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Friday October 6

Ghostface's cryptocurrency demands bulletproof...

At this point it's kind of surprising that Wu-Tang Clan hadn't gotten into the cryptocurrency game. After all, even Burger King is doing it and Wu-Tang Financial was all about diversifying your investments. Ghostface Killah has picked up the baton, t...

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Apple's head of iCloud infrastructure leaves...

An Apple executive tasked with managing backend infrastructure for the company's iCloud products, including the iCloud Drive cloud storage service, has left the company, potentially signaling a dramatic shift in favor of in-house data centers, according to a report on Friday.

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Tesla pushes EV semi-truck launch to November 16th

The automotive world has been awaiting Tesla's long-teased electric semi-truck, which it was supposed to unveil on October 26th. But the company is pushing that date back to November 16th for a couple reasons: First, it needs to fix a few bottlenecks...

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AWT News Update: October 6, 2017

Ohio State University

A fun fall Friday with plenty of ripe Apple news!

  • Try out WordSwipe, our sponsor this week and a fun game you can play with friends through Messages
  • Pixelmator has been updated so you can now edit photos with its tools in the Photos app, and there's more goodness in the app
  • Futuremark says that the "slowdown" of iPhones after iOS upgrades is all in the minds of users
  • Apple and Ohio State University team up for The Digital Flagship University

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update podcast for October 6th, 2017. Our sponsor this month is It’s About Time Products, and this week we’re focusing on...

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Apple’s head of iCloud infrastructure technology...

A new report from CNBC this evening claims that the Apple executive responsible for the company’s iCloud infrastructure has left the company. Eric Billingsley was Apple’s director of internet services operations, overseeing much of the iCloud backend…


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FCC creates hurricane task force to aid recovery in...

Days after the agency pledged $77 million to fix communications on Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, newly-reconfirmed FCC Chair Ajit Pai announced the creation of the Hurricane Recovery Task Force. It's dedicated to repairing damage caused by the...

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‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ trailer pits John Boyega...

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim was a geek's fever dream, mixing together elements of kaiju (giant monster) films, huge robots and anime. Now, the cinema gods have blessed us with a sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising. This time, it's John Boyega (Star War...

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Renault-Nissan bets its future on electric and...

The Renault-Nissan alliance is no stranger to producing electric cars. Have heard of this little thing called the Leaf? However, its eco-friendly vehicles have tended to be odd ducks in the lineup. That's about to change: the Renault Group has unv...

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Futuremark analysis debunks rumor that Apple slows...

Benchmarking firm Futuremark has weighed in on claims that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhones to encourage upgrades, with analysis of benchmark results indicating iPhones maintain their performance over time instead of deteriorating.

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Researchers have increased atomic clock precision...

Researchers have pushed the precision and stability of atomic clocks to increasingly greater levels over the last few years. A big advancement was the introduction of optical lattices, lasers which essentially quarantine individual atoms and boost ac...

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iOS 11: How to turn off your iPhone without the...

There are some handy new features in iOS 11 that aren’t very sexy, but can be really useful when needed. One of these new features is the ability to power down your iPhone without the sleep/wake (power) button.


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Explore Philip K. Dick's crazy futures in...

Amazon is no stranger to sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's somewhat skewed vision of the future, having found success with The Man in the High Castle and its alternative history timeline. The company teased its new anthology series based on the author's...

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Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher blasts Gibson

I absolutely love my Les Paul guitars, but Gibson as a company has treated its employees and artists like shit for many years.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Installing Line 6 drivers in macOS High Sierra

An important note if you upgraded to High Sierra and use Line 6 music gear.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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What if Russian voter hacks were just part of its...

This week's news that Russian Facebook ads targeted crucial swing states in the 2016 election changes what we know about the voter databases and software systems that were hacked into by Russian military intelligence in key battleground states.


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Stream Austin City Limits performances live this...

Summer might be over, but there's still a couple music festivals on tap. If you can't make it to the Lone Star State, Austin City Limits is partnering with Red Bull TV to stream a weekend of music starting at 3:05 PM ET today with Asleep at the Wheel...

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Jony Ive recalls how Steve Jobs taught him to say no...

Late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs taught his chief designer Jony Ive not only how to say no, but to reject ideas that personally excited him. That process continues to help him to achieve a level of focus -- one that he said that Jobs himself had mastered.

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9to5Rewards: Customize a pair of Apple AirPods from...

