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Monday February 20

Uber CEO reveals details on sexual harassment...

A former Uber engineer's blog post that blew up online did more than just shame the company into finally investigating her long-ignored sexual harassment allegations. It has also forced the ride-sharing service to take a look at its diversity numbers...

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'Rogue Legacy' studio returns with a retro...

The developer behind hit indie game Rogue Legacy has a new title coming in 2017: Full Metal Furies. The teaser trailer shows off a brawler with a retro aesthetic, four unique classes of female protagonists, and a serious sense of humor.

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Julian Assange 'happy' about the rise of...

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is taking time out from hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to sing the praises of fake news. He appeared via satellite at a Q&A in Sydney, Australia this weekend, where he defended his organization and pai...

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Game of Thrones ‘A Dance with Dragons’ iBooks...

Apple’s iBooks Store added the Enhanced Edition of George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons over the weekend. It will ship on March 30th, and includes new artwork, an expanded glossary, more information about the houses, maps, and more.

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Internet troll's book deal is rescinded

Just a couple of months after announcing a book deal for Milo Yiannopolous -- an internet figure most well-known for being banned from Twitter due to harassment focused on actress Leslie Jones -- Simon & Shuster has apparently had second thoughts...

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Apple shares four new 'One Night' ads...

Apple on Monday shared a series of four short commercial spots featuring the low-light photo capture capabilities of iPhone 7, with the ads taking viewers on a trip through a sampling of nighttime scenes, from New York to Johannesburg.

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Piloted hoverbike redefines 'dangerous'

Good news: a private company has developed a manned hoverbike you may well fly one day. Only... you might not want to. Startup company Hoversurf is teasing the Scorpion-3, an electric quadcopter bike that offers both automated and manual control....

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Apple’s newest iPhone 7 ‘One Night’ ads focus on low...

Hot on the heels of a report claiming that Apple was shifting its ad focus to more regional campaigns, the company has shared four new videos on its YouTube channel, each focused on a specific city. All of the new videos are apart of the “One Night” series that the company had previously unveiled.


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Apple Daily Report for February 20, 2017

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

Apple has filed its appeal with the European court of appeals, all declaring that the European Commission's decision to levy $14 billion in taxes on Apple on behalf of the EU is erroneous, against the rule of law, and should be stricken.

Apple has added complete translations and custom explainer graphics to Apple Pay support documents on its regional websites in German and Italy, suggesting the payments service might soon launch in those countries. 

Password manager 1Password for Mac has been failing to...

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TIME: Apple has no interest in an Amazon Echo-like...

Last May it was reported that Apple was working on "an Amazon Echo-like device with a speaker and microphone that people can use to turn on music, get news headlines or set a timer” that will be powered by Siri, its personal digital assistant. However, now TIME says Apple isn’t building an Amazon Echo rival.

“After talking with Apple executives, I've come away with the impression that they're more interested in turning Siri into an omnipresent AI assistant across devices, rather than designing a single device specifically to serve as a Siri machine,” Tim Bajarin writes. “Apple is also very interested in positioning Siri as a control hub for smart home devices, as evidenced by a recent and impressive HomeKit demo I observed.”

In his TIME...

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AI turns Game Boy Camera photos into decent shots

Many people have fond memories of using the Game Boy Camera, but to call its low-resolution black-and-white shots "photos" would be... generous. Don't tell that to Roland Meertens, though. He recently devised a neural network that turns Game Boy Ca...

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Apple updates German and Italian Apple Pay support...

Apple recently added complete translations and custom explainer graphics to Apple Pay support documents on its regional websites in German and Italy, suggesting the payments service might soon launch in those countries.

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Returning to U.S. With iPhone? What Are Your Rights?

When returning to the U.S. from travel, border agents may select you for various reasons for a more detailed questioning. Your smartphone may be requested. You may be asked to unlock it for agents to inspect. What are your rights in this case?  Two interesting articles at The New York Times and ars technica go into considerable legal detail about what might happen if you refuse to cooperate. The links and more are on page 2 of Friday’s Particle Debris.

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Apple Pay comes to new Australian banks as Apple’s...

Apple Pay has slowly been making its way around the world, but there are still a variety of countries where the service hasn’t launched. Today, however, Polish website iMagazine discovered a handful of hints on Apple’s website that suggest Apple Pay may soon be coming to Germany and Italy.


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Crowdsourced research predicts what molecules smell...

As of now, the only way to tell how something smells is to actually take a sniff. That is to say, there's no observable, scientific measure we know of that can predict how we'll perceive a specific odor. In comparison, things are a little more cut an...

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Apple's files 14-point appeal against European...

Apple has filed its appeal with the European court of appeals, all declaring that the European Commission's decision to levy $14 billion in taxes on Apple on behalf of the EU is erroneous, against the rule of law, and should be stricken.

