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Tuesday December 5

Taking selfies in Portrait Mode with the iPhone X

With the iPhone X you can shoot selfies in Portrait Mode. Portrait Mode is a software feature that uses the two lenses of the Apple smartphone to create the look and feel of an image shot with portrait settings on a camera with a telephoto lens.

With the iPhone X you can shoot selfies with a cool depth‑of‑field effect that keeps your face in sharp focus against an artfully blurred background. To do so, switch to the front-facing camera in the Camera app, then swipe to Portrait.

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Notable apps and app updates for Dec. 5, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

DM Apps has released Jewel Block Puzzle King. In the free game, the player drops blocks to create and destroy lines of jewels both vertically and horizontally within the game matrix. The overall object of the game is to not have the screen fill up with blocks by strategically dropping blocks on the matrix.

watchOS Apps/Updates

Smoky Cat Software has announced Heart Graph 5.0. The app plots high resolution graphs of heart rate against time and allows comparison of those graphs and other workout statistics between...

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Apple releases tvOS 11.2 update, adds live sports,...

Only a few days after the release of iOS 11.2, Apple has released tvOS 11.2 for the fourth-gen Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K.

The most notable change is the addition of the Sports section to TV. The “Sports” tab joins the previous options of “Watch Now,” “Library,” “Store” and “Search.” It features quick links to live games and the ability to rewatch games that already occurred.

The new TV app feature list includes alerts for when a team is about to play, allowing users to begin streaming a game as soon as it starts. Supported leagues include Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball League, college football, men’s college basketball and more.

Other changes include video display mode switching to match the frame rate and dynamic range of played content, and some user interface refinements.

The tvOS 11.2 update can be snagged either via automatic updates, or manually via the Settings app.

If you’ve tried the...

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Apple adds mid-2011 Mac mini to obsolete products...

As much of a workhorse the mid-2011 Mac mini is, Apple has just added it to its obsolete products list.

Mid-2011 models have officially been classified as vintage or obsolete as of November 30, 2017, according to an internal memo distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers.

As such, neither Apple nor Apple Authorized Service Providers will repair or service the 2011 Mac mini, which has now exceeded the five year limits since it was last manufactured, except where required by law. There is an exception for California and Turkey, where mid-2011 Mac mini owners can still obtain service and repairs for up to two additional years.

2011 Mac mini models were the first with a Thunderbolt port, and the first without an optical disc drive for CDs/DVDs.

Even though it’s been more than 1,100 days since Apple last refreshed the Mac mini, Apple CEO Tim Cook likewise said the Mac mini will be an “important part” of Apple’s product lineup going forward in a...

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Monday December 4

Comparison: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus camera quality

In this video, we take a closer look at the differences, and similarities, between the rear- and front-facing cameras included in Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.

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Apple Maps adds public transit directions for Tampa...

Apple has activated public transit directions in Apple Maps for users in Tampa, Fla, granting access to timetables and routes covering local bus, train, and streetcar operations.

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Apple debuts new Apple Watch Sport Band and iPhone X...

Apple updated its online store on Monday with new color choices for popular accessories including Apple Watch Sport Bands and iPhone X silicone cases, offering users a more diverse selection of products ahead of the holiday shopping season.

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Apple agrees to pay over $15 billion to Ireland in...

This seems to be such an odd story. Ireland doesn’t want the money. Apple doesn’t want to pay the money. But the rules of the EU dictate the settlement.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple releases new color choices for Apple Watch...

Apple today has released a few new color options for its ever-growing accessory lineup. The company quietly made the Apple Watch Sport band available in new color choices, while the color lineup for the iPhone X’s Silicone Case was also slightly expanded.


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Gmail updated to take advantage of iPhone X display...

As part of continued efforts to update its stable of iOS apps with support for Apple's iPhone X, Google on Monday released a refreshed version of Gmail with graphical assets that take advantage of the handset's full-face display.

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[Sponsor] Doxie: Scan Anywhere, 30% Off For DF...

Doxie mobile scanners produce reliable and high-quality scans of all your paper. Whether you’re trying to go (or stay) paperless, Doxie connects your physical paper to your digital world.

Truth be told, going paperless is a lot easier than you might think.

But we get it, maybe you’re scared that having a scanner’s going to suck (because those antiquated computer-driven scanners of the past sure did!). Or that the software’s going to be crappy (ours isn’t, we made it awesome instead). Or that you’ll be tied into yet another ecosystem (not with us, it’s your paper — do whatever the hell you want with it).