This week for 9to5Rewards, we’re giving away a pair of customized AirPods from ColorWare, the Minnesota-based company that specializes in custom painted products & skins.

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Transforming vehicles and aerial dogfights are...

GTA Online manages to do more than hang on to its playerbase, despite its source game Grand Theft Auto V coming out four years ago. The continual flow of bonus content every other month net studio Rockstar Games over $400 million in Q2 2017. GTA Onli...

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Jony Ive on iPhone X and Apple's future...

In a conversation at The New Yorker's TechFest conference in Manhattan on Friday, Apple chief designer Jony Ive gave a small glimpse into the development of the upcoming iPhone X, and the time that it takes for technology to catch up to ideas.

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Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger

We know that this is going to bring tears to the eyes of many (just kidding), but a piece of online history will be going away for good on December 15. Verizon Oath, which owns the AOL and Yahoo brands, announced that AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) will be shut down on that date.

When AIM was first launched in 1997 as a Windows application, it became very popular for online chatting and even defined many of the design themes still in use for messaging. AIM became accessible to Mac users through Apple's iChat, which provided AIM users with a way to hit both services with one app. Through that connection, it became possible for Mac and Windows users to chat cross-platform. 

macOS High Sierra removed support for AIM last month. The death knell for AIM has been ringing for several years now, with Facebook Messenger, Google, Slack, WhatsApp, and other multi-platform messaging services eclipsing the stodgy AIM. Oath...

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A reflective Jony Ive recalls the joy of joining...

Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive took part in a one-on-one interview at The New Yorker's TechFest event in Manhattan on Friday, where he spoke about the design process, the joys of working at Apple, and even the downside of advanced tools like the iPhone. AppleInsider was there live and shares highlights from the interview.

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Facebook's Workplace chat app brings screen...

It seems like everyone wants to take on Slack these days when it comes to virtual office systems. The latest is Facebook, which, according to TechCrunch has quietly added screen sharing and released a desktop client to its Workplace chat app. The pro...

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SimToo Moment Drone: A 4K camera drone anyone can...

I really like small “selfie drones”; they’re easy to pack away in a bag for travel, they’re lightweight so they aren’t subject to regulatory issues, and they do a pretty good job of taking photos. Up until now, the only one I’ve owned is the $499.95 Hover Camera Passport drone that was sold through Apple retail outlets — although it is appears as “currently unavailable” at this time. Like most consumer electronic products, another company has taken the idea of a lightweight, folding portable drone and is currently crowdfunding manufacturing of a similar product that will ship early next month. The iOS-controlled SimToo Moment Drone can be had for as little as $199 during the Indiegogo campaign, and if you’ve balked at the price tag of the Hover Camera Passport, you’re going to like what you see with the Moment Drone.


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Paul Allen puts $40 million towards combatting...

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen is working on a system that will monitor the oceans for illegal fishing, reports Bloomberg. It's called SkyLight and Allen is putting $40 million towards the project. Currently, the system is being tested in Palau and G...

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Bluetooth Won't Replace the Headphone Jack --...

Last year, when it was rumoured that the then upcoming iPhone models -- 7 and 7 Plus -- won't have the 3.5mm audio jack, The Verge's Nilay Patel wrote that if Apple does do it, it would be a user-hostile and stupid move. When those iPhone models were official announced, they indeed didn't have the audio jack. Earlier this week, Android-maker Google announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones that also don't feature the decades-old audio jack either, a move that would likely push rest of the smartphone makers to adopt a similar change. The rationale behind killing the traditional headphones jack, both Apple and Google say, is to move to an improved technology: Bluetooth. But there is another motive at play here, it appears. Patel, writes for The Verge: As the headphone jack disappears, the obvious replacement isn't another wire with a proprietary connector like Apple's Lightning or the many incompatible and strange flavors of USB-C audio. It's Bluetooth. And Bluetooth continues...

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Truphone makes Apple SIM-based iPad data plans...

Truphone has brought its iPad data plans to two more markets, with customers in Ireland and Portugal now able to sign up and enable their iPad's Apple SIM to work with the carrier, and use their iPad to roam in 40 countries as part of the price plan.

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Cortana can command your smart home devices on...

Now that Google has unveiled the new additions to its Home speaker lineup and Sonos has launched its own Alexa-enabled device, Microsoft seriously has to hurry up if it wants its assistant to have a shot at finding a place in our homes. Even though w...

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Apple Supplemental Update for macOS High Sierra...

