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Tuesday June 6

HP's 'fighter-jet' Omen gaming PCs...

HP has unveiled its latest Omen desktop and laptop gaming PCs with a refreshed, "fighter-jet"-inspired design and VR-certification, along with an external graphics accelerator that doubles as a storage booster. The most notable of those is the Omen 1...

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Apple's Tim Cook says company aiding in UK...

Apple is helping the U.K. government in its investigations of recent terrorist attacks, CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in a TV interview, adding that the company's preference for encryption doesn't mean it lacks information it can share with authorities.

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Comment: What does the iMac Pro tell us about the...

When Apple promised that new iMacs later in the year would include pro machines, it wasn’t messing around. The new iMac Pro slated for release later this year won’t just be the most powerful iMac Apple has ever made, it will be ‘the most powerful Mac ever.’

That means that Apple’s new all-in-one desktop machine will be faster and more capable than the current version of the standalone Mac Pro.

The specs certainly bear out Apple’s description …


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Uber hires a VP to fix its toxic company culture

Despite its incredibly high userbase, a string of controversies has led to what can only be described as a pretty terrible year for Uber. Now, just a few months after its employees left the company in droves, the successful ride-hailing company has r...

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Wink promises home security with its $119 smart bulb...

Wink's goal is to demystify the internet of things with a single hub and a single app that talks to all manner of smart home devices from other companies, and plays nice with Google's assistant and Alexa too. Knowing that most people are still unsure...

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The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Lightning...

On the road (and in the air) again

Image by Rob Schultz/Macworld

This week’s roundup includes a couple of app-controlled vehicles—one for the ground, the other for the air. Plus: New bands for Apple Watch, a new line of HomeKit accessories, and more.

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AirPlay 2 on existing speakers requires firmware...

This week's announcement of AirPlay 2 came with a caveat: Old hardware will need a firmware update, at the very least, to work with the new protocol. With Apple said to have ceased development on its router products, it's possible that AirPort Express owners using AirPlay could be left in the dust.

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∞ Appocalypse

[VIDEO] This is how Apple brought up the curtain on this year’s WWDC (video embedded in the main Loop post). Note the extra P in the title. It’s all about the apps.

I love it when Apple takes chances. I think this was well done and worked well. Enjoy.

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Apple’s patent filing for thermal haptic devices...

In 2015 Apple filed a patent for an “Apple Ring.” And it’s back — kinda — in a new patent filing (number 9,672,702) for “thermal haptic alert notification.”

The 2015 patent filing was for a “ring computing device” that a user could use to control an external electronic device with a finger-ring-mounted touchscreen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source. The ring would have a variety of the features of the Apple Watch.

The new patent filing not only mentions a ring, but also the iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s for computing devices that can incorporate thermal haptic feedback (THF) devices for providing feedback in the form of a temperature change. The thermal haptic feedback device can also change temperature based on information received from external computing devices.

In the patent filing, Apple notes that computing devices often provide a variety of indications to a user through devices such as display devices...

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Apple cuts 2TB iCloud plan to $9.99, Family Sharing...

As part of an array of updates and refreshes, Apple has also updated its iCloud data plan pricing, with a 2-terabyte plan now selling for $9.99 a month, and the old 1-terabyte plan no longer available.

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Tim Cook: Apple helps UK authorities after recent...

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a Bloomberg interview that he could not reveal details, but said Apple had provided prompt assistance to the UK authorities.

“We have been cooperating with the U.K. government not only in law enforcement kind of matters but on some of the attacks,” he said. “I cannot speak on detail on that. But in cases when we have information and they have gone through the lawful process we don’t just give it but we do it very promptly.

Bloomberg says that it’s s “likely” that Apple provided data from iCloud backups of devices associated with the terrorists. Although data is encrypted for backup on iCloud, Apple doesn’t (yet) use end-to-end encryption, meaning that the company holds the key and can decrypt data when presented with a court order.

There have been three recent terrorist attacks in the UK: a...

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Apple's first iOS 11 beta signals beginning of...

When iOS 11 launches later this year, it won't support legacy 32-bit apps, giving users and developers a few months to prepare for the upcoming change, estimated to affect up to 187,000 applications.

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WWDC: Apple urges all developers to make 64-bit apps

At this week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple is urging developers to move all their apps to 32-bits as support for them is coming to an end.

iOS 11 drops support for 32-bit applications. Any 32-bit app will refuse to launch and instead show an alert pressuring the developer to release a 64-bit update. 

Apple has also started the transition for macOS to drop 32-bit support. The company say all apps and updates submitted to the Mac App Store next year must be 64-bit.

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Google is using games to teach kids about online...

With the rise of phishing, malware and fake news, it can be hard for adults, let alone children, to identify what's safe and what's not. Parents can teach internet best practices, but companies like Google want to share the load. With its new project...

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Apple tweaks its iCloud storage prices

Apple has tweaked the prices for its iCloud storage option. The 1TB (per month) option is gone, but the 2TB option price has dropped to $9.99. That’s the former price you’d pay for 1TB of storage.

You can still get 50GB of storage per month for $0.99, and 200GB for $2.99. The changes have been made in all countries where iCloud storage is available.

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Apple, other tech companies will adhere to the Paris...

President Trump may have pulled the U.S. out, but Apple, Amazon, Google, Lyft and Spotify are among hundreds of U.S. businesses teaming up with state and local regulators to pledge their support for the Paris climate agreement as part of a new campaign debuting today, reports recode.

