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Thursday February 2

How to manage your Mac app windows like a pro

This is one of those posts filled with tips you’ll know most of. But scan through the list, just in case there are a few you don’t know.

Even better, pass this post along to the folks in your life to whom you are the go to tech support. Good, foundational info every Mac user should know.

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Pixel's fingerprint gestures come to the Nexus...

Google's Pixel has an Android feature that enables you to swipe down on your phone's fingerprint sensor to open your notifications. The option made its debut with the Pixel, leaving Nexus owners wondering when they'd be able to join the party. Now, 9...

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You can download Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes...

The wait is over. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Nintendo’s latest mobile game, you’ll be able to download it today.

As promised, Fire Emblem Heroes is beginning to roll out in the Google Play and iOS App stores. Launching in 30 countries today, the game follows the so-called freemium model, with a free initial download bolstered with in-app purchases to aid in your progress.

According to Nintendo, the game puts a touch-screen spin on the console version of Fire Emblem, letting you complete in “strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play.” Early reviews on the Play Store, from users in the first countries that were able to download the game, were mostly positive, with players praising the graphics and gameplay, though some...

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Apple drops to number two on Davis Brand Capital 25...

Davis Brand Capital, a market intelligence and customer insight firm, has released the eighth annual Davis Brand Capital 25 ranking, a global study of overall brand performance evaluating companies' abilities to successfully manage brand value, competitive performance, innovation strength, company culture and social impact. Apple dropped from the top spot to the runner-up spot.

The 2016 Davis Brand Capital 25 ranked companies again beat all public market indexes. A hypothetical stock portfolio of Davis Brand Capital 25 companies would have returned 17.4% in 2016, beating the Dow by 2.2 percentage points, the S&P 500 by 6.2 percentage points and the NASDAQ by 7.6 percentage points.

After five years atop the list, Apple (#2) lost its number one spot to Alphabet (#1), due in part to Google's increasing dominance and Apple's "slowing sales," according to Brand Davis (though, based on Apple's latest financials...

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United Airlines working with Apple and IBM to...

United Airlines is the latest company to work with IBM through their MobileFirst partnership with Apple to develop a suite of enterprise iOS apps. IBM says the enterprise iOS apps will be analytics-driven and run on over 50,000 iPhones and iPads used by “front-line employees” of United Airlines.


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IBM and United Airlines collaborate on enterprise...

IBM and United Airlines today announced a collaboration to deliver a suite of enterprise iOS apps, unleashing the power of the 50,000-plus iOS devices in the hands of the airline's front-line employees. They’ll be powered by analytics and customized to further drive the airline's digital transformation, enhancing how United serves its customers.

Over the past several years, United has increasingly sought to untether its global workforce by putting the unique capabilities of iPhone and iPad in the hands of employees, according to United's vice president of operations technology Jason Birnbaum. This collaboration will further heighten that strategy, with IBM set to develop a suite of  IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps – both market ready and custom iOS apps – for the airline's growing deployment of iOS devices, he adds.

With data and insight at their fingertips, flight attendants will...

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Nintendo's free-to-play 'Fire Emblem:...

As promised, Nintendo on Thursday released "Fire Emblem: Heroes," the first game in the "Fire Emblem" series to make the leap from dedicated consoles and handhelds to the iPhone and iPad.

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Classic racing series 'GTR' will return in...

It's taken more than a decade, but GTR 2, the game rightly lauded as one of the best racing sims ever, is getting a sequel.

The game's existence was announced via the Race Department forums (spotted by Eurogamer), and will launch next year for PC, P...

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How to verify Time Machine backups

If you use Time Machine for backups, read the post before you do a restore. Even better, do a verify periodically to make sure you are not backing up on top of a bad backup.

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Apple said to work on Mac chip that would lessen...

Mark Gurman and Ian King, Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is designing a new chip for future Mac laptops that would take on more of the functionality currently handled by Intel Corp. processors, according to people familiar with the matter.

The chip, which went into development last year, is similar to one already used in the latest MacBook Pro to power the keyboard’s Touch Bar feature, the people said. The updated part, internally codenamed T310, would handle some of the computer’s low-power mode functionality, they said. The people asked not to be identified talking about private product development. It’s built using ARM Holdings Plc. technology and will work alongside an Intel processor.

If this interests you, take a look at Rene Ritchie’s take on the Bloomberg report. Here’s a taste:


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Currency impact doubled fall for Apple’s sales in...

Apple is looking in pretty good shape this week. After posting a record quarter, IDC reported that the iPhone overtook Samsung during the holiday quarter and Strategy Analytics estimated that the Apple Watch – which also saw record (if unspecified) sales – also took 63% of the smartwatch market.

