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Wednesday July 12

Apple rival Huawei debuts KFC-branded Android phone...

Apple's main competition in China -- Huawei -- has taken the unusual step of releasing a Kentucky Fried Chicken edition of the Enjoy 7 Plus to mark the 30th anniversary of the restaurant chain arriving in the country.

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The internet needs us to save net neutrality

Today, thousands of websites and organizations are showing their support for net neutrality in hopes of preserving the open internet. Consider Engadget among them. The Federal Communication Commission, as chaired by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, is...

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Fantastical 2.4 for Mac

Speaking of companies I respect, check out the new Fantastical for Mac. It’s just packed with great new features.

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AWT News Update: July 12, 2017

Talking eyes for the blind, iPhone 8 hysteria, a new Google app for Mac, and texting art; that's what you'll find on the Apple World Today podcast today:

  • Microsoft puts the Seeing AI app in the App Store, offering visually impaired iPhone users a way to have the world around them described accurately
  • Yet another pair of Wall Street analysts thinks the iPhone 8 will be late. Our question? Who cares?
  • Have a lot of photos or other files to back up? Google's Backup and Sync app for Mac has been updated
  • You're invited to look at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's collection through a new text message service

Many thanks to our sponsor this week, EverWeb!

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

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OmniGraffle 3 for iOS

Design, create, sketch, and diagram. An incredibly powerful app for both beginners and professionals.

There are very few companies I respect as much as The Omni Group.

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Any Alexa device can control your Fire TV

You'd think that Amazon would have made it possible to control a Fire TV from external Alexa devices as soon as it was an option, but no -- you've had to use the Fire TV itself if you wanted to play a video using your voice. At last, though, sense ha...

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Apple’s Mac has 6.9% (or maybe 7.2%) of the global...

Mac sales were down in the second quarter of 2017, but Apple’s share of the global personal computer (PC) market rose to 6.9% from 6.7% in the year-ago period, according to Gartner

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 61.1 million units in the second quarter of 2017, a 4.3% decline from the second quarter of 2016, according to preliminary results by the research group. The PC industry is in the midst of a 5 year slump, and this is the 11th straight quarter of declining shipments. Shipments in the second quarter of this year were the lowest quarter volume since 2007.

Apple sold approximately 4.2 million Macs during the second quarter of 2017, down slightly from 4.3 in the second quarter of 2016. The company ranks fourth among global PC makers, trailing HP (20.8% market share), Lenovo (19.9% market share) and Dell (15.6% market share). 

In the U.S. the Mac has 11.8% market share, down from 12.3% in the second...

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Analysts say supply chain evidence points towards 3-...

A day after a report claimed that Apple is operating in a “panic” trying to make key iPhone 8 features ready for launch time, analysts today are predicting a delay for the device itself. As noted by CNBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts released a report today claiming that the iPhone 8 will ship 3 to 4 weeks later than anticipated…


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Apple’s back to school promo

Get Beats wireless headphones when you buy an eligible Mac or iPad Pro for college. And save more with Apple education pricing.

Personally, I don’t like Beats headphones, but I guess it’s something free.

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Screen recording in iOS 11

iOS 11, however, will let you record the screen directly on your device, keeping your Mac out of the equation entirely. Here’s how it works in the developer and public betas.

This is a really handy addition in iOS 11. I’ve recorded my iOS screen with my Mac before, but now I’ll be able to do it right on the device.

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Tech firms protest net neutrality changes

Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc, Alphabet Inc and dozens of other major technology companies protested online on Wednesday against proposed changes to U.S. net neutrality rules that prohibit broadband providers from giving or selling access to certain internet services over others.

It’s hard to believe we’re still arguing about this.

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Amazon's next Echo will be more like Apple...

It's been over two years since Amazon debuted the Echo, which kickstarted the current wave of voice-controlled, virtual assistant-powered speakers. And while the company has added more devices to the Echo family, with the tiny Dot, portable Tap and s...

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Back in stock! Apple AirPods ready to ship with free...

After selling out numerous times, Verizon Wireless now has inventory of Apple AirPods with free 2-day shipping, beating Apple's 6-week wait.

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Apple Mac sales slip in Q2 despite new hardware...

Despite the debut of a slew of new Mac products in June, Apple's PC sales dipped in the second quarter of 2017, though greater losses from competitors helped buoy the tech giant's overall market share, according to estimates from market research firm Gartner.

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How to use PayPal as a payment option for iTunes and...

There’s a new way to pay for your iTunes digital purchases: PayPal.

Apple has added PayPal as a payment option to the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Apple Music memberships. You can link your PayPal account to your Apple ID and use it to pay for apps, music downloads, movie rentals, and other content and services, like upgrading to a paid iCloud Storage plan. Here's how to do it when it becomes available.

  1. Tap/click here to sign in to iTunes using your Apple ID or Touch ID.
  2. Go to Payment Information and tap on PayPal and then Account.
  3. Follow the steps to authenticate your PayPal. After it’s confirmed, all future purchases will be charged to your PayPal account.

Once your...

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Microsoft upgrades Paint 3D's drawing and magic...

