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Saturday January 7

ExoLens previews new case for the iPhone 7

ExoLens will debut the ExoLens Case at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The dual layer case allows photographers and cinematographers to use the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS mobile photography lenses.

Designed with high-end aesthetics and impact-resistant materials, the ExoLens Case serves as a low profile, highly protective solution even without the lenses,  says John Fellowes, CEO of Fellowes Brands. The ExoLens Case will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2017. Pricing hasn’t been announced.

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Become Tech Savvy: If you truly want to improve, you...

If this is your first time reading this series you’ll get the most value by starting with the first article. Note for the already tech savvy, IT professionals, and our regular readers: this is designed as a resource as you help others or for those looking to become tech savvy on their own.

Growth Mindset
Background, Expectations, & Best Practices |

I have yet to find any books or resources that discuss the foundation and most important factor in becoming tech savvy (or learning anything), your mindset. Research shows that people with a growth mindset are more likely to achieve success in part because they believe they can. Alternately, people with a fixed mindset, who believe they can only achieve according to ingrained talent or aptitude are more likely to give up on their goals...

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The Morning After: Saturday, January 7th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

CES 2017 is in full swing, and we're ready to hand out some hardware. Find out how you can participate in our Best of CES 2017 awards, and catch up on some of the action from yesterday's Engadget live stream. Th...

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QardioCore wearable ECG monitor is iOS compatible

Qardio, Inc.'s US$449 QardioCore — a wearable ECG monitor showcased at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas — is now available for pre-order at It’s iOS compatible.

QardioCore is a wearable medical electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor allowing users to proactively look after their heart health long-term, all without the need for wires or patches. Packed with proprietary sensor technology, it records more than 20 million data points, streaming the user's live medical-grade data to their iPhones.

ECG monitors sense the tiny electrical charges on the skin arising from the heart muscle's electrophysiological activity. It’s IP65 certified, making it splash and rain-resistant.

QardioCore is worn as a chest strap and records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature and activity data. The data can then be automatically shared, for...

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Kanex launches Thunderbolt 3 line at CES 2017

Kanex is launching its new Thunderbolt 3 line of products at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The line includes: the Thunderbolt 3 Travel Dock for MacBook Pro, a Thunderbolt 3.0 to eSATA 3 + USB 3.0 Adapter, and 1.6-foot and 6.6-foot Thunderbolt 3/USB-C cables. 

With the US$149.95 Kanex Thunderbolt 3 Travel Dock, users can connect and power their MacBook with a single cable, converting it to a desktop workstation. The unit comes with two HDMI ports, a USB port, 1-gigabit Ethernet port, and a USB-C port for pass-through charging. 

The $129.95 Kanex Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 adapter lets you easily connect your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac to an eSATA device. It connects to the Mac's Thunderbolt port, adding an eSATA port and an extra USB 3.0 port. The adapter allows you to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro and still use your eSATA hard drive. 

With the Kanex Thunderbolt 3/USB-C cable,...

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Homeland Security classifies election infrastructure...

The Department of Homeland Security has officially classified election systems as critical infrastructure in order to keep them safe from tampering. Election infrastructure includes storage facilities, polling places, voter registration databases, vo...

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CES: Amped Wireless debuts HELIOS, HELIOS-EX range...

Amped Wireless announced its first high power tri-band range extender and router series, the HELIOS and HELIOS-EX, at this week’s CES 2017 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

The HELIOS-EX High Power AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, is compatible with any router and can increase coverage up to 12,000 square feet. It features DirectLink Technology that yields speeds up to two times greater than other range extenders using a dedicated connection to the home network, according to Jason Owen, vice president of Networking at Amped Wireless. 

The HELIOS-EX Range Extender has maximum signal magnification via 12 high power amplifiers and four high gain antennas (one internal, three external). The HELIOS-EX Range Extender and HELIOS Router both feature MU-MIMO technology so data can be delivered to multiple devices at once without a lag in streaming or downloading. They’re also both built with...

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Pyle USA launches the MusicMover stereo system

Pyle USA has introduced the US$119.99 MusicMover, a full range stereo speaker system that also provides a “light show.” It boasts LED lights with five color changing modes, that blink and pulse to the music. 