It wasn’t all good news, however. Alongside a continued slump in iPad sales, the company also reported a 12% fall in sales in China. This contrasted with 14% growth a year earlier. Apple explained one of the reasons for this...

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Energous, Dialog Semiconductor launch small RF...

Dialog Semiconductor and Energous have launched a new wireless charging component that is cheaper and takes up less space than previous iterations, a part that could help Apple incorporate over-the-air power in a future iPhone or iPad.

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ICYMI: Spinning synthetic veins and emotion-sensing...

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers from Vanderbilt University are using commercial cotton candy machines to spin synthetic capillaries. Instead of sugar, the machines spin polymer fibers which are then coated in hydrogel and backed. Th...

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Apple, IBM, United Airlines banding together for...

The initiative between the three companies will assist United Airlines to develop apps for better communication, regulate peak customer demands better, and assist in more effective maintenance for over 50,000 devices already deployed, and more to come.

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Baccus is a new backup app for macOS

Factorial has introduced Baccus 1.0, a new backup App for macOS. It’s designed to make it easy to back up your home folder to multiple backup devices, including external drives and NAS. 

Once configured, connect your external drive or connect to your network, and Baccus will start backing up your files. You can exclude items from your backups to avoid backing up private or unwanted data to certain destinations. Baccus will even automatically mount your NAS shares.

Baccus requires macOS 10.10 or later. Single user licenses cost $19.99. A free time limited trial is available via the Baccus website.

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Chrome 56 for iOS adds a QR code scanner via 3D...

Just a few days following the debut of Chrome 56 on the desktop, Google has started pushing the same new version to iOS users. While not a major update, this new version does bring along a couple of useful features, including a handy QR code scanner.


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Patent hints at power-supplying smartwatch bands (...

Future watch bands from Apple (Smart Bands?) may provide more juice for the Apple Watch. Apple has filed for a patent (20170033567) for a “charging apparatus for a wearable electronic device.” BTW, images accompanying the filing show a round Apple Watch.

According to the patent filing, a wearable power apparatus for a wearable electronic device includes one or more conductors, one or more batteries connected to the conductor, and/or an inductive coil that attaches to the wearable electronic device to inductively transmit power from the battery to the wearable electronic device, such as while the wearable electronic device is worn. 

The power apparatus may have attachment mechanisms that attach to a band coupled to the wearable electronic device. Alternatively or additionally, the power apparatus may be at least partially embedded within the band. The inductive coil may also receive power for the battery from another inductive coil. The battery may...

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Tokyo's Olympic medals will be crafted from old...

Tokyo's olympic planning committee has a novel idea for crafting new medals: old technology. Instead of relying on mining companies for new gold, silver and bronze, it's turning to the public and its swathes of unwanted, forgotten gadgets. You might...

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Apple Pay 'coming soon' to Taiwan with...

Apple's planned deployment of Apple Pay in Taiwan is "coming soon," according to an update on the company's website, with seven banks planned as initial launch partners.

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Strategy Analytics: Apple sold 5.2 million...

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartwatch shipments grew 1% annually to hit a record 8.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2016. Apple Watch drove growth and dominated with 63% global smartwatch marketshare, while Samsung maintained second position.

The fourth quarter marked a return to growth for the smartwatch industry after two consecutive quarters of declining volumes. Smartwatch growth is recovering slightly due to new product launches from giant Apple and stronger seasonal demand in major developed markets like the US and UK, according to Strategy Analytics. Global smartwatch shipments grew annually from 20.8 million in full-year 2015 to a record 21.1 million in 2016, adds the research group.

“We estimate Apple shipped a record 5.2...

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Apple, others pen letter opposing Trump’s travel ban

Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Uber, Stripe and other companies have teamed up to pen a letter opposing U.S. President Trump’s travel ban that suspends travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, according to re/code. Here’s a draft of the letter:

“Dear President Trump,

“Since the country’s birth, America has been the land of opportunity – welcoming newcomers and giving them the chance to build families, careers, and businesses in the United States. We are a nation made stronger by immigrants. As entrepreneurs and business leaders, our ability to grow our companies and create jobs depends on the contributions of immigrants from all backgrounds.

“We share your goal of ensuring that our immigration system meets today’s security needs...

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Google gives up on 'Hands Free' wireless...

Google has ended its "Hands Free" payment scheme, which let you live the retail dream of paying wirelessly with no need to pull out a card or phone. The program, which ran only in San Francisco's South Bay area, first detects if you're in a participa...

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Another Apple Watch patent features battery-band;...

