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Thursday June 23

Apple hires Sage Bionetworks president to work on...

We are delighted to announce that Stephen Friend has transitioned from his role as President of Sage Bionetworks to Chairman of the Board, and the promotion of Lara Mangravite to President. As chairman of the Board, Dr. Friend will continue to work with Sage at a strategic level while stepping away from responsibility for day to day operations. Dr. Friend has accepted a position with Apple Inc. where he will work on health related projects.

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Lego vintage 1960s Volkswagen
Instagram adds more video channels to your '...

Back in April, Instagram added a channel feature to the "Explore" feed inside its apps. Those video channels are getting a lot more options today, displaying content based on the topics that interest you most. In fact, there are 23 different categori...

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Rumor: Unconfirmed leak points to 256GB iPhone 7, “...

The iPhone 7 rumors are coming in at full force following WWDC and an unconfirmed leak from a Chinese web site shows alleged iPhone 7 pricing that has a new 256GB model will almost retain pricing of the current top of the line 128GB model.

A new 256GB model would replace the current 128GB as the top of the line as well as live up to previous rumors of Apple seeking a higher storage capacity. The rumored pricing below is allegedly showing a lineup that would include 32GB, 64GB, and 265GB models for the iPhone 7 and 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB models for the iPhone 7 Plus and a new iPhone Pro line.

This isn’t the first time an “iPhone Pro” has been mentioned and would fit into Apple’s recent release of an iPad Pro as well.

There was also a period when reports out of the...

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BitTorrent Adds Music, Video Streaming Options With...

Dan Rys, reporting for Billboard:As streaming continues to consolidate its foothold as a major force in the music-listening community, more and more players are getting into the increasingly crowded space. Today, BitTorrent announced it is adding an ad-supported streaming option to its BitTorrent Bundle offerings, which is officially re-launching as BitTorrent Now. But before anyone thinks the company is throwing its hat into the ring alongside Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal (or even Netflix and Hulu), BitTorrent Now isn't designed as a full-catalog competitor. Rather, its streaming component will be part of the distribution framework established with BitTorrent Bundle in 2013, giving artists who use its direct-to-fan platform the option to allow fans to stream their releases rather than download them. BitTorrent Now is currently available as an app on Android devices, with iOS and Apple TV apps on the horizon "shortly," according to a rep.


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AP: VW will shell out $10.2 billion to settle...

Volkswagen is set to pay $10.2 billion to settle claims in the emissions-dodging scandal, the AP reports. Last year, Volkswagen was caught using software that disguised the true emissions output of 600,000 of its diesel vehicles sold since 2008, and...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Logitech solar Mac keyboard $...

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This Logitech keyboard is Mac-friendly and uses solar power for $36 shipped (Reg. $55)

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale will track your weight, BMI & more:...

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Streaks: A hands-on review of the Apple Design Award...

One of the winners of an Apple Design Award at last week's WWDC event was Streaks ($3.99), and for good reason. The app does one job very well -- it tracks up to six tasks that you want to accomplish, gently nudges you to complete them, and then shows you how you've done each day.

The joy of this app is that it's not overdone or overcomplicated like most "to-do-list" apps. Instead of letting you set up a huge, unreachable grocery list of tasks that you're bound to never accomplish, it maxes out at six tasks. Each task can be assigned a well-designed, clean icon so you know at a glance what task you're looking at, and there are hundreds of icons to choose from.

You can choose to reach your goal on specific days of the week, a certain number of days per week (for example, I really don't need to check my blood pressure every day, so I just do it three times per week), or every...

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Instagram’s text translation

In the coming month, you’ll see a translation button on feed stories and profile bios written in languages different from your own. The Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined. And we’re excited that you’ll soon be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.

Sounds like a great feature.

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Charvel’s new flagship guitars

I’ve always loved Charvel.

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T-Mobile thanks customers with hour of in-flight...

T-Mobile on Thursday launched a pair of initiatives aimed at American travelers. In the first, the carrier is giving an hour of Gogo in-flight internet service to all domestic U.S. fliers, including what the company calls "those long-abused AT&T and Verizon customers."

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Solar Impulse makes first sun-powered Atlantic...

The Solar Impulse has become the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic on sun power alone. Piloted by Bertrand Piccard, it arrived in Seville, Spain this morning at 1:38AM ET, and was dramatically greeted by the nation's Patrulla Águila aerobat...

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New iTunes 12.4.1 glitch has been discovered

A new iTunes bug has been discovered that causes Apple Music playback issues related to tracks shorter than 60 seconds. MacRumors says it’s able to reproduce the issue on Macs running OS X 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4.1. 

Specifically, when an Apple Music track shorter than 60 seconds is streamed in its entirety, without skipping ahead, the subsequent song in an album or playlist fails to play and appears to be in a state of perpetual buffering, the article says. The bug only affects tracks streamed through Apple Music, with songs and albums that have been stored locally on iTunes unaffected. The issue was unable to be reproduced on a Mac running macOS Sierra beta, nor on an iPhone running iOS 9.3.2, notes MacRumors.

Hide those files and folders you don't want others...

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Clash Royale is even more addictive than Clash of...