Microsoft's Paint 3D was introduced as part of the Windows 10 Creators update last October. The company wants to make 3D modeling as easy and accessible as using a 2D drawing program. The free Windows 10 app gives you the power to create, share and p...

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New on Daring Fireball: Display Ads

After the Deck Network closed at the end of March, I spent a long while thinking about what I could do to replace it. I’m a slow thinker.

What I finally decided was the most obvious replacement possible: selling Deck-like ads on my own, directly to advertisers, much like I do with the weekly feed sponsorships. It started in June with spots from Field Notes and Rogue Amoeba. So far in July, I’ve added MailChimp and Jamf. These are all longtime supporters of Daring Fireball, and I thank them greatly for helping to get this new thing off the ground. (Rogue Amoeba deserves special thanks: they’ve been the first sponsor of every single ad opportunity I’ve experimented with at DF over the years, including the debut week of the feed sponsorship.)

So here’s the deal. I don’t know...

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Enough already with this ‘iPhone 8 panic’ nonsense!

You’ve probably noticed that Apple World Today hasn’t posted any articles on the “panic” over the upcoming iPhone 8. That’s because it’s a non-story. But let’s back up.

A source (unnamed, of course) told Fast Company that June was a tense month for the engineers and designers on Apple's iPhone team with "a sense of panic in the air," The article says that group is working around the clock to fix software problems related to wireless charging and 3D sensing.

And there’s also “panic” in the air because, while new iPhones are typically released in September, some industry watchers think the next model might appear as late as November.

Let’s apply some common sense here. Yes, Apple usually releases new smartphones in September, but it doesn’t...

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Google Drive is ready to back up all the files on...

Google Drive just became more useful as a means of protecting those files you can't afford to lose. A few weeks later than promised, Google has released its Backup & Sync app for Macs and Windows PCs. As before, this is a simpler option for saf...

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Belkin Sport-Fit Pro Armband for iPhone 7 Plus:...

The Belkin Sport-Fit Pro Armband for iPhone 7 Plus. 

A while back I did a review of an armband for an Apple Watch...and when I mean armband, I mean something that's meant to be strapped to your upper arm. I thought it was a little odd -- I mean, first there's the fact that Apple Watches have a wristband, and second, an Apple Watch is kind of worthless unless there's an iPhone nearby (at least until Apple adds a cellular modem to it). Belkin's Sport-Fit Pro Armband (US$39.95) is a better idea, in theory giving sports-minded Apple fans a way to carry the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus while engaging in all sorts of athletic activity. As you'll find in this review, this accessory has a serious issue that makes use of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in a normal manner almost impossible.


The design of the Sport-Fit Pro Armband is actually pretty simple; it's...

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New Microsoft artificial intelligence app for iPhone...

Microsoft on Wednesday released Seeing AI, an iPhone app that attempts to analyze its surroundings and describe them audibly for people with impaired vision.

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Outlook for iOS updated with redesigned navigation,...

Microsoft has today announced an update to its Outlook app for iOS that brings a variety of changes and improvements. The two new headline features are redesigned conversations and navigation, while an improved search will be coming soon.


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Moon Express details plans to mine the moon with...

Spaceflight company Moon Express has released its plans to mine the moon with robots and it aims to get started by 2020. The company was founded in 2010 with the aim of winning the Google Lunar Xprize -- a competition to get privately funded spacecra...

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Gear: Oittm AirPods Charging Dock

Although you can recharge your AirPods using just about anything with a Lightning connector, if you’d like to have a proper home for Apple’s wireless earbuds, you may be interested in Oittm’s new AirPods Charging Dock. Designed specifically to both house, charge, and protect your encased AirPods, it features a soft silicone interior so that you can slide the AirPods case in without worrying about scratches, and provides a design…

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Amazon may give developers your private Alexa...

With new rivals on the market, Amazon has to do something to help its Alexa devices compete. Until now, Amazon has not given third-party developers access to what you say to the voice assistant. Google Home, though, does. According to sources reporte...

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News: Apple announces 2017 Back to School Promo,...

Apple has announced its annual Back to School Promotion for 2017, once again providing free or discounted Beats headphones with select Mac or iPad purchases. This year’s promotion is similar to the deal Apple offered last year, although it notably excludes the iPhone from the list of eligible products. This year, qualifying educational customers purchasing just about any Mac model can choose to receive a free pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear…

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Disturbing, fake YouTube shows fool kids for more...

We want our kids to use the internet, sure, but we want them to do it safely. No one wants young children to deal with inappropriate content, like fake Peppa Pig or Doc McStuffins videos. Unfortunately, it's increasingly difficult to police all of th...

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Gadget Ogling: Show and Tell, Fidget Folly, and...

The Echo Show is the first in Amazon's line of smart speakers to incorporate a screen, and it seems very much more "speaker with a display" than "tablet with better audio and microphones." It has all the functionality of Echo, including access to Alexa, Amazon's voice-operated assistant. The screen can, for example, provide a more detailed weather outlook than what Alexa spouts out, and it can keep you more on track when you're working through a recipe by displaying each step as you need it. It can display song lyrics too.

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Bank of America predicts 3-4 week 'iPhone 8...

After a supply chain visit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the latest firm to predict a launch up to a month later than usual for the as-yet unannounced "iPhone 8" and an accompanying drop in sales through the end of the calendar year -- but still a blockbuster 2018 ahead for Apple.