With multi-day battery life on the wish-list of many Apple Watch owners, it’s not surprising that Apple is at least considering making a battery band available which could potentially allow the wearable to go many days between charges. This would be of particular value to those who want to use the Watch for sleep-tracking in addition to its usual duties during the day.

The company was recently granted a patent for a multi-function band that could include power, and AI has spotted a new...

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Rumor: Apple to incorporate next-gen ARM-based...

This is pretty nifty.

Apple is apparently developing an ARM-based chip for its Mac products that would “take on more of the functionality” handled by Intel processors.

In development since last year, the chip, codenamed T310, is said to be similar to the chip used to power the Touch Bar in the new 2016 Macbook Pro. It’s built using ARM technology and will work with the standard Intel processor, handling “Power Nap” low-power mode functionality.

The processors are intended to offload the Mac’s low-power mode, entitled “Power Nap”, to the ARM-based chip. This function currently allows Apple’s notebooks to retrieve e-mails, install software updates, and synchronize calendar appointments with the display shut and not in use. The feature currently uses little battery life while run on the Intel chip, but the move to ARM would conserve even more power, according to one of the sources.

As of now, the 2016 MacBook Pro uses an independent ARM-based chip...

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Rumor: Prince’s catalog may be en route to Apple...

Prince may be coming to both Apple Music and Spotify.

The legendary musician, who spent a fair amount of his career fighting for artist rights and equal royalties, famously pulled his music from all streaming services but Tidal, the artist-owned, Jay Z-led app for audiophiles. But now it seems Prince’s hits are finally set to stream everywhere else, from Apple Music and Spotify to Google Play and Pandora.

The story hails from an anonymous source and according to the New York Post, Prince’s Warner Music Group records will hit streaming services outside of Tidal on Feb. 12, the night of the Grammys. This is also the evening that the award show’s organizers are expected to honor Prince with a musical tribute that night.

Such a change comes with some fanfare and signaling ahead of it, as Spotify has recently aken out purple subway ads in New York City. The ads make no reference to Prince, but his signature color was sign enough for die-hard fans, who instantly...

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LibreOffice Update Offers Fresh Experience

The Document Foundation has announced the general availability of LibreOffice 5.3, one of the office suite's most feature-rich upgrades since 2010, when it forked from OpenOffice at version 3.3. Dubbed "5.3 Fresh," this latest release takes the development of LibreOffice in a new direction with a focus on updating the user experience, according to Italo Vignoli of the Document Foundation. The 3.x Family centered on code cleanup, while the 4.x Family focused on code Refactoring. LibreOffice 5.3 extends the UI with an experimental Notebookbar.

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ASUS is being investigated for price manipulation in...

In one of several antitrust investigations launched today, the European Commission has begun probing tech brands ASUS, Denon & Marantz, Philips and Pioneer for suspected price manipulation. As the press release explains, the Commission believes t...

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How to make Facebook and Twitter more pleasant in...

In a time of political turmoil and polarization, you may want to keep friends, family, and colleagues with whom you have fundamental disagreements from seeing some of your routine social media postings, wherever they occur.

Some argue that compartmentalizing what you see and what you let others see increases polarization and an echochamber effect. They worry or insist that it will further distance people’s points of view and make it less likely for some kind of grand reconciliation.

Others try to use the language of healing and security against people, accusing them of maintaining “safe spaces,” being too easily “triggered,” and acting like a “snowflake”—easily melted when exposed to challenging ideas.


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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes arrives today on...

Nintendo’s latest mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has today hit the iOS App Store as expected. As with Super Mario Run, it’s a freemium game, but in theory at least you can unlock all the features for free through game play.


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The iGlaze Pro 15 is one shell of a case for new...

Shell cases are great for keeping the exterior of your MacBook Pro scratch-free. Beside preserving your laptop’s life, it also improves resale value down the road (who wants a dinged-up laptop?). Moshi’s iGlaze Pro 15 is, as far as I know, the first shell for the new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar.

The hardshell case is thin and lightweight, yet durable. Its micro-clip design makes it easy to snap on and snap off. iGlaze Pro 15 is surface-treated with a specialized coating that offers scratch resistance while accentuating the laptop’s elegant design thanks to its transparency. Not surprisingly, it’s compatible with Moshi's other accessories for the 2016 MacBook Pros such as the iVisor Pro 15 and the...

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How to use the iPhone Photo app to quickly mark up...

When sharing photos with others, I often like to put a box or circle around something I want to point out. Sometimes I like to include an arrow highlighting a feature in a photo.

