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Tuesday February 14

Mia, the easily distracted beagle

I love the Westminster Dog Show (I watched hours of it last night and will watch more hours of it tonight) and wish they televised more of these agility events as opposed to nothing but the actual “Best of Show” stuff.

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Apple’s Eddy Cue says the future of TV is much more...

Interesting POV from Cue but I’m not sure he’s correct. TV has always been a consumption medium – you sit in your comfy chair and just watch. I don’t doubt that a certain portion of the population wants to have greater “interactivity” (whatever that means) with the TV and its programming but I don’t know that the average consumer does.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: WD Portable 3TB Hard Drive $90...

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Daily Deals: WD Elements Portable 3TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive $90, Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse...

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Review: 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

In the past year or two, the headphone market has seen a surge of new brands offering "budget" IEMs. When we first heard about the cult following that San Diego based 1More had gathered, we hoped that the company was anything other than just "one more" budget IEM maker. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the company's name is actually a reference to their rigorous quality control testing which, according to 1More, ensures that their headphones can survive a cycle in a washing machine. Though our testing procedures don't involve the laundry, our time with 1More's Triple Driver IEM ($99) was more than enough to convince us that its popularity is well-deserved.

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Expert fortune cookie writer quits due to “writer’s...

I’ve never thought about the person who writes the pithy sayings in a fortune cookie but I do know the meal isn’t complete without munching on the cookie and reading the “fortune”.

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Amazon debuts Chime, a new videoconferencing service

Videoconferencing apps are nothing new; in fact, the market seems to be filled with all sorts of entrants, old (like Skype) and new (like Zoom). Today, Amazon announced the availability of its new videoconferencing service Chime, which is seemingly designed to eliminate all of the pain points of the other systems that have been in use up to this point.

Chime offers "exceptional" audio and video quality, meetings call participants so that everyone joins at once and individuals don't have to fumble for call-in numbers or access codes, and participants (up to 16 on a desktop or 8 on a mobile device) can see each other -- all the same size -- in small square windows. 

The apps are currently available for Mac and iOS in the Apple world, as well as for Windows and Android. The...

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Latest Apple ad uses Brazil's Carnival to...

Apple on Tuesday released a video ad promoting the iPhone 7 Plus in Brazil, linking it to the start of the country's annual Carnival season.

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Etsy wants to be your online source for craft...

Etsy has made a name for itself as marketplace for handmade goods, but today the company announced an ambitious new initiative: Etsy Studio, an online storefront dedicated solely to craft supplies. The company is aiming for it to be your main source...

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Reboot Twitterrific for Mac on Kickstarter

Twitterrific for Mac was first released 10 years ago way back in 2007 and had regular updates until 2013. Development of Twitterrific has continued exclusively on iOS since then, but many of us still use Twitterrific on the desktop – despite it missing many recent Twitter features and Twitterrific for iOS refinements. It is time we fixed this, but we need your help!

I loved Twitterrific.

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Twitter quickly rolls back change to prevent abuse...

Does it feel like the people who manage this stuff at Twitter have no clue how Twitter works? As soon as I heard about this “feature”, I knew it would cause problems. Why didn’t anyone at Twitter see it coming?

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Twitterrific developers launch Project Phoenix...

Much of Twitter’s brand identity dates back to Twitterrific which was the first client built for the service, but Twitter infamously made it difficult for developers to make a business out of Twitter apps a few years ago with a tokenization system and API limitations.

The result has been almost zero competition in the Mac Twitter client space and a lackluster official app. Development for Twitterrific for Mac has been financially unsustainable so the desktop client has become outdated with every change Twitter makes to the service.

Now Iconfactory which developers Twitterrific is launching a new Kickstarter campaign called Project Phoenix that aims to fund development of a modern Twitterrific for Mac.


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Amazon launches Chime video conferencing with apps...

Amazon on Tuesday introduced Chime, a new video meeting service backed by apps for Mac and iOS, as well as Windows and Android.

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Eddy Cue: Apple is ‘working on new features’ for...

Eddy Cue’s interview at Code Media conference contained the usual dodges regarding new Apple products like VR hardware and Apple’s attempts at negotiating with cable companies, but he was surprisingly blunt about Apple’s interest in the podcast space.

Cue said that the company is “working on new features for podcasts, stay tuned.” In spring last year, it was reported that Apple was soliciting feedback from select podcasters about ways to improve podcasts in the iOS/iTunes ecosystem.


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Opinion: Why fake news is a huge threat to democracy...

There’s a joke about a time-traveller from the early 20th Century arriving today and asking someone what has changed. The present-day person pulls an iPhone out of their pocket and says: ‘Well, we all carry around this pocket computer that gives us instant access to the sum total of human knowledge.’ The time traveller looks stunned. ‘Wow, what do you do with it?’ they ask. ‘Mostly we watch cat videos.’

The Internet has been, in the main, a hugely positive development. We do have instant access to information on pretty much any subject under the sun, or, indeed, beyond it. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world, for free, as easily as we can those on the next street. We can virtually travel the world, exploring streets in distant locations from our armchair. And very much more.

The Internet also has its dark side, of course. But it’s the subversion of one of its most positive attributes – easy access to information – that poses one of the...

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Apple looks to raise $1 billion in second Taiwanese...

Apple is holding its second Taiwanese bond sale, with the latest debt offering aiming to bring in an additional $1 billion in cash, a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals.

