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Wednesday July 13

ClamXav 2.9

Brings number of new features and improvements to the virus scanner. ($29.95 new, free update, 18.1 MB)


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London is lending its Tube payment tech to other...

The London Underground is renowned for its iconic stations and world famous Tube map. However, millions of travellers have also come to rely on its technological expertise, which includes the ability to swipe in and out of barriers and board buses wi...

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Tuesday July 12

NASA is making a small carbon nanotube telescope for...

A team of NASA Goddard scientists are developing a lightweight and low-cost telescope small enough to fit inside CubeSats. Those mini satellites provide the agency an inexpensive means to send various experiments to outer space. By creating a small t...

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LaunchBar 6.7.1

Improves character icons for custom actions ($29 new, free update, 14.1 MB)


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Open casting call posted for Apple’s ‘Planet of the...

Earlier this year it was announced that Apple was planning to launch its first original TV series about the “app economy.” Now, Apple has posted an open casting call for the unscripted reality series, which we now know is called Planet of the Apps.


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Open casting call begins for first original Apple TV...

Television production company Propagate on Tuesday announced the start of an open casting call for "Planet of the Apps," an original series about the app economy coproduced by Apple.

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Patent troll comes after Apple over battery charging...

Apple today has been hit with a lawsuit by Texas-based Somaltus LLC, which claims that the charging system used by the iPhone violates a patent it acquired from Snap-On Technologies. Snap-On Technologies originally acquired the patent in 2010 for an “integrated battery service system” that performs a “plurality of services related to devices/components that are coupled to the battery.”


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Apple will pay $25M to patent troll to avoid East...

David Gelernter, pictured here in 2010 at a conference in Germany. (credit: Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images for Hubert Burda Media)

A software company is founded in 2001, just as the dot-com bust slips the tech sector into a recession. The product never takes off, and the company gives up and shuts its doors in 2004.

A few years later, the company founder is contacted about his patents. Promised a small percentage of whatever "monetization" takes place, the founder sells to a hedge fund. The fund creates an LLC and in 2008, he proceeds to sue several tech companies in the court that looks most promising: the Eastern District of Texas.

Sound like a familiar story? It's happened literally hundreds of times, but a long-running case that just ended this week is special. David Gelernter isn't a typical patent owner. He's a well-known computer scientist who teaches at Yale.  The...

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∞ The story of Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite for...

A great story from Culture Creature. I love these types of things that delve into the history of a song or the art.

The cross design on the Appetite for Destruction cover was designed by Billy White, Jr. In an email exchange with Culture Creature, Mr. White explained that his cousin introduced him to Guns N’ Roses while White was an art student in Long Beach, California.

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Apple, others face lawsuit over battery technology

Somaltus, LLC has filed a complaint against Apple today in an Eastern Texas district court, accusing the iPhone maker of infringing upon its 2010 patent related to complex battery technologies. The small Frisco, Texas-based firm also filed lawsuits against Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba over the same patent.

When are we going to do something about patent trolls.

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Tesla has no plans to disable autopilot


Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk has no plans to disable the company’s Autopilot function in the wake of a May crash of a Model S electric car using the technology, and the auto maker instead plans to redouble efforts to educate customers on how the system works.

I think that’s the correct decision. From all that I’ve read, it’s not autopilot that’s the problem, it’s drivers not taking responsibility for their automobiles.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Build your own Bluetooth


This week’s roundup of accessories includes a new kit from Bose that lets kids build their own wireless speakers. Read on!


You know all those apps that help your kid learn to code? BoseBuild ($149 MSRP, same price on Amazon) is the real-world version of that—it’s a high-performance Bluetooth speaker designed to be built by children, teaching them lessons about magnets, sound, and more.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment,...

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Notable apps and app updates for July 12, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

macOS Apps/Updates

MacXDVD has released MacX MediaTrans (, an iPad/iPhone content management solution for Mac OS X. It integrates with photo backup, music manager, video transfer and USB drive on demand and is designed to free up the space on an iPhone and iPad.

MacX MediaTrans supports two-way transfer between iOS devices and Macs. You can: create, delete and edit playlists; transfer video back and forth; back up photos; and even use an iDevice as a USB flash drive.

MacX MediaTrans requires Mac OS X 10.7 or above (including macOS Sierra), iOS 7 or above (including the latest iOS10), and iTunes 11.2 or above. It costs $29.95 for one...

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Firm sues Apple over 'fast-charge' battery...

A lawsuit filed on Tuesday accuses Apple of infringing a 2010 patent via the battery charging technology in the iPhone 6s, along with "any similar devices."