The stock Photos app in iOS has a great tool for drawing perfect geometric figures on your photos. With Photos I can draw a shape freehand and use it. If you are like me, the shapes I draw upon the screen are not very attractive. The software can determine what shape I was trying to draw and, at the lower part of the screen, offer two options: my original shape or what the photo app thinks I was trying to draw.

You can access the markup options by tapping on the three lines with circles located at the bottom of the photo. Ten tap on the circle with the three dots. Choose “Markup.”

At the bottom you have options for color selection. Below that you have four options: drawing a shape, lens magnification, overlaying text, and undo. In this brief tutorial I’ll focus only upon drawing a...

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EU probing Valve and five publishers for geo-...

The legislative body of the European Union is launching an antitrust investigation into regional pricing and geo-blocking practices on Valve's Steam store. In a statement, the European Commission says it's investigating "bilateral agreements" between...

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The Morning After: Thursday February 2nd, 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Another day, another Boston Dynamics robot. Also, Tesla made a name change and "shared reality" is a thing.

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Apple investigating portable Apple Watch charger...

While third-party companies have promised -- but not delivered -- an Apple Watch band capable of charging the device while it's being worn, Apple in a patent application on Thursday details a wearable battery module that juices Watch up via inductive power transmission.

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Facebook's friend-based Recommendations come to...

We've all been there. It's late and you're wandering around town, aimlessly looking for a place to grab dinner. Where do you turn for suggestions? Foursquare? Google? Maybe Facebook? The social network is a popular choice, given you know the people w...

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Google's self-driving cars are getting better...

Perhaps more than any company (with the possible exception of Tesla), Google's autonomous driving record has been under close scrutiny. Today the company bears news that while dramatically increasing the number of miles tested, the number of times a...

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YouTube for iOS gets Chromecast lock screen controls

It can be annoying having to unlock your phone screen and sift through all the open apps to pause, forward or rewind what you're casting on TV. Good thing YouTube has finally made things easier for iOS users. The latest version of the app for iPhones...

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Wednesday February 1

The sequel to 'Sunless Sea' exceeds...

Literary RPG Sunless Skies received full funding on Kickstarter in just four hours. The upcoming title is a sequel to the well-reviewed indie-darling Sunless Sea.

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Bat Bot is an autonomous drone that mimics a bat...

For roboticists working in the field of biomimetics, copying a bat's complex flight patterns has been a difficult problem to solve. Or, as Caltech professor and Jet Propulsion Laboratory researcher Soon-Jo Chung put it during a press conference, "bat...

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Apple, Google, others drafting letter opposing Trump...

Apple is among a cadre of companies drafting a formal letter in opposition of President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, which was signed last week as part of a series of sweeping policy decisions introduced by the new administration.

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Apple & Google among tech companies planning...

Tim Cook has been vocal about his opposition to President Trump’s immigration orders, but now it appears that Apple is planning to take its opposition further. According to Recode’s Kara Swisher, Apple is among a handful of companies working on a formal letter opposing Trump’s immigration and travel orders.


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Nintendo's first-ever Super Bowl ad is for the...

When you consider the fact that Nintendo and its mustachioed mascot are household names, it's a bit strange to realize the company has never run an advertisement during the Super Bowl. That's about to change. A new video on the company's YouTube chan...

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Apple Developing Custom ARM-Based Mac Chip That...

According to Bloomberg, Apple is designing a new chip for future Mac laptops that would take on more of the functionality currently handled by Intel processors. The chip is a variant of the T1 SoC Apple used in the latest MacBook Pro to power the keyboard's Touch Bar feature. The updated part, internally codenamed T310, is built using ARM technology and would reportedly handle some of the computer's low-power mode functionality. From the report: The development of a more advanced Apple-designed chipset for use within Mac laptops is another step in the company's long-term exploration of becoming independent of Intel for its Mac processors. Apple has used its own A-Series processors inside iPhones and iPads since 2010, and its chip business has become one of the Cupertino, California-based company's most critical long-term investments. Apple engineers are planning to offload the Mac's low-power mode, a feature marketed as "Power Nap," to the next-generation ARM-based chip. This...

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Apple plans to ‘more than double’ the size of its...

Apple began renovations on its iconic Fifth Avenue retail store earlier this year, but little was known about the company’s plans. A new report from Bloomberg, however, offers up more details on the overhaul and Apple’s plans “more than double the size” of the location.


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Developer combines HoloLens and Vive for '...

As fun and immersive as virtual reality is, watching your friend play around in a completely computer-generated environment doesn't have quite the same impact when watching it on a flat monitor or TV screen. But now, thanks to the vivid augmented rea...

