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Monday November 6

iPhone X said to cost Apple $357 to make, gross...

The iPhone X has received a lot of attention for its higher price point – it’s the most expensive iPhone ever sold by Apple, coming in at $999 for 64GB and $1,149 for 256GB. Today, new data from research firm TechInsights offers a closer look at what specific iPhone X parts are driving that higher price…


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Apple Wins $120 Million From Samsung In Slide-To-...

Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung to the count of $120 million. "The Supreme Court said today that it wouldn't hear an appeal of the patent infringement case, first decided in 2014, which has been bouncing through appeals courts in the years since," reports The Verge. From the report: The case revolved around Apple's famous slide-to-unlock patent and, among others, its less-famous quick links patent, which covered software that automatically turned information like a phone number into a tappable link. Samsung was found to have infringed both patents. The ruling was overturned almost two years later, and then reinstated once again less than a year after that. From there, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court, which is where the case met its end today. Naturally, Samsung isn't pleased with the outcome. "Our argument was supported by many who believed that the Court should hear the case to reinstate fair standards that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent...

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Supreme Court rejects Samsung appeal of patent loss...

The justices left in place a 2016 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that upheld a verdict that found South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had infringed Apple Inc’s patents on several popular features of the California-based company’s iPhone. Those included slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick links, which automatically turn information like addresses and phone numbers into links.

Stop stealing and pay the money.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Create and share Google Maps lists on the web from...

This past February, Google made it possible to create lists of your favorite local spots in the Maps mobile app. A little later, the company added a sharing feature so you could send your lists to friends and family from your phone. Now Google is bri...

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Video: Safari credential AutoFill through Face ID on...

If you've got iCloud Keychain and Safari's AutoFill turned on, Face ID on the iPhone X will let you quickly log into virtually any website.

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Paradise Papers reveal Apple shifted holding firm to...

After a 2013 investigation into its Irish tax affairs, Apple continued to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes by changing its structure, moving the holding firm for over $250 billion in cash reserves to the Channel Islands, this week's "Paradise Papers" leak has revealed.

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Facebook Messenger's money transfer tool is...

Back in 2015, Facebook introduced the ability to send money to friends through Messenger and now it has brought that capability to UK users. It's the first time Facebook has launched the feature outside of the US.

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Paradise Papers Leak Reveals Apple's Secret Tax...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: The world's most profitable firm has a secretive new structure that would enable it to continue avoiding billions in taxes, the Paradise Papers show. They reveal how Apple sidestepped a 2013 crackdown on its controversial Irish tax practices by actively shopping around for a tax haven. It then moved the firm holding most of its untaxed offshore cash, now $252 billion, to the Channel Island of Jersey. Apple said the new structure had not lowered its taxes. It said it remained the world's largest taxpayer, paying about $35 billion in corporation tax over the past three years, that it had followed the law and its changes "did not reduce our tax payments in any country."

Leaked emails also make it clear that Apple wanted to keep the move secret. One email sent between senior partners at Appleby says: "For those of you who are not aware, Apple [officials] are extremely sensitive concerning publicity. They also expect the work that is...

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 6...

Notable software releases this week include TextExpander 6.2.3, Evernote 6.13, Safari 11.0.1, Security Update 2017-001 (Sierra) and Security Update 2017-004 (El Capitan), and Transmit 5.0.5.


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NYT: Apple shifted offshore cash hoard to Jersey...

The New York Times has published a lengthy report claiming Apple started using the island of Jersey as a tax haven after its tax arrangement in Ireland came under fire. The report, which is based on leaked corporate documents, says Apple settled on Jersey which doesn’t usually tax corporate income after shopping around.


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Judge rules Canada's de-indexing order won...

For the past few years, Google has been the subject of a legal debate in Canada, one aiming to determine whether Canadian court rulings regarding the internet are applicable just in Canada or should be enforceable worldwide owing to the borderless na...

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Want to order a burrito as fast as your iPhone X?...

As more apps update for the display shape and size of the iPhone X, we’ll continue to see neat uses of the space. Chipotle has done just that with its latest update. Actually it’s not even an update; it’s a complete overhaul.


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Apple to allow introductory pricing for iOS, tvOS...

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple is introducing a new Apple App Store pricing feature that allows apps that use auto-renewable subscription pricing to offer special introductory pricing for new customers.

The change was first mentioned in today’s iOS 11.2 beta 2 release notes and should be available for tvOS 11.2 as well. To wit: 

“Soon, you’ll be able to offer new customers a discounted introductory price for your auto- renewable subscriptions on the App Store. iOS 11.2 introduces new classes (SKProductDiscount and SKProductSubscriptionPeriod) and new properties on SKProduct (subscriptionPeriod and introductoryPrice) to provide details on the introductory pricing and billing period you’ve selected for your auto-renewable subscriptions. You can use these new API additions to localize and display information about introductory pricing to your users. You’ll be...

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DxOMark: the iPhone X is the best smartphone for...