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AWT News Update: July 12, 2016

iPhone 7 Plus case via

Kind of a slow day for Apple news, but we have some iPhone 7 rumors, news of a Pokémon Go update, and talk of some new features in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra:

  • Surprisingly sharp photos show an iPhone 7 Plus with a dual lens camera, Smart Connector mute switch!
  • An update to Pokémon Go fixes the issue with Google getting unrestricted access to your account
  • Dark Mode may be coming to iOS and macOS soon

The text version of the podcast can be read below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News...

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Google Dabbles in Post-Quantum Cryptography

Google last week announced an experiment with post-quantum cryptography in Chrome. A small fraction of connections between Google's servers and Chrome on the desktop will use a post-quantum key-exchange algorithm in addition to the elliptic-curve key-exchange algorithm already being used. The idea is that large quantum computers -- if and when they're built -- might be able to break current security algorithms retroactively, so it would be wise to develop algorithmic proof against such cracking efforts.

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macOS Sierra may expand use of Dark Mode to native...

When macOS Sierra launches this fall, it might include an improved Dark Mode which carries the theme beyond just the Dock and menu bar, according to posts by a developer on Twitter.

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Privacy Shield gives US firms new pact for accessing...

On Tuesday a new pact, Privacy Shield, went into effect between the U.S. and the European Union, giving American companies a simpler alternative to dealing with the E.U.'s normal data protection rules when shuttling data across the Atlantic.

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Here’s how to star in Apple's new TV show about...

Apple is co-producing a TV show about app design and development, and you might be able to play a starring role.

On Tuesday, the production company working with Apple on the show, Propagate, announced an open casting call for people who want to be on “Planet of the Apps.”

The show is Apple’s first foray into TV series production and is described as “a new unscripted series about the world of apps and the developers who create them.”

Applications are being accepted through the show’s website until Aug. 26. The producers will then travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York to meet with app developers and tech entrepreneurs.

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Senator Al Franken issues letter asking Niantic to...

Just a few hours after having received its promised security-focused update, Pokémon Go is once again under scrutiny by security and privacy advocates. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has issued a statement asking for clarification from Niantic, the creators of the quickly growing mobile game, on how user data is being used within the application and its services.

Although one of the most glaring issues was fixed in an update issued earlier today, this statement comes with a longer and more detailed list on clarification of how the data is being used. Senator Franken poses the idea that many children will be playing this game and that their data is currently being considered a “business asset” under Niantic’s own Privacy Policy.


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Patent trollin’: Somaltus sues Apple for (of course...

Another day, another lawsuit. A company called Somaltus is suing Apple in the lawsuit-friendly U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas for allegedly infringing on a 2010 patent concerning battery technologies, reports MacRumors.

The lawsuit claims that the iPhone 6s and similar devices sold by Apple infringe upon U.S. Patent No. 7,657,386 for "Integrated Battery Service System.” Somaltus is seeking unspecified monetary damages — or a running royalty on sales of infringing devices from the time of judgment going forward.

The company has also sued Ford, Nissan, Toshiba, and other companies. It seems that Somalis is another “patent troll” since it has practically no online presence and doesn’t, as far as I can tell, provide products or services.

A patent troll is an individual or an organization that purchases and holds patents for unscrupulous purposes such as stifling competition or launching...

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TrackR Bravo: Finally, a Bluetooth tracker that...

Keys and Trackr Bravo. photo ©2016 steven sande

Bluetooth trackers are nothing new; quite a few companies have created little devices that you can connect to keys, drop into wallets, or stick to remotes to help you find them when they've been misplaced. A while back I reviewed the first-generation TrackR device for TUAW, and at the time I found it was lacking in a few areas. Range was spotty, the built-in speaker was barely audible, and the app seemed flaky. TrackR Bravo ($29.99 for one, $89.99 for five, $119.99 for ten)-- the second generation of the device -- has been shipping for a while so I thought it was a good time to try it out.


As with the previous unit, the TrackR Bravo is about the same size and thickness as a US quarter coin. Inside the aluminum case is the electronic circuitry and a small replaceable battery, while on the outside is one small combination button/LED....

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Pokemon Go 1.0.1 update released, offers game fixes...

In the wake of some controversy, Pokemon Go has just received an update for its iOS version that should hopefully calm the waters. The update works to fix the issues that have surfaced after it was revealed that the game holds full access to Google accounts and fixes the scope of this access. Users should also no longer have to re-enter their credentials after they’ve been forcefully logged out, and the some issues with crashes should be resolved as well.

The fixes come in the wake of the game having literally full access to a Google account upon login. Per the dialog, the application could “…see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account”. Today’s update remedies the situation when logging into the application with a Google account. Users...

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Pokémon Go update for iOS now available, clarifies...