The MusicMover allows users to connect via Bluetooth or 3.5mm to listen to Pandora, Spotify or online playlists. It has an FM tuner if users prefer to listen to the radio.

The portable boombox offers two 2-inch drivers and two 4-inch subwoofers with a ported enclosure. Users can adjust treble, bass, echo and volume levels. When fully charged, the boombox provides eight hours of playtime, and includes battery level indicators to know when it needs to be recharged.


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Streaming topped all forms of US music consumption...

Remember in early 2013 when Apple hit 25 billion iTune song downloads? And Tim Cook said it took Sony 30 years to sell 220,000 Walkmans? Well, fast-forward just under four years, and Billboard has revealed that Americans streamed 431 billion songs in...

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Valve's Steam Controller interface now works...

Arguably, one of the best things about Valve's Steam Controller is its software component -- an interface that allows user to assign any button of their controller to a myriad of keyboard functions. Its a feature that lets gamers make any PC game pla...

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The Week in Apple News: Apple Watch Series 3 rumors...

Apple headlines for the week ending Jan. 6, 2017

Image by Apple

Apple made some news stateside this week, but there are a lot of developments internationally. Check out the important Apple headlines from the past week in this slideshow. Just click on the link to get more information.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Chamberlain’s smart garage door opener to get...

Garage door automation virtuoso Chamberlain is making the scene at CES 2017 with its new HomeKit compatible Smart Garage Hub.

While it won’t be available to buy in-store or line until July 2017, Chamberlain promises that the Smart Garage Hub will allow users to open, close, or check on the status of their garage door; turn MyQ connected lighting on and off; and fiddle with their home’s thermostat using their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. And thanks to Siri’s HomeKit integration, you’ll be able to do all of this with nothing more than a few words—provided the A.I. is in the mood to understand what you’re asking for.

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Keurig and Anheuser-Busch work on an in-home beer...

Just because Keurig didn't succeed with its Kold soda machine doesn't mean it's giving up on the prospect of making cold beverages at home. It's partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev on developing an "in-home alcohol drink system" -- in other words,...

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This week on AI: CES 2017, MacBook takes a bullet,...

CES 2017 carried the week with third party accessories vendors touting their Mac, iOS and Apple Watch wares in Las Vegas, but Apple made headlines with a few well-timed press releases.

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Man says a MacBook Pro saved his life during Fort...

The horrifying events at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport today saw five people dead, but one man claims that his MacBook Pro saved his life in the midst of the shooting. Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Steve Frappier explained that he was near the baggage claim area when he heard gunfire and fell to the floor to try and protect himself…


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Hushme's voice-masking headset could save your...

This device is not a punishment, nor was it designed to deny you pleasure. It is, however, meant to preserve the quality of life of the people around you... especially if you work in open offices like some of us at Engadget do. The Hushme works as a...

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Friday January 6

Uber and Honda face lawsuit after crash leaves rider...

Questions about Uber's driver screening aren't about to go away any time soon. A Dallas woman is suing Uber and Honda after her ridesharing driver ran a red light, leading to a crash that left her paralyzed from the chest down. The lawsuit alleges th...

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MacBook Pro, backpack may have saved passenger’s...

A MacBook Pro inside a backpack might have saved a passenger’s life in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting this afternoon that left five dead and eight wounded.

“The backpack saved my life,” Steve Frappier said, speaking on CNN’s “AC360.” “[I] dropped and the backpack was still on my back and I was turned in such a way where that at one point when the shooter shot toward my direction … there was a bullet that ricocheted.”

Frappier, who described himself as sheltered on the ground “like a tortoise with the packpack on me” when the bullet struck, said the bullet ricocheted around the backpack and the notebook.

“I felt something hit my back,” he said speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “It was only later when I went to the bathroom to check myself out that the bullet had entered my backpack, hit my laptop and then later when I gave my backpack over to the FBI for investigation they found the bullet in the
pocket of my backpack.”

Given the angle and...

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Microsoft's connected car platform will put...

