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Friday May 5

Why Apple’s laptops could use a little less...

As a company, Apple’s philosophy is often about pushing the envelope. And that’s great. It’s how we got the original Mac’s GUI, the iPhone, and other products and features too numerous to name. Apple likes to play up this revolutionary part of its history, and how it’s constantly trying to create world-beating products and not just move the needle slowly forward. It’s not imagine the late Steve Jobs summoning forth the adage often attributed to Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Of course, the philosophy of innovation can go awry. Apple was so concerned about transforming the 2013 edition of the Mac Pro into an elegant, radical piece of machinery that it lost sight of what made that product appeal to its users. In a rare moment, the comapny even admitted it had taken the wrong approach.

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Shawn posted this last night, but this hits very close to home for me, wanted to add my 2 cents.

Matt Gemmell:

No company has done as much damage to the perceived value of software, and the sustainability of being an independent developer, as Apple.

Not that other companies wouldn’t have done the same thing — they would have. It’s just that Apple was the successful one.

It’s resolutely the fault of us as consumers, and it’s actively encouraged by the App Store.

This is a scorcher. At its heart, this is about the iOS App Store’s race to the bottom, price-wise, and the difficulty of making a living as a developer in a “pennies for your work” market.

Matt does an excellent job laying out all the details. A core argument:

Has Apple created a huge market, in terms of potential customers? Absolutely. It’s just done so at the expense of its platform-invested developer community. Judging by the company’s value and income, it was a very wise...

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Qualcomm could consider “nuclear option” in ongoing...

Things are getting ugly between Apple and Qualcomm.

Qualcomm, which has been in a heated dispute with Apple over patent royalty payment, may exercise the nuclear option by asking the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) to block iPhone imports.

At the root of the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm are cellular communication technology patents that Apple and others license from Qualcomm for a hefty fee.

The tensions, which have been brewing for months, finally hit a new peak in January when the Federal Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of anti-trust practices. Essentially the deals it was making with companies like Apple were considered unfair. Part of the issue was that Qualcomm was charging Apple a licensing fee for every single iPhone, whether or not every device used Qualcomm’s cellular technologies. As of the iPhone 7, Apple started mixing in Intel baseband processors to the iPhone mix.

A few days later, Apple filed suit against...

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Another Apple supplier set to lose business as...

Following Imagination Technologies and Qualcomm facing the loss of revenue from Apple as the company looks to bring more chip design in-house, another Apple supplier is also facing a potentially significant loss of business.

IvensSense Inc currently makes most of the motion sensors for the iPhone, but Apple is now said to have placed orders with German firm Bosch …


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X-Mirage lets you stream iOS device content to your...

By Aaron Lee

X-Mirage is an useful AirPlay server for Mac and Windows systems. It allows you to wirelessly stream contents or mirror your iDevice screen to any Mac and record everything onscreen with one click.

On its on, Apple AirPlay lets you play content from iOS devices on Apple TV. It lets you wirelessly stream what's on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your HDTV and speakers. Or you can mirror exactly what's on your display to the big screen.

X-Mirage extends this capability to macOS (10.6 and later) or PC. It also lets you record screen and audio from iOS devices, as well as voiceover via a microphone. With X-Mirage, you can:

  • Stream photos, video, music or any AirPlay-enabled app from iOS devices to your computer. It's handy in those situations where you have some photos or presentations on your iDevice that you want to share. With X-Mirage running on...
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How to share calendars in macOS Sierra

With macOS Sierra you can share calendars with others who have iCloud accounts. You can also choose whether others can edit the calendar or only view it. If you also use iCloud Family Sharing, a Family calendar automatically appears in the iCloud calendar list. Everyone in your Family Sharing group can view and update the same Family calendar.

To share a calendar place the pointer over the calendar’s name in the calendar list, then click the Share Calendar button.

If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View > Show Calendar List.

Click Share With, then enter the names or email addresses of people you want to invite to share your calendar.
You can also enter the name of a group in Contacts to invite all the group members.
If you don’t see Share With, click below the last name or email address in the Shared With list. If you see a Shared By [name] list instead of a Shared With list, only the person named can add people.

To keep...

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Google Docs phishing attack underscores OAuth...

Google has stopped Wednesday’s clever email phishing scheme, but the attack may very well make a comeback.

One security researcher has already managed to replicate it, even as Google is trying to protect users from such attacks.

“It looks exactly like the original spoof,” said Matt Austin, director of security research at Contrast Security.

The phishing scheme—which may have circulated to 1 million Gmail users—is particularly effective because it fooled users with a dummy app that looked like Google Docs.

Recipients who received the email were invited to click a blue box that said “Open in Docs.” Those who did were brought to an actual Google account page that asks them to handover Gmail access to the dummy app.


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Most American homes have now ditched landlines, but...