With a Photo score of 101, the Apple iPhone X achieves the best results so far for still images, edging out the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the previous joint leaders in DxOMark’s Photo ranking, by one point. DxoMark is an industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements. 

Compared to the cousin iPhone 8 Plus, the X improves noticeably on zoom performance, but also does better in terms of exposure, color, texture, noise and artifacts, according to DxOMark. Other key strengths in still image mode include very good exposures and HDR images, accurate color rendering, good detail with low noise, as well as a natural-looking bokeh effect in Portrait mode.

For video, the X doesn’t quite rise to the same high-water mark, achieving a video sub-score of 89 points, according to DxOMark. With its key strengths good exposure with fast convergence during lighting changes, accurate color...

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You can now stream Deezer on Roku devices in the US

It just got easier to use your Roku player (or Roku TV) as the heart of a home stereo setup. Deezer has launched a Roku channel for American users, giving you access to its Premium streaming music service on the big screen. Fork over $10 per month...

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‘NYT’: Apple is stashing much of its cash hoard on...

According to the New York Times, Apple is stashing much of its cash hoard on the small island of Jersey, which typically doesn’t tax corporate income. The tech giant has accumulated more than $128 billion in profits offshore that’s untaxed by the U.S. and hardly touched by any other country. 

An aerial view of the island of Jersey.

Jersey, officially the Bailiwick of Jersey, is a Crown dependency of The Crown located near the coast of Normandy, France. Not part of the United Kingdom, it’s a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, with its own financial, legal and judicial systems. Jersey is ranked as a tax haven by many organizations with the Financial Secrecy Index ranking Jersey as 16th, one rank behind the United Kingdom as of 2015.

An Apple spokesman, Josh Rosenstock, declined to answer most questions about the...

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iPhone 2018 rumors: Improved data transmission and...

It’s not enough that the new iPhone X is only a few days old; rumors about next year’s iPhone are already starting to fly. We’ll keep track of what’s been said and what seems fesible in this article so you can keep up with the latest iPhone gossip.

What’s the latest?

The rumor: KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote a research note obtained by other Mac news outlets that details his thoughts on next year’s iPhone. Kuo believes that the new phone will use a metal frame that is composed of more parts than the iPhone X, in order to improve data transmission quality. Kuo says...

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ multiplayer DLC pushed back to...

Back in September, Square Enix announced upcoming multiplayer DLC titled Comrades for Final Fantasy XV, its blockbuster game that came out a year ago. Unfortunately, the extra content was delayed past its initial Halloween release date, but not for m...

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21st Century Fox held talks to sell most of its...

Like it or not, the trend toward media consolidation isn't slowing down any time soon: CNBC sources understand that 21st Century Fox recently held talks to sell most of the company to Disney. The media giant would offload its movie studios, TV produ...

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Broadcom tenders offering valued at $130 billion for...

After a weekend of speculation, Broadcom has tendered what will likely be a hostile takeover fight for Qualcomm, in an offering valued at $130 billion including debt.

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Sony's new PSVR bundle includes the apt version...

Sony is making up for its dearth of big exclusives this holiday season (expansions for Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted don't count, sorry, and racing sims don't quite have mass appeal) with a concerted focus on PSVR. Come November 17th you'll be abl...

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Disney may buy 21st Century Fox assets in...

The Walt Disney Co., which has worked closely with Apple for many years, is said to be in talks to potentially acquire most of rival entertainment giant 21st Century Fox, in a deal that could have major ramifications for services like iTunes, the Apple TV and Apple Music.

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AT&T's 'Flying COW' drone...

These days, it's just as important to have communication up and running after a major disaster as it is to have power, food and drinkable water. The FCC approved $77 million to fix communications in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, while Projec...

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Amazon Echo update doesn’t forget the bass

Amazon's been listening. Not just to your every word (waiting for you say "Alexa"), but also to the widespread criticism of the audio quality on the new Echo. The company issued a software update on Friday to improve the second-generation Echo's soun...

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Apple's $119.6 million victory in iPhone...

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a Samsung appeal over slide-to-unlock, text prediction, and other utility patents of Apple's that it was found to have used, and a $119.6 million dollar ruling is still in place.

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Comcast's internet service was down in several...

If you rely on Comcast for your internet service, you probably know that things are down in a big way for the provider. According to the consumer watchdog site DownDetector, there are more than 8,000 reports of outages across the US as of 1:00 PM ET...

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iPhone X scores 97 on DxOMark camera ranking, just...

DxOMark has today released its review of the iPhone X camera setup, which sees Apple’s premium iPhone score 97, one point below the highest rated mobile camera, the Google Pixel 2.


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Uber will donate $5 million to sexual assault...

Uber's quest to reform its behavior now includes donations to good causes. The ridesharing firm has promised to contribute $5 million over 5 years to organizations that help prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. The initial round of pledges...

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iOS 11.2 will let developers offer introductory...

Apple is introducing a new App Store pricing feature for developers starting with iOS 11.2. Apps that use auto-renewable subscription pricing will soon be able to offer special introductory pricing for new customers.