Microsoft's next big push into the automotive space won't be a Redmond-made self-driving car. Instead, the company hopes to provide the backbone for a whole suite of cloud-based services that automakers can use to enhance the driving experience in th...

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NVIDIA's helping Mercedes build artificially...

Audi's plans to build AI-powered autonomous vehicles may have taken center stage during NVIDIA's CES press conference, but it's not the only automaker working with the company. NVIDIA announced its building smart vehicles with the folks at Mercedes-B...

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Two Google Home bots engage in a duel of words

A team of Twitch streamers have pitted one Google Home against another in bot showdown that has attracted 777,000 visitors to date. They're streaming the voice-guided assistants' banter on their "seebotschat" channel, which has a peak concurrent view...

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The FAA has once again approved SpaceX for rocket...

SpaceX is finally, officially, ready to get back into the space launch game after losing one of its Falcon 9 rockets during a massive launch failure last September, which destroyed both the rocket itself and its $50 million payload. On Friday, the Fe...

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Dr. Samsung tried to fix my face

No, I'm not holding a phone. The thing I'm holding in my hand above is analyzing my skin for its hydration levels, redness and melanin. Even better, it's going to try and fix any issues with a combination of light therapy and "micro-needle" patches f...

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Watch NVIDIA's GeForce stream 'Mass Effect...

Game streaming is about to get a lot simpler for NVIDIA GeForce video card owners with the company's new integration with Facebook Live. We got a chance to see the feature in action at CES, and it works as advertised. NVIDIA reps were able to quickly...

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The Engadget Podcast Ep 22: Filmore Jive

Senior editor Aaron Souppouris, senior HD editor Richard Lawler and senior editor Mat Smith join host Terrence O'Brien to talk about the tech announcements at CES that will shape 2017. Just like every year, it's a big TV show. LG, Samsung, Sony and p...

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Apple forced to remove LinkedIn app from Russian App...

Russian authorities recently required Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from their respective digital stores in a move tied to a court ruling from November that blocked access to the service for ignoring local internet regulations.

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Deepest X-ray image to date uncovers a black hole...

Believe it or not, that's not a star field you're looking at. Researchers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to produce an X-ray image of space (the deepest-ever X-ray, in fact) that has uncovered an abundance of supermassive black holes --...

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Apple forced to pull LinkedIn from Russian App Store...

Not even a week after being requested to pull The New York Times app from the Chinese Apple App Store, both Apple and Google will have to pull the LinkedIn app from their respective app stores. According to The New York Times, the removal comes after a court ruled that LinkedIn had violated Russia’s data protection laws.


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Sennheiser's wireless headphones give Bose some...

When it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, Bose is widely regarded as best in class, with its QuietComfort 35s doing a stellar job at blocking out unwanted distractions. Here at CES, Sennheiser has its own wireless model with active noise cancella...

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Apple MacBook Pro saves man from bullet in Florida...

Steve Frappier, a witness to Friday's deadly shooting at a Fort Lauderdale airport, revealed in an interview with CNN that an Apple MacBook Pro in his backpack took a stray bullet during the harrowing scene, likely saving his life.

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Default Folder X 5.1.2

Maintenance release with a number of bug fixes for the Open/Save dialog enhancement utility. ($34.95 new, free update, 6.3 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Original iPhone Prototype With iPod Click Wheel...

Famed Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has shared an early prototype of the original iPhone, with a collection of images and a video that provides a glimpse into one version of the iPhone that Apple created and tested before ending up with the first iteration of the device. Mac Rumors reports: The prototype includes some similar features to the first generation iPhone, like an aluminum chassis, multi-touch compatible screen, 2G connectivity and Wi-Fi, but its entire user interface is taken directly from the click wheel system of Apple's original iPod line. Called "Acorn OS," the prototype software includes an on-screen click wheel on the bottom half of the screen and a menu system on the top half, and the two are bisected by a bar with rewind, menu, play/pause, and fast-forward buttons. On the menu are options such as "Favorites," "SMS," "Music," "Settings," and "Recents," and it's navigated by circling around the click wheel to go up and down, with a center press confirming an action,...

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Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with original...