Those of us who ditched landlines in favor of cellphones years ago might think it quaint that it’s taken this long, but we are now – for the first time – in the majority …


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Notable apps and app updates for May 5, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

iClassics Productions has published The Canterville Ghost (Oscar Wilde) Immersive Book 1.0. The $2.99 ebook/app is based on the classic Oscar Wilde story. It offers unabridged text with artistic illustration, animation, interactivity, FX, an original musical soundtrack, and sound effects. 

macOS Apps/Updates

Reggie Ashworth has released AppDelete 4.3.3, an update to the application deletion utility for macOS (10.7 or higher). Via drag and drop it will uninstall anything along with all of the associated...

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UK trials body cameras for staff in mental health...

An early trial has found that staff-worn body cameras can reduce confrontation and aggressive behaviour in patients suffering from mental health issues. The pilot ran for three months at Berrywood Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Northampton, Engl...

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Oculus shuts down its VR film studio

Oculus Story Studio won't be making any more award-winning VR shorts. Jason Rubin, the company's VP of content, has announced in a blog post that it's shutting down the film division. It's only been a bit over a year since the studio was launched, bu...

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Thursday May 4

Microsoft tests a secured Edge browser for business

If the idea of a more secure Windows browser appeals to you -- and why wouldn't it -- then you might want to have a peek at the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. That's because it includes the Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft E...

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YouTube brings in big names like Ellen and Kevin...

During its big Brandcast presentation YouTube made a pitch to advertisers based on some well-known names, with new shows on the way from Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. Interestingly, this year's slate of offerings is coming...

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A 'Purple Rain' concert film may be the...

The Prince estate is trying to interest a major music streaming service in the exclusive rights to an unreleased concert film. It was recorded in a Minneapolis nightclub just prior to, and containing songs from, his 1984 movie Purple Rain. There's ad...

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Apple maintains worldwide tablet marketshare lead in...

Apple held on as the world's largest tablet vendor during the first calendar quarter of 2017, though 13 straight quarters of decline are starting to take their toll on iPad's marketshare lead.

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How Apple subdivisions compare against Fortune 500...

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday revealed the company's wearables business -- AirPods, Apple Watch and Beats -- is now the size of a Fortune 500 company, while services revenue is on the verge of breaking into Fortune 100 territory. AppleInsider takes a closer look at the comparisons.

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Twitch comments for pre-recorded videos are like a...

If we've learned anything from experiments like Twitch Plays Pokemon, it's that a large part of the streaming site's success lies on the enthusiasm of its community. Twitch viewers don't just watch streams, they participate by flooding their favorite...

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Apple becomes world’s number one wearables vendor

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global wearables shipments reached 22 million units in the first quarter of 2017 (Q1 2016). Apple captured 16% marketshare and became the world’s largest wearables vendor, overtaking Fitbit, thanks to the Apple Watch.

“Apple shipped 3.5 million wearables worldwide in Q1 2017, rising 59% annually from 2.2 million units in Q1 2016,” says Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics. “Apple captured 16 percent global marketshare and overtook Fitbit to become the world’s largest wearables vendor. The new Apple Watch Series 2 is selling relatively well in the U.S., UK and elsewhere, due to enhanced styling, intensive marketing and a good retail presence.”

Fitbit shipped 2.9 million wearables worldwide in Q1 2017, falling 36% annually from 4.5 million in Q1 2016. The company has lost its wearables leadership to Apple, due to slowing demand for...

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Reuters: DOJ investigates Uber 'greyballing...

Uber has to tell the feds how Greyball works and where exactly it was deployed now that it's facing a criminal probe over the controversial tool. According to Reuters, the Department of Justice has issued the ride-hailing firm a subpoena from a North...

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Apple overtakes Fitbit to become world's...

Citing a boom in Apple Watch sales, market research firm Strategy Analytics in a report released Thursday said Apple overtook Fitbit to become the world's largest wearables vendor for the first quarter of 2017.

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Survival RPG 'The Long Dark' adds story in...

After years of development as a crowdfunded project and, later, a pre-alpha build on Xbox One and Steam, wilderness survival RPG The Long Dark from Hinterland Studios finally has a release date of August 1st. Better yet, the studio announced on Wedne...

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Apple overtakes Fitbit to become world’s top...

While Apple itself doesn’t break out Apple Watch sales numbers due to competitive reasons, we can usually get a good idea of performance from analytic companies. Now, Strategy Analytics is out with its latest numbers, reporting that Apple sold 3.5 million Apple Watch units during the most recent quarter…


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Classic Zombies maps are coming to 'Call of...

I'm not a big Call of Duty fan, admittedly, but I have fond memories of Black Ops 2's Zombies mode. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. The shambling undead have been a popular part of the franchise for many years. Now, Treyarch is tapping into that n...

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AWT News Update: May 4, 2017

Wow, look at all of those Pokéstops in Charlotte, NC!

