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Tuesday January 10

Apple again named Greenpeace's most...

Activist group Greenpeace has deemed Apple the world's most environmentally-friendly technology platform company for a third consecutive year, ranking it highly even next to fellow "A" grade firms Google and Facebook.

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How to properly configure Mac sound preferences

Good tutorial for folks new to the Mac.

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Why doesn’t the iPhone use USB-C instead of...

Short answer:

There was no USB-C back in 2012 when Apple shipped Lightning on iPhone 5. It didn’t exist. The spec wasn’t even finalized until August of 2014.

But there’s more to this article. I especially appreciate the overlay showing the relative footprints of USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning.

Will the iPhone ever move to USB-C?

USB-C would require another port change for customers. Many people weren’t very happy with the last one, and Lightning was 10 years after Dock. It’s only been 5 years since Lightning. And in that time, with hundreds of millions of devices on the market, Lightning has become ubiquitous enough that everyone has it, typically in abundance.

Interesting that the Mac has made the first move, going all-in on USB-C. I wonder if there’s a prototype USB-C iPhone floating around an Apple campus somewhere.


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Greenpeace gives Apple highest grades for clean...

In the just-released Greenpeace report, Clicking Green: Who is winning the race to build a green internet?, Apple simply crushes it.

Through page after page of detailed analysis, Apple comes out on top, and usually by a pretty fair margin. Apple should be very proud of these results.

If you want to cut right to the chase, scroll to page 46 for an alphabetical walk through all company scores. Compare Amazon’s individual category grades (they got an overall C) with Apple (one of the few companies that got an overall A).

Nice job, Apple.


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News: Daily Deal: EasilyDo, Lifetime Subscription

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can get a lifetime subscription to EasilyDo for only $19 — that’s 90% off the regular price. It’s a new year, so check off those resolutions and stay more organized and productive with this virtual assistant that will add hours of free time back into your life. Instead of working through emails and logging onto your favorite e-commerce site to get your tracking info, EasilyDo takes care of all of it…

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Future iPhones, iPads, and iMacs might have edge-to-...

Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,543,364” for "Electronic devices having displays with openings" that hints at upcoming iPhones and iPads will edge-to-edge displays. Per the patent, a display may occupy the entire front face of a device. The invention might also allow for major speaker changes.

Here’s the patent summary: “The display may have an active region in which display pixels are used to display images. The display may have one or more openings and may be mounted in a housing associated with the electronic device. An electronic component may be mounted in alignment with the openings in the display. The electronic component may include a camera, a light sensor, a light-based proximity sensor, status indicator lights, a light-based touch sensor array, a secondary display that has display pixels that may be viewed through the openings, antenna structures, a speaker, a microphone, or other acoustic, electromagnetic, or light-based component. One or more openings...

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Airport kiosks in seven countries let you change...

If you’ve ever returned from an overseas trip with leftover currency that’s too small a sum to usefully change back into dollars, TravelersBox has an alternative. The airport kiosks currently found in seven countries allow you to turn excess currency into iTunes credits, Starbucks vouchers or transfer it to your PayPal account.


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Rumor: the ‘iPhone 8’ will have a stainless steel...

Apple will adopt a forged stainless steel crafting process for its glass-encased "iPhone 8", rather than use traditional aluminum CNC machining. according to DigiTimes, quoting unnamed Taiwanese sources. 

“The next-generation iPhone (shown in fanciful mock-ups) is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle,” the article says. “The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time.”

Chances this rumor is true (IHMO): 90%. It makes sense, as this rumor fits in well with other rumors about the 2018 Apple smartphone (for example, a mostly-glass case would make wireless charging easier). Also, Apple’s iPhone 4 used a stainless steel frame supplied by Foxconn and Jabil.


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Greenpeace labels Apple most environmentally...

Greenpeace has described Apple as the most environmentally friendly tech company in the world for the third year running, thanks to its high use of renewable energy and the leadership role it takes in encouraging its supply chain to follow its own example.

Apple retains its leadership spot for the third year in a row among platform operators. Both Apple and Google continue to lead the sector in matching their growth with an equivalent or larger supply of renewable energy, and both companies continue to use their influence to push governments as well as their utility and IT sector vendors to increase access to renewable energy for their operations.

Apple scored 83% in Greenpeace’s clean energy index, and was awarded grade A in four out of five additional categories …


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Yahoo to transition name to “Altaba”, Mayer to step...

It’s the end of an era.

Yahoo, which is currently in the midst of an acquisition by Verizon and following a pair of data breaches that exposed the information of over 1 billion customers, revealed via a new regulatory document filed today shows that Verizon’s acquisition of the company is moving closer to completion. Following the acquisition, Yahoo will change its name to Altaba and Marissa Mayer will step down.

Verizon has agreed to purchase Yahoo’s assets and real estate for $4.8 billion as of last July. Following that acquisition, Yahoo’s investments in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan will remain, as will convertible notes and non-core patents. It’s those remaining parts that will operate as “Altaba”.

Additionally, Altaba will operate as an investment company and the board will be reduced to five members: Tor Braham, Eric Brandt, Catherine Friedman, Thomas McInerney and Jeffrey Smith. Brandt will facilitate the transition and was named chairman today.

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CES 2017: Gadget Finds on the CES Show Floor, Days 1...

Having finished up with the media-only events, Jeff Porten hits the show floors of CES, and has many miles to go and products to write up for you before he sleeps.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Rumor: Apple to release three updated iPads in 2017

The rumor mill has kicked in and KGI Securities analyst Ming0Chi Kuo has released a note stated that Apple will launch three new iPad models in 2017. The new iPad models coming out this year include the second-generation update to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that was first introduced in 2015, a brand-new 10- or 10.5-inch model with a narrow bezel design, as well as a budget-friendly 9.7-inch option.