Apple has released more details about its macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update released on Thursday, advising it fixed two security issues relating to APFS volume encryption and a potential hack that could allow an attacker to extract a user's keychain passwords.

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Nike’s NFC-powered NBA jerseys are a door to...

When the National Basketball Association's 2017-2018 season tips off on October 17th, it will mark the beginning of a new era for the league. For the first time in more than a decade, all 30 teams are going to wear Nike uniforms on the court. The com...

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Carbon Copy Cloner 5: The best backup utility for...

Thanks to Bombich Software for sponsoring The Loop this week. Bombich Software has released Carbon Copy Cloner 5, an upgrade to its bootable backup software for macOS. The upgrade features scheduled task grouping and sorting, guided setup and restore, task history trend charts, a health check for backups, advanced file filtering, and includes hundreds of improvements and fixes.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5 requires macOS 10.10 or later and will be compatible with APFS and Apple’s macOS 10.13 High Sierra release this autumn. A full-featured thirty day trial version is available.

Carbon Copy Cloner is an app that I’ve used for years, in fact, since it was first released. The new version goes a long way to make the software easier to use, while still adding more advanced features.

You can get 15% off Carbon Copy Cloner until September 3 by using the code LOOPINSIGHT at checkout.


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Live Blog: Jony Ive design talk at The New Yorker...

Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, is set to take the stage at The New Yorker TechFest to discuss ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ with The New Yorker‘s editor David Remnick. 9to5Mac is live from the venue in New York City and will have full coverage starting at the top of the hour (10 am PT/1 pm ET). Follow along below:


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∞ The pit of misery, Dilly Dilly!

I don’t like the beer, but this commercial is so damn funny.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPad Pro $100 off, Seagate 2TB...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Roundup: The best HDR TVs to pair with the Apple TV...

With the Apple TV 4K hitting store shelves, we're rounding up a list of the best TVs on the market that offer ultra HD resolution and support HDR technology to fully utilize the Apple TV 4K's ability.

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Katherine Adams joins Apple, Bruce Sewell retires as...

Apple today announced that Katherine Adams, formerly senior vice president and general counsel of Honeywell, will join Apple as general counsel and senior vice president of Legal and Global Security, reporting to CEO Tim Cook and serving on Apple’s executive team.

The company also announced Bruce Sewell, who has served as Apple’s general counsel since 2009, will be retiring at the end of the year.

Bruce did a great job defending and promoting Apple’s principles as General Counsel. Katherine Adams seems to have the same values as Tim Cook and will make a worthy replacement for Bruce.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iOS 11's Misleading 'Off-ish' Setting...

Last month, we covered a story about how turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center doesn't really turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. EFF has called the situation bad for user security. From the report: Instead, what actually happens in iOS 11 when you toggle your quick settings to "off" is that the phone will disconnect from Wi-Fi networks and some devices, but remain on for Apple services. Location Services is still enabled, Apple devices (like Apple Watch and Pencil) stay connected, and services such as Handoff and Instant Hotspot stay on. Apple's UI fails to even attempt to communicate these exceptions to its users. It gets even worse. When you toggle these settings in the Control Center to what is best described as "off-ish," they don't stay that way. The Wi-Fi will turn back full-on if you drive or walk to a new location. And both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will turn back on at 5:00 AM. This is not clearly explained to users, nor left to them to choose, which makes...

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Apple is probing reports of swollen iPhone 8...

You might have seen a tweet or Facebook post over the past week with a pic of someone’s swollen iPhone 8 case. A handful of such claims have surfaced since the phone started shipping on Sept. 22, and as expected, they’re making headlines all across the web. But there’s no reason to worry yet.

Bulging batteries are caused by a buildup of gases inside the cell. It generally affects older batteries that are reaching the end of their lifespan, but while it’s rare, it’s not completely uncommon for it to affect new batteries as well. In fact, if you search for “iPhone 7 battery swelling,” you’ll find numerous cases of Apple...

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Apple's Bruce Sewell retires as general counsel...

Apple on Friday revealed that the company's current general counsel, Bruce Sewell, will be retiring at the end of 2017, to be replaced by Katherine Adams, who was previously a senior VP and general counsel for Honeywell.

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After 20 years, AIM will officially shutdown in...

After first launching back in 1997, today word arrives that AOL Instant Messenger will officially shut down in December after a 20-year run:


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Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell retiring,...

Apple has announced that Katherine Adams will be joining Apple as General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Legal and Global Security, as current General Counsel Bruce Sewell will be retiring by the end of the year. 