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Combined Google Photos and Drive ‘Backup and Sync’...

After a brief delay last month, Google’s Backup and Sync desktop app for Mac is now available for download. With this revamped client, only one application is needed to back up files on a desktop to Google Photos and Drive.


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Samsung’s latest acquisition could give Bixby its...

Despite unveiling Bixby in March, Samsung's digital assistant remains an elusive beast. An ETA was predicted for June, but we're now in the throes of summer and Bixby is still in hiding. However, the Korean manufacturer's latest acquisition sounds li...

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Audi’s AI future tackles autonomous driving one...

If you want a self-driving car, you need artificial intelligence. At its first Audi Tech Summit, the automaker unveiled Audi AI, its long-term plans to stay ahead of -- or at least keep pace with -- its competitors.

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Microsoft improves conversations and searches in its...

Microsoft's mobile Outlook app can be helpful if you want an alternative to your phone's built-in email client, but it doesn't always nail the tasks you handle every day -- say, following an email thread. Thankfully, Microsoft knows it. The company...

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Amazon’s ‘The Tick’ trailer keeps the comic’s...

It's been over two decades since the idiosyncratic comic The Tick was successfully adapted into three seasons of a Saturday morning cartoon, but its first live-action TV version a few years later was tragically cancelled after nine episodes. Amazon d...

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iPhone-connected accessories rank among top Amazon...

A few iPhone- and iPad-compatible accessories were among the bestsellers on Prime Day, Amazon's one-day sales event held on July 11 -- though one of Amazon's own products topped global charts.

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Microsoft will offer its AI smarts to benefit the...

Microsoft just announced a new initiative called AI for Earth. Headed by Microsoft's chief environmental scientist Lucas Joppa, the program will help researchers and organizations use AI to solve the major environmental issues we face today. Leaders...

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Apple releases new public betas of macOS High Sierra...

Apple has released the second public betas of macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 to public beta testers. The finished versions of the operating system updates are due this fall.

The new public beta of High Sierra enables Time Machine support and adds routines to AVKit for developers to allow users more flexibility for content playback when multiple outputs are available. The new public beta of iOS 11 includes a fix for Bluetooth connection issues using Wireless iAP protocol and brings back the "swipe up" gesture to close an app in the app switcher and Control Center view on an iPad.

If you're not already signed up for the public beta program, you can do so here. The public beta program is free, but remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.

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Apple releases second tvOS 11 public beta for Apple...

The second tvOS 11 public beta for non-developers to test on Apple TV is now available. The tvOS 11 public beta includes new features like Home Screen Syncing, light and dark mode automatic switching, and full AirPods support.


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Apple tosses in free Beats headphones for students...

Apple has offered student discounts on its hardware and services for awhile now, but now it's taking that further. In an effort to make its gear even more ubiquitous on campus, Apple will throw in a pair of Beats headphones with Mac and iPad Pro purc...

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Second macOS High Sierra public beta is now available

Apple has released the second macOS High Sierra public beta for Mac. This allows users who are not registered developers to test pre-release versions of macOS with new features for free.


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macOS High Sierra public beta testers get second...

Shortly after the release of iOS 11 public beta 2, Mac users also received a second pre-release build of macOS High Sierra, available for public testing ahead of its arrival this fall.

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Daily Deal: Get our Ethical Hacking Bundle for $43...

There are a lot of bad guys on the internet. Don't you think it would be a more noble career to be an ethical "white hat" hacker? Today's deal provides a ton of training that can teach you the skills of ethical website hacking and penetration testing and prepare you for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, all for just $43. It's the Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle!

Normally priced at $1,080, this bundle puts together the best online training to get you ready for a career as an ethical hacker. Here's what you get:

  • Bug Bounty: Web Hacking -- Get paid to legally hack the world's biggest web apps
  • CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation -- Learn everything you need to ace the CompTIA...
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Apple issues second public beta of iOS 11 for iPhone...

Registered members of Apple's public beta testing program now have a second pre-release build of iOS 11 available to download, arriving two days after the third developer beta was released.

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Apple releases iOS 11 public beta 2 for iPhone and...

Apple has released the second iOS 11 public beta for the iPhone and iPad. As has been the case with previous public beta releases, this allows users who are not registered developers to test pre-release versions of iOS with new features for free.


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News: Ability to use PayPal to pay for Apple...

Apple users in Canada, the UK, Germany, Mexico, and the Netherlands can now use PayPal to pay for Apple services, according to a statement from PayPal. The payment service has been an available option in the US for years, but is now available to users in some other countries to pay for downloads or services from the App Store, iCloud, iTunes, and Apple Music. [via AppleInsider]...

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Imaginative Mac consultant repurposes old Apple gear...

Gary Katz is the proprietor of MacM.D., Inc. and an Apple consultant out of Overland Park, KS. When he's not helping clients set up or fix Macs and iOS devices or playing in his band Conviction, he's taking bits and pieces from old Apple gear and turning them into amazing furniture and toys. 

