap your Apple smartwatch around the support post on its side, it automatically turns it into a bedside alarm clock, with the crown serving as a snooze button. To protect your Watch’s finish when it’s on its side, the base of HiRise Duet is thoughtfully lined with a soft layer of leather. 

The charging stand has a 3.75-inch square footprint. Weighing a pound, or the same as three iPhone 7’s, this stand is designed to stayin play.


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Study: Apple Pay branding on vending machines...

The results of a new six month study by a company offering Apple Pay on vending machines shows that “Apple Pay” branding on the machines helped increase mobile transactions and overall sales.


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With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best...

Some fear has erupted at the news that Apple may be shutting down development of its own AirPort wireless routers. However, picking a router isn't as complicated as it used to be, and AppleInsider has some suggestions that work well with other Apple hardware.

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Give the Gift of Good Sleep [Sponsor]

This Holiday season, give the gift of good sleep with Hullo buckwheat pillow. Hullo is a unique and thoughtful gift that even the most discerning sleeper can appreciate.

Hullo buckwheat pillow:

  • allows air to move freely through the pillow’s buckwheat hull fill, preventing uncomfortable heat build up.
  • is manufactured in the USA with organic and all-natural materials.
  • is biodegradable.
  • has a high level of customer satisfaction.

Avoid the Black Friday crowds and save money—every Hullo order ships fast and free. Order today at


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Instagram introduces live video in Stories, self-...

Instagram on Monday launched two potentially radical changes to its photo- and video-sharing service, including support for live videos within Stories.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi from $275,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Best Buy is offering $125 off iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi...

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Instagram is shaking things up with live video and...

Instagram Stories started a bit inauspiciously as a very obvious Snapchat Stories clone. But three months in and it’s clearly a success: 100 million people use Stories every day to check their friends’ disappearing photos or add their own. Now the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network is adding a live video feature to Stories, so you can broadcast your life for up to an hour at a time.

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Apple reportedly limits Verizon iPhone 7 modem speed...

Enlarge / The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple has been limiting the modem speeds of the iPhone 7 built for Verizon Wireless's network in order to match the slower speeds of the AT&T iPhone, according to reports Friday by Bloomberg and Recode.

The Verizon iPhone 7 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 modem that is capable of LTE download speeds of up to 600Mbps, while the AT&T model uses an...

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Deals: $40 off unlocked iPhone 7s; 13-inch MacBook...

Heading into Black Friday, grab a 13-inch MacBook Pro for $1,199, 15-inch MacBook Pro for $1,799, 21.5-inch iMac for $899, 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display for $1,649 -- all with no tax outside NY. Or grab an unlocked iPhone 7s for $40 off on eBay with no tax for all.

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One of the Best New VR Things: Buying a Car

I had a fascinating experience last week. I got to see and experience the new Jaguar I-Pace, the company's electric answer to the as-yet-unannounced Tesla Y SUV, long before I'll actually get to see the prototype. I didn't just get to see the car -- I got to understand intimately why the car was created and what went into its design. I got to experience aspects of the vehicle viscerally, without actually getting into it. My experience was possible due to an alliance between Dell, HTC and Jaguar.

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Apple's Austin campus now up to 6,000 workers...

In a weekend profile of Apple's campus in Austin, Tex., the company claimed that it has created over 2 million jobs in the U.S. since the iPhone first went on sale in 2007.

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Clickbait, fake news and the power of feeling

Fake news has dominated post-election headlines, and important questions have been asked: Would Hillary have won had almost a million people not read that Pope Francis had endorsed Trump? (Probably not). Did Facebook take enough action to prevent fak...

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Craig Federighi: Apple intends to continue support...

Craig Federighi’s response to an email from a 9to5mac reader concerned about the elimination of Sal Soghoian’s position at Apple:

We have every intent to continue our support for the great automation technologies in macOS!

Thanks for being an Apple customer!

— craig

That should alleviate some concerns in the AppleScript and Automator communities.