Continuing its celebration of the 2017 Chinese New Year, Apple on Friday published to its website a series of high-resolution Nianhua folk art wallpapers created using its ecosystem of devices, from Mac to iPad and Apple Pencil.

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The 50 best iOS games of 2016

I’m not a big gamer but everyone should be able to find one or two games on this list they’d like to play.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The first app to find your missing AirPod(s) arrives...

As AirPods continue to ship, more eager customers have been able to use Apple’s latest hot accessory. If you’ve given AirPods a try we want to hear how they fit and if they fall out or stay in your ears. This week we’ve also seen the first app released to help you locate your missing AirPod(s).


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Apple features artwork to celebrate the Chinese New...

There seems to be no limits to what artists are able to create with Apple’s products. From Disney animators sketching classic characters, to an illustrator using an iPad Pro to design the New Yorker’s latest cover. In today’s latest artistic drive, Apple has partnered with five young Chinese artists to reinvent classic Nianhua folk art.


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Made in CNY

In honour of Chinese New Year, Apple has posted these absolutely gorgeous wallpapers for you to download.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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AWT News Update: January 6, 2017

Today's news from the world of Apple:

  • MacBook Pros may be announced later in 2017 that use a new display technology for significantly better battery life and resolution
  • An Apple supplier reports great earnings, all from sales of components for the iPhone 7
  • Canada's Competition Bureau quietly ends a 2-year anti-competition probe after finding insufficient evidence that Apple was engaging in anticompetitive conduct

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for January 6, 2017.

Apple and other device manufacturers switch technologies used in their products as new materials and methods make...

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Happy Hour Podcast 101 | CES 2017, Zac’s Apple Watch...

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss rumored iOS 10.3 features, CES 2017, and Zac’s journey with using the Apple Watch to become more active and get in shape. 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast is available for download on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.


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Tim Cook and other Apple execs miss out on bonus pay...

Don’t shed a tear. All of them make more in one year, “disappointing” or otherwise, than most of us will see in our lifetimes.

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Leviton presents hub-free HomeKit in-wall dimmers,...

Leviton's Decora Smart lineup of automated switches and dimmers promise a HomeKit-friendly lighting solution -?with no hub required, unlike some competing lighting solutions.

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Gartner: Microsoft’s OS supremacy over Apple to end...

For the first time this century shipments of Apple devices powered by its operating systems outnumber those running Windows, Gartner said today.

In 2017, Apple's combination of iOS and macOS will take second place from Windows on the devices shipped during the year, according to the research group (the Android OS, spread across multiple devices and manufacturers, will dominate) The gap between the two will widen in 2018 and 2019, with Apple ahead of Microsoft both years.

According to Gartner, which provided Computerworld with its latest device shipment forecast broken out by operating system, in 2016 Windows powered about 260 million devices of the 2.3 billion shipped during the year. 

Meanwhile, iOS and macOS sank to 248 million devices in 2016, a 10% drop...

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Apple’s AirPods and the best cord-free competition...

In the lead up to Apple’s release of AirPods late last month, I had tested just about every pair of cord-free earbuds already on the market. But now that AirPods are here and I’ve been using them daily for an extended period of time, the difference is even more striking than I anticipated.

With AirPods, Apple has done what it does best: taken an emerging product category with a frustrating user experience and delivered a polished product made possible by its control over both the hardware and software. And the AirPods are one of the best examples of that in a long time.

But is there any competition or even a decent alternative?


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Podcast 540: Happy new year?

Another year, another podcast! This week Glenn and Susie are really glad everyone likes their AirPods, alarmed that we suddenly aren't supposed to use Preview for a thing it's usually really good at, and wondering what is going on in the testing labs at Consumer Reports. Here's hoping the rest of 2017 gets a little less weird.

Show notes

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New tech support scam targets Mac users

A tech support scam is targeting Mac users with malware that tries to crash the system, then encourages the victim to call a phony Apple support number in order to get the system restored to normal. Victims are infected with the malware via a malicious email or by visiting a specially registered scam website. 