The effort is dubbed “We Are Still In” and comes days after President Donald Trump announced his plans to withdraw from the pact, a landmark accord signed in 2015 by roughly 190 nations that seeks to reduce the world’s carbon emissions. The coalition will be led by Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, recode adds.

On a lighter note, here’s a climate related joke, courtesy of Nashville DJ Gerry House: though President Trump has announced plans to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, he has made one concession: he will quit using Right...

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Apple releases wireless keyboard with numeric keypad

At long last, Apple has released a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad.

Apple’s new Bluetooth keyboard with numerical keypad was released today, retails for $129 and uses the following specs:

Height: 0.16-0.43 inches
Width: 16.48 inches
Depth: 4.52 inches
Weight: 0.86 pounds

The keyboard requires a Bluetooth-enabled Mac running macOS 10.12.4 or later or an iOS device running iOS 10.3 or later.

The new keyboard’s battery lasts a full month in-between charges using a Lightning port. Unlike with the AirPods, there is no shipping delay on this new product, so check it out in the Apple Store.

Via The Mac Observer

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Why no Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for the new...

Overall, I was thrilled with the announcements at yesterday’s keynote that kicked off the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference. New iMacs? Yay. (And did you notice how CEO Tim Cook said that the Mac was “in many ways the heart and soul of Apple.”

However, I was surprised that there wasn't a standalone Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar announced for the Mac. Apple touted the feature so much when the Touch Bar debuted with the 2016 MacBook Pros that I was certain the tech would quickly move to Mac desktops.

Some folks may see this as a sign that some backlash convinced Apple the Touch Bar was a bad move. I don't think that’s the case; I think we'll see a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar by this fall, perhaps sooner.

Speaking of keyboards, yesterday Apple did quietly release a...

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Master & Dynamic's new headphones take cues...

It's no secret that Master & Dynamic makes some of the best-looking headphones around these days, and the company routinely enlists other like-minded brands to join them. On heels of a Leica collaboration, M&D teamed up with UK-based Bamford...

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Does the HomePod offer hifi audio quality? Here are...

When Apple finally confirmed HomePod, the long-rumored Siri speaker, Tim Cook said that before anything else, a home speaker had to deliver great audio.

Apple is a company that deeply cares about music and wants to deliver a great audio experience in the home. We feel like we re-invented it in the portable player area and we feel we can re-invent it in the home area as well.

At $349 – against $130 for Google Home and $180 for Amazon Echo – the HomePod will need to live up to that promise in order to justify...

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Apple Beefs Up iMac and MacBook Lines, Teases the...

As part of the announcement-heavy WWDC keynote, Apple has revved the iMac line with Intel’s 7th-generation Kaby Lake CPUs, higher performance graphics, brighter screens, and faster SSDs. The MacBook and MacBook Pro also get new CPUs, the MacBook becomes more expandable, and the MacBook Air receives a small speed bump. The most unexpected news, however, was the announcement of the iMac Pro, due in December 2017.


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AMD Radio Pro Vega Frontier Edition could be a...

Apple's upcoming iMac Pro — due in December -- will sport an AMD Radio Pro Vega card. If it's the Frontier Edition, the all-in-one will be, as best I can tell, home to the fastest graphic card around. The Radeon Pro Vega is over three times faster than any previous iMac GPU, packing the power of a double-wide graphics card into a single chip. 

The new “non-pro” iMacs sport Radeon Pro 500 Series graphics, which deliver up to 5.5 TFLOPS of performance. It seems logical that the iMac Pro will pack the Pro Vega card, which boasts a High Bandwidth Cache Controller, the cornerstone of the advanced GPU memory architecture. Combined with HBM2, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition helps expands the capacity of traditional GPU memory to 256TB, allowing users to tackle massive datasets quickly. The result is a graphics card that can easily handle...

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Google fixes random Pixel freezing with latest update

Google's Pixel and Pixel XL phones debuted to strong reviews, but not all has been perfect since -- supply has been a problem, as has quality control. Case in point -- some smartphones have been freezing at random times, requiring a complete reboot t...

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Apple is assisting the UK in terror investigations

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has confirmed his company is working with UK authorities as part of their investigations into terrorist incidents. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook said Apple was cooperating "not only in law enforcement kind of mat...

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How to connect a USB printer in macOS Sierra

The default printer is the one selected when the Print dialog opens. If there’s “No printer selected” in the Print dialog, you’ll need to add a new printer.

For most USB printers, all you have to do is update your software and then connect the printer to your Mac. If necessary, macOS automatically detects the printer and downloads any necessary software. For other printers, you may have to complete a few steps to add the printer. Here's how:

  • Update your software: Choose Apple menu > App Store, click Updates, then install any software updates listed. Even if no updates appear, this ensures that macOS has the latest information about printer software it can download from Apple. If you don’t do this, you may see a message that software isn’t available when you connect your printer.
  • Prepare your printer: Use the instructions that came with your printer to unpack the printer, install ink or toner, and add paper. Turn on the printer and make sure it’s not...
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Tim Cook said Apple cooperated with UK...

Tim Cook last night told Bloomberg that Apple had helped the UK with its investigations of terrorist attacks.

There have been three recent terrorist attacks in the UK, a suicide bombing in Manchester and two incidents where a vehicle was driven into people on bridges in London …


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Apple doubles storage on $9.99/mo iCloud tier to 2...

Apple has doubled the storage of its most expensive iCloud storage plan from 1 TB to 2 TB, retaining the same $9.99 per month price point. The old 1 TB plan is no longer available, so Apple still offers a total of three paid iCloud storage plans.

The company has also announced that multiple users will be able to share a single iCloud storage plan with Family Sharing in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.