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Frankenstein's monster serenades with iPhone 7...

Apple once again takes aim at viewers' heart strings with its annual holiday TV spot, though the 2016 rendition features a lighthearted twist, as Frankenstein's monster shows his sentimental side.

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Apple To Swap Faulty iPhone 6S Batteries

Apple is offering to replace the batteries of a "small number" of iPhone 6S phones with a fault that makes them unexpectedly shut down. The phones with this fault were manufactured between September and October 2015, it said in a statement. From a report on BBC:Affected devices will suddenly stop working even though the handset's battery has plenty of charge. Anyone with an eligible phone who takes up the offer will get a free replacement battery for their handset. In its announcement, Apple urged customers who believe they have a faulty phone to contact an Apple store, an authorised repair shop or the firm's support line to start the process of getting a new battery. A "limited serial number range" was affected, it said.


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Instagram launches live video for Stories,...

After a tease earlier this month, Instagram today announced its new live video functionality available within the app’s Stories feature. The app also gets disappearing photos and videos within direct messages including group chats.


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News: Apple offering battery replacements for some...

Apple is offering free battery replacements for some iPhone 6s users whose phones are unexpectedly shutting down. The program is limited to certain devices manufactured from September to October 2015, and phones are subject to an inspection prior to the repair to make sure the serial number is within the correct range. Customers can contact Apple technical support, an Apple retail store or an authorized Apple service provider to find out of their…

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Report: Apple has broken up its AirPort team, won’t...

Enlarge / The AirPort Express was last updated in 2013. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Last month, Apple told reporters that it was formally exiting the standalone display business and ceding it to partners like LG. According to a new report from Bloomberg, it may soon be doing the same thing with its AirPort router business. Apple is still selling the routers for now, but it has apparently broken up its router development team and reassigned the engineers to other projects like the Apple TV

Though this could spell an official end for Apple's routers, unofficially there hasn...

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How to enable unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices on...

TB3 enabler is a brand new hack from Khaos Tian that enables unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices on the latest MacBook Pro.

As explained by Tian, Apple impedes support for some categories of Thunderbolt 3 devices by implementing a software block. TB3 enabler allows users to bypass that software block, enabling access to previously unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices. more…

Filed under: Apple ...

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RIP AirPort? Apple may abandon wireless routers and...

Apple is reportedly done with routers.

While the company hasn’t said anything publicly, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (who has an excellent track record with Apple rumors) reports that Apple’s wireless router division has been disbanded. The engineers who were working on products like the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule have been moved to work on other projects over the past year, according to Gurman.


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MacBook Pro Diary: First impressions in the metal...

While some in the U.S. have been fortunate enough to take delivery of their shiny new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models, those of us in the UK are getting a rather more gradual unveiling. Most Apple Stores don’t even have display models yet, and even in the Regent Street store they only had one of each model, tucked away inside a perspex tube running demo loops.

My MacBook Pro Diary series is, then, getting a rather more drawn-out ‘first impressions’ treatment than usual. But there is an upside to that: there’s actually quite a lot to discuss with this new machine, and so far the focus has been very much on the...

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A colorful journey through Morocco with an iPhone 7...

Some terrific, vibrant pictures.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple shares new ‘Frankie’s Holiday’ ad featuring...

Apple has a special message for the world going into the holiday season: “Open your heart to everyone.” That’s the tagline at the end of its new holiday commercial called “Frankie’s Holiday” which sees an iPhone-toting Frankenstein feeling a bit left out.


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AppleScript, the perfect adjunct to iTunes: An open...

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld:

I was chagrined to learn that Sal Soghoian, who was Apple’s Product Manager of Automation Technologies, was let go for “business reasons.” Mr. Soghoian had been with Apple for nearly 20 years, and was the keeper of the flame for technologies such as AppleScript, Automator, and more.


It’s not clear whether the termination of Mr. Soghoian means the demise of AppleScript altogether, and particularly in iTunes, but many developers, iTunes users, and others are concerned by this decision.

