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Tuesday February 28

Renault-Nissan developing a fleet of self-driving EVs

French people love to drive, but with private radar companies set to give out way more speeding tickets, they may be willing to let machines take the wheel. Luckily, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has teamed with a company called Transdev to develop a f...

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Supply constraints will limit OLED to just '...

A new analyst report sheds some doubt on the "super cycle" concept because of a probable limit in OLED screen supply, suggesting that the pent-up demand for a revolutionary iPhone incorporating the flexible screens will only be sated after a few years -- which will boost AAPL over the long term.

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Apple updates system status site for reporting...

It’s never a great experience when iCloud goes down and Apple services are affected, but it always helps to know it’s not just you having issues. Apple typically acknowledges ongoing outages on its System Status site with a brief description of the problem, and this week Apple has updated its design to emphasize last known issues.


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'Brass Tactics' is a VR RTS that puts you...

Real-time strategy and VR don't seem like they would go together. After all, the key attraction to virtual reality is feeling like you're in someone else's shoes in a faraway land of make believe. The top-down view of typical RTS games doesn't quite...

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Oculus shows off upcoming VR titles at GDC 2017

It's the start of the 2017 Game Developers Conference and, as you might expect, it's an event where VR is likely to take center stage. Kicking it all off is Oculus, which not only announced a new Gear VR plus a new controller this weekend, it also sh...

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'From Other Suns' lets players move in VR...

When I boot up a new VR game for the first time, the same question always hangs in my mind. "So," I think, "how do you teleport in this game." It's become a standard in virtual reality, the go-to movement system that lets players explore the digital...

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Games like 'Augmented Empire' are why Gear...

If you've ever used a Samsung Gear VR before, you've probably found yourself awkwardly tapping the side of the headset to issue a command, or fumbling with its four-way touchpad to make a selection in a menu. This inelegant, embedded touch control is...

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Apple has 1,000 engineers working on AR, may debut...

A UBS research note seen by Business Insider says that Apple is believed to have more than 1,000 engineers working on an augmented reality project, and that the company’s first AR offering may be seen in the iPhone 8.

According to some industry sources, the company may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related to AR […] UBS expects Apple could implement new AR products as early as in the next iPhone, expected later this year, which could include “moderate 3D mapping … and possibly an AR software development kit,” the note says.

The note is consistent with a KGI one stating that the iPhone 8 will include a ‘...

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ICYMI: San Diego's smart street lights and...

Today on In Case You Missed It: AT&T is teaming with GE to install 3,200 smart sensors atop San Diego's public street lights. These devices, part of a $30 million infrastructure upgrade, will help city administrators better track and manage e...

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LG UltraFine 5K Displays now shipping March 8 after...

After previously pulling inventory over quality issues caused by poor shielding, Apple now promises LG UltraFine 5K Display deliveries as soon as March 8. 9to5Mac discovered last month that the original version of the Apple-endorsed Retina resolution monitor could become unusable when placed near a wireless access point like most routers.


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Warren Buffett on Apple and stickiness

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, one of the world’s shrewdest, hardest working investors. He does his homework before he spends a dime.

As has been widely reported, Buffett more than doubled his ownership in Apple stock (was 59M shares on Dec 31, now up to 133M shares) so far this year. In yesterday’s interview with CNBC, Buffett lays out his logic. Compelling.

You can watch part of his more than three hour interview here.

From the official transcript:

When I take my great-grandchildren to Dairy...

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Korean prosecutors charge Samsung head, other execs...

South Korea prosecutors on Tuesday indicted the acting head of the Samsung Group -- Jay Y. Lee -- for bribery and embezzlement, leveling similar charges at four other executives as well in the influence scandal surrounding Korean President Park Geun-hye and her friend, Choi Soon-sil.

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Report claims it's now more reliable to own...

Based on my experiences and those of all theiPhone owners I know, I find this hard to believe. However, according to the Q4 2016 State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report by the Blancco Technology Group, which specializes in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics, it's now more reliable to own Android devices than iPhones.

The report claims the iOS failure rate has consecutively increased quarter-over-quarter – from 15% in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2015 to 25% in Q1 2016 to 58% in Q2 2016 to 62% in Q3 2016. Although the iOS failure rate (62%) has since stabilized in Q4 2016, Apple is still playing catch up with Android (47%), claims Blancco. 

Additionally, the company claims that the iPhone 6 has been the worst performing iOS device consecutively for four quarters with the highest...

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Xbox Game Pass lets you play 100 titles for $10 a...

Microsoft received a good amount of deserved praise for adding backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. Today, the company is adding another way to play older titles on its flagship console. The new Xbox Game Pass is another take on the "Netflix for...

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Opinion: The time is right for a switch to USB-C in...

I wrote an opinion piece last year speculating on whether Apple would switch from Lightning to USB-C, and when it might do so. A new report today suggests that the company is planning to do so this year, in the iPhone 8.

I argued then that there were compelling reasons for Apple to make the switch. While the Lightning port is a clever standard, USB-C is even smarter and more capable. Adopting a single port across both Mac and iOS devices would massively simplify the cable and connector ecosystem. And the high-speed data transfer capabilities provided by USB-C would allow Apple devices to work together better than ever.