Adams will report directly to CEO Tim Cook. She comes from being the senior vice president and general counsel at Honeywell since 2003, and was a partner at New York law firm Sidley Austin LLP prior to that time. Early in her career, Adams was a law clerk for the US Supreme Court and a trial attorney for the US Department of Justice. 

In the announcement, CEO Tim Cook was quoted as saying:

We are thrilled to welcome Kate to our team. She's a seasoned leader with outstanding judgment and that has worked on a wide variety of legal cases globally. Throughout her career she's also been an advocate on many of the values we at...

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Apple’s general counsel and SVP Bruce Sewell to...

Apple today has announced that its general counsel and SVP Bruce Sewell will be retiring at the end of the year and that Katherine Adams will be stepping into the role.


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Video: Apple TV 4K and the SteelSeries Nimbus...

The new Apple TV 4K is now available and thanks to an ultra-powerful A10X Fusion CPU, it can output beautiful images with both High Dynamic Range and 4K resolution. Though Apple is touting higher quality movies and video with 4K HDR support, the new processor promises huge potential in terms of gaming.

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AOL Instant Messenger to shut down permanently on...

AOL Instant Messenger -- better known as AIM, and once a staple of the online world -- will close down on Dec. 15 this year, according to Verizon's Oath, which controls the AOL brand.

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KGI: iPhone 8 Plus sales better than expected,...

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has looked at data available since the release of the iPhone 8 models last month and says that sales of the iPhone 8 Plus have been "better than expected". But the analyst said that the expected "super cycle" of high iPhone sales will be delayed into 2018 due to production issues surrounding the iPhone X that's expected early next month.

The biggest issue that will keep supplies of the iPhone X constrained in 2017 is low production yield for the front-facing True Depth camera that is used for the groundbreaking Face ID technology in the new phone. However, Kuo sees the production issues easing after the end of the year, with an expected boom in sales as production ramps up.

Kuo's estimates show 210 to 220 million iPhones being sold in 2017, with the "super cycle" in 2018 seeing sales in the range of 245 to 255 million units. Once the iPhone X is on the market, Kuo expects demand for the current iPhone 8 line to drop. Kuo also believes that the...

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Hedgehogs, Wizards, and "hundreds" of...

Next week's release of iOS 11.1 beta to developers and public testers has one fun change in store: literally hundreds of new emoji. Apple revealed some of the upcoming characters today, which are Apple's take on the approved Unicode 10 standard.

In addition to the traditional smilies seen above (in a variety of skin tones), there are new animals and creatures. The smiling hedgehog (see below) is an instant winner, and the dinosaur is sure to be popular with kids.

Finally, Tolkien and "Dungeons and Dragons" fans will have wizards available for emoting, while mermaids are sure to be popular at the seashore and near swimming pools.

Expect to see new food, new clothing options, and the ever-popular zombies coming to your emoji keyboard. In addition, there will be an ASL gesture emoji for the phrase "I love you", and even someone in the lotus position. 

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Opinion: It’s time for Apple to start offering...

Music has been part of Apple’s soul since the launch of the iPod almost 16 years ago. Launched with the slogan ‘a thousand songs in your pocket,’ it’s no exaggeration to say that the device transformed the way we listen to music. It also transformed Apple into a major mobile device manufacturer, and laid the ground work for the iPhone.

Fast-forward to today, and Apple still places a huge emphasis on music. Its largest ever acquisition was the $3B it paid to buy Beats in 2014. The Beats Music service became Apple Music, a streaming service which has grown to 30M paid subscribers.

Apple’s move into exclusive...

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Protect your internet activity with a two-year VPN...

In 2017, it’s more important than ever to have a strong game plan when it comes to cyber security. A part of that puzzle is using a trusted VPN service that adds an extra layer of protection to your data, along with a host of other benefits. All of this, combined with recent legislative action makes it all the more important to find a service that fits your needs.


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iPhone X TrueDepth supply issues likely to clear up...

KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo sees the TrueDepth camera and Face ID as the real driving force behind a "super cycle" for the iPhone, with it ultimately growing iPhone sales for the entirety of fiscal year 2018.

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KGI: iPhone 8 Plus selling better than expected as...

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is today out with a new investor note in which he further analyzes the iPhone X supply chain and production struggles. Kuo also looks ahead to 2018, noting of when Apple will hit full production of the iPhone X as well as what’s in store for the 2018 iPhone…


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Apple reveals new emojis coming with iOS 11.1,...