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The iPod Shuffle for Spotify can actually shuffle...

Mighty is basically an iPod Shuffle for offline Spotify playback, but when I reviewed it over the summer it was missing that namesake feature. Well, not anymore. Thanks to a software update for the compact device, Mighty can now shuffle through the s...

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Google built a spatial audio kit for games and VR

Immersive audio is particularly important in an era where games are mainstream and virtual reality is quickly catching on, but there isn't a common framework for it. What works on your PC may be useless on your phone. Google wants to fix that: it's l...

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Displaymate gives iPhone X “highest ever” rating...

Displaymate released its study of the iPhone X display earlier today and the results are impressive to say the least. If you recall, last year’s iPhone 7 had a record high in display performance. However, the iPhone X is here to take the crown.


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Apple unveils second developer betas of iOS 11.2,...

A week after the latch batch of releases, Apple has deployed second developer beta releases of all of its operating systems, including watchOS 4.2. iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, and tvOS 11.2.

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Early iPhone X Reviews Praise Screen, Face ID

Still on the fence about the iPhone X? We’ve pored over four reviews from journalists who had early access to bring you a roundup of the consensus opinions about the iPhone X’s new features.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Twitter exploit let two pranksters post a 35,000-...

Over the weekend, two German Twitter users successfully broke the existing character limit by sending a 35,000-character tweet. By formatting a message as a URL with extensive gibberish, they were able to absurdly pollute followers' timelines. Twitte...

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Download your apps with iMazing 2.5

I’ve been a user and fan of iMazing for a long time. These new features are welcome to those of us who still want to manage our iPhones from our Macs.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Supreme Court won’t hear Apple v. Samsung round two

People line up to enter the federal courthouse in San Jose, California in July 2012. It was the first day of trial in the patent battle between Apple and Samsung. (credit: Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The colossal courtroom clash between Apple and Samsung over patents won't be making a second appearance at the Supreme Court.

The two tech titans went at it in front of juries in San Jose over the course of two blockbuster trials, held in 2012 and 2014. Both times juries returned verdicts in favor of Apple—the first ordering Samsung to pay more than $1 billion in damages, the second ordering a payment of $120 million.

News today concerns the second verdict. In 2016, the $120 million...

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Afghanistan won’t ban WhatsApp or Telegram after all

Last week, reports circulated that the government of Afghanistan was aiming to enact a ban on popular encrypted messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology sent letters to private telecommunications...

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Apple releases second iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11...

Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad. iOS 11.2 beta 2 for iPhone X was released on Friday afternoon to add compatibility with the new device, and today’s release is available for other iPhones and iPads.


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Giveaway: Enter to win a 3TB AV Pro 2 USB-C Storage...

CalDigit is partnering with AppleInsider this week to give readers the chance to win one of two 3TB AV Pro 2 USB-C Storage Hubs valued at $249.99 each.

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DisplayMate: the iPhone X has the best smartphone...

A new report from DisplayMate — which specializes in proprietary advanced scientific display calibration and mathematical display optimization — says the iPhone X has the best smartphone display around. It says that Apple has produced an “impressive smartphone display with excellent performance and accuracy.”

“The iPhone X delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all of the DisplayMate Lab test and measurement Categories (except for a single Yellow in Brightness Variation with Average Picture Level that applies to all OLED displays),” notes DisplayMate, which gives the smartphone its highest grade of A+.

See the Display Shoot-Out Comparison Table for all of the measurements and details, and the Highlights and Performance Results section for expanded discussions and explanations, and the Display Assessments section for the evaluation details. You can find links to all by...

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iPhone X tips: How to record your own Animoji karaoke

Apple's Animoji are a smash hit, but one of their most popular uses is not what was originally intended: lip syncing along with your favorite songs. The process of recording it is a little unconventional, but AppleInsider is here to explain how you can get in on the fun.

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Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm in a deal worth $130...

Broadcom has offered to Qualcomm in a deal worth $130 billion. The U.S. wireless and broadband giant said it would be willing to offer $70 per share in cash and stock for the world’s dominate supplier of broadband processors.

Broadcom expects a potential deal to take up to 12 months to settle, assuming regulatory approval. It’s uncertain how this might affect the ongoing Apple-Qualcomm legal battle.

In January, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, alleging the chip supplier demanded unfair terms for its technology.  However, Qualcomm denies the allegations and says Apple wouldn't have an iPhone business if it weren't for fair licensing of the company’s essential tech.

Qualcomm claims it went out of its way to offer alternative licensing (which Apple rejected), and that, in suing Qualcomm, Apple is motivated by reducing the cost to make iPhones.

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Win an iPhone X & case bundle from 9to5Mac...

A big thanks to our sponsor Caseology. Together we’re partnering up for the biggest giveaway of the year… Apple’s brand new iPhone X.

Skip the lines and the hit on your bank account, just follow the steps below for your chance at the most anticipated phone of the year without the wait. The winner will also get a bundle of Caseology cases and screen protectors to keep their new device protected.