The larger, high-end iPads will feature an A10X chip, while the lower-end iPad will arrive with an A9 processor. The A10X chip is a pumped-up version of the A10 chip currently powering the iPhone 7. The A10X will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and the A9 chip, which powers the iPhone 6s, will continue to be made by Samsung.

Apple’s new iPads are expected to be released in the spring and should be available for retail purchase between April and June. Apple is not expected to update the iPad mini this year.


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Apple seeks clearance to make more products in USA,...

Apple is seeking regulatory approval to expand its manufacturing capabilities in Mesa, Arizona – but the example it gives couldn’t be further from the vision of US-made iPhones. While the federal register notification cites printed circuit board assemblies, lithium polymer batteries and monitors, the specific additional product Apple wants to manufacture there is about as exciting as you could imagine …


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How to select multiple items in the macOS Finder

Ever needed to select more than one item in the macOS Finder? It’s easy. Multiple files can be easily selected in macOS using Click+Drag. You click and continue to hold down the click while you drag within a window to draw a selection box and select more files.

You can also use Shift+Click to select groups of contiguous files in the Finder. Select the first file, hold down the Shift key, then click the last file. All files between those two will be selected.

If you want to select files that aren’t directly grouped together, use Command+Click. Scroll through a Finder window and select items as you go by holding down the Command key when selecting (clicking) a new file.

You can also use Command+Click to remove or unselect files that have been selected. You can use Command+A to select all, or a Shift+Click to select a large group of files, then use Command+Click to deselect the ones you don’t want included in the group.


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New report supports glass design for iPhone 8, with...

A new supply-chain report supports long-running rumors that this year’s iPhone will abandon aluminum in favor of glass back and front. The Digitimes report states that Apple will use a stainless steel frame to hold together glass panels along the lines of the iPhone 4 design.

The next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time.

The prospect of a mostly-glass design was first raised in a...

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Blumoo is a useful universal home entertainment ‘...

By Aaron Lee

Blumoo is a useful universal home entertainment "appcessory" that provides you with control of the audio and visual equipment already installed in your home. It's a universal remote control and streaming device that pairs iOS mobile devices (including the Apple Watch) to existing home entertainment systems.

However, the Blumoo — which costs around US$80 — isn’t just a universal remote for more than 200,000 TVs, Blu-ray players, cable provider boxes, and home audio systems. It also allows users to stream music wirelessly from mobile devices. The 2.24 x 1.95 x 2.81 device uses a blend of Bluetooth, infrared, and an app-enabled iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Besides being practical and easy to use, the Blumoo is relatively sturdy as it's made of semi-translucent polycarbonate. It's also small enough that you can stash it out of site in a cabinet if you wish. However, it's a pretty good...

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Apple patent paves way for iPhone with full-face...

Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent detailing technology that allows for ear speakers, cameras and even a heads-up display to hide behind an edge-to-edge screen, a design rumored to debut in a next-generation iPhone later this year.

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Monday January 9

Apple to forge 'iPhone 8' chassis from...

A rumor out of East Asia on Tuesday suggests Apple might ditch aluminum for forged stainless steel in crafting its next-generation iPhone, lending credence to predictions of an "iPhone 8" with "glass sandwich" design.

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Apple reportedly working with Carl Zeiss on digital...

A report in November claimed that Apple was considering the possibility of entering the digital glasses market, as Snapchat recently did. Now, Robert Scoble, a popular blogger, claims that Apple is working with German optics company Carl Zeiss on its digital glasses.


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iPod godfather Tony Fadell describes early work on...

Earlier today we shared some of the tricks Apple used to perfect its on-stage demonstration of the iPhone 10 years ago. Phil Schiller and Tim Cook have also offered up comments on the anniversary, with Cook touting that “the best is yet to come.”

Now, Tony Fadell, commonly referred to as the “godfather” of the iPod, has shared his stories from working on the iPhone, including the time he thought he lost an early prototype of the device…


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The Talk Show: Now banned in China

Jim Dalrymple returns to the show for the first episode of 2017. Topics include New Year’s Eve, Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant, Apple’s aging AirPort and Mac Pro lineups, the future of desktop Macs, Apple Watch battery life, and rumors of upcoming new iPads.

I always have so much fun doing Gruber’s show.

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[Sponsor] Speedtest Desktop Apps for Mac and Windows

You’ve probably used Speedtest before to test your internet connection by visiting Now there’s an even faster way to run a Speedtest using their free apps for Mac and Windows. No more having to fire up your browser and go to the website. They’re very easy to use, and you’re going to love the clean, beautiful design. Try them out today by downloading the Speedtest app from the Windows or Mac App Stores.

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Apple to make data center cabinets at former GT...

Apple is repurposing GT Advanced's former sapphire plant in Mesa, Ariz., to produce cabinets for its other data centers, according to a notice published by the U.S. government — and as noted by AppleInsider.

The city of Mesa, filing on Apple's behalf, noted that Apple has "repurposed the site as a global data command center," which will "conduct high-tech manufacturing of finished data center cabinets for other data centers.” "The nature of the product is not for end users but for other global data centers what will be supported from the site," the city said.

GT Advanced Tech filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2014 after its scratch-resistant sapphire glass was left out of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. GTAT claimed Apple imposed "oppressive and burdensome terms and obligations” on the company and were an "unnecessary...

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Apple planning ‘innovative’ flagship retail store in...

Apple is planning “one of the most innovative and technological Apple Stores in the world” in Milan, Italy, notes 9to5Mac, quoting a local report.

Apple’s plans depict an outdoor amphitheater where it plans to host culturally focused events throughout the year. In fact, the Cupertino, California-based company has purportedly already agreed to host eight public events per year with potential for at least an additional 4 events per year.