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Tim Cook sells 40k Apple shares worth nearly $5M

For the fourth time in less than two weeks, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday sold off a batch of company stock worth just under $5 million, continuing a series of transactions in accordance with a trading plan adopted in 2015.

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Apple to more than double floor space at iconic...

Apple will more than double the space of its popular Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan as part of ongoing renovations at the site, with the company promising "new services and experiences" once the outlet reopens.

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Apple's next custom Mac chip could do a lot more

Intel processors have powered Apple's Mac computers for over a decade now, but Apple has also found success designing its own A-series ARM-based chips for the iPhone and iPad. While the company isn't going to dump Intel chips in the Mac any time soon...

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Latest Strategy Analytics data claims Apple Watch...

Following Apple’s “record” quarter it reported yesterday, Strategy Analytics is today out with new data showing the performance of the Apple Watch during the holiday quarter. Apple touted yesterday that its wearable had a record quarter and today’s data further reflects that strong performance…


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Reddit bans 'alt-right' community over...

Reddit isn't done cracking down on harmful communities. The social site has banned its r/altright subreddit for violating policies against "the proliferation of personal and confidential information." Members were doxxing people to harass or threaten...

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AT&T will launch 5G wireless in two cities this...

AT&T's 5G wireless network just got much more tangible. The carrier has announced that its ultra-fast wireless will launch in two cities, Austin and Indianapolis, sometime later in 2017. And while it's still early days, the company is confident e...

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IBM's Watson will help you file your taxes

Tax experts can find deductions that you might otherwise miss, but they're only human -- they can only find so many potential savings, let alone paint a larger picture of your finances. They're about to get a helping hand, though. IBM is partnering w...

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AWT News Update: February 1, 2017

After yesterday's earnings call, there's more good news for Apple:

  • AAPL closed today at $128.75 per share
  • Wall Street analysts bumped up their estimates for Apple shares in the future
  • The iconic Fifth Avenue Store will be more than double in size after the current renovation work is completed

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Note to Apple News readers: you’ll need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

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Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update for February 1, 2017. Due to other time commitments this will be a short podcast today.

Investors responded warmly today to...

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Estimate pegs holiday Apple Watch sales at 5.2M,...

Though Apple has not officially announced any sales figures for its wearable Apple Watch, that hasn't stopped research firms from estimating its performance, with new data from Strategy Analytics pegging the device at 5.2 million shipments in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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'Serial' team returns with a new true...

When it debuted in 2014, Serial was a breakout hit for podcasting and an interesting case of the media effecting social justice. The show's team of This American Life alumni even won a Peabody award for their reporting on the murder of Maryland teen...

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Jury issues $500 million verdict in Facebook virtual...

A U.S. jury in Texas on Wednesday ordered Facebook Inc, its virtual reality unit Oculus, and other defendants to pay a combined $500 million to ZeniMax Media Inc, a video game publisher that says Oculus stole its technology.


∞ Read this on The Loop

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Snapchat said to be developing more advanced Lenses...

Snapchat has become known for its innovative Lenses feature that recognizes faces and then applies filters, emoji, and effects to them. Now, The Information reports that Snap is working on further expanding its Lenses feature with augmented reality-like support for recognizing landscapes and objects with the rear-camera…


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Apple reportedly working on ARM chips for upcoming...

I’ve said before that it’s only a matter of time until all of Apple’s hardware devices will be powered by ARM-based processors, including the Mac. A new Bloomberg report, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter,” says Apple is designing a new chip for future Mac laptops that would take on more of the functionality currently handled by Intel processors.

I believe the report is accurate. What’s more, I think Apple’s homemade processors will eventually appear in Mac desktops, as well as laptops.

Bloomberg says that the chip, which went into development last year, is similar to one already used in the latest MacBook Pro to power the keyboard’s Touch Bar, The updated part, internally codenamed T310, would handle some of the computer’s low-power mode functionality, the article adds. 

Apple engineers are...

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Report: Apple working on new Mac chip to reduce...

Speculation about Apple creating its own chips to replace Intel processors has long been part of what keeps the Apple rumor mill churning. On Wednesday, a Bloomberg report provided more fuel for the mill, with details on what Apple could be doing to rely less and less on Intel.

According to a report by Mark Gurman and Ian King that cites unnamed sources, Apple is working on a new Mac microcontroller that would handle processes that are currently performed by Intel processors. Apple’s new Mac chip is based on the T1 chip used in the new MacBook Pro to run the laptop’s Touch Bar. Codenamed T310, the chip would handle low-power mode functions usually performed while the Mac is engaged in...