To quote Katz, "If you know me, or read this blog, you know that I have a lot of old computer parts. Some would say I have too many. Those people are idiots." Well, recently he took a bunch of old Mac hard drives, super glue, and leather (for the bases) as well as other bits from Mac like Apple logos, power buttons, and circuit boards and made up a bunch of spinners. You know what those are, right? It's a big craze right now to have stuff you can spin with your hands to keep yourself busy. Here's a GIF of some of these spinners in action (and refresh this page if the animation stops...

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Street Fighter IV Champion Edition releases today...

Capcom has now officially released Street Fighter IV Champion Edition for iOS. After some minor delays, the game is now available in the App Store for purchase with a solid roster of characters and classic Street Fighter gameplay. more…

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Apple Sets Up China Data Center To Meet New...

Apple on Wednesday said it is setting up its first data center in China, in partnership with a local internet services company, to comply with tougher cybersecurity laws introduced last month. From a report: The U.S. technology company said it will build the center in the southern province of Guizhou with data management firm Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry. An Apple spokesman in Shanghai told Reuters the center is part of a planned $1 billion investment into the province. "The addition of this data center will allow us to improve the speed and reliability of our products and services while also complying with newly passed regulations," Apple said in a statement to Reuters.


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How to reset and get into a locked iPhone or iPad

Picture this -- you've got a family member who changes the password on a device that you've given them, and promptly forgets it. Or, maybe, a child has locked a device with a password that didn't have one before, and either denies it or just doesn't remember the password. What do you do?

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPad mini 4 128GB $320,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Apple again offers free Beats for its back-to-school...

It might seem like summer has just begun, but Apple is already thinking of the fall. And nothing says September like a back-to-school promotion.

This year, lucky students starting the school year off with a new Mac or iPad can score a pair of shiny new Bluetooth headphones in any color they’d like. The promotion is essentially the same as last year’s with one notable exception: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are excluded. It breaks down like this:

  • iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air buyers can choose between a free pair of Solo3 wireless headphones ($300), Powerbeats3 Bluetooth earphones ($200), or BeatsX wireless buds ($150).
  • iPad Pro purchasers will receive $150 in savings for the same three models. That means Beats X buds will be free, but you’ll need to pony up an extra $50 to get a pair of Powerbeats3 earphones or $150 for a pair of Solo3 cans.
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Affinity Designer for iPad teased on video

With the success and popularity of Serif’s Affinity Photo for iPad, it seemed like a given that its companion app, Affinity Designer, would soon make its way to iPad. In a video posted via Twitter earlier this morning, Affinity Designer’s project manager, Matt Priestly, shared a teaser of the app in action. more…

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News: Apple setting up data center in China to...

Apple is setting up its first data center in China to comply with new cybersecurity regulations, CNBC reports. The company will build the data center in partnership with local data management firm Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co as part of a $1 billion investment in Guizhou province, an Apple spokesman said in a statement. “These regulations require cloud services be operated by Chinese companies so we’re partnering with GCBD to offer…

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Apple's 2017 Back to School promo offers...

Apple on Wednesday launched its annual Back to School promotions for the U.S and Canada, offering qualified shoppers wireless Beats headphones if they buy a Mac or an iPad Pro. Alternatively, Apple-authorized resellers are offering their own great deals on new Mac purchases for students and non-students alike.

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How to stop autoplay videos in Safari for macOS High...

I hope the irony of this tip being posted on a page with autoplaying video is not lost on Macworld.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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External Link: Apple Stores Introduce Interactive...

It’s difficult to convey the benefits of home automation to someone who has never experienced it. To address this challenge, Apple has begun rolling out an interactive HomeKit experience in 46 of its retail stores around the world. You’ll be able to use an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to control virtual HomeKit accessories displayed on a screen. While not as impressive as the real thing, it should at least give you an idea of how HomeKit works and how you might integrate it into your house. Other Apple stores will feature a non-interactive HomeKit demo.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments...

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News: Apple earns four out of five stars from online...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s newest “Who Has Your Back” report on how companies handle government requests for user data gave Apple four out of five stars, docking points only for the company’s lack of support for reforming the NSA’s surveillance programs. The EFF tweaks Apple for “not publicly [calling] for reforms to Section 702 to curtail the surveillance of innocent people,” but otherwise delivers…

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News: Rumor: ‘Sense of panic’ at Apple over iPhone 8...

A source claiming to have knowledge of Apple’s iPhone 8 development said there’s a “sense of panic in the air” among engineers and designers over software problems, Fast Company reports. In addition to the wireless charging software problems reported earlier this week, Apple is reportedly having trouble with the new 3D sensors rumored to be used in a new facial recognition process for unlocking the device. With other rumors…

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HomeKit marketing enhanced with interactive demo...

In a number of its retail locations, Apple has unveiled an interactive display with video walls demonstrating to the user what happens in a simulated living space when assorted HomeKit peripherals are activated.

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Apple launches Back to School promo

Apple has launched its Back to School promotion in the United States and Canada. Qualifying students, parents of students, and educators who purchase an eligible Mac (certain models of MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros and iMacs) with education pricing have a choice of a free pair of Beats Solo3, BeatsX, or Powerbeats3 headphones.