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Notable apps and app updates for June 6, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Affinity Photo for iPad is here. It's a professional photo editing tool for the Apple tablet. Developed from the same foundations as Affinity Photo’s desktop version, the new app is tailored to harness the power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities. It's being offered for $19.99 for a limited time.

James Hollender has launched Coumadin Assist - for Users of Coumadin or Warfarin 1.0. The $4.99 medical app is designed to aid patients on blood thinners in keeping track of their Vitamin K intake, which can affect INR/PT...

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32-bit apps will not launch on iOS 11, Mac App Store...

As Apple warned users with iOS 10.3, iOS 11 officially drops support for 32-bit applications. Any 32-bit app will refuse to launch and instead show an alert pressuring the developer to release a 64-bit update. Older iPhones and iPads with 32-bit CPUs cannot update to iOS 11 at all.

Apple has also started the transition for macOS to drop 32-bit support. It will require new apps and updates submitted to the Mac App Store to support 64-bit apps in 2018 …


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Monday June 5

Apple's MacBook refresh buys time for bigger...

Overshadowed by new hardware "sneak peeks" and software news, Apple on Monday updated its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineups with Intel Kaby Lake processors, while giving the MacBook Air minor speed boost.

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With eGPU and virtual reality support in High Sierra...

Alongside the debut of the first macOS High Sierra beta on Monday, Valve launched its own first beta of SteamVR for the Mac, giving early testers the ability to sample virtual reality experiences on compatible Macs.

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Apple, other tech companies pledge to continue...

Following President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw America from the Paris climate accords, Apple and other major U.S. brands on Monday pledged support for an alternate environmental initiative called the "We Are Still In" campaign.

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Hands-on with iOS 11 features on the new 10.5-inch...

Earlier today Apple officially previewed iOS 11 at its Worldwide Developer Conference and to coincide with the introduction of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, there are a host of new iPad features in the update. We managed to get some hands-on time with the new features and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro during the show….


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Roundup: Everything Apple announced today at WWDC...

Now that Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote is behind us, we can finally take a step back and recap everything Apple announced today. The event was packed full of new information relating to nearly everything Apple offers, so head below for easy access to information on it all.


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First Listen: HomePod is Apple's AirPods,...

Apple's HomePod aims to further expand Siri assistance outside of iOS devices, Apple Watch, Macs, the Apple TV Remote and AirPods into the same sort of "always ready" home experience delivered by Amazon's Echo, even as it upgrades audio reproduction quality in the emerging "smart speaker" segment into the realm of affordable luxury.

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Apple removes wired keyboard with numeric keypad...

Earlier today Apple released a new wireless Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, filling a long-standing hole in its accessory product lineup. While the new keyboard is a great option for many customers, it seems Apple has removed the much more affordable $49 wired keyboard with numeric keypad from its online store


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iOS 11 to include new Business Chat feature for...

While not given stage time today during its main keynote, Apple is set to include a new Business Chat feature in iOS 11. As first noted by The Verge, Business Chat has shown up on Apple’s developer site, though without a whole lot of details. The feature will seemingly allow users to quickly message a business for customer support help, business hours, and more directly within Messages…


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AppleCare+ terms quietly updated, now include...

AppleCare+ just got a bit more lenient.

Following Apple’s quiet expansion of AppleCare+’s warranty period from two to three years a while back, as well as covering accidental damage to the company’s desktop and MacBook product families, Apple has brought the AppleCare+ package in line with services provided for its mobile devices.

The new coverage allows for repairs for up to two accidents, with each subject to a service fee of $99 for damage to the screen or the external enclosure, plus tax, while other types of damage will cost $299 per incident.

The revised AppleCare+ plan for desktop Macs provides on-site repair, with a technician visiting the user’s work site for support, while MacBook users are able to mail in their computer for servicing using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple. There is also the option of taking the affected Mac or MacBook to an Apple Store or other Apple Authorized Service provider for repairs.

The coverage itself is...

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RAM in the new 27-inch iMac isn’t upgradeable

Well, that's a bummer. Just got off a chat with Apple Support and discovered that the newly announced iMac isn’t user upgradable.

Previously, this was the case with the 21.5-inch models. However, the bigger all-in-ones have always had user upgradeable RAM.
If you’re ordering a new iMac, it only comes with 8GB of RAM. Upgrading the memory will cost you an extra $200 for 16GB, $600 for 32GB, and $1,400 (!) for 64GB.

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Apple Announces New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro With Narrower...

At WWDC 2017 today, Apple unveiled a brand new iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch display and 40% narrower bezels. The new iPad features a 50% brighter True Tone display and "ProMotion" technology which increase refresh rates up to 120hz. 9to5Mac reports: The new iPad Pro includes dynamic refresh rate adjustments, screens move from 24hz to 48hz to 120hz. This maximizes battery life and performance, when you need it. The A10x Fusion chip improves CPU and GPU by at least 40%. Cameras have also been upgraded with the same sensor as the iPhone 7 on the back and the front. Apple demoed a photo app called "Affinity Photo," to demonstrate the 120hz refresh rates. Apple says new iPad Pro performance compares favorably with a desktop computer. This includes incredibly fast selections and fluid Apple Pencil interactions. Both iPad models start with 64GB of memory and maxes out to 500GB at the high-end. There are also several new software features for iPad, coming this fall with iOS 11: A new...

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A first look at Apple’s ‘HomePod’ Siri speaker at...

The big reveal today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose was the unveiling of the company’s much anticipated standalone Siri speaker device officially called ‘HomePod’.


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Apple drops Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo...