If you have Pokémon Go fever, but you’re concerned about the controversy surrounding the app and access to your Google data, you’ll want to install the Pokémon Go update. Even if you didn’t use Google to sign into the game, you’ll want the update, since it has bug fixes.

The 1.0.1 update is now available in the App Store. Before you perform the update, sign out of the game. You can do this in Pokémon Go by going into the app settings and tapping Sign Out at the bottom of the screen. (If you don’t sign out before updating the app, that’s OK. You’ll need to do so when you launch the update.)

To read this article in full or to leave a...

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Review: iDevices ‘Socket’ adds HomeKit support...

The iDevices Socket is an adapter that goes between your lighting fixture and a standard bulb to add Wi-Fi and iPhone app control to any lightbulb. It also adds support for control via Siri voice commands and the iOS 10 Home app through Apple’s HomeKit platform.


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Update fixes 'Pokemon Go' Google account...

An update for the popular iPhone game Pok?mon Go was released on Tuesday, restricting Google account permissions to the bare minimum needed for the app to function.

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Decluttr: iPhones hold much more value than Android...

A new study from recommence site found that some smartphones are depreciating faster than cars, with some losing as much as half of their value after only one year of use.

While a car in the U.S. typically loses 19% of its value in the first year after being driven off the lot, smartphones can lose up to 65% of their value after just a month of being released.

There’s good news for iPhone users, however, as Decluttr’s data shows that iPhones hold much more value than Androids, with the iPhone 4 retaining 39% of its value five years after its launch in 2010, and the iPhone 6 (16GB) holding 50% of its valuejust one year after being released.

The only iPhone that didn’t fare as well is the iPhone 5 (16GB), which decreased in value by 66% within eight months of being released. The launch of the iPhone 5s may be to blame though, as it was released shortly after the iPhone 5.

When looking at Android models, the...

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Pokémon Go for iOS update addresses Google account...

Pokémon GO has just received an update on iOS that will hopefully address some of the biggest complaints it has received in the past week. Today’s update puts a focus on improving the account process for users including fixing the Google full account access scope issue. Users should also no longer have to re-enter their credentials after they’ve been forcefully logged out, and the some issues with crashes should be resolved as well. Full release notes can be read after the jump.


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Giveaway: Win a Jamstik Portable SmartGuitar and...

Jamstik is partnering with AppleInsider this week to give readers the chance to win one of three Portable SmartGuitars complete with a Custom Carrying Case valued at $349.99.

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Smartwatch users rank Apple Watch best in class in...

Wearable device customer satisfaction rankings released by J.D. Power on Tuesday place the Apple Watch at the top of the heap, edging second-place finisher Samsung as the best smartwatch on the market today.

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Apple may open full repair service in Russia for...

Apple plans to provide a full repair service in Russia for all iPhone damages as the result of a lawsuit filed by a dissatisfied customer, according to The Moscow Times

The Cupertino, California-based company is considering building a centralized repair center dedicated to full-service production, the article adds, quoting “an unidentified source close to the company.” The decision comes after a lawsuit was filed against Apple by a Russian iPhone owner named Dmitry Petrov last month.

He claims that Apple chain stores and service companies were not equipped to deal with screen repair problems, having refused a device replacement or paying for an outside company to perform the repair. Petrov refused to pay extra to get his already warranted device exchanged through an outside provider, refused to get his device...

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The Week in iPad Cases: Keep your iPad dry on a...

Carry all your electronics in style with Hex’s fashionable new messenger bag

This week’s roundup of new iPad cases offers resilient screen protectors, everyday folios, and everything else you need to keep your tablet safe during a busy day.


The BX² Edge Folio (9.7-inch iPad Pro; $50) features a versatile folio design that provides an all-around protective solution.

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Views from Manhattanhenge, New York City’s coolest...

I’ve been in Manhattan for a Manhattanhenge and while the photography is fairly ordinary (after all, it’s just a sunset), the “social” aspect of it is hilarious. Hundreds of people standing on the corners, waiting for the light to turn green so they can run out into the middle of the street to take pictures down the city’s architectural canyons.

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The surprisingly interesting story behind the Filet-...

You’d have to put a gun to my head to get me to eat a Filet-O-Fish but the story of its creation is interesting.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Google's Project Fi offers fast data when you...

Starting today, Google Project Fi subscribers who use data abroad can expect between 10 and 20 times faster data connections thanks to a new deal with Hutchinson Whampoa, the parent company to Three in the UK.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Bose SoundSport headphones $50...

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Prime Day best ever Bose deals: SoundSport in ears: ...

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New iPhone 7 leaks show possible Smart Connector,...

Another day, another set of iPhone 7 leaks.

Per a series of pictures released on Chinese social media website Weibo, the latest iPhone 7 photos appear to show a very similar design to the iPhone 6s Plus … with the interesting addition of a Smart Connector, visible at the bottom of the device on the back side.