Not much Apple news today after the blast of hot, fresh tidbits on Tuesday. But we have the following for you:

  • Some analysis about the smartphone market in China provided by Counterpoint Research shows that Apple is killin' it in the high-end phone segment
  • Another tvOS beta showed up today. When will the final 10.2.1 version arrive?
  • Niantic will host community events to let Pokémon Go and Ingress players connect with real people 

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Note to Apple News readers: you’ll need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re...

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A Taste of Linux From a Sample Disk Platter

Since Linus Torvalds developed the Linux kernel, there has been an explosion of distributions that can be categorized into several broad classes. The ecosystem is truly expansive. There are hundreds of distributions out there, but each category has some that have become emblematic. Here's a brief look at a few. My hope is that by showcasing some of these Linux standouts, you will appreciate what makes them special, and get inspired to take a deeper dive yourself. Ubuntu is one of the most iconic distributions of Linux, period.

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US may require visa applicants to divulge social...

The State Department has proposed a new requirement for select visa applicants: Their social media handles from the last five years. This would only apply to about 0.5 percent of those applying worldwide and wouldn't target nationals from particular...

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Soft, synthetic retinas may offer a better implant...

Scientists have been trying to replace retinas in otherwise healthy eyes to help people suffering from diseases like retinitis pigmentosa. Unfortunately, earlier efforts were only able to use rigid, hard materials, which are very different from the n...

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Google Halts Massive Phishing Attack: Check Your...

Regardless of whether or not you fell for the recent phishing attack that impersonated Google Docs, this is a good time to check your Google account to make sure nothing untoward has access.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Neural networks can add natural animation to video...

We've seen procedurally generated worlds and weapons in video games before, but piecing together believable animations from a pool of variables is pretty tough. Previous attempts at it have looked janky and disjointed. It's okay in something like Ubi...

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The Wirecutter's best deals: Save $50 on a...

This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. When readers choose to buy The Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, they may earn affiliate commissions that support their work. Read their c...

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Apple’s share of the $600-plus smartphone market in...

Apple’s share of the $600-plus Chinese smartphone market is 80%, according to new data from Counterpoint Research

“The premium segment $600+ or 4000rmb remained flat annually but shrunk 33% sequentially. Apple’s share of this super-premium segment remains at 80%, with five out of the top ten model SKUs belonging to Apple,” says Research Analyst Mengmeng Zhang. “The 4000 rmb and above segment mostly peaks during the Apple iPhone launch quarter and shrinks for the rest of the year. This volatility is because of Apple and affects Apple, as competition in the premium space is still weak. Though we are seeing Huawei with its Mate 9 series and players such as Vivo trying to make some movement in this segment to attract premium Android users.

Smartphones shipments in China grew a modest 4% annually during Q1 the first quarter of 2017 and declined 20% sequentially. Oppo and vivo were the fastest growing brands...

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Imagination Technologies starts dispute process with...

Imagination said in April that Apple had notified the British firm it was developing its own graphics chips and would no longer use Imagination’s processing designs in 15 months to two years time.

I get why Imagination wants to hang on to Apple, but it makes a lot of sense for Apple to make its own chips. It has the facilities and technical people to make it happen. Doing so means that Apple doesn’t have to pay licensing fees to a third-party, which means it keeps more the money from each sale.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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NASA needs your help to turbocharge its supercomputer

It's not exactly a secret that parts of the US government run on painfully antiquated hardware that can cost billions to maintain. Decades-old code might do the trick for generating a tax return, but it isn't exactly ideal when you're a NASA research...

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Apple sells 80% of iPhone-class, $600+ smartphones...

Low-end Chinese phones from companies that barely turn a profit and sell their cheaper products outside of urban centers are growing fast, but, Apple has an 80 percent lock on premium phone sales in China that isn't weakening. That's fueling Services and driving buyers into Apple Stores for other premium gear.

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The rhythm action of 'Thumper' hits...

Late last year, PC and PS4 gamers were treated to an surreal rhythm experience when Thumper asked them to pilot a metallic scarab down a highway of intimidating, abstract set pieces. The game is as bizarre as it is intense -- but timing movements to...

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Coach debuts new decorative leather spring Apple...

Luxury fashion maker Coach has issued new leather Apple Watch bands and colors, offering quirky styles and bright patterns for the spring season, ranging in price from $125 to $150.

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Battle Bay for iOS from the makers of Angry Birds...


You might know Rovio and its little avian-flinging games, Angry Birds. The series has amassed a strong following over the years and is one of highest-rated game franchises on the App Store. However, excitement for the brand has dimmed as of late despite the Angry Birds reaching into just about every product category Rovio could fling them in to. And now it looks like the developer is quietly testing the waters with the release of its latest IP, Battle Baymore…

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An AI can recognize musical genres better than humans

Can you tell the difference between big band and boogie woogie? An algorithm can. Product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants says it's created a machine learning AI that can identify different musical styles better than humans. It's ba...

