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Thursday August 4

Google’s Gboard keyboard for iPhone adds more...

Following a launch of its new Gboard keyboard for iPhone back in May, Google today announced it’s making the app available to users and languages internationally while adding some other new features. The app allows users to send GIFs, emojis, Google searches and more and works like all third-party keyboards on iOS via an App Store download.


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Apple’s Olympics ad features poet Dr. Maya Angelou...

Apple has released a new ad from the ‘Shot on iPhone’ collection featuring photos captured by customers, and this ad includes a familiar voice reading a famous poem over the slideshow. Dr. Maya Angelou is heard reading her ‘Human Family’ poem over shots of people all over the world.


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Tesla Model X: The official SUV of the future

My eyeballs feel weird. It's the fault of Tesla's Ludicrous mode. With the feature enabled the Model X P90D is the world's fastest SUV -- launching from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Sure that jolt of acceleration will fling you back into your seat, but...

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Possible Apple 'iPhone 7' video shows...

A new video attributed to the same Chinese repair shop as photos published earlier on Thursday depicts a device alleged to be an "iPhone 7" actually functioning, and running Apple's camera test application.

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Leaked pictures show alleged, fully-assembled next-...

This might just be the real McCoy.

A series of leaked pictures show what might be a fully assembled “iPhone 7,” with the shots showing a functional device that may have Apple’s hardware pre-release “Switchboard” toolset installed.

The pictures came from a China-based team that specializes in mobile device repair. Some applications are shown on the display such as the radio transmitting and receiving tester “WiPASmini,” as well as “MesaCal” which is used for testing Touch ID.

These applications are associated with Apple’s “Switchboard” pre-release testing suite, which has accidentally appeared on consumer devices from time to time.

An iOS build of 14A92340t is displayed on the screen. The current build number in the iOS 10 beta 4 is 14A5322e,...

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk sign on to Apple...

Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ reality TV show is set to receive some real star power, Variety reports. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is expected to “serve as a mentor to contestants” on the upcoming reality series. Additionally, Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V) has signed on to be an adviser to the show. Musician will also serve as an adviser which suggests his role will be more limited than previously expected.


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Kagi Shuts Down After Falling Prey to Fraud

The venerable digital commerce company Kagi, which has been providing payment processing services to Mac developers since 1994, has ceased operations after an unsuccessful attempt to work off debt incurred by supplier fraud.


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Engadget giveaway: Win an Axon 7 smartphone courtesy...

It's getting easier to find high-quality phones at affordable prices these days and this week's giveaway offers one of the latest in that category. ZTE's Axon 7 smartphone just launched this month and offers a series of premium features just $400. In...

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Free-to-play Mobius Final Fantasy arrives on Apple...

Square Enix on Thursday released Mobius Final Fantasy, a new iteration in its popular role-playing series, this time said to be custom-tailored for phones and tablets.

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New alleged 'iPhone 7' pictures surface,...

New pictures have appeared of a fully assembled "iPhone 7," with the shots showing a functional device that may have Apple's hardware pre-release "Switchboard" toolset installed.

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Opinion: It’s time to consign passwords to history,...

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: passwords are a horribly outdated and clunky approach to security, and it’s time to consign them to history. That view has been underlined by the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist Lorrie Cranor, who this week told a security conference that official government advice to change passwords regularly can actually make things worse.

Her argument is based on something I’ve not only seen myself, but done myself – when I worked for a large company which required monthly password changes. When you force people to change their passwords regularly, they will use a predictable pattern – often nothing more than incrementing a number (something001,...

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Apple Should Stop Selling Four-Year-Old Computers

It's been a while since Apple upgraded its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro models. Four years, one month, and twenty-four days, to be exact, in case of the MacBook Pro. Apple is inexplicably still selling the exact same models for its Mac line that it introduced in 2012. Pretty much every Windows OEM has had an Intel Skylake-powered processor in its laptops for more than a year now, but Apple's computing lineup is still shipping with the three-to-four years old processor, and graphics card. Things have gotten so bad, that MacRumors' Buying Guide, which is considered to be an "online institution" among Apple nerds, has flagged all of Apple laptops as "Don't Buy" In a column, The Verge's Sam Byford says that Apple should stop selling the old laptops. He writes: Apple iterates quickly and consistently in mobile because the rate of technological progress is so much more dramatic in that arena. The company does amazing work to keep its iPhones and iPads ahead of competitors,...

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∞ Apple’s Mac Pro conundrum

Want a Mac Pro? Michael Simon, writing for Macworld, lays out the basic problem:

In the first six months of 2016 we’ve seen new models of both the iPhone and iPad Pro, but the lone Mac to get any love is the newest member of the family. In April, the year-old MacBook received the kind of update MacBook Pro users have been waiting some 14 months for, with improved specs across the board: Speedier Skylake processors and graphics, an extra hour of battery life, faster SSD drives, and a new Rose Gold color option.