In addition to previous rumors, a new rumor has sprung up about a flush capacitive Home button for the next-gen iPhone, albeit details are still murky.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the new photos of the iPhone 7 Plus do not include a mute switch. A toggle to enable and disable the ringer cannot be seen in its usual location above the volume buttons. This is the first time the removal of the mute switch has been floated for consideration, albeit the source...

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Google to change app permissions for ‘Pokémon Go’...

After these concerns were expressed yesterday, Google is taking this step – one they shouldn’t have had to because the app should never have been allowed to have so much access to a player’s Google information. Google seems to again and again make these kinds of “mistakes” – trying to grab as much data from and about us as they can and only dialing it back once they get called on it.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Honda unveils first hybrid motor without heavy rare...

Honda pledged to reduce its use of rare earth metals a decade ago, and the automaker took another step towards that goal this week. It unveiled its new hybrid motor that was co-developed alongside Daido Steel, another Japan-based company. The new mot...

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The best commuter bike lights

By Eve O'Neill

This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best things for your home. Read the full article here.

We've tested 54 different commuter lights in the last four years, and have researched literally hundr...

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Google given extra time to answer EU antitrust...

The U.S. technology giant found itself under fire in April as the European Commission said its requirement that mobile phone manufacturers pre-install Google Search and the Google Chrome browser in order to get access to other Google apps may harm consumers and competition.

I can’t see how Google can win this.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Pokémon Go for iOS will stop requiring full Google...

The massively popular Pokémon Go game, released just a few days ago, obtains full access to a Google account when it’s chosen as an authentication option while setting up the app in iOS. Android is unaffected. While the iOS app also allows using a Pokémon Trainer Club account, the option to create a new club account is unavailable at this writing, apparently due to system overload.

Update: A Pokémon Go update is now available, which includes a fix for the Google account data access. After installing the update, the game will say that it has access to only your Google user ID and email address.


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Polaroid's mobile photo app is all about moving...

To say that Polaroid missed the boat on mobile photography apps would be an understatement. The original Instagram logo was based on a Polaroid camera, and the company's main answer was to build a camera that looked like that logo. However, it's re...

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Apple donates $1M to help China cope with flood

The flooding has been devastating to the area with more than a million people displaced from their homes and hundreds dead.

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Don’t catch Pokemon at the Holocaust Museum

“Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism,” Andrew Hollinger, the museum’s communications director, told The Post in an interview. “We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.”

Come on people, have some respect.

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Apple considering Russian repair center in wake of...

Apple is reportedly contemplating some form of central repair center in Russia, following a lawsuit from customer who found he couldn't get his iPhone screen fixed or replaced directly by the company.

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The code that sent Apollo 11 to the moon just...

I have no hope of understanding or reading the code but I think it’s hilarious it’s full of jokes and puns.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds can help you learn to code...

You knew, as soon as Playgrounds was announced, the comparisons to Hypercard would come. I don’t think Apple set out to create a successor to Hypercard but for them, anything that gets kids interested in coding is good and will have benefits years down the road.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Hyperloop One's BamBrogan allegedly left due to...

When Hyperloop One co-founder Brogan BamBrogan quit the company last week, it prompted plenty of questions. After all, the prodigious former SpaceX engineer walked away from a startup that he'd built just when things were getting exiting. Now, Buzzfe...

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic under fire for “full...

If you’re looking to install Pokémon Go on your iOS device, you might want to wait a few days.

Amid revelations that the popular Pokémon Go game for iPhone offers universal access to Google accounts, Google and Niantic have said that user emails and other sensitive data are not being harvested, and that a pair of fixes are incoming.

Early Monday, analytics firm architect Adam Reeve claimed that installing Pokémon Go and using a Google account to play the game granted full access to linked accounts on both Android and iOS, without informing the user. The apps, per the Google Play description, “can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account” but “can’t change your password, delete your account, or pay with Google...

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PSA: In iOS 10 beta, anyone can reply to your...

At least in the current beta seed, the iOS 10 lock screen has a bit of a loophole due to the new expanded notification system that developers and public beta users should be aware of. In short: anyone can view and reply to iMessages or text messages from the lock screen without entering the device passcode or authenticating with Touch ID. This security issue persists even while the ‘Reply With Message’ setting is disabled and applies to other apps like Twitter as well.