Doxie’s included memory and rechargeable battery, Doxie lets you scan anywhere — no computer required — and then save, share, and send your paper to the cloud with Doxie’s intuitive Mac and iOS apps.

This week only, Doxie’s giving all Daring Fireball readers a...

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Gmail for iOS is now optimized for the iPhone X’s...

Following updates for the Google Docs suite of apps last week, Google today has pushed an update to Gmail for iOS that brings support for the iPhone X. The update comes after nearly a month of iPhone X availability…


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Apple starts sales of SIM-free iPhone X models in U....

One month after iPhone X hit store shelves in November, Apple on Monday began sales of factory unlocked, SIM-free models to U.S. customers, offering customers the ability to buy the handset now and activate on any carrier later.

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Apple begins selling unlocked & SIM-free iPhone...

The iPhone X has been available for just over a month now, and as supply and demand start to balance out, Apple is expanding the lineup. Starting today, the iPhone X is available SIM-free and unlocked directly from Apple.


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Target launches 'Wallet' mobile payments...

Target on Monday introduced Wallet, a new mobile payments platform that allows customers to pay for items at brick-and-mortar Target stores, and reap savings, using the Target app on iOS and Android.

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Apple agrees to pay over $15 billion to Ireland in...

Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook looks on as the new iPhone X goes on sale at an Apple Store on November 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

According to a top Irish official, Apple has agreed to to pay Ireland around $15.4 billion in back taxes.

“We have now reached agreement with Apple in relation to the principles and operation of the escrow fund,” Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe told reporters before a meeting with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, per Reuters.

"We expect the money will begin to be transmitted into the account from Apple...

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MyFitnessPal's founders leave Under Armour

Under Armour's $475 million buyout of MyFitnessPal in 2015 may have put a major health app under its wing, but it didn't secure the undying loyalty of the smaller company's founders. Albert Lee and Mike Lee are leaving Under Armour in January to "pu...

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Apple adds gift card compensation to Apple Watch...

Apple first started accepting Apple Watch trade-ins last year, but only in the form of free recycling. Unlike other products, Apple didn’t offer users a gift card in exchange for their device. That changes today, however, as Apple is now offering a gift card to users who recycle an Apple Watch in working condition.


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Apple shifts Apple Watch recycling option to gift...

As part of efforts to promote device recycling, Apple on Monday updated its Renew recycling program with a new option that provides Apple Store gift cards to users who turn in older Apple Watch models.

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Facebook may spend a 'few billion dollars...

Facebook has certainly dabbled in live sports streams before, but it appears ready to jump in with both feet. Sources for Sports Business Journal claim that Facebook is hiring an executive to negotiate sports deals, and that the eventual recruit wil...

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HEX’s Star Wars Leather iPhone Cases Are Way Cool

Designs include: Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, R2D2, Rebel Pilot, and Boba Fett.

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Target launches new in-store ‘Wallet’ payment...

Target today has announced a new Wallet feature for its iOS app. This feature comes as the retail giant continues to resist Apple Pay, instead opting for its own Red Card-based platform for payments.


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Apple To Start Paying Ireland the Billions It Owes...

Last year, Apple was ordered to pay a record sum of 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) plus interest after the European Commission said Ireland illegally slashed the iPhone maker's tax bill. "But Ireland was rather slow to start collecting that cash, which led the Commission to refer the Irish government to the European Court of Justice in October due to Ireland's non-compliance with the 2016 ruling," reports Engadget. "However, the Wall Street Journal reports today that the country will finally start collecting those billions of dollars owed by Apple and it may start doing so early next year." From the report:
Both Apple and Ireland have fought back against the ruling -- Ireland has said that the European Union overstepped its authority and got some of the country's laws wrong while Apple has maintained that the amount it's being told to repay was miscalculated. Both are continuing to appeal the decision and the money will sit in an escrow fund while they do so. Ireland has...

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Watch Apple’s New Commercial, ‘iPad Pro – Markup’

Apple has a new spot called iPad Pro – Markup. It shows the same young woman featured in the What’s a Computer? spot. In this commercial, she’s sitting around with her iPad Pro talking to a friend with FaceTime. She snags a screenshot, marks up the screenshot, and then sends it to the friend in iMessage while continuing the conversation. It’s all fluid, natural, and easy. It ends with the tagline, “A new way to markup instantly.” On the one hand, I’m not sure how many kids can afford an iPad Pro. On the other, I think this delivery speaks perfectly to young people, and that’s entirely the target market.