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Future iPhone 'Pokemon Go' updates to...

In an interview, "Pok?mon Go" developer Niantic's claims that trading and player-versus-player battles are in development, and will be available to players incrementally over a few updates soon to come to the title.

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News: Apple patents another way to scan fingerprints...

Apple has been granted a patent for a new type of fingerprint reading technology that doesn’t require a dedicated scanning sensor. The patent was originally filed by LuxVue before that company was bought by Apple in 2014. The design uses a combination of micro-LED light and infrared diodes to detect a pattern, making it possible to scan a fingerprint without the use of the capacitive metal ring in Apple’s current Touch ID sensor. The improvement…

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Nest Cam can now detect doors with improved push...

This morning Nest has released a brand new version of its mobile app which comes along with a handful of new tricks for Nest Cam owners. The most notable new feature comes with a Nest Aware subscription, and that’s the addition of door detection.


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Drag and drop to make your own mix of rap and pop

Drag a song from the left onto a song on the right, then sit back and listen.

This works really well. Seems to me, this would make an excellent app, especially if you could figure out a general approach that mapped all the songs in a playlist. I see possibilities here.

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South Korean prosecutors look to arrest head of...

Following 15 hours of questioning the executive on Monday, a South Korean special prosecutor's office is once again seeking an arrest warrant for the head of the Samsung Group -- Jay Y. Lee -- in an influence-peddling scandal threatening to topple the country's President, Park Geun-hye.

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Startup to launch 103 satellites in one go, image...


On Feb. 14, an Indian PSLV rocket will attempt to set a record by deploying 103 small satellites in a single launch, including 88 satellites owned by Planet. With a successful launch, the San Francisco-based imaging startup will operate a total of 143 satellites—the most of any company in the world.

If all goes according to plan, Planet expects to be able to image the entire Earth daily; right now it covers about a third of the world’s landmass every 24 hours.


The US government technically prohibits American companies from using India’s rockets, since the company that markets them, Antrix, is state-owned and arguably distorts the market for space access. The rule is in part designed to protect American rocket-makers from competition, but also to protest Indian policies that effectively block foreign satellite companies from doing business there.

Yet with so few options available to small satellite firms, the US has increasingly...

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In Verizon's wake, T-Mobile adds hotspot data,...

T-Mobile under CEO John Legere doesn’t like to cede the spotlight to a rival carrier. True to form, T-Mobile struck back at Verizon’s new unlimited plan late Monday as the “un-carrier” announced new features to bring its unlimited plan in line with Verizon’s.

The new features to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan, dubbed T-Mobile One, include a monthly allowance of 10GB for mobile hotspot over LTE. After hitting the 10GB limit, T-Mobile drops mobile hotspot users down to 3G speeds. T-Mobile also added HD video streaming quality. Previously, video streams on T-Mobile One were limited to 480p resolution—standard definition.


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Supply-chain sources support reports of premium...

A new supply-chain report supports existing reports of a three-model line-up for this year’s iPhones, including a premium model squeezing a 5.8-inch screen into the same external dimensions as a new 5.5-inch one. Previous rumors have suggested that only this top-end device would get the iPhone 8 name, while the two other models would be labelled the 7s and 7s Plus.

But the latest report claims to have one new piece of information …


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∞ Here’s why you should never play with an 80 foot...

[VIDEO] Fascinating. Don’t do this at home, kids! Video embedded in main Loop post.

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Pages, Numbers, Keynote among 10 most popular mobile...

The use of mobile apps for business is heating up with nearly 80% of companies using more than 10 apps for business, according to MobileIron, a company “founded on the idea that mobile apps and data would become fundamental to mobilizing business workflows.” And Apple’s apps are doing well.

The top 10 most popular managed mobile business apps in the world include: Webex, AnyConnect, Concur, Adobe Acrobat, Pulse Secure, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Google Maps, and Word, according to MobileIron. And among the most popular enterprise apps are adoption metrics for Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

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∞ Eddy Cue, live on stage, talks Apple Music and...

[VIDEO] Interesting that planned the show Planet of the Apps with his production company, then pitched and sold the concept to Apple (as opposed to the show being a brain-child born inside of Apple).

Also interesting is that the show is being designed around an app which will let you pause the show and dive deeper into a specific app or concept. This is very non-linear. I think it would be a mistake to pigeonhole this as a traditional reality show.

Watch the video, embedded in the main Loop post.

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Rumor: 5.8-inch ‘iPhone 8’ will sport a glass-with-...

According to DigiTimes Research, Apple’s 2017 smartphone line-up with include a 5.8-inch iPhone with a glass casing reinforced by a stainless steel frame and a 4.7-inch iPhone with an aluminum frame.

The design for a 5.5-inch model's chassis has yet to be confirmed, the article says. The reinforced glass chassis' stainless steel metal frame will be supplied by Foxconn Technology and US-based Jabil Circuit, while the aluminum-alloy chassis will be supplied by Catcher Technology, according to DigiTimes. Since the 5.8-inch model is expected to adopt an OLED panel, the smartphone's price is estimated at more than $1,000, the report says.

Chances this rumor is true (IMHO): 90%. Heck, there are so many rumors about the “iPhone 8” that some of them will materialize and others won’t.


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∞ Apple’s Planet of the Apps trailer

[VIDEO] From the info page:

Planet of the Apps celebrates the world of apps and the talented people who create them. Hosted by Zane Lowe and featuring advisers Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk and, the series highlights developers who have the vision to shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives.