Free-to-play games often look appealing, but it’s difficult to know at a glance whether the business model is insidious and fun ruining, or reasonable and worth pumping a few bucks into. With Freemium Field Test, we’ll take a recent free-to-play iOS game, put it through its paces, and let you know if it’s really worth your time (and money).

I’ve played a lot of free-to-play mobile games in my time, not only during the lifespan of this column but also in the years prior, and I honestly can’t recall a game that has completely enraptured me quite like Clash Royale. Truth be told, I didn’t believe the hype around it and I got blindsided.


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Apple’s fifth retail store in Hong Kong will open...

Apple's will open its fifth store in Hong Kong on June 30, reports AppleInsider. The New Town Plaza outlet will launch at 10 a.m. local time next Thursday in the Sha Tin district. Operating hours will be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.


This will bring the total number of retail stores in the country to 33. Apple’s goal is to have 40 retail stores open in China before the end of 2016. When the new Hong Kong store opens, the company will have 483 retail stores in 18 countries and an online store available in 39 countries.

Gemini 2 - Eliminate duplicates and free up space on your Mac

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Apple leaves iOS 10 beta kernel unencrypted, opens...

This is interesting.

According to users who’ve been testing the iOS 10 beta, Apple apparently left the operating system’s kernel unencrypted. Apple confirmed this on Wednesday, citing that the move was performed to streamline system performance.

An Apple spokesperson stated that because iOS 10’s kernel cache does not contain sensitive information, it does not need to be encrypted.

“The kernel cache doesn’t contain any user info, and by unencrypting it we’re able to optimize the operating system’s performance without compromising security,” the representative said.

Apple traditionally obfuscates the kernel in order to protect its prized operating system from unwanted probing or reverse engineering, potentially by nefarious agents....

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Rumored iPhone 7 pricing shows 256GB model, 32GB...

With the iPhone 7 rumors in full force now following WWDC this month and the unveiling of iOS 10, the latest might be our first look at pricing for the device. An unconfirmed leak from Weibo (via PocketNow), where info from the Chinese supply chain has been known to appear in the past, shows alleged iPhone 7 pricing that has a new 256GB model will almost retain pricing of the current top of the line 128GB model.


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What to do when your iPhone or iPad is stolen

Mikah Sargent, writing for iMore, with a heart-sickening tale:

On the night of Monday, June 13, someone stole my 12.9-inch iPad Pro from my bag during the annual Beard Bash event. I won’t go into the gritty details, but suffice it to say my valuables (as well as those of my colleague Serenity Caldwell) were in a secure location. Unfortunately, secure doesn’t always mean nothing bad will happen, and in this case, something bad did happen: My iPad Pro was removed from my bag, Serenity’s belongings were stuffed into my bag to make it look full (I guess), and the iPad Pro went bye-bye.


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T-Mobile will offer unlimited data for European...

T-Mobile is continuing its practice of proving to everyone why it should be worthy of the "Un-carrier" moniker. This time around, the company is offering unlimited data with up to 4G LTE speeds throughout Europe for the rest of the summer.

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Apple to open fifth Hong Kong store on June 30 as...

Apple's will debut its fifth store in Hong Kong on June 30, reflecting the importance of both the city and the Chinese market in general.

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Holy Crap! Darth Vader is in Rogue One: A Star Wars...

As if we couldn’t be any more excited about “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Entertainment Weekly just dropped a Death Star-size surprise in our laps: Darth Vader is in the movie. Since this movie chronicles the events leading up to the original 1977 Star Wars movie, it seemed pretty likely we’d see everyone’s favorite Sith Lord, but now it’s official. Hopefully Vader will make more than a cameo appearance because it would be frakking awesome to see him in ruthless bad-ass mode instead of the emo Vader we got in “Return of the Jedi”. Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, so clear your schedule now.

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Holy Crap! Darth Vader is in Rogue One: A Star Wars...

As if we couldn't be any more excited about "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," Entertainment Weekly just dropped a Death Star-size surprise in our laps: Darth Vader is in the movie. Since this movie chronicles the events leading up to the original 1977 Star Wars movie, it seemed pretty likely we'd see everyone's favorite Sith Lord, but now it's official. Hopefully Vader will make more than a cameo appearance because it would be frakking awesome to see him in ruthless bad-ass mode instead of the emo Vader we got in "Return of the Jedi." Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, so clear your schedule now.


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'Vampyr' and the gender politics of 1918...

Vampyr, the next game from Dontnod Entertainment features a white, male protagonist. For any other studio, this is de rigueur, something dictated by the gaming industry's presumed demographic. But for the team behind Life is Strange and Remember Me,...

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Bad ‘iPhone 7’ knockoffs continue hitting the web

We haven’t seen a radically different iPhone 7 design leak at this point yet, and that’s likely because the iPhone 7 or whatever Apple calls in this fall is widely expected to be another addition to the iPhone 6 series as far as design goes. But that hasn’t stopped the steady stream of bad knockoffs and mockups from surfacing online and in many cases being passed off as the real thing. Some of these iPhone 7 “leaks” are nice to look at but that’s about it.


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WWDC clues hint at Apple’s post-iPhone era

Great read from Neil Cybart. He walks through three distinct business models, from the Mac as digital hub, to the no central hub model (with iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod being equals), to the iPhone as hub model.

Very interesting, all with some numbers to back up the logic and a peek at the Neil’s take on the post-iPhone future.