I addressed the three possible objections before, but let’s quickly summarize them here …


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Kids can learn Hebrew letter basics with Alef Bet...

The Davka Corp. has announced Alef Bet Schoolhouse for the Mac. It’s an app that introduces Hebrew letter basics to children ages three and up. 

Alef Bet Schoolhouse features four activities that teach pronunciation of Hebrew letters, recognition of letter shapes, the order of the Hebrew alphabet, and the differences between letters of similar appearance. The Meet the Alef Bet section displays each Hebrew letter with a picture of a word that begins with that letter, accompanied with delightful animation and audio pronunciation of the letter and word. 

The Magical Alef Bet Game presents a sequence of Hebrew letters that need to be placed in their proper order. The Unscrambulator requires players to reassemble scrambled Hebrew letters into their correct shapes, while Name that Letter places different letters of similar appearance on the screen that must be identified and distinguished from one another.

Alef Bet Schoolhouse requires macOS 10.12 or higher. It costs...

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For This Year's iPhone, Apple Is Ditching...

Apple has decided to adopt a flexible display for at least one model of the new iPhone, reports WSJ. From the report: People with direct knowledge of Apple's production plans said the Cupertino, Calif., company has decided to go ahead with the technology, and it will release a phone model using the OLED screens this year (Editor's note: the link could be paywalled; alternate source). The technology allows manufacturers to bend screens in ways they couldn't previously -- such as by introducing a curve at the edge of the phone as in some Samsung models. However, once the phone is manufactured, the OLED screen can't be bent or folded by the user, at least with current technology. Using OLED displays would allow Apple to introduce a phone with a new look to fuel sales. They said Apple would introduce other updates including a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company's original Lightning connector. The models would also do away with a physical...

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SoundCloud adds a new tier to its subscription...

SoundCloud Go is now a completely different offering after the company has revamped its music streaming service. The $10-per-month unlimited subscription still offers ad-free and offline access to over 150 million tracks, but it's now called SoundClo...

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iShoes, anyone?Apple granted patent for shoe wear-...

iShoes, anyone? Okay, I don’t think Apple is entering the shoe business, but the company has been granted a patent (number 9,578,927) for a “shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unit less activity accessment, and associated methods.”

In what may indicate an even closer tie with Nike, the patent does mention sneakers, boots, and shoes for running, soccer, and American football. Apple says that “as a shoe wears, physical support provided by the shoe decreases, thereby reducing associated protection from injury.” It also notes that “when a critical wear level is reached, even if the shoe looks like it is not particularly worn, the shoe may not provide adequate support and may, in fact, cause damage to feet.”

Here’s Apple’s summary of the patent: “A system assesses activity and displays a unitless activity value. A detector senses activity of a user. A processor reads sensed activity data from the detector. A display displays the unitless...

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Ofcom forces BT to cut over two million monthly...

Healthy competition between the UK's quad-play providers may have led to lower prices for all-in-one broadband, phone, TV and mobile packages, but some customers like to pick and choose individual providers for each job. For landline customers in par...

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EduTech: Developers behind AirParrot introduce new...

EduTech is a new 9to5Mac weekly series that will focus on technology’s application in education, lower and higher level, both for productivity and enjoyment. If you have suggestions for topics or specific questions you’d like to see answered, feel free to let me know. Catch up on past installments here

This special mid-week installment highlights a new app from Squirrels, the company behind AirParrot: 

The developers behind the popular screen sharing software AirParrot have today launched a new app built specifically for use in education. The new app from Squirrels is simply called ClassHub and is a classroom operations platform that “combines collaboration, device management and device monitoring into a single dashboard for teachers.”


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Netflix's CEO plans on putting buffering to bed

It's no secret that video streaming is king right now, and that the binge-watching craze Netflix helped establish is making other TV providers rethink how they offer content to customers. Here at Mobile World Congress, the service's CEO Reed Hastings...

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Rumor: the ‘iPhone 8’ will have a curved screen and...

According to the Wall Street Journal, the upcoming “iPhone 8” will have a curved OLED display and will ditch the Lightning port for a USB-C port.

“Apple Inc. has decided to adopt a flexible display for one model of the new iPhone coming out this year and has ordered sufficient components to enable mass production, people familiar with the matter said,” according to the WSJ.

The article also says that reports that Apple will replace the Lightning connector with a USB-C port. All of the next iPhones are said to feature a "USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company's original Lightning connector,” according to the WSJ.

According to the Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) chances that the upcoming iPhone will have a curved screen are 80% (and it will be OLED, at least on a high-end model), but the...

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Rumor: 10.5-inch iPad Pro to feature 2,224 x 1,668...

Even if it’s a rumor, there’s generally some truth to it.

It’s been said that Apple’s rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet will feature a higher resolution of 2,224 × 1,668 pixels, while maintaining the same pixel density as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The rumor hails from IHS Markit director of tablets and PCs Rhoda Alexander.

Alexander, in an interview with Forbes, stated that the upcoming tablet will have a resolution of 2,224 × 1,668 pixels with a 264 PPI, equal to the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro at 2,048×1,536.