You see, it’s all about freedom. Freedom to do things we want that Apple doesn’t think we need to be able to do. Freedom to explore. Freedom to discover new ways to link applications, to interact with files, to create our own solutions. We can’t expect apps to cater to all our whims, and tools like AppleScript and Automator allow us to go a step further and discover ways to do things that Apple never even considered.

Nice job by Kirk,...

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Apple's 2018 iPhone could use TSMC-made 7nm...

Apple chip supplier TSMC could make use of its new 7-nanometer manufacturing technique for the processors in 2018 iPhones, a new Chinese-language report suggests.

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Using 4K displays, 5K displays, and Ultra HD TVs...

Apple’s official support page with details on what Macs are compatible with 4K displays, 5K displays, and Ultra HD TVs, the cables required, and a variety of warnings that are well worth reading.

Bookmark and pass this along.

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A history of hard drives

Peter Cohen takes a look back at the origins of the hard drive. Pretty incredible how far we’ve come. Oh, and never, never, never read the bio at the bottom of the page.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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∞ Apple Music ad: Drake vs. Bench Press

Jump to the main post for embed of the new Drake ad and link to the ad that it’s a callback to.

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Apple abandons development of AirPort Express,...

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg:

Apple hasn’t refreshed its routers since 2013 following years of frequent updates to match new standards from the wireless industry. The decision to disband the team indicates the company isn’t currently pushing forward with new versions of its routers. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the company’s plans.


Exiting the router business could make Apple’s product ecosystem less sticky. Some features of the AirPort routers, including wireless music playback, require an Apple device like an iPhone or Mac computer. If the company no longer sells wireless routers, some may have a reason to use other phones and PCs.

Not sure I agree with that last point. Somehow I don’t see someone switching out of the Apple ecosystem because of their router.

Combine this program cancellation with the news about...

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Boot Camp, Windows driver issue may be damaging new...

Some reports are circulating that Boot Camp users with heavy audio use in Windows 10 are experiencing random, loud pops, and seeing distorted audio after a period of use that can persist when the computer is rebooted into macOS.

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Pokémon Go hosting latest in-game event during...

Pokémon Go was a phenomenal hit over the summer when the app first launched on smartphones, but players have needed new reasons to keep playing the AR-based game after the initial hype calmed down. Hosting in-game events that reward players has been one strategy used to recreate the excitement, and this week Pokémon Go will see it’s second-ever holiday-themed event.


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∞ Apple repair programs for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6...

Jump to the main Loop post for descriptions and links to official Apple support pages for these two new programs.

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News: Apple ends development of wireless routers

Apple has shuttered its wireless router division, transferring the engineers to teams developing the Apple TV and other products, Bloomberg reports. Apple has been slowly shutting down the router team over the last year, sources familiar with the matter said. Apple hadn’t released a new AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule since 2013, but a company spokeswoman declined to comment on the company’s future plans for the…

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Apple Pay messaging at POS drives 135% increase in...

USA Technologies, Inc., a payment technology provider of cashless and mobile transactions in self-serve retail, has announced the results of a six-month study testing targeted point-of-sale advertising of Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment service.

Based on the results showing a steady upward trajectory in mobile payment usage, USAT concluded that smartphone users shown digital advertising at point-of-sale through the ePort Interactive platform are more apt to pull out their iPhone to make a purchase, and even spend more. Findings by USAT after 24 weeks show targeted, digital advertising on USAT’s ePort Interactive platform that highlight Apple Pay availability at point-of-sale resulted in a:

  • 36.5% increase in overall sales...
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Worldwide market for used smartphones forecast to...

Apple seems to have begun selling refurbished iPhones from its U.S. online store just in time. The refurbished phones are available at the company’s Certified Refurbished site along with Macs, iPads, and iPods. 

A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the market for used smartphones will grow from 81.3 million devices in 2015 to 222.6 million units in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.3%.