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Report: Apple might be revamping its iPad lineup in...

Japanese website Macotakara reports that Apple's upcoming March event will see the release of a new line of iPad Pros as well as 128GB iPhone SE and a new bright red color choice for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The company is expected to unveil iPad Pro...

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How to print from your iPhone and iPad with or...

Whether you’ve just gotten your first iPhone or iPad or have had iOS devices for a long time and need a quick refresher, it’s useful to know how to print directly from your device. Read on for a couple of options to easily print directly from iPhone and iPad.


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How to disable word predictions on the MacBook Pro...

Students who own Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar may not be able to use its dynamic function row in public examinations as industry officials believe its integrated predictive text feature and other capabilities could give them an unfair advantage. Here's how to disable it.

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Hidden Folks is the Whimsically Fun Hidden Object...

My free time over the weekend was taken up by a new iPhone and iPad game that just came out called Hidden Folks, so now I’m ruining your productivity, too. It’s a clever hidden object game with it’s own charm thanks to the hand-drawn graphics and sound effects that are clearly some guy who decided his mouth is a complete foley studio. His ba-doo-be-doop, skrintch, and pop sounds are important to the game, as are the little animations. Tapping objects triggers actions sounds and actions. Sometimes that’s clearing away a bush or moving a boat, and can reveal the elusive objects and characters you need to find. Hidden Folks is great for a quick diversion or a couple hours exploring new levels. You can get it for your iPhone and iPad at Apple’s App Store for US$3.99.

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The Simon Optix headset gave me a headache

The classic game of Simon is a test of memory and reflexes. How long a sequence can you remember, and how fast can you repeat it? The new Optix headset turns it into a test of stamina as well: How long can you stand having flashing lights directly in...

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macOS Sierra: Delete And Reinstall 1Password To...

Agilebits announced that 1Password users were getting an error message when trying to start the app. This error is due to the expiration of the developer certificate this past Saturday. The company knew the certificate was expiring but didn’t realize it would cause an issue with the software.

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Review: Sony’s XAV-AX100 CarPlay receiver pairs...

Sony XAV-AX100 is the company’s first aftermarket receiver that works with Apple CarPlay. Priced competitively at $499, XAV-AX100 features a 6.4-inch resistive touch display that rivals larger capacitive touch screens in quality. Sony has also integrated CarPlay in better ways than other aftermarket receivers available so far. Read on for our full review…


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Hyundai chooses efficiency over range with its new...

Hyundai has been dragging its feet. Hybrid technology has been on the road for over a decade and the Korean automaker is only now catching up with its own dedicated Ioniq brand (a hybrid Sonata has been available for a while). But, instead of just dr...

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TMO Background Mode: Interview with Open Source...

Jordan Hubbard, the co-founder of FreeBSD, spent a dozen years at Apple bringing coherence to the UNIX core of Mac OS X. Apple calls it macOS today, but in the early years, there were lots of rough spots integrating the partly FreeBSD core into a viable consumer Mac OS X. Jordan was also instrumental in modernizing Mac OS X with features like MacPorts, Launchd, Grand Central Dispatch and application sandboxing. Today, his work complete at Apple, Jordan is an open source developer. We talked about the early development of Mac OS X derived from NeXT and even the earliest BSD origins. Along the way, we also chatted about Jordan’s childhood memories as an 8-year old being an electronics geek with Radio Shack as his Mecca. If you love macOS, don’t miss this insightful historical tour.

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The sequel to 'Alto's Adventure'...

Last week, Snowman -- developer of beloved snowboarding game Alto's Adventure -- announced that its next game, Where Cards Fall, would be out this fall. However, we're going to get another game from the studio before that. Alto's Odyssey, the sequel...

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Hands-on with the Dart-C: a compact 65W charger that...

Finsix, the company behind the Dart-C charger, claims that it’s got the world’s smallest laptop charger and after going hands-on with one of the units, it’s hard to argue against that claim.

The Dart-C is indeed one of the more petite laptops chargers that I’ve ever seen. The 13-inch MacBook Pro charger is already relatively diminutive, but the Dart-C is considerably more compact than the stock MacBook charger. Have a look at our brief hands-on video walkthrough as we take the Dart-C for a test drive. more…

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macOS Sierra 10.12.4 third developer's beta now...

In addition to betas for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, Apple on Monday also deployed its third developer-centric beta of macOS 10.12.4 with Night Shift, and other bug fixes.

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Microsoft's next-gen HoloLens reportedly won...

If you've been hoping for a cheaper, smaller HoloLens to come out soon, you might be disappointed. Microsoft-focused news site Thurrott reports that the company is eschewing a more incremental follow-up device in favor of something with significant u...

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The World’s Worst Cocktail: The Alexa Martini

Speaking of martinis, out of curiosity I tried asking my Amazon Echo “How do you make a martini?” The answer was appalling:

“The martini is a cocktail made with 1 part gin and 6 parts vermouth.”

