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Wednesday January 11

Safari: Importing Bookmarks (The New Way!)

Today’s Quick Tip is about a really simple way you can import Chrome and Firefox bookmarks into Safari, so if you wanna bring everything together, you can do so in a flash. We’ll tell you how!

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iPhone market share grows 6.4% in USA, takes share...

The latest Kantar data shows that the iPhone’s U.S. market share grew 6.4% year-on-year in the three months ending in November of last year. iOS made gains in seven of the nine key markets monitored by the market intelligence company.

The company says that early holiday sales helped three iPhone models top the charts, ahead of Samsung.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6s were the three most popular smartphones in the US at the beginning of the holiday period, for a combined 31.3% share. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were the fourth and fifth best-selling phones in the US, with Samsung capturing 28.9% of smartphone sales.

The most dramatic iPhone gain was made across the Atlantic in the UK …


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Apple beefing up privacy options on its CareKit...

Apple has partnered with security firm Tresorit to offer developers using Apple's CareKit platform increased privacy options, helping reach HIPAA compliance, reports Mashable.

CareKit is a tool for assisting people in taking an active role in their care. iPhone apps using the kit make it easier for individuals to keep track of care plans and monitor symptoms and medication; providing insights that help people better understand their own health. With the ability to share information with doctors, nurses or family members, CareKit apps help people take a more active role in their health.

Tresorit's security technology, called ZeroKit, will offer user authentication for patients and healthcare workers, end-to-end encryption of health data, and "zero knowledge" sharing of health data, in which data isn't shared with any service as it transfers. According to Tresorit,...

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Another member of Apple’s Mac team leaves for Tesla

Chris Lattner isn’t the only Apple exec who departed for Tesla. 9to5Mac has reports that Matt Casebolt, a “high profile” Senior Director of Design for Apple’s Mac lineup left the company in December for a role at Tesla as Sr. Director Engineering, Closures & Mechanisms.

Casebolt led the development of the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar feature. Before that, he led the team working on the 2013 Mac Pro (the last one) and was previously instrumental in the design of the first generations of MacBook Air. At Tesla, Casebolt will be joining other Apple alumni, including former Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering Doug Field who is the Senior Vice President of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla...

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Scapple: $10

We have a deal for you today on Scapple for Mac, mind-mapping software from Literature & Latte, the makers of my favorite writing tool, Scrivener.  It’s designed to help you put all your ideas in one place, then draw logical conclusions about them. You can get it through our deal for $10.

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News: Daily Deal: 6.5-Ft Apple MFi-Certified...

Today in our iLounge Deal, we’re offering a three-pack of 6.5-Ft Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cables for only $21.99 — that’s 50% off the normal price. These three 6.5’ cables are MFi-certified so you can safely charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and give you enough length to comfortably use your devices while charging from just about anywhere you’re sitting. Get a set of three 6.5-Ft Apple MFi-Certified Lightning…

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Amazon Still Lags Behind Apple, Google in Greenpeace...

Amazon's cloud-computing unit says that one day it will rely solely on renewable power. But Greenpeace reports that a ramp-up in data-center construction in Virginia, where electricity comes mostly from coal and nuclear plants, makes that goal elusive. From the report: Apple, Google, Facebook, and newcomer Switch are taking some of the greatest strides towards 100% renewable energy, while companies such as Netflix, Amazon Web Services, and Samsung are lagging. The findings in Greenpeace USA's report outlines the energy footprints of large data center operators and nearly 70 of the most popular websites and applications. "Amazon continues to talk a good game on renewables but is keeping its customers in the dark on its energy decisions. This is concerning, particularly as Amazon expands into markets served by dirty energy," said Greenpeace USA Senior IT Analyst, Gary Cook. "Like Apple, Facebook, and Google, Netflix is one of the biggest drivers of the online world and has a critical...

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Steve Jobs on the show floor, gazing fondly at his...

Somewhat buried in Jason Snell’s iPhone 10th birthday celebration writeup was this wonderful picture.

There’s the incredibly intense look on Steve’s face. And the fact that this is one of the last such events where none of the pictures was taken using an iPhone.


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Microsoft’s OS supremacy over Apple to end in 2017

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld:

Apple will steal a march on Microsoft this year when for the first time this century shipments of devices powered by its operating systems outnumber those running Windows, research firm Gartner said today.

In 2017, Apple’s combination of iOS and macOS — the former on iPhones and iPads, the latter on Macs — will take second place from Windows on the devices shipped during the year. The gap between the two will widen in 2018 and 2019, with Apple ahead of Microsoft both years.

Not terribly surprising, given the rise of mobile and Apple’s dominance in that space. But still, just a little bit satisfying.

Not clear from the article but, presumably, first place is held by Android.


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Apple’s Mac Pro, Touch Bar MacBook and original Air...

(Also on Electrek)

Chris Lattner isn’t the only high profile Apple executive who departed for Tesla over the past month, rather than sticking around to work on Titan. 9to5mac has learned that Matt Casebolt, a high profile Senior Director of Design for Apple’s Mac lineup left the company last month for a role at Tesla as Sr. Director Engineering, Closures & Mechanisms. A job meant for a man named Casebolt … more…

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How to set up family sharing, and then a shared...

Family sharing is extremely useful. Use it to share music, apps, photos, and even a calendar. No blood test required.

Nice job laying this out by The App Factor.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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FBI hands over 100 pages of documents on San...

After the FBI refused to reveal details of who helped it to access the work iPhone in the San Bernardino shooting case despite Freedom of Information Act requests, three news organizations filed a lawsuit demanding access to the information. The agency has now responded with 100 pages of documents, but has censored the key facts, reports CNET.