Though Apple introduced a multitude of features with iOS 11, the company also removed core functionality from the next-generation mobile operating system, namely system-level integration with certain social media services.

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Checking out the new iPad Pros and their fancy 120Hz...

Andrew Cunningham

I have seen the new iPad Pros, and they are about what you'd expect, not that that's a bad thing. Since the "hands on" process is basically the same as handling any other iPad, let's focus on answering questions.

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the easiest to describe, since its physical design is the same as the original model. It's still a 0.27-inch (6.9mm) thick, 1.49 pound (677g) tablet that looks like a stretched-out version of the iPad design Apple has been selling since 2013 or so. The difference is that some of the features introduced in last year's 9.7-inch iPad Pro weren't ready for the first 12.9-inch version. That list of features includes:

Read 7 remaining paragraphs |...

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Up close with the new iMac Pro in all its space gray...

Behold, the most powerful Mac ever

Image by Roman Loyola

Apple on Monday introduced a new Mac for professionals—but it wasn’t a Mac Pro. No, it's the new iMac Pro, and Apple says it's the most powerful Mac the company has ever released. You can get the full lowdown on the specs of the $4,999 machine, but you want to know what it looks like, don’t you? We have a few pictures in this slideshow.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple announces watchOS 4, upcoming changes at WWDC

watchOS 4 is around the corner and over at WWDC, Apple announced the forthcoming operating system and its robust lineup of forthcoming changes.

Here’s what the company had to say:


Siri intelligence extends further into Apple Watch® with the new Siri watch face. With each raise of the wrist, the information on the display dynamically updates based on the time of day, daily routines and pertinent data from apps such as Activity, Alarms, Breathe, Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, as well as headlines from the new Apple News™ app for Apple Watch.

With watchOS 4, the Activity app delivers intelligent coaching and tailored encouragement to help close Activity Rings more often and achieve longer success streaks. Every morning, users will receive a personalized notification if they’re close to earning an Achievement, or suggest what they can do to match yesterday’s activity levels. If needed, toward the end of the day, they’ll be told...

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Tim Cook talks HomePod, Trump’s decision to leave...

Following Apple’s keynote address to kick off WWDC, Tim Cook sat down with Bloomberg for a wide-ranging interview discussing Apple’s announcements today, President Trump and the Paris climate pact, and much more…


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WWDC ’17: First look at Apple’s new iMac Pro [Video]

Apple announced a new ‘iMac Pro’ model today set to arrive for customers this December and we had a chance to get a first look. Apple wasn’t actually allowing press to get hands-on with the new machine, but we did get an opportunity to get up close and personal with some video of the new iMac Pro (below).


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Apple announces High Sierra, points out forthcoming...

macOS High Sierra is coming.

macOS 10.13, also known as macOS 10.13 High Sierra, was announced today at WWDC, complete with Apple executive Craig Federighi highlighting the following changes:

Safari: Apple benchmarked a new version of Safari, which offered 80 percent better performance on modern JavaScript, blocking of auto-play videos and Intelligent Tracking Prevention using machine learning to identify trackers and segregate cross-site traffic monitors.

Mail: The new Mail application includes a new composition screen, and 35 percent less space to store mail boxes.

Photos: The new Photos program has a new view, including a chronological display, and new filtration mechanisms. Metadata including categorization are automatically synchronized across devices.

In addition, new editing tools have been added including selective color modification, curve changes, and all edits synchronized from Photoshop or Pixelmator back to the photo library.

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Apple's New iOS File Manager Coming This Fall...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Apple announced the new file manager today. A demo showed that the application will provide access to local files and files in cloud storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Box. It will support nested folders, favorites, search, tags, and a list view in which files can be sorted by size and date. You'll also be able to drag and drop with other applications, for example by dragging an attachment from e-mail into the file manager. The new manager will be part of iOS 11, shipping this fall.


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Apple releases first iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4...

As scheduled, Apple on Monday released the first beta versions of its next-generation operating systems -- iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 -- to developers for testing.

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GarageBand for Mac updated with Touch Bar support,...

Apple has updated GarageBand for Mac with Touch Bar support, cross-platform integration, and more. According to Apple, version 10.2 offers:

  • New modern design with improved ease of use;
  • Adds Touch Bar support to quickly navigate around your project and perform instruments;
  • Three new Drummers who play percussion in the styles of Pop, Songwriter, and Latin;
  • Introduces new Drummer loops which can be added to your song and then customized with performance controls;
  • Remotely add new tracks to your project using GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad.
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Tripping to macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Apple today announced that macOS 10.13 High Sierra will include important under-the-hood improvements, as well as targeted tweaks to Apple apps. The free update to macOS will run on all Macs that can run macOS 10.12 Sierra.


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Apple unveils iOS 11 at WWDC

iOS 11 is around the corner and it looks like Apple is planning some pretty meaty changes along with it.

Over at WWDC, the company announced the following changes to the mobile operating system, which will also include an augmented reality kit as well as CoreML, which gives developers access to on-device machine learning capabilities.

Apple offered the following list of forthcoming changes:

iPad Becomes Even More Powerful:

iOS 11 makes multitasking on iPad even more powerful with a new customizable Dock that provides quick access to frequently used apps and documents from any screen, and a redesigned app switcher makes it easier to move between pairs of active apps, used in Split View and now Slide Over. The new Files app keeps everything in one place, whether files are stored locally, in iCloud Drive® or across other providers like Box, Dropbox and more, and with Drag and Drop available across the system, moving images and text is easier than ever....

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Some late-in-the-day WWDC keynote tidbits….