The promo also offers BeatsX wireless headphones if you buy a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro (9.7-inch iPad and iPad mini models are excluded). What’s more, students can pay $50 extra for Beats Powerbeats3 or $150 extra for Solo3 wireless headphones. from the deal.

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Spotify among...

A group of 40 technology companies on Wednesday launched a "Day of Action," designed to encourage feedback to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in support of net neutrality regulations -- which are opposed by Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai, as well as internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.

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Fantastical 2.4 for Mac brings lots of new features...

Fantastical 2, the popular calendar app from developer, Flexibits, has received a big update for the Mac. Version 2.4, which just landed on the Mac App Store, brings several notable new features to the fore.

Users will be happy to learn that you can now add attachments directly to iCloud and Exchange calendar events on the Mac. The update also lends the ability to add Travel Time to events, letting you receive notifications that correspond to the amount of time it will take to reach the event location.

Have a look at the full change log inside, which highlights the biggest Fantastical update since version 2 launched back in 2015. more…

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Apple 2017 Back to School deal: free Beats...

Apple has just announced its Back to School deals for 2017. This year, students at the Apple Store can get a pair of Beats Solo3 headphones, Powerbeats 3 or BeatsX bundled with Macs and iPad Pro purchases. This is in addition to the usual Apple Store education discount.

The company will bundle Beats Solo3 headphones when buying a MacBook Pro. (Details to follow)


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Pokémon GO Fest details announced alongside more...

On the heels of a Pokémon GO update last week which included a special Pikachu, an Anniversary Box, and more special items, the Pokémon GO team has announced details about the first official live event taking place in Chicago on July 22. The good news is that even those who can’t make it to Chicago for Pokémon GO Fest can still participate and earn global rewards …


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Apple unveils smart home experiences in its retail...

Megan Rose Dickey, TechCrunch:

Unless you’ve had a chance to try some Apple HomeKit products in someone’s home or apartment, it can be hard to understand how it all works. In order to help with that, Apple has unveiled interactive HomeKit experiences in 46 of its retail stores worldwide.

Now, when you go into Apple’s new retail stores, you’ll be able to use the Home app from either an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to control devices like the Phillips Hue light bulb, the Hunter ceiling fan and many others. If you tap to the lower the shades in the living room, for example, you’ll see the shades lower in the house shown on the screen.



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Why your Mac isn’t working as fast as it says it is...

Glenn Fleishman digs into the details on a few things that might be slowing down your Mac. All interesting, all good to know about.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Microsoft launches amazing AI-powered iPhone app...

Arthur C Clarke once said that any sufficiently advanced technology was indistinguishable from magic, and Microsoft’s Seeing AI app gets pretty close to qualifying. It’s an app designed to ‘narrate the world’ to people who are blind or visually impaired, and the video demo (below) shows off some incredibly impressive capabilities.

It can, for example, recognize friends, guess the emotions of people from their facial expressions, read text, identify bank notes, identify products from their bar-codes, and even recognize images in apps like Twitter …


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PayPal added as iPhone payment source...

Apple is adding PayPal as an option to fund Apple services accounts in Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the UK, including purchases from the iTunes Music Store, subscriptions to Apple Music, and buys from the App Stores.

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The EFF gives Apple four out of five starts for its...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its seventh EFF’s seventh annual “Who Has Your Back” report, which digs into the ways many technology companies are getting the message about user privacy in this era of unprecedented digital surveillance. Apple received four out of a possible five stars, but that’s down one star from the 2016 report.

This is Apple’s sixth year in Who Has Your Back, and it has adopted a number of industry best practices, including publishing a transparency report, requiring a warrant for content, and publishing its guidelines for law enforcement requests, notes the EFF. Apple promises to inform users before disclosing their data to the government, has a published policy of requesting judicial review of all National Security Letters, and explicitly states that third parties are forbidden from allowing Apple user data to be used for surveillance purposes....

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Interview with Apple’s third co-founder, Ron Wayne


Ronald Wayne lives in a little house in the town of Pahrump, Nevada. The 83-year-old designer and engineer was Apple’s original third co-founder, though nowadays he is perhaps best known as the unlucky guy who sold his 10 percent stake of the company for $800 just 12 days after it was incorporated in 1976. Today, it’s estimated that his shares would have been worth $67 billion.

Fascinating interview. My favorite response:

Q: What Apple products do you use now?

A: I have never owned an Apple product in my life, and I didn’t even have a computer until the mid 90s. What would I do with it? If you say “anything you want,” I’d come across the table at you. I had to have a reason. It popped up in the mid 90s when a friend asked to write him a short story and I delivered to him on a typewriter. So I had someone cobble a computer together for me and it just had basic internet and (Corel’s) WordPerfect on it. And...

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Windows Phone dies today

Tom Warren, The Verge:

Microsoft is killing off Windows Phone 8.1 support today, more than three years after the company first introduced the update. The end of support marks an end to the Windows Phone era, and the millions of devices still running the operating system.

While most have accepted that the death of Windows Phone occurred more than a year ago, AdDuplex estimates that nearly 80 percent of all Windows-powered phones are still running Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, or Windows Phone 8.1. All of these handsets are now officially unsupported, and only 20 percent of all Windows phones are running the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Reminds me of a funeral parade Microsoft threw for the iPhone, back in the day. Karma, baby.