This means that anyone can reply to messages if you are running the iOS 10 developer or public beta. Occasionally, the phone will correctly ask for passcode input, but in the majority of cases in our testing iOS 10 allowed us to reply freely without fingerprint or passcode. To try this out for yourself, follow the steps after the jump …


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Amazon Prime Day

There are an incredible amount of deals at Amazon today. Just be careful of the Chinese knockoffs.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Hexadecimal colors in CSS

Standard CSS color keywords are limited to 149 named shades; the hexadecimal (or “hex”) color method has access to the full RGB gamut. The key to learning hex is understanding the hexadecimal counting system.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Watch ranks highest in J.D. Power Smartwatch...

It’s not a big surprise to me that Apple ranked highest in the Smartwatch category, but I am surprised that it didn’t even place in the Fitness Band category, which Samsung won.

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The Zeeq smart pillow is the Swiss Army knife of...

Sleep tracking has never really taken off the same way activity tracking has, probably because no one really wants to wear their smartwatch to bed. (That's when you should be charging it anyway.) The Zeeq from REM-Fit aims to fix that by taking the t...

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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds can help you learn to code...

(credit: Apple)

For all Apple’s obsessive secrecy, even its senior managers acknowledge these days with an on-stage wink that much of what they announce has already been predicted. In the run-up to WWDC, I saw developers on Twitter wishlisting "Xcode for iPad"—a way to write apps on an iOS device, rather than in the Xcode integrated development environment (IDE) that Apple makes available exclusively for the Mac. One suggestion was that this could be an iOS version of Playgrounds, the interactive test builder that Apple added to Xcode when launching its new programming language, Swift, in 2014.

Sure enough, 45 minutes into the WWDC keynote on 13 June, Tim Cook—not an SVP, but Tim himself, so that we knew it was important—unveiled Swift Playgrounds for iPad, "a new way to learn to code." And, because I’d been thinking about this, I tweeted: "I...

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Roundup: The best Prime Day deals on Apple hardware...

With Prime Day 2016 well underway, it's not just Amazon that's offering up deals on Apple hardware and accessories. We're rounding up the best Prime Day bargains on phones, Apple TVs and more with discounts of up to $300 off with free shipping.

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Amazon's Prime Day sale is causing headaches...

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber who's having issues making a purchase the retailer's big sale, you're not alone. The company tweeted this morning that some customers were having issues checking out. Replies to that post indicate that some custom...

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Pokemon Go players sacrifice full Google account...

Amid revelations that the popular Pok?mon Go game for iPhone offers universal access to Google accounts, Google and Niantic have said that user emails and other sensitive data are not being harvested, and that a pair of fixes are incoming.

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CVS testing Apple Pay, but chain says no official...

U.S. pharmacy chain CVS appears to be testing support for Apple Pay, although the company says it still has no official launch date, and is currently only "evaluating" mobile payment options.

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Climate change is pushing clouds up and toward the...

For the first time, researchers have found evidence that global warming caused by humans is affecting clouds -- and not in a good way. A study by team from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows that clouds are being pushed up and out of mid-r...

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Curiosity awakens from nap to resume full operations

Curiosity is back to work on Mars after it shut itself down due to a software glitch on July 2nd. Even though tech support for the rover is nearly 60 million miles away, NASA scientists weren't too worried about the issue. As suspected, the cause was...

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Report: Apple considering local repair center in...

According to The Moscow Times, Apple is planning to open a central center for iOS device repair in Russia after a lawsuit argued Apple does not sufficiently supports its products in the country. Dmitry Petrov raised a lawsuit last year that Apple chain stores and service companies were not equipped to deal with screen repair problems, having refused a device replacement or paying for an outside company to perform the repair.


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Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of...

Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartwatches, and Samsung ranks highest among manufacturers of fitness band devices, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Fitness Band Device Satisfaction Report and J.D. Power 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report.

The reports measure overall satisfaction with smartwatches among customers who purchased a smartwatch device within the past 12 months and satisfaction with fitness band trackers among customers who purchased a fitness band device within the past 12 months. Each report examines satisfaction across 11 factors:

  • Smartwatches (listed in order of importance): ease of use; comfort; battery life; phone features; price; strength/durability; display size; styling/appearance; reliability; apps available; and customer service
  • Fitness band trackers (listed in order of importance): reliability; strength/durability; ease of use; battery life...
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ICYMI: Space foam party and mind reading for horses

Today on In Case You Missed It: A new rover concept from Harvard's SSR Lab shows a rover extruding a fast-drying foam over rocks to keep vehicles from getting stuck on other planets. University of Nottingham researchers are building an algorithm...

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Wall Street expects Apple shipped 40M iPhones in...

As investors await this fall's anticipated "iPhone 7" launch, sales for the current-flagship iPhone 6s series are expected to continue to lag behind last year, with Wall Street estimates pegged at about 40 million units for the just-concluded June quarter.

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Patent report: annotations in Final Cut Pro X,...