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GE's futuristic Alexa lamp accepts your voice...

Amazon's Alexa, the voice-controlled platform that powers the company's own Echo line, continues to gain support from third-party manufacturers. The C by GE Sol is the latest product to embrace the technology, in the form of a table lamp that looks s...

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Uber's drop-off feature saves you time, money...

Uber has been tweaking its carpooling feature for a while now, with features that improve your experience when riding with strangers. The company will give you $2 off your next uberPOOL ride if you don't make it to your location on time, and added re...

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The Video Game Hall of Fame basically inducted your...

The National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York announced the four titles it's inducting into the World Video Game Hall of Fame this year, and they're all pinnacles in the industry: Donkey Kong, Halo: Combat Evolved, Pokémon Red and Blue an...

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Congress is getting in on the AR and VR hype too

While we don't tend to think of government as very tech-savvy, a new caucus formed in the US House of Representatives shows just how important the field itself has become. A new bipartisan group has been announced and is co-chaired by Suzan DelBene (...

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Twitch's workshops will teach streamers how to...

Streaming on Twitch might look easy, but it really isn't. Between the various technical hoops you have to jump through (oh hi, OBS) and the pressure of people watching your every move -- or, on the flip-side, streaming to an audience of zero people -...

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Apple releases tvOS 10.3.1 beta 5 for developer...

On Thursday, Apple released a single beta of tvOS to developers, and appears to be skipping a week for iOS and watchOS test builds.

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Niantic plans to shut down streets for public...

Niantic, developer of popular augmented reality games Pokémon Go and Ingress, plans to host community events for players in public spaces around the U.S. through a partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The company announced the project today, with the first event set to kick off this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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Apple updates App Analytics for developers with new...

Apple this week upgraded its App Analytics service on iTunes Connect with new details on app discovery, offering developers more clues on how to maximize their marketing.

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Facebook begins selling low-cost WiFi in India

Facebook's is on a mission to bring connectivity to the most remote communities on Earth. And while moonshot projects like Aquila are still in early development, the company is pushing forward with a different strategy: empowering local...

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tvOS 10.2.1 beta 5 rolling out for Apple TV

Apple is rolling out the fifth tvOS 10.2.1 beta for developer testing on Apple TV. The update will likely focus on bug fixes and security improvements ahead of any new features potentially planned for tvOS 11 later this year.


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Roku's Twitter channel brings livestreams to...

Twitter just announced a slew of new live content earlier this week and now Roku is giving its users a way to watch it all in their living room. The set-top box company revealed today a dedicated channel for all of Twitter's live video on its range o...

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Imagination Technologies starts dispute ‘resolution...

Imagination Technologies says it's started a "dispute resolution procedure" with Apple, its biggest customer, after failing to resolve a standoff over licensing between the two companies.

Last month it was announced that Apple plans to stop using Imagination Technologies intellectual property within two years, ending its royalty payments. The tech giant is working on its own custom graphics architecture to control more of the core technology, in the same way that it already architects custom CPU silicon design. Apple will probably pay graphics chip designer Imagination Technologies just one third of its current royalty rate as the smartphone giant wind downs their supply deal over the next two years, according to estimates by the UBS research group.

Apple has used Imagination's technology in its products since the introduction of the iPod. It receives royalties from...

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GOG and Steam are offering major discounts on...

May the Fourth be with you. In celebration of the made-up Star Wars holiday, both GOG and Steam have put many classic Star Wars games on sale. There are numerous games available, like the original Battlefront IIKnights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, TIE Fighter Special Edition, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

Both stores have great prices on these classic games. It isn't quite the deal you could get two years ago with the original Humble Star Wars Bundle, but this sale also has a few games that package didn't.


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The last Ringling Bros. circus will be streamed on...

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close this month after more than 100 years in operation, but the curious who haven't taken in the so-called "greatest show on earth" will get one more chance -- regardless of whether they buy a t...

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C-Reach Hub brings HomeKit compatibility to C by GE...

The family of devices compatible with Apple's HomeKit is soon to grow, with a bridge to make the established C by GE smart lightbulbs work with the system coming over the summer.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Anker iPhone Battery Case $42...

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Anker’s iPhone 7/6/s 2200mAh MFi Battery Case leaves your Lightning port open $42
Anker PowerCore Dual USB Wall Charger w/ 5000mAh Battery...

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Hulu Aims to Reinvent Live TV Experience

Hulu on Wednesday announced a new live-streaming television service for $39.99 per month, which will place the company in direct competition with newly launched services from DirecTV Now, YouTube and other OTT content providers. The Hulu with Live TV beta will offer 50 channels of live-streaming television -- including sports, news, entertainment, children's programming and local network affiliates -- along with the existing Hulu on-demand video, without set-up costs or hidden fees.