It’s worse on the desktop. While the iMac was refreshed in October 2015 to bring more pixels and processing power, the lowly Mac mini hasn’t had an upgrade since October 2014. And the Mac Pro has never been updated. The models on sale today have the exact same specs as the very first ones that rolled off the Texas assembly line back in December 2013. And if you’re looking for a display to go with it, good luck finding one made by Apple.


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The Roomba 960 is iRobot's cheaper app-driven...

The $900 WiFi-connected Roomba 980 is pretty exorbitant for many folks, nice as it is, so Robot has launched the $700 Roomba 960. The new model has a less powerful motor and battery, but retains the WiFi connectivity, floor mapping and app control of...

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Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to receive 3GB of RAM

The next-gen iPhone could carry 3GB of RAM.

That’s the current rumor, as cited by noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Increasing built-in memory capacity at next-generation smartphones, including new iPhone devices, will further ramp up demand for memory products in the third quarter, said sources, noting that the mobile DRAM capacity of the next-generation iPhone is expected to increase to 3GB from 2GB previously.

The report falls short of specifying whether the 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch, or both next-gen iPhone models will carry 3GB of RAM. Still, this would mark an increase over the 2GB of RAM found in the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE models.

The rumor comes from a mixed track record over at DigiTimes, albeit Kuo’s backing adds some credence to it.


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Tinder swipes too much personal information, says E....

Marc Tarabella wants to swipe left on Tinder’s privacy policy.

The company’s terms of use breach European Union privacy laws, according to Tarabella, a member of the European Parliament.

Tarabella particularly dislikes the way the company gives itself the right to swipe the personal information and photos of its users, and to continue using it even if they deactivate their accounts.

It’s not just Tinder: Tarabella is also unhappy about how much personal information Runkeeper keeps about runners’ movements, even when the app is inactive. He has the same concerns about Happn, a sort of missed-connections dating service.

The lawmaker wants the European Commission to root out abusive clauses in the terms of use of a number of mobile apps, and to penalize their developers.

To read this article in full or...

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Tight AMOLED supply causing problems for...

Supply chain reports suggest that Oppo, one of the forces combating Apple in the Chinese market, will not hit shipment targets as a result of insufficient OLED supply from leading display maker Samsung.

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Apple's latest iOS 10 beta enables faster text...

iPhone 6s owners with the latest iOS 10 beta installed can press down harder on the backspace button to delete text faster, users are reporting.

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111 designers including Dieter Rams and Calvin Klein...

The United States Supreme Court is set to take on Samsung’s appeal over Apple’s design patent case in two months, and today Apple has submitted an amicus brief with support from 111 famed designers ahead of the trial. Prominent names featured in the amicus brief supporting Apple include Dieter Rams, Calvin Klein, and Lord Norman Foster who is the designer behind Apple’s Campus 2 project. The Supreme Court is scheduled to take on Samsung’s appeal of the ruling in favor of Apple on October 11th.


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1Password's new individual subscription plan...

1Password creator Agile Bits is completing its subscription service with a new personal option. Anyone looking for a solid password manager can sign-up for the new 1-person plan for $3 per month. Like its other plans, the subscription service grants you access to 1Password on all your devices (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) and the company’s cloud service to sync your password vault across devices.

Until September 21, Agile Bits is also offering the first six months free for new customers. In other words, a 1Password subscription will cost you $18 for the first year, and about $36 for every year after that.


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In pictures: Take a peek inside 'Area 404,...

Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters

Image by Martyn Williams

Facebook used to design its servers and other hardware at labs scattered across the company, but they've now been consolidated in a state of the art facility at its Menlo Park, California, headquarters. The new lab is called Area 404, a play on the 404 error message seen on the web and, presumably, the U.S. military's Area 51 research base. It covers 22,000 square feet and has 50 workbenches where engineers design, build and test their protptype hardware.

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Strava's safety 'Beacon' shows...

Strava has added a safety feature to its running and cycling app that we're surprised isn't more common. "Beacon" lets up to three friends see exactly where you're biking or running, even if they don't have the app have the app installed. On top of s...

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New iPhone 7 photos claim to be the real thing;...

We’ve seen so many convincing-looking Chinese mockups of the iPhone 7 that anything with the appearance of the finished product has to be assumed to be fake unless proved otherwise. That isn’t stopping one Chinese team claiming that what it has photographed is the real thing (larger versions below), reports French site NWE

To add to the fun, Forbes’ Gordon Kelly is claiming that the blue model Beosound was using to promote its headphones is also real …


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The limits of what iCloud can hold

In this official Apple support document, Apple lists the limits on calendars and reminders, contacts, and bookmarks.

For example, here are just a few of the limits on contacts:

  • Total number of contact cards: 50,000
  • Maximum size of a contact card: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact photo: 224 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact group: 256 KB

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Design pros lend their support to Apple in its never...

Dozens of the world's top design professionals have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court, pledging their support for Apple in its ongoing patent infringement lawsuit against rival Samsung, reports AppleInsider.

More than 100 designers signed on to the 63-page filing. It asserts that visual design frequently becomes the product itself, in the minds of consumers, notes AppleInsider.