Those of you who enjoy a martini know that that recipe is backwards, and would make for a truly wretched drink — the International Bartenders Association standard recipe for a dry martini calls for 6 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. If anything, many martini aficionados prefer less vermouth than the IBA recipe.

Given the same query, Siri tells you (rather ungrammatically) “The main ingredient in martini (cocktail) is gin”, and points you to Wikipedia, which offers the IBA...

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Apple rolling out macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 3 for Mac

Apple is rolling out the third macOS 10.12.4 beta for developer testing. The upcoming version of macOS Sierra is the first to bring Night Shift to the Mac.


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As Apple explores truly wireless iPhone charging,...

Disney Research has showcased an automatic, unaided charging platform that would enable purpose-built structures -- such as cabinets, rooms or even entire warehouses -- to generate and deliver power to mobile receivers in close proximity.

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Alto’s Odyssey is coming this summer, catch the...

From 9to5Toys

Two years after releasing Alto’s Adventure, Built by Snowman has revealed the first trailer for the sequel of the award winning title, Alto’s Odyssey. Slated for launch this summer on iOS and, presumably Android, the next rendition continues with visually appealing gameplay. The teaser trailer is quick, but we do get a glimpse of the scenery, which appears to be a desert. There aren’t many more details at this time, but we expect for Snowman to roll out more info over the coming months.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, the original Alto’s Adventure has gone on sale for $1.99 (Reg. $5). You’ll find that and all the rest of today’s best iOS deals...

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Apple unlikely to develop an Echo-like standalone...

Apple doesn't appear interested in developing a standalone Amazon Echo-like speaker utilizing Siri, as the company's vision is instead linked to devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

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Apple’s Facial Recognition Plans, the AI Race – TMO...

Apple buying RealFace has people talking even more about using facial recognition to unlock our iPhones. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about Apple’s potential plans and what they think the company has in store for facial recognition technology. They also look at Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and the race for mainstream artificial intelligence.

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20...

Notable software releases this week include ScreenFlow 6.2.1, GarageBand 10.1.6, Parallels Desktop 12.1.3, and Microsoft Office 2016 15.31.


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How to Mod a Porsche 911 or Other Car to Run Doom in...

So it turns out you can run Doom on your Porsche 911. What’s that? You don’t have a Porsche 911? No worries, it will supposedly work on some other cars, too. No, really. YouTuber Vexal posted a how-to and demonstration of doing this terrible idea. I mean…you play by turning your steering wheel, accelerating, changing gears, and honking your horn. What could go wrong, right? By which I mean, don’t do this at home. Or anywhere. But do, absolutely, watch Vexal play the game. And if you’re wondering about that toaster in the passenger seat, be sure to watch Vexal’s video on modding a toaster to be a Doom controller

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This image of terror should not be photo of the year

I’ve been following this discussion since the photo was given the “World Press Photo of the Year” award. It’s been a fascinating discussion on several levels. I honestly can’t decide on which side of the fence I fall. I can see the excellent points both arguments make.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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QuickerTek announces 5TB Time Capsule performance...

Apple has reportedly ceased development of new version of its AirPort Base Station and Tim Capsule. However, the routers remain popular, well-designed products, and you can beef ‘em up with QuickerTek's wireless antenna upgrades. The company has announced a new 5TB hard drive upgrade for the Apple AirPort Time Capsule. It also features six external antennas.

Designed as a central backup solution for all of the Macs in your home or office, the addition of the 5TB hard drive adds a boost in storage capabilities for those in need of more than the 2TB or 3TB storage offered with the unit alone. To complete this upgrade, QuickerTek first opens the chasis and removes the existing hard drive. Once this is done, the 5TB hard drive is slid into the empty space and plugged into the internal board.

The antenna upgrade not only offers dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Wi-Fi, it also triples the range of the Time Capsule. The...

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Apple releases third beta of iOS 10.3 with '...

Nearly two weeks since the last release, Apple has made available the third betas of iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and tvOS 10.2 available to developers.

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Irish government’s report defends the tax...

The Irish government has spent more than 440,000 euros ($467,000) on a report to defend the tax arrangements between the country and Apple. The commissioned report was compiled by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, reports the Irish Journal.

The report supported the way the US multinational allocated profits to its Irish operations, the article adds. Although European officials didn’t request the report, it was handed to the EU in February 2016 – about six months before the European Commission, Europe’s anti-trust and consumer investigation agency, revealed its finding that Ireland gave Apple illegal state aid worth €13 billion.

The European Commission claims that Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have attracted investment and jobs by helping big companies avoid tax in other countries, including EU members. The commission suspects Ireland was too lenient in...