In all the coverage of the Worldwide Apple Developer Conference keynote, here’s some items you may have missed….

Apple's racked up 27 million Apple Music subscribers, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, said during the WWDC keynote. That's about 7 million more since December. 

AppleCare+ for Mac now extends the service and telephone technical support periods to three years, up from one year and 90 days respectively. This includes access to Apple experts via chat or phone, and global repair coverage for the device.

Logitech has already introduced a keyboard/case combo for the new iPad Pros. It's the Slim Combo.


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Hello, HomePod: What you need to know about Apple’s...

Apple concluded its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday with a sneak peek of an all-new product: The HomePod.

Originally rumored to be called Siri Speaker, the HomePod is a smart speaker with Wi-Fi capabilities intended to compete against Amazon Echo devices and Google Home—although it will be significantly more expensive. During the WWDC keynote, Apple’s senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller boasted about the HomePod’s audio quality, its built-in room sensors, and the integration with Apple Music. 

With its always-on voice assistant and ability to control connected devices, the HomePod is very similar to Echo devices and Google Home, but with a few notable differences. Here are the must-know HomePod features and specs that were showcased during WWDC.


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AWT News Update: Special WWDC Keynote Edition (June...

Today's AWT News Update broke all records and is now the longest -- at 25 minutes -- audio podcast we've done. Why? Well, in case you missed it there were a ton of announcements made in San Jose, California today -- the WWDC 2017 keynote was about two and a half hours long. We've compressed it all down to the details using our new AWTKit™ framework and squeezed the news into 25 minutes.

Be sure to join the entire AWT crew live on AWT TV tonight. Just point your browser to the AWT YouTube Channel at 6:30 PM PDT / 9:30 PM EDT, and we'll be discussing all of the announcements made today.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re listening to a special edition of the AWT News Update for June 5th, 2017.

We invite all of our listeners to join us tonight at 6:30 PM PDT / 9:30 PM EDT on AWT TV when we’ll get together to do a live dissection of the announcements. Just...

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Apple says iMac Pro RAM won’t be user replaceable,...

In addition to refreshed MacBooks, Apple today also updated its iMac lineup with Kaby Lake processors and USB-C. Perhaps most notably, however, the company teased the iMac Pro: an ultra-powerful model coming later this year.

The iMac Pro comes in Space Gray coloring with accompanying Space Gray accessories, and while some had hoped those accessories would be sold separately, Apple has since informed us that won’t be the case…


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Amazon Prime coming to Apple’s TV app later this year

The tvOS got very little love at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote today, though CEO Tim Cook said there would be more info later this year. He also added that Apple now has 50 partners in the TV app and that Amazon Prime is coming later this year. 

This would allow Amazon Prime Video subscribers to easily watch TV shows and movies from the service using Apple's set-top box. Amazon employees expect the app to show up on Apple’s hardware in the third quarter of the year, according to recode.

If the rumor is true, this would be an about-face for Amazon. In June 2016, CEO Jeff Bezos said he only wants Amazon to sell devices that support Prime Video. Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives customers access to streaming video, music, e-books, free shipping and a variety of other...

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Apple slips wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric...

Amid new Macs and iPads shown off at WWDC 2017, Apple on Monday also quietly released the wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, available for $129.

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Apple Announces Native HEVC Support In MacOS High...

New submitter StreamingEagle writes: Apple massively improves the quality of photo and video experiences, including High Dynamic Range. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) can double photo and video storage capacity, and cut the time to upload or share by half. HEVC video compression and HEIF photo compression are coming to iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra. Sean Hollister adds via CNET: "Having used HEVC quite a bit myself, I can vouch that it takes up less space. I recently transcoded roughly a terabyte of video to HEVC on my Windows PC, and saw hundreds of gigabytes of savings."


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Apple Will Enter Smart Speaker Market in December...

At WWDC, Apple unveiled the HomePod, its entry into the smart speaker market. Due to ship in December for $349, the HomePod promises to provide high-quality audio and virtual assistant capabilities via Siri. We’ll just have to wait until then to see how it compares with the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.


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GarageBand for Mac updated with new Touch Bar...

As part of today’s WWDC festivities, Apple has now updated GarageBand for Mac and iOS. Most of the big changes come to the desktop version with some cross-platform integration, TouchBar support and more.


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Apple announces HomePod speaker at WWDC, will ship...

Apple’s much-rumored speaker is en route.

Apple today announced its speaker, the HomePod a wireless speaker powered by Apple’s A8 chip with Siri integration that’s just under 7 inches tall.

Phil Schiller, the company’s VP of Worldwide Marketing, offered the following comment:

“HomePod packs powerful speaker technology, Siri intelligence and wireless access to the entire Apple Music library into a beautiful speaker that is less than 7 inches tall, can rock most any room with distortion free music and be a helpful assistant around your home.”

The HomePod combines high quality music playback speakers and smart speaker systems with an interesting feature that can, reportedly, intelligently detect the space it is in with “spatial awareness,” which the company said provides better quality audio playback than its competitors.

The HomePod features an upward-facing woofer as well as an array of seven beam-forming tweeters. It has a six-microphone array...

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Logitech unveils new Slim Combo case with Smart...

Hot on the heels of Apple announcing two new iPads earlier today, Logitech has unveiled a new Slim Combo case for both the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The new case is available from both Logitech and Apple, offering a protective case and detachable keyboard.


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Apple expands AppleCare+ to cover Mac users for...

Apple has expanded its AppleCare+ extended warranty service to cover the Mac range, with the quiet update expanding the warranty period for Mac users to three years, as well as covering two incidents of accidental damage to both the desktop Mac and MacBook product families.