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An electric cargo ship is delivering coal in China

An all-electric cargo ship is now in use in China and it boasts an impressive 2.4 MWh energy storage capacity, Electrek reports. The ship is over 230 feet long, 45 feet wide and 14 feet deep and can carry a maximum of 2,000 tons. Supercapacitors and...

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TMO Background Mode Interview with Ecovacs Head of...

Christopher Caen is the Head of Marketing at Ecovacs Robotics, a company well know for its robotic vacuum cleaners and window cleaners. Christopher has a balanced academic background, being both accomplished in English as well as computer science. His first job was as an summer intern at Atari where he worked in marketing, something that immediately appealed to him. Later, at Paramount, he co-founded the Paramount Technology Group which developed interactive programming and games. Christopher’s career-long expertise in marketing took him to Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Informix and NEC. We talked a lot about internet of things (IoT), modern security practices, and how modern IoT products create a business model that requires a new understanding of and relationship to the customer. If you’re interested in robotics and IoT, this is a must listen.

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Microsoft extends NFL deal for Surface on the...

About five years ago, Microsoft scored a $400 million deal to supply the NFL with Surface tablets. With the deal about to expire, the football league just renewed its partnership for the sideline tech with Microsoft for another year, according to a r...

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AWT News Update: December 4, 2017

Tax protestors, OS updates, Target apps, and survey results are all in the headlines today's episode of the Apple World Today News Update.

  • French anti-globalization protestors occupy a Paris Apple store today demanding that the company pay EU back taxes
  • iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2 have arrived!
  • Target introduces an in-house mobile payment system in its iOS app
  • A Barclays survey sounds bullish on Apple

The text version of the podcast can be read below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update podcast for December 4, 2017.  

A group of about a...

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Apple TV update brings smarter HDR and sports alerts

The Apple TV just received a major update that could make it far more appealing if you have an HDR-capable set or crave constant sports action. The newly released tvOS 11.2 update adds an optional setting that matches the dynamic color range of a vi...

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Apple Admits Video Platform Defeat to YouTube

By launching another YouTube channel, Apple is admitting it is still behind in the video game.

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Apple, Google CEOs bring star power as China...

Apple and Cook are walking a fine line between their corporate culture of user privacy and the Chinese government’s desire for control over those same users.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Sony begins 14-day in-home PSVR trial program

Sony's grip on the indie market is slipping, though that may be part of the plan for the future of Playstation. More and more, we're seeing the company support virtual reality and its flagship PSVR system with various games, accessories and bundles h...

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Review: Sennheiser HD1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

In late 2012, Sennheiser — one of the most well-regarded companies in the headphone industry — released a series of retro-inspired headphones that were a departure from almost everything it had done before. These headphones ditched the utilitarian look of their other over-headphones for a retro look, and ditched the alphanumeric designations (like "HD600") for a name that told you everything you needed to know about its sound — the "Momentum." In late 2014, the Momentum In-Ears were introduced, with a unique look and similar sound signature. The entire line was more recently refreshed under the name "M2," with refinements all around. Today we're taking a look at the latest evolution of Sennheiser's Momentum line. Though it may have fallen back in line with traditional Sennheiser naming conventions, the HD1 M2 IEBT (or, "HD1 Wireless") still has the DNA of its predecessors, and will always be a Momentum to us.{/exp:char_limit}

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Bigger Apple Crabtree store to open in Raleigh on...

Apple is set to open a relocated store within Raleigh, N.C.'s Crabtree Valley Mall this Saturday, taking advantage of the move to almost double in size.

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Instagram warns you if posts show harm to animals or...

Protecting wildlife and sensitive natural areas is hard enough as it is, and it's not helping that every brain-dead tourist wants to post a selfie with a koala bear or dolphin. Starting today, Instagram is making it harder to find such content. If yo...

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Fuse Chicken takes on Amazon over counterfeit...

Here at Apple World Today, and at TUAW before that, I've been a fan of Fuse Chicken. The company is a fast-growing design house / accessory manufacturer out of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio that first came to my notice when it set up a Kickstarter campaign for the Bobine -- an iPhone Charging dock that used a unique metal-clad flexible sheath around a USB - Lightning cable to support the phone and charge it. That design is what's behind a lawsuit filed by Fuse Chicken against Amazon as the result of the online retailer mixing counterfeit cables in with real product.

Fuse Chicken started selling products on Amazon in 2013, then noticed the alleged fakes being sold as "genuine Fuse Chicken" in November 2016. When received product for sale and distribution, the genuine products from Fuse Chicken were co-mingled with fakes from other sources. 