Apple released iOS 11 barely a month ago, but emoji lovers are eagerly awaiting its first major update. Apple revealed a bunch of new emoji that will come to iOS devices with the release of iOS 11.1. The new characters are adaptations from Unicode 10, which added 56 new emoji.

A quick look into Apple's new emojis shows a triad of new "genderless" emoji with various skin colors and age differences. The release also brings a group of new clothing emoji, which include a hat, scarf, gloves, and trench coat.

Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments


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App Store, Apple Music, iTunes & other services...

A host of public- and developer-facing Apple online services -- including flagships like the App Store, the iTunes Store, Apple Music, and the Mac App Store -- were encountering unspecified difficulties, according to the company's system status trackers.

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Google's quick-loading webpages are getting a...

When you see "AMP" next to a search result on mobile, it means that page will load quickly on your phone -- much faster than a page without the label. "AMP" sounds too cold and technical, though, so Google seems to be thinking of using a name that's...

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∞ Coming to Apple Music: Bang! The Bert Berns Story

[VIDEO] This looks to be a well crafted love letter to an unsung hero of the music industry. This could be a sweet spot for Apple Music, something I’d normally associate with HBO. A bit of a niche documentary, but foundational, something that adds value to my Apple Music subscription, something I can’t get on Spotify.

The film was produced by Bert Berns’ son and premiered at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival to great acclaim. Here’s a review.

Watch the trailer embedded in the main Loop post. Drops on October 24th. My calendar is marked.

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Pixelmator 3.7 for macOS fully compatible with High...

Image editing app Pixelmator has been updated with full compatibility for macOS High Sierra, with version 3.7 'Mount Whitney' of the app also adding support for HEIF files and more integration with the Photos app, along with a number of other performance improvements and bug fixes.

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China: Another iPhone 8 swollen battery, case opening


On its website on Thursday, China’s state-backed cited an iPhone buyer surnamed Liu as saying his newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on Oct. 5. There was no sign of scorching or an explosion.

Liu told ThePaper he bought the handset through online marketplace of Inc. He said he did not charge the new device and returned it to the seller.

Pictures taken by Liu and displayed on ThePaper’s website showed an iPhone 8 plus split open along the side featuring the sim card holding, with the phone’s internal parts visible.

Puzzling. Just enough cases to make this more than a one-off, but does not appear to be widespread. Should be easy enough to tell if this is an issue with a specific part of the supply chain.

∞ Read this...

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Apple reveals new emoji for iPhone and iPad


Apple press release:

Hundreds of new emoji, including more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical creatures and more, are coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1.

The new emoji are gorgeous. To me, they harken back to the days of skeuomorphism. Jarring to see the shiny, shadowed, 3D emoji next to the intentionally flat iOS interface. Which way are we going?

No matter, head over to the Apple press release, check out the emoji for yourself. A vampire!


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RAWtronics i7 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Solo Earphone...

Like the looks of Apple AirPods but don't like the price tag? Or maybe the only thing you need AirPods for is talking on the phone...and do you really need two AirPods to do that? We've got just the solution for you: a RAWtronics i7 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Solo Earphone for $17.99.

Even from nearby, it looks like an AirPod, but it's not. Available in a variety of colors including White, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Rose Red, the RAWtronics Wireless Solo Earphone fits into your ear securely, just like an AirPod. It can connect to two different devices simultaneously, and the built-in mic makes it easy to do hands-free calling. The battery provides enough power to keep you talking for up to four hours.

Enjoy your phone calls and look trendy...without hitting your credit card too much! This deal only lasts for a few days, so get your...

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Apple shows off vampires, fairies, & other new...

Apple on Friday took the unusual approach of revealing some of the emoji coming to next week's public and developer betas of iOS 11.1, as well as upcoming versions of macOS and watchOS.

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Researchers: Uber’s iOS app had secret permissions...

Kate Conger, Gizmodo:

To improve functionality between Uber’s app and the Apple Watch, Apple allowed Uber to use a powerful tool that could record a user’s iPhone screen, even if Uber’s app was only running in the background, security researchers told Gizmodo. After the researchers discovered the tool, Uber said it is no longer in use and will be removed from the app.

My head is spinning. How was this allowed to happen in the first place and how was the tool not monitored, removal tracked and forced by Apple?


The entitlement isn’t common and would require Apple’s explicit permission to use, the researchers explained. Will Strafach, a security researcher and CEO of Sudo Security Group, said he couldn’t find any other apps with the entitlement live on the App Store.