And if you happened to already pick up an iPhone X following its release to the public last week, Caseology is offering 9to5 readers an exclusive 30% off its lineup of cases:

Get 30% off Caseology’s collection of iPhone X, iPhone 8, & iPhone 8 Plus cases with promo code “9TO5MACX” (Expires 11/30)

Take a look at Caseology’s iPhone X case lineup and enter your name and email below for your chance to win the iPhone X:


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iPhone X adoption is stronger than the iPhone 8, 8...

After a full weekend of sales for the iPhone X, the Localytics mobile engagement platform says that adoption of the next gen smartphone is stronger than that of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

The iPhone X grabbed 0.93% of the overall market share for iPhones after the first weekend of sales. This puts the X ahead of the 0.7% first weekend adoption for the iPhone 8 models, but still below the 2.3% market share that the iPhone 6 models grabbed back in 2014 and the 1.3% and 1.2% adoption experienced by the iPhone 6S and 7 models in 2015 and 2016.

While this may seem slightly concerning, it’s important to consider that there are significantly more iPhones in the market today than in 2014, notes Localytics. While the iPhone 6 was a major upgrade at the time, it didn’t pack the punch that Apple has introduced with the iPhone X. If Apple’s prediction that the 2017 holiday quarter will be one of its best ever comes true, it’s...

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Analyst: Apple will offer two OLED iPhones in 2018

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to offer two OLED iPhones with stainless steel cases in 2018. The launched iPhone X has an OLED panel and a stainless steel band.

He also predicts that the next phones will include both the Touch ID system, currently in the iPhone 8 models, and the X’s Face ID system. 

Touch ID was reportedly left out of the X due to issues getting the fingerprint sensor into the OLED panel. However, the Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) begs to differ. If Face ID is a big hit (as it seems to be) and works well, I expect all of next year’s iPhone models to go with it and ditch Face ID.

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Always on call: UK's NHS pilot provides video...

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is piloting a scheme that would allow patients to be seen by a local doctor using a video call on an iPhone, a move that could help reduce the waiting times for patients to see a doctor, as well as reducing the need to visit the physical doctor's office.

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How to remove the iPhone X notch from your Home and...

After a weekend of playing with the new iPhone X, it seems a lot of users (and reviewers) are finding that the notch isn’t very distracting, or even fades away. However, if you’re finding that’s not the case for you, there’s an option to remove it from your Home screen and Lock screen with a new clever wallpaper.


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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 13-inch MacBook Air $780,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Nextdoor: Getting to know your neighbors with an app

The days of everyone in a neighborhood knowing and helping each other are over. Nowadays, especially in the suburbs, it's common for neighbors living right next to each other to not know each other's names. Nextdoor is a free iOS app that's attempting to turn this sad state of affairs around by using an easy-to-use social network to chat with neighbors. 

I've been using Nextdoor for about six months on my iPhone and have found it to be extremely useful to find out what's going on the neighborhood where I've lived for 33 years. You load the app, let it determine where you live, and then choose the neighborhoods besides your own that you wish to get information about. If there are neighbors near you who isn't using the app, you can request to have up to 50 postcards sent out asking neighbors to sign up the free service.

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Animoji overdubs are out of control and utterly...

Since the launch of the iPhone X on Friday, there have been an abundance of overdubs using one of Apple’s  newest features, Animoji. With the facial mapping software that Apple has included in the new iMessage app, people are finding hilarious and creative ways to insert these Animoji into everything from music to movies.


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Deals: $220 off 2017 27" iMac 5Ks; Samsung 34...

Today only, snap up a Samsung 34" Curved USB-C display for $699 during B&H's DealZone event. Or save $220 on a 4.2GHz Mid 2017 27" iMac 5K with upgraded graphics and storage with our exclusive coupon code. Apple's 2016 13" MacBook Pros are also $200-$210 off with prices starting at $1,289. Plus, no tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ.

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KGI: Apple to offer two OLED iPhones with updated...

iPhone X is still brand new, but there are already a few rumors about what to expect from Apple next year for its successor(s). Included in a heavily supplier-focused investment report from KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is a fresh mention of Apple offering not one but two iPhones with OLED displays and stainless steel cases. The new report also predicts Apple will make changes to the stainless steel metal frame to improve data transmission quality.


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Apple offers another round of bonds as part of $300B...

Apple today has begun issuing another round of bonds shortly after announcing strong Q4 earnings while it moves closer to completing its $300 billion capital return program for shareholders.


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Apple's 2018 iPhone X will have new metal frame...

Supply chain reports suggest that Apple will expand it's casing business for the 2018 iPhone to Catcher and Casetek, with a new casing required to improve data transmission quality.

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iPhone 8, iPhone X active use data suggests that the...

A new study about actual users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X shows that combined adoption of the two models during the first few days of use as a percentage of the total user base is higher than that of the iPhone 6s or 7 at the same time in rollout.

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As Supreme Court hands Samsung a partial patent...