This feels like a mix of Shark Tank and The Voice. As a developer and investor, I’m intrigued by the concept. The hard part is to straddle the channel between broad entertainment and entrepreneurial detail. Keep it fun while still teaching some skill or lesson.

I’ll definitely give this a watch. Trailer is embedded in the main Loop post.

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Apple's 'iPhone 8' again rumored to...

A new report from Chinese manufacturers reinforces the reports that the next wave of iPhones will have three releases in 4.7-, 5.5-, and 5.8-inch screen sizes, and names China-based Foxconn and Catcher Technology, plus U.S. based Jabil Circuit as suppliers.

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News: Daily Deal: iDelete Cleaner Pro for iOS, 3-Yr...

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can get a three-year subscription to iDelete Cleaner Pro for iOS for only $19 — that’s 61% off the regular price. This tool will help you fine tune your iPhone’s performance by cleaning up excess temporary data stored on your device to keep it running smoothly. iDelete Cleaner Pro’s innovative search and collection algorithms will effectively detect and clean up useless junk data, caches, log…

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The Week in iOS Apps: Help the FBI track down...

New apps of the week

Image by Rob Schultz/Macworld

This week’s roundup includes a new app from the FBI, an update from Flipboard, and several cool new games.


Image by Heiko Wichmann

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple patent hints at iPhone/iPad displays with...

Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,570,002) for an “interactive display panel with IR diodes,” which shows that Apple has looked into iPhone and iPad screens with built-in Touch ID without the need for a dedicated button. Such a feature has been rumored for inclusion in the “iPhone 8,” which is expected to arrive this fall.

Here’s Apple’s summary of the invention (which is heavy in tech-speak): “Exemplary methods and systems use a micro light emitting diode (LED) in an active matrix display to emit light and a sensing IR diode to sense light. A display panel includes a display substrate having a display region, an array of subpixel circuits, and an array of selection devices. Each subpixel circuit includes a driving circuit to operate a corresponding infrared (IR) emitting LED in a light emission mode. Each selection device may be coupled to a corresponding sensing IR diode to operate the corresponding sensing IR diode in a light sensing mode.”

As noted by...

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∞ Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke: New trailer

[VIDEO] A sign of things to come. Note the Planet of the Apps reference (no way that’s accidental) at 2:08 in. Video embedded in the main Loop post.

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Google Map adds shareable place lists

Google blog:

Starting today, you can create lists of places, share your lists with others, and follow the lists your friends and family share with you—without ever leaving the Google Maps app (Android, iOS).


Open the Google Maps app and find that BBQ spot you’ve been wanting to try. Tapping on the place name and then the “Save” icon adds the place to one of several pre-set lists like “Want to Go” or “Favorites.” You can also add the restaurant to a new list that you name yourself, like “Finger Lickin’ BBQ.” To recall the lists you’ve created, go to Your Places (in the side menu) and then open the saved tab. Icons for the places you’ve saved to lists will appear on the map itself.

I love the concept. Only issue I have is that I tend to move between different Google accounts and if I am logged in to the wrong account, I won’t see my place lists. One workflow is to always share place lists with all accounts, then each added place will automatically...

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Amazon Chime: Make video calls, hold meetings,...

Amazon is entering the Go-to-Meeting and Skype space with Chime, now available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. From this Android Police post:

Conference calls and video meetings have almost been synonymous with Skype for the longest time, but Amazon is looking at changing that. Chime, a new Amazon Web Services platform, wants to simplify communications between teams and individuals and cater to their different aspects in one app: video call, voice call, chat, and screen sharing.


There’s also a chatroom component to chime, with attachments to share important documents. Chime is free to try for 30 days, but after that, there are three plans to choose from. Basic Edition gives access to all of these options, minus screen sharing and with a 2 attendee...

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GEAR4 releases the Buckingham flip case for the iPad

GEAR4 has launched its new Buckingham iPad TPU flip case range in the U.S.. It features D3O shock absorbing technology for enhanced impact protection. The case is available for the iPad mini 4, Air2/Pro 9.7-inch and Pro 12.9-inch.

The D3O impact technology used in the Buckingham case is the same material found in U.S. military combat gear, football helmets and protective wear used by pro athletes. GEAR4 is the first to use an injection molded grade of D3O technology to deliver more impact protection.

GEAR4 designers combined this technology with a functional design, featuring a landscape standing option for working at a desk, table or on a lap. The Buckingham has four slots for business or credit cards, and two larger slots for important documents. Its clip closure ensures the device, as well as valuable items, are kept safe during transport.

The Buckingham is available in black with orange, blue and grey trim. It costs $59....

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Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium, strengthening...

When Apple joins a product group, it might be looking into developing units embracing that technology.

Apple is now listed as one of the 213 members of the Wireless Power Consortium. It was not present in a cached version of the page from a week ago.

Previous rumors had indicated that Apple was planning to incorporate a wireless charging technology in its next-gen iPhone, but had been holding out for a long-range charging solution that didn’t require a charging pad. It was also thought that Apple might opt for simple inductive charging for the device.

One of those reports even indicated that Apple will not include a charger in the box with the iPhone, instead offering it as an optional accessory at extra cost.