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Spanish retailer latest to offer special 32GB iPhone...

Back in March, an iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage in gold became available with select Asian carriers while a space gray 32GB iPhone 6 showed up on Amazon’s Indian website. Today we’re seeing Spanish retailer Media Markt also start to offer the space gray 32GB iPhone 6 as a budget option. Apple originally only offered the iPhone 6, which is now discontinued in the United States, at 16, 64, and 128GB tiers.


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Tim Cook announces $1 billion investment in “...

Apple doesn’t say exactly what “Advanced manufacturing” is but I’m betting it means chip fabrication. Apple is going to make its own silicon in the US.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Qualcomm may consider asking U.S. to ban iPhone...

Qualcomm, in a smartphone chip licensing spat with Apple, will reportedly ask a U.S. government agency to ban the import of iPhones into the country.

Qualcomm plans to ask the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban imports of iPhones, which are built in Asia, according to a Bloomberg Technology report. The news report cited an unnamed person familiar with Qualcomm's strategy. 

A Qualcomm spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the news report.

The USITC has the power to ban imports into the U.S. for patent infringement, and the agency is frequently used by patent holders as an alternative or addition to slow-moving patent infringement lawsuits in U.S. courts.

To read this article...

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While Gemmell will be perceived as biased, he’s not far wrong. It must be disheartening for developers to see the race to the bottom on the iOS app store where people bitch about paying $4.99 for an app and complain about paying for updates/upgrades in the form of new versions.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D review

I’m a Nikon guy but, if you’re in the market for your first DSLR or to replace an older one, you can’t go wrong with the latest Canon Rebel. The Rebel line is the best selling camera for good reason.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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See how Apple's Services arm is on track to...

Last year, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook suggested the company's "Services" business could grow to the size of a Fortune 100 company within 2017. After the company's second fiscal quarter of 2017, Apple's steadily growing Services business -- encompassing Apple Music, the App Store and more -- is well on the way to matching Cook's prediction.

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Epix Cast brings seamless streaming to TVs without...

Premiering today, EPIX’s new EPIX Cast feature will allow users to cast TV shows and movies from their devices to any connected TV. Without the need for new hardware, users will be able to easily enjoy their EPIX favorites on their existing Smart TVs.


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CloudMounter update adds encryption with "one...

We've talked about CloudMounter from Eltima Software before. It's a great app that takes just about any type of server or cloud service and mounts it on your Mac as if it's a local drive. Sometimes we get terabytes of storage with a service (i.e., Office 365) and don't even use it. CloudMounter (US$29.99, affiliate link will compensate Apple World Today when you make a purchase) makes it simple to take advantage of all that cloud space, clear out room on your Mac, and keep it all safe in the process.

A recent update to CloudMounter now ensures that your data is kept safe by enabling encryption on all of your mounted cloud services, locking them all...

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Rare journey into Cheyenne Mountain, a super-bunker...

This place has always fascinated and terrified me in equal measure.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple ramping up for another bond sale, blowing it...

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple is readying yet another bond sale, and has essentially purchased an equivalent value in corporate debt to equal the world's largest mutual fund.

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Apple remains top tablet brand globally despite...

Apple reported this week that it sold 8.92 million iPads in the most recent quarter which is down from 10.2 million iPads sold in the same quarter a year ago. New data from TrendForce shows that Apple is still number one among the top five tablet brands, however, as global tablet sales dropped 9.3% year-over-year. The report also believes Apple could have a positive quarter now with the newly released $329 9.7-inch iPad and a rumored high-end replacement coming soon.


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Apple HomeKit support for C by GE light bulbs coming...

GE announced today that its C by GE light bulbs will soon support Apple’s HomeKit platform alongside an update that will also bring Amazon Alexa integration sometime this summer.


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Splitting Up With Apple is a Chipmaker's...

Apple is such a powerful company that, for third-party suppliers, it's hard not to become reliant on the cash that it pays you. Engadget adds: But when Apple says that it's done, choosing to move whatever technology you provide in house, the results can be really painful. Imagination Technologies is one such supplier, famously designing the iPhone's PowerVR graphics as well as pushing MIPS, a rival to ARM. But back in March, Imagination publicly announced that Apple was ditching it in favor of its own graphics silicon. Now, Imagination has revealed that it's going to take Apple to dispute resolution, maintaining that the iPhone maker used Imagination's IP without permission. It's the second chipmaker in recent months who believes Apple isn't playing fair, with Qualcomm counter-suing Apple in its own licensing dispute. Secondly, Imagination is going to have to sell off MIPS and Ensigma, two parts of its business that aren't as profitable as PowerVR. Gamers with long memories will...

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Avoiding lens switching when shooting video on the...