Apple’s amphitheater is said to be “the heart of the square.” The entrance of the store will be marked by a glass screen made from a waterfall. The interior is also said to be fully modernized and redesigned, notes 9to5Mac.

Apple currently has 490 retail stores in 22 countries and an online store available in 39 countries.


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Rumor: Apple and Carl Zeiss teaming up for...

Citing an unnamed “employee at Zeiss,” AR/VR evangelist Robert Scoble claims Apple is partnering with optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on a pair of lightweight glasses, according to AppleInsider. He adds that the product will debut in 2018.

Zeiss currently markets the VR One Plus, a headset with special optics that turns almost any smartphone into a virtual or augmented reality system. Similar products, commonly called viewers, are available from Samsung and Google. 

Almost a year ago, then-Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted that a virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) “ecosystem” for iOS devices such as the iPhone could be ready to go by 2018. 

"We believe 10 years from now Generation Z will find reality inefficient," he wrote. "We believe the concept of an 'inefficient reality' is evident through smartphone use...

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Yahoo will become Altaba, lose Mayer after Verizon...

Yahoo intends to change its name to Altaba once the sale of its internet portal to Verizon is completed. CEO Marissa Mayer and co-founder David Filo also will leave the company then, Yahoo said in a regulatory filing on Monday.

The changes are part of a $4.8 billion dollar deal signed in July 2016 to sell to Verizon.

Once that deal is complete, Yahoo will become an investment company and the board will be reduced from 11 to five people. Altaba's main holdings will be stakes in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and major Japanese Internet portal Yahoo Japan.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple plans Milan flagship store at historic Piazza...

Apple is planning to build a new underground flagship retail store in Milan's historic Piazza del Liberty, or Liberty Square, that will involve the construction of an outdoor amphitheater and stunning water features.

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Marissa Mayer to resign from Yahoo board after...

Yahoo Inc said Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer would step down from the board after the closing of its deal with Verizon Communications Inc.

Five other directors would also resign after the deal closes, Yahoo said in an filing on Monday.

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∞ Honda “Riding Assist” self balancing motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, this is really interesting and I desperately want more information. This is not a production bike though. It’s very much just a proof of concept at this point. But, if it does come to market, it might help riders, especially beginners, deal with those low speed manoeuvres that can be so difficult.

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After Verizon acquisition, Yahoo will change its...

To say Yahoo has had a rough go of it recently would be an understatement. While in the midst of an acquisition by Verizon, the company has faced a pair of massive data breaches, exposing the information of over 1 billion customers.

A new regulatory document filed today shows that Verizon’s acquisition of the company is moving closer to completion, while it also reveals that following the acquisition, Yahoo will change its name to Altaba and Marissa Mayer will step down.


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Apple to produce data center cabinets at defunct GT...

Apple is repurposing GT Advanced's former sapphire plant in Mesa, Ariz., to produce cabinets for its other data centers, according to a notice published by the U.S. government on Monday.

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Rumor: Apple working with Carl Zeiss on AR glasses...

Rumors of Apple's intent to enter the augmented reality hardware space gained traction on Monday, as a report from none other than AR/VR evangelist Robert Scoble claims the company is partnering with optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on a pair of lightweight glasses.

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Min Browser Muffles the Web's Noise

Min is a Web browser with a minimal design that provides speedy operation with simple features.
When it comes to software design, "minimal" does not mean low functionality or undeveloped potential. If you like minimal distraction tools for your text editor and note-taking applications, that same comfort appeal is evident in the Min browser. I mostly use Google Chrome, Chromium and Firefox on my desktops and laptop computers. I am well invested in their add-on functionality, so I can access all the specialty services that get me through my long sessions in researching and working online.

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How to use an iPad as an external display and Touch...

As an LG UltraFine 5K Display owner, I’ve been using my MacBook Pro in closed-clamshell mode for the last week. Closed-clamshell mode allows me to drive an external display with the MacBook’s lid closed.

While such a setup looks neat and takes up less desk real estate, there are a few downsides involved. The most obvious downside is that you lose the MacBook Pro’s screen. But for new MacBook Pro owners, losing the Touch Bar might be the bigger downside of the two.

If you’re an iPad owner, there is a decent solution to this problem. You can use your iPad as an external Touch Bar by using Duet, a $9.99 app on the App Store. Duet allows you to use an iOS device as an external display, and its most recent update adds Touch Bar...

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Which Apple W1-equipped headphones are right for you?

In the past few months Apple has launched several new Bluetooth headphones -- mostly under the Beats brand -- with its proprietary W1 chip, enabling better connections and easier pairing with Apple devices. Which model you should buy, if any, will depend not just on your budget, but how you intend to use them.

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Apple planning new flagship retail store in Milan,...

As Apple continues to expand its retail presence around the world, the company is said to be planning a new flagship location in Milan, Italy. According to a local report, Apple’s preliminary guidelines for the store were approved by the city’s planning department last month.


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AWT News Update: January 9, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone! We have a few news stories that deal with things other than Apple's ubiquitous smartphone today, and one that looks at possible display technology for future iPhones:

  • A rumor about a lack of repair capability for the 2016 MacBook Pro turns out to be just that; a rumor...
  • Remember the Finder for AirPods app? Apple has yanked it from the App Store (see image at top of post)
  • A charging stand for AirPods? Yep.
  • An OLED plant being built in "iPhone City" may point to future display tech for iPhones

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

Subscribe to the Podcast


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Uber Movement offers city planners access to...

Uber is giving urban planners and researchers the ability to look into some of the data generated by its ridesharing app, allowing cities to monitor and improve upon existing infrastructure.

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Roland to release $100 GO:MIXER for iOS devices/...