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10 years of iPhone teardown pictures

This is cool. iFixit pulled together a single page, scrolling gallery of 10 years of iPhone teardowns, from the original iPhone all the way to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Definitely worth a look.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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External Link: Chuq Von Rospach’s Review of Apple in...

Apple veteran Chuq Von Rospach has reviewed Apple’s performance in 2016, and he has some tough words for the company, saying that it “simply isn’t firing on all cylinders” and is “out of sync with itself.” He points out how Apple has missed its ship dates and left products to languish. More specifically, Von Rospach accuses Apple of being out of touch with its customers, relying too heavily on data, and getting sloppy in its execution, with numerous bugs and quirks in its offerings. However, he takes pains to note that his criticisms are not revealing fundamental problems; Apple just needs to recalibrate a few things to get back on track.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our...

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LG UltraFine 5K Thunderbolt 3 display ship times...

Shipping times for the LG UltraFine 5K Display have dropped precipitously in the U.S., with outstanding orders being updated, and new order shipping estimates falling from 2-4 weeks, to just one week.

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AT&T again bumps the price of grandfathered...

DSL Reports:

AT&T continues to quickly hike the cost of unlimited data in order to drive its dwindling grandfathered unlimited data users to metered plans. Users in our forums say they’re being notified of a $5 bump in the cost of unlimited data starting in March of 2017. The hike would be the second such hike in as many years, after AT&T bumped the cost of unlimited data last February.

Back in the early days of the iPhone, success for AT&T was no guarantee. To help bring customers to the fold, AT&T offered unlimited data plans for a limited time.

These plans have been “grandfathered” since then, but AT&T has made a number of efforts to wean customers off those unlimited plans to more traditional metered data plans. These efforts continue with the coming $5 per month bump.


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Rumor: Apple to opt for glass front and back with...

It’s the supply chain rumors that make things interesting.

In the latest supply chain report, Apple is thought to be abandoning aluminum in favor of glass for the next-gen iPhone’s back and front. It’s thought that the company will use a stainless steel frame to hold together glass panels along the lines of the iPhone 4 design.

The next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time.

The prospect of a mostly-glass design was raised via a KGI research note last April and supported by subsequent reports from Foxconn as well as glass and other suppliers.

Apple is also thought to be working towards embedding the Home button and Touch ID sensor into the display in a near bezel-free design...

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After AT&T price hike, Verizon goes after...

Carriers seem to have decided it’s open season on those grandfathered into unlimited data plans. After AT&T applied a second price rise in a year, Verizon is now threatening to disconnect those using more than 200GB of data per month – seemingly more serious about this than an earlier threat to those using half this.

While the company’s original statement was a little vague, Verizon has now clarified the terms …


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8Bitdo AP40 Game Controller Inspired by Apple ][ –...

Last September, Jeff Gamet wrote up an Apple themed game controller by 8Bitdo, makers of a variety of retro-looking game controllers. Kelly Guimont got one, and she took pictures to show us just cool it is.

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Apple, Consumer Reports find smoking gun that caused...

Apple and Consumer Reports may have figured out what caused the poor battery test results that Consumer Reports highlighted during its review.

On Tuesday, both companies released reports stating that a developer setting had been activated that typical users don’t use during testing, and also that the same setting has a bug that affects performance.

In its review of the MacBook Pro, Consumer Reports said its battery life test results varied wildly, from 4 hours to 19 hours. Consumer Reports explained on its website that its notebook battery tests do not necessarily reflect real-world usage; instead, tests are designed to be consistent across different notebook for comparison’s sake. In the case of the MacBook Pro, Consumer Reports’ battery tests uses Safari in Developer mode, which is not the default setting.

To enable Developer mode in Safari, go to Safari’s preferences and then click on the Advanced tab. Check the box at the bottom on the window that says...

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Pentagon Battle-Tests Micro Drone Swarm

The U.S. Department of Defense on Monday announced a successful demonstration of one of the world's largest micro drone swarms at China Lake in California. Three F/a-18 Super Hornet combat jets launched 103 Perdix drones in the exercise last fall. The micro drones demonstrated advanced swarm behaviors such as collective decision making, adaptive formation flying and self-healing. Since Perdix's 2013 debut, the DoD's Strategic Capabiities Office has upgraded the technology using commercial components, 3D printing and agile manufacturing.

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End-to-end encryption option added to CareKit,...

Apple has partnered with a security company to add full end-to-end encryption to CareKit data, making it easier for hospitals to use the platform while remaining compliant with patient data regulations. CareKit allows patients to choose to share health data from an app on their iPhone with the physicians treating them.

While CareKit data is already encrypted by default, it doesn’t use full end-to-end encryption, meaning that any data stored on cloud services would be open to decryption by the owners of that service. Buzzfeed reports that Apple is partnering with security firm Tresorit to offer better encryption options to developers – but this won’t necessarily mean that all CareKit programs adopt it …


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How to use macOS keyboard shortcuts

You can save time when working on your Mac by using keyboard shortcuts. To use a keyboard shortcut, hold down one or more modifier keys while pressing the last key of the shortcut. For example, to use the shortcut Command-C (copy), hold down Command, press C, then release both keys. Mac menus and keyboards often use symbols for certain keys, including the modifier keys:

  • Command ⌘
  • Shift ⇧
  • Option ⌥
  • Control ⌃
  • Caps Lock ⇪
  • Fn

Also, the Finder’s sidebar contains shortcuts to various commonly used folders. Each of the default selections has a keyboard shortcut. It’s listed in the Go menu and you can use it to jump to the correction location (this also works in Open and Save dialogs, as well).