Earlier this year, Samsung agreed to pay Apple $548 million for the five-years-and-counting-legal brouhaha over patent infringement — with some stipulations. However, the company then went to the U.S. Supreme Court “in a last-ditch effort to pare back” the damages it must pay Apple for infringing the patents and designs of the iPhone.

In its petition to the high court, Samsung said it should...

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Apple and water

Jonny Evans, writing for Computerworld:

Every online photo, all those Apple Maps requests, Siri interrogations, FaceTime chats, Apps downloads and iMessage exchanges all use drops of water.

In most cases the data servers enabling all these Apple services are kept cool by pumping water through the systems.

Apple used 160 million gallons of water across its data centers last year. (It used a total 573 million gallons (2.1 billion litres) of water across its entire US business).

From Apple’s Environmental Responsibility Report:

We’re constantly working to minimize our water use, so we monitor it within our cooling, landscaping, and sanitation processes and at our manufacturing sites. Then we develop targeted ways to reduce it. That includes creating...

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Teaching Siri how to pronounce unusual names

J. D. Biersdorfer, writing for the New York Times, talks through the complexities of teaching Siri how to properly pronounce an unusual name.

A key step in teaching Siri:

If your Contacts list contains names with unusual spellings and pronunciations that Siri cannot accurately match up when you ask for them, you can try adding a phonetic version of the name to the person’s contact card. To do that, call up the contact, tap Edit in the upper-right corner and scroll down to Add Field.

Tap the Add Field option and on the next screen, select Phonetic First Name or Phonetic Last Name. Once the chosen field appears, type in the syllables of the name the way that they sound rather than how the name is spelled.

This works well in iOS, but Siri is also available on the Mac. I played with the Contacts application in macOS Sierra, but couldn’t find a similar interface. Anyone know of one? If so, ping me.


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Patent report: future Smart Covers for the iPad...

Apple files for — and is granted — lots of patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Many are for inventions that never see the light of day. However, you never can tell which ones will materialize in a real product, so here are today’s patent highlights:

A new patent filing (number 20160224238) shows that Apple has at least mulled over the idea of offering Smart Covers for the iPad that have built-in displays. Yep, I mean covers with small screens built-in.

The invention is for a tablet with a flexible cover into which a thin flexible display technology can be integrated without affecting the overall form factor of the cover or tablet device. Adding the integrated display to the flexible cover greatly enhances the overall functionality of the tablet, according to Apple. 

How so? Increasing the display area could lead to a significant expansion in functionality. Unfortunately, Apple says that since displays already dominate a majority...

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ICYMI: One Pen to rule all and video you can...

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab formulated a way to interact with existing videos, so they can prod and move objects within the frame. The Cronzy Pen samples colors from anyt...

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Over 100 leading design professionals file amicus...

Dozens of the world's top design professionals -- providing services to the likes of Coca-Cola, Google, Louis Vuitton, NASA, Porsche and Starbucks -- filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court on Thursday, pledging their support for Apple in its ongoing patent infringement lawsuit against rival Samsung.

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Where does the Apple TV go next?


During Apple’s third-quarter earnings call last week, Tim Cook teased a future for Apple TV beyond voice-controlled viewing and simplified sign-ins: “You shouldn’t look at what’s there today and think we’ve done what we want to do,” he said. “We’ve built a foundation that we think we can do something bigger off of.”


The FCC recently took aim at DVR lock-in, proposing that operators deliver their service to any device using any open standard, not just the standard coaxial hookup.

If it becomes a mandate, it would allow Apple TV to become the primary box in our living rooms. It’s a move that would elevate Apple TV without the complexity and cost of negotiating a deal to sell “skinny” channel bundles. The beauty of Apple TV is its interface, and with tvOS powering the grid, there would no longer be a need to have a separate DVR and set-top streamer, putting Apple TV at the center of our home theaters.

This has got to be terrifying to...

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External Link: The Controversy Around the iOS 10 Gun...

Apple’s redesign of iOS 10’s emojis has generated controversy by changing the realistic pistol emoji (

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Disney 16-bit classics including 'Aladdin...

Nothing says '90s gaming like the Sega Genesis and 16-bit Disney classics like Aladdin. You can bathe in that nostalgia again thanks to and Disney's re-release of Aladdin, The Lion King and Jungle Book. Those titles, originally developed for...

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Yuneec's SkyView drone goggles double as a...

The world of "first person view" (FPV) flying -- where pilots don video specs to see what the drone sees -- isn't new, but consumer-friendly headsets like Yuneec's SkyView goggles might make it more accessible. Stick SkyView on your noggin' (pulled-u...

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Apple’s investment in Didi was a driving factor in...

On Monday, China’s Didi Chuxing, in which Apple has invested, announced a strategic agreement with Uber under which Didi Chuxing will acquire all assets of UberChina--including its brand,business operations and data--for operation within mainland China. Now Reuters reports that Apple's $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing was the driving factor in Uber's decision to agree to the deal, in return for a one-fifth stake in a bigger Didi. 