"The demand for refurbished smartphones is already becoming constrained in countries such as the United States. Mobile operators are the most constrained given the need for replacement devices for customers who have purchased device insurance plans. In addition, used handsets provide an additional option for customers with subprime...

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Apple Announces iPhone 6s Repair Program for...

Apple has launched a repair program to address spontaneous shutdown issues that affect a small number of iPhone 6s phones.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Developer gets classic shoot ’em up game Doom...

With most juries still out on whether the MacBook Pro Touch Bar will turn out to be a genuinely useful feature or just a gimmick, one iOS developer may not be helping to answer the question … Facebook engineer Adam Bell has managed to run the classic shoot ’em up game Doom entirely on the Touch Bar.


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Apple offers new battery for iPhone 6s phones that...

Apple has said that a few iPhone 6s smartphones are unexpectedly shutting down, confirming a problem reported last week by a Chinese consumer protection group.

The company said the problem is restricted to a small number of phones within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October last year.

Apple said it was not a safety issue, and appeared to suggest that the problem would be resolved by a replacement battery which the company offered free. It did not say how many iPhone 6s phones were affected and in which markets.

The China Consumers Association asked Apple to investigate problems with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s phones that were automatically shutting off. The unexpected shutdowns were said to happen when the phone’s battery charge dropped to between 60 and 50 percent.


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Apple issues Watch owners an Activity Challenge for...

Apple is issuing Apple Watch owners an Activity Challenge for Thanksgiving, Nov. 24. The challenge: run or walk 5K (3.1 miles) on Turkey Day using Apple’s Workout app or any third-party app that integrates workouts with HealthKit.

Do this, and you’ll receive a special Achievement medal in your iPhone Activity app, as well as a special iMessage sticker to send to your friends. The sticker support the sticker functionality introduced with iOS 10.

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News: Daily Deal: Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card...

Today in iLounge Deals, you can get the Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card Adapter for 13” Macbook Air for only $32.99 — that’s 17% off the regular price. Allowing you to add up to 256GB of storage to your MacBook without resorting to a bulky external hard drive, the Nifty MiniDrive is a microSD card adapter that seamlessly plugs into your MacBook, sitting flush with the side so you can leave it in all the time. Integration with Time Machine…

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Apple Abandons Development of Wireless Routers, To...

Apple has disbanded its division that develops wireless routers in a move that further sharpens the company's focus on consumer products that generate the bulk of its revenue, Bloomberg reports. From the article:Apple began shutting down the wireless router team over the past year, dispersing engineers to other product development groups, including the one handling the Apple TV. Apple hasn't refreshed its routers since 2013 following years of frequent updates to match new standards from the wireless industry. The decision to disband the team indicates the company isn't currently pushing forward with new versions of its routers. Routers are access points that connect laptops, iPhones and other devices to the web without a cable. Apple currently sells three wireless routers, the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time capsule. The Time capsule doubles as a backup storage hard drive for Mac computers.


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Apple announces iPhone 6s program for unexpected...

Apple has announced a new repair program for iPhone 6s users whose devices may be unexpectedly shut down. The company says this isn’t a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.

If you have experienced this issue, visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device's serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge. Your iPhone will be examined prior to any service to verify that it is eligible for this program and in working order.

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Apple reportedly discontinuing its AirPort Express,...

First, it was the Thunderbolt Display, now Apple is apparently abandoning the AirPort Express, the AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. The Cupertino, California-based company has disbanded its division that develops wireless routers, in a move to try to sharpen the company's focus on consumer products that generate the bulk of its revenue, Bloomberg reports.

The article says Apple started shutting down the wireless router team over the past year, dispersing engineers to other product development groups, including the one handling the Apple TV. The products, which cost $99, $199, and $299, respectively, make up a small slice of Apple’s revenue and are part of Apple’s “other products” category on its financial statements.

In some ways, we shouldn’t be surprised. Apple hasn’t refreshed its routers since 2013 and lags behind in matching...