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Apple releases watchOS 3.2 beta 3 for Apple Watch

Apple is rolling out the third watchOS 3.2 beta for developer testing on Apple Watch. watchOS 3.2 beta includes Theater Mode which disables raise-to-wake and mutes alerts.


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Report: Apple will debut new iPad Pro lineup at...

Spring is just around the corner, which means we’re likely getting close to another Apple event—and the rumor mill is starting to churn. Japanese site Mac Otakara released a report on Monday claiming that Apple will host an event in March with its new iPad Pro lineup in the starring role. According to the report, Apple will announce new 7.9-inch and 10.5-inch models, and will refresh the existing 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. Mac Otakara’s research was first spotted by MacRumors.

This is promising news for iPad mini fans: The mini currently holds the 7.9-inch size slot, so if this rumor holds true, it looks like Apple will be phasing out the iPad mini 4 with a leaner iPad Pro. The 7.9-inch iPad Pro is also rumored to have a Smart Connector, True Tone display, and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera—which will be...

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Graphic Node introduces Universal Kit Mill for macOS

Graphic Node has introduced Universal Kit Mill for macOS. It’s three separate applications, each specifically designed for Apple's productivity app, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Pixelmator. 

Universal Kit Mill provides over 100 templates and textures for creating banners, headers, infographics, and social media items. The collection aims to help Mac users produce modern and polished content without the help of hired designers, says Zivile Unguvaityte, CEO of Graphic Node.

Universal Kit Mill 1.0 requires macOS 10.10 or later and costs $14.99. It’s available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store.

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tvOS 10.2 beta 3 rolling out for Apple TV

Apple is rolling out the third tvOS 10.2 beta for developer testing on Apple TV. tvOS 10.2 focuses on “new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the OS and SDK” according to developer release notes.


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Apple rolling out iOS 10.3 beta 3 for iPhone and iPad

Apple is rolling out the third iOS 10.3 beta for developer testing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The upcoming software update includes Find My AirPods support, CarPlay improvements, Apple’s new filesystem, and more. We’ll update and highlight any changes discovered below.


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WhatsApp overhauling status tab with encrypted...

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature in its app called Status that uses a similar format to Snapchat Stories, TechCrunch reports. Like messaging through WhatsApp, however, Status will bring encryption to the popular format.


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Amazon’s Alexa is intriguing

I’ve watched all the hubbub around Alexa since it first came out, but I never pulled the trigger and picked one up for myself. I know people that own them and they have nothing but praise for the device. It’s an intriguing proposition, but I’m still not sure if it’s something I’d use everyday or if it would be more of a novelty item.

Amazon is making a big push into the home market with Alexa, partnering with other manufacturers, which is a really smart move. The more I look at Alexa, the more I want to try it out, but I’ll still on the fence.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Irish government spent $467,000 on report defending...

The Irish government spent more than 440,000 euros ($467,000) on a report to defend the tax arrangements between the country and Apple, amid ongoing scrutiny from the European Union.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 12-inch MacBook 512GB $1,250,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Save $349 on Apple’s 12-inch MacBook 512GB at...

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Report: Apple is planning a top-to-bottom refresh...

Enlarge / The iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

For some time now, the ever-churning Apple rumor mill has been telling us to expect some kind of hardware event in the spring. And as the spring draws nearer, reports about both the timing and the content of that spring event are going to get more accurate. The latest news to that end comes from the Japanese site Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), one of the more reliable sources for early news about this sort of thing.

Mac Otakara reports that Apple will be having a hardware event in March with the iPad acting as the star of the show. The tablet lineup...

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A 3km beer pipeline

I need a pipeline of Heineken to my house. Still, this is pretty amazing.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Buys RealFace, but that Doesn’t Mean We’re...

Apple added another facial recognition company to its stable. This time it’s RealFace, the company behind the photo picker app Pickeez. Reports speculate Apple bought the company so it can jump into using facial recognition instead of Touch ID to unlock our iPhones. That may be Apple’s long-term plan, but don’t count on Touch ID going away any time soon.

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Could IBM's Watson Fix President Trump?

President Trump offers a good emulation for a future artificial intelligence system, suggests a column I read earlier this month, and his presidency may be an early warning of what could happen if we should fail to think through its training and information sources. Cathy O'Neil, the author of the piece, is a data scientist, mathematician and professor, so she has decent chops. She compares artificial intelligence to human intelligence that is mostly id -- basically because we don't yet know how to create the digital equivalent of a conscience.

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Wearable fitness devices don’t seem to make you more...

Interesting article and, while the conclusions may be slightly controversial, it does make sense as described. I think fitness devices don’t “make” you more fit but they can help you track your fitness goals.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Deals: 13" Touch Bar MacBook Pro for $1,...

Shoppers have less than two days left to save $150 on Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Gray at B&H. Or save $320 on the Late 2016 15" MacBook Pro in Silver at Adorama. Apple's 32GB 9.7" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + Cellular) is also $549 in Rose Gold -- all with no tax collected outside NY and NJ.