In exchange for the UberChina assets, Uber will receive 5.89% of the combined company with preferred equity interest that’s equal to a 17.7% economic interest in Didi Chuxing. In addition, Baidu and other Chinese shareholders will receive a 2.3% economic interest in Didi Chuxing. Under the agreement, Didi Chuxing will also obtain a minority equity interest in Uber.

According to Reuters, Didi raised far more money than Uber China,...

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Apple ID hackers using Find My iPhone lock message...

Ransomware is not uncommon on Windows machines, but has so far only been seen once on Macs and not at all on non-jailbroken iOS devices. However, Dutch site AppleTips reports that hackers are trying to fool people into thinking their devices have been compromised after gaining access to an Apple ID.


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The sun finally sets on China's lunar rover

China's Jade Rover has led a pretty interesting life even by the standards of most devices sent to examine another celestial body. It began its tour of duty on the moon back in 2013, died and was resurrected in 2014 before making a huge discovery in...

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Touchscreen intercom Nucleus debuts with Alexa...

The $250 device is available on Amazon and at Lowe's stores nationwide starting August 4.

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Nucleus is an Alexa-enabled touchscreen intercom

Most people have smartphones and tablets (sometimes, in multiples) these days and don't actually need an intercom. But if you're looking for one and want something more feature-packed than your typical walkie-talkie-like variants, you may want to che...

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Strava app adds Find Friends-style Beacon feature...

If you’re one of those people concerned that you may end up in a ditch with a broken leg while running or cycling, Strava has a new peace-of-mind feature for you. Known as Beacon, it effectively offers Find Friends type functionality to allow family or friends to track your location as you exercise.


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Intel scientist teases depth-sensing 'horn...

Intel scientist Dimitri Diakopoulos revealed a sneak peek of an interesting depth sensing camera that attaches to HTC's Vive headset. "I felt that VR needed a solid unicorn peripheral with six additional cameras," he tweeted. The device, presumably b...

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Spot Maps for OS X makes it easier to manage a home...

If, like me, you’re in charge of your home network, equinox’s Spot Maps for Mac OS X is handy. It lets you find networked devices and localize them on an interactive map via drag and drop.

With Live Monitoring, Spot Maps retrieves the current status of all devices in real time, and displays this interactively on the map. This way, you’ll immediately know immediately when a device has gone offline.

Until now, network maps have been created using graphic tools. However, most of these created maps don’t display the current status. Spot Maps connects an intelligent network scanner with graphic tools to create network maps. It's document-based, making it possible to create and visualize different network sections of departments or of different floors, by dropping them on a map.

Spot Maps scans an existing network for all available devices. It automatically recognizes the installed operating system, automatically finds names via DNS and Bonjour, and displays the...

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Just Mobile’s Lounge Dock is an attractive, multi-...

Just Mobile's Lounge Dock is a cool, good-looking, multi-purpose dock for the Apple Watch. The adjustable charging stand allows you to interact with the smartwatch in multiple viewing angles.

To use your simply slip your magnetic charger into its moulded recess and strap your Apple Watch to the soft-touch cuff. With its slim side-mounted arm, the Lounge Dock makes the watch appear to be floating in mid-air. But thanks to the heavyweight aluminum base and adjustable viewing angle, it’s easy to interact with your Apple Watch while it charges.

The Lounge Dock works with both 38mm and 42mm models of the smartwatch. It  also supports Nightstand mode, so you can enjoy every function of the watch. The Lounge Dock is available from Just Mobile and costs $39.95.

X-Doria Defense Metal iPhone...

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Apple’s billion dollar investment in Didi was key to...

Reuters sources have said that Apple’s billion dollar investment in Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing was one of the key factors that led to Uber ceasing independent operation in the country. It was announced earlier this week that Didi had acquired UberChina in return for a 20% shareholding.

Apple invested $1B in Didi back in May, the same month that the company began actively seeking to acquire UberChina. Together with investments with Chinese tech companies Alibaba and Tencent, it was this which led Uber to conclude that it was being out-spent and would ultimately lose the expensive battle for market domination …


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Google app for kids makes it fun to explore the...

Zooming around part of the Himalayas (and its tallest peak) on Google Street View might already be fun for a lot of people, but you'll have to amp up the fun factor if you want grab kids' attention. Google's solution for that is giving kids (and adul...

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University of Miami's sports VR app goes behind...

The Olympics aren't the only sports-in-VR news this week -- college athletics will take the (virtual) field too. In conjunction with the University of Miami, EON Sports VR is starting a VR channel showcasing the school's sports teams. Previously, EON...

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BBC to show the Olympics live in 360-degree video

Watching the Olympics on TV? That's so 2012, apparently. The BBC is launching an "experimental" service on Friday that will broadcast the action in 360-degree video instead. It's not a complete replacement -- only 100 hours will be shown throughout t...

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Wednesday August 3

Dust-sized wireless sensors could control...