If you're using a keyboard made for Windows PCs, use the Alt key instead of Option, and the Windows logo key instead of Command. Some Mac keyboards and shortcuts use special keys in the top row, which include icons for...

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Effect Stack is an effective, non-destructive image...

By Aaron Lee

Sinisa Drpa's Effect Stack is a useful non-destructive image editor for macOS 10.9 or higher. With it you can easily chain multiple image filters.

Effect Stack offers a choice of a variety of filters that can be stacked together and saved as pre-sets that can be re-used. The filters' effects ripple downward through the stack, changing the current stack of the selected image or images. Effect Stack supports all image formats supported by macOS.

A filter can be previewed and adjusted before adding it to the chain. All actions are reversible, user can temporarily turn off a filter or discard it entirely. It is possible to work on multiple images at once and the application supports all the image formats supported by macOS, including RAW images. The results are easily shared via message, email, Facebook or Twitter or exported to disk. Effect Stack's changes are reversible and visible immediately. The app provides GPU-accelerated, real-...

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iFixit joins iPhone’s 10th anniversary celebrations...

With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone getting plenty of attention, iFixit has joined in by posting photos and repairability scores for every iPhone from the first generation (left) to iPhone 7 (right).

While iFixit of courses focuses on the repairability of the different models (noting that the first ever iPhone was the worst, with a score of just 2/10), what’s interesting to me is to see the change in the apparent complexity of the designs over the ten years …


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12 of the most exciting headphones we listened to at...

CES is always a great show for headphones, and 2017 was no exception

Image by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate a great pair of headphones, you just need to love music. Those big cans can take your audio experience to a whole other level, whether you’re listening to Verdi’s Requiem or Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” or Warren G’s “Regulate.”

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Tuesday January 10

Video shows early competing iPhone prototypes...

A video posted to the internet on Tuesday shows two very early iPhone prototypes running competing software versions of Apple's "Acorn OS," one developed by a team led by Tony Fadell and another by Scott Forstall's group.

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New images + video show comparison between early...

Last week we shared a look at the click wheel-inspired iPhone interface that ended up being scrapped in favor of iOS. Now, Sonny Dickson has shared a video and gallery of images comparing two early prototypes of the iPhone: Tony Fadell’s P1 project and Scott Forstall’s P2.


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Apple Finds Bug after Consumer Reports MacBook Pro...

Consumer Reports said in a blog post Tuesday that Apple has a fix for a bug uncovered in CR testing. According to statements from both CR and Apple, there was a bug in Safari that caused battery life issues on Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and Apple has released a fix for that bug to its beta program, and said it will release it to the public in the coming weeks.

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For the second time in a year, AT&T is...

For the second time in a year, AT&T is increasing the price of its unlimited data plan for those who are still grandfathered into it. According to information obtained by DSLReports, AT&T will raise the plan from $35 to $40 effective in March.


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Macworld’s January Digital Edition: MacBook Pro...

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld Digital Edition.

In the January issue

We take an in-depth look at the new MacBook Pro with touch bar and discover the best bits of iOS in this new laptop.

Also in this month’s issue:

Feature: With the 25th anniversary of the PowerBook, we review the evolution of Apple’s laptops.

Mac User: How a little iOS magic in every new Touch Bar adds security.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple Appears Ready to Restructure the iPad Lineup

A recent report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo suggests that Apple appears ready to restructure the iPad Product line.  The goal is, apparently, to clearly correlate increasing size and sophistication with price to make sure customers can update or enter the market at the desired level. Ming-Chi Quo believes sales and ASPs will benefit, but there may be more going on. John explains.

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Your Grandfathered AT&T Unlimited Data Plan is...

AT&T really doesn’t want customers with the grandfathered unlimited data plan that came with the first iPhone to hold on to that deal. The plan was bumped up to US$35 a month about a year ago, and come March 2017 it’ll jump up to $40 a month.

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Apple CareKit integrates with Tresorit ZeroKit to...

Apple on Tuesday announced its CareKit development framework, designed to create apps that let healthcare professionals continue followup care with patients, is now integrated with Tresorit's ZeroKit, which provides end-to-end encryption of users' account credentials and their health data to the cloud.

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A beginner’s guide to pure CSS images

We will start with an overview and work our way to create a Koala in pure CSS.

There’s also a video you can watch as well as the written instructions.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Key Takeaways from Phil Schiller’s iPhone...

On the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Steven Levy posted an exclusive interview with Phil Schiller. Here are some of the key takeaways from the anniversary, including anecdotes from the original launch, thoughts on apps, and whether Phil could have known how popular Apple’s device would become.

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Apple's 'Designed by Apple in California...

Apple's recently released photo-book, "Designed by Apple in California," is now available in a number of additional global markets, continuing an expansion from what was initially a limited run.

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AT&T to raise unlimited data plan pricing to $40...

Just over a year after AT&T raised rates for subscribers grandfathered in to unlimited data plans, the company once again intends to bump up prices another $5 per month come March.

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Foxconn reports first-ever earnings dip amid slow...

Amid rumors of plans to move to the United States, cut iPhone orders, and expansions to India, Foxconn today announced that it saw its first-ever annual sales decline in 2016 since it went public in 1991. The company’s decline is being blamed on “lukewarm” demand from Apple, its biggest client, according to Nikkei.


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AWT News Update: January 10, 2017

Happy Tuesday! We have a few stories for today's Apple World Today News Update:

  • The ESPN and WatchESPN apps have adopted Apple's Single Sign-On feature, meaning you can sign in once to use the apps with your cable or satellite TV subscription
  • AT&T & Verizon are both making moves to make those grandfathered unlimited data plans a thing of the past
  • Three weeks to go until Apple's Q1 2017 Earnings Call. We look at Foxconn's results to see how Apple may fare for the year-end quarter

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for January 10, 2017.