Alexander also stated that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro would feature slimmer bezels that would allow it to have the same overall footprint as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. She also stated that she expects the 10.5-inch iPad Pro to “arrive in the March-April timeframe,” which plays along with a rumored March event Apple is said to be planning.

Finally, Alexander also said Apple’s rumored low-cost 9.7-inch iPad Pro could start at $299, which...

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Google reveals the latest plans for its futuristic...

Google's plans for its futuristic Mountain View campus changed yet again when it swapped lands with LinkedIn last year. The tech titan has recently submitted its updated proposal to City of Mountain View, and its computer renders show us what Google'...

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1Password for Mac updated to 6.6.1, includes...

It’s a nifty program and it just got a little bit better.

1Password for Mac has just been updated to version 6.1.1. The new version includes enhanced Touch Bar support for the MacBook Pro as well as a new payment model that centers around subscriptions.

The software, which generally listed around $65, is being priced towards a more affordable number and now features free trials via the Mac App Store.

The new version incorporates the Touch Bar beyond the initial update that launched back in November. Customizing passwords when changing or creating new passwords now works with the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros. A new slider appears when editing passwords so you can easily change how many characters or words appear in each password you generate.

For new customers, the software arrives with a 30-day free trial. Existing customers will be able to log in as needed from any device.

Those who previously purchased 1Password in the Mac App Store will...

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Boat skipper suspended after boat sank in collision...

The skipper of a historic motor launch has been suspended from his duties as a waterways pilot after a collision with a ferry. The boat he was skippering sank.


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Lotus WorkStation can improve your health, but may...

More folks companies are realizing the health, comfort and productivity of "standing desks." For these reasons, Fellowes Brands has introduced the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation. It works well with, say, an iMac, but was cumbersome when I used it with my combination of 15-inch MacBook Pro and a 27-inch LG Ultrafine 5K.

Research has determined “sitting disease” as the cause for numerous health issues. The 90-degree sitting position that many of us take on for hours on end during the work week is a cause for concern. Eighteen research studies in which almost 800,000 men and women participated show that people who live a sedentary life, largely sitting at a desk for hours on end every day, have a significantly higher risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation — available...

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Questionable rumor claims Apple will ditch Lightning...

A new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple will abandon its proprietary Lightning port later this year, instead opting for a USB-C connection for charging and wired syncing. For a company that has recently doubled down on Lightning, that seems unlikely. Here's why.

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Apple granted patent for fingerprint reader embedded...

Apple has filed a number of patent applications for different ways of embedding a fingerprint reader into a display, and one of these has today been granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Apple first applied for the patent in 2015.

In addition to allowing Apple to eliminate a separate Touch ID sensor, the patent also explains how embedding the...

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Ubisoft's 'Rabbids' invade virtual...

Virtual reality is about to be invaded by derpy, mischievous rabbits. Ubisoft's long-running Rabbids franchise is coming to Google's Daydream VR platform sometime this spring, the publisher announced.

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How to view, add, edit user names, passwords in...

You can view, add, or edit user names and passwords Safari saved for websites. To set these options, open Safari, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Passwords.

To sort the website list, click a column heading. For example, to focus on websites with saved passwords, bring them to the top of the list by clicking the Password column heading. Click again to change the sort direction.

You can search website addresses, user names, and shown passwords in the list.

You can have Safari securely save user names and passwords you enter on webpages, then automatically fill in the saved information when you revisit the same webpages.

If a website’s password is listed as “never saved,” Safari never autofills it. To let Safari autofill your password for a website, remove the website from this list.

Safari’s AutoFill list shows websites whose user names or passwords you saved while signing in or manually added, and whose passwords you chose never to save....

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WSJ: iPhone 8 to replace Lightning connector with a...

The Wall Street Journal has outlined their current thinking on the next new iPhone from Apple, colloquially dubbed the iPhone 8. They believe that Apple will replace the Lightning connector on the bottom of the phone with a USB-C port, ditching its own propriety connector with an industry standard.

The report also reaffirms rumors of the device featuring a large curved OLED display, losing the Home Button in favour of a new touch screen function area.


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EA's Peter Moore makes a big money transfer to...

Yesterday's Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool was notable for two reasons. First was the result: managerless Leicester, the current champions of England, pulled off a surprise 3-1 win against an in-form Liverpool team after a...

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Paint with pinballs in the enchanting Inks for iOS

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

State of Play has a knack for making video games look like fabulous, imaginative art, as seen in the wonderful Lumino City for iOS and Mac—a game that was made by filming real papercraft locations and characters and forging them into game elements. So it’s little surprise to see the studio’s next effort deliver another eye-popping and totally original concept. 

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Google Home is coming to the UK this spring

If you've been waiting for Google to bring its smart Home speaker to the UK, you may only have to hang on a little bit longer. A Google spokesperson confirmed to Engadget today that the contoured cylinder will make its journey across the Atlantic in...

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The Morning After: Tuesday, February 28 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

It's Tuesday. That means Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new robot harbinger of death, there are more new smartphones and we have an idea who screwed up at the Oscars. In more encouraging news, we checked in with...