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Apple reportedly stops developing AirPort WiFi...

Apple is seemingly getting out of the router accessory business, ‘disbanding’ the division inside the company according to Bloomberg. This means Apple will no longer develop its $99 AirPort Express, $199 AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule products. The report says Apple is reallocating employees to focus on its core consumer products that generate the vast majority of its revenue.

The newest AirPort devices are more than three years old, so the future of the products has been in doubt for a while. Sales revenue of AirPort products must pale in comparison to Apple’s other lines, which are counted in the tens of billions of dollars.


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Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently...

Apple has apparently disbanded its internal wireless router development team, assigning engineers to other, more lucrative projects within the company, and bringing to an end the development of Apple-branded routers, a new report has revealed.

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Apple possibly throttling data transfer speeds on...

The bad news is that Apple may be throttling the LTE performance on the Verizon iPhone 7 to keep it on par with the AT&T model. According to research conducted by Twin Prime and Cellular Insights, the Verizon iPhone 7 performs about as well as the AT&T iPhone 7, but it does not reach the data transfer speeds that it is capable of hitting.

The Verizon (and Sprint) iPhone 7 models use different LTE hardware than the AT&T (and T-Mobile) iPhone 7 models, adopting a Qualcomm LTE modem instead of an Intel LTE modem.

The Qualcomm modem is capable of reaching a maximum theoretical download speeds of 600Mb/s, while the Intel LTE modem tops out at 450Mb/s, but the Qualcomm-equipped Verizon iPhone 7 is only marginally outperforming the AT&T iPhone 7....

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Apple issues 5K Thanksgiving day activity challenge...

Apple has issued a special challenge to Apple Watch wearers, offering a Thanksgiving-themed Activity achievement to those who walk, run or wheelchair a workout distance of at least 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

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Apple offers $149 repair price for owners of “Touch...

Well, this will drive you relatively crazy.

Apple has responded to the “touch disease” issue present in some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units and has offered a reduced repair price of $149 to resolve the issue.

The problem, described in August as “touch disease” by repair guide website iFixit, is characterized by a gray, flickering bar at the top of the display and an unresponsive touchscreen. The issue affects both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

In its comments, Apple appears to consider the issue somewhat user-created as opposed to citing it as a defect in the product. It said Thursday that the company has determined that the smartphones may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues “after being dropped multiple times on a...

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Supercar maker McLaren says Apple did meet with them...

Following a report in September that Apple was considering an acquisition of supercar manufacturer McLaren, the company has told Reuters that discussions and meetings did take place, but did not get as far as a formal bid.


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Audioengine 2+ Premium desktop speakers pack a lot...

They're not the best-looking speakers in the world, but the Audioengine 2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers produce impressive sound. I have 'em hooked up to my 27-inch iMac.

They sport a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which provides better audio quality than the DAC built into your computer. The speaker system allows you to bypass your computer's headphone output and send music directly through USB for improved sound. You can boost the sound even more by connecting a subwoofer. You can even go wireless with Audioengine's W3 adapter (about $90). 

Setup is easy. You plug the left speaker into a power outlet and connect the included speaker wire from left to right. Audioengine has included multiple inputs for connecting to your Mac or iDevice. All the cables you'll need come in the package. There’s no software to install, and A2+ works with any computer or music player....

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Use Facebook on your Mac a lot? You need the Current...

I don't entirely trust Facebook, but it does offer social media opportunities for businesses such as mine and is a great way to keep up with folks. If you're a constant FB user, you should check out Current, which turns Facebook into a native app on your Mac desktop.

An US$1.99 download at the Mac App Store, Current — compatible with macOS 10.10 and higher — eliminates the need (or desire) to check out your Facebook page in an open browser tab. It offers support for Facebook Messenger, photos, videos, customizable notifications, and more. You can access your buddy list, inbox, and notifications right from the menu bar. Thankfully, you can customize your notifications to your liking.