IHS Technology analyst Vicky Yussuff says that the company couldn’t wait any longer and offered the following comment:

The success of wireless charging adoption from Apple’s competitors is something that Apple can no longer ignore. IHS...

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Tim Cook speaks out against fake news, cites tech...

It’s not easy operating in a world where “fake news” has become a term.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in between tours of schools and meetings with developers in a trip to Britain, commented about the scourge of fake news in comments to The Telegraph.

Cook, who pointed to false stories that spread like wildfire across the internet as a “big problem in a lot of the world,” stated that tech companies have a responsibility to intervene,

“It has to be ingrained in the schools, it has to be ingrained in the public,” Cook said. “There has to be a massive campaign. We have to think through every demographic. We need the modern version of a public-service announcement campaign. It can be done quickly if there is a will.”

“All of us technology companies need to create some tools that help diminish the volume of fake news,” he added. “We must try to squeeze this without stepping on freedom of speech and of the press, but we must also help the reader. Too many of us are...

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Kanex launches MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard

Kanex has released the MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard, $49.95 universal keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices . It uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to and switch between up to four devices. 

Its foldable and compact design making it ideal for travel, and its ergonomic V-shape key layout makes for comfortable typing, according to Andrew Truong of Kanex. The MultiSync technology found in the unit provides one-touch switching between devices. The MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard has a built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery. You can power up via the included micro USB cable.

You’ll know when it's time to charge with the integrated LED indicator. Red means it's time to charge soon. Green means its charged. Blue means you're connected via Bluetooth.

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Twitter quickly rolls back change to prevent abuse...

Twitter rolled back a new fix aimed to prevent abuse a few hours after it met with protests, reflecting that the company is still scrambling to find solutions to the problem of harassment on its service, but is willing to make changes quickly in response to its users.

The social network on Monday rolled out a new feature that would ensure that users would not get notified when they are added to a list. “We want you to get notifications that matter. Starting today, you won’t get notified when you are added to a list,” wrote Twitter Safety. One user pointed out that it was critical for people to know if they have been added to a list intended for targets.

To read this article in full...

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Amazon launches Chime, a video meeting service for...

There’s no shortage of options for virtual meetings these days, from Apple’s own FaceTime through Skype, WebEx, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others. But Amazon believes that there’s room for one more, aiming Chime specifically at businesses looking for an easier and more manageable way to host video meetings.

Meetings start on time because they’re easy to join – meetings call you and you can join with a single tap. Lengthy pins are a thing of the past. A visual roster shows who has joined the meeting and who is running late, and allows anyone to mute background noise. Amazon Chime offers rich apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and your chats are always synchronized across your devices. You can switch seamlessly between devices anytime, even in the middle of a meeting … 


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Apple patents yet another method of embedding...

With everyone expecting the iPhone 8 to feature minimal bezels, a key requirement to realize that vision would be to remove the chin housing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. While an iris scanner has been rumored as a replacement for fingerprints, Apple is also not short on options for embedding a fingerprint reader into the display.

We’ve previously seen Apple patents for two different methods of doing this, and a patent granted today describes a third …


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Apple should make its own Mac speakers again

Not only do I want Apple to get back into the external computer display business, I want the company to make its own speakers for the Mac again. My suggestion: an updated version of the Apple Pro speakers (pictured), which Apple created along with Harman Kardon.

The “orb” speakers (circa 2012 if memory serves me correctly) looked great sitting next to a Mac. They connected to the Mac via a single cable that provided 20 watts of sound (10 watts/channel) to the speakers with a frequency range of 70 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Apple could either offer a wired version (which would use the power your Mac and require no power supply) or a wireless version (which would, of course, need its own power supply) of the 2017 Apple Pro speakers.

I doubt the tech giant will do this, but I can always hope. If it doesn’t, at least perhaps the company will...

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Business owners might want to check out Mac...

Business owners may want to check out Data Deposit Box Backup. It supports end users who are looking for a solution for backing up files continuously and automatically, but more importantly restoring data lost from a total system crash.

While it¹s true that Apple has developed sophisticated backup mechanisms into its software, TimeMachine and iCloud were designed for the consumer market. As the Mac user base continues to grow, SMBs [small to medium sized businesses] are looking for a business class cloud backup solution for both Mac and PC systems that supports and protect ongoing data entry and file versioning that occurs throughout a normal business day.

Data Deposit Box Backup provides the option of backing up and restoring corporate data from the Data Deposit Box Backup Cloud, using a centralized web portal. With this technology, SMBs are able to restore any combination of files, folders and backup sets...

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W1 Bluetooth wireless headphones compared: Apple...

All four products in the announced Apple W1 lineup of wireless headphones and earbuds are now available: the Beats Solo3 headphones, the Powerbeats3, the BeatsX and the truly wireless Apple AirPods.

We don’t know what the future holds for the W1 chip, perhaps more manufacturers will be allowed to use it, but the product range is already diversified with what’s available today, spanning different form factors, audio quality, convenience, innovation and price points.


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Apple patents screen tech capable of reading...

An Apple patent grant on Tuesday suggests the company is looking to leverage its LuxVue acquisition to integrate display technology capable of reading a user's fingerprint without a dedicated sensor, a design feature rumored to see release with "iPhone 8."

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Monday February 13

Killer Deals: 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar...

B&H Photo is offering AI readers $150 off Apple's Late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Gray, plus free expedited shipping and no tax outside NY and NJ. Shoppers can also pick up a 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro in Silver for $2,179 with a free Kensington USB-C docking station with power ($199.95 value).