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John Dvorak: Apple should spin off the Macintosh


The Mac is an incredibly valuable part of Apple’s ecosystem. If people were, en masse, leaving the Mac for iOS, that might make some (albeit small) amount of sense. But the Mac is an integral part of Apple’s big picture strategy.

Spin off the Mac? I don’t think so.

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iOS 10 beta still encrypts user data, but not the...

The iOS 10 developer betas come with an unencrypted kernel. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple has made encryption and user privacy a pillar of the iOS platform in recent years, but earlier this week, security researchers made a curious discovery: as reported by the MIT Technology Review, the operating system kernel in the iOS 10 betas released at WWDC last week is unencrypted. This makes it much easier to dig into the code and look for security flaws.

There was some speculation as to why Apple had done this or whether the company had even released an unencrypted kernel on purpose. After declining to comment initially, an Apple spokesperson confirmed to...

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Apple shows interest in expanding True Tone color...

While True Tone technology is currently exclusive to Apple's latest flagship iPad, a new patent application signals it has interest in expanding the color management capabilities to other devices, potentially ranging from as small as an Apple Watch to as large as an iMac.

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Check out the BBC's new 'Robot Wars'...

After a long hiatus, the much-loved gladiatorial game show Robot Wars is returning to the BBC. The new series, which will consist of six hour-long episodes, is bringing back the old House Robot gang to smash, drop and ultimately humiliate contestants...

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Petition urges Apple not to drop the headphone jack...

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition urging Apple not to ditch the headphone socket from the next version of the iPhone, notes the BBC.

Persistent rumors claim Apple plans to omit the 3.5mm socket to make their next smartphone thinner and more waterproof, with more room for the battery. Without a 3.5mm jack, the iPhone would use headphones with Lightning connectors and/or wireless headphones.

Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed by Apple (heck, the company hasn’t revealed any details about an iPhone 7). However, Sum of Us, a website "fighting for people over profits", which organized the petition, said: "Not only will this force iPhone users to dole out additional cash to replace their hi-fi headphones, it will singlehandedly create mountains of electronic waste that likely won't get recycled."


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iOS 10 turned iMessage into an app discovery secret...

Caitlin McGarry, writing for Macworld, digs into iOS 10′s new iMessage app. An all around interesting read, but one particular paragraph stuck out.

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BitTorrent Now is an open, ad-supported music and...

Chances are, most people still think of BitTorrent as a tool to pirate the latest Game of Thrones episode -- but for several years now, the company has been using its peer-to-peer internet technology as a platform for independent musicians, filmmaker...

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BitTorrent Now is a radically different take on...

If you haven’t been paying attention to BitTorrent over the last few years and still equate the company with piracy, its plan to become a legitimate media company may come as a surprise. But BitTorrent, the company behind the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol of the same name, just launched a streaming app that has already won over artists, musicians, and filmmakers. The app is available today on Android and coming soon to iOS and Apple TV.

BitTorrent Now emphasizes emerging artists, so content discovery is a high priority for the company. I’ve never heard of most indie bands from Brooklyn (despite living in Brooklyn), so how will I know which ones to listen to? BitTorrent has a team curating recommended projects inside the app, and there will also be a trending tab to see what’s popular with other BitTorrent users and on social media. You...

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∞ Links to macOS Sierra reviews

Here are some posts worth reading, each with an individual take after spending some quality time with the macOS Sierra beta.

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Science fund lets kids learn 3D printing, gene...

President Obama declared June 17 to the 23rd to be the National Week of Making, and what better way to celebrate than funding research for kids? The National Science Foundation (NSF) created a $1.5 million "early-concept grant" for five youth-oriente...

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Apple Says iOS Kernel Cache Left Unencrypted...

The iOS 10 kernel, which Apple released to enthusiasts last week, is not encrypted, according to a report. Security experts expressed their surprise and puzzlement over this in a report by MIT News. The iPhone maker, after remaining tight-lipped over the matter for a week, has now offered an explanation. In a statement to The Loop, Apple said: The kernel cache doesn't contain any user info, and by unencrypting it we're able to optimize the operating system's performance without compromising security.It is worth mentioning that Apple is talking about kernel's cache, whereas MIT News' original report talks about kernel code.


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Sir Jony Ive awarded honorary Doctor of Science by...
Fueled by Apple Watch, smartwatch prices surge as...

Though prices on activity trackers continue to drop, average selling prices on wearable devices still saw a major increase in the first quarter of 2016, boosted in large part by the availability of the premium-priced Apple Watch, according to new research.

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The Apple Watch helps wearables revenue accelerate...

Some pundits paint the Apple Watch as a failure, but that’s not the case. In the first quarter of 2016, worldwide revenue for wearable devices surged 133% to nearly $6 billion (at retail) year-on-year, fueled by connected watches, notably as Apple Watch passes its first birthday, according to Futuresource Consulting

While Apple’s smartwatch sales aren’t up to some analysts’ early forecasts,  Apple already ranks among the largest watchmakers in the world in revenue terms, behind giants Swatch and Rolex, and ahead of Fossil, Citizen, Casio, Richemont, LVMH and other well-known heavyweights in watch making. This serves as a stark reminder of Apple's global reach and pull and how smartphones have redefined market success, in terms of scale and rate of adoption, according to Futuresource.