This is a great tip for those of you who shoot video with your iPhone 7 Plus.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Snap signs major network deals for Snapchat TV shows

Snap is reportedly signing deals with a variety of TV networks to get shows in its popular iPhone and Android app, Snapchat -- echoing a similar strategy being adopted by Twitter.

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Tim Cook announces $1 billion investment in “...

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at an Apple event in September 2015. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple plans to create a $1 billion fund to invest in "advanced manufacturing" jobs in the United States. CEO Tim Cook made the announcement last night in a CNBC interview with Mad Money host Jim Cramer, and he says that Apple plans to announce its first investment later this month. Cook wants the new fund to create a "ripple effect" in the job market—he says that the manufacturing jobs created directly by the fund will also create service jobs needed to support them.

"Advanced manufacturing" is a bit vague, but generally speaking it's an umbrella term that encompasses creating technologically advanced products or improving the...

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It’s not just the iPad; tablet shipments declined 8....

iPad sales continued to shrink in Apple's fiscal 2017 second quarter that ended April 1, 2017 (approximately 8.9 million tablets compared to 10 million in fiscal quarter 2016), but it’s not just Apple that’s seeing tablet sales decline. And there's a glimmer of good news for the iPad Pro.

The worldwide tablet market once again contracted in the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17) with total shipments of 36.2 million, a year-over-year decline of 8.5%, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker. The first quarter contraction marks the tenth straight quarter that tablets have experienced a decline over the same quarter a year earlier, with the previous five quarters recording double-digit drops.

The tablet market is comprised of two different product categories, which are...

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WaterField debuts travel-ready Bolt Crossbody tablet...

WaterField Designs has debuted the Bolt Crossbody, a slim-profile vertical laptop bag designed for commuters, professionals and adventure seekers. Available in three sizes to fit MacBooks, iPads and other devices, each Bolt includes a built-in, padded laptop-tablet sleeve, an Apple Pencil slot and several pockets.

The bag holds a day's necessities, MacBook or iPad, water bottle, wallet and travel documents. An extra wide, zippered opening allows access to the main compartment that houses a padded laptop sleeve, and simple pockets to keep the Apple Pencil and smaller items accessible. A premium leather flap closes with a silent magnetic snap over an expandable front pocket. Inside, a hidden scratch-free Ultrasuede hutch cradles an iPhone 7 or a similarly-sized smartphone. 

For frequently-used items, a body-side pocket closes with a self-locking zipper for added security. The Crossbody's gold, water-resistant lining boosts visibility of bag contents. An adjustable...

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FBI unable to access half of mobile devices, says...

FBI director James Comey yesterday told a Senate oversight committee that the FBI has been unable to access almost half of the mobile devices it tried to examine in the first half of the fiscal year, reports TechCrunch.

Comey said the FBI had been unable to access the contents of more than 3,000 mobile devices in the first half of the fiscal year, using what he described as “appropriate and available technical tools, even though there was the legal authority to do so.” He said that represented “nearly half” of all the mobile devices it had attempted to access in that time frame.

Comey made the statement in apparent support of the latest attempt at forcing phone manufacturers to provide backdoor access to the authorities …...

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Imagination enters dispute resolution with Apple,...

Apple's split-up with graphics tech supplier Imagination Technologies has entered into a "dispute resolution procedure," the latter company announced on Thursday, also revealing that it plans to sell off two of its businesses, MIPS and Ensigma.

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System Bar is a new system monitoring tool for macOS

B-Eng has launched System Bar, a low impact system monitoring utility for macOS. It shows the main system information at a glance in a single bar, that can be freely customized and positioned anywhere on the screen.

Colors, size and fonts are freely adjustable. The utility shows the time on an analog clock face, CPU usage, used memory and available disk space. A right click reveals the top resource heavy CPU processes and grants direct access to the Activity Monitor. System Bar requires macOS 10.12 and costs $1.99.

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Tim Cook Touts Apple’s American Jobs, Promises More

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on a mission to prove that Apple creates American jobs, and he’s putting Apple’s money where his mouth is.


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Latest Apple Park drone footage demonstrates scope...

The latest drone footage from over Apple Park shows massive improvement in many aspects, but still a long way to go before the campus is fully complete.

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Apple patent involves the combination of dialogue,...

Apple wants to make it easier for content producers to combine dialogue, music and special effects and, especially, improve the intelligibility of dialog on TV sets. The company has been granted a patent (number 20170126343) for “audio stem delivery and control.”

It involves a system and method for playing back content that includes a video stream and a final audio mix that represents sounds for the video stream. An interface receives the video stream and the final audio mix. The final audio mix includes a dialogue stem and a music and effects stem that together represent an entirety of sounds for the video stream. 