Roland has just introduced its new GO:MIXER for iOS and other smartphones. The palm-sized mixer allows users to connect up to 5 devices at once through its mono mic and analog line instrument inputs. While there are a number of options for multi-track set-ups on iOS including the popular IK Multimedia interfaces, the sheer number of inputs and affordable price tag make the GO:MIXER worth a closer look.

It is bus-powered via your iOS device and measures only 3.75-inches (95 mm...

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Apple’s Carpool Karaoke to have rotating hosts

Furthermore, the series won’t have a single host in the drivers’ seat. Instead, the trio conceived of a format that is more of an interview series than longer versions of the “Late Late Show” bit, with a different “host” for every episode.

“We’re really excited about the pairings we’re putting together,” Corden said. Those pairings include more traditional musical choices like John Legend with Alicia Keys and Seth MacFarlane with Ariana Grande, but also more outside-the-box choices like Billy Eichner in the passenger seat, surrounded by the band Metallica, or former NFL star and talk show host Michael Strahan with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

It will be interesting to see how this goes. One of the keys to the success of the show was Corden’s personality and comedy, so I’m not sure how it will go with a longer format and different hosts.


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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 9...

Notable software releases this week include OmniFocus 2.8 and Default Folder X 5.1.2.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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More Apple Music Carpool Karaoke details surface;...

The Carpool Karaoke segment introduced to the U.S. on The Late Late Show With James Corden will appear exclusively on Apple Music, and will feature Metallica, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and Ariana Grande in four of sixteen contracted episodes.

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Apple Plans 'High-Tech Manufacturing' of...

An anonymous reader shares a Business Insider report: Apple is seeking permission to conduct "high-tech manufacturing" and to build data-center server gear in a Mesa, Arizona, facility, according to a notice published Monday by the US federal government. A notification published in the Federal Register on Monday said Apple was looking for approval from the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to produce "finished products" in a special zone that exempts it from customs duty payments. "Apple Inc has repurposed the site as a global data command center that will conduct high-tech manufacturing of finished data center cabinets for other data centers," according to a document filed by Mesa on behalf of Apple in June and made public Monday. [...] The Arizona effort would mark a rare instance of a US tech company manufacturing and assembling a finished product domestically, where labor costs are higher. Apple's effort appears limited to equipment for its internal operations, however, rather than for...

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iPhone 7 Plus ad "Take Mine" is an instant...

I think I have a new favorite Apple ad. "Take Mine" came out late last week and is notable for two things -- it's all in Greek with English subtitles and it shows off the amazing capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode. 

I'm not sure of what village or town the ad was filmed in, but it really captures the essence of Greece and the wonderful people there...all while selling the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Apple pulls app for finding lost AirPods from App...

Finder for AirPods, an app designed to assist owners of Apple's AirPods in finding their audio accessory if it has been misplaced, was taken down from the App Store just a few days after it launched.

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10 years of the iPhone, and 10 years of iPhone...

Enlarge / Things have changed over the years, but every iPhone is unmistakably an iPhone. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs hopped onstage at the 2007 MacWorld conference and announced a much-anticipated product that would come to totally eclipse the Mac. It was an iPod, a phone, and an Internet device. It was the first iPhone, and whether you like Apple and its products or not, it drastically altered the face of computing.

Apple stopped attending MacWorld in 2009 (the conference ended entirely in 2015) and Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but the iPhone is still here and so are we. We've reviewed every single...

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Apple will reportedly launch 3 new iPad models in...

It looks like 2017 is gearing up to be the year of the iPad.

Apple is launching three new iPad models in the spring of 2017, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The new iPad models coming our way include the second-generation update to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that was first introduced in 2015, a brand-new 10- or 10.5-inch model with a narrow bezel design, as well as a budget-friendly 9.7-inch option.

The larger, high-end iPads will sport an A10X chip, while the lower-priced iPad will come with the A9 chip. The A10X chip is a pumped-up version of the A10 chip currently powering the iPhone 7. The A10X will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and the A9 chip, which powers the iPhone 6s, will continue to be made by Samsung.


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News: Apple Music’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to feature...

Apple Music’s upcoming Carpool Karaoke standalone series will consist of 16 half-hour episodes, Variety reports. The show, a spinoff of the popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, will feature different hosts for each episode. Carpool Karaoke will also be “more of an interview series” — it’s unclear how much time will be spent talking, and how much time will be spent singing. A few of the host/guest combos…

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∞ New iPhone 7 Plus Ad: “Take Mine”

I love this ad if only because they do it in Greek with English subtitles. I think that’s kind of cool of Apple.

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Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music to feature 16 half-...

When Apple acquired the rights to bring The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke series to Apple Music last summer, one major question at the time was who would host the new series. James Corden hosts the viral series for the CBS version, but it was said from the start that his role would only be executive producer for the new series. Now, new details about the Apple Music Carpool Karaoke series have surfaced.


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The AWT gang offers their thoughts, memories of the...

Today is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. That got us thinking about what cell phone we using 10 years ago today. All three editors of Apple World Today offer their thoughts and memories of the iPhone announcement on January 9, 2007.


On January 9, 2007 I was actually carrying two phones. One was a Nokia candy bar phone with our regional carrier for voice and the other was a Palm Treo 650 for data since our local carrier had no smart phones. I not only have fond memories of the Treo, but I still have the Treo, as well as the Nokia. The Treo had no Wi-Fi and all connectivity was via cellular. It had a 1GB memory card, extruding antenna, physical keyboard, 0.3 megapixel camera and was probably about 3x as thick as today’s iPhone. It ran the Palm OS which was very responsive and stable.

I didn’t get excited the day the iPhone was announced. I was aware of it since I’ve always followed tech closely. But I had not been using Apple...