Sports fans who use the...

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Longtime Apple programmer and Swift creator leaves...

Current Apple Director of Developer Tools Chris Lattner will be leaving the company for Tesla later this month. (credit: Chris Lattner)

Software developer Chris Lattner, creator of the Swift programming language and Apple's current director of the Developer Tools department, will be leaving the company later this month to become Tesla's new vice president of autopilot software. Lattner announced his departure to the Swift mailing list earlier today, just a few hours...

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Neil Patrick Harris and James Cordon Broadway Riff-...

I have two names for you: Neil Patrick Harris and James Cordon. I have two words for you: Broadway Riff-off. Actually, does a hyphenated word count as one or two? Never mind, that’s not the point. Both Neil and James are Tony-winning actors and they squared off on The Late Late Show to see who has the best Broadway musical chops. It’s 10 minutes of musical fun, so crank up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy.

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Tesla hires architect of Apple's Swift as VP of...

Shortly after it was revealed that Swift creator Chris Lattner is planning to leave Apple later in January, Tesla on Tuesday announced it has hired the software guru away from Cupertino to serve as Vice President of Autopilot Software.

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Notable apps and app updates for Jan. 10, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Dramatic Software has debuted Who Gave Me What 1.0. It’s an US$0.99 gift tracking app that allows you to keep track of gifts received, why, who they were from and whether or not you have thanked the sender. Givers and occasions can be added just by typing in a name, and they can be reused for any subsequent gift.

Duo Pisceses has introduced Match Me 1.0. It’s a free brain training game developed with the aim to help improve memory retention, as well as enhancing fast pattern recognition, and concentration. Reveal any two cards...

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Apple’s Chris Lattner joins Tesla as Vice President...

We would like to welcome Chris Lattner, who will join Tesla as our Vice President of Autopilot Software. Chris’ reputation for engineering excellence is well known. He comes to Tesla after 11 years at Apple where he was primarily responsible for creating Swift, the programming language for building apps on Apple platforms and one of the fastest growing languages for doing so on Linux.

That explains what happened.


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Adobe patches critical flaws in Flash Player, Reader...

Adobe Systems released security updates for its Flash Player, Adobe Reader, and Acrobat products fixing critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to install malware on computers.

The Flash Player update fixes 13 vulnerabilities, 12 that can lead to remote code execution and one that allows attackers to bypass a security restriction and disclose information. Adobe is not aware of any exploit for these flaws existing in the wild.

Users are advised to upgrade to Flash Player version on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Flash Player plug-in bundled with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will be automatically upgraded through those browsers’ respective update mechanisms.

To read this article in full...

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Job opening at Spotify: “President of Playlists”

This is an oddly specific job posting.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Sonos CEO to depart company after 14 years amid...

The CEO of wireless speaker maker Sonos, John MacFarlane, is resigning from the company he founded in 2002 due to increased competition from the likes of Amazon and other wireless speaker makers, a move that could potentially influence a close partnership with Apple.

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∞ The Fraser Canyon when things go sideways

This video, even with its annoying as hell music, shows what truckers go through trying to drive in winter conditions. I don’t envy them. This road is the Trans-Canada Highway about 30 miles east of where I live. I love riding that road in the spring in summer (it’s one of the prettiest in British Columbia) but you couldn’t pay me enough to drive it in the winter.

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Apple’s ‘Designed by Apple in California’ hardcover...

After launching Designed by Apple in California back in November, the book celebrating 20 years of Apple product design is available today in more countries including Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, and many others. The book is available to purchase now through and also through some of its retail stores.


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Apple Patent Paves Way For iPhone With Full-Face...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Apple Insider: Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent detailing technology that allows for ear speakers, cameras and even a heads-up display to hide behind an edge-to-edge screen, a design rumored to debut in a next-generation iPhone later this year. Awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple's U.S. Patent No. 9,543,364 for "Electronic devices having displays with openings" describes a method by which various components can be mounted behind perforations in a device screen that are so small as to be imperceptible to the human eye. This arrangement would allow engineers to design a smartphone or tablet with a true edge-to-edge, or "full face," display. With smartphones becoming increasingly more compact, there has been a push to move essential components behind the active -- or light-emitting -- area of incorporated displays. Apple in its patent suggests mounting sensors and other equipment behind a series of openings, or through-...

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Tip of the Day: Controlling your Home from the Apple...

When the fourth-generation Apple TV launched in the fall of 2015, we found the absence of direct support for controlling Apple HomeKit devices to be a conspicuous omission — especially considering the Apple TV was already designed to act as the hub for remote access to HomeKit accessories. In other words, HomeKit accessory commands were being processed through the set-top box, but there was no way to allow the user to participate using the Apple…

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Cue co-founder leaving Apple to become partner at...

Daniel Gross, a Director at Apple, is leaving the company to join venture capital firm Y Combinator as a partner, according to TechCrunch. Gross first joined Apple three years ago when Cue, an artificial intelligence startup he co-founded, was bought up by Apple.


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Review: AQUA’s battery-free headphone amp improves...

Wireless earbuds and headphones have been the talk of the town since Apple’s iPhone 7 launched. For many audiophiles who need the best possible sound, you may still prefer to use your wired headphones. That normally means using the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter, however there’s a better option to keep your wired functionality while improving your listening experience on the iPhone. Enter Nexum’s AQUA; the portable, battery-less, headphone amplifier looking to take your audio experience further.


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Apple Said To Be Working on AR Glasses With Carl...