In the patent filing, Apple notes that sound program content, including movies and television shows, are often composed of several distinct audio components, including dialogue of characters/actors, music, and sound effects. Each of these component parts called stems may include multiple spatial channels and are mixed together prior to delivery to a...

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Latest annual ranking shows the cheapest & most...

Deutsche Bank has published its annual Mapping the World’s Prices report, which includes a ranking of the cost of an iPhone in each of 33 countries. The 2017 version shows that Brazil is no longer the most expensive place to buy …


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∞ [VIDEO] Tim Cook on Mad Money

[VIDEO] Video of Tim Cook’s interview on Mad Money from last night (two videos embedded on the main Loop post).

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Want to recover a FileVault-encrypted drive without...

Glenn Fleishman does a nice job digging into the details of the File Vault 2 boot process and recovery key settings. Worth a read just to understand these mechanics.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple: Two million U.S. jobs. And counting.

Apple’s job creation web site:

The numbers tell the story. Apple is one of the biggest job creators in the United States, responsible for two million jobs in all 50 states. Last year, we spent over $50 billion with more than 9,000 U.S. suppliers and manufacturers. Since we launched the App Store in 2008, U.S. developers have earned over $16 billion in App Store sales worldwide. And we’re just getting started.

The site breaks the job numbers up as follows:

  • 80,000 Apple employees
  • 450,000 Jobs through our U.S.-based suppliers
  • 1,530,000 U.S. jobs attributable to the App Store ecosystem

The site also breaks the numbers down, state by state.


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Apple to launch an ‘advanced manufacturing fund’ for...

During a Wednesday evening interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company has created a $1 billion manufacturing fund to help stimulate job growth in the U.S. 

He offered no details about the fund, but noted that the "advanced manufacturing fund" will come from the company's U.S. investment pool. He pointed out that Apple has to borrow money to fund domestic operations since most of the company's $256 billion cash is overseas. 

Also, the tech giant has launched a new Apple's new Job Creation webpage that highlights the company’s efforts to the U.S. workplace. It says: “The numbers tell the story. Apple is one of the biggest job creators in the United States, responsible for two million jobs in all 50 states. Last year, we spent over $50 billion with more than 9,000 U.S. suppliers and manufacturers. Since we launched the App Store in 2008, U.S. developers have earned over $16 billion in...

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As Apple touts job creation, former software...

As Apple boasts of creating two million U.S. jobs, it has been accused of making life as a small developer unsustainable.

The claim was made by Matt Gemmell, a software engineer who used to work for Apple and whose source code has been used in hundreds of iOS and macOS apps.

No company has done as much damage to the perceived value of software, and the sustainability of being an independent developer, as Apple …


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Check who has access to your Google account

Yesterday, we posted about a widely spread, relatively sophisticated Google Docs phishing attack. Google has taken steps to disable the accounts behind the attack, but that is a bit of a whack-a-mole problem. Attacks like this are a part of life.

One thing you can do is periodically check out what apps and sites have access to your Google account by clicking on this link:

See anything there you don’t recognize? Click the Manage Apps link and revoke that sucker.


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Apple loves the little red dot

Straits Times, about the recently unveiled signage above the soon-to-open Singapore Apple Store:

The barricades in front of the upcoming Apple Store at Orchard Road’s Knightsbridge mall came down on Wednesday night (May 3).

But the store has not been unveiled. Instead, three icons – Apple, Love, Red Dot – adorn the tall store’s tall glass doors. It means Apple loves the little red dot, or Apple loves Singapore. There is also the wording Apple Orchard Road – the official name of the Apple retail store – below the icons.

Check out the pictures. I find the signage charming, some insightful localized marketing on Apple’s part.

∞ Read this on The Loop...

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Updated drone footage shows landscaping, solar panel...

The Apple Park campus edges ever closer to completion and a new drone video courtesy of Duncan Sinfield shows progress as landscaping and other touches are applied…

The overall footage still resembles a construction scene and there’s definitely more dirt than greenery at this point. Factor in a fair amount of machinery and it’s not quite completely arboreal, but it’s getting there.

Additional progress has also been made on the spaceship design with the solar panel roof, as well as Steve Jobs Theater and more. Windows are being installed along the outside of the building, while work continues on parking and other areas.

Apple originally announced that its new headquarters would be named Apple Park back in February, while the company also stated that the 1,000-seat auditorium would be named Steve Jobs Theater. While employees were expected to begin moving in during the month of April, it’s currently hard to tell if employees have moved in or are...

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Location of first Apple Store in Singapore finally...

Apple’s first retail store in Singapore has been partially unveiled, providing the first official confirmation of the long-rumored Orchard Road location.

It was back in 2015 that Apple confirmed that it was opening a store on the island. At that point, the location wasn’t known, though there were strong signs pointing to the location on Orchard Road, the main upmarket retail area in the country …


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How to subscribe to calendars in macOS Sierra

With macOS Sierra, you can view a calendar that someone has published or shared by subscribing to it in Calendar. However, you can’t edit calendars you are subscribed to, such as the regional holidays calendar. 