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Monday February 27

How to customize AirPods by changing double-tap...

Apple’s AirPods have been available for a few months now and as the completely wireless earbuds make their way to more users, there have been increased requests for more customization options.

While it’s not explicitly clear from the start, there are a few changes you can make in the Settings app on your iOS device to slightly customize the AirPods experience. Read on for a breakdown…


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How to: change the email address linked to your...

Apple ID is the gateway to Apple's online services -- App Store, iCloud, iTunes and more -- and is a crucial part of your digital identity. AppleInsider shows you how to change the email address that serves as your Apple ID login credential in a few easy steps.

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Mozilla buys Pocket

Mozilla has acquired Pocket, a kind of DVR for the internet, for an undisclosed sum. The nine-year-old company, which makes tools for saving articles and videos to view them later, is Mozilla’s first acquisition. It represents a homecoming of sorts for Pocket, which began life as a Firefox extension before eventually expanding its team and building a suite of apps for every major platform. Pocket has been Firefox’s default read-it-later service since 2015.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Banco Santander, IBM to co-develop MobileFirst for...

Banco Santander, a retail and commercial bank headquartered in Spain, and IBM have announced a collaboration to design and develop a suite of IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps to “support the banking group's digital transformation and give employees the tools to create deeper engagements with their customers.”

These custom-built, native apps made for iOS will be rolled out across more than 11,000 iOS devices, changing how Santander's commercial network employees, including those supporting corporate, SME, private and retail banking, approach their day-to-day activities and boost productivity, according to Javier Cuenca, managing director T&O Area Banco Santander.

Using an iPhone, Santander employees can expect to have immediate access to up-to-date information on products, services, and clients, allowing them to make better recommendations to customers on bank products such as Santander's 1|2|3 account for SMEs, an account that provides cash back incentives for...

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Banco Santander partners with IBM to develop suite...

Santander, one of the world's top banks by market capitalization, has announced plans to collaborate with IBM on the development of a series of native iOS apps to support a "digital transformation" of its business, assisting its bankers to create deeper engagements with clients.

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Google's Jigsaw Launches Troll-Thwarting API

A new tool is available to check the persistent harassment of online trolls. Google's Jigsaw think tank last week launched Perspective, an early stage technology that uses machine learning to help neutralize trolls. Perspective reviews comments and scores them based on their similarity to comments people have labeled as toxic, or that are likely to result in someone leaving a conversation. Publishers can select what they want to do with the information Perspective provides to them.

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Apple Daily Report for February 27, 2017

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

AT&T launched a new unlimited data plan less than two weeks ago, but with more competitive options available from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, it revamped its plans. Starting Thursday, new and existing AT&T customers can choose from two new plans: Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice

Apple iCloud users beware: scammers have come up with another way to target you. Scammers are calling unsuspecting victims and saying that the call recipient's iCloud account has been hacked, according to Daily Beast senior editor Michael Weiss.

A skipper...

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Notable apps and app updates for Feb. 27, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Almalence has launched its xTeleZoom app for the iPhone 7 Plus, enabling extra high quality zoom capability capable of preserving resolution and suppressing the noise while zooming. The $0.99 tool is developed especially to extend the high quality zoom range of the telephoto camera of the iPhone 7+. Users of iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models without a tele-camera will also reportedly benefit from higher quality zoom using the xTeleZoom app.

macOS Apps/Updates

AKVIS has released AKVIS Points 3.0., an update of the macOS-compatible...

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What are you most excited to see at Apple’s iPhone,...

Earlier today, Zac offered up a full roundup of everything that we could potentially see at Apple’s spring event this year. While the event is generally much smaller-scale than Apple’s other events every year, there are a few things that most usually interest most people.

What rumored announcement for Apple’s April event excites you the most?

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[Sponsor] Buddybuild: A CI / CD Built for iOS...

Buddybuild is a continuous integration and delivery system for mobile developers.

Buddybuild is trusted by companies like Slack, Meetup, Firefox and thousands of others to reliably build, test and deploy their mobile apps. It saves them from spending hundreds of hours writing and maintaining build scripts, debugging flaky test infrastructure, managing provisioning profiles and manually deploying to the App Store.

Now, mobile development teams can focus on crafting applications their users love.

See why thousands of teams love buddybuild. Start your free 3 week trial today.

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SpaceX to fly tourists around the moon next year

The dark side of the moon. I think I’ll wait a bit on this trip.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Good news: A third-party screen repair won’t void...

Taking your iPhone to any place but an Apple store or Apple-authorized repair shop for a screen fix used to automatically void your warranty. That’s apparently no longer the case.

According to an internal memo circulated to Apple retail stores and published by 9to5Mac, iPhone repairs that would be covered by your device’s warranty will still be covered, even if you had your screen fixed by a third-party shop. There’s a caveat, though: If there are signs that the third-party repair work caused damage to your iPhone, or if the repair is related to the display, you’ll have to pay the out-of-warranty price for repair at an Apple store or authorized repair shop.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click...

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Nokia rebrands Withings, launches HealthKit...

Nokia is making a bigger push into the healthcare market, announcing at Mobile World Congress that the health and fitness accessory maker Withings will rebrand its products under the Nokia name, as well as revealing a "Patient Care Platform" that appears to directly compete against Apple's HealthKit.