“Defendant’s practice of co-mingling...

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As fans await update for 3-year-old Mac mini, Apple...

Apple on Monday updated its official list of "obsolete" products to add the mid-2011 Mac mini lineup, once again raising questions about what the company has planned, if anything, for its cheapest Mac.

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Long-awaited indie ‘Gorogoa’ arrives on iOS and PC...

Suffice to say that fans have been eagerly awaiting Jason Roberts' gorgeous indie game Gorogoa for awhile. It's racked up years of awards, from Best Visual Design at Indiecade 2012 where the title debuted, to being the top pick at Good Game Club 2013...

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Apple Improves HDR Frame Rate Settings in Apple TV...

Apple released tvOS 11.2 for the fourth generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K on Monday. They update adds in new frame rate settings for HDR content.

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Gear: X-Doria Defense Lux + Defense Shield for...

X-Doria was one of the first manufacturers to have its cases updated for the new iPhone X — in fact we received samples before anybody was even sure what the new iPhone would be called. The company’s new Defense Lux and Defense Shield for the iPhone X include all of the style and features that made their prior iPhone cases popular choices, including ten-foot drop protection, a raised front lip to protect the iPhone’s screen, and the…

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Apple Pay Cash money transfers are available in the...

Apple had to rush-release iOS 11.2 to tackle a nasty date-sensitive bug, leaving hopeful Apple Pay Cash users twiddling their thumbs. Thankfully, you haven't had to wait too long -- Apple's money transfer service is rolling out in the US. As promised...

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Target's app pairs coupons with its credit card...

Target has been expanding its digital offerings lately with a host of new tech. For example, you can use Google Assistant to get same-day delivery from the retailer and grab groceries from its Prime Pantry competitor called Restock. Now Target shoppe...

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 4...

Notable software releases this week include Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4, BBEdit 12.0.2, BusyCal 3.2.5 and BusyContacts 1.2.6, LaunchBar 6.9.3, and Default Folder X 5.1.9.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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ExtraBITS for 4 December 2017

In ExtraBITS this week, developer Marco Arment offers some suggestions for how Apple could improve the MacBook Pro, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals the messy development history of Apple’s forthcoming HomePod.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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'Mega Man 11' will arrive on consoles and...

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the original Mega Man, which came out for NES on December 17th, 1987. In a stream celebrating the milestone, Capcom had a couple announcements -- most importantly, that Mega Man 11 will be coming to PS4, Xbox...

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iOS 12 wishlist imagines what top requested features...

While features that were announced for iOS 11 back at WWDC this past June are still rolling out to users, the latest iOS version has been out long enough for users, developers, and designers to put thought into what iOS 12 should bring to the table. Now, an iOS 12 wishlist based on highly requested features shows us what Apple could have in store for the next major iOS update.


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Apple's recent software problems are bad, but...

By any account, Apple had a rough end of November and start of December from a software perspective -- but there are lessons to be learned and corrective measures to execute that can only be fully undertaken with the Apple leadership staying in place.

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tvOS 11.2 is now available, adding a Sports section...

Hot on the heels of the iOS 11.2 release, Apple has flipped the switch on tvOS 11.2. You can download it now on the Apple TV 4th gen and Apple TV 4K. Go to the Settings app and navigate to System > Software Update.

This update adds two significant features. First, the TV app now has a Sports tab. You can pick your favorite teams and see schedules, live games, and (optionally) scores. Go to Settings > Apps > TV to turn off sports scores in order to prevent spoilers.

To read this article in full, please click here

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FCC will help New York investigate fake net...

To say the FCC has been reluctant to look into the millions of fake comments supporting its decision to kill net neutrality would be an understatement. The Commission did nothing to tackle the issue for months, and repeatedly stonewalled New York sta...

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iPhone X Fast Recent App Switching

Want to switch apps faster on your iPhone X? Here’s how.

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macOS: How to Export Apple Notes as Plain Text Files

I noticed that in a lot of the files, there is some weird HTML formatting in the text. This is normal though, because images or other attachments don’t get exported.

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Apple manufacturer, Quanta Computer, makes licensing...

Quanta Computer, one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners, has made a licensing agreement with Lumuns, an augmented-reality component maker, for manufacturing lenses for smart glasses. This doesn’t necessarily mean Apple AR (augmented reality) glasses are coming, but it does add fuel to the rumors.