Apple files for — and is granted — lots of patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Many are for inventions that never see the light of day. However, you never can tell which ones will materialize in a real product, so here are today’s patent highlights: 

Apple has been criticized for ignoring its professional users for such things as failing to update the “new” Mac Pro in years. However, a newly granted patent (number 9,390,160) for “annotation of movies” shows the company still has ideas for Final Cut Pro X, its pro-level videography software (thought he ideas could trickle down to the consumer-oriented iMovie, as well).

The patent involves a method of annotating a digital clip and setting a duration over which the annotation applies. The method provides a graphical user interface (GUI) with a display area for displaying the digital clip. The GUI provides controls for entering notes, including graphical notes, on the clip. The GUI also...

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Sonos' flagship NYC store hosts a massive wall...

Sonos may be in the middle of a restructuring phase, but it isn't wasting any time rolling out its plans for the near future. Today, the company unveiled its first-ever retail store in New York City. The 3,000 square foot space, located in Manhattan'...

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Apple donates $1 million to help China deal with...

Apple has donated 7 million yuan (about $1 million) to the Chinese Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) as the country deals with its worst flood in years, reports USA Today. It’s the first U.S. company to do so.

In this photo taken Saturday July 2, 2016, a rescue worker lifts a child through flood waters as residents are evacuated after the Jushui river broke the dyke and flooded Tuhe village in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province. The death toll from floods continue to rise as heavy rainstorms soak much of southern China. (Photo: AP)

“Our thoughts are with all those devastated by the flooding along the Yangtze River,” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wrote on Weibo, the Chinese social networking site that is similar to Twitter.


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Developer uncovers early Dark Mode appearance for...

It appears Apple may be working to expand the Dark Mode feature for macOS. Introduced with Yosemite, OS X Dark Mode changes the appearance of just the Dock and menubar to a black translucent style rather than white/silver.

A developer/hacker on Twitter has seemingly found a way to activate a more comprehensive dark appearance for some system apps such as Safari or System Preferences, as pictured. It’s unclear what method or technique the developer is using to activate this and there’s no indication that this headed to public release anytime soon.


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The Internet of Medical Things, Part 2: Devices and...

Concerns have been multiplying in the U.S. over the creaks of a medical infrastructure that's bearing the weight of an aging population. Current and upcoming members of the over-65 club are helping to drive a new age in healthcare, in which devices connect patients with caregivers, things get even smarter, and machines get even better at learning what sensors are saying. The swelling over-65 segment of the population, which accounts for about 63 percent of the U.S.' long-term healthcare services, is driving demand for new healthcare tech.

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The EU-US Privacy Shield is up, but its future is in...

After much argument and discussion, the European Commission (EC) today adopted the Privacy Shield, an EU-US agreement that's supposed to protect the rights of Europeans whose personal data is transferred to the US. It's necessary because laws in the...

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Steadicam Smoothee for the iPhone works, but...

If you're a movie buff, you've probably heard of the Steadicam, one of those big harnesses videographers use to stabilize their shots while filming. For $149.95, you can have a mini-version of the device for your iPhone. Overkill? Maybe.

Do you shoot lots of videos and still pictures with your Apple smartphone? Do they often turn out shaky and wobbly? If so, the Steadicam Smoothee — which works with iPhones, iPod touches and GoPro Hero devices -- can help. It's based on the same technology as the big $60,000 rigs used in Hollywood, and allows you to capture video and still images without the shakes normally associated with hand-held shots. 

Its quick release mount lets you swap camera connections between your Smoothee and any tripod. The patented quick release removable mount also serves as a tabletop stand or can be mounted to any tripod with a standard ¼ x 20 inch camera mount. The ergonomic hand-...

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iPhone 7 Plus highlighted in latest leaks, shows...

Following our clearest look yet at the 4.7 inch phone yesterday, this morning photos of the larger 5.5 inch ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ have purportedly appeared on Weibo. Some sources have described the 5.5 inch model as a separate SKU, an ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ as it were, although whether this will come to pass is unclear. These latest iPhone 7 photos once again show a very similar design to the iPhone 6s Plus … with the interesting addition of a Smart Connector, visible at the bottom of the device on the back side.

There have also been rumors of a flush capacitive Home Button in the cards for iPhone 7. Although the quality of these photos are not very clear, it does appear that the Home Button design has been tweaked. More details after the jump …


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Ashley Madison gives infidelity a new look

Trust is one of the few commodities that you can't get more of by spending money and you can't regain it once it's been lost. When a relationship loses that fundamental belief in each other's reliability then there's almost nothing you can do to save...

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FolderGlance is still a great Mac OS X utility

By Aaron Lee

Yellow Lemon Software's $20 FolderGlance, a utility for browsing files and folders, is still a solid addition to your Mac's software arsenal after all these years. 