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Cop offers snarky PSA for ‘amazing’ turn signals

This is pretty funny.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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MWC 2017: Latest iPhone competitors from Samsung, LG...

This week is Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and that means almost all of Apple’s biggest competitors are getting together to show off their latest phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Yesterday was the official press day, so let’s take a look at all the devices that were announced by Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and others…


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Update of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta with Night Shift...

Mondays are all about having a fresh start of the week ahead, so how about a fresh new version of macOS for your Mac (if you’re a developer)? Apple on Monday released the fourth beta of mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 to developers. If you happen to be one, you can get the update through the Mac App Store.

The major new feature in macOS 10.12.4 is Night Shift, another feature from iOS that Apple is bringing over to the Mac. Night Shift changes the color temperature of your Mac’s screen based the sunset and sunrise of your location; the darker the afternoon/evening gets, the more Night Shift cuts down on the blue light that screws up your biological clock. Night Shift also turns the blue light back up in the morning.


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Reasons why you should love a cheap kit lens

I tell my students to NOT buy a new lens when they buy their first, beginner DSLR. There’s no point. The kit lens is “good enough” for beginners until they learn how to use the camera and create great images with it. Only once you know what kind of photographer you are should you start looking to buy replacement lenses.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 27...

Notable software releases this week include TextExpander 6.1.7, Apple Remote Desktop 3.9, SoundSource 3.0.1, Slack for Mac 2.5.1, Logic Pro X 10.3.1, BBEdit 11.6.4, Tinderbox 7.0, and 1Password 6.6.1.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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ExtraBITS for 27 February 2017

In ExtraBITS this week, users are reporting keyboard problems with the 2016 MacBook Pro models, and Apple has announced the name and opening date for its new campus.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Taking Pocket further with Mozilla

I hope this is good news for the Pocket team. I’ve been a huge fan (and, apparently a heavy user – according to Pocket, I’m in the top 1% of readers for the past four years!) and really like the service.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Pocket read-it-later service sells out to Firefox-...

Pocket, the popular read-it-later bookmarking service, has been acquired Firefox developer Mozilla, according to Recode. Pocket has client apps on the iPhone, iPad, and even the Mac including both a browser extension and dedicated reader app.


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How Ikea’s Billy bookcase took over the world

These may be the only truly disposable furniture I’ve ever owned. While they are cheap, easy to assemble bookcases, they always seem pretty flimsy. Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve always just thrown out the old Billy and bought a new one.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The end of the Olympics as we know it

I’d be sad to see the Olympics disappear but it would make economic sense if they did.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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New T-Mobile promo offers three unlimited One lines...

U.S. carrier T-Mobile on Monday announced a promotion designed to attract new subscibers as well as keep existing ones, offering three lines of the company's unlimited One tier for $100.

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Apple posts new developer betas of iOS 10.3, macOS...

Apple has released new developer betas of iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4, and watchOS 3.2. Developers can download the beta through the Apple Developer Center or the Software Update mechanism in the App Store.

iOS 10.3 updates the file structure on an iOS device to the Apple File System (APFS). AFPS is optimized for Flash/SSD storage and features “strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, cloning for files and directories, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals.”

The beta also includes a new "Find My AirPods" ability, additions to Siri, CarPlay improvements, and some changes to Maps. What’s more, Apple says that by the time iOS 10.3 is available to customers, developers will be able to respond to customer reviews on the Apple App Store.

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 brings iOS's Night Shift mode to the Mac, allowing users to cut down on blue light exposure. It also includes Shanghainese...

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1Password for Mac updated with enhanced Touch Bar...

1Password for Mac is out with a new update that includes enhanced Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro and a new payment model. The powerful password manager was previously priced around $65, and now AgileBits is shifting to a subscription model that allows free trials on the Mac App Store.


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IHS Markit analyst also expects a 10.5-inch iPad Pro...

Rhoda Alexander, director of Tablets and PCs, at the IHS Markit research group tells Forbes contributor Brooke Crothers that we should expect to see a new iPad Pro design with a 10.5-inch display soon. This echoes a prediction made last August by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The beauty of the new size of Apple tablet is that it’s the same size as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro but with a resolution of 2,024-by-1,668 (compared to the current 2,048-by-1,536) because of a smaller bezel, according to Alexander. This works well for Apple because it means 9.5-inch iPad Pro accessories like the Smart Keyboard can be used with 10.5-inch version.

Alexander believes the new iPad Pro...

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Apple debuts fourth betas of iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra...

In what appears to be a regular release day, Apple on Monday made the fourth betas of iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and macOS 10.12.4 available for developers to download and test.

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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS coming March 30

SAP SE plans to deliver the SAP Cloud Platform SDK [software developer kit] for iOS on March 30, giving developers the tools for building enterprise apps for the iPhone and iPad. 