Lumus designs displays for AR glasses that will project information into the wearer’s field of view. As part of the deal, Quanta will manufacture the lenses for Lumus and then have the option to produce the component for leading consumer technology companies, Lumus Chief Executive Officer Ari Grobman told Bloomberg.

Apple is believed to be working on an AR headset. In a June blog post, venture capitalist Gene Munster said...

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Quanta & Lumus sign deal potentially paving way...

A new licensing agreement between Apple manufacturer Quanta and augmented reality parts maker Lumus could potentially lay the framework for Apple's rumored AR headset.

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Import your Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

Facebook started testing a way to cross-post Instagram Stories to your Facebook timeline this past September, and finally released the feature to everyone in early October. You can also launch Instagram directly from the Facebook app, making for an e...

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Apple releases tvOS 11.2 with new Sports tab, new...

Apple has released tvOS 11.2 for the fourth generation Apple TV and Apple TV with 4K. It adds a Sports section to the interface, joining the “Watch Now,” Library,” “Store” and “Search” options.

The Sports tab provides links to live games and the ability to rewatch games that already occurred. You can also select your favorite teams for a range of sports and leagues.

tvOS 11.2 also adds includes new video settings for changing high dynamic range and frame rate dynamically based on content if you hav an Apple TV 4K. If you own one, you can find the new Match Content options in the Settings app under Video and Audio after updating to video 11.2. According to Apple, “We’ll use your selected display format to play content without alteration. We can also switch formats automatically to match the content’s dynamic range and frame rate.”

Match Content offers two options. Match Dynamic Range lets you “play content in its original dynamic range.” In other words, HDR...

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∞ A Supermoon trilogy

A “super blue blood moon”? Come on. They’re just making stuff up now.

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Fisker unveils self-driving shuttle built for smart...

Believe it or not, Fisker isn't just focused on upscale electric cars. The automaker has teamed up with China's Hakim Unique Group on the Orbit, a self-driving electric shuttle tailor-made for smart cities. There aren't many details, but it's clear...

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AI and the randomness of a human mind

Om Malik talking about how a simple sound brought back powerful memories of his grandfather:

But to me, AI as we know it is nowhere close to having the intelligence of the human mind. I suspect my brain took random bits of metadata stored in my mind and constructed a good enough memory to bring a tear and a smile to my face.

That’s an interesting point. I can’t imagine that AI would be able to bring such an emotional response to something as simple as a sound that takes us back in time.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iOS 11 encrypted backup change reduces security,...

After some friendly nudging by Dave Mark and I (and others), Rich Mogull comes up with his usual great explanation and cuts through the FUD.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone X - OtterBox Symmetry Case Review

When I decided to review a few cases, I wanted to start with an OtterBox case. I have been using OtterBox cases since the PocketPC days and I know the company puts out some really well-built cases. I'm pretty sure that iPhone made OtterBox a household name, for good reason. Why not give the OtterBox Symmetry a shot at protecting my iPhone X, right?

I had my friends at send me over a few cases and one of the cases I chose to review was the OtterBox Symmetry case. This case has the form factor that I was after. It's not super bulky and has a good deal of protection. Obviously the Symmetry line isn't as rugged as the Defender line but the Symmetry line offers "Slim Protection". 

Symmetry Series is the slim protective iPhone X case that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. It features a one-piece design that's...

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‘Altered Carbon,’ Netflix’s answer to ‘Blade Runner...

Looking for something to sate your Blade Runner appetite until this year's 2049 hits Blu-ray? Then take a look at the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming sci-fi serial Altered Carbon. The quick look has it all: grimy retro-futuristic flying cars, lo...

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Apple manufacturer moves forward to build lenses for...

A new report from Bloomberg today shares that Apple manufacturer Quanta has closed a deal to start producing lenses for augmented reality smart glasses. While this deal isn’t specifically with Apple, it could pave the way for Apple to bring its next wearable to market.


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Apple updates tvOS to 11.2, adds live sports &...

A few days after the emergent release of iOS 11.2, Apple has wrapped up the beta testing and has made tvOS 11.2 for the fourth generation Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K available to all.

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Apple’s Update and Security Stumbles, Amazon Prime...

John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple’s recent security and update stumbles, plus they share their thoughts on Amazon saying their Apple TV Prime video app is still coming this year.

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Apple, Google CEOs Bring Star Power as China...