If you want to use a calendar that several people can edit, share it instead. To subscribe to a calendar from a link on the Internet or an email you received, click the link. If you do this, you can skip step 1 below, and the calendar’s web address is filled out for you in step 2. Otherwise:

  • Choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
  • Enter the calendar’s web address, then click Subscribe.
  • Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field, then click the adjacent pop-up menu and choose a color.
  • Click the Location pop-up menu, then choose an account for the subscription.
  • If you choose your iCloud account, the calendar is available on all your computers and devices that are set up with iCloud. If you choose On My Mac, the...
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Notebooks for macOS handily combines text processing...

By Aaron Lee

Alfons Schmid's macOS version of Notebooks is a time-saving productivity app that combines text processing with task management and file organization to complement the iPad and iPhone versions of the tool. It allows you to create as many books as you need to write, store and structure.

Notebooks includes text processing for plain text, formatted text and Markdown, provides space to store and organize files and documents, and also integrates complex task management.

Users can create formatted documents using WYSIWYG style editing, produce formatted HTML using Markdown, or simply type plain text notes, and all while using custom fonts, colors, and background patterns. Advanced options allow users to convert between these formats, use Markdown syntax highlighting and formatting and much more.

Notebooks supports unlimited nested books (folders) to organize contents by topics, subjects, projects or any other category. This lets...

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Apple’s supplier battles intensify as Imagination...

Following yesterday’s news that Qualcomm is seeking an import ban on iPhones as part of its patent royalty dispute with Apple, Imagination Technologies has filed a formal dispute over its own licensing arrangements with the iPhone maker …


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Notable apps and app updates for May 4, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

macOS Apps/Updates

Strata has introduced inStudio VR, its latest model visualization app for Mac and Windows. It allows 3D designers to import their models straight from Strata 3D CX and other design applications to a virtual reality environment. 

From the app, users can stage, view, and alter their models using motion controls in different settings like a kitchen, living room, or retail store. inStudio VR talks directly to Strata's desktop design app, Design 3D CX (pricing starts at $595). Users of other 3D design applications can experience their designs with inStudio VR's industry standard file support.

The SE version of inStudio VR for HTC...

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OmniFocus 2.9.1

Fixes a bug that caused archiving failure after migrating to the new database format introduced in version 2.9. ($39.99 new, free update, 29 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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'Titanfall' returns to mobile as a real-...

Titanfall 2 might not have been the runaway success Respawn was hoping for, but it has a tight-knit community that love its parkour movement and robot-on-robot warfare. Now, with the help of Nexon and Particle City, the franchise is getting a strateg...

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May the Fourth be with you! Win a limited edition...

It's been a while since we've had a giveaway, but we think you'll love this one! As a nod to "May the Fourth" (Star Wars Day), Apple World Today and AmpliFi have teamed up to give one lucky reader a free limited edition black AmpliFi HD Mesh Router valued at $349.

This is the same AmpliFi HD Mesh Router setup that our very own Dennis Sellers said was "another excellent candidate for an Apple router replacement." But it has one special difference -- it's black instead of the usual white case. 

Using advanced 802.11ac Wi-Fi, multiple self-configuring radios, and advanced antenna technology along with small plug-in mesh mesh points, you can see just how fast your connection is on the base station's display. An iOS app makes it fast (less than 60 seconds!) to...

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Wednesday May 3

Steam Gifting changes crack down on code resellers

Steam has announced a few big changes to its Gifting process, and they could sound good or bad, depending on your stance. It's putting the Gift to E-mail and Gift to Inventory options out to pasture, replacing it with a system that directly exchanges...

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Podcast 557: Pondering the Siri Speaker rumors and...

As we get closer to WWDC, it’s fun to imagine what Apple might unveil, how close the rumors will be to reality, and how indignant we can get when it isn’t exactly what we’d wanted. This week we wonder about the Siri speaker, as well as the next version of watchOS. The key to both is better Siri performance than Apple’s ever managed to pull off so far, but we’re excited about the possibilities.

Elsewhere, everybody loves AirPods, malware’s gotta mal, and Kara Swisher absolutely demolishes Travis “Boober” Kalanick. Enjoy.

Show notes

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Apple's lower iTunes Affiliate rates only apply...

Clarifying a recently announced iTunes Affiliate Program policy change that reduces commission rates, a report on Wednesday claims the new schedule applies only to in-app links, not websites and other outlets.

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Now the Android Gmail app keeps an eye out for...

In a particularly timely upgrade, Google is rolling out new protection against phishing links on its Gmail app for Android. According to the notes, when a user clicks on a suspicious link, they'll get a warning like the one shown above revealing that...

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