Developers can now register for the SAP Academy for iOS to get the necessary training to create their own native apps. Early adopter customers have already seen improvements in their business with iOS built on SAP's platforms, according to Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board, SAP SE, Products & Innovation. “

"When we set out on this partnership with SAP, we knew we had an incredible opportunity to transform how people around the world work by combining the innovation and security of iOS with SAP's leadership in enterprise software,” Susan Prescott, vice president of Product Marketing, Apple, says. “We're already seeing the impact that the combination of iOS and SAP brings to businesses to enable better, more efficient and effective processes across industries. Now even more...

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Apple releases watchOS 3.2 beta 4 for Apple Watch

Apple is rolling out the fourth watchOS 3.2 beta for developer testing on Apple Watch. watchOS 3.2 beta includes Theater Mode which disables raise-to-wake and mutes alerts.


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Apple rolling out macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 4 for Mac

Apple is rolling out the fourth macOS 10.12.4 beta for developer testing. The upcoming version of macOS Sierra is the first to bring Night Shift to the Mac.


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Mobile World Congress: Gigabit Wireless and the Anti...

One of the biggest disappointments at this year's Mobile World Congress is that the Samsung Galaxy 8 phone won't make it. The Galaxy line has been the ultimate iPhone fighter. Rumors around the anniversary edition of the iPhone suggest that it will do amazing, magical things, like 3D selfies. OK, I'm really missing Steve Jobs at the moment -- who the hell wants 3D selfies?!? Still, Motorola and Qualcomm are expected to make huge announcements that could result in the iPhone 8 looking a tad out of date when it finally launches later in the year.

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Apple releases iOS 10.3 beta 4 for iPhone and iPad

Apple is rolling out the fourth iOS 10.3 beta for developer testing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The upcoming software update includes Find My AirPods support, CarPlay improvements, Apple’s new filesystem, and more. We’ll update and highlight any changes discovered below.


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Original iPhone, 3G, 3GS still in active use, 2016...

Older iPhones are still in use despite their age, according to a report on mobile Internet usage, with the original iPhone 3G, and 3GS all highlighted in traffic monitoring research for 2016 that compares the use of Apple devices against other manufacturers in the smartphone market.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: latest 13-inch MacBook Pro...

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Upgrade to Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar...

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D-Link's HomeKit-connected Omna 180 is a great...

If you don't feel a need to be covert with a live camera feed from your home, the D-Link Omna 180 is a great choice for keeping tabs on your pets or loved ones. It's also the first HomeKit-enabled camera on the market, but security-focused users should probably wait for another option.

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Apple and SAP launching enterprise Cloud Platform...

Last year Apple announced a new enterprise-focused partnership with SAP, and now the two companies are unveiling a new tool created through their collaboration for developing business software.


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WOW! PDFConverterOCR 4 Lifetime License: $19.99

Scanning paper documents is a great way to save space, but unless you can somehow capture more than just an image of the document and actually get into the content, you're losing a lot of the value of scanning. PDFConverterOCR 4 for Mac can take scanned and native PDF documents, perform optical character recognition on the text and numbers in each document, then convert those documents into usable format ready for editing in Pages, Microsoft Word or Excel, and more.

Our deal on...

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The charity that wants video game karts in every...

In many ways, Jonathan Watson is like other 11-year-olds. He does his homework, dreams of becoming a doctor and plays video games when he can. Depending on the day, his favorite is either Minecraft or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Unlike most kids his...

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Apple & SAP to deliver Cloud Platform SDK for...

Enterprise software giant SAP on Monday announced that its upcoming Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, developed in cooperation with Apple, will officially be released on March 30.

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Here’s everything we know about Apple’s spring...

Apple has a mixed history of holding a special event in the spring to announce new products, and this year there are certainly enough updates in the pipeline to warrant one. While nothing is official until Apple makes the announcement, this is everything we know so far about Apple’s spring event.


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Last chance to get this AWT deal on a VPNSecure...

One of the most popular deals we've had over the past several months has been for a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure for just $39. All good things must come to an end, and that's the sad situation we have here today. Don't miss a chance to get this killer deal ($450 value) for less than a tenth of its regular price! 

What is VPNSecure? Only one of the most recognized providers of virtual private networks. VPNs enable a "secure, encrypted tunnel" for your data that cannot be intercepted, and that can even mask your actual location -- important if you wish to stream geographically-limited TV shows from other countries. 

Features of VPNSecure include...

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Final Cut Pro Diary: Discovering that adjusting...

I mentioned in my previous Final Cut Pro Diary piece that I attended one of Apple’s free workshops, Final Cut Pro for Storytellers. There was a lot to take in, and as a complete beginner at the time, I knew I’d only really remember some percentage of it.

As the tutor had been really helpful in answering individual questions as well as covering the syllabus of the course, and I was keen to understand how to adjust exposure and boost saturation, I figured that repeating the workshop would be a good plan. This would allow me to get some one-to-one help with my specific questions, while also getting to grips with more of the core material.

As it turned out, that plan worked really well, and is one I’d recommend to any Final Cut Pro novice …


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∞ Apple, Siri, and the inconsistency that comes with...

From Fast Company:

Every phonemaker on the planet has been gunning for Apple for a decade (and a bunch of them are no longer in business). Apple’s speedy and continuous reinvention has kept the competition at bay. New features, new materials, and new designs are cranked out like clockwork, year after year, and at a scale that has become truly astounding. The difficulty of the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing integration required is hard to overstate. And each year, Apple’s products get better.