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Apple working to combat fake news in News app, Eddy...

Apple's internet service chief Eddy Cue in an interview Monday night said the tech sector has a responsibility to protect consumers from the recent scourge of fake news, revealing Apple is working on backend solutions to the problem.

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Apple's Eddy Cue reveals first 'Planet of...

Apple SVP of Internet and Software Services Eddy Cue joined media partners during Monday's Code Media conference, covering a wide range of topics including the company's upcoming Apple Music exclusives "Planet of the Apps" and "Carpool Karaoke."

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Apple shares second clip for its upcoming Carpool...

After sharing the first look at the series last night, Apple this evening took the wraps off of its second promo clip for its upcoming Carpool Karaoke. Much like the first clip, this one offers a quick look at some of the guests that will appear on the show…


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Apple Music now ‘well past’ 20 million subscribers,...

Apple Music is now “well past 20 million” subscribers, according to Eddy Cue. Speaking at the Recode Media Conference this evening, Cue explained that Apple Music is still growing, but that Apple is not satisfied with where numbers are now and will continue pushing.


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Eddy Cue says Planet of the Apps will premiere this...

At the Code Media conference this evening, Apple’s Eddy Cue sat down alongside Ben Silverman for an interview. Silverman is one of the minds behind Apple’s upcoming reality TV series “Planet of the Apps,” making the series a central topic of the interview.

The first clip of the show was also premiered…


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Apple CFO Luca Maestri to speak at Goldman Sachs...

Apple's chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, is scheduled to speak at the 2017 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, which the tech giant plans to stream live through its website.

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Humble's latest bundle benefits ACLU, Doctors...

Humble Bundle has raised millions for charities like the American Red Cross and Girls Who Code, but its latest offering is not only for a good cause -- it's making a political statement. The Humble Freedom Bundle is offering $600 worth of games and e...

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Live steam: Watch Eddy Cue’s interview at Recode’s ‘...

As previously announced, Eddy Cue will be interviewed at Recode’s Code Media conference this evening. Cue, who is Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, will sit down with Recode’s Peter Kafka for an in-depth chat.


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Fox brings 'Movie of the Day' promo app to...

Fox on Monday announced its promotional content app "Movie of the Day," which highlights a new movie each day, is coming to tvOS and the fourth-generation Apple TV.

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Apple CFO Luca Maestri set to speak at Goldman Sachs...

Apple today updated its Investor Relations webpage to announced that CFO Luca Maestri will speak at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference tomorrow afternoon. Maestri is expected to speak around 1:20PT/4:20ET and there will be a live audio stream of the speech.


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What's on TV: 'Planet Earth II,'...

It's time. Nearly ten years after the original Planet Earth documentary showed us what our HDTVs were for, Planet Earth II is arriving Sunday night. Even better, if you have Dish Network, you can watch it in 4K (everyone else will have to wait for th...

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How to watch Apple SVP Eddy Cue's interview at...

Apple SVP of Internet and Software Services Eddy Cue will sit down with Recode's Peter Kafka as part of the publication's Code Media conference later today. Here's how to tune in live from your iPhone or Mac.

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Top BeatsX features: A hands-on look at the highly...

The highly anticipated BeatsX are the latest pair of wireless earphones to feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which makes it easy to pair and switch between eligible iOS devices.

First revealed at Apple’s fall iPhone event, the BeatsX have experienced a few delays on their way to last Friday’s release. The white and black versions are currently available for in store pickup and shipping, while the newly-revealed grey and blue versions are scheduled to ship in 2-3 weeks.

How do the BeatsX stack up to the similarly-priced AirPods? Are they a good option for users looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? In this hands-on video walkthrough, we’ll take a look at some of the top BeatsX features in our quest to answer those questions....

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Fox's impulse-buy Movie of the Day app comes to...

Fox is always open to new ideas on how to goose digital movie sales, and one of its recent developments has been the "Movie of the Day" app on iOS. Starting tomorrow, it will also be available on Apple TV, which should provide a fitting home for its...

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Fox Home Entertainment launches ‘Movie of the Day’...

Fox Home Entertainment announced this evening that it is bringing its popular Movie of the Day app to the Apple TV. This app offers up a discounted movie via iTunes every day and has previously been available, albeit rather neglected, on iOS.

The app kicks things off with a discount of popular movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” which will be available for $7.99.


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A closer look at Nintendo's '1-2 Switch...

I played plenty of Nintendo Switch titles during last month's launch event, but it was the mini-game collection 1-2 Switch that I couldn't get out of my head. (I suppose virtually milking a cow with highly suggestive gestures has a way of sticking wi...

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Apple waits for LG’s fix before selling any more 5K...

Enlarge / LG's 5K UltraFine display is the closest thing you can get to a modern Thunderbolt Display, or at least it was. (credit: LG)

A report from Business Insider this morning claims that Apple will no longer be selling LG's flawed 5K UltraFine Thunderbolt display in its retail stores. The retail listing in Apple's online store, Business Insider continues, would also be pulled, completely halting sales of the monitor. After conversing with Apple, we can report that this is only partially true; you won't be able to go into Apple's retail stores to buy the display for the next few weeks, but only because Apple is waiting for LG to fix the display and manufacture new ones before it resumes...