FolderGlance lets you preview files directly from the contextual menus, as well as move, copy and make aliases of selected files at locations you browse to. For example, its Hover Previews feature lets you automatically preview files while browsing the context menu created by FolderGlance. 

By allowing the mouse cursor to linger over a file shown in one of FolderGlance's context menus for a short time (more on that in a moment), a preview automatically appears on-screen. The preview mode lets you quickly browse a pictures, documents and other files without using your keyboard.

Unless you only use your Mac sporadically, FolderGlance can certainly speed up your workflow. Moving a file, copying...

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Apple donates $1 million to aid rescue and...

Via USA Today, Apple has become the first US company to donate to China aid efforts following the mass flooding and rainfall in the region since June. The natural disaster has affected over 30 million people in 500 cities; 164 people have been killed in the tragedy.

Although a million dollar donation pales in contrast to Apple’s total business, the donation will significantly help relief efforts in China and Apple is the only American company to offer financial support so far. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the catastrophe on Chinese social media site Weibo.


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Now Fox is live streaming its prime-time TV across...

CBS All Access, NBC and Watch ABC were first to live streaming network TV on the internet, but this week Fox Now became the first broadcast network to stream its live TV nationwide. Unlike the CBS app, Fox is tying this "beta" access to the live stre...

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Warner Bros. paid YouTubers for positive game reviews

Warner Bros. has settled an FTC complaint accusing the company of paying YouTubers "hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars" to make positive review videos for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. FTC filed the complaint back in 2014, after the studio ra...

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Alleged 'iPhone 7 Plus' mockup includes...

A series of photos found circulating on Chinese blogging site Sina Weibo on Tuesday shows what appears to be a full scale "iPhone 7 Plus" mockup, potentially offering an early look at what could be Apple's forthcoming phablet.

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Amazon Prime Day 2016: UK deals you need to know...

It's July 12th. For many, it's just another Tuesday, but for Amazon, it's another chance to sell millions of customers gadgets, homeware and lots of other stuff they don't need. Yes, it's "Prime Day," a marketing gimmick where Amazon discounts thousa...

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WSJ: SEC is investigating Tesla's fatal...

Tesla is facing another probe over the May 7th crash that killed the driver of a Model S that was cruising the streets on Autopilot. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether the company broke the law by failing to inform investo...

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Monday July 11

Twitter ups its GIF size limit to 15MB for the web

Finally, you won't ever have to tweet unsatisfying GIFs that end too soon. The social network has upped its GIF size limit to 15MB, three times larger than its old 5MB limit. Twitter quietly updated its FAQ with the change -- a welcome one for those...

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ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe gets first dibs on Snapdragon...

We knew it wouldn't be long before ASUS rolls out its latest smartphones after the Computex unveiling, but it turns out the company has saved a little surprise for us. At the Taiwan and Hong Kong launch event today, ASUS revealed that its flagship 5....

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Temporary nanotech 'tattoos' can track...

Wired, electronic temporary tattoos may have started off as fun novelties, but a new type of stick-on, nanotech "tattoo" has already found some practical medical applications. According to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, rese...

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Here are the winners of the 9th annual iPhone...

The annual iPhone Photography Awards have recognized the top images taken with an iPhone as well as the top iPhone photographers for the last 9 years, and now this year’s winners have been unveiled. This year, “thousands” of images were submitted from photographers across 139 countries, but the grand price went to Chinese photographer Siyuan Niu for an image he called “Man and the Eagle.”


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Apple donates $1M to China NGO to assist flood...

Apple recently became the first U.S. company to donate to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), a non-governmental organization helping with flood relief efforts after heavy rains impacted millions along the Yangtze river region.

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Twitter remains quiet about OurMine attack on its...

Early Saturday morning the team that has been breaking into high-profile social media accounts managed to temporarily hijack Twitter accounts for the CEOs of Yahoo and Twitter. Despite repeated requests from Engadget, Twitter has not commented on the...

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Niantic says Pokémon Go having full Google account...

Earlier today, it was reported that Pokémon Go was gaining full access to many users’ Google accounts. Google itself says that applications with “full account access can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account.” Niantic, however, has now issued a statement confirming that Pokémon Go having full account access is a mistake.


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PC shipments recover in the US

It's not all doom and gloom in the PC world... for once. Both Gartner and IDC estimate that PC shipments actually grew in the US for the first time in over a year, climbing in the second quarter by either 1.4 percent according to Gartner (which inclu...

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Grindr successfully convinced gay men to test for HIV

Grindr, the popular gay social networking app, recently ended a study in which a subsection of users were targeted to receive and utilize HIV self-testing kits for a quick diagnosis. Of the 56 men who were tested and answered survey questions, two le...