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Instagram is testing multi-photo albums for everyone

It likely won't be too long until we can all share more than one photo in an Instagram album. The company is reportedly testing out the feature in its latest Android beta release, Droid Life reports. Multi-photo albums was something Instagram previou...

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First look: Theater Mode in Apple's watchOS 3.2...

Rumored to make its way onto Apple's portables for some time, Theater Mode debuted with the latest watchOS 3.2 beta as a one-tap control for silencing Apple Watch alerts and disabling the device's raise to wake feature. Perfect for dark, quiet venues like a movie theater.

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Report: Apple is kind-of-sort-of working on more ARM...

Enlarge / The 15-inch MacBook Pro connected to a bunch of accessories.

Apple is working on more ARM co-processors for future MacBooks, at least if a new report from Bloomberg is to be believed. The company is allegedly developing a chip codenamed "T310" that could be used to handle macOS' "Power Nap" functionality and other low-power features.

The chip would sit alongside an Intel processor that would still do all the heavy lifting when the computer was awake, much like the Apple T1 chip that powers the new MacBook Pros' Touch Bar...

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Let's go crazy: Prince's music may come to...

Prince had a tricky relationship with the internet. Toward the end of his life, Prince famously pulled his music from all streaming services but Tidal, the artist-owned, Jay Z-led app for audiophiles. But now it seems Prince’s hits are finally set to stream everywhere else, from Apple Music and Spotify to Google Play and Pandora.

That’s according to an unnamed source in the New York Post, but lord we hope it’s true.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here...

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How to adjust brightness on the LG UltraFine Display...

One of the perks of using an LG UltraFine Display is its integration with macOS. Instead of a cumbersome, off-putting on-screen display setup, you can control the brightness and volume of the LG UltraFine 4K or 5K Display directly from your Mac.

Controlling the display’s volume using a Touch Bar shortcut on the MacBook Pro is simple and straightforward, but what if you wish to control the display’s brightness from the Touch Bar as well? more…

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Jury asks Oculus to pay ZeniMax $500M in lawsuit...

Facebook's Oculus was ordered to pay ZeniMax $500 million on Wednesday, after a Dallas jury ruled that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey violated a non-disclosure agreement in building the first prototypes of the Rift headset.

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Notable apps and app updates for Feb. 1, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Why Interactive has introduced Slowly 1.0, a free pen pal app. Users are matched in pairs based on common interests and language. Just like a real letter, delivery time depends on geo-locations and distance between pen pals.

macOS Apps/Updates

MailRaider 3.0 is now available from 45RPM Software. The app can open email files written by Microsoft Outlook, and extract any attached files. Version 3 adds support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros.

MailRaider can automatically extract your Outlook files into the most appropriate format. Message files are extracted into Apple...

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Huge stream of lava plunges into sea

Seeing this in person is definitely on my bucket list. Until then, watch the video and marvel at the power of nature.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Report: Apple-developed ARM chip may appear in...

Bloomberg reports that Apple is currently developing a new ARM-based chip that could appear in future MacBook Pros as soon as this year. According to the report, the new Mac chip may be used for low-power tasks that currently rely on Intel’s chip to process.


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Apple developing ARM chip for Mac to handle low-...

As it looks to lessen reliance on outside chip manufacturers, Apple is developing an ARM-based Mac processor designed to take some of the burden off primary Intel silicon, a report said on Wednesday.

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See how Apple's 'Services' revenue...

The encompassing "Services" business has proven to be a reliable source of income growth for Apple, but its tremendous performance --?accomplished during an overall company sales decline --?can be difficult to visualize. AppleInsider offers a closer look at the booming segment Apple believes will double over the next four years.

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Alphabet's Waymo sharpens self-driving car tech...

Even as Apple tests remain shrouded in secrecy, prototype self-driving cars by Waymo -- formerly under Google -- are dramatically improving their skills, data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles revealed on Wednesday.

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Apple bumps Samsung from top spot in smartphone...

With Apple reporting all-time record high iPhone sales and revenue in its earnings call yesterday, IDC’s latest data out today confirms that the company surpassed Samsung to take the top spot in the fourth quarter of last year. That was despite, as IDC notes, a first full year of decline for iPhone with a 7% drop year-over-year for 2016:


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The 25 most influential Super Bowl ads of all time

This weekend is the proverbial “Big Game”. It’s no secret that a large number of people are more interested in the advertising than they are the football. We all know which one is number one, right?

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Snapseed makes it easier to add drama to your photos

I have literally dozens of image editing apps on my iPhone to adjust photos but Snapseed remains my favorite.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iPhone 8 concept imagines dual screens on all-glass...