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Check your Internet connection speed with the...

For years, every time I've wanted to check my connection speed I've pointed my web browser to to use the publicly available tool. A while back, Ookla (the Speedtest folks) came out with an iOS app that has been quite useful, and today the company sent out a note that the desktop apps for Mac and Windows are available. We frankly don't give a rip about the Windows announcement, but wanted you all to know that you can get Speedtest for free in the Mac App Store. 

Once installed and launched from the Applications folder, Speedtest resides in the Mac menu bar so you can pull up a test at any time. If there are multiple servers in your area, a "change server" link appears so that you can see if pointing at a different server changes your results at all. 


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Apple, India officials to meet Jan. 25 to discuss...

A team from Apple will meet a group of India’s senior officials from ministries, including IT and finance, on Jan. 25 to discuss its demands for setting up a manufacturing unit in the country, according to BGR.

Officials from departments of commerce, industrial policy and promotion (DIPP), revenue, environment and forest, electronics and information technology (DeITY) will reportedly take part in the discussions. In a communication to the government, Apple has asked for several tax and other incentives, including long-term duty exemptions, to enter the manufacturing sector in India. However, BGR — quoting unnamed “sources” — said the technology major should set up the manufacturing unit in India without seeking additional support.

Last month it was reported that Apple wants the government of India to relax labelling rules so that it...

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Hands-on: Withings Home Plus Video & Air Quality...

While a number of HomeKit-connected cameras were showcased at CES last week, Withings goes a step beyond just video, integrating an air quality monitor into its offering as well.

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Daylite: Win more business & get more done [...

Feel like there’s not enough hours in a day? Get more done with Daylite, the business productivity app for Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Daylite organizes you and your team’s contacts, calendars, emails, notes, projects, and new business opportunities – in one app. You save time, increase organization, and get more done.

Remember every detail about a client. Track projects and sales. Share tasks. Search for anything.

New in Daylite 6.1 is support for Multitasking on the iPad. Now you can work in Daylite and another app at the same time on your iPad.

Try Daylite free for 30 days


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Spigen launches the first AirPods stand + charging...

Designed specifically for Apple’s AirPods, Spigen’s new AirPods Stand offers one of the first charging dock solutions to keep your case upright on a desktop, bedside table, or any other flat surface.

The edges of the AirPods charging case are rounded, and while that makes it particularly nice to carry around in your pants pocket, it means the case won’t stand up on its own. Spigen’s stand ($11.99) fixes that problem, by giving you a desktop stand that doubles as a charging dock with a cutout that lets you insert your own Lightning cable in the back.


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Apple issues new developer betas of iOS 10.2.1,...

Apple on Monday pushed out a four-pack of new beta releases for all of its major platforms -- all of which are expected to be minor updates to squash bugs and improve security.

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10 years on, how the iPhone changed our lives,...

It was a widescreen iPod for music and video, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet communications device, but it would soon also become our flashlight, our wallet, our passport, our light switch, and the lens with which we’d capture and store our memories day in and day out.

Apple changed the world on this day in 2007 when Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone. For some of us at 9to5Mac the iPhone was our introduction to Apple and the device we grew up with. For others, a new era for the company and mobile computers. But for all of us, a game changing device that would impact our lives in many ways.

As the iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, the 9to5Mac team takes some time to remember our first iPhones and just how far the device has come…


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macOS 10.12.3 beta 3 for developers rolling out now

Apple is rolling out the third macOS 10.12.3 pre-release software update to developers. New features haven’t been discovered in previous macOS 10.12.3 betas, suggesting the software update is focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. We’ll update with any notable changes below:


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News: Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 beta 3, tvOS 10.1.1...

Apple has released the third beta of iOS 10.2.1 to registered developers today, after a holiday break of sorts — the second beta was released before Christmas. A public beta release should soon follow. While a recent tweet claimed an iOS 10.3 beta would introduce “theatre mode” this week, that seems unlikely to happen so soon. Additionally, Apple has also released both the second betas for tvOS 10.1.1 and watchOS 3.1.3 to developers....

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CES 2017's Magic

CES was a fascinating show this year. One of the things that made it so fascinating was that everyone and their brother had cars demonstrating one form of technology or another. It kind of makes me wonder what we'll see at the next car show -- PCs, drones, tablets and smartphones? That wasn't the only surprise at the show, though. Nvidia, long thought of as living in Intel's shadow, broke out, taking over the prime keynote spot in a big way and demonstrating that it has all but cornered the market for car brains.

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Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 beta 3, watchOS 3.1.3 beta...

Apple has released the third iOS 10.2.1 beta for developer testing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 10.2.1 is likely a bug fix and performance improvement release. The initial beta was released on December 14 with a second beta issued before the holiday break.

watchOS 3.1.3 beta 2 is also out for testing. We’ll update to the latest version and highlight any changes discovered below.


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Debunking retail rumors, Apple says its stores are...

Reports claiming Apple Stores can't repair the 2016 MacBook Pro because of a lack of diagnostic tools are false, as AppleInsider has been told that stores are fully equipped and trained to perform all required diagnostics and repairs necessary.

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Facebook plots mid-video ads in bid to take on...

Facebook is reportedly preparing to test "mid-roll" advertising spots in non-live videos, in a move that would finally allowing video publishers to make serious revenue -- if potentially at the expense of turning off some viewers.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: latest 13-inch MacBook Pro $1,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Apple’s latest gen 13-inch MacBook Pro in Space Grey and Silver for $200 off:...

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Streaming Now Officially the Number One Way We...