Well stated. Apple’s products continue to raise the bar. At the same time they continue to get more complex, more sophisticated.

And with that rise in complexity comes cracks in the process. As Dan Moren points out in Adventures in Siri failures, inconsistency is an issue that bedevils Siri.

Hop over to the main Loop post for links to the referenced posts, and some op-ed on Apple, Siri, and complexity.

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When will Apple win its first Oscar?

Andrew Murphy, Loup Ventures:

We think Apple will win an Oscar in the next five years. That’s how long it will take for Apple to scale its original content spend from less than $200m today to $5-7b. The reason why expect $5-7b in Apple original content spend in five years is because Apple must catch up to Netflix and Amazon, the former of which will likely be spending more than $10b per year at that point.

Wait, what? Apple? An Oscar?

Not such an outlandish claim, actually. Apple is still dipping their toes in the original content waters. But once that wheel starts turning, they’ll make deals with quality content creators, in the same was as Netflix and Amazon. This is the new studio system.


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The Best-Picture mixup: It was ‘La La Land,’ until...

The New York Times does a nice play-by-play on what exactly went down last night.

If you have not yet seen the flub, here’s the video. Once you read the New York Times story, watch the video again. It will make a lot more sense.

WATCH: 'La La Land' announced as #Oscars Best Picture winner, but only until a mistake is realized with 'Moonlight' being the real winner.

— ABC News (@ABC)...

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Leaks show off Samsung's Galaxy S8 & S8+...

Photos and videos posted over the weekend allegedly show the final designs of Samsung's latest answers to the Apple iPhone, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which should be officially revealed at an event in late March.

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∞ Apple Park: March drone footage

[VIDEO] Apple’s new headquarters is looking tantalizingly close to completion. Some lovely footage here. Can’t wait to tour it. Video embedded in the main Loop post.

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The future of Steve Jobs’ iPad vision for Post-PC...

Daniel Eran Dilger, Apple Insider:

In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad as a new product category between the smartphone and notebook. It ended up dramatically shifting demand in the PC industry, but sales have since plateaued. Here’s what Apple can do, has done and is doing to build iPad into the Post-PC future of computing.


The reason Apple is now increasingly targeting PCs in its iPad advertising–rather than other tablets–is that there’s little value left in the outside “tablet market” to grab. Not even the second place tablet maker Samsung is doing well in tablets.

Interesting, thoughtful piece. A bit of a long read, but if you are interested in the business side of the iPad and Mac, worth your time.


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Apple is number two on the Top 20 [British] Business...

Apple came in ninth on the Top 20 Business Superbrands for 2017 list, a survey of marketing experts and thousands of British business professionals. British Airways claimed the top spot. 

The airline outperformed nearly 1,500 others in the sixteenth annual poll, with Apple retaining second spot. Rounding out the top 10 are PayPal, Google, Microsoft, Visa, Virgin Atlantic, MasterCard, and BP.

“Apple is once again a close contender in second, while rival Samsung retains 15th position despite the widely-publicized issues with its Galaxy handset” says Stephen Cheliotis, CEO of The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA). Unlike other recent polls, the voting pattern when it comes to brands remains remarkably consistent, with challenger brands notably absent as established players maintain their domination over newcomers.”

In the top 10 of the Consumer Superbrands 2016...

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BeatsX review: For real? Just pick up some AirPods

Jordan Novet, VentureBeat:

When I picked up a pair of Apple’s wireless AirPods a few weeks ago, I thought the included charging case was a clever touch.

But the case wound up being so useful that it spoiled me for Apple’s other wireless earbuds, the BeatsX. After two weeks of testing a pair of BeatsX headphones, I’ve found they also fall short of the AirPods in one make-or-break area: battery life.

And there are other drawbacks, too, The AirPods case, with its satisfying clasp, is an instant Apple design classic, whereas the included BeatsX silicone case doesn’t always completely protect your headphones — sometimes parts of the cable end up sticking out. And it gathers lint. Just look at it.

If you are trying to decide between BeatsX and AirPods, this take is worth reading. The difference between the two carrying cases is just one small piece of a larger puzzle, just a taste of each respective product’s approach to design, but in my opinion, a telling...

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Review: Live Beacon is the ‘no coding required’...

We’ve heard quite a lot about iBeacons over the years, but to date they don’t seem to have made much of an impact. We’ve seen adoption from a small number of high-profile brands, such as Condé Nast, DisneyHudson’s Bay Company and SXSW, but it’s rare to see much sign of iBeacon presence even in major shopping centers in large cities.

Which is odd, when you consider the evidence of their value. One trial, back...

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SanDisk offers 256GB of extra storage for iPhones...

Western Digital Corporation has increased the capacity of its line of iOS mobile flash drives with the introduction of its 256GB SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive and 256GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. The former is a mobile storage device designed to help people quickly and easily free up space on their iPhone and iPad.

The iXpand...

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Australian smartphone market bounces back as Apple...