Within the wearables health & fitness category, activity trackers continue to be the standout performer, with...

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Alibaba founder says fake goods have 'no place...

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has written an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, restating his stance on pirated goods. Last week, while speaking at an investor conference, the WSJ quoted Ma as saying that counterfeit products are "of better quality and...

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Beijing iPhone Ban is About Money, not Politics

The Chinese company that won a ban on iPhone 6 sales in Beijing has been dead for about a year. But if you’re thinking this is a case where China’s government is using Shenzhen Baili’s name in a political game against Apple, think again; this is a case where a company couldn’t cut it making crappy products in a cut throat market.

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Beijing iPhone Ban is About Money, not Politics

The Chinese company that won a ban on iPhone 6 sales in Beijing has been dead for about a year. But if you're thinking this is a case where China's government is using Shenzhen Baili's name in a political game against Apple, think again; this is a case where a company couldn't cut it making crappy products in a cut throat market.

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BioLite camp stove add-on can cook wood-fired pizza

BioLite's latest add-on for its BaseCamp stove is perfect for outdoorsy types sick of eating chili and hotdogs while exploring the great outdoors. It's an oven that goes right on top of BaseCamp, and you can use it to make wood-fired pizza, flatbread...

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Perhaps we’ll see Thunderbolt Displays and iMacs...

Whenever Apple FINALLY gets around to updating the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, perhaps it will be even bigger and perhaps curved. Of course, the same could be said for an iMac update.

According to new data from the IDC research group, the presence of curved monitors is on the rise, with 1.2% market share in the first quarter of 2016. That’s not a lot of market share, but it represents year-over-year growth of 495%.

According to IDC, of the top 10 screen sizes, 23.8-inches wide and 31.5-inches wide saw the largest year-over-year growth, posting 91.4% and 183.2%, respectively, in the first quarter of the year. How about a Thunderbolt Display in two sizes? Or an “iMac Pro” with a 31.5-inch display?

Finally, monitors with TV tuners are expected to grow 1.3% year-over-year to 5.7% market share in 2017, up from 5.1% in 2015. Perhaps a future Thunderbolt Display and/or iMac will include such features. 

I like...

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News: Apple confirms iOS 10 kernel was left open to...

Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch that the opening up of the iOS 10 kernel was an intentional decision on its part, citing performance optimizations as the main motivator for the move. Speaking to TechCrunch, an Apple spokesperson noted that “The kernel cache doesn’t contain any user info, and by unencrypting it we’re able to optimize the operating system’s performance without compromising security.”...

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Pluto might still have an ocean underneath its icy...

Thanks to New Horizons, we now know just how complex Pluto's surface is, with its mountain ranges, deep cracks, volcanoes, canyons and heart-shaped plain. Scientists think those tectonic features are the result of a subsurface ocean slowly freezing o...

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Apple designer Jony Ive receives honorary doctorate...

Apple's chief design officer, Jonathan Ive, was one of nine "distinguished" people to receive an honorary doctorate on Wednesday from the University of Oxford.

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T-Mobile offering free unlimited data to Simple...

If you’re one of the 2.5M Americans planning a European vacation this summer, T-Mobile has a pretty sweet deal for its Simple Choice customers: free unlimited data throughout July and August.

The Un-carrier today announced it’s unleashing summer travel, giving customers unlimited high-speed data, up to 4G LTE speeds, throughout Europe all summer long […]

Starting July 1st all the way through August 31st, T-Mobile’s giving Simple Choice customers unlimited high-speed data across all of Europe (except Andorra) – all at absolutely no additional cost – so you can share, Skype, snap and scope every moment of your European holiday … 


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Patent report: next gen Apple Pencil, devices that...

Apple files for — and is granted — lots of patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Many are for inventions that never see the light of day. However, you never can tell which ones will materialize in a real product, so here are today’s patent highlights:

Apple has applied for a patent (number 20160179222) that hints at a future versions of the Apple Pencil. It’s for a “stylus with touch sensor” (yep, Apple used the term “stylus”). Your finger’s location on the Apple Pencil would allow you to perform advanced device interactions. It would also support motion gestures such as running finer up or down the stylus to scroll.


The invention involves touch input that may include touch gestures in which a user's fingers move along the length of the stylus and may include rotational information indicative of how the stylus is being rotated between the user's fingers. The stylus may have a force sensor that monitors how firmly the stylus is...

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What iOS 10 can tell us about the new iPhone

There was a time when WWDC belonged to the iPhone. From the S cycle to the Retina display, FaceTime, and the App Store, some of the earliest iPhone breakthroughs were unveiled at Apple’s annual developer’s conference, with long stretches of keynote time devoted to specs and speed instead of software.

These days there’s a better chance of an Android app making an appearance on the big stage than a new iPhone. But even as WWDC has consciously shifted away from splashy hardware releases, the iPhone is still very much the star of the show. The iOS portion of the presentation is both the longest and the most significant, not just because it spotlights major changes and feature upgrades, but also in how it sets the tone and direction Apple’s next round of products will take.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here...

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ICYMI: Squashing brain cancer and autonomous drones...