Apple seems behind Microsoft, Google, and Facebook on the nascent augmented reality space, but that could change soon. From a report on CNET: The tech titan is working with the German optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on a pair of lightweight AR/mixed reality glasses, according to tech evangelist Robert Scoble. The project, which could be announced as early as this year, was confirmed by a Zeiss employee, Scoble wrote in a Facebook post.


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Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband moves the Apple...

The Apple Watch is a constant companion for a lot of people who are either fitness buffs or just trying to keep track of life in general without having to pull out an iPhone. There are times, however, where it's not a good idea to have that Watch strapped to your wrist. For example, when you're lifting weights it's possible to smack a weight right into your wrist and damage your Watch. During kickboxing or cross-fit you might be using protective gear or need full wrist movement, so the Watch gets to wait in the locker while you have a workout. Twelve South has the answer in the new $29.99 ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

Apple Watch in a Twelve South ActionSleeve ArmBand. Photo ©2017, Steven Sande


The design of the ActionSleeve not only replaces the traditional Watch wristband with a strap that wraps around the upper arm or bicep, but it also adds...

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Brainchild behind Swift leaving Apple

Apple employee Chris Lattner, the senior director of Apple's Developer Tools Department, shared today that he’s leaving the company after more than a decade. He was the leading figure behind Apple’s Swift programming language.

Though he’s departing for “an opportunity in another space,” Lattner says he’ll “remain an active member of the Swift Core Team, as well as a contributor to the swift-evolution mailing list. Ted Kremenek will be taking over for me as 'Project Lead' for the Swift project, managing the administrative and leadership responsibility for"

Swift is the brainchild of Chris Lattner, who is the senior director of Apple's Developer Tools Department. In 2010, he began taking ideas from Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C#, CLU and other languages to create the new language. Swift was first unveiled at Apple’s 2014 Worldwide Developer...

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Limited Time Special Deal: Get the Photolemur photo...

While there are a lot of apps that can be used to make your digital photos look better, most of them require a lot of work and have a steep learning curve. That's not the case with Photolemur, which Apple World Today reviewed back in October of 2016. This Mac app (and Photos extension) uses artificial intelligence to analyze your photos and turn them from "good" to "breathtaking". Photolemur is on sale until January 15 for $29 (affiliate link) after which time the price goes back up to $49.

I've personally used Photolemur for about four months now, and find that in many cases it can fix flawed photos and even take what you think are...

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Here’s What We Wanted to Bring Home from CES 2017

Every year we head out to CES on Las Vegas to see what’s in store for the electronics world. We see some products that are pretty cool, and some that shouldn’t ever see the light of day, and we see some we want to take home with us right now. Read on to see what we wanted to sneak into our suitcases and add to our personal tech collections.

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Apple’s Swift Project Lead is leaving the company

I’m happy to announce that Ted Kremenek will be taking over for me as “Project Lead” for the Swift project, managing the administrative and leadership responsibility for This recognizes the incredible effort he has already been putting into the project, and reflects a decision I’ve made to leave Apple later this month to pursue an opportunity in another space.

As Gruber says, I’d love to know what the other opportunity is.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone 8 rumors: Return to a stainless steel chassis...

The iPhone 7 you got for the holidays still has that new-iPhone smell, but that won’t stop anyone from speculating about next year’s iPhone. After all, 2017 marks the iPhone’s 10th birthday, so Apple is reportedly gearing up to make its anniversary edition extra special.

We’ll keep track of the latest rumors and how plausible they are, and we’ll put them in one spot (this one!) so you can bookmark this link and just pop on over when you want to read the latest.

If you passed on the iPhone 7 to wait for the iPhone 8—or the iPhone 7s or whatever name Apple decides to use—it sounds like next year’s phone could be the design refresh you were waiting for. Just don’t expect the headphone jack to return.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click...

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Comment: Why some MacBook Pro users might consider...

LG’s UltraFine 5K Display is here, and while it tops the 4K model in virtually every statistic, there are some scenarios where you might consider buying two 21.5-inch 4K displays instead of a single 5K display.

Both UltraFine Displays are on sale for a limited time until March 31, 2017. The LG UltraFine 5K Display is on sale for $974 and the 4K version is on sale for $524.

That means that you can get two 4K models for $1048, or only $74 more than a single 5K display. Despite the 4K version’s noted shortcomings — lack of a camera, microphone, Thunderbolt 3, 10-bit color, etc. — this may be a viable option if it happens to meet your needs. more…


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Moonlite on Kickstarter, a Story Projector for iPhone

There’s a project on Kickstarter that I thought was pretty neat called Moonlite. It uses your iPhone flashlight to project stories onto the wall or ceiling. The projections come in the form of a ViewMaster-like reel of images. The words from the story appear on your screen, and each time you click the reel, the app turns the page with new words. It’s a clever marriage of the physical to an app, and I definitely applaud anything that helps parents tell bedtime stories to kids. A lot of folks seem to agree as the project has already raised $294,842, more than 14 times the original goal of $20,000. There’re 53 hours to go in the campaign as of this writing. The video below tells more about the project, and you can read more on the Kickstarter page, too. Funding options that get you a Moonlite start at $35.

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Sonos CEO steps down amid increased competition

Over the years, Sonos has weathered competition from better known rivals like Apple and Bose to find a devoted audience among audio enthusiasts. But lately its wireless speaker has lost ground to an unexpected competitor, Amazon’s Echo.

Now it faces another challenge: a change in the corner office. After 14 years leading the company he helped found, John MacFarlane has resigned as chief executive of Sonos and has been replaced by one of his deputies, Patrick Spence.