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Expiring developer certificates causing some Mac...

This is a minor annoyance and the fix is relatively simple.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple takes 5th place in US reputation survey as...

Each year, Harris Polls runs rankings of the top 100 “most visible” companies operating in the United States, ranking them by their reputation among customers who participate in the survey. This year, in a survey of 30,000 customers, Apple has taken the 5th spot.


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Do camera reviews even matter?

I wouldn’t go far as to say they don’t matter but I do agree with the overall premise – take the reviews with huge truckloads of salt. The only camera review site I trust implicitly is Digital Photography Review. Their reviews are both technical and creative and contain a wealth of information. But nothing replaces your own experience and word of mouth when it comes to camera reviews.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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ScreenFlow 6.2.1

Brings a number of bug fixes and adds the option to publish 2K and 4K video to Vimeo ($99 new, free update, 61.5 MB)


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Snapchat begins online sales of iPhone-connected...

Snap on Monday launched online sales of the Spectacles, its iPhone- and Android-connected smartglasses, finally expanding beyond its rare vending machines and a pop-up store located in New York City.

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Apple is the fifth most reputable company in the U.S.

Apple is the fifth most reputable company in the U.S., according to the 2017 Reputation Quotient Ratings from Harris Poll, a list of the ”100 most visible companies" in the U.S. Ahead of Apple are Amazon, Wegmans, Publix Super Markets, and Johnson. Trailing Apple in the top 10 are UPS, Walt Disney Company, Google, Tesla Motors, and 3M.

Apple's score of 82.07 on the RQ scale is said to be excellent, and is just 4.2 points behind Amazon's top place. However, the score is down from the 83.03 Apple tallied last year, when placed Apple in second behind Amazon's 83.96 for that year's poll. 

The Annual RQ study begins with a Nomination Phase which is used to identify the companies with the most “visible” reputations according to the General Public. All respondents are asked to name companies that stand out as having the best and worst reputations overall. Two open-end questions are used:

  • Of...
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Smart Home Diary: My entire home is now HomeKit-...

I wrote last time that despite having 16 HomeKit devices, I was already wanting more. No-one who knows me will be the slightest bit surprised that the interval between ‘wanting more’ and ‘getting more’ was rather short. Every light in my home is now HomeKit-enabled, and I’ve also added some switches and motion-sensors.

The lightbulb additions were the kitchen and bathroom, and the justification of adding these two rooms seemed somewhat flimsy. Were we really ever going to want mood lighting in the bathroom or kitchen? But having added these rooms into the mix, along with some rather old-fashioned HomeKit technology, I’m glad I did it.

That doesn’t mean that HomeKit is perfect, however – but let’s start with what I’ve added and why before I list my complaints …


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Apple places 5th on corporate reputation poll,...

Apple is the fifth most reputable company in the United States, with the results of an annual poll into the public perception of a company putting the iPhone producer ahead of Disney, Google, Tesla, and Netflix in the rankings.

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∞ Weird Al releases rare Beatles cover as a sneak...

[VIDEO] Weird Al has a career-spanning boxed set in the works, due for release this November. One track in the set is a never-commercially-released Beatles cover (video embedded in the main Loop post). I’m told that Weird Al recorded this in his garage, sent it to Dr. Demento, but Beatles’ lawyers sent him a cease and desist to prevent him from releasing it. Not sure what’s changed.

If you like Weird Al, this is some excellent work. Enjoy.

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Rumor: Apple to debut new iPads at March event

Apple will host an event in March to introduce a new iPad Pro lineup, including 7.9-inch, 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, and 12.9-inch models, as well as other product announcements, according to the Japanese website Mac Otakara — as noted by MacRumors.

The report says that most of the new models will be available immediately, though the 10.5-inch tablet might not be available until May. Mac Otakara also says the event may see Apple may also add a 128GB storage option for the iPhone SE alongside its existing 16GB and 64GB capacities, add a new red color option for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and announce new Apple Watch bands. 

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is expected to sport an edge-to-edge display. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who’s often spot-on in his predictions — has predicted "revolutionary" changes for the iPad lineup with Apple making "radical...

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GoWatchIt tracks Netflix, HBOGo, etc., lets you know...

GoWatchIt tracks all the major sites (Netflix, Amazon video, HBO Go, Hulu, iTunes, etc.), along with DVD, Blu-ray, in theater, and on demand. Add shows you want to watch to your queue and GoWatchIt will email you when your show or movie is available.

As an example, I wanted to watch The King of Comedy (very obscure Martin Scorsese, Robert Di Nero movie), but it never seemed to hit on cable. Just got an email that it is showing on Starz. DVR set. Would have missed this. Thanks, GoWatchIt.