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Apple retail stores offering HomeKit smart home...

TechCrunch reports that Apple has launched HomeKit smart home experiences at its retail stores. HomeKit is a framework that allows control of compatible home automation devices through iOS and Siri.

Stores with The Avenue interactive window display will offer an interactive experience where device users can use Home to control smart home devices including light bulbs, ceiling fans, and window blinds. Apple stores that don’t have The Avenue will still feature a HomeKit experience but won’t have the interactivity.

So what’s The Avenue? It’s inspired by the window displays along a boulevard that dynamically change with the season. Avenue walls are interactive themed “windows” where Apple’s products and services come to life, from music, to creativity, apps, photography and more. 

New “Creative Pros,” Apple experts in...

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Siri usage and engagement dropped since last year,...

Sarah Perez, TechCrunch:

Siri remains the most popular virtual assistant with 41.4 million monthly active users in the U.S., according to a new report from measurement firm Verto Analytics out this morning, but it has seen a 15 percent decline since last year – or 7.3 million monthly users. In addition, the study found that engagement with Siri has also dropped by nearly half during this period, from 21 percent to 11 percent.

Meanwhile, Amazon Alexa usage has been skyrocketing – jumping 325 percent in monthly active users – that is, from 0.8 million to 2.6 million monthly users, as its user engagement also increased from 10 percent to 22 percent during the same time frame.

Cortana has seen an increase as well, growing from 0.2 million monthly users in the U.S. to 0.7 million, or a 350 percent increase. Its user engagement tripled, from 19 percent to 60 percent.

Siri is about to undergo a sea change, as iOS 11 shifts from human to digitally generated Siri...

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Apple ramps up ambitions in pre-paid smartphone...

Colin Gibbs, FierceWireless:

Apple began to pursue the prepaid market more aggressively in 2016, as the market research firm gap intelligence noted in September, and that pursuit has only grown more ambitious over the last year. The iPhone’s prepaid retail channel placements more than doubled from the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017, growing from 15 SKUs to 46 SKUs, and they increased 35% from the first quarter of this year to the second quarter, according to fresh data from the San Diego-based firm.


Meanwhile, Apple secured a new prepaid distribution deal through Costco in the second quarter, and it increased prepaid retail placements at AT&T (up 200% quarter over quarter) and Best Buy (up 125% quarter over quarter), according to gap intelligence. The iPhone has seen 15 new retail placements across five prepaid carriers recently, gap intelligence said.

Who owns the pre-paid market? Android. This is a natural market for the...

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Quark is acquired by Parallax Capital Partners

Quark Software has been acquired by Parallax Capital Partners (Parallax), a Southern California-based software-focused private equity firm.

The new owners intend to help Quark accelerate the adoption of its transformational content automation solutions through investment in organic growth and acquisitions, the companies said in a joint statement. Details of the acquisition haven’t been released.

Quark offers an end-to-end content automation platform that enables the creation, management, publishing and delivery of content across print, Web and digital channels....

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News: Daily Deal: Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth...

For Wednesday’s iLounge Deal, we’re offering a pair of Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones for only $79.99 — that’s 59% off the regular price. With an elite Bluetooth Car 4.0 chipset and active noise cancellation, these on-ear wireless headphones don’t sacrifice on sound but still give you the convenience of a wireless connection. With an impressive 12-hour playtime and 40mm drivers, you can enjoy your music or podcasts…

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Apple Stores featuring Apple Home app and new...

Apple has rolled out new in-store displays to select Apple Stores, demoing how users can take advantage of the Home app and HomeKit accessories to create smart home experiences.

The company has constructed special areas in the Apple Store where customers can test out the Home app on iOS devices and see the changes update live in the virtual home pictured on the screens. If visitors like what they see, they can then buy accessories like Philips Hue bulbs off the shelf using the Apple Store app.


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Apple to establish its first data center in China

Apple will establish its first data center in China to speed up services such as iCloud for local users and abide by laws that require global companies to store information within the country, according to Bloomberg.

The new facility, which will be entirely driven by renewable energy, will be built and run in partnership with Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data. The center is part of Apple's planned $1 billion investment the southern province of Guizhou.

“The addition of this data center will allow us to improve the speed and reliability of our products and services while also complying with newly passed regulations,” Apple told Bloomberg. “Apple has strong data privacy and security protections in place and no backdoors will be created into any of our systems.”

The tech giant is also setting up its...

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EFF reduces Apple’s score for handling of government...

The latest Electronic Frontier Foundation report on how tech companies handle government data requests has given Apple four out of a possible five stars. The company previously earned five stars before the EFF added a new requirement to this year’s scorecard.

The report, titled Who Has Your Back, gives Apple top marks in all but one area …


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PayPal now available on the App Store, Apple Music,...

Starting today in Canada and Mexico, and rolling out in other countries including the U.S. soon, PayPal customers will be able to pay for App Store, Apple Music, iTunes and iBooks purchases across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices using their PayPal account. 

Customers with a new or existing Apple ID can select “PayPal” as their payment method from their account settings in the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes and the iBookStore from their iOS device or Mac — or on iTunes from a PC. 