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iOS 11 brings Next/Previous Track controls to...

When Apple’s AirPods initially launched, one of the most obvious complaints was limitations with the controls. Being stuck with a couple of double-tap commands wasn’t enough for most users. With iOS 11, users will gain the ability to adjust the AirPods’ double-tap action with new control options.


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First look: Apple's powerful iMac Pro

Apple at WWDC 2017 offered a sneak peek of its upcoming iMac Pro, an all-in-one desktop packed with cutting edge components -- and a sexy Space Gray finish -- worthy of imaging professionals.

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Hands-on with the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iOS 11’...

Today following Apple’s opening keynote presentation at WWDC 2017 we got some hands-on time with the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a demo of Apple’s new ARKit platform running on iOS 11.


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HomePod raises the bar for smart speakers

One of the other expected announcements today was that of a "Siri Speaker". It happened, but with a totally different name than we expected -- HomePod (available in December in the US, Australia, and UK for $349). The crowd didn't exactly seem enthralled with the name, but the device is quite impressive and as Apple noted, it's meant to redefine music in the home the same way that the iPod redefined portable music.

Apple mentioned that today there are good speakers -- let's say Sonos, for example -- that work throughout the home, but they're not smart. Likewise, there are smart speakers like Amazon Echo, but they have substandard sound. HomePod is designed to bridge the gap by bringing premium speaker sound to the home as well as using Siri to browse and select music from Apple Music, control the home through HomeKit, and answer questions.

The device is just under 7 inches tall and looks like a piece of furniture. It will be available in both space gray and white, and...

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New 12.9-inch iPad Pro gets more than new processor...

While the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro was given more attention than the 12.9-inch model at WWDC today, Apple has brought more than just a new processor and storage bumps to its largest iPad…


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watchOS 4 Focuses on Fundamentals (And Fun)

Apple has announced the fourth major update to watchOS for the Apple Watch. Improvements include person-to-person payments, enhanced fitness tracking, and updated music controls, plus new watch faces.


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Monument Valley 2 is available for download right...


One the best and most influential mobile puzzlers just got a sequel. Monument Valley was one of those iOS experiences that has been copied time and time again by other developers, only to fall short of the real thing. Today at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced the next entry in the series is now available on the App Store. more…

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First look: Apple's new 10.5" iPad Pro

Apple introduced a completely new iPad form factor with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro on Monday, promising users a bigger, better display and top-tier internal hardware stuffed into a svelte chassis comparable to the outgoing 9.7-inch version.

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iOS 11 Gets Smarter in Small Ways

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an overarching theme to iOS 11. This release will focus on dozens of small refinements, but they could turn into key features in the future.


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Apple announces updated MacBooks, offers improved...

The new MacBooks are en route.

And they offer some spiffy new updates.

Apple has incorporated seventh generation Intel Kaby Lake processors in all upgraded 12-inch MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The 12-inch MacBook now supports up to 1.4 GHz Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz, and can be purchased with up to 16GB of RAM.

The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro offers a Kaby Lake processor up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro goes up to 3.1 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.1 GHz.

Apple is also offering an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPU in its base configuration of 13-inch MacBook Pro, with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 included in the higher spec option. Elsewhere, the 15-inch MacBook Pro now comes standard with more powerful Radeon Pro 555 discrete graphics with 2GB video memory, while a Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB memory is also available as an option.

The updated notebooks offer new SSDs that...

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AppleCare+ for Mac now includes coverage of 2...

Apple today has expanded its AppleCare+ accidental damage coverage to include the Mac lineup of products. While the company hasn’t yet acknowledged the change, the listing for AppleCare+ now inlcudes accidental damage for Macs.


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iOS 11 Preview: First look at Apple’s latest mobile...

Today at Apple’s WWDC 2017 the company announced the newest update to their mobile operating system, iOS 11. New update is now available to developers through the Apple Developer Center and will be available as a public beta later this month. As we begin to dive into the new operating system, let’s take a first look at what the update brings to the user experience.


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Apple announces updated 10.5-inch, 12.9-inch iPad...

If you’re hankering for a new iPad Pro, the new one was just announced today.

Apple announced an updated version of its 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The new unit still weighs one pound but includes thinner bezels as well as a new screen equipped with ProMotion technology, which allows for faster refresh rates with smoother scrolling, and more responsiveness with Apple Pencil and touch input with just 20ms latency.

The refresh rate will dynamically adjust for both quality and power savings. Fast moving content updates quickly, but slower refresh rates (such as when viewing still images) can save battery life.

The new screen is 20 percent larger thanks to borders that have been reduced by 40 percent. The unit also allows for a full-size onscreen keyboard.

The 12.9-inch model is getting an upgrade too, featuring all of the capabilities of the 10.5-inch model. Both will feature True Tone displays with P3 wide color gamut, ultralow reflectivity, 600 nits brightness...

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iPad Pro gains a 10.5-inch model, vastly improved...

Image via Apple

As expected, Apple today unveiled new iPad Pro models. The 9.7-inch model is no longer an option, but there's a new 10.5-inch version to take its place. Here's the word from Apple, followed by our insights into the iPad Pro announcements and a gallery of photos from the announcement:

“San Jose, California — Apple today introduced an all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, featuring the world’s most advanced display with ProMotion technology and incredible performance with the new A10X Fusion chip. The new 10.5-inch model reduces the borders by nearly 40 percent to fit into an incredibly compact package that still weighs just one pound. Combined with powerful new iPad features in iOS 11 coming this fall, like the all-new Files app, customizable Dock, improved multitasking and deeper integration of Apple Pencil, iPad Pro gives users the ability to be even more...