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Watch the music for the game Stagehand come to life

If you are interested in music or games, this is a fantastic post. Cabel Sasser, founder of Panic, Inc., takes us on a deep dive into the creative process as he starts with a melody noodling around in his brain and, step-by-step, brings it to life as the music for the new iOS game Stagehand.

Watch the videos in order, top to bottom. I absolutely love this.


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Rumor: Apple to launch 'iPad Pro 2,' red...

In addition to new iPads, Apple is also expected to unveil a high-capacity 128-gigabyte iPhone SE -- as well as a potential (Product)Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus -- at a media event in March, a new report claims.

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Peninsula Group launches thermal printer label...

The Peninsula Group has released a series of free macOS-compatible drivers that support thermal printer manufacturers including Zebra, Datamax, Honeywell and Brady with the goal of making it easier to print labels.

Using web based shipping services form companies like UPS, FedEx and DHL is now possible; even Amazon FBA is supported. You can print readable barcodes, text and images from any website or application.

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Second report of red iPhone 7, along with 128GB...

There was a supply-chain rumor toward the end of last year that Apple was working on a new red color option for the iPhone 7, and Japanese blog Macotakara cites a Barclays analyst supporting this.

It’s possible that Barclays has heard from the same supply-chain source as earlier reported direct by Macotakara, so this may not be independent corroboration of the idea, but the fact that it is still being suggested a couple of months later does at least lend a tiny bit of weight …


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Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing...

The consequences of an Apple-issued security certificate expiration combined with a change made by Apple, is leading to some apps purchased outside the app store like 1Password, PDFpen, and Soulver for Mac to require reinstallation with a new version before coming back to life -- but the issue may have lasting consequences for some software.

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Here’s the scoop on the just released changes to...

If you play Pokémon Go, take the time to dig into Rene Ritchie’s post showing all the new stuff and how it works. Excellent job. Very helpful.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple changes up ad strategy to focus on digital and...

Apple's long-time ad partner, TBWAMedia Arts Lab, is "reorganizing and introducing a new operating model" in order to accommodate its client's new focus on digital and regional campaigns, according to a spokesperson for the agency.

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News: Happy Presidents’ Day from iLounge

Happy Presidents’ Day from all of us here at iLounge! In observance of the U.S. holiday, alongside Family Day in Canada, we’ll be on a limited publishing schedule today. We will be back to normal updates tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 21. Thanks for reading!...

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iOS 10 and Swift 3 Starter Bundle: $45

We have a deal on a training bundle for developers called the iOS 10 and Swift 3 Starter Bundle. It includes five different courses, including: The Complete iOS 10 Developer, iOS 10 Projects: Build Amazing Apps with Apple’s Newest iOS, Swift 3 Fundamentals & Essential Training, iOS 10, Swift 3 Hands On Features. and Master iOS 10 + Swift 3 & Create Apps. That hundreds of lessons and more than 81 hours of video training, all for $45. Note that coupon code “LEARN50” will allow TMO readers to get 50% of this course, making it $22.50.

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News: Daily Deal: Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for...

In our iLounge Deal for Monday you can pick up the Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for USB-C/A Devices for only $49.99. This portable battery pack supports Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0 technology so you can power up your devices at top speed, and USB-A and USB-C compatibility means you can use it with a wide range of devices, including the brand new MacBook Pro.

Get the Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for USB-C/A Devices now for only $49.99...

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Here’s why Apple isn’t building an Amazon Echo rival

Tim Bajarin, writing for Time:

Despite Amazon’s success, Apple has no apparent interest in copying the Echo. After talking with Apple executives, I’ve come away with the impression that they’re more interested in turning Siri into an omnipresent AI assistant across devices, rather than designing a single device specifically to serve as a Siri machine.

Interesting point. The Amazon Echo exists simply to listen for, and fulfill, Alexa requests. Every other Apple device serves many purposes and also serves the ecosystem. More bang for the buck.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple’s marketing efforts to focus more on digital,...

According to Adweek, Apple has restructured its relationship with its ad agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to focus more on creating digital and regional campaigns—and less on translating, or “localizing,” big brand campaigns for global markets.

“TBWA\Media Arts Lab is reorganizing and introducing a new operating model to keep pace with the way people consume media and content,” an agency spokesperson told Adweek. “This will result in a reduction in areas such as localization and further investment in areas such as digital, social, data analytics, content creation and a more diverse set of strategic skills. We will also have greater integration with media partners at OMD.”

Apple’s revamp of its marketing strategy has led to staff reductions at TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s Los Angeles headquarters and other offices around the world, though...

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∞ Apple’s new iPad Pro campaign

[VIDEO] These four spots (embedded in the main Loop post) started running on Friday. As Rene Ritchie points out, these spots have that “I’m a Mac” feel to them.

The difference is that there is no character carry, no one who appears in all the ads. The design and tone is what carries from spot to spot.

See what you think.