Once PayPal has been selected, all future purchases with the customer's Apple ID will be automatically charged to their PayPal account. This includes purchases of apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books, as well as Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage.

The new payment option, which brings PayPal’s One Touch to Apple ID accounts, allows for purchasing from all Apple devices, including Apple TV and Apple Watch. For more information on how to set up PayPal,...

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Spotify successfully negotiates lower royalties as...

Spotify has succeeded in negotiating a reduced royalty rate to Sony Music Entertainment, and is hoping to do the same with Warner.

The service is not, however, getting the deal without offering something in return …


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Apple extends warranty program to three years to...

If you’ve had problems with the back cover detaching from your first-gen Apple Watch, Apple has extended its program to offer a second year of free repair coverage for the issue. In addition, a service document shows that this program has been extended to three years

Per the document:

Apple has determined that under certain conditions on some Apple Watch (1st generation) devices the back cover may separate from the watch case. Apple will service eligible devices free of charge. Apple will authorize coverage for three (3) years from the date of purchase.

All four models are covered, from the Sport through Watch and Hermés to the Edition.

Apple Store employees have been instructed not to perform any diagnostics on the wearable beyond a simple visual inspection to determine that the back cover is detached is sufficient.

This isn’t the first time Apple has extended free Apple Watch repair coverage to three year and the commpany did so back in April...

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Notebook travel ban could be lifted soon following...

The notebook travel ban may be lifted in a relatively short period of time.

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday said if security measures are increased at the airports in coming days and weeks, the restriction will be removed.

Back in March, the United States banned electronic devices larger than a smartphone from the cabins of flights coming to the U.S. from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Officials feared that the devices could be used to smuggle explosives on board.

The electronics ban remains in effect for U.S.-bound flights from airports in Cairo, Egypt; Casablanca, Morocco; and Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this month, the ban was lifted for passengers arriving from Instanbul, Turkey; Doha, Qatar; Amman, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The lifting of the ban following airports’ and airlines’ heightening of security measures on their end.

While the security...

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Apple is granted a patent for ‘coverglass fracture...

Future iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches (and perhaps Mac laptops) may tell you when their display gets tiny, perhaps imperceptible (to your eyes) cracks. And the device could also give Apple some info about the damage. The company has been granted a patent (number 9,703,325) for “coverglass fracture detection.”

In the patent filing, Apple notes that its portable electronic devices are built to withstand any number of stresses and strains caused by daily use. The company realizes that, due to the portable nature of these devices, they’re likely to be subjected to drops and impacts.

While various ways of reinforcing and strengthening these devices to account for these types of events have been developed, certain portions of the devices can still remain quite susceptible to breakage and/or degradation. In particular, the display cover or coverglass portion of a portable electronic device can be an area in which damage is likely when the portable electronic device is...

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How to repair a disk using macOS Sierra’s Disk...

You can use the Disk Utility in macOS Sierra to repair a variety of problems. Today we’ll look at how to repair the disk that started up your Mac. Here are the steps:

  • Print this help page so you can refer to it later. (You don’t have access to Disk Utility Help when you restart your computer in the next step.)
  • In the Disk Utility Help window, click the Share button, then choose Print.
  • Choose Apple menu > Restart. After your Mac restarts (some Mac computers play a startup sound), press and hold the Command and R keys until the Apple logo 
  • Click Disk Utility, then click Continue.
  • In the sidebar, select the disk you want to repair.
  • Click the First Aid button.
  • If Disk Utility tells you the disk is about to fail, back up your data and replace the disk. You can’t repair it. Otherwise, continue to step 6.
  • Click Run.

If Disk Utility reports that the disk appears to be OK or has been repaired, you’re...

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40 tech giants ask for your help in Day of Action to...

It’s not often that a huge list of tech giants get together to speak with one voice, and it’s even more remarkable when they are protesting legislation which could actually benefit them, but that’s what’s happening today. A Day of Action has been called to ask the FCC to retain net neutrality rules.

Amazon, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Reddit, Snap, Spotify and Twitter are just 11 of the 40 tech companies encouraging you to have your say. Sadly, Apple isn’t among them …


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Classical music fans should check out myTuner...

By Aaron Lee

If you’re a fan of classical music, check out AppGeneration Software’ myTuner Classical. It lets you listen to the best themes from Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Rossini, Bach, Strauss, Mozart and many others, anywhere and anytime you want from a Mac running macOS 10.9 or later. 

The app also features more than 200 classical radio stations from all around the globe, allowing users to record their favorite songs from the radio stations. Additionally, you can also check the top selling classical songs in any country

There are two versions of the app, the free myTuner Classical that features 20 classical themes from a variety of classical composers encoded at 128 Kbps and myTuner Classical Pro ($1.99) with 60 classical themes encoded at 320...

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Notable apps and app updates for July 12, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Saa-z Innovations has introduced CockatooMoji - Premium Cockatoo Emoji and Stickers. The $1.99 app offers 80 emojis ranging from funny emoticons, love, guilty, sad, angry emotions, dancing and more. They can be used with Messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other chat apps.

Z-Licious Games has launched Get Off My Planet. The $0.99 game relies on quick reactions as players jump from planet to planet and explore a variety of hostile locations. Your goal is to avoid crushing pillars, space station lasers, piercing ice spikes, and even huge...