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Apple releases redesigned macOS Human Interface...

Following the release of macOS 10.13, iOS 11, watchOS 4, and tvOS 11 betas, Apple has released a newly updated version of its macOS Human Interface Guidelines. These design guidelines help designers and developers alike to build out applications that follow models based on Apple’s recommendations. While not everything in the guidelines needs to be strictly adhered to, it helps designers understand Apple’s ideals and to create cohesion across the platform.


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First look: Apple's HomePod speaker

Apple took the wraps off HomePod, a competitor to so-called "smart speakers" like Amazon Echo, on Monday, later offering WWDC attendees a closer look at the device prior to an expected debut in December.

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The new App Store

Apple today unveiled the all-new App Store, designed from the ground up to make discovering apps and games easier than ever before. The beautifully redesigned App Store is packed with original stories and editorial, updated daily in a new Today tab, as well as new Games and Apps tabs. Compelling stories, in-depth interviews, helpful tips and collections of must-have apps and games will showcase Apple’s unique perspective and aim to inform, help and inspire customers every day. App Store customers have now downloaded more than 180 billion apps and Apple has paid out over $70 billion to developers since the store launched in 2008, making it the most vibrant software marketplace in the world.

Two things I like with this update. First, games have their own tab so those of us that don’t game won’t have to scroll through them all the time. Second, the Today page may just help discovery.


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iPad Pro Gets More Professional

The bad news is that the 9.7-inch model of the iPad Pro is history. The good news is everything else, including a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, improvements to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model, and iPad-specific improvements in iOS 11. The new hardware is available this month; we’ll have to wait until fall for iOS 11.


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iOS 11 will offer some iPad-specific features

At today’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, Apple previewed iOS 11, an update to its mobile operating system, bringing new features to the iPhone and iPad this fall. Some of the features are obviously designed to position the latter as a laptop replacement (something Apple's been trying to do lately).

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, says iOS 11 is the biggest software release ever for the iPad, with multitasking features, a new Files app and more ways to use Apple Pencil. Augmented reality is coming to hundreds of millions of iOS devices with a new platform for developers to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real-world scenes. 

CoreML gives developers on-device machine learning capabilities so they can easily make apps that will predict, learn and become more intelligent. Additional features include the ability to pay friends using Apple Pay, Do Not Disturb while driving to help users stay more...

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iMac Pro

Apple today gave a sneak peek of iMac Pro, an entirely new workstation-class product line designed for pro users with the most demanding workflows. The all-new iMac Pro, with its gorgeous 27-inch Retina 5K display, up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation, is the most powerful Mac ever made. Featuring a stunning new space gray enclosure, iMac Pro packs incredible performance for advanced graphics editing, virtual reality content creation and real-time 3D rendering. iMac Pro is scheduled to ship in December starting at $4,999 (US).

It’s pretty safe to say Apple is serious about the Mac.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple unveils iMac Pro, offers specs up to 18...

Apple has apparently gone bananas with their highest-end iMac.

The company, which promised a pro-grade iMac, unveiled the unit at the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation on Monday. The iMac Pro will sport Intel Xeon processors, and Apple says it’s the most powerful computer they’ve ever made.

The iMac will sport Intel Xeon processors alongside 128GB of RAM.

Apple has dubbed this the “iMac Pro”, cited that it’s a workstation class computer and will be available with 8 core, 10 core, and 18 core Xeon CPUs, up to 128 GB RAM, AMD Radeon Vega graphics, 4TB SSD, Thunderbolt 3 ports, 1o Gb Ethernet, and a Retina 5K display.

The iMac Pro will start at $4,499 and ship later this year.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via The Mac Observer


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iOS 11

Apple today previewed iOS 11, a major update to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, bringing new experiences and hundreds of features to iPhone and iPad this fall. iOS 11 is the biggest software release ever for iPad, with powerful multitasking features, the Files app and more ways to use Apple Pencil. Augmented reality is coming to hundreds of millions of iOS devices with a new platform for developers to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real-world scenes. CoreML gives developers on-device machine learning capabilities so they can easily make apps that will predict, learn and become more intelligent. Additional features include the ability to pay friends using Apple Pay, Do Not Disturb while driving to help users stay more focused on the road, even more intelligence and a new voice for Siri and new professional capabilities to Photos and Camera. iOS 11 is available as a developer preview today and will be a free software update for iPhone and...

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Apple showcases HomePod, iPad Pro, and iMac Pro in...

As it usually does, Apple showcased a handful of videos during its keynote address at WWDC earlier today and now the company has uploaded the videos to YouTube, including product videos for the HomePod, new iPad Pro, and new iMac Pro…


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Apple unveils the 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Apple today introduced an all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, featuring the world’s most advanced display with ProMotion technology and incredible performance with the new A10X Fusion chip. The new 10.5-inch model reduces the borders by nearly 40 percent to fit into an incredibly compact package that still weighs just one pound. Combined with powerful new iPad features in iOS 11 coming this fall, like the all-new Files app, customizable Dock, improved multitasking and deeper integration of Apple Pencil, iPad Pro gives users the ability to be even more productive and creative.

The 9.7-inch is my favorite because of the screen technologies, but I do use the larger one sometimes just because of the size. It’ll be interesting for me to try the 10.5-inch and see if that’s the perfect combination of both.


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Apple introduces HomePod

Apple today announced HomePod, a breakthrough wireless speaker for the home that delivers amazing audio quality and uses spatial awareness to sense its location in a room and automatically adjust the audio. Designed to work with an Apple Music subscription for access to over 40 million songs, HomePod provides deep knowledge of personal music preferences and tastes and helps users discover new music.