I’d love an official comment by Apple on this. Was this a one time thing? Is this common practice?


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AppleInsider Podcast discusses the idea of an ARM...

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about the possibility of an ARM CPU in a Macbook, Google's new devices, and more.

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∞ A-Ha, live unplugged performance of Take On Me,...

If the headline means nothing to you, take a moment to immerse yourself in this (at the time) groundbreaking video, listen to the musical earworm that took over the world in 1984, the year the Mac was born.

Back? OK, now fast forward to last week, when A-Ha got together to perform an unplugged version of the song, slow enough that you can actually follow the lyrics. That video is embedded in the main Loop post.

Such a voice! Want a version with the original beat and a bit more falsetto? Here ya go.

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EFF: iOS 11’s misleading “off-ish” Bluetooth, Wi-Fi...

Electronic Frontier Foundation blog:

Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios when you’re not using them is good security practice (not to mention good for your battery usage). When you consider Bluetooth’s known vulnerabilities, it’s especially important to make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings are doing what you want them to. The iPhone’s newest operating system, however, makes it harder for users to control these settings.

We’ve discussed the Control Center controls and icons in this Loop post.

In a nutshell, when you tap the WiFi or Bluetooth icons in Control Center, you’ll drop/restore the current connection, but without turning off the respective radio. And that’s the EFF’s complaint.

Instead, what actually happens in iOS 11 when you toggle your quick settings to “off” is that the...

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Apple says ‘intermittent issues’ with many cloud...

Apple’s system status page is displaying problems with a significant number of cloud services. At the time of writing, it is showing ‘intermittent issues’ for ‘some users’ for the following services:

  • App Store
  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV
  • iTunes in the Cloud
  • iTunes Store
  • iTunes U
  • Mac App Store
  • Volume Purchase Program …


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Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental...

Every so often after a major operating system update, Apple releases a supplemental update to sort things out.

This is one of those times.

On Thursday, Apple released macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update. The update, a 915 megabyte download through the App Store’s “Update” tab, fixes two important security flaws, one of which was just recently publicized. It also addresses three relatively minor bugs in macOS High Sierra.

Per Apple’s patch notes, the macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update offers the following fixes:

Improves installer robustness
Fixes a cursor graphic bug when using Adobe InDesign
Resolves an issue where email messages couldn’t be deleted from Yahoo accounts in Mail
Security patch notes for macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update

Apple has also released the following notes for the two security issues the Supplemental Update addresses:


Available for: macOS...

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White House chief of staff John Kelly may have used...

White House officials believe that chief of staff John Kelly may have been using a compromised personal phone for months, some of that time after he joined the West Wing …


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OmniFocus 2.11.1

Minor maintenance release fixes some bugs related to macOS 10.13 High Sierra. ($39.99 new, free update, 31.4 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Another iPhone 8 Plus with separated chassis...

We have been hearing several more reports about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units arriving out of the box with separated sides and presumably bloated batteries, in the last week. One such incident has now been reported in the Chinese state media, for a device delivered to mainland China.


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Pixelmator adds integration with macOS High Sierra...

Pixelmator for Mac has just released version 3.7 to the Mac App Store, a small but important update to the Mac image editor.

The update includes support for the new ‘Edit With’ feature in the macOS Sierra Photos app, as well as the ability to import the new HEIF images taken by the latest iPhones.


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Hundreds of new emoji coming to iOS 11.1 beta 2 next...

We’re about to see a ton of new emoji hit the iPhone and iPad starting next week. Apple has announced that next week’s beta version of iOS 11.1 will include hundreds of new characters “including more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical creatures and more” as part of Unicode 10.


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Thursday October 5

Parallels Desktop updated with improved support for...

Popular vitalization software Parallels has today been updated to version 13.1 with a host of improvements. The update primarily focuses on improving the performance of Parallels with macOS High Sierra, include better optimization for features such as HEVC files and Apple Filesystem…


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Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac gains APFS, HEVC, VR...

Virtualization solution Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac was updated on Thursday to take full advantage of hardware and software technologies supported by macOS 10.13 High Sierra, including the Apple File System and HEVC codec.

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Facebook testing Workplace Chat apps app for Mac and...

Social networking monolith Facebook quietly launched beta versions of dedicated Facebook Workplace Chat apps for Mac and PC that incorporate screen sharing, as well as the usual list of basic chat client features.