In a new video released today, ConceptsiPhone shows off some wild possibilities for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, including a dual screen feature. While reports suggest that iPhone 8 will move to an all glass design, the concept dreamed up in iPhone 8 Commercial by Thadeu Brandão imagines a unique and stunning use of such a design.


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Snapchat looks to extend iPhone app's Lenses...

Future versions of Snapchat for the iPhone could reportedly recognize and overlay images onto the world around you, extending well beyond just facial recognition.

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Macworld’s February Digital Edition: AirPods Reviewed

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld Digital Edition.

In the February issue

We review Apple’s wireless earbuds, AirPods, and recommend 10 must-have utilities for macOS Sierra. Plus, our Mac and IOS wish list for 2017.

Also in this month’s issue:

Mac User: Pastebot 2, a Mac utility combines a deep clipboard with clever conversions

iOS Central: AirPods teardown reveals the magic and glue that make Apple’s wireless earphones work

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10 years after Apple axed 'Computer' from...

In a move that carries some parallels to the company formerly known as Apple Computer from a decade ago, Tesla on Wednesday announced it will no longer be known as Tesla Motors, signaling that it is more than just a car company.

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Retro Keyboard

Inspired by a typewriter—I think this will certainly have its fans when released.

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Updating your AirPods firmware

I had no idea there was a firmware update available for the AirPods, but I followed the instructions on TidBITS and sure enough it updated. To be clear, the way the update is done, you’ll eventually get the update, but I did it manually anyway.

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BookArc updated to support the latest MacBook Pros

Twelve South has released a new model of its BookArc — which allows you to run your setup from the power of your Mac laptop while in closed clamshell mode — that supports the 2016 MacBook Pros.

To use you slide your MacBook Pro into the silicone slot, connect it to an external display, add a full-size keyboard and mouse to enjoy the comfort of a desktop setup. Unplug the MacBook, and BookArc’s newly designed cable-catch feature keeps your cables from falling to the floor. The BookArc for 2016 MacBook Pros costs $49.99.



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Ten meter tower

I still remember my first jump off the ten meter (approx 33 feet) tower at a public pool. I was ten years old and I was utterly terrified.

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Tesla drops ‘Motors’ from name

Tesla Motors Inc changed its name to “Tesla Inc” as Chief Executive Elon Musk looks to transform the Silicon Valley firm from an electric car maker to a diversified energy products company.

It’s weird, I never really considered Tesla as just an automobile company. I always just referred to it as Tesla, knowing that the company had its fingers in a lot of different tech.

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Tim Cook: Apple may take legal action over...

After sending an email to employees expressing Apple’s opposition to the Trump administration’s new immigration restrictions, Apple CEO Tim Cook is now making a forceful stand.

“More than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds,” Cook told the Wall Street Journal. “That’s what makes us special. We ought to pause and really think deeply through that.”

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Analysts raise Apple targets, see shares going as...

Led by the blockbuster debut of the iPhone 7 series, Apple exceeded Wall Street's expectations with its holiday quarter, sending shares of the company's stock higher and prompting analysts to revise their price targets upward.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: LG 34-inch Widescreen Monitor...

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Daily Deals: LG 34-inch IPS LED Monitor w/ USB Hub ...

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GoPro puts iPhone-connected Karma drone back on sale...

GoPro on Wednesday re-released the Karma, its first aerial camera drone, having dealt with an issue that was causing some early models to drop out of the air.

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Trianium's new...

New cases and accessories of the week

Image by IDG

This week’s roundup includes new cases for your iPhone and iPad, as well as batteries, audio equipment, and more. Read on!

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It's Time To Admit Apple Watch Is a Success

At company's quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the holiday period was the company's "best quarter ever" for Apple Watch -- both units and revenues -- "with holiday demand so strong that we couldn't make enough." He added: Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world, and also the most-loved, with the highest customer satisfaction in its category by a wide margin. Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life, and it's the gold standard for smartwatches. We couldn't be more excited about Apple Watch. Long time Apple commentator Rene Ritchie writes: There's a strange narrative in the tech community concerning Apple Watch being a flop, a failure, or in some way, shape, or form, a disappointment. It's particularly bizarre given Apple Watch, as part of the wearable market, is doing record numbers. It could be that there is no real "Smartwatch market", just an Apple Watch market. Much like there's no real "tablet market", just an iPad market. Since it's...

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Participating companies shed light on Apple's...

Beyond commerce giants IBM, SAP, and Cisco, Apple works with other businesses under the auspices of its "Mobility Partner Program" -- which isn't widely discussed. But a recent loosening of Apple's fabled secrecy has led a few smaller companies to open up about their experiences with the program.