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Apple named 4th most innovative company in the world...

While there has been much debate as to whether or not Apple is still innovating at the same rate it once was, Fast Company today named Apple the fourth most innovative company in the world.

Fast Company attributed Apple’s positioning to its internal hardware design, health efforts, and more…


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Twitter briefly stops notifying people when they...

Twitter just made a big (if momentary) blunder when it comes to fighting abuse. The social network briefly stopped providing notifications whenever someone adds you to a list, ostensibly to make sure you only see the "notifications that matter." Howe...

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Senators ask for info on Trump's smartphone use

When he isn't addressing matters of national security amongst diners at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Donald Trump is reportedly using an unsecured Android phone for official communications. That's of great concern for more than a few reasons and two promin...

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Google Sites

 February 13, 2017 4:00:00 PM PST

We're investigating reports of an issue with Google Sites. We will provide more information shortly.

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Uber puts mapping cars on five continents

Uber just showed how committed it is to mapping the planet. The ridesharing outfit has started rolling out map cars in Singapore, putting the vehicles on five major continents (sorry, Antarctica, you'll have to wait). As in other cases, the cartograp...

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T-Mobile responds to Verizon’s new unlimited plan by...

Just 24 hours after Verizon introduced its new “unlimited” data plan, T-Mobile is firing back by removing some of the restrictions placed on its own “ONE” unlimited plan.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the changes in a series of tweets of tweets this afternoon, saying that the carrier was lifting the HD streaming and hotspot restrictions…


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Drone flying cars will soar over Dubai this summer

Yes, this is the future. No, even if I weren’t too big (1’m 110 kilograms), I still wouldn’t fly in one.

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UK bookstore tweets entire 'Harry Potter'...

J.K. Rowling is famously outspoken on Twitter, a lesson Piers Morgan is now learning the hard way. On a recent episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Morgan spoke in favor of President Donald Trump's travel ban, according to The Huffington Post....

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Is Qi compatibility important to you for iPhone 8’s...

With news today that Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, creators of the popular Qi wireless charging platform, speculation is flying about what Apple’s rumored charging tech for the iPhone 8 will look like.

While much has been made about the possibility (or lack thereof) for a long-range wireless charging solution, Apple’s new membership with the Qi-charging people lends more weight to the idea that it will instead introduce inductive charging, perhaps not unlike the competition or for that matter its own Apple Watch charger. But if Apple is using the Qi wireless charging tech, will its solution for iPhone be compatible with the rest of the platform?


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AWT News Update: February 13, 2017

Don't be blue because it's Monday; be happy because there's a new Apple World Today News Update podcast. 

  • Kanex announces a folding travel keyboard that's perfect for your favorite iOS device
  • Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario have their transit systems added to Apple Maps
  • Apple stock closes at a record high
  • It's a good time for Apple to consider hiring "escapees" from Waymo

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Note to Apple News readers: you’ll need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

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Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update for February 13, 2017.

Back in the...

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Passenger drones will begin flying over Dubai this...

The single-rider, human-sized quadcopter that whipped CES 2016 into a frenzy could be carrying passengers as early as this summer. As the head of Dubai's Roads and Transportation Agency announced at the World Government summit today, the Chinese EHan...

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Killer Deals: Save $150 to $415 instantly on Apple...

First come, first served: AppleInsider readers can use exclusive coupons this week to instantly save between $150 and $415 on every possible configuration of Apple's new Late 2016 MacBook Pros bundled with AppleCare, including all 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models and all 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models. Plus sales tax isn't collected in 48 states.

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T-Mobile parries Verizon, adds HD video and 10GB...

Countering Verizon's recently resurrected unlimited plan, T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Monday announced the mobile telecom's One plan will on Friday include HD video streaming and 10GB of data for Mobile Hotspot use.

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Apple shows first teaser for ‘Carpool Karaoke: The...

During Sunday’s Grammy Awards Apple showed the first teaser for Carpool Karaoke: The Series, the series being spun out of The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS. 

Apple will distribute the show on Apple Music , where it sees a natural fit in the series (which will feature Corden driving celebrity guests around while they sing hits), and where it's been starting to turn to original video as a bonus for its paying subscribers. The series will consist of 16 episodes. In each episode, celebrities will ride along and sing along with the host, Corden.

Each week, a new episode will become available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers in more than 100 countries. A host for this new series and a premiere date will be announced later, with production slated to begin soon. CBS...

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Notable apps and app updates for Feb. 13, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

PixelSplincher has introduced VRHopShop 1.0. It’s a $7.99 VR authoring app that lets iPhone and iPad users compile a series of 360 degree spherical photos into immersive VR experiences. Experiences authored in VRHopShop can be viewed in VRHopper using any Google Cardboard-class headset for the iPhone, or on an iPhone or iPad in "magic window" mode, where moving the device around reveals the appropriate view into the 360 degree environment.

Jaime Torres has launched Smile Exercise 1.0. With the $0.99 “smile workout” app, you’re required to take...

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Formula E's next-generation cars get their...

The all-electric Formula E race series is set to make some high-profile moves this season. With a big race in Brooklyn and at least one major entrant ditching the fossil-fueled Le Mans races, electric racing is gaining more and more credibility as th...

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 13...