I don’t understand the competition. To me, Sonos and Echo serve different purposes—Sonos is a wonderful wireless speaker system and Echo is more of an assistant.


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Sonos CEO and co-founder stepping down after 14...

Sonos CEO and co-founder John MacFarlane is stepping down from his role and giving up his board seat, The New York Times reports. Patrick Spence who previously worked under MacFarlane is taking the lead role at Sonos going forward. The outgoing Sonos CEO wrote about the shift on the company’s blog:


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China’s WeChat looks to bypass Apple’s App Store

China’s largest mobile social media network WeChat is offering its 768 million users a function which allows them to by-pass app stores such as Apple’s.

I’m not really clear on how they implemented this, but bypassing the App Store is certainly not something Apple is likely to look kindly on.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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6.5-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack

We have a deal for you today on a 3-pack of 6.5-foot MFi-certified Lightning cables. You can get them through us for $21.99.

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CES 2017 Smart Home, IoT, More – TMO Daily...

Dave Hamilton joins Jeff Gamet to talk about the smart home and IoT gear they saw at CES 2017. They also dive into storage and smart fitness tech, too.

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The Amish horse-drawn buggy is more tech-forward...

As a Nova Scotianer, I’d never seen an Amish buggy until, while riding my motorcycle through Pennsylvania, I came through a curve and saw a large pile of “dirt” in the middle of my line. Rear tire hit the dirt and squirted out from under me. Freaked me out. I looked behind me and realized it wasn’t dirt but horse manure. As I got ready for the next curve, I thought, “Where the hell did that come from?” Looking through the curve ahead, I saw the buggy in the road and literally laughed out loud. I slowed and came up behind the buggy and saw two small children in the back, facing rearward. It was a “buggy station wagon”! The kids waved to me, I waved back and then passed the buggy, still laughing inside my helmet.


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Programmer who spearheaded Swift to exit Apple

Apple's director in charge of Xcode, Swift, and other development tools -- Chris Lattner -- will be leaving the company later in January, according to an announcement through the official Swift mailing list.

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Safari bug caused poor Consumer Reports MacBook Pro...

Enlarge / The new MacBook Pro. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

In late December, review publication Consumer Reports made headlines by failing to provide a "Recommended" rating to Apple's latest MacBook Pros. It was the first time any of Apple's MacBooks had failed to earn the rating. In the publication's testing, the laptops' battery life varied wildly, sometimes lasting as long as 19.5 hours and sometimes as little as 3.75 hours. The publication didn't have these problems with older MacBook Pros or with any of the 140 other laptops it has rated.

After working with Apple over the holidays, Consumer Reports...

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IK Multimedia brings a host of vintage 50’s & 60...

Well known for its line of popular Mac/iOS audio recording interfaces along with a slew of interesting apps to support them, IK Multimedia is introducing Fender Collection 2 for its Mac guitar processing suite/engine, AmpliTube 4. The new collection of guitar processors include a series of virtual guitar amps spanning the history of Fender’s “genre-defining” gear.


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ESPN, WatchESPN iOS apps updated to add support for...

Sports broadcaster ESPN has made it easier for viewers to watch its programming via its apps, with both the ESPN and WatchESPN iOS apps gaining support for Apple's single sign-on feature, as well as compatibility with Google Chromecast and more.

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Apple resolves the MacBook Pro battery life issues...

Apple and Consumer Reports have been working together to determine the issues that Consumer Reports had with the new MacBook Pro’s battery life during its review, and on Tuesday, both issued statements on their findings. It turns out that Consumer Reports uses a developer setting that typical users don’t use, and also that the same setting has a bug that affects performance.

In its review of the MacBook Pro, Consumer Reports said its battery life test results varied wildly, from 4 hours to 19 hours. Consumer Reports explained on its website that its laptop battery tests do not necessarily reflect real-world usage; instead, tests are designed to be consistent across different laptops for...

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Following Apple's decline, Foxconn reports...

Foxconn, Apple's main assembly partner, on Tuesday declared its first-ever annual sales decline since going public in 1991, something reportedly linked to weak demand from Apple prior to the arrival of the iPhone 7.

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Apple: Consumer Reports MB Pro battery results were...

As we reported last month, for the first time ever, Consumer Reports failed to recommend new models of Apple’s MacBook Pro line. The laptops did very well in measures of display quality and performance, but as far as battery life goes, models "varied dramatically" from one trial to the next. However, Apple says the battery tests were inaccurate, as the publication had enabled a hidden setting in its Safari browser.

Apple's full statement, as noted by iMore: "We appreciate the opportunity to work with Consumer Reports over the holidays to understand their battery test results. We learned that when testing...

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Consumer Reports Updates Its MacBook Pro Review

Reader TheFakeTimCook writes: Last month, the new MacBook Pro failed to receive a purchase recommendation from Consumer Reports due to battery life issues that it encountered during testing. Apple subsequently said it was working with Consumer Reports to understand the results, which it said do not match its "extensive lab tests or field data." According to an article from Consumer Reports, Apple has since concluded its work, and says it learned that Consumer Reports was using a "hidden Safari setting" which triggered an "obscure and intermittent bug" that led to inconsistent battery life results. With "normal user settings" enabled, Apple said Consumer Reports "consistently" achieved expected battery life. Apple stated: "We learned that when testing battery life on Mac notebooks, Consumer Reports uses a hidden Safari setting for developing web sites which turns off the browser cache. This is not a setting used by customers and does not reflect real-world usage. Their use of this...

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Last chance to get the ultimate HyperDrive MacBook...

With the new 2016 MacBook Pro making the switch to all USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, users searching for a way to add back HDMI, USB-A, and other ports are looking to the HyperDrive ultimate USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 hub.