Today on In Case You Missed It: The Airobotics drone system can autonomously launch UAVs and perform basic maintenance, like swapping out batteries. Researchers designed a device that agitates bubbles in the blood to get more chemotherapy into the...

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UK tech and gaming magazines are banding together

It's no secret that most magazines are struggling to retain, never mind increase their readership. The medium isn't dead, far from it, but the ever-growing competition online is forcing publishers to rethink what they print. The latest strategy is, u...

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WhatsApp working on music sharing, mentions, public...

German site Macerkopf has been playing with the latest WhatsApp beta, and notes that it includes a new feature to share music with your contacts. You can share music stored locally on your device, as well as tracks from Apple Music.


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News: Daily Deal: G Cloud Unlimited Backup, Five...

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can pick up a five-year subscription to G Cloud Unlimited Backup for only $29.99 — that’s 93% off the regular price. G Cloud lets you backup all of your iPhone data to secure cloud storage on the go, so it’s ready to be restored in one tap in the event that your iPhone is lost or stolen. In addition to keeping a backup of your data G Cloud lets you view all of your messages, photos, contacts, and more…

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Jony Ive receives honorary degree from the...

The University of Oxford conferred honorary degrees on nine “distinguished figures” at the annual Encaenia ceremony on June 22, including Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive. Here’s what the institution had to say about him:

Jony Ive is pictured second from the right.

“Sir Jonathan Ive is Chief Design Officer of Apple Inc and designer of the iMac, PowerBook, iBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch and MacBook. Six of his products appear in the permanent collections of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In 2012, he received San Francisco MoMA's Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2013 he was awarded a gold Blue Peter Badge. His others accolades include an Inaugural Medal (1999) and Benjamin Franklin Medal (2004) of the Royal Society of Arts, the Design Museum London's first Designer of the Year award (2003), the Design and Art Direction (D&AD) President's Award and the Royal Academy of Engineering's President's Medal (both 2005), and the Cooper-Hewitt...

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Apple deliberately left iOS 10 kernel unencrypted to...

Folks have been wondering why the iOS 10 beta kernel was left unencrypted. Now Apple tells TechCrunch that this was done deliberately to streamline system performance. 

“The kernel cache doesn’t contain any user info, and by unencrypting it we’re able to optimize the operating system’s performance without compromising security,” an Apple spokesperson said.

The kernel manages security and limits the ways apps on an iOS device can access the hardware of the device. “The lack of encryption in this case doesn’t mean that devices running iOS 10 are less secure,” notes TechCrunch. “It just means that that researchers and developers can poke around in the kernel’s code for the first time, and any security flaws will come to light more quickly. If flaws are revealed, they can be quickly patched.


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Study: Third-Party Apps Pose Risks for Enterprises

Since mobile computing put an end to the good old days when IT departments had absolute control over software deployed in the enterprise, there's been a rise in employees' use of third-party applications -- a rise that poses security risks to corporate environments. That is one of the findings in a report CloudLock released last week. The number of third-party apps connected to corporate environments increased by 30 fold over the last two years, the firm reported, from 5,500 to 150,000 apps.

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The Mac still has plenty of room for growth -- and...

Still think that there's no room for growth or innovation on the Mac? Well, to the naysayers I must point out that there's plenty of room for both.

In 2005, market research firm IDC pegged Apple's share of the U.S. PC market at 4%. In the first quarter of 2010, that number had grown to 6.4%. In January IDC said the Mac’s market share had grown to 12.7%. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates that for every half-percentage point of market share growth Apple boosts its sales by about $3 billion.

And unit sales of the Mac have grown even more impressively than market share. In fiscal 2004, Apple sold 3.29 million Macs. In fiscal 2015, almost 21 million Macs were sold.

What of new features? A few years ago, in a column for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Arik Hesseldahl offered some ideas: "Future Macs may boast such features as embedded projectors that turn any nearby wall into a display for Keynote decks or the latest movie downloaded from iTunes. Apple...

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Jony Ive awarded honorary science doctorate by...

Jony Ive was one of ten ’eminent figures’ awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Oxford yesterday. The degree was awarded at Encaenia, the University’s annual honorary degree ceremony, where Ive became a Doctor of Science.

The announcement listed Ive’s lengthy list of previous accolades …


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The InCase ICON for the MacBook does a solid,...

There’s nothing eye-popping or revolutionary about the InCase ICON Sleeve with Tensaerlite for the 12-inch MacBook. It’s a solid sleeve that provides complete surface and side protection.

The shock-absorbing Tensaerlite bumper is molded and sewn to each side and provides impact protection while adding little weight to the laptop. Upper and lower compression panels are form-fitted to secure the MacBook. The “faux” fur lining kinda dusts off the laptop when it’s inserted or removed, while a magnetic closure keeps dust and debris out and your MacBook in.

The InCase ICON Sleeve with Tensaerlite unassumingly does its job well. However, at $69.95, it’s a bit pricey for what you get. (It’s also available for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.)

Brand New! The Strada Folio...

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Instagram will next month offer Facebook-style...

Facebook has offered automatic translation of posts and comments for some time, so it’s no surprise that Instagram – owned by Facebook – is following suit. Instagram has announced that the new feature will roll out sometime next month.