See that minuscule component in the image above? That's a wireless sensor, and someday, doctors could slip it into our bodies to monitor our organs like a microscopic Fitbit or even to give quadri- and paraplegics the power to control robotic arms or...

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Apple investment in Didi accelerated Uber decision...

According to a report on Wednesday, Apple's huge $1 billion investment in Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing helped accelerate Uber's decision to pull out of the region, ending a years-long turf war.

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Pepper the robot is ready to greet the great...

Pepper's resume is already packed with an impressive list of multinationals in both Japan and Asia, but now the robot is ready to meet and greet in English, specifically in San Francisco, where it'll be working inside tech retailer b8ta's flagship st...

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NASA maps the thawed parts of the Greenland ice sheet

NASA has created the first map of the bottom of the Greenland ice sheet, showing which parts have begun thawing and which remain frozen as ever. This is the first time what's underneath the surface of the massive block of ice has been mapped, because...

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IBM researcher builds a phase-change capable...

Computers have long been compared to artificial brains, but now IBM has followed the comparison and built a working artificial neuron. The tech giant's research center in Zurich created 500 of them to simulate a signal transfer similar to how the pro...

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Apple Music lands exclusive streaming rights to...

Apple Music has won another round in the ongoing streaming music war, as Britney Spears on Wednesday announced her new album, "Glory," will be made available exclusively on Apple's service later this month.

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World's largest game expo tightens security...

Germany has been hit by a string of mass violence as of late, and the effect of those tragedies is about to spill over to the gaming community. The organizers behind Gamescom, the world's largest gaming trade show, have introduced tighter security m...

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Apple scores another win as Britney Spears’ new...

Just after it was revealed that Frank Ocean’s highly-anticapted album “Boys Don’t Cry” would be coming exclusively to Apple Music, another high-ticket exclusive has been revealed. Britney Spears today announced that her new album, her first in three years, will be coming exclusively to Apple Music on August 26th.


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New York governor legalizes daily fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports leagues have seen serious ups and downs in the last few months as regulatory agencies grapple with whether risking money on their services constitutes gambling. New York state banned the popular sites DraftKings and FanDuel at le...

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Wal-Mart is interested in acquiring discount...

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is currently in talks to purchase online retailer, if reports are to be believed.

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Tesla ramps up production to meet aggressive...

In Tesla's second quarter earnings release (PDF), the company announced it had completed the design phase on the long-awaited Model 3 while also missing the mark on delivery numbers for current production models. Although CFO Jason Wheeler said on an...

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Musician Finder

This isn’t the first site of its kind, but it never hurts for us to try out new places to find people to jam with.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple focuses on app monetization in latest...

Home improvement startup Houzz is the focus of Apple's latest Developer Insights series, which highlights the impact mobile apps, and Apple Pay integration in particular, have on creating a successful monetization model.

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Time for Twitter to sell

Shares (TWTR) closed up 7% Wednesday on speculation about a rumored joint takeover bid by two billionaires who are major Twitter investors: former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, no stranger to substantial tech investments.

Twitter is different than anything Google or Facebook has, at least for me. The mere mention of Ballmer made me shudder.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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'Pokémon Go' battery saver mode will...

Day by day Niantic Labs keeps tweaking its incredibly popular game, and now Pokémon Go is rolling out to players across Central and South America. No matter where you're trying to catch 'em all, if you're on iOS you can expect the"battery save...

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Apple's Switch to Squirt Gun Emoji Triggers...

Apple earlier this week announced its decision to change the gun emoji in iOS 10, to be released this fall. It plans to substitute an image of a green-and-orange squirt gun for the existing image of a black pistol. The new version of the gun is one of more than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters that will be available in iOS 10.
The change appears to be a reflection of Apple's stance against gun violence. News of Apple's emoji change has sparked a debate.

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Microsoft, Google, Apple Could Be Requested To...

Popular operating systems by Microsoft, Apple, and Google could possibly soon nuke torrents downloaded (PDF, non-English language) from The Pirate Bay and other websites that offer copyright infringing content, warns a report published by Black Market Watch and the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime. The report adds that the aforementioned companies are in an ideal position to deter piracy, and could be requested by the authority to put a system in place to block pirated content on the operating system level. Via a TorrentFreak report: "Other players that possess the potential ability to limit piracy are the companies that own the major operating systems which control computers and mobile devices such as Apple, Google and Microsoft," one of the main conclusions reads. "The producers of operating systems should be encouraged, or regulated, for example, to block downloads of copyright infringing material," the report adds. The report references last year's...

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Dish and Sling TV cut a deal for NFL Network streams

That didn't last long. On the heels of Dish Network deal with the NFL expiring, the company has announced that Sling TV (owned by Dish, of course) will have the NFL Network and NFL RedZone available for the 2016 season. Neither the streaming service...