The product has now attracted over 15,000 owners of the new device and raised over $1.3 million in preorders ahead of the first units arriving to customers in February. This week is your last chance to take advantage of early bird pricing on the HyperDrive hub with just 7 days to go for pre-orders through the crowdfunding campaign.


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You can vote for emoji to replace the current...

Hasbro is no stranger to taking votes on new Monopoly tokens, but this time around everyone's favorite tiny images are among the options. Between now and January 31st, you can select which of the 56 new game pieces you would like to see make the cut....

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Swift creator and Apple’s longtime leader of Xcode/...

Veteran Apple employee Chris Lattner shared publicly today that he is leaving the company after more than a decade. Lattner is widely known in the Apple development community as dev-friendly force within the company and the leading figure behind Apple’s Swift programming language.


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iMessage apps from Dejal Systems; Useful and fun!

One new thing in iOS 10 that gets a lot of use is iMessage apps. Dejal Systems is the developer of Simon and other tools for Mac, and the company has recently made a move into the world of iOS with two new iMessage apps -- Date Stamp ($1.99) and Chicken GIFs ($0.99). 

We'll look at the useful app first -- Date Stamp. You know those wonderful stamps that you often see in offices that are used to mark paperwork as "received", "paid", "approved", and so on? Date Stamp is an app that creates customizable stickers featuring a date and message. For example, I sent a Message to my wife this morning letting her know that I had paid our 4th quarter Federal...

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'Pokemon Go' blocked from iPhone launch in...

The highly-popular iPhone game Pok?mon Go will not be available in China anytime in the near future, until government officials complete an investigation into the potential risks posed by the game, as well as others using augmented reality and location data.

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iPhone at 10: The Best Is Yet to Come?

It seems like yesterday -- not 10 years ago -- that Steve Jobs took the stage at MacWorld to debut Apple's latest new gadget: the iPhone. It was three devices in one, he declared at Moscone West in San Francisco. It was a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet communications device. Apple's "three-in-one device" has gone on to become a critical contributor to the company's success, accounting for more than half its revenues annually, as well as a can't-live-without tool for many people.

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News: ESPN’s iOS apps add support for Single Sign-On

The latest version of the ESPN and WatchESPN apps for iOS now offer support for Apple’s Single Sign-On feature. Both apps provide access to streaming video, provided the user has a valid cable subscription with a supported partner. With an update to the latest versions of each app, users with a valid cable subscription set up on their phone will be able to sign in using their Touch ID rather than entering a password each time....

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Andy Grignon, Former iPhone Radio Engineer, on...

Andy Grignon worked on many things during his tenure as an engineer at Apple: iChat AV, iSight, Dashboard … and the radios inside the very first iPhone. Andy took to Facebook last night to offer some reflections on that last bit, 10 years after iPhone’s announcement, and has posted them publicly for all to see. We’ve included the text here in our full article just in case you don’t have a Facebook account, but both his post and the comments over there are worth a read. Andy’s a colorful, honest, and reflective cat. Needless to say also quite smart. Enjoy!

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Anker iPhone 7 Accessories...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Anker iPhone 7 Accessories from $2 Prime shipped: variety of cases, screen protectors, car mounts, and more!

Smart 4K Ultra HDTV deals: Sharp 65-inch Curved w/ 4 HDMI inputs...

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Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed...

Battery tests conducted by Consumer Reports showing inconsistent uptime with Apple's new MacBook Pro were inaccurate, Apple said on Tuesday, explaining that the publication had enabled a hidden setting in its Safari browser.

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ESPN apps now support Apple’s Single Sign-on feature...

ESPN has a significant update to its iOS app today that includes new sports features plus easier ways to watch video on Apple’s platforms with SSO and Chromecast support.


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Deals: $414 off 2016 15" MacBook Pro w/...

While supplies last, AI readers can pick up a high-end 2016 MacBook Pro in Silver with AppleCare for $2,733.99. Or save $200 on Apple's 2015 15" MacBook Pro. Those looking for the new 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can snap one up for $1,649.99 with no tax outside NY.

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∞ Apple comments on Consumer Reports faulty MacBook...

Back in December, Consumer Reports issued a statement saying they could not recommend Apple’s new MacBook Pro because the latest batch of MacBook Pro laptops exhibited “battery life results (that) were highly inconsistent from one trial to the next.”

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Consumer Reports retesting MacBook Pro battery life...

After being the first MacBook Pro to not receive a recommendation from Consumer Reports, the company is now stating that the latest macOS Sierra beta addresses a potential issue with the system’s battery life.

Working in conjunction with Apple over the holiday, the two have worked together to better understand the battery test results as promised and new testing is taking place this week…


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Rumored 'iPhone 8' stainless steel chassis...

If Apple does indeed switch to a Jabil-made stainless steel chassis for the "iPhone 8," the company could expand its comparatively small American supply chain and appease U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump, who has pushed for more domestic manufacturing.

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News: Spigen AirPods Stand coming in mid-February

Spigen has created the first AirPods-specific charging stand, designed to hold the AirPods charging case upright while plugged in to charge. At $12, the stand could provide users looking to plug in the case without futzing with a cord each time a cheaper option than another Lightning dock. The dock’s opening requires an original Apple Lightning cable to fit through the dock opening. The AirPods Stand isn’t showing up on Spigen’s…

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TextExpander update adds support for MacBook Pro...