The cybersecurity researchers at Malwarebytes warn that these websites are particularly dangerous for Mac users running Safari because simply visiting one of the domains can execute the attack. The malicious webpage will first determine the version of OS X via a user agent check and push two different versions of this denial-of-service.

The first variant has code that will keep drafting emails (but doesn’t actually send them) incrementally and cover the previous open windows. The second variant will instead open up iTunes.

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The Ehang 184 personal drone is ready to fly

With 200-plus successful test flights, the Ehang 184 autonomous aerial vehicle (in other words, a person-sized drone) has permission to fly, but its first operation probably won’t be in the United States.

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Matias announces backlit version of its Wireless...

Keyboard maker Matias announced a new backlit version of its Mac-centric Wireless Aluminum Keyboard during CES yesterday. The keyboard, which will be available in Silver and Space Gray colors, builds on the company’s impressive and already-available Wireless Aluminum Keyboard. more…

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Blasphemy! I played Witcher 3 on a MacBook Air...

Today, here in Las Vegas, I did something that made my soul scream. No, it didn’t involve gambling, drugs, or strippers. I gamed on a Mac.

Wait! Come back. This wasn’t the shovelware or six-year-old games that Mac users are used to. (Don’t play, you know I’m speaking the truth.) I played Witcher 3—a game that’s never been released on Macs. On a GeForce GTX 1080—a graphics card never found in Macs. And it was all thanks to Nvidia’s new GeForce Now streaming service for PCs and Macs. Think of it like Netflix for PC games that also happens to work on Macs.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Hands-on: Fibaro's HomeKit-enabled flood, door/...

Smart appliance maker Fibaro is embracing Apple's HomeKit platform with three upcoming Bluetooth-connected accessories. AppleInsider paid a visit to the company's boot at the Consumer Electronics Show Friday for a closer look.

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Fitbit overhauls its app experience with groups and...

Fitbit’s focus for 2017 is all about software, the company said at CES, and it’s starting with a trio of app updates.

Fitbit has always been a social app, recognizing that competition and encouragement are key to sticking with a fitness routine. In March, the app will add a new Groups tab designed to help you find like-minded folks—fellow runners, swimmers, bikers, etc. Anyone can share articles or photos to a group, and those updates will show up in a feed.

“It’s like a health and fitness-focused Facebook feed,” Fitbit’s Jamie Kelly told me at CES.


Next week, Fitbit users will be able to take advantage of guided goals. Right now, when you sign up for a Fitbit account, the app asks you if you want to get fit, lose weight, etc. Now those goals are more complex and personal, with short surveys designed to figure out what’s most important to you and then serve up three recommended goals. For instance, if your goal is to get fit and Fitbit knows...

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Pyle releases Full HD mini wearable video camera

Pyle USA has introduced the US$65.99 Wi-Fi HD Pocket Cam. The palm-size camera, which weighs three ounces and measures 2x2 inches, features a built-in playback screen. 

The Wi-Fi HD Pocket Cam shoots in full 1080p HD video and 12MP photos through its glass lens. The free Wi-Fi SDV app on iOS and Android connects the device via Wi-Fi to any smartphone or tablet allowing users to view images and videos in real-time. With a built-in 1.8-inch screen, users are able to record and playback content instantly without having to connect to a computer.

Photo options include a simple one shot and three time burst options (where you can take a series of photos in quick succession) and three different time lapse options for activities such as life-logging. There are two wearable brackets, the clip bracket and the safety pin bracket, that...

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Nvidia Lays Out Bold Strategy at CES

Nvidia offered a bold new strategy at this week's International CES in Las Vegas. The company, which has been a leader in hardware graphics technology for decades, recently has expanded into the realms of artificial intelligence, deep learning and automotive tech. Graphical support and video delivery will however remain a key component of the company's strategy, according to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Nvidia's GeForce NOW Service will expand to millions more PCs and Macs, he announced in his keynote address at CES.

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Add Depth Effects to your iPhone camera with this...

Thanks to Depth Effects for sponsoring The Loop this week. Now everyone can get beautiful Portrait Mode photos with their iPhone. Depth Effects gives you the power to apply a striking depth of field to any photo. Get DLSR-quality focus and bokeh with simple controls. Also, Depth Effects is the best app for anamorphic depth of field and cinematic bokeh.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Tim Cook and other Apple execs miss out on bonus pay...