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Apple launching first data center in China in...

Apple is opening a new data center in China, in partnership with a local Chinese data management firm, following tightened legislation over how companies can store data about users in the country.

Apple says the new data center will allow it to comply with the regulations and improve the speed of Apple cloud services in the region. It reaffirmed earlier statements that it would not create a backdoor for any third-party (via CNBC).


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Apple adds PayPal as payment method option for the...

Apple today announced that it is adding PayPal as a new payment method to the App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore and Apple Music services. Tis means Apple users will be able to add PayPal to their Apple ID in order to buy apps, musics, movies, TV shows and more.

The option is available now in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and will roll out soon to more countries, including the United States …


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Tuesday July 11

Apple opens first China data center to comply with...

Apple on Wednesday announced the activation of its first data center in China, which is being operated in cooperation with a local internet firm to ensure compliance with the country's strict cybersecurity laws.

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Google's latest venture fund will back AI...

There's no question that Google believes artificial intelligence is the future, but it doesn't feel like it needs to all the hard work by itself. It's willing to give others a helping hand. To that end, Google has launched a venture capital firm, G...

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Immigration chat bot now helps you apply for a green...

Visabot, the Facebook Messenger-based AI that helps users navigate the complex visa application process while skipping unnecessary fees, is expanding its assistance portfolio. For a $150 fee, it will walk users through filing for a green card and sch...

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Report: Apple in ‘panic’ mode as iPhone 8’s 3D face...

Apple’s trials and tribulations over the upcoming iPhone 8 have been well documented thus far and a new report this evening from Fast Company continues that trend. The report explains that Apple’s team of engineers and designers working on the iPhone are operating with a “sense of panic in the air” as we near the device’s unveil later this year…


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Apple's 'iPhone 8' might ship with...

Apple engineers and designers working on the company's forthcoming "iPhone 8" are facing a software issues that, if not rectified, could see a number of major features disabled when the handset launches.

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Researchers make a surprisingly smooth artificial...

Translating audio into realistic looking video of a person speaking is quite a challenge. Often, the resulting video just looks off -- a problem called the uncanny valley, which states that human replicas appearing almost but not quite real come off...

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Streaming TV apps grapple with password sharing

Twenty-one percent of streaming viewers ages 18 to 24 said they had accessed at least one digital video service such as Netflix Inc, HBO Now or Hulu by using log-in credentials from someone outside their household at some time. Overall, 12 percent of adults said they did the same thing.

There is no doubt this is a problem for these companies. I’m not sure what solution they’ll come up with, but I hope they don’t overreact and make it difficult for everyone.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Toyota's $100 million fund will back AI,...

Today, Toyota announced the launch of Toyota AI Ventures, a new venture capital subsidiary focused on startup tech companies working on artificial intelligence. The fund has received an initial $100 million from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), a...

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Watch: All the new features and fixes introduced...

Apple on Monday issued a third beta version of its upcoming iOS 11 operating system to developers for testing. In this video, AppleInsider takes a closer look at a few new features and bug fixes that rolled out with the release, including a simplified Notification Center, more intuitive App Switcher on iPad, Safari enhancements and more.

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Microsoft Aims to Boost Internet Connectivity in US...

Microsoft has unveiled an ambitious five-year plan that would use technology found in the television white space spectrum to develop affordable broadband Internet access for at least 2 million consumers, at total cost of $8 billion to $12 billion. The aim is to bridge the technology gap between urban and rural American communities. The spectrum is a currently unused portion in the 600 Mhz frequency range designated for UHF television bands, which allows wireless signals to travel over hills and through buildings and trees into rural areas.

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Fantastical 2.4.1 - Create calendar even...
Fantastical 2 is the Mac calendar you'll actually enjoy using. Creating an event with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun: Open Fantastical with a single click or keystroke Type in your event... Read more
Fantastical 2.4.1 - Create calendar even...
Fantastical 2 is the Mac calendar you'll actually enjoy using. Creating an event with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun: Open Fantastical with a single click or keystroke Type in your event... Read more
Live Home 3D Pro 3.2.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more
Live Home 3D Pro 3.2.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more
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FileZilla (ported from Windows) is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. Version MSW: Add misssing file to .zip binary package... Read more
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Spotify is a streaming music service that gives you on-demand access to millions of songs. Whether you like driving rock, silky R&B, or grandiose classical music, Spotify's massive catalogue puts... Read more
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Sierra Cache Cleaner is an award-winning general purpose tool for macOS X. SCC makes system maintenance simple with an easy point-and-click interface to many macOS X functions. Novice and expert... Read more
DiskCatalogMaker 7.1.2 - Catalog your di...
DiskCatalogMaker is a simple disk management tool which catalogs disks. Simple, light-weight, and fast Finder-like intuitive look and feel Super-fast search algorithm Can compress catalog data for... Read more
Live Home 3D Pro 3.1.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more
Deeper 2.2.1 - Enable hidden features in...
Deeper is a personalization utility for macOS which allows you to enable and disable the hidden functions of the Finder, Dock, QuickTime, Safari, iTunes, login window, Spotlight, and many of Apple's... Read more

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