Bloggers and other full-time writers are big fans of TextExpander (affiliate link), a family of apps and a subscription service from Smile that allows creation of text snippets that can then be expanded by simply typing a shortcut. For example, typing the shortcut "mAS" on my iMac types the phrase "Mac App Store", saving me ten keystrokes every time I put those words into a document. Smile updated TextExpander to version 6.1.3 yesterday, bringing with it support for those lucky folks who own the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

For those with a Touch Bar on their MacBook Pro, the update brings the ability to add, organize, filter or delete snippets with a tap or two, and it's easy to check snippet statistics, too! For those of you who aren't familiar with TextExpander, those stats give you a running count of how many characters you didn't have to type and the hours of typing saved as a result.


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The Week in iOS Accessories: New products unveiled...

New accessories for your iOS devices

Image by IDG

This week’s roundup includes a few new items that made their debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Read on (and you can check out more of Macworld’s CES coverage here)!

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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More than half of 9to5Mac readers polled say AirPods...

The results from our poll asking readers if AirPods fall out revealed that 65% of respondents say they indeed stay put while wearing. This majority is made up of three groups: They don’t fall out they stay snug, They don’t fall out but I need to readjust them sometimes, and They don’t fall out with an add-on accessory.

Even with over half of users’ AirPods staying in place according to our survey, this still leaves a sizable remainder of potentially frustrating experiences for more than three in ten people.


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Verizon jacks phone upgrade fees from $20 up to $30

If there’s one thing Verizon loves to do, it’s bouncing around the cost of its smartphone upgrade fee. After Verizon introducing a $20 upgrade fee in April 2016, it's now raising the cost even further.

Whenever you swap out your existing phone—whether through a straight-up purchase or a monthly payment plan with the carrier—Verizon adds $30 to your bill. Verizon will refund the charge to anyone who returns their new device within 14 days after purchasing it.

When asked about the reason for the price increase Verizon didn’t have much to say beyond a boilerplate statement. “These fees help cover increased cost to provide customers with America’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network,” Verizon told Ars Technica.


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News: Rumor: Apple working on light-weight augmented...

Blogger Robert Scoble is stoking rumors that Apple is working with Carl Zeiss to create augmented reality optics after an encounter at CES. Scoble said he noticed that the Carl Zeiss booth was located in the AR section at CES despite not having any products to showcase. When he suggested to an employee that reason was, “Tim Cook didn’t let you,” Scoble said all of the “employees around me smiled nervously.” Other commenters…

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How to configure the fourth-generation Apple TV as a...

A HomeKit installation needs an always-on hub to allow you to control your compatible appliances from outside the home -- AppleInsider shows you how to configure the Apple TV to act as the hub of the system.

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Verizon plans purge of 200GB+ bandwidth hogging...

Verizon Wireless will force unlimited data subscribers who use over 200 gigabytes of bandwidth per month to change their plan to one with a data cap, or face having their wireless service disconnected.

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Monodraw allows you to easily create text-based art (like diagrams, layouts, flow charts) and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. Because it's all just text, it... Read more
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Yuri 1.0 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: It's night. Yuri opens his eyes. He wakes up in a strange forest.The small, courageous explorer rides on his bed on casters in this... | Read more »
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10Tons Xenoraid is out today on the App Store, bringing some high-speed space action to your mobile gadgets just in time for the weekend. The company's last premium title, another sci-fi game titled Neon Chrome, did quite well for itself, so... | Read more »
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Sonny 1.0.4 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0.4 (iTunes) Description: Reimagined for iOS, cult-hit RPG Sonny brings challenging turn-based combat that requires strategy and mastery of each new skill to... | Read more »
Towaga (Games)
Towaga 1.0 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: "It has been foretold that a masked being would stand atop the legendary Towaga Temple, dwelling among shadows to fulfil The Black Moon... | Read more »
Bubble Witch 3 Saga Guide: How to get th...
King's bringing its fairytale bubble-popping puzzler back for its 3rd outing in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. If you're familiar with the series, not much has changed here on the surface level, though you'll likely be pleased with the improvements. If you'... | Read more »
Sunless Sea sails onto iPad this spring
Failbetter Games, the folks who brought you Fallen London, are celebrating their 7th birthday today. To commemorate the event, the team revealed that Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring. | Read more »
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Games)
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 1.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $14.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes) Description: Gameplay | Read more »

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B&H Photo has the 9.7″ 32GB Space Gray Apple iPad Pro on sale for $549 for a limited time. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only. Read more
Apple iMacs on sale for up to $120 off MSRP,...
B&H Photo has 21″ and 27″ Apple iMacs on sale for up to $120 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 27″ 3.3GHz iMac 5K: $2199 $100 off MSRP - 27″ 3.2GHz/1TB Fusion iMac... Read more
Apple refurbished Apple TVs available for up...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 32GB and 64GB Apple TVs available for up to $30 off the cost of new models. Apple’s standard one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: -... Read more
1.4GHz Mac mini, refurbished, available for $...
The Apple Store has Apple Certified Refurbished 1.4GHz Mac minis available for $419. Apple’s one-year warranty is included, and shipping is free. Their price is $80 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 16GB iPad Air 2s available for $319 including free shipping. A standard Apple one-year is included. Their price is $60 off original MSRP for this model. Read more
Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP, refurbish...
B&H Photo has Mac Pros on sale for $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY only: - 3.7GHz 4-core Mac Pro: $2799, $200 off MSRP - 3.5GHz 6-core Mac Pro: $3799, $200... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 9″ and 12″ Apple iPad Pros available for up to $160 off the cost of new iPads. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: - 32GB 9″... Read more
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Amazon has 2016 12″ Apple Retina MacBooks on sale for $300 off MSRP for a limited time. Shipping is free. The following configurations are available: - 12″ 1.1GHz Silver Retina MacBook: $999.99 $300... Read more
Cartella Slim Cases Put The ‘Book’ Back Into...
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