The Apple v Samsung patent trial in which the judge said she’d like to see the case resolved before she retires is not the only long-running patent lawsuit between the two companies. That first one is about design patents – the look of the phone.

But a separate case has also been rumbling on regarding Samsung’s use of several patented iPhone features, including slide-to-unlock, autocorrect, and automatic links for things like phone numbers …


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∞ Samsung returns to its Apple mocking ways

[VIDEO] I thought this ad (embedded in the main Loop post) was well done, though the story is told with selective memory. I did not see any exploding phones, porous security measures, malware, etc., etc.

The one word that springs to mind watching this is the one word that describes the true feeling the iPhone X must bring to mind for Samsung.


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The iPhone X face mapping: Privacy risks (none) and...

Lots of interesting tidbits in the linked TechCrunch article. Here are a few highlights:

As we’ve covered off in detail before Apple does not have access to the depth-mapped facial blueprints that users enroll when they register for Face ID. A mathematical model of the iPhone X user’s face is encrypted and stored locally on the device in a Secure Enclave.

Face ID also learns over time and some additional mathematical representations of the user’s face may also be created and stored in the Secure Enclave during day to day use


The key point here is that Face ID data never leaves the user’s phone (or indeed the Secure Enclave). And any iOS app developers wanting to incorporate Face ID authentication into their apps do not gain access to it either. Rather authentication happens via a dedicated authentication API that only returns a positive or negative response after comparing the input signal with the Face ID data stored in the Secure Enclave.


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iPhone X features 7 new Dynamic and 6 new Live...

iPhone X features several new wallpapers not available on other iPhones including seven dark themed Dynamic wallpapers and six new Live wallpapers (three of which will be coming in iOS 11.2 next month). You do need an iPhone X to access the full versions of these new wallpapers, but you can download still versions of each below as a workaround if you’re using another device.


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U.S. Supreme Court refuses to re-enter the Apple-...

The U.S. Supreme Court today refused to step back into the never-ending patent battle between Apple and Samsung and declined to hear the latter’s appeal of a lower court ruling that reinstated a jury award of about $120 million in favor of Apple, reports Reuters.

The justices left in place a 2016 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that upheld a verdict that found Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents on several popular features of the iPhone. Those included slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick links, which automatically turn information like addresses and phone numbers into links.

This is all part of the ongoing, global legal battle. Apple and Samsung have filed more than 30 lawsuits against each other across four continents. For example, Apple alleges that Samsung copied...

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AmpliFi Teleport is an upcoming ‘home Wi-Fi that...

AmpliFi is expanding its line with a new product called AmpliFi Teleport, a “home Wi-Fi that covers the world.” The product will be announced through a Kickstarter campaign today, and will be available at launch for a limited time “early bird” pricing of $199.

AmpliFi Teleport provides a way to access resources at home  — even when you’re not. Utilizing any Wi-Fi hotspot, Teleport is able to create an encrypted connection between you and your devices, expanding your home Wi-Fi coverage wherever you go by allowing you to securely access your home network anywhere in the world. 

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to use AmpliFi Teleport when traveling and feel secure knowing you are still connected to your home, according to the folks at AmpliFi. Watch your local program and content, video call and connect with family or check your smart home security from any Wi-Fi enabled device. 


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How to stop the capital 'I' from turning...

From the Department of Really Strange and Mystical Bugs comes this: Some iPhone users running the latest version of iOS 11 can’t type a capital "I." That means that millions of people who were trying to text their friends, “I got my new iPhone X!!” over the weekend were actually sending out this message instead: “A [?] got my new iPhone X!!”

The iOS 11.1 bug affects the autocorrect engine on phones, and changes a capital “I” to an “A” alongside an unreadable Unicode symbol. While it’s pretty low on the seriousness scale, it’s still an annoying bug to say the least. And it’s hardly uncommon. All over Twitter, unaware celebrities were posting “A [?]” all over the place. Apple, of course, is working on a fix, but in the meantime, there’s a workaround.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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iPhone X tips: Maximize battery life with 'dark...

Apple's switch to an OLED display on the iPhone X means users who dig into the settings of the device can squeeze out more battery life, reducing the power consumption of the screen and extending the time needed between charges. AppleInsider tells you how to do it.

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Trailer for soon-to-be-released movie, “App: The...

[VIDEO] From the App: The Human Story web site:

With the launch of the iPhone and subsequent devices, developers found themselves with a worldwide market hungry for their innovations: apps.

Yet, a renaissance needs cultivation, not exploitation. Ten years in, is the opportunity gone? Will artists find a way to create tools that elevate the human experience, or will the market be valued even above the impact to the future of the industry?

I am really looking forward to seeing this. Enjoy the trailer (embedded in the main Loop post).

∞ Read this on The Loop

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How to fix the iOS 11.1 glitch where ‘i’...