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Zillow to offer easy 3D house tour creation, viewing...

House hunting app Zillow is working on a new iOS app that will allow real estate professionals and homeowners to easily create 3D house tours using an iPhone, media designed to expedite house rentals and purchases.

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iFlicks 2.6.1

Focuses on adding support for new video and audio formats and improving reliability of internal metadata handling. ($34.99 new, free update, 17.3 MB)


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Zillow announces new app for creating 3D home tours...

Popular real estate company Zillow today announced work on an all-new iOS application that will make it incredibly easy for real estate agents to add interactive 3D tours of homes and apartments.


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Uber's iOS App Had Secret Permissions That...

To improve functionality between Uber's app and the Apple Watch, Apple allowed Uber to use a powerful tool that could record a user's iPhone screen, even if Uber's app was only running in the background, security researchers told news outlet Gizmodo. From a report: After the researchers discovered the tool, Uber said it is no longer in use and will be removed from the app. The screen recording capability comes from what's called an "entitlement" -- a bit of code that app developers can use for anything from setting up push notifications to interacting with Apple systems like iCloud or Apple Pay. This particular entitlement, however, was intended to improve memory management for the Apple Watch. The entitlement isn't common and would require Apple's explicit permission to use, the researchers explained. Will Strafach, a security researcher and CEO of Sudo Security Group, said he couldn't find any other apps with the entitlement live on the App Store. "It looks like no other third-...

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AWT News Update: October 5, 2017

A thunderstorm cut recording of this podcast short today, but we still have a few good stories from the world of Apple:

  • Try WordSwipe, a fun and challenging word game you play with friends via Messages. Free to try, $0.99 to buy. 
  • A security research discovers that Uber was given permission -- by Apple -- to use a special API in its app that could have been used maliciously
  • A CNN reporter tweets a photo of an iPhone 7 Plus that allegedly stopped a bullet during the Sunday night Las Vegas shooting tragedy
  • Facebook is rolling out an Apple Music chat extension for Facebook Messenger

The text version of the podcast can be read below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.


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'Carpool Karaoke' episode with Linkin Park...

Earlier this year, rock band Linkin Park shot an episode of Apple's "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" due to debut on Apple Music, though a release date was postponed indefinitely after the unexpected death of lead singer Chester Bennington. On Thursday, the band announced the installment will air next week.

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Apple allowed Uber use of API to record iPhone...

Security researchers recently discovered Uber's app leveraged a powerful API to record users' iPhone screens in a bid to improve interoperability with its Apple Watch app, a permission only Apple could grant.

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Linkin Park to debut its Carpool Karaoke segment...

Prior to the death of lead singer Chester Bennington, Linkin Park had filmed an episode of Carpool Karaoke for Apple’s spin-off, but Apple said at the time that Bennington’s family would decide whether or not to air the segment. Linkin Park announced on Facebook today, however, that the segment will air next week…


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Default Folder X 5.1.7

Fixes a number of bugs for the Open/Save dialog enhancement utility. ($34.95 new, free update, 6.4 MB)


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Facebook testing new dedicated macOS client,...

Facebook this week has quietly launched a new desktop Mac application with built-in screen sharing and chat. As first discovered by TechCrunch, this app is targeted at Facebook Workplace users right now as it focuses on building a suite of services competing with the likes of Slack…


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Hands-on: Fighting the Empire with our iPhone and...

Disney now owns LucasFilm, and with that the "Star Wars" franchise. Part and parcel of that is merchandise, with Sphero cranking out four models of app-controlled droids in time for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" -- and AppleInsider has three of them.

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Facebook flips switch on Apple Music song sharing...

Facebook is now letting users share tracks from Apple Music via a Messenger chat extension, which could help increase the service's exposure.

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Uber removing private iOS API that allowed them to...

Uber’s head of security communications has today announced that the company is removing access from its iOS app that may have allowed the company to record a user’s display unknowingly. Security researchers had noticed that Uber was given access to these private APIs by Apple, an unprecedented move from the security focused company.


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Apple posts trailer for 'Bang! The Bert Berns...

Apple on Thursday released a trailer for "Bang! The Bert Berns Story," a documentary streamingly exclusively on Apple Music starting Oct. 24.

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Apple Music integration within Facebook Messenger...

Facebook announced last spring at its F8 developer conference that it would be bringing Apple Music integration to its Messenger app. Now, the feature is beginning to roll out to users.