Notable software releases this week include Alfred 3.3 and TextExpander 6.1.5.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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ExtraBITS for 13 February 2017

We have a slew of ExtraBITS for you this week! Apple pulls the LG UltraFine 5K Display from its stores, some app makers find that they make more money after leaving the Mac App Store, Verizon Wireless offers same-day screen repair in some cities, Apple prepares to launch its new “spaceship” campus, Backblaze shares the latest hard drive reliability statistics, and programming author Daniel Steinberg laments Apple’s seeming apathy toward iBooks.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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AI learns to recognize exotic states of matter

It's difficult for humans to identify phase transitions, or exotic states of matter that come about through unusual transitions (say, a material becoming a superconductor). They might not have to do all the hard work going forward, however. Two set...

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The surprising genius of Apple’s dorkiest idea

Fast Company:

The year was 1996.

Apple wasn’t doing well, suffering through the awkward years between the Mac and the iPod. Jobs would return officially in 1997, but in the meantime, Apple was contemplating how to make some fast cash by licensing its name. In this gap leading to its renaissance, Apple considered a concept that feels wild, yet, in retrospect, almost inevitable: the Apple Cafe.

Like many of you, I’m old enough to have been around when this idea first came to light in 1996. I’m also old enough to remember thinking, “Well, that’s not going to fly”. But perhaps the germ of this idea came to fruition in today’s Apple retail


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Apple hits record high

Apple has climbed 50 percent from lows in the first half of last year and is up 15 percent so far in 2017. It was still short of its all-time intraday high of $134.54, set on April 28, 2015.


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Apple stores stop selling the LG UltraFine 5K...

Apple and LG’s collaborative display has been taken off the shelves.

Apple stores have stopped selling the LG UltraFine 5K Display following performance issues, according to 9to5Mac. Last October, Apple announced the LG collaboration has as the go-to external Retina display for the new MacBook Pro after the company discontinued its Thunderbolt Display.

The UltraFine 5K Display is plagued by connection issues, however. Placing the display within six feet of a Wi-Fi router causes interference resulting in continued disconnections and even the MacBook Pro freezing up. LG confirmed that these issues stem from “poor shielding.” According to 9to5Mac, future builds of the LG display will resolve this, but existing...

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T-Mobile upgrades its One plan to counter Verizon

There's no mistaking it: Verizon's decision to resurrect its unlimited data plan was a shot across T-Mobile's bow. And to no one's surprise, the magenta-hued network is responding in kind. As of February 17th, T-Mobile is upgrading its standard One p...

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∞ Two new Apple ads highlight Portrait Mode on...

“Soul Mate” and “Creek”.

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Univision will stream Liga MX soccer live on...

Facebook has hosted livestreams of soccer matches in the past, but for the upcoming Liga MX season, the social network is doing more than one-off events. Today, Univision announced that 46 total matches will be streamed on its page via Facebook Live...

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Apple Suspends Sales of LG's UltraFine 5K...

Roger Fingas, writing for AppleInsider: Apple has temporarily stopped sales of LG's UltraFine 5K monitor, due to technical problems associated with a lack of proper shielding from wireless interference. Over the weekend, Apple retail staff were told to keep the product on display yet not sell any units if people asked, according to a Business Insider source. The site added that it heard the same from a representative at a New York Apple store. Separately, AppleInsider has confirmed the organized removal from sale of the Thunderbolt 3 display. Sources inside Apple not authorized to speak on behalf of the company indicated that retail locations are retaining demonstration displays, but not selling any stock on-hand that it may receive that may actually have the shielding fix, nor filling any pending orders until otherwise informed. Big blow to Apple, which has given up on external monitors business. But at least, it's comforting to know people who wish to purchase a new display for...

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Apple stock hits all-time high of $133.29, market...

At the close of the market on Monday, Apple hit an all-time high of $133.29, breaking the previous record set on May 22, 2015, with market capitalization again flirting with $700 billion.

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YouTube creates four original shows just for its...

Now that YouTube has dipped its toes into the wild world of original programming, the company has plans to launch four new shows this spring aimed at children and pre-teens. The YouTube Kids app will get two live-action and two animated series starri...

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Adele, Greg Kurstin, and Logic Pro X

For anyone familiar with Kurstin’s track record, his hand in Adele’s repeat success was no surprise. A multi–Grammy Award nominee, Kurstin is known in the industry as an “artist whisperer” who brings out the best in performers like Sia, Beck, Katy Perry, Foster the People, and many more. He does it by bringing a unique set of producing skills to his sessions — world-class ability as an instrumentalist, deep understanding of music and song structure, and a highly effective writing and producing process that runs through Logic Pro X.

It is truly amazing what talented people can do when they get together to write music.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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You can now give your Valentine a virtual blowjob

Valentine's Day is less than 24 hours away, and if you're still scrambling for a gift for your special guy, porn website CamSoda has an idea -- send him a virtual blowjob. Yes, that's a thing now.

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Latest Apple ads showcase composition, focus...

A pair of new television ads for the iPhone 7 Plus were published by Apple on Monday, highlighting the depth-of-field Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus in action.

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[Sponsor] Squarespace Domains

When it comes to your craft, you’re the expert. With Squarespace’s designer templates and easy-to-use interface, you can create a website that brings out the best in what you’re passionate about. Not ready to design your website yet? Reserve a spot for your big idea with Squarespace Domains. Then roll out your website when it’s ready. Try Squarespace for free today. When you decide to subscribe, use offer code “DARING17” to get 10% off.