If you updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11.1 you may find that when you type the letter “i” it autocorrects to the letter “A” with a symbol. Here’s a workaround until Apple issues a fix:

  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  • Tap the “plus” sign.
  • For Phrase, type an upper-case "I". For Shortcut, type a lower-case "i."
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∞ [VIDEO] Apple’s official iPhone X guided tour

[VIDEO] Thinking about getting an iPhone X? This is a well crafted guide to the iPhone X, with particular focus on gestures. Bravo, Apple. This is really helpful. Video embedded in the main Loop post.

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Apple offers temporary fix for iOS 11 'i'...

Apple has acknowledged the existence of a bug in iOS 11 concerning the autocorrection of the letter 'i,' by offering affected users a work around via its support pages until a software update is released that solves the issue.

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Broadcom making huge $130B bid for Qualcomm, could...

Broadcom has made a $105B bid to buy fellow chipmaker and Apple supplier Qualcomm. When $25B of net debt is factored in, the deal is effectively worth $130B.

If the bid succeeded, it would not only be the biggest tech acquisition in history, but might also help resolve the long-running dispute between Qualcomm and Apple …


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iOS bug autocorrects letter “i” to “A” plus unicode...

Over the weekend, a steadily growing number of iPhone users were reporting a bug where they’d type the letter “i”, but iOS would autocorrect it to “A” plus a strange symbol (a “?” in a box).

Contrary to some rumors, this behavior is not spreading from phone to phone, or via Twitter. It is limited to iOS 11.1 and any spread is due to updates to iOS 11.1 and spread of awareness.

Apple posted this knowledge base article suggesting you do a text replacement for the letter “i”. Obviously, that’s a temporary workaround until Apple releases a patch, which should be soon.

As to the cause, here’s Jeremy Burge from Emojipedia:

What’s really going on is that the letter “I” is being appended with an invisible character known as Variation Selector 16 when auto-correct...

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SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with...

Device insurance purveyor SquareTrade calls the iPhone X the "most breakable iPhone ever" in a series of drop tests -- but the assessments that the company did of the repairability differ with iFixit's teardown of the device.

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Apple’s official take on the iPhone X, off-angle...

From this Apple support document:

OLED technology delivers an incredibly high contrast ratio and high resolution. And with no backlight, OLED emits light through each pixel, allowing for a thinner display. The Super Retina display overcomes challenges with traditional OLED displays with its high brightness, wide color support, and has the best color accuracy in the industry.

If you look at an OLED display off-angle, you might notice slight shifts in color and hue. This is a characteristic of OLED and is normal behavior. With extended long-term use, OLED displays can also show slight visual changes. This is also expected behavior and can include “image persistence” or “burn-in,” where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen. This can occur in more extreme cases such as when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for...

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SquareTrade claims the iPhone X is the ‘most...

As noted by MacRumors, SquareTrade, a company that provides extended warranties for electronic devices, says the iPhone X is the “most breakable” Apple smartphone ever.

The company, which wants iPhone X users to purchase its two-year smartphone protection plan, says it conducted several breakability tests on the iPhone X, and found that its glass back and lack of a home button make it "the most breakable iPhone ever." The smartphone glass shattered when dropped on its front and back from a height of six feet, and the display also malfunctioned, claims SquareTrade. Conversely, Apple says the iPhone X has the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone.

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Britain’s National Health Service lets you see a...

It’s not unusual for private medical services to offer the option of a video consultation with a doctor – for a fee. But Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is piloting a scheme which lets 3.5 million patients get access to video consultations at no cost …


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Apple offers online training sessions to iPhone X...

As noted by AppleInsider, Apple is offering online training sessions to help owners of the new iPhone X.

The tech giant is offering a a phone conversation with an Apple Specialist while you watch a video on a computer to "help you go further" with the next gen smartphone. Those who bought an iPhone X, and who are buying one, should receive an email about the training sessions.

Apple calls the session a "customized interactive session." The session provides  tips and tricks to use the smartphone, discussions about AppleID and iCloud, and help setting up the device if needed.

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Apple offers 30-minute online training sessions to...

To acclimate users to the iPhone X, Apple is offering a phone conversation with an Apple Specialist, while watching a video on a computer to "help you go further" with the new device.

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Foxconn joining roster of Apple Watch suppliers, may...

Foxconn will be supplying System in Package (SiP) for the Apple Watch from next year though its affiliate ShunSin Technology, according to a supply-chain report …


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iPhone X ‘the most breakable iPhone ever’ in...

Following a series of six drop tests of the iPhone X, gadget insurance company SquareTrade has labelled the iPhone X ‘the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever.’

The iPhone X suffered catastrophic failure right from the first drop …


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How to quickly start writing notes on an iPad

When you’re struck by a brilliant idea (which usually happens to me around 1 a.m.), you don't want to slip away as you spend time unlocking your iPad and opening the Notes app. 

No problem. If you tap the Apple Pencil on the iPad's lock screen, you can start writing a note right away. Or you can simply tell Siri to "Take a Note" and she'll ask you what you want to say. The biggest benefit of the Notes app is that it links notes across devices using iCloud.  

Notes can also be password locked. If you’re using an iPad that supports Touch ID, you can unlock the note with your fingerprint.  