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Analyst predicts Apple will switch from Touch ID to...

It’s rumored that the next-gen iPhone will feature a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition according to JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall.

Hall has stated that the scanner will replace the Touch ID on the next-gen iPhone, as Apple is apparently looking to replace the Home button to allow for an edge-to-edge display. Hall’s note cites that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus could also have a 3D laser scanner based on increased volume of the module within Apple’s supply chain.

The scanner component is said to add about $10 to $15 to the next-gen iPhone’s bill of materials, which coupled with the OLED display, glass casing, and other increased production costs, could make its retail price up to $100 more expensive than it would be without those features, if Apple looks to maintain a similar profit margin.

Hall’s research notes cites the opinion that the switch to a facial recognition technology will help alleviate user frustrates when the Touch ID doesn’...

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Apple purchases Israeli firm Realface, thought to be...

Apple has bought yet another company that they may do something nifty with.

Apple has purchased Realface, a cybertechnology startup whose facial recognition technology can be used to authenticate users. This is Apple’s fourth acquisition in Israel and the deal is estimated to be worth a couple of million of dollars.

Realface was established in 2014 by Adi Eckhouse and Aviv Mader developed a facial recognition technology that offers a smart biometric login, aiming to make passwords redundant when accessing mobile devices or PCs.

Realface is reported to have raised $1 million prior to the acquisition and employs up to 10 people. The company has sales in China, Israel, Europe, and the US.

RealFace’s first product, the Pickeez app, created a new way to enjoy photos, with its recognition software automatically choosing the user’s best photos from every platform they’re on.

As always, stay tuned for additional details as they become available.


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How to manage tabbed windows in macOS Sierra’s Safari

In macOS Sierra’s web browser, Safari, you can create and open multiple tabbed windows. You can rearrange how they’re ordered, close them, or save a group of tabs as a bookmark that you can reopen all at once.

To add a new tab, press Command+T or click the plus sign at the far right of the Tab bar. To close a tab, move your mouse over the tab and click the X that appears.

To jump from tab to tab, press Command+Shift+→ or Command+Shift+<–. You can drag and drop a tab to the left or right of another tab to rearrange their order. 

To move a tab to a new window. drag it underneath the Tab bar, then let go of your mouse button. Or you can right-click a tab and choose Move Tab to New Window.

You can save every open tabbed window as a bookmark. Right-click any tab (or click the Bookmarks menu) and choose Add Bookmark for These Tabs.

You can also save the articles of every currently loaded tabbed window in the Reading List. Right-click any tab (or...

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1Password & other Mac apps failing to launch due...

Popular password manager 1Password for Mac has been failing to launch over the weekend due to its developer certificate expiring, as the company notes in a blog post.

Customers were getting an error message when trying to start 1Password […] We knew our developer certificate was going to expire on Saturday, but thought nothing of it because we believed those were only necessary when publishing a new version. Apparently that’s not the case. In reality it had the unexpected side effect of causing macOS to refuse to launch 1Password properly … 

The same issue has hit a number of other Mac apps …


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PDFPen gives you superlative PDF editing on your Mac

By Aaron Lee

SmileOnMyMac recently updated PDFPen, its PDF editing and form-filling tool for macOS, to version 8.3, adding Touch Bar support for certain models of the 2016 MacBook Pros. If you haven't used the software, PDFPen -- or its Pro sibling -- is certainly worth a look.

PDFpen is a PDF editing tool that allows you to: add text, images, signatures and markup to PDFs; edit and delete text in an original PDF; move, copy, resize and delete images in the original PDF; handle OCR scanned documents; redact or erase text; and fill out and save forms. You can merge pages from several PDF files. Open the files in PDFpen and drag the pages you need from each into a new document.

When it comes to redacting text, you can perform tasks such as removing a Social Security number or banking details. PDFpen removes the text in the PDFpen and replaces it with a black rectangle. You can even use...

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BBC nature series 'Blue Planet' will...

Planet Earth II has only just started airing in North America, but already the BBC is working on a big-budget nature follow-up. Blue Planet II, a successor to the original Blue Planet series from 2001, will be broadcast in the UK later this year. It'...

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Uber reportedly ignored repeated sexual harassment...

A former engineer at Uber wrote that she was sexually harassed and that her complaints were ignored by the human resources department, despite other harassment reports against the same manager. Furthermore, she says she was threatened with firing for...

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'Horizon Zero Dawn' made me fall in love...

There's something about Aloy. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's an enchanting kind of magic in the way she shoots a bow, speaks her mind and sprints across vast valleys littered with monstrous metal beasts. Aloy is powerful and loyal, an...

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Sunday February 19

Xiaomi to announce its 'Pinecone' mobile...

Following reports from earlier this month, today Xiaomi confirmed on Weibo that it will be announcing its very own mobile chipset, named after its subsidiary "Pinecone," in Beijing on February 28th. Little else is mentioned, but rumors going as far b...