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Cloud Hybrid works well, but is a hassle to set up

Akitio's Cloud Hybrid — a hybrid enclosure that combines a personal cloud network attached storage and USB 3.0 direct access storage -- is a solid solution for those looking to store and share large files across a network. However, it takes a of tinkering to set it up correctly, especially on a Mac.
Akitio’s Cloud Hybrid attaches directly to the home network, providing access to all data within the home network. Equipped with an UPnP-AV media server, you can stream content within your local network to any available UPnP-AV and DLNA compatible devices. Data can also be uploaded to the network drive and shared from multiple workstations via SMB, WebDAV or FTP connection.

The Cloud Hybrid offers remote Web-based access for users on the road.  With the help of WebDAV, users can manage and view files in the Web browser or through Akitio’s free mobile app on an iPhone or iPad.  ...

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Apple might be quietly preparing an assault on the...

On the surface, Apple TV seems increasingly focused on cable subscribers instead of cord cutters.

Since its launch last fall, the fourth-generation Apple TV has added several features that provide more convenient access to “TV Everywhere” apps (such as WatchESPN, FX Now, and HBO Go) that require a cable or satellite login to access. Siri is becoming more effective at finding what you want from these channels; the download process is becoming more streamlined; and with the next version of Apple’s tvOS software, logging into these apps will become much less of a hassle.

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Apple invents stylus with touch-sensitive body,...

A pair of Apple patent applications published Thursday indicate research into alternative input methods for iOS, namely a touch sensitive stylus and a device capable of customizing a user interface based on whether a user is holding it in their left or right hand.

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Wednesday June 22

Apple says it intentionally left the iOS 10 kernel...

Earlier today we reported that the kernel of the first developer preview of iOS 10 is unencrypted – a first for any iOS version. At the time, we weren’t entirely sure if Apple had deliberately done this or if was an error and would get reverted in the next beta of the operating system. Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch, however, that making the kernel unencrypted was an intentional move.


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Apple intentionally left iOS 10 kernel unencrypted...

Responding to speculation as to why the iOS 10 beta kernel was left unencrypted, Apple on Wednesday confirmed the move was made deliberately to streamline system performance.

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∞ Apple’s official statement on why the iOS 10...

An Apple spokesperson sent us an official statement about the lack of encryption of the iOS 10 kernel.

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KFC Introduces Meal Box That Doubles As A Smartphone...

An anonymous reader writes: KFC has introduced a limited edition 5-in-1 Meal Box to select KFC outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. The box has one mighty special feature: it will charge a user's smartphone while they eat. The company has partnered with a Mumbai-based digital agency, Blink Digital, to make the "Watt a Box" concept a reality. In terms of specs, the box features a built-in 6100 mAh power bank, and two USB-ports with the ability to charge Android smartphones and iPhones. KFC has launched a contest on its Facebook page, giving users a chance to win the box. You can watch the "Watt a Box" promo video here on YouTube.


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NASA's tvOS app brings live HD video, photos...

NASA on Wednesday added a tvOS app to its growing stable of digital media properties, bringing high-definition video streams, satellite and telescope imagery, mission updates and more to the living room.

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ACM 365: iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3.0, and...

Bryan and Jeff delve into some of the things they’ve learned about iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and watchOS 3.0. Spoiler, it’s all looking really good. They also talk about Differential Privacy and explain (loosely) how it works, what it means, and why it’s important.

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ACM 365: iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3.0, and...

Bryan and Jeff delve into some of the things they've learned about iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and watchOS 3.0. Spoiler, it's all looking really good. They also talk about Differential Privacy and explain (loosely) how it works, what it means, and why it's important. 

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If you kill the headphone jack, you need to replace...

Enlarge / Little ol' headphone jacks causing a big ol' fuss. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

As the rumors that the next iPhone will drop the 3.5mm headphone jack have intensified, I’ve been keeping tabs on the specific argument that Daring Fireball’s John Gruber made yesterday: that removing the headphone jack from the iPhone is the modern-day equivalent of removing the floppy drive from the iMac in the late '90s. It caused some pain at the time, but it was the way things were moving anyway and in the grand scheme of things it was a smart thing to do.

The people on the “get rid of the headphone jack” side of the debate normally choose...

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Headphone Jack-less iPhone 7 Rumor Gains Ground

The rumor that Apple will get rid of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 resurfaced Tuesday. Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone later this year. The iPhone's Lightning connector reportedly will do double duty as its charging port and headphone connector. The result will be a thinner device and better water resistance. If the rumor is true, the move "is right in terms of timing," said Jeff Orr, a senior practice director at ABI Research. "It comes at a time when Apple needs to demonstrate it's still an innovator."

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Dropbox adds built-in document scanner, other...

This is kind of nifty, even if Evernote beat Dropbox to it.

Dropbox now features a built-in document scanner capable of capturing photos, notes, sketches and converting them into documents that can be stored in Dropbox.

Like many iOS-based scanning apps, Dropbox’s scanning tool will automatically detect the outline of the item being scanned and it offers editing tools for straightening, adjusting contrast, adding additional pages, and converting to black and white. Dropbox for Business users have additional scanning features at their disposal, including optical character recognition to convert scans into searchable text.

The program also features improved Microsoft Office integration that allows iOS users to quickly make a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file by...