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Belkin intros USB-C 3.1 Express Dock HD

Accessory manufacturer Belkin today announced the availability of a new dock for USB-C devices. The USB-C 3.1 Express Dock HD provides a ton of ports including two USB-C 3.1 ports for connecting and charging new smartphones and laptops.

Through that pair of ports, three USB-A ports, an HDMI port that supports 4K video output, a single one-gigabit Ethernet port for fast internet connection, and two audio ports, the USB-C 3.1 Express Dock HD can be connected to up to nine devices at once (company literature says eight, but I count nine ports...). 

The new dock is available today at an MSRP of $229.99 on

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Video: How Apple's 'Slow Sync' flash...

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X boast a new feature dubbed "Slow Sync" flash that improves picture quality when relying on the camera flash. AppleInsider shows you how it works in our latest video, covering everything from exposure to slow shutter speeds, and how flash freezes the image.

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macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update Fixes...

Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update to address five specific bugs that have affected early adopters of High Sierra. If you use Adobe InDesign, get email through Yahoo, or create encrypted APFS volumes, you’ll want to get this one right away.


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Apple releases macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update

Apple on Thursday released the macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update. This update is an important security update that addresses two issues:

  • It fixes the security hole in Keychain that made the news last week. Security researcher Patrick Wardle created code was able to access Keychain and collect passwords. Wardle did not release the code he used.
  • It fixes a vulnerability discovered by software developer Matheus Mariano, where Disk Utility improperly shows the passwords of encrypted Apple File System volumes.

How to install the macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update

  1. Launch the App Store app (located in the Applications folder).
  2. Click on the Updates icon. The App Store will check the internet for the update.
  3. Once the update appears in the App Store listing, click on the Update button for...
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Apple Addresses a Bug That Caused Disk Utility in...

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumours: Brazilian software developer Matheus Mariano appears to have discovered a significant Disk Utility bug that exposes the passwords of encrypted Apple File System volumes in plain text on macOS High Sierra. Mariano added a new encrypted APFS volume to a container, set a password and hint, and unmounted and remounted the container in order to force a password prompt for demonstration purposes. Then, he clicked the "Show Hint" button, which revealed the full password in plain text rather than the hint. [...] Apple has addressed this bug by releasing a macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update, available from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.


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Belkin announces new USB-C hub with HDMI, USB-A, and...

Belkin today has announced a new USB-C 3.1 dock for MacBook and MacBook Pro users. The company touts that the Express Dock HD packs “speed, power, and efficient charging” through its 1M cable…


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‘Bang! The Bert Berns Story’ to be third exclusive...

Just earlier today, we reported that Apple will be bringing a behind-the-scenes documentary along with Pink’s new album to Apple Music. Now, Apple has shared a trailer for another music documentary to hit its music service exclusively later this month, Bang! The Bert Berns Story.


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Apple and the future of photography in Depth: part 2...

When iPhone launched ten years ago it took basic photos and no videos. Apple has since rapidly advanced its capabilities in mobile photography to the point where iPhone is now globally famous for its billboard-sized artwork and has been used to shoot feature length films for cinematic release. iOS 11 now achieves a new level of image capture with Depth. Here's a look at the future of photos, focusing on new features in the upcoming iPhone X.

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US Justice Department says Supreme Court should deny...

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday issued a recommendation against the Supreme Court reviewing a 2014 court verdict, which at the time awarded Apple almost $120 million for patent infringement by Samsung.

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Apple releases macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update

Well, that was fast. Earlier this morning we posted an article about a flaw in macOS High Sierra that exposed passwords for APFS encrypted containers; now a supplemental update has been released to fix that issue and it's available in the Mac App Store. In addition to two security fixes, the Supplemental Update also "improves installer robustness", "fixes a cursor graphic bug when using Adobe InDesign", and "resolves an issue where email messages couldn't be deleted from Yahoo accounts in Mail".

The update actually fixes another security issue as well, as noted in the text following from Apple:


Available for: macOS High Sierra 10.13

Impact: A local attacker may gain access to an encrypted APFS volume

Description: If a hint was set in Disk Utility when creating an APFS encrypted...

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Sonos, Apple Music, and AirPlay 2

Dave Hamilton has some good info on how we can expect Sonos to work—or not—with Apple Music.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental...

Apple on Thursday issued a supplemental update for its macOS High Sierra operating system, squashing a password hint bug in Disk Utility, a few more minor bugs and improving the update's installer. The changes were so minor, it didn't even warrant a point-zero-one distinction.

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