(This how-to is based on my experiences and info on Apple's support pages — where the images sometimes come from.)


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Spent a lot on that iPhone X? Here's an deal on...

We love it when a deal comes along at the perfect time, and that's the "case" with this low cost protective case for the new iPhone X from Vista Shops. After you've spent your $999 to $1299 plus $199 for AppleCare+ and even more for sales tax, your credit card could use a rest. This iPhone X case is just $16.99. 

The case is simple, but provides protection for your iPhone X. You can get the case in black, white or pink, and each one comes complete with a clear back to show the world your Apple pride. A small lip edge surrounds the edge-to-edge screen of the iPhone X, offering some protection from face-down drops. On the inside, there are double-layered walls to absorb shocks and bumps.

The deal ends soon; if you're...

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iPhone X Diary: The keynote impressed me, but real-...

My first impression diary pieces are usually exactly that: based on just taking it out of the box, setting it up and playing with it for an hour or three.

This time, however, my iPhone X didn’t arrive until the end of the day on Friday, by which time I was already out for the evening. So this time I’ve had a weekend of use, and have a bit more to say.

I previously outlined the reasons I was buying it, despite my fondness for the iPhone SE. As someone who loves the design of the classic iPhones (iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/SE), and who isn’t a fan of the 6/6S/7/8, the first question I had was what I’d make of the design of the iPhone X …


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Why is my Mac slowing down over time?

By Jeff Graber

What do Macs and cars have in common? They require upkeep to stay in perfect condition.

When the miles per gallon on a car go down or the car begins going through oil at an alarming rate, then something has to be done. Macs are no different. The first sign that your Mac may need some TLC is if it begins to slow down.

What is slowing down verses normal operation?

Macs will slow down when performing complex tasks, or a number of tasks at any one time. This is perfectly normal, as the Mac divvies up tasks through its processors. You know you have a problem however when this problem persists over a period of time, even when the Mac is not actively doing something. Slow load times, extended start times for applications, and unresponsive windows are all signs that your Mac may be slowing down over time. So what causes this to happen? 

Been running for a long time

The most frequent...

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Duplicate enhances the Mac Finder’s standard copy/...

By Aaron Lee

MacDaddy's Duplicate is a macOS hat enhances the Finder's standard copy and paste functionality by making them more efficient, as well as performing approximately 10% faster than stock copy and paste methods.

Duplicate can also copy large folders with no issues involving file permissions, as well as the ability to copy entire volumes, creating an exact duplicate bootable copy of the original volume. It installs itself as an option into the contextual menu that appears when you Control-Click or right-click a file, folder, or drive.

This makes Duplicate just as easy to use as the standard OS X copy and paste functions, while providing a copy and paste operation that is both faster and more efficient. Duplicate avoids failed copies with large folders, and users won't experience any issues with permissions as they sometime do with the standard Copy and Paste functions.

Whenever Duplicate is used to copy data, it makes an exact...

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Notable apps and app updates for Nov. 6, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Kalypso Media Group has introduced The Orient Express, a free, story-driven adventure for iPhone and iPad. Players take on the role of investigative reporter Heidi Price. What begins as nothing more than a story for The Globe newspaper soon sees Heidi trade in her notepad for a magnifying glass and venturing across 17 locations in search of a murderer. Repair torn pictures and documents to progress the story, crack locks and safes and more.

App Eminence has debuted Avoid the Void 2K18. The free (for a limited time) game  challenges players to swipe their finger to guide the blue...

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DataMan Next 11.1 outfitted with “Star Wars: The...

In the realm of “geeky and useful, the DataMan Next app has been updated to version 11.2 and outfitted a with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” theme.

As you may remember, DataMan Next, developed by Johnny Ixe, lets you quickly gauge how much of your allotted monthly data you’ve used at a glance.

DataMan Next is available for $0.99 on the App Store and requires iOS 10.3 or later to install and run.

If you’ve tried DataMan Next 11.1 or have any feedback to offer, let us know in the comments.

Via Twitter and the App Store

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Apple to release software update to solve iPhone...

Some iPhone and iPad users are facing a weird bug after updating to iOS 11.1. When trying to type the lowercase letter ‘i’, autocorrect replaces the word with the letter ‘A’ and a question mark symbol. Apple has released steps for a workaround fix until a bug-fix software update is released.


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Sunday November 5

Apple Watches Were Crashing When Asked About the...

Yesterday MacRumor reported that "Asking Siri something like 'What's the temperature?' or 'What's the weather?' or 'Is it raining?' causes the Apple Watch to crash."
The issue has been documented in several threads on the MacRumors forums and on Reddit, and we've also been able to replicate it on our own devices. Complaints about the problem appear to have started this morning, and the bug is confirmed to be affecting both LTE and GPS Apple Watch Series 3 models as well as older Apple Watch models running watchOS 4.1. Not all Apple Watch owners in all countries are affected, but it appears to be impacting users in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The problem may have been caused by Daylight Savings Time, they reported yesterday, since "asking Siri about the weather tomorrow or next week doesn't cause a problem -- it's only questions about the current weather conditions that are resulting in errors."
Engadget confirms that "The issue appears to be over. We'...