Following six straight quarters of year-over-year decline, the Australian mobile phone market returned to growth as it shipped 2.93 million mobile phones in quarter four of 2016, as compared to 2.84 million the same time the previous year representing a 3.2% year-over-year growth.

According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker , 2.79 million handsets shipped were smartphones whilst the remaining were feature phones in the fourth quarter of 2016. The growth came primarily from smartphones as new players entered the market, according to the research group.

iOS has again become the most popular operating system in Australia overtaking Android as it took over more than half (54.9%) of the total smartphone shipments in quarter four of 2016. 

“Despite new players such as Google with the Pixel device entering the market, Android could only take 44.6% market share. This goes...

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First drone footage since naming of Apple Park shows...

It’s a few days since the official naming of Apple’s new campus as Apple Park, and we’re today seeing the first drone footage following the announcement.

The solar panel installation on the garage roofing is now 100% complete, and looks stunning. It seems likely the garage will be home to more electric cars than you’d find at other companies.

The solar panels on the main building are still being added as other work continues to be ready for the first employees to move in in April …


Filed under: Apple...

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AT&T intros two new unlimited plans including $...

AT&T will on Thursday launch two more unlimited data plans available to Apple iPhone owners, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice, hoping to steer people away from similar plans recently offered by its rivals.

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February Apple Park drone footage shows completed R...

With the move-in date fast approaching, a new video has been published showing the advances that the construction teams have made on the newly christened Apple Park headquarters and Steve Jobs Theater in the last month.

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Venture capitalist: Apple will win an Oscar within...

Andrew Murphy, co-founder of the Loup Ventures a venture capital firm called Loup Ventures, predicts that Apple will win an Oscar within five years for its original content. That amount of time happens to be the period it should take the company to scale its original content. 

Currently, is spending less than $200 million in producing content such as Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke. However, Murphy thinks this figure will soar to as much as $7 billion within five years.

"Any vibrant entertainment ecosystem needs exclusive content," the venture capitalist says. "Tunes and Apple Music, for example, already leverage exclusive relationships with app developers, music labels, and artists, along with TV and film...

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Mobile data price-war continues as AT&T...

[UPDATE: T-Mobile has also announced another new promotion today for their unlimited T-Mobile ONE plan. Starting March 1st, new and existing customers who have 2 lines on the T-Mobile ONE plan can receive a 3rd line for free. This deal comes out to be $100 for 3 unlimited lines and includes taxes and fees. Check out all the details on T-Mobile’s website.]

If you’re looking for a new ‘unlimited’ mobile data plan, the competition between carriers continues to offer cheaper deals. All four major carriers have announced new or revised tariffs this month, Verizon kicking things off, followed by T-Mobile dropping restrictions,...

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Warren Buffett grows Berkshire Hathaway AAPL stake...

Chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett proclaims in an interview that his firm purchased around 120 million AAPL shares just in 2017, with a total value of more than $17 billion.

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Apple extends MacBook/MacBook Pro Retina anti-...

For users who snagged a 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro with Retina display notebook and noticed the anti-relective coating wearing off or delaminating, there’s help on the way.

Apple will replace Retina displays on eligible models purchased as far back as June 2012 until October 16, 2017, or within three years of the original date of purchase, whichever is longer. The program was extended to provide affected customers with a longer window of time to get their notebook serviced.

While the program was never publicly announced, Apple confirmed that repairs will be handled internally through AppleCare. Apple has stated that it does not plan to publicly announce the program at this time.

Apple has stated that it recommends affected customers schedule a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store retail location or contact Apple support by phone, online chat, or email. Click on “get help” on this page, and then select Mac > Mac notebooks > Hardware Issues...

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Apple relaxes policy, now allows for third-party...

It looks like you’ll be able to have your iPhone screen replaced via a third-party without violating your warranty in the near future.

Apple is apparently changing its long-standing policy regarding third-party iPhone screen repairs. A new memo sent to Apple retail employees states that a customer having their device’s screen repaired by a third-party source no longer voids their warranty like it once did…

The memo says that retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers should inspect the device in question for things such as fraud or tampering, but then proceed as normal with the repair. This, of course, assumes that what needs to be repaired doesn’t relate to the display.

Among the conditions to the new policy are that if the third-party display causes the repair to fail or leads to other damage, the customer will be required to cover the out-of-warranty cost to resolve the issue.

Also, if the issue is related to the third-party display,...

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Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway more than...

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett certainly appears to have revised his view of Apple bigtime. Back in 2011, he famously said that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway had held very few AAPL shares in the past ‘and we’re likely to hold very few in the future.’ The reason, he said, was that the company’s future was too difficult to predict.

By May of last year however, the conglomerate held more than $1B worth of AAPL stock – a disclosure that helped the stock climb 9%. By December, that holding had increased to 57M shares worth $7.7B. Now ...

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How to rake in the cash in Bit City
Our last Bit City guide covered the basics. Now it's time to get into some of the more advanced techniques. In the later cities, cash flow becomes much more difficult, so you'll want to develop some strategies if you want to complete each level.... | Read more »
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Apple today updated its most popular-sized iPad, featuring a brighter 9.7-inch Retina display and best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever, starting at $329 (US) with 32GB of... Read more
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