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Become a 1980s hacker in 'Quadrilateral Cowboy...

Quadrilateral Cowboy has been a long time coming. Developer Brendon Chung, creator of the underground hit Thirty Flights of Loving, began working on Quadrilateral Cowboy in 2012 and he showed off an early version of the game in 2013. It's a blocky, f...

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NFL starts working on a Snapchat Discover channel

Big-name sports leagues have briefly teamed up with Snapchat before (mainly for Live Stories), but the NFL appears to be in it for the long haul. The football league is hiring a managing editor that would produce content for a Snapchat Discover chan...

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Pokemon GO is earning Apple's App Store 3x as...

App Store chart-topping downloads of the hit game Pokemon GO have sent Nintendo's stock soaring, adding more than $7 billion to its market capitalization. However, the Japanese gaming icon is reportedly earning significantly less from app-related sales than Apple is from its App Store cut.

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PSA: Pokemon Go Has Full Access To Your Google...

An anonymous reader writes: If you're an iPhone user and have installed Pokemon GO, you may have noticed that the app grants itself full access to your Google account. It can read your email, location history, documents and pretty much every else associated with your Google account. (You can check to see for yourself here.) Given the nature of the game, it's understandable for it to request a lot of permissions, as it needs your precise location, ability to access the camera and motion sensors, read and write the SD card, and charge you money when you run out of Pokeballs or eggs. But full access to your Google account is pushing it, even if Niantic or Nintendo has no malicious intentions. If you're concerned about these permissions, you can always sign-up using a Pokemon Trainer account, assuming the servers are permitting. Google describes full account access as such: "When you grant full account access, the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google...

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Intel could see $1.5B boost from Apple 'iPhone...

Financial research firm Cowen and Company believes Intel will supply Apple with 50 percent or more of the LTE modems needed for "iPhone 7," a win that could generate some $1.5 billion in incremental revenue over the next year for the chipmaker.

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IDC and Gartner: the Mac lost personal computer...

The overall PC (personal computer) market has been declining for seven consecutive quarters, but the Mac has avoided the trend. No more. Both the IDC and Gartner research groups have issued new reports that show Apple’s computers have lost market share in the second quarter of 2016. (Of course, it might help if there were some substantial upgrades to the Mac line-up.)

According to Gartner, HP returned to positive growth in the second quarter of 2016 (2Q16) after four consecutive quarters of shipment decline. Dell grew faster than the industry average in all regions in second quarter of 2016. Asus, Apple and Acer are battling it out for the fourth position in worldwide PC shipments for 2Q16.

Gartner says Apple had 7.1% of worldwide market share in 2Q16. That was the same as the same period a year-ago, but Mac sales dipped 4.9% year-over-year.

In the U.S., Apple dropped from 13.8% market share...

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∞ Universal Audio’s Chandler Limited Curve Bender...

One thing I love about Universal Audio’s plug-ins is their incredible attention to detail. They are able to emulate everything from the original, making them the best plug-in maker on the market.

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Notable apps and app updates for July 11, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Forsbit has unleashed Monster Run 1.0.1. In the horror-themed platformer game, players try to get their monster home, following its escape from the evil scientist's lab. Monster Run is free, but does tout in-app purchases.

Dollaropath has launched Tomatoes for iPad 1.0, the tablet companion app to their productivity app for the Mac and iPhone. The $8.99 app is designed to help you “be more efficient, organized, and productive in managing tasks.” It’s customizable with iCloud synchronization, Apple Reminders compatibility and a...

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Survey: Apple Pay captures more eligible users, but...

For over a year after its introduction, Apple Pay was the only real option for consumers who wanted to pay with their smartphone. That changed towards the end of 2015, when Android Pay and Samsung Pay were rolled out.

According to survey findings by the Auriemma Consulting Group, among the three payment options, Apple Pay captures the greatest proportion of eligible users, with 33% of iPhone 6 owners reporting that they’ve used it, but the fledgling Samsung Pay isn’t far behind at 23%, according to recent research by the boutique management consulting firm. 

ACG’s latest Mobile Pay Tracker found that Samsung Pay users report higher satisfaction levels and fewer issues at the point of sale compared to Apple Pay, with near equal proportions recommending both mobile payment brands. Since its inception, Apple Pay has attracted educated, affluent, and young users, and Samsung Pay users look similar. 

“Only the newest...

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I’m an input device aficionado. With non-touchscreen computers, which includes all Macs, the keyboard and mouse or trackpad are the tactile points of interface between user and machine, and the... Read more
GSK Rheumatoid Arthritis Study Leverages iPho...
Global healthcare products company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) says that since 2014 they have begun transforming the way they conduct research, by leveraging state-of-the-art digital technologies — a... Read more
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