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The best uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A UPS is one of those unsexy things you don’t know you need until you need it. If you live in an area with spotty power or frequent weather-related outages (I live in an old apartment building that frequently has power outages for seemingly no reason), a UPS can save a lot of aggravation and frustration.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone 7 said to have slightly larger earpiece...

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple would be including standard 3.5mm EarPods plus an adapter with the iPhone 7, and now a few more minor details have emerged regarding the device. According to Macotakara, the iPhone 7 will feature a slightly larger earpiece, while the ambient light switcher will also be relocated.


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SanDisk iXpand Memory Case: Add up to 128GB and...

Mobile storage leader SanDisk today announced a new iPhone case that not only protects an iPhone 6 or 6s, but also adds up to 128GB of flash storage and the ability to add a clip-on battery pack. The SanDisk iXpand Memory Case comes in four colors -- Mint, Sky, Red and Grey -- and three capacity options -- 32GB ($59.99), 64GB, ($99.99) and 128GB ($129.99).

Purchasers can download the iXpand Case app (free) to get quick access to any media or files stored in the extra memory, set up automatic transfer of all photos and videos to storage, and manage the optional battery pack. 


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'Hotline Miami 2' is ready for your user-...

The flashy, lo-res violence of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number just got a new lease on life. The long-awaited level editor companion just dropped its beta status and is ready to go live. Since the second installment was "the brutal conclusion" to the s...

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AWT News Update: June 22, 2016

Today's Apple World Today News Update features a few stories about your favorite consumer electronics company:

  • Dropbox adds a document scanner and other new features today, upping the utility of the cloud storage service
  • Traveling to Dubai's International Airport soon? Visit the two new Apple shops!
  • Google has launched Touch ID sign-on via iPhone and iPad, using the devices and Touch ID as a second step in the company's 2-step verification setup
  • Your KFC in Mumbai or Delhi might come with a side of cables and battery packs

The text version of this podcast can be viewed below.

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Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for June 22, 2016.


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Updated ambient light, proximity sensors in '...

Unlike past tick-tock iPhone refresh cycles, Apple's upcoming "iPhone 7" is expected to feature a design largely similar to the current iPhone 6 series, but internal component changes like a "dual specification" ambient light sensor could render existing cases and protective films incompatible.

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Notable apps and app updates for June 22, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

BusyMac has released BusyCal 3, an upgrade to its calendar app for Mac OS X and iOS. It displays calendars in day, week, month, year and list views and syncs with iCloud, Google Calendar and Exchange. 

Version 3 has been completely redesigned. There’s added support for travel time, which allows users to block out the necessary time to travel to an event location. Users can set a fixed amount of travel time or determine it automatically using the integrated support for Apple Maps and Location Services. Users can even receive alerts when it's time to leave as traffic conditions change.

The menu bar app in BusyCal 3 also received a makeover. It now displays a navigable mini-month calendar with...

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Twitter Applies '140' Rule to Video Seconds

Twitter on Tuesday launched enhanced video services that will allow users to post longer videos -- up to 140 seconds. It also announced a new platform for celebrities and public figures to share their stories. Because sports, news, music and other videos increasingly are the type of content that goes viral on Twitter, the company decided to expand content parameters, noted Jeremy Rishel, head of product development for creators. "Video is becoming increasingly central to the real-time conversations happening on Twitter video."

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Reddit users helped bust a national park graffiti...

Graffiti artist Casey Nocket is learning first-hand about the consequences of sharing illegal acts online. She's facing a US-wide national park ban and 200 hours of community service after Modern Hiker and Reddit users identified her as the vandal wh...

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Ex-Apple employees aim to revolutionize open-source...

A team of ex-Apple employees, led by former global data center network manager Jason Forrester, are aiming to overturn the ancient regime of proprietary standards for basic switches and routers and replace it with truly open-source standards that any user can customize.

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California's last nuclear power plant to close...

California's nuclear-powered dream has an expiration date. The state's utility conglomerate Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) announced yesterday that they will close the last remaining nuclear plants by 2025. They'll replace the output with renewa...

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Article: Inside the betas: iOS 10 Maps gets a major...

With this year’s upcoming release of iOS 10, Apple has focused on some very specific improvements in several core apps, introducing some major design changes and adding new capabilties both for users and developers. In today’s installment of Inside the betas we take a closer look at what Apple has done with its Maps app. Functionally, it doesn’t quite incorporate the kind of sweeping changes we’ve seen in prior years, but instead…

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Inside iOS 10: Multilingual typing eases autocorrect...

One subtly important improvement in iOS 10 is support for multilingual typing, letting people use several languages in the same sentence without unwanted autocorrections.

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Sony will pay out millions to spurned PS3 Linux users

A long-running lawsuit stemming from Sony's claim that its PlayStation 3 consoles would allow for third-party operating systems has finally come to a close. As Ars Technica reports, the class-action lawsuit could end up costing Sony millions of dolla...

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Funzees with Munzees

You've probably heard about geocaching; it's a modern-day scavenger hunt that uses GPS and a website or app to let people get out and search for well-hidden logbooks and swag. Now I've been doing this for about 14 years, and there are some downsides to physical caches. First, if you are planning on deploying a cache, you have to plan on maintaining it as well -- keeping it up when water leaks in, adding small pens or pencils, changing out log books, and more. Second, there are places where caches are verboten, like many national and state parks. Well, there's a new game in town that does away with physical caches -- Munzee (free app, QR codes available for purchase). 