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'Counter-Strike' is facing a chat bot...

The Counter-Strike community has faced numerous challenges in the years since launch, ranging from cheating to gambling, but there's one more to add to the pile: a flood of chat bots. At least one intruder is taking advantage of a Counter-Strike: Gl...

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Color-changing hair dye responds to your environment

Just because you want to color your hair doesn't mean you want the same color all the time. Wouldn't it be nice if it could change with the weather, or whether or not you're inside? You might get your wish. The Unseen has developed a color-changin...

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Report: Apple shifting its ad focus to regional...

According to a recent report from Adweek, Apple is in the process of streamlining its global marketing efforts. The report explains that Apple has restructured its relationship with ad agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab to put a stronger emphasis on digital and regional campaigns rather than “big brand campaigns” for the global market.


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GarageBand 10.1.6

Patches a security vulnerability related to a memory corruption issue. (Free with new Macs or $4.99 new, free update, 956 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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The Pacific Ocean is hiding a whole continent

Who knew that finding hidden continents was a trend? Researchers now say they've confirmed the existence of Zealandia, a giant land mass (roughly two thirds the size of Australia) hiding in the Pacific Ocean -- as you might guess, New Zealand is its...

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Foxconn stock hits decade-high price thanks to...

It’s been proven several times that Apple’s success affects a multitude of different companies and here is the latest example. As detailed in a new report from Bloomberg, Hon Hai Precision, better known as Foxconn, is seeing record share prices thanks to high expectations for the iPhone 8…


Filed under: Apple ...

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Apple buys company that specializes in facial...

Apple has acquired Israel’s Realface, a cybertechnology startup whose facial recognition technology can be used to authenticate users, according to the Times of India. The company developed facial recognition software that offers users a smart biometric login.

Realface was launched in 2014 by Adi Eckhouse Barzilai and Aviv Mader. The Tel Aviv-based firm had raised $1 million prior to Apple scooping it up; it employs up to 10 people. 

Apple purportedly paid “a couple of million” for the purchase. This is Cupertino, California’s fourth acquisition in Israel: Anobit (a NAND flash company), PrimeSense (maker of chips that enable 3D machine vision) and LinX (a maker of miniature multi-aperture cameras designed for mobile devices).


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Amazon lowers its free shipping threshold to counter...

When Walmart ditched its Amazon Prime-style subscriptions and offered free two-day shipping for all orders over $35, it was a shot across the bow -- we might not compete directly, but we can still undercut you. Well, Amazon is responding in kind. J...

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Rumor: Apple, Broadcom working on a customized...

In a note to clients — as noted by CNBC — JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur says an upcoming iPhone will probably sportcustomized wireless charging system jointly designed by Apple and Broadcom. Work on the system has purportely been underway for two years.

"We believe the glass back cover [the “iPhone 8 is rumored to sport a back glass cover] is conducive to wireless charging as it reduces signal interference versus a metal casing," Sur wrote. "It is possible for Apple to add proprietary features such as fast charging or extended charging to differentiate itself from the pack and enhance the value of its own hardware ecosystem."

Sur estimated that iPhone charging upgrade could grow to a $500 million to $600 million opportunity for Broadcom, an American fabless semiconductor company that makes products for the wireless and broadband communication industry....

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Apple drops to fifth place in China smartphone sales

Apple shipped 43.8 million units of iPhones throughout 2015, a year-on-year decrease of 18.2% as local smartphone makers dominated the market according to Canalys. The research group estimates that for the full year 2016, China reached 476.5 million unit shipments, growing year on year at 11.4%.

This swept away the annual growth rate of 1.9% in 2015. China shipments reached 131.6 million units in Q416, which is the highest single quarter total in history, accounting for nearly a third of worldwide shipments.

Canalys research shows that, in 2016, Huawei took the top spot in the market with 76.2 million shipments, a small lead ahead of runner-up Oppo with 73.2 million units, followed by Vivo in third place at 63.2 million units. 

"China and Hong Kong are still the hardest-hit areas in Apple's global top ten market. This directly led to a 7.0% decline in global shipments compared to 2015.,” says Canalys analyst...

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Apple reportedly snaps up Israeli facial recognition...

Adding weight to the rumors circulating about a future iPhone boasting facial recognition, reports claim that Apple has purchased RealFace -- a machine learning company specializing in the technology.

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B&H Photo has 27″ Apple iMacs on sale for up to $200 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 27″ 3.3GHz iMac 5K: $2099.99 $200 off MSRP - 27″ 3.2GHz/1TB Fusion iMac 5K: $... Read more
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Amazon has 2015 15″ 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pros (MJLQ2LL/A) available for $1849.99 including free shipping. Apple charges $1999 for this model, so Amazon’s price is represents a $150 savings. Read more
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