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A 'Costume Quest' animated series is...

One of Amazon's upcoming original kids series should be very familiar to fans of a certain Double Fine title. The online retailer announced today that a Costume Quest animated children's series based on the popular video games will debut in 2018. Wil...

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Staff leave Google's self-driving car team...

Potentially giving Apple some breathing space with its own project, people have been leaving Google's self-driving car division -- now a separate company known as Waymo -- because they were actually paid too much money, a report said on Monday.

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Trump didn't restrict public phone use near...

Hillary Clinton caught plenty of flak for the security risks involved with her private email server, but President Trump is raising a lot of eyebrows as well. When the Commander-in-Chief received word of North Korea firing a test missile, he started...

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CareKit, hardware design net Apple 4th place on Fast...

Apple was awarded fourth place in Fast Company's" Most Innovative Companies" list, as well as scoring highly in rankings for health-related products and consumer electronics.

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QuickByte Games has another arcade treat in the works -- this time it's a mishmash of brick breaking and Pinball mechanics. It's called Blasty Bubs, and it's a top down brickbreaker that has you slinging balls around a board. [Read more] | Read more »
Corsola and Heracross are the new region...
Generation 2 finally launched in Pokémon GO, unleashing a brand new batch of Pokémon into the wild. Even before the update went live people were speculating on how to catch elusive Pokémon like the legendary "dogs", Unknown, and whether or not... | Read more »
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Games)
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: An epic adventure through a mysterious mountain filled with monsters, magic and mayhem! “ looks downright... | Read more »
Fantasy MMORPG MU Origin’s receives a hu...
Developer Webzen are looking to take their highly popular fantasy battler MU Origin to the next level this month, with its most ambitious overhaul yet. The latest update introduces the long sought after Server Arena, new treasure dungeons, and much... | Read more »
RPG Djinn Caster (Games)
RPG Djinn Caster 1.0.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes) Description: SPECIAL PRICE 38% OFF(USD 7.99 -> USD 4.99)!!!A Fantasy Action RPG of far foreign lands! Summon the Djinns and rise to... | Read more »
Alto's Odyssey gets its first trail...
There's finally video evidence of Alto's Odyssey, the follow up to the 2015 App Store hit, Alto's Adventure. It looks just as soothing and atmospheric as Alto's last outing, but this time players will be journeying to the desert. Whereas Alto's... | Read more »
Last week on Pocket Gamer
What’s going on in the wider world of portable gaming? Each week we ask that question of our sister website Pocket Gamer. The PG team covers iOS gaming, just like 148Apps, but it also strays into the world of Android games and handheld consoles... | Read more »
Pokémon GO Generation 2 evolution guide
At long last, Niantic Labs finally unleashed the Generation 2 Pokémon into the wild. Pokémon GO trainers are scrambling to grab up this new set of 80 Pokémon. There are some special new tricks required to catch all of these new beasties, though.... | Read more »
The best new games we played this week
It feels as though the New Year got off to a creaking start as far as mobile games go, but that's changed over the past few weeks. The last few days alone have seen the debut of a number of wonderful games, so we thought we'd take the time to... | Read more »
Recruit more scallywags and discover new...
Get ready to show off your sea legs all over again in Oceans & Empires’ new grand update, which aims to make the act of rising to the role of seven seas ruler even more fresh and appealing, thanks to a richness of new content on both iOS and... | Read more »

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Apple’s New iPad Ads Don’t Address Pro Users’...
Apple launched a new tranche of iPad Pro TV ads last week addressing actual queries and challenges from the Twitterverse, albeit using actors for the visuals. That’s great. As an iPad fan and heavy... Read more
Free Verbum Catholic Bible Study App For iOS
The Verbum mobile app runs on Logos’ powerful Bible software and is an advanced resource for mobile Catholic study. The Verbum app surrounds the Bible with the Tradition. Verbum comes with 15 free... Read more
27-inch Apple iMacs on sale for up to $200 of...
B&H Photo has 27″ Apple iMacs on sale for up to $200 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 27″ 3.3GHz iMac 5K: $2099.99 $200 off MSRP - 27″ 3.2GHz/1TB Fusion iMac 5K: $... Read more
15-inch 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pro on sale for...
Amazon has 2015 15″ 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pros (MJLQ2LL/A) available for $1849.99 including free shipping. Apple charges $1999 for this model, so Amazon’s price is represents a $150 savings. Read more
Apple refurbished iPad Air 2s available start...
Apple has Certified Refurbished iPad Air 2 WiFis available for starting at $319 including free shipping. A standard Apple one-year warranty is included: - 16GB iPad Air 2 WiFi: $319 $60 off original... Read more
Apple refurbished iPad Pros available for up...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 9″ and 12″ Apple iPad Pros available for up to $160 off the cost of new iPads. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: - 32GB 9″... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 2015 and 2016 13″ MacBook Airs available starting at $759. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each MacBook, and shipping is free: - 2016 13″ 1.6GHz/8GB/128GB... Read more
13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro (Apple refurbished...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros (MD101LL/A) available for $829, or $270 off original MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook... Read more
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QuickerTek Inc. has announced their new 5TB hard drive upgrade for Apple’s AC AirPort Time Capsule. By customer request, this upgrade also features six external antennas and offers the highest... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 2015 21″ & 27″ iMacs available for up to $350 off MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free. The following models are available: - 21″ 3.... Read more

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