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New Samsung ad mocks the iPhone X’s notch, headphone...

Following the official release of the iPhone X on Friday, Samsung is out today with a new ad for its Galaxy Note 8 flagship. The new ad slams the iPhone X’s notch design, the lack of a headphone jack, and much more…


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The iPhone X cracked on the first drop


I took our Space Gray iPhone X out to the sidewalk in front of CNET’s San Francisco offices: a place where many screens have met their doom.

Is it just me or are these kinds of “tests” utterly ridiculous? Of course glass things break when you drop them. Is this really a surprise to anyone?

Not good considering it was the first drop.

Is CNET really unclear how dropping things works? What difference does it make if it’s the first drop or the tenth? Do they think that the phone gets less durable the more you drop it?

Is the iPhone X more fragile than past iPhones? Tough to say, because none of our tests are scientific.

Then maybe you should leave the “testing” to those who can do it scientifically. Regardless, it seems to be pretty much common sense that, when you drop things, they sometimes


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Dogs in space: Meet the Soviet Union space programme...


Today is the 60th anniversary of Laika – a Moscow stray – being blasted off Earth to become the first dog in space. In honour of the occasion, here is Duncan Geere’s piece on the full history of the Soviet’s canine space team.

I knew the Soviets had sent Laika into orbit but I didn’t know of her tragic before and after

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple Watches were crashing when asked about the...

We hope you didn't ask your shiny new Apple Watch about the weather on November 4th -- you probably got a rude response. Many Series 3 owners reported that their wristwear crashed (specifically, the "springboard" interface restarted) if they asked Si...

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The best Thunderbolt 3 docks for Apple's...

The inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 on the MacBook Pro and iMac has created an entire industry of docks and other accessories that take advantage of Thunderbolt 3's high bandwidth and power delivery capabilities, by providing more ports that can expand a Mac's connectivity. AppleInsider compares some of the best options on the market.

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Qualcomm may face takeover bid from chip rival...

Qualcomm is already facing headaches between antitrust cases and its patent spat with Apple, but there's one more that might join the pile. The Financial Times reports that Broadcom, one of Qualcomm's main rivals in the wireless chipset space, is pl...

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Saudi Arabia arrests one of tech's biggest...

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a crackdown on alleged corruption, and its dragnet has caught one of the tech world's most important investors: the country has arrested Prince al-Waleed bin Talal over money laundering charges. He has major stakes in...

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∞ Apple Store iPhone screensaver

I saw this tweet and checked out the linked graphic

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The best humidifier

By John Holecek and Tim Heffernan

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, reviews for the real world. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. R...

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Here’s how the new iPhone X design compares to every...

The iPhone X marks a significant departure from previous generation iPhone design. Apple has crammed a 5.8-inch display into a body that’s only mildly larger than previous generation non-Plus models. A new video has hit YouTube this weekend, offering a close comparison between the iPhone X and every other iPhone model…


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The 37 best photography accessories

Got a photographer in your life you need Christmas gift(s) for? This is a varied list with all kinds of price points on some cool accessories for your shooter.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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After Math: Xs and Os

It's been a wild week for schemes and strategies. A band of thieves made off with a load of new iPhones, the CIA released more of bin Laden's hard drive contents, and Netflix nixed House of Cards because Kevin Spacey turned out to be a sexual predato...

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An iOS 11.1 Glitch Is Replacing Vowels

An anonymous reader quotes Mashable:
We became privy to a new iPhone keyboard glitch after a few Mashable staffers recently started having issues with their iPhone keyboards, specifically with vowels. The issue started when iOS 11's predictive text feature began to display an odd character in the place of the letter "I," offering up "A[?] instead and autocorrecting within the message field...The bug was also covered by MacRumors, but it appears that my colleagues have even more issues than just the letter "I." One reported that they were also seeing the glitch with the letters "U" and "O" as well, making the problem strictly restricted to vowels. They also said the letters showed up oddly in iMessage on Mac devices, and shared some more screenshots of what the glitch looks like when they went through with sending a message. The glitch wasn't just limited to iMessage, however. My colleagues shared screenshots of their increasingly futile attempts to type out messages on...

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Merlin Project is the leading professional project management software for OS X. If you plan complex projects on your Mac, you won’t get far with a simple list of tasks. Good planning raises... Read more
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Merlin Project 4.3.3 - $289.00
Merlin Project is the leading professional project management software for OS X. If you plan complex projects on your Mac, you won’t get far with a simple list of tasks. Good planning raises... Read more
iMazing 2.5.2 - Complete iOS device mana...
iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can: Copy music to and from... Read more
Mac DVDRipper Pro 7.1 - Copy, backup, an...
Mac DVDRipper Pro is the DVD backup solution that lets you protect your DVDs from scratches, save your batteries by reading your movies from your hard disk, manage your collection with just a few... Read more
VOX 3.0.1 - Music player that supports m...
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