An anonymous reader shares a Bloomberg report: Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Sundar Pichai made their first appearances at China's World Internet Conference, bringing star power to a gathering the Chinese government uses to promote its strategy of tight controls online. Apple's chief executive officer gave a surprise keynote at the opening ceremony on Sunday, calling for future internet and AI technologies to be infused with privacy, security and humanity. The same day, one of China's most-senior officials called for more aggressive government involvement online to combat terrorism and criminals. Wang Huning, one of seven men on China's top decision-making body, even called for a global response team to go well beyond its borders. It was Cook's second appearance in China in two months, following a meeting with President Xi Jinping in October. The iPhone maker has most of its products manufactured in the country and is trying to regain market share in smartphones against local...

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Select Chromebook owners can get six months of...

If you're picking up a Google Pixelbook, a Samsung Chromebook Plus or a Samsung Chromebook Pro this holiday season, Google wants to make your present (whether to yourself or someone else) even better. Through the end of the year, any of these devices...

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SiriusXM Radio for iOS Now Compatible With Apple...

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Sirius announcing it would open its service for free for a two-week trial period.

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Barclays: 35% of consumers intending to buy an...

Barclays is out today with a fresh report with that covers consumer smartphone upgrade intention, iPhone interest, a new projection for iPhone average selling price, and more.


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‘House of Cards’ returns in 2018 -- without Kevin...

Today, Netflix announced that it has reached an agreement to resume production on the sixth season of its tentpole show House of Cards. Variety reports that the final season will consist of eight episodes starring Robin Wright. Kevin Spacey will not...

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tvOS 11.2 with new HDR and frame rate options now...

tvOS 11.2 is now available as a free software update for both Apple TV (fourth-gen) and Apple TV 4K. For the new Apple TV 4K, tvOS 11.2 includes new video settings for changing high dynamic range and frame rate dynamically based on content.


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Apple Pay Cash money transfers launch in US on...

Following Saturday's rushed launch of iOS 11.2, Apple has followed up by taking the Apple Pay Cash feature live, meaning users can now begin sending cash to friends with a debit card via iMessage.

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LiDAR strips landscapes down to their bare glory

LiDAR is having a moment right now helping self-driving cars and robots not hit things, but don't forget about what else it can do. In a study called The Bare Earth, scientists from the Washington Geological Survey used it to image the ground right d...

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Apple Pay Cash Begins Rolling Out – For Real, This...

Really, we promise, and we have some screenshots that sort of prove it.

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Senators ask the FCC to delay its net neutrality...

A group of senators has sent a letter to the FCC asking the commission to delay its December 14th vote on proposed net neutrality protection rollbacks, The Hill reports. Led by Senator Maggie Hassan, 28 senators signed the letter, which pointed to ev...

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Apple Pay Cash now rolling out on iOS 11.2 for non-...

Apple Pay Cash is now starting to roll out on iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad. Apple Pay Cash lets you send payments to friends and pay in stores and in apps with a virtual debit card from compatible iOS devices.


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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Sony Wireless Headphones $113...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Survey: Siri gets it right 70% of the time overall (...

Folks like to complain about Siri, but it delivered the highest percentage of perfectly completed device responses in both quiet and noisy environments, according to a survey of 500 folks by CBT Nuggets, which specializes in online IT training videos and IT certification.  

Apple’s virtual assistant gets it right 70% of the time overall, better than Cortana, Google Now, Google Home and Alexa. CBT Nuggets asked those it surveyed to rate their experience using these virtual assistants for various tasks and in different situations. Overall, Siri achieved a 65% satisfaction rate, while 59% of participants were satisfied with the voice recognition of Google Now, followed by Cortana’s 46% satisfaction rate. Siri was also rated best for making verbal commands on the go.

The CBT results...

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News: Tim Cook touts privacy, security at Chinese...

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered a surprise keynote at China’s World Internet Conference, touting the value of privacy, security and “humanity,” Bloomberg reports. The tone of the conference was decidedly different than Cook’s speech, with officials calling for more government data collection online to combat terrorism and other criminal activities. Wang Huning, one of the key officials in the Politburo Standing Committee that makes…

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Spacesuit 'take me home' feature could...

The greatest fear for many astronauts is to get lost or disoriented during a spacewalk, especially if it's untethered. How do you get back to safety with no sense of direction, little to no help and a limited supply of oxygen? Researchers at Draper m...

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Level Up Gamer is now open for Mac gamers

Level Up Gamer is open, but for this week only. It’s for Mac gamers who want free games, gaming deals, a digital magazine, and access to an exclusive community.