My first thought was the iPod HiFi speaker, but this is so much more. I’m looking forward to trying this out.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple launches new accessories including wireless...

Now that Apple’s online store has been refreshed after today’s WWDC keynote we’re seeing a variety of new accessories available. Among the notable new products is the wireless Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad.


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Apple announces new 2017 iMacs, offers improved...

The new iMac was just announced at WWDC and it includes some interesting upgrades.

Apple has, according to CEO Tim Cook, included the “best Mac displays ever,” upping the brightness to 500 nits to make them 43 percent brighter while bringing support for a billion colors. The new units also feature faster Intel Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz, higher memory capacity, super-fast storage, and next-generation graphics, as well as a pair of Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, which have yet to arrive on any other Mac.

The entry-level 21.5-inch model sports an Intel Iris Plus 640 GPU while the 4K model now supports discrete AMD Radeon Pro 550 graphics with up to 4GB of VRAM. The new iMac can also be equipped with up to 32GB of RAM and an SSD drive that is up to 50 percent faster than previous generations. The step-up 21.5-inch model, meanwhile, will feature Radeon Pro 555 or 560 graphics and standard fusion drives.

The 27-inch 5K model can be equipped with up to 64GB of...

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The new iMac Pro has 18-core Xeon chips, Radeon Vega...

Over the years, the iMac has gone from a candy-colored entry-level machine to one of the most powerful all-in-ones money can buy, but it’s never quite been the best machine for professionals. But with the new iMac Pro unveiled at WWDC on Monday that’s set to launch in December, that’s all about to change.

This new model isn’t just a better version of the 27-inch model—it’s both the most powerful Mac ever made and one of the most expensive. Seriously, it’s as if the Mac Pro and the 27-inch iMac had a baby.


The new machine is dressed in a new sleek space-gray aluminum enclosure with a Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2,...

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Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 1.5, Xcode 9 &...

Following today’s keynote, Apple has released the first betas for Xcode 9 and Swift Playgrounds 2. Today also marks the release of Swift Playgrounds 1.5 which will allow learning developers to take control of robots, drones, and musical instruments.


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macOS High Sierra boasts new core storage, video and...

As anticipated, Apple previewed macOS High Sierra, the follow-up to macOS Sierra, at today’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote. Coming this fall (it’s now in beta testing), it delivers new core storage, video and graphics technologies that pave the way for future innovation on the Mac. 

macOS High Sierra provides an all-new file system, support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and an update to Metal, Apple’s graphics technology that powers everything from machine learning to virtual reality content creation. Plus, it offers refinements to such apps as Photos, Safari and Mail.

High Sierra will be the first version to support the Apple File System (APFS), which features enhanced performance, security and reliability of data and provides a foundation for future storage innovations. 

An advanced architecture optimized for today’s massive storage technologies, APFS is designed to make common operations such as copying files and directories instantaneous...

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Apple releases first developer betas of iOS 11,...

Apple has made the first betas of iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, and macOS 10.13 available. The updates are available to registered to developers now via Apple’s online developer portal. Additionally, the Xcode 9 beta is now available as well.


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Apple releases rainbow ‘Pride Edition’ Apple Watch...

Last year Apple gifted its employees with a limited edition rainbow Apple Watch band to honor the San Francisco Pride parade. Now Apple has made its special ‘Pride Edition’ Woven Nylon band available for all customers to order. Apple has also listed the recently announced Nike Sport Band colors on Apple․com for order.


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watchOS 4 adds new faces, updated Workout app and...

First out of WWDC today were updates to watchOS. watchOS 4 will provide new watch faces, one of which will be powered by Siri intelligence. This will all be part of a free update this fall! The Siri face provides data that changes as the day progresses, with a rotation of the digital crown providing a 3D-list of what's been going on.

The Kaleidoscope face in watchOS 4

There are more faces that will show up; a fun Kaleidoscope face that uses images to create a moving kaleidoscopic image, and new animated Toy Story faces. The Activity face now provides coaching, letting you know when you're getting near a goal to give you a "nudge" to keep moving. Apple's also going to provide workout challenges that are tailored to your current activity, and will provide much more exciting celebrations when you reach a goal or make a challenge. 

It's also possible to add workouts together -- doing training for a triathlon, for example, you could start with a run, then...

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Apple Announces Its 'Next Breakthrough'...

Apple unveiled its home speaker during WWDC 2017 on Monday. The device, called HomePod, will go toe-to-toe with existing competitors such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple said it wanted to combine good speakers with smart speakers you can talk to, referencing Sonos and Amazon Alexa. It said the speaker "needs to rock the house" free from distortion. It also needs to have "spatial awareness" to make the music sound good no matter the room size. It also needs to be fun to use, Apple said, adding that the HomePod does all of this with a customer's privacy in mind. From a report: The device is a pill-shaped circular speaker. It has 7 beam-forming tweeter array. It has a custom-made woofer and an Apple A8 chip. It has multi-channel echo cancellation, real-time acoustic modeling and more. The HomePod can scan the space around it to optimize audio accordingly. Schiller spent a lot of time talking about how good it sounds. Of course the speaker works well with Apple Music. You can...

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Apple looks to reinvent home music with $349 HomePod...

Calling it a "breakthrough home speaker," Apple on Monday revealed the new Siri home speaker dubbed HomePod, a device the company hopes will reinvent music at home just like the iPod reinvented music in your pocket. It will cost $349 and ship this December.

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