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Turn good photographs into great ones with these...

For those who want to become better photographers, sometimes it feels like you've reached a plateau and just can't get the results that professionals do. You've taken classes, you shoot a lot of photos, you've even started shooting RAW format and you're now dabbling in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Maybe it's not you -- it's the software you're using for post-processing. That's why we've partnered with Macphun to get you a deal on two of their hottest applications for Mac: Luminar and Aurora HDR 2017. Just use the promo code APPLEWORLD to get $10 off on each app.

Macphun Luminar

Luminar ($59 using promo code APPLEWORLD)  is a photo editing app that can be used with great results by both beginners and pro photographers. It make complex photo editing easy to do, it's fast, and it...

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I’m a Mac. And now I’m a Huawei.

[VIDEO] Say it ain’t so, Justin Long. Say it ain’t so. See the main Loop post for the new Huawei commercial starring our old friend the Mac.

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The iPad keeps frowning

One down point in Apple’s numbers was reported iPad sales. Jason Snell:

Apple sold half as many iPads for the 2016 holiday quarter as it did in 2013.


Meanwhile, average selling price sagged, after a brief buoying caused by the release of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro—a sign that during this sluggish holiday period, iPad sales were largely comprised of older, cheaper models.

I chalk this up to iPad maturity. My iPad is more than a year old, and I don’t have any sense that it is slow, outdated. I use it regularly, and have no performance complaints. Sluggish performance is a major factor that would drive me to replace my iPad.

Jason again:

The iPad has 85 percent of the market of tablets priced over $200. The important facts here: Apple’s not interested in selling a sub-$200 iPad, and so that means it’s doing spectacularly well in the market.

If there’s a problem, it’s that Apple built a product that does what it is supposed to do and...

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It’s time to admit Apple Watch is a success

Rene Ritchie pulls together quotes from Apple’s earnings call, tweets from Apple watchers, and sales estimates, to make the case that Apple Watch is not only a success, but a critical part of Apple’s ecosystem.

My 2 cents: I agree wholeheartedly. At the very least, the Apple Watch is a reliable, elegant, affordable timepiece.

Add in the most basic of its capabilities, the ability to receive a steady stream of notifications, and the Apple Watch is a no-brainer. If you then layer in fitness tracking, calendar management, and the ability to run third party apps, the Apple Watch climbs onto its own worthy perch in the ecosystem.

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Killer Deals: 15" MacBook Pro for $1,399; DJI...

In what is the absolute lowest price available, eBay has Apple refurbished Mid 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros for $1,399.99 ($600 off) with no tax collected outside NY. B&H is also slashing prices of DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Raw drones by $600-$800 today only with no tax outside NY and NJ.

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Apple considers legal options against Trump’s...

Trip Mickle, Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. is weighing legal action and continuing to press the Trump administration to reverse its executive order on immigration, Chief Executive Tim Cook said in an interview.

Mr. Cook said hundreds of Apple employees have been affected by the order, which suspended entry to the U.S. for refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations. He added that he continues to contact “very, very senior people in the White House” and impress on them why repealing the executive order is important not only for Apple but for the country.

“More than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds. That’s what makes us special,” said Mr. Cook. “We ought to pause and really think deeply through that.”


Mr. Cook declined to elaborate on Apple’s possible legal options, except to say that “we...

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iOS beta alert spells the end of the line for 32-bit...

Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica:

Beta builds of iOS 10.3, the first of which was issued last week, generate warning messages when you try to run older 32-bit apps. The message, originally discovered by PSPDFKit CEO and app developer Peter Steinberger, warns that the apps “will not work with future versions of iOS” and that the app must be updated by its developer in order to continue running. The apps still run in iOS 10.3, but it seems likely that iOS 11 will drop support for them entirely.

Apple planted the seeds for this a few years ago when they mandated that all new apps be 64-bit compatible. Then, last summer, warning alerts appeared when 32-bit apps were run, reminding the user that using the app “may affect overall system performance”. So this is simply the next step in the progression.


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Apple’s record quarter, chart by chart by chart

Jason Snell pulled together a terrific series of charts breaking down Apple revenues, units shipped, sales growth, and more, all broken down quarter by quarter.

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Transcript of Apple’s first quarter earnings call

Serenity Caldwell does her usual amazing job transcribing the call for our reading, searching, and quoting pleasure.

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Animal Crossing may be the last Nintendo iOS game...

We learned yesterday that Nintendo’s Animal Crossing – originally expected to make it onto iOS devices in March – has been delayed until later in the year. If you were hoping for any further games from the company this year, though, you may be disappointed …


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