Level Up Gamer is a service created by Ric Molina of Mac Gamer HQ. Subscribers get: a free game each month; weekly gaming deals; Mac Gamer HQ’s digital magazine; and access to a private group for sharing spare game keys with other members. Subscriptions are available at $2 per month, $5 per month, or  $10 per month. Note that the $2/month option doesn’t include a free game.

Level Up Gamer will be open until Sunday, Dec. 10, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific). Click here for more info.

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The best VR headsets and games to give as gifts

Virtual reality headsets were once so expensive that they would have only made suitable gifts for early adopters and serious gamers. By now, though, prices have dropped across the board, and there are enough compatible games that we're willing to rec...

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News: Apple working on using iPhone’s faster circuit...

Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors Apple is aiming to bring the liquid crystal polymer circuit boards found in iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices to the Apple Watch and Mac, 9to5Mac reports. Kuo claims Apple is working with manufacturing partner Career to incorporate the LCP flexible circuit boards into the Mac to help with USB 3.2 connections and save space inside the device, while the Apple Watch would benefit from LCP antennas for…

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Niantic's Ingress Prime coming in 2018, using...

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced Ingress Prime, a sequel to its original augmented reality game created while the company was still a part of Google.

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HomeSpot USB-C Hub with HDMI for MacBook Pro: $69.99

We have a deal on the HomeSpot USB-C Hub with HDMI for MacBook Pro. It supports 5K video out, and the HDMI port supports 4K. It also has two USB-C ports and three USB ports, as well as an SD port and MicroSD. It’s $69.99 through us.

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AudioBridge for Mac lets you easily AirPlay to Sonos...

Pricey workarounds and complex utilities for making AirPlay work with Sonos have existed for a while, but neither solution has been as simple as just clicking a button. Now there’s a new Mac app that does exactly that and for less than $10.


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Deal! Make the season bright with these Glowing iOS...

Accessories that are both fun and practical are always worth keeping around, and that's the case with these Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cables from Little Create. They come in three different styles ranging from the regular black cable at $9.99, the white cable at $11.99, and the extra snazzy V2 Blue (seen above) at $12.99. 

Each of the cables is 2.6 feet in length, giving you plenty of glowing cable between your iPhone or iPad and the charger or computer. That glow "flows", and depending on the current being used to charge your iOS device, it flows faster!

These cables are also perfect for finding a charging iOS device in the dark room. Did...

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Smart Home Diary: Up-and-running again with an all-...

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had a comprehensive smart home for less than a year. My first HomeKit purchases were made in January, and the gaps filled in February. Yet the technology had become so much a part of home that it felt really odd (and not a little disconcerting) to be left without it for a couple of weeks.

You always feel a bit like you’re camping for a little while on moving into a new home, when you’re not yet fully unpacked and things aren’t all set up the way you want them. I was surprised just how much of that feeling I got from the lack of home automation.

So it was with some relief that I finally set about...

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Here’s how future iPhones could use camera depth...

One of the headline features of the dual camera system in recent iPhones is Portrait Mode, an effect that simulates a DSLR-style shallow depth of field by intelligently blurring the background of your photos. Apple took the feature a step further with the iPhone X, adding Portrait Mode selfies and introducing simulated Portrait Lighting.

While these features are currently limited to still photos, future iPhones could someday use the...

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The device that paved the way for Apple: Jobs and...

Daily Mail:

The ground-breaking digital blue box was developed by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1972 and was the inventor’s first printed circuit board.

But the box was actually a hacking device that fooled a phone company’s switchboard by reproducing its specific tones.

As a result, the user was able to get free overseas phone calls in an era when making a long-distance call was hugely expensive.

Click through to the post. Some terrific pics and a video of Steve Jobs telling the blue box story. This is a piece of history I would love to own.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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News: Apple supplier Dialog takes big stock hit on...

Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor lost up to 19 percent of its stock value by simply mentioning the possibility that Apple could begin designing its own power-management chips, Reuters reports. CEO Jalal Bagherli said there was no risk to existing supply deals for 2018 and that the company was already in the process of working with Apple on “2019-type products” that could lead to new contracts by March, but investors became panicked by his admission…

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News: Daily Deal: HomeSpot USB C Hub with HDMI for...

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering the HomeSpot USB C Hub with HDMI for MacBook Pro for only $69.99 — that’s 65% off the regular price. This hub extends the capabilities of the new MacBook Pro by adding USB-A, SD, and microSD ports that offer significantly more flexibility than the built-in USB-C ports, along with a 4K HDMI out port and 5K video output via the 40 Gbps Thunderbolt 3 ports. Get the HomeSpot USB C Hub with HDMI for…

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Apple Pay Cash Missing from iOS 11.2 but Coming this...