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Seattle: The Silicon Valley of space start-ups

No single spot can claim to be the Silicon Valley of such companies yet, but Seattle is on the short list of contenders, investors and entrepreneurs say. The area is home to two tech billionaires — Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft — who are funding ambitious, varied efforts to make space more accessible. They have been joined by a few smaller companies like Spaceflight, attracted by Seattle’s abundant supply of software engineers from stalwarts like Amazon and Microsoft and aerospace experts from Boeing, the aviation giant that has major operations in the area.

I didn’t know that, but it makes perfect sense.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Tesla reports 13th straight quarterly loss

The 13th straight quarterly loss for the Silicon Valley electric carmaker underscores the financial hurdles that hamper it while it takes on increasingly ambitious goals – a ten-fold ramp of vehicle production in three years and the recent plan to acquire solar panel installer SolarCity Corp.


∞ Read this on The Loop

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Exploit can attack secure websites through ads

Some web-based exploits are more dangerous than others... and unfortunately, this is one of the nasty ones. Security researchers at KU Leuven have discovered an attack technique, HEIST (HTTP Encrypted Information can be Stolen Through TCP-Windows),...

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How-To: Use Instagram’s new Stories feature [Video]

With the launch of its new Stories feature, Instagram is positioning itself to not only capture the interest of current Snapchat users, but it’s also likely seeking a way to keep existing users firmly locked into its service.

Yes, as you’ve likely heard, Instagram Stories is similar to Snapchat Stories, but there are differences. In this video walkthrough, we’ll showcase the basic mechanics of Instagram Stories, show you how to create new stories, and more. more…

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Dropbox Paper, now in open beta, lets teams...

Ten months after Dropbox first unveiled Paper, the collaborative writing tool entered open beta on Wednesday and is getting mobile versions for iOS and Android.

Paper allows teams to work on documents together in the cloud. It makes it easy to add text, images, and embedded videos from YouTube, Google, or Dropbox itself. Users can also add programming code, which gets formatted automatically. And they can create to-do lists and assign tasks on those lists using the @ symbol.

Since its debut in private beta, Paper has been used to create more than a million documents for tasks like brainstorming ideas and capturing meeting notes, Dropbox said. Based on lessons learned along the way, Dropbox has improved the software with better tables and image galleries, more powerful search, and notifications via desktop and mobile.

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July sees new Apple app Store record set for highest...

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced on Twitter that a new Apple App Store record was set in July with Apple seeing its highest ever monthly billings for the store, as well as the largest amount of money paid out to developers. 

According to Cook, Apple has now paid out more than $50 billion to developers over the lifetime of the App Store, which debuted in 2008. The comments come a week after Apple announced its latest financial results, which included a record-setting quarter for its services business, which includes iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Care and the various app stores (for the iPhone/iPad, Mac, Apple TV, etc.). Revenue from services jumped $4 billion to $23.1 billion i the past year.

Banish that low-light graininess in your photos with Noiseless CK for Mac

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LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released

prisoninmate writes from a report via Softpedia: LibreOffice 5.2 is finally here, after it has been in development for the past four months, during which the development team behind one of the best free office suites have managed to implement dozens of new features and improvements to most of the application's components. Key features include more UI refinements to make it flexible for anyone, standards-based document classification, forecasting functions in Calc, the spreadsheet editor, as well as lots of Writer and Impress enhancements. A series of videos are provided to see what landed in the LibreOffice 5.2 office suite, which is now available for download for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


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The Week in Mac Apps: New updates for TextWrangler...

New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings us updates to two of our favorite text editors: TextWrangler and Ulysses. Read on!

American Sign Language Beginners Class 1.0

Aerosapps’s $5 American Sign Language teaches you the ABCs of North American sign language, as well as several of its dialects used around the world by the deaf and hard of hearing.

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AWT News Update: August 3, 2016

Image via Cracked

Rumors, Apple Pay, and Pokémon GO mind control -- those are today's topics on the AWT News Update:

  • The iPhone 7 or whatever it's going to be called is rumored to have 3GB of RAM
  • Apple adds more US and Canadian financial institutions to the ranks of Apple Pay providers
  • An NFL player has quit playing Pokémon GO over fears that it's controlling the minds of millions...
  • Learn how you can join Team AWT and be eligible for our giveaway this month of a Drobo 5Dt

The text version of the podcast can be read below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for...

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The Pokémon Go effect: Apple’s App Store enjoys a...

Niantic isn’t the only company benefiting from the Pokémon Go craze. It appears that Apple is along for the ride, as well. On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted:

July was a record-breaker for the @AppStore! Highest-ever monthly billings and money paid to developers.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 3, 2016

Pokémon Go was released in early July. Apple doesn’t release download numbers, but third-party analysts estimate that downloads of Pokémon Go are in the tens—and possible hundreds—of millions worldwide for both iOS and Android.


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App Store sees record-breaking numbers during July...

At WWDC back in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that the company was approaching the $50 billion milestone in money it had paid out to App Store developers. Today, Cook announced on Twitter that Apple has now paid over $50 billion to App Store developers, while also noting that July was a huge month for the platform.