Munzee consists of QR code stickers that are placed just about anywhere. With the app...

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Review: Element Case Ronin for iPhone 6/6s

What's a reasonable amount to pay for an iPhone case? While we generally give our highest recommendations to cases in the $25-$50 range, there are some excellent cheaper cases, as well. There's also a sizable segment of the population who sees cases as disposable — a quick search on Amazon reveals a number of very popular cases costing less than $10. Element Case has gone in the opposite direction with its Ronin, as evidenced by its $200 price tag. Ronin is made of top-notch materials — a top grain leather-wrapped backplate, machined bamboo or walnut wood side rails, and machined hand polished crowns. The case also comes with a top grain leather carrying pouch. Element Case makes no bold claims about protection or performance beyond basic impact resistance, as the materials and style are meant to justify the price.{/exp:char_limit}

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Samsung, Sharp plan to ramp up OLED production ahead...

With rumors continuing to suggest Apple plans to introduce an all-new iPhone design with an OLED display next year, it's likely not a coincidence that display suppliers Samsung and Sharp are both indicating they plan to expand OLED shipments before the end of 2017.

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Simple Habit aims to de-stress you with 5-minute...

Yunha Kim knows a lot about stress. She founded Locket, an app that put ads on the Android lock screen, which was eventually bought up by the shopping app Wish. Starting and running her own company, naturally, was a stressful proposition, so she turn...

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External Link: Cartographic Comparison of Apple Maps...

Maps are but representations of reality, and how Apple and Google have interpreted that reality has led to surprisingly different representations of it. Former Apple cartographer Justin O’Beirne has started a detailed comparison of the two mapping systems, looking at how each shows cities, roads, and places (points of interest, if you will). O’Beirne is careful not to anoint a winner, but a summary of his findings shows that Apple labels more cities and Google labels more roads. Plus, while the two show a similar number of places, they have only 10 percent of their places in common, thanks to Apple focusing on landmarks and Google prioritizing transit.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free...

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Macworld’s July Digital Edition: 30 Must-Know Apple...

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld Digital Edition.

Available as single copies or with a yearlong subscription, the Digital Edition comes in two forms: Enhanced and PDF replica. The Enhanced Edition has all the news, analysis, product reviews, and how-to’s, along with interactive features, and videos—customized for consumption on your iPad. The PDF replica Edition is designed for your mobile device’s touchscreen to allow pinch and zoom.

In the July issue

We reveal 30 must-know Apple TV secrets. Our headphone buyers guide examines three types of headphones and we recommend the best type for music lovers. Plus, take control of the OS X menu bar.


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Democrats use Twitter to amplify House sit-in over...

Democrats are currently staging a sit-in at the House of Representatives to demand a vote on gun control legislation, and Republicans aren't happy about it -- they're declaring recesses to shut off cameras (which are controlled by the House) and down...

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NASA App comes to the 4th-Generation Apple TV

Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the 4th-generation Apple TV, its mission of unknown length, to explore strange new channels; to seek out new shows and new movies; to boldly go where no set-top box has gone before...

OK, so that was a little over the top, even for this blog. But I was pretty excited about the news that a NASA app has come to the latest Apple TV - so much so that I'm probably going to finally pull the plug on my "old" device and get the new box. 

What do you get to watch? Live streaming NASA TV of launches, a real-time view of the Earth from the International Space Station, and on-demand access to over 10,000 NASA videos. There's even more -- you can look at a library of over 15,000 photos individually or as a slideshow.

Even more fun: track satellites on 2D or 3D maps, and find out when the ISS or other satellites are going to be passing overhead. If you need an update on the Juno mission (arriving at Jupiter on July...

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Opinion: Search Ads in the App Store introduce...

Since iOS 10’s first beta hit last week, testers have been seeing signs of Apple’s Search Ads in the App Store. Officially announced a week earlier, Search Ads were marketed as being a way to help customers “discover or reengage” with an application. Something I wondered immediately after the original announcement was how Apple would regulate the Search Ads in a highly competitive market. After having used iOS 10 for over a week now, I’m not any less concerned.


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Instagram adds a translation feature for text inside...

On the heels of announcing it amassed 500 million users, Instagram is adding a new feature to help its global audience better understand each other. The filter-driven photo and video app will get a translation tool "in the coming month." When it arri...

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Dropbox introduces new productivity tools including...

New capabilities were launched by cloud storage service Dropbox on Wednesday, including an update to its official iOS app that allows users to quickly scan text-based documents and convert them into files.

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Docker Tunes Up Engine Orchestration

Docker on Monday announced Docker Engine 1.12 with built-in orchestration, which allows automated deployment and management of Dockerized distributed applications and microservices at scale in production. Users can select Docker Swarm mode to turn on built-in orchestration, or they can use their own custom tooling or third-party orchestrators that run on Docker Engine. Docker 1.12 is currently a release candidate. General availability is scheduled for July.

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21-inch 2.8GHz iMac on sale for $1199, save $...
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Haven from RapidSOS represents a transformation in access to emergency services from a phone call solely dependent on voice to a robust data connection for voice, text, medical/demographic data.... Read more

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…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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Job Description: Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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