If you were surprised Apple Pay Cash was missing when you installed iOS 11.2, be patient. That’s coming this week.

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KGI: Apple to adopt faster circuit board tech across...

Chance Miller, 9to5Mac:

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is today out with a new investor note, obtained by 9to5Mac. In the piece, Kuo breaks down how Apple is working to integrate faster and more versatile circuit boards across its product lineup come 2018.

Currently, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X both use a new flexible circuit board made from liquid crystal polymer. Both phones use it in their antenna designs, while the iPhone X also uses it in its TrueDepth camera. This LCP FPCB technology allows for high-speed and low-latency data transfer.

More detail in the post, but nice to see this terrific, space-saving, performance-increasing tech making its way over to the Apple Watch and Mac.

Makes me wonder if this is part of the supply-chain scheduling driving the iMac Pro and Mac Pro. The iMac Pro was announced at WWDC, said to ship this month (December 2017). And the Mac Pro is, well, anybody’s guess. But good to know this tech is coming.


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Ireland says Apple to start paying $15.4B in back...

Apple should finally begin paying $15.4 billion in back taxes into an escrow account in the first quarter of next year, Ireland's finance minister announced on Monday.

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A first look at Apple Pay Cash, just released with...

[VIDEO] Lots of goodies in the iOS 11.2 update. Biggest of all was the release of Apple Pay Cash. I’ve been playing with it, looks very useful. In a nutshell, you’ll tie a debit card to the Apple Pay Cash card in your wallet, then use the Apple Pay Cash card to send or receive cash. A bit like Venmo or PayPal, but tied in to the secure enclave.

The folks from MacRumors put together a nice intro to Apple Pay Cash that I found quite easy to follow. It’s embedded in the main Loop post.

Once you’ve installed the iOS 11.2 update, fire up the Wallet app and you’ll be prompted to set up Apple Pay Cash.

UPDATE: There have been some comments about Apple Pay Cash only being available in beta. While this might be true, I can tell you that I played with it on a phone running the beta as well as on a phone that has a public release of iOS 11.2. So, perhaps it’s the Apple Pay Cash server that’s in beta?


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News: App Store apps that haven’t been updated...

Developer Jeff Johnson has noticed several apps in the App Store showing what he calls “phantom updates,” with the App Store showing them as updated even though no changes had been made by the developers themselves for a year or more. Version numbers showed as the same and some apps had the exact same release notes as before while others included new text that stated, “This update is signed with Apple’s latest signing certificate.”…

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Ireland expects Apple back tax in escrow account in...

Ireland expects Apple to start paying up to 13 billion euros (about $15.4 billion) in back taxes into an escrow account in the first quarter of 2018, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe told reporters before a meeting with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

“We have now reached agreement with Apple in relation to the principles and operation of the escrow fund,” he said. “We expect the money will begin to be transmitted into the account from Apple across the first quarter of next year.”

Last year, the European Commission told Apple to repay about €13B in back taxes to the country, which had given Apple unfair tax breaks. Apple has to put the money into an escrow account while appealing the decision. The appeal could take up to five years. 

Both Dublin and...

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Amazon Promises Prime Apple TV App Still Coming this...

Apple TV will get the Amazon Prime app before the end of the year, according to the online retailer’s PR department.

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News: iOS 11.2 released over the weekend with fix...

After online reports of a bug that appeared to be crashing iPhones just after the date rolled over to December 2, Apple rolled out the iOS 11.2 on Saturday, the first time the company has ever released an update on a weekend. Time-based notifications for certain apps began crashing or respringing the devices at 12:15 a.m. on December 2, specifically apps that issue repeated reminders throughout the day. Apple took the unusual step of releasing its…

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iOS 11.2 fixes date bug that crashes iDevices,...

Enlarge / The iPhone 8 Plus dwarfs the iPhone X.

Some iPhone users woke up this weekend to continuously crashing iPhones, iPads, and other iDevices, and Apple has pushed out its iOS 11.2 software update early to fix this and numerous other issues. The update also starts the rollout for Apple Pay Cash and enables 7.5W wireless charging on new iPhones.

Users took to Internet forums early this weekend after discovering an iOS 11 bug that made their iPhones crash after 12:15am on December 2. Aside from the date and time, the issue was tied to local notifications from scheduled daily alerts or from apps that send repeat reminders. A...

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