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Tim Cook tweets “record July for App Store;...

Great news for Apple and developers. I find it mildly interesting Cook tweeted this out instead of issuing a press release.

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Apple Music for Android emerges from beta in newest...

Apple on Wednesday released version 1.0.0 of the Apple Music Android app, making relatively minor changes, but officially taking the service's Android support out of beta.

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App Store billings reached all-time high in July, $...

In a rare tweet extolling the performance of a specific Apple product, CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said July was a record-breaking month for the App Store, with highest-ever monthly billings and payouts to developers.

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Apple’s Developer Insight Series: Houzz

Houzz shares its unique approach to e‑commerce, and how the experience evolved from a side project for co‑founders Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko as they renovated their home to a multi-platform app with tens of millions of users monthly.

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The brilliant sorcery of England’s 7-circle “Magic...

Roundabouts or traffic circles are fairly uncommon in North American and can be very confusing to those unfamiliar with their operation. I generally have no problem with them but this “circus” looks like madness. I’m never going to Swindon.

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Apple Music for Android exits beta, gains equalizer...

Apple today pushed a new update to Apple Music for Android that officially brings the app out of its extended public beta period. With the update, Apple Music for Android is now at version 1.0, nearly 10 months after its initial release to the Play Store.


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A very rare look inside Canon’s operations at the...

Canon (and Nikon and others) operate a “loaner program” for professional shooters at major events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Photographers can borrow lenses, camera bodies, get gear cleaned, get advice from the over 70 support staff and basically test out the latest and greatest offerings. Imagine the logistics of taking care and keeping track of all this gear.

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Apple increases hiring of females and minorities

In its latest diversity report, Apple says it’s increased its hiring of women and minorities. 

Females make up 37% percent of new hires (versus 32% of current employees) and U.S. underrepresented minorities accounting for 27% (versus 22% of current employees). Apple includes “Black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander” in the underrepresented group and counts new hires within the last 12 months as of June.

In the report, Apple says it improved pay equity for its U.S. employees this year and is in the process of doing the same for “salaries, bonuses, and annual stock grants” of employees worldwide. The company says female employees earn one dollar for every dollar male employees earn, while underrepresented minorities earn one dollar for every dollar white employees earn.

Focus CK - the Mac tool...

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Apple's latest diversity report shows 54...

For Apple, being the most innovative company means also striving to be the most diverse.

On Wednesday, the iPhone maker released its annual diversity report, pointing to an increase in the last year of hiring women and minorities. According to Apple’s Inclusion & Diversity Report, 54 percent of new hires were racial minorities and 37 percent were women.


Furthermore, 27 percent of new hires were racial minorities who’ve been historically underrepresented in tech (Black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander).

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UBS raises Apple iPhone unit and revenue estimates

As noted by Seeking Alpha, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich anticipates modest single-digit unit growth in fiscal year 2017 and closer to 20% unit growth in fiscal year 2018 for the iPhone.

He raises his fiscal year 2017 estimate to 222 million iPhone units, up from 207 million. For fiscal year 2018 Milunovich increases his estimate to 264M million up from 240 million. He additionally raises EPS [earnings per share] estimates to $9 and $10.80 for fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018, respectively. He projects fiscal year 2017 revenue of $224.5 billion, up from his previous estimate of $215 billion.

Milunovich believes, despite an extended refresh cycle, the iPhone install base has reached a mature point and single-digit growth fueled by upgrades is consequently unavoidable. "The question of iPhone growth is a matter of when, not if,” he says...

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∞ 360° video of “life on the aircraft carrier USS...

Fire up your Chrome browser and check out this really cool 360° video. There’s not as much flight operation as I’d like to see but it’s still an interesting look at the daily, ordinary life on board one of the most amazing and complex machines mankind has ever built. Make sure you scroll around and check out some of the details of the ship.

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This by Tinrocket adds customizable pins, labels and...

This is worth looking at, even if the name throws you off a bit in a kind of “Who’s on first?” sort of way.

The This by Tinrocket app allows you to add labels, pointers, descriptions and commentary to your photos.

This features seven unique pointer designs, options to add, delete and customize your pointers and features to share your work via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email

The app retails for $1.99 and requires iOS 9.2 or later to install and run.

If you’ve tried This and have any feedback to offer, let us know in the comments.

Via the App Store

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Apple Makes Slight Progress On Diversity While Its...

The workforce at Apple is still predominately white and male, reveals the diversity report the company released Wednesday. But that doesn't mean that its efforts to improve diversity haven't yielded improvements. This is the third year that the Cupertino giant has released its diversity numbers and the balance is improving, although a bit slowly. From a MacRumors report: Its overall workforce, including tech, non-tech, and retail jobs, is 68% male and 32% female as of June 2016, a slight change from a 69%-31% split in 2015. Apple's race and ethnicity breakdown among U.S. employees is 19% Asian, 9% Black, 12% Hispanic, 2% Multiracial, 1% Other, and 56% White, representing a 2 percent increase in White employees and a 1 percent increase in both Asian and Hispanic employees compared to last year's data. Females represent 37% of Apple's global new hires, while U.S. underrepresented minorities represent 27% of global new hires. Apple defines underrepresented minorities as "groups whose...