One of my favorite features: each conversation opens in its own window, which means you can situate it wherever you like on your desktop. When a friend (a term that no longer means quit...

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Larger-screened iPhones will see AAPL’s gross margin...

Analysts are predicting that there is no end in sight to the decline in gross margin on the iPhone. Bernstein Research analysts (via Business Insider) are predicting that it will fall below 40% for the first time next year, and fall again to 39% in 2018. Other analysts agree.

A chart put together by the firm shows iPhone margins falling from 57.7% in 2009 to 40.8% this year, arguing that the costs of making next year’s iPhone and difficulty in charging more for it in a much more competitive environment will see it fall further over the next couple of years.

Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, says that, ironically, the popularity of the iPhone 7 may have contributed to pressure on margins …


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PSA: You can save $100 on the 13-inch non-Touch Bar...

The new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro models may be in short supply, but demand for Apple’s new entry-level model without Touch Bar seems slower. Amazon is already discounting the machine, a $100 discount to bring the price down to $1399.


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Daily Deal: The Pay What You Want Learn To Code...

The season of deals is upon us, and we're starting the week of Black Friday with one of our patented "Pay What You Want" bundles. This time, it's the Learn to Code bundle, and you determine the price you want to pay.  

How does this work? Regardless of what you choose to pay, you'll get something valuable. If you decide to pay more than the average price, you unlock additional goodies and get the entire package. Pay more than any of your peers and you get onto the leaderboard, giving you an entry in our giveaway. 

The bundle consists of 10 online classes worth $1,573, providing knowledge of: 

  • Google's Go programming language
  • Python: Beginner to Advanced
  • Scala
  • Projects in Programming: Ruby, Python...
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Apple Watch has a special Thanksgiving Activity...

Apple Watch owners can get a special Activity Challenge for Thanksgiving, this November 24th. Apple Watch owners are waking up to notifications on their wrist announcing a special achievement in the Activity app, the first time Apple has done this. To receive the reward, users must run or walk 5K (3.1 miles) on November 24 using Apple’s Workout app or any third-party app that integrates workouts with HealthKit.

If users do this, they will receive a unique Achievement medal in their iPhone Activity app (pictured above) and a special iMessage sticker to send to their friends.


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Sunday November 20

Apple to replace batteries of iPhone 6s units...

It seems Apple has run into its own smartphone battery debacle. Days after the company launched an iPhone 6 Plus repair program for units impacted by so-called "touch disease" faults, a new initiative activated on Sunday seeks to replace a batch of iPhone 6s batteries causing unexpected device shutdowns.

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The Week in iPhone and iPad Cases: Customizable...

New iOS cases of the week

This week’s roundup of new iPhone and iPad cases brings us new picks just as we’re gearing up for the holiday shopping season. Read on!


The Air Protect SheerForce (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $25 to $30 MSRP, $21.75 on Amazon) is a sheer, lightweight hard-shell case that’s a good option if you want a clear case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk.

To read this...

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Alfred 3.2

Brings improved workflow building, Script Filter enhancements, and integration with 1Password (£17 new, free update, 2.7 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Drake lip syncs to Taylor Swift, pumps iron in new...

Apple on Sunday released a new Apple Music ad spot featuring Drake getting pumped -- literally and metaphorically -- to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," a meta callback to Swift's own commercial for the streaming music service.

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Apple launches new repair program for iPhone 6s...

Just days after launching a repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus “Touch Disease” flaw, Apple today launched yet another repair program, this time for iPhone 6s users. The program is focused on users that are affected by a battery flaw that causes their iPhone 6s to unexpectedly shut down.


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Apple debuts new Apple Music ad starring Drake as it...

During the AMAs this evening, Apple debuted a new ad for Apple Music starring its long-time advocate, Drake. The ad is essentially a mirror of an ad that starred Taylor Swift and was released earlier this year. Apple has shared its new Drake ad on YouTube with the title “Drake vs. Bench Press.”