An anonymous reader writes: It's official: according to a new year-end report released by Nielsen, over the course of 2016, streaming became the primary mode of music consumption in the U.S. Overall on-demand audio streams surpassed 251 billion in 2016 -- a 76 percent increase that accounts for 38 percent of the entire music consumption market. Plus, "the on-demand audio streaming share [of total music consumption] has now surpassed total digital sales (digital albums + digital track equivalents) for the first time in history." Nielsen's data is in line with others' findings.


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Phil Schiller on iPhone’s launch, how it changed...

There are a lot of articles you can read today about the launch of the iPhone ten years ago but very few of them will be with one of the principles involved.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Remembering the iPhone introduction

The original iPhone on display at Macworld Expo 2007

Do you remember where you were on January 9, 2007? I know exactly where I was and what I was doing, since I was attending Macworld Expo that year and was fortunate to be in the audience at the keynote when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. 

In those days, Apple had a huge presence at Macworld Expo, taking up a good part of the show floor at Moscone Center. Every year, the company would also host a keynote address to which attendees were invited. Some years the keynotes were rather unexciting, but the 2007 event was expected to be different because Apple was allegedly going to announce a cell phone.  

If I remember correctly, I crawled out of bed at 3 AM that morning and made my way to Moscone West, where the keynote would be held. Why so early? If you didn't get in line early, it was pretty easy...

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The best bathroom scales

By Melanie Pinola

This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best homewares. When readers choose to buy The Sweethome's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work....

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Deals: $150 off 2016 15" MacBook Pro; $50-$100...

Shoppers looking to pick up a brand-new 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can save $150 on the high-end model in Silver ($2,649.99 after discount). Or save $50-$100 on 2016 12" MacBooks with no tax outside NY. Apple's 32GB 9.7" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi Only) is also $100 off at Amazon.

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News: Russia orders Apple to pull LinkedIn app

Apple has pulled the LinkedIn app from its App Store in Russia, The New York Times reports. The move came after Russia blocked the social networking site for not complying with local laws requiring them to store data on Russian citizens. Nicole Leverich, a spokeswoman for LinkedIn, said the company was “disappointed” in Russia’s decision, adding the move “denies access to our members in Russia and the companies that use LinkedIn…

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The iPhone turns 10: Apple CEO Tim Cook promises...

It’s tough to remember a time before the iPhone, which ushered in the smartphone era and radically transformed our lives. A decade ago, on Jan. 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off a touchscreen “iPod, phone, and internet communicator” at the Macworld Expo. Little did he (or we) know then just how successful the iPhone would become.


Today, the iPhone is Apple’s biggest seller by far. The company has sold more than a billion iPhones in the last 10 years. A lot has changed in a decade. The iPhone now includes an insanely good dual-lens camera in the 7 Plus, a built-in streaming music service, and we can’t...

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Daily Deal: PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock for...

Have an Apple Watch? The official Apple charging dock isn't all that useful, as it charges just one device at a time -- an Apple Watch. The PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock not only keeps your Apple Watch topped off, but it also comes with three USB ports, making it easy for you to keep up to three other devices fully charged up as well. 

Just 90x90x75mm in size (3.54x3.54x2.95 inches), the PowerTime dock comes with a built-in 4-foot power cable and has three USB ports for charging your other tech. The PowerTime dock cleans up your workspace by hiding the long Apple charging cable inside, and the silicone surface of the dock resists scratches regardless of how much you put the dock through.  ...

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Phil Schiller discusses iPhone's impact on...

On the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's unveiling, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller reminisced on the past decade, talking about what the iPhone means to the company, how it has changed Apple over time, and the marks the device has made on the entire world.

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Worshiping at the Apple temple

From a blog post that ran on the BBC News site, ten years ago today:

As the hype piled up Jobs told us we were witnessing history and he was going to reinvent the telephone – some doubts crept in.


It is going to be expensive – $499 for the 4gb, $599 for 8gb – when it arrives in US stores in June.


Apple is entering a market where giants like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung are making pretty smart phones. A bit of a contrast to the easier landscape which the ipod entered. Still – as Jobs pointed out – there’s a big market to aim at, with a billion mobile phones sold last year.

Fun looking back. After all, who knew what was coming? Well, Steve did.


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iPhone, a moment in history

BBC News correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, recalling that day, ten years ago, when the iPhone was first unveiled:

Ten years ago I was running from San Francisco’s Moscone Centre to a nearby hotel to edit a piece for the Ten O’Clock News when my phone rang.

“Have you got your hands on this new Apple phone for a piece to camera?” shouted a producer in London. “If not, why not?”

This appeared to be an impossible demand.


Then I remembered that we had been offered – and turned down for lack of time – an interview with Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller. I turned around and headed back to the Moscone Centre. Having located Mr Schiller I asked whether before our interview I might just have a look at the iPhone.

He graciously handed his over – and rather than trying to ring Jony Ive or order 5,000 lattes as Steve Jobs had on stage, I brandished it at the camera for my Ten O’Clock News piece.


The following weekend a Sunday...

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Apple executives, India officials to talk local...

An Apple team is reportedly scheduled to meet with senior Indian government officials on Jan. 25 in order to discuss demands for setting up manufacturing in the country, which could potentially pave the way for local Apple stores and more competitive pricing.

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News: Samsung’s Gear S3, Gear S2, Fit2 smartwatches...

Samsung has announced its Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 smartwatches are now compatible with iOS. Depending on the model, users will need the Gear S or Gear Fit apps, now available on the App Store. The apps will guide users through the steps of pairing their devices and, once installed, allow the wearer to track routes, log distance traveled and monitor heart rate and calories burned. The apps also provide the ability to find a lost watch using…

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Hands on: Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming finally...

Gaming on Macs has never been a primary use case, but for the few who do want to use their Macs for gaming — whether on the desktop or on a Macbook — there have never been great options. However, at CES 2017, NVIDIA has revealed that it’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, is headed to the platform.