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Latest Apple diversity report claims US pay equity,...

Apple on Wednesday published its latest "Inclusion & Diversity" update, showing small changes in the gender and racial makeup of the company, and the steps the company is taking toward equal pay for people with the same jobs and performance levels.

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Apple improves pay equity, increases hiring of...

In its latest Diversity report released today, Apple highlighted an increase in the hiring of women and underrepresented minorities and also said it’s working to improve pay equity among employees.


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Instagram's Stories Inspired by Snapchat

Everyone has a story to tell, and Instagram on Tuesday announced Stories, a new way for users to tell theirs. Stories allows Instagram users to string together images and videos for a dynamic slide show presentation that can be shared with friends or the entire Instagram community. Rather than sharing content individually with others on the platform, a user can choose to share it through a story. Someone following the story simply taps the new story icon on the Instagram interface to see the latest addition or to watch it from beginning to end.

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Tech firms worry Supreme Court win for Apple over...

If the Supreme Court sides with Apple and upholds a 120 year-old law governing design patents, it may open the door to a highly lucrative field for patent trolls to exploit, intellectual property experts from the likes of Google and Facebook fear.

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Developer’s 5-year-old reciting Steve Jobs’ “Crazy...

This might be the single cutest thing you watch all day.

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Astropad 2 turns your iPad into a Mac drawing tablet...

Astropad is a clever app that lets you use your iPad as a drawing surface for Mac software like Photoshop. Today Astropad 2.0 is available as a free update for current customers and includes new improvements, better software compatibility, and a new look.


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Apple releases new diversity numbers

At Apple, we take a holistic view of diversity that looks beyond the usual measurements. A view that includes the varied perspectives of our employees as well as app developers, suppliers, and anyone who aspires to a future in tech. Because we know new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things.

These are great numbers for Apple. They are moving in the right direction and they care.

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Supply chain sources again point to Apple's...

The DRAM industry is expecting to see growth in the third quarter of 2016, buoyed by supply chain sources predicting a boost in application RAM to 3 gigabytes in the forthcoming "iPhone 7," though it's still unclear whether the additional memory will only be found in the larger "Plus" model.

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Facebook Nurtures Open Source Projects in Incubator

Facebook last week launched its Incubator on GitHub in order to distribute its own open source software projects. Incubator serves as a testing ground for new open source projects from Facebook, which has open sourced almost 400 projects to date. New projects will be posted on Incubator pages to gauge community reaction and rate of adoption. To make the cut, projects have to get community pickup, have good documentation, be easy to integrate with other tools, and show good engagement between Facebook and the community.

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Astropad 2.0

The #1 app for turning your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac! Astropad allows you to use your iPad to draw directly into Photoshop and any other Mac creative tools, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Affinity, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Pixelmator, Mischief and any other Mac app you like!

This is a huge update.

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Dropbox's Paper collaboration platform goes...

Dropbox on Wednesday launched the first open beta of Paper, its Google Docs-like Web collaboration platform, simultaneously releasing companion apps for iOS and Android.

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Mobius Final Fantasy: Multiplayer update...
Up until now, Mobius Final Fantasy has been about as single-player an experience as an RPG can be. Not only do you play solo, but you are literally one among a seemingly unending wave of faceless warriors on the road toward the same goal. [Read... | Read more »
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Siralim 2 (RPG / Roguelike) (Games)
Siralim 2 (RPG / Roguelike) 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Siralim 2 is an old-school monster catching RPG. Summon and customize hundreds of creatures to fight for you as... | Read more »
Clean Text (Productivity)
Clean Text 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Productivity Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: | Read more »
Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars (Games)
Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: *** SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE: $2.99 (25% off) *** "A mesmerizing and unexpectedly emotional journey." -- Los... | Read more »
How to get four NFL superstars for your...
Even though you're probably well on your way to building a top notch squad for the new season in Madden NFL Mobile, let's say you could beef it up by adding Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Todd Gurley to your roster. That's... | Read more »

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B&H Photo has 15″ Retina Apple MacBook Pros on sale for up to $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY tax only: - 15″ 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pro: $1799 $200 off MSRP - 15″ 2.5GHz... Read more
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The beginning of a new school year is upon us again, in which students and parents have some very important choices to make, often including the purchase of a computer or tablet. Whether you are... Read more
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What makes the Damda Glide Series for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus special? Case maker VRS Design says its Damda Glide Series is the first mobile case to incorporate a semi-automatic mechanism for... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 2015 21″ & 27″ iMacs available for up to $350 off MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free. The following models are available: - 21″ 3.... Read more
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B&H Photo has clearance 2015 13″ MacBook Airs available for $350 off original MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only: - 13″ 1.6GHz/4GB/128GB MacBook Air (MJVE2LL/A): $829... Read more
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