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“Designed by Apple in California” book with actual...
Microsoft Office 2016 15.28 and Office 2011 14.7

Improves accessibility features and error reporting. ($149.99 new, free update)


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How Apple empowers, and employs, the American...

Apple has a greater effect on the American economy than many people realize.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Hazel 4.0.8

Maintenance update fixes a couple of bugs for the file cleanup utility. ($32 new, free update, 7.8 MB)


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A new supersonic jet, and more in the week that was

Tesla currently makes the world's best electric vehicles, but Jaguar's first EV could give the automaker a run for its money. Meet the I-Pace: a svelte, stylish electric SUV that's faster than most sports cars and can drive 220 miles on a single char...

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Review: Koogeek Smart Plug is a simple, inexpensive...

The Koogeek plug is a simple way to add smart HomeKit functionality to ‘any’ device you own with a plug (buy it for $34.99). The idea of a HomeKit plug outlet is by no means new — there are plenty available on the market — but the Koogeek stood out for its simplicity, form factor and WiFi connectivity (see below for full review of how to set it up and how well it works).

It also works flawlessly with the iOS 10 Home app which means the switch can be controlled via Siri or via the Control Center pane. There are some caveats to be aware of, but it’s a simple, straightforward and inexpensive HomeKit smart plug option …


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Services - they could be Apple's downfall

Image via

Full disclosure from the beginning; I am an Apple fanboy, with my roots beginning in the days of the Apple //e. As a boy, I painted my white bedroom with the Apple color stripes and stayed with Apple during its rocky years. I have also invested heavily into Apple services. I currently use the iCloud Photo library service (and pay extra for 1TB of space each month), iTunes Match and have been using my address forever.

Apple's hardware is sexy, its software is usually rock solid and its services… well, that is something we should talk about. There has been lots of news lately about Apple making more money on services than at any time in history. That should be a good thing, but Apple’s history in this area hasn’t been stellar.

I am going to share two stories (I have more) to demonstrate what I mean, but this will be a start.

Apple Pay

When Apple released Apple Pay, I jumped in with both feet. If you looked at my credit...

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GoPro compensates Karma buyers with free Hero5...

We won't blame you if you're upset that GoPro had to recall your Karma drone over sudden power losses, but at least you're getting compensation for your trouble. GoPro is offering American Karma buyers a free Hero5 Black camera once they return both...

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Saturday November 19

Amazon Echo now talks you through 60,000 recipes

Believe it or not, there hasn't really been a comprehensive recipe skill for Amazon Echo speakers. Campbell's skill is focused on the soup brand, IFTTT integration is imperfect and Jamie Oliver's skill won't read cooking instructions aloud. Allrecipe...

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NASA seeks public input on how to cut SLS and Orion...

NASA has admitted in its latest Request for Information (RFI) that it's spending a bit too much money on the Space Launch System's and the Orion capsule's development. The agency is asking for public input on how to minimize the "production, operatio...

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Amazon will let Italians buy Fiat cars with a click

Amazon has made it easier to research cars online, but actually purchasing a car? That's another story. Even a recent deal with Seat in France limited customers to making a downpayment on the web -- they still had to agree to a phone interview to cli...

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Apple's Ive and Newson unveil unadorned fir...

Apple CDO Jony Ive and part time company collaborator Marc Newson on Saturday unveiled their awaited interpretation of Claridge's Christmas tree in London. The installation, which is quite literally a small grove of completely bare fir trees, once again proves the pair of industrial designers masters of the austere.

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US government releases official guidelines for smart...

Back in June, the US Department of Justice proposed a list of specifications for manufactures of smart guns: a preliminary outline of the baseline features law enforcement agencies wanted to see in the future of pistol safety technology. This include...

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Finnair and IBM have announced a first-of-its-kind agreement to utilize iOS enterprise apps from IBM to support the airline’s overall digital transformation. Finnair is focused on Asia-Europe traffic... Read more
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