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Russia Demands LinkedIn App Takedown, Apple and...

Russia has forced Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn mobile app from their Russian application markets, the latest chapter in a months-long campaign against the professional networking site. From a report on Fortune: A recently-passed Russian law requires that any company holding data on Russians house that data within Russia. Russia began blocking LinkedIn's website last November under that law, which some critics argue is an indirect form of censorship. The removal of the LinkedIn app from Apples App Store and Google's Play shows the willingness of major internet gatekeepers to comply with individual nations' data-control laws, on both the web and mobile devices.


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FTC sues D-Link for failure to secure webcams,...

D-Link is under fire from the Federal Trade Commission for not doing enough to secure its products, including connected home devices -- a threat Apple has countered via secure authentication chips in HomeKit-certified hardware.

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News: KGI’s Kuo still predicts three iPad sizes,...

Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is doubling down on his August prediction that Apple will release three iPads in the second quarter of 2017, claiming Apple will release 12.9”, 10-10.5” and 9.7” models. The 12.9” is expected to be the new version of the existing iPad Pro and the 9.7” will be a “low-priced option” aimed at entry-level tablet buyers. There’s still some uncertainty around the final…

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Amazon Echo speakers obey TV's command to buy a...

One of the unintended results of our growing world of voice-activated devices and assistants is that they can be inadvertently set to a task. We first caught a glimpse of that problem two and a half years ago when an Xbox One ad woke Xbox consoles across the globe. More recently, Amazon’s Alexa ended up inadvertently obeying a command from broadcast TV to make a purchase on Amazon—or at least that’s what some Echo owners claim.

It all started a few days ago when a 6-year-old girl in Texas asked Alexa to “play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse.” Alexa quickly complied with the request and ordered the child a dollhouse from Amazon, as well as four pounds of cookies, according to CBS DFW.


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WeChat CEO celebrates Apple iPhone at 10, challenges...

After a series of social media posts celebrating the iPhone's 10th anniversary, WeChat founder Allan Zhang deployed a series of web apps for all smartphone users called "mini programs," in an attempt to combat Apple's dominance in the field and possibly collect some of the billions of dollars fed into the app economy in the future.

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Phil Schiller discusses iPhone 10 year anniversary,...

On the Backchannel blog, Steven Levy has posted a concise interview with Apple SVP Phil Schiller timed with the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. The post includes Levy’s anecdotes about Steve Jobs back in 2007 at the original iPhone launch followed up with some questions to Schiller about the success of the iPhone looking back and looking forward.

Regarding voice-only personal assistant devices like the Amazon Echo’s Alexa, Schiller says that the best intelligent assistant is the one that’s always with you, and that you can’t discount the value of a color display to present information …


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News: Apple celebrates 10 years of the iPhone

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone, which he called “a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device.” Apple is celebrating the iconic iPhone by heralding the many ways the device has changed the industry. Essentially creating the smartphone as we know it, the iPhone was the first device to introduce or popularize many of the features users take for granted today....

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Airmail iOS email app gains new custom actions,...

Airmail is a great alternative email client to Apple’s built-in Mail app, and the latest update adds even more custom actions and app integrations that make it powerful. This mail client offers features similar to Dropbox’s discontinued Mailbox app with the ability to sort out messages for a later date, and Airmail version 1.5 introduces all new custom actions:


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EzyCal is a new menu bar calendar for macOS

AppYogi Software has introduced EzyCal - Calendar 2017, a menu bar calendar developed exclusively for macOS. It ships with a full calendar display with events, reminders, to-do list organizer, cal-sync and more. 

EzyCal offers keyboard shortcuts and custom color themes that users can select from any three window sizes of the calendar. It also syncs with all available calendar events.

EzyCal requires macOS 10.10 or later. It costs US$4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively at the Mac App Store.

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As OLED iPhone rumors swirl, Apple supplier Sharp...

Foxconn-owned Sharp is reportedly planning to invest 100 billion yen, or about $864 million U.S., into setting up an OLED production line, amidst expectations that Apple's "iPhone 8" will switch from LCD display technology to OLED.

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Review: Mujjo, the felt and leather sleeve for the...

Taking delivery of my shiny new 2016 MacBook Pro also meant I needed a new case to protect it from getting scratched or marked. I frequently carry it inside a bicycle bag, where London’s pot-holed roads would mean it bouncing around a little, and it also travels with my in my hand-baggage when I fly.

I’ve previously used TwelveSouth’s BookBook cases. These offer a high degree of protection in an admittedly slightly bulky form, but the company doesn’t yet have versions for the latest MacBook Pro. I also have Burkley’s hardshell leather case on my MacBook Air.

Mujjo – whose wallet case I...

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Apple was granted 2,102 patents in 2016

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, a producer of global patent databases and innovative web services, has announced the 2016 IFI CLAIMS U.S. Top 50, an annual ranking of top patent recipients. Apple increased the number of patents it received, but remains at #11 on the list.

The Cupertino, California-based company was granted 2,102 patents in 2016. That’s up 8.46% from the 1,938 it was granted in 2015.

Using proprietary algorithms to analyze U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data, IFI CLAIMS ranks global patent assignees by number of utility patents received each calendar year. 2016 saw 304,126 utility patent grants, the most on record in a single year. IBM again holds the #1 slot, which it has for 24 consecutive years, with 8,088 patents—up nearly 10% over 2015 and the most any company has ever acquired in a calendar year. The other Top 5 recipients remain unchanged from 2015 with Samsung at #2,...

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Happy birthday, iPhone; you’re 10 years old today

Today (Jan.9) marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s debut. At the 2007 Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, then-CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to Apple’s smartphone as three products in one — “a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device.” In the 10 years since, Apple has sold over a billion iPhones. 

“iPhone is an essential part of our customers' lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a press release “iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, added: “It is amazing that from the very first iPhone through to today's newest iPhone 7 Plus, it has remained the gold standard by which all other smartphones are judged. For many of us, iPhone...

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News: Daily Deal: Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0...

For Friday’s iLounge Deal, you can pick up the Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank for only $64.95 — that’s 48% off the regular price. This high-capacity power bank is ready to keep all of your devices charged up, with 26,800 mAh of capacity and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology. You can get 7-9 recharges of your iPhone from it, and the power bank maintains up to 95% of its charge for six months without use, so it’s…

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Apple's iPhone Turns 10

An anonymous reader shares a report: "Every once in a while there is a revolutionary product that comes along, that changes everything," that's how Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone 10 years ago. To think about it, the iPhone did not have anything that anyone associated with a smartphone. On top of that, it was expensive, you could not share files over Bluetooth, it did not support 3G, it did not have an expandable storage slot and you needed iTunes for everything. But despite that, and to the horror of its rivals, everyone wanted one. Veteran journalist Steven Levy spoke with Phil Schiller, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple on the occasion.


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CES 2017: From Laundry to Play-Doh at Showstoppers

Jeff Porten continues his explorations of what’s new and cool at Showstoppers, the third and final media-only show floor at CES.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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05:15 launches, looks to guide users to...

Ok, this could be helpful.

In the wake of a fair number of questionable USB-C adapters (you get what you pay for in terms of snagging a gas station accessory), Benson Leung has launched, a web site that tests and reviews as many USB Type-C (USB-C) cables and accessories that it can get its hands on.

Leung, a Google Chromebook engineer, has spent a fair amount of time buying batches of USB Type-C cables off Amazon and testing them to see if they perform up to par or are just cheap knock-offs.

The cables and chargers themselves can fail in a variety of ways, albeit incorrect resistors seem to be among the most common problems so far.

So, if you’re wondering which USB Type-C adapters are worth looking into and which are a waste of your hard-earning money, take a gander at Leung’s web site and please let us know what you think in the comments.

Via and...

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Sharp to make OLED displays for upcoming iPhones at...

Foxconn appears to be taking full advantage of its acquisition of Sharp as the display maker is reported to be setting up an OLED production line at an iPhone assembly factory. All of the OLED production there is said to be destined for upcoming iPhone models, according to a Nikkei report cited by Digitimes.

Sharp plans to invest JPY100 billion (US$864 million) to set up an OLED production line at Foxconn Electronics’ factory in Zhengzhou City, northern China.

However, the facility won’t be ready for this year’s iPhones, as trial production is not expected to begin until 2018 or 2019 – though the company may be making OLED units for the iPhone 8 elsewhere …


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05:00 URL leads to new malware strain for...

You’re going to need to be a little more careful when surfing the Web on your Mac.

For the past few weeks, people have been tricked into visiting a phony website embedded with malware that can freeze Macs, according to a report this week by the cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes.

The new malware, which can be activated by visiting, can trigger two sets of actions depending on the version of the computers’ operating systems.

In one case, the malware causes the computer’s Apple email client to create a deluge of draft emails that contain the words “Warning! Virus Detected!” in the email subject line. Although the emails don’t get actually get delivered to anyone, the sudden flood of draft emails hogs the computer’s resources, thus causing the computer to freeze.

In the second case, the malware launches iTunes multiple times without closing it to the point where the application crashes, thereby also hogging additional resources from the...

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Uber offers cities ‘anonymized’ ride data

Uber Technologies is offering data from trips on its ride-hailing platform to city officials, planners and policymakers to help them better understand traffic patterns and improve investments in infrastructure.

The move will likely win Uber goodwill with city officials, even as the company has resisted other bids for data by some cities. New York, for example, wants to collect trip records from vehicles on hire to monitor adherence to driver fatigue regulations, which Uber has rejected citing individual privacy issues.

Some of the data collected by Uber over 2 billion trips across 450 cities will be provided under the new program, called Movement. However, the data will be “anonymized and aggregated into the same types of geographic zones that transportation planners use to evaluate which parts of cities need expanded infrastructure, like Census Tracts and Traffic...

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An advance look at Appostasy’s PenSe for the Apple...

The Apple Pencil is a fantastic accessory, but can’t be easily attached to the body of an iPad Pro. Plus, its plastic body is easily scratched and can be slippery. The folks at Appostasy are working on a solution: the “PenSe.” 

I’ve had a chance to look at an advance unit. It’s probably not for me — I plug along nicely with my Stylus Sling — it may well be a useful accessory for artists and creative who use the pencil more than me. 

The PenSe is made of anodized aluminum. The case is abrasion resistant and easy to grip. And it’s designed with the look and feel of an Apple product.

With 14 neodymium magnets, PenSe allows you to attach the pencil to any magnetized surface on your iPad Pro, Apple Smart Cover, or Smart Keyboard. The PenSe also provides a cap and adapter storage solution. (Note some...

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Space schmup Xenoraid launches on the Ap...
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Star Wars: Force Arena Beginner's G...
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Job Description: Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions - Apple,...
Job Description: Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, Read more
*Apple* & PC Desktop Support Technician...
Apple & PC Desktop Support Technician job in Stamford, CT We have immediate job openings for several Desktop Support Technicians with one of our most well-known Read more
*Apple* macOS Systems Integration Administra...
…most exceptional support available in the industry. SCI is seeking an Junior Apple macOS systems integration administrator that will be responsible for providing Read more
*Apple* Premier Retailer - Service Technicia...
DescriptionSimply Mac is the largest premier retailer for Apple products and solutions. At Simply Mac we are all Apple , all the time. Same products. Same prices. Read more
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