Enlarge / Apple's executive pay for 2016. (credit: Apple)

Apple raked in $215.6 billion in sales in 2016, but it wasn't enough to keep the company from reporting its first year-over-year sales decline since 2001. According to the company's definitive proxy statement filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company's sales declined from $233.7 billion in 2015, and its operating income likewise fell from $71.2 billion in 2015 to $60.0 billion in 2016. The decline in these two metrics was enough to significantly cut incentive-based pay for Tim Cook and a number...

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Google Calendar helps you keep your workout...

With the start of every new year comes resolutions, and for many of us that means one thing above all: vowing to get fit. But with a little help from Google Calendar, 2017 might be the year we actually follow through.

Google introduced Goals in its calendar app for Android and iOS last April, letting you utilize the free time in your schedule to carve out regular exercise and workout sessions. Now it is letting you tap into Google Fit and Apple’s Health app to record and monitor your progress. As Google describes in its blog post, the activity added to either app will sync back to the goals you’ve set in Google Calendar and mark them accordingly. That effectively means your Apple Watch or Android Wear watch is linked with Google Calendar...

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Video demonstrates old 'Acorn OS'...

Avid product leaker Sonny Dickson has published looks at the Apple "Acorn OS" operating system, thought to be at the core of early Apple iPhone prototypes.

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CES: Could the Focalcrest Mixtile Hub be the HomeKit...

Focalcrest CEO Martin Liu shows off the Mixtile Hub at CES 2017

There have been a surprising number of vendors at CES 2017 showing off HomeKit compatible devices, but for those who have legacy home automation hardware running on ZigBee and Z-Wave systems, the announcements have been of little interest since there's no way to control those older devices using iOS and Siri. A relatively unknown vendor, Focalcrest, has announced the Mixtile Hub, a device that the company claims will bridge HomeKit, ZigBee, and Z-Wave so that most home automation products can be controlled by the Home app.

Focalcrest has obtained Apple MFi certification for the Mixtile Hub, which means that it has an embedded MFi authorization chip. By also being able to communicate with accessories using the legacy technologies, Mixtile eliminates the need for individual iOS apps to control ZigBee and Z-Wave sensors, surveillance devices, and smart home products. 

The Mixtile Hub has a quad-core...

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CES 2017 Day Two highlights video from TechLaunchPad...

Yesterday, we featured a short video of some highlights of day one at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Andrew Felix of TechLaunchPad is back with more interesting products to demonstrate what's going on in the world of a connected hairbrush.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 3-pack Anker Lightning Cables...

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Grab a 3-pack of Anker PowerLine Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cables in varying lengths...

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Gadget Ogling: Floating Speakers, Neckbrace Audio,...

LG features twice in this edition of the column with two very different but similarly strange speakers. The "Levitating Portable Speaker" has as descriptive and accurate a name as the "Small Transparent Speaker" from last month's edition of this column. You can call it "PJ9" if you prefer the duller moniker. Yes, through the magic of electromagnets and a base station, this speaker will levitate and pump out audio in every direction. LG's Dual Passive Radiator system is designed to provide strong high- and mid-range tones.

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CES 2017: Gizmos from the PEPCOM Digital Experience

Jeff Porten continues his CES death march across all of Las Vegas with highlights from the PEPCOM Digital Experience.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Two-year probe of Apple's alleged anti-...

Canada's Competition Bureau on Friday said it had not found sufficient evidence that Apple had engaged in anti-competitive conduct, in promoting the iPhone with Canadian wireless carriers.

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Apple’s profit slump means a pay cut for Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s total compensation took a dive for 2016, as the company missed its financial targets for the year.

The company’s earnings for the year to Sept. 24 dropped 14 percent compared to a year earlier.

As a result, Cook’s total compensation dropped 15 percent—despite a 50 percent rise in base salary.

He certainly won’t have to start eating ramen noodles—he made $8,747,719, after all—but he and fellow senior executives lost out on a few million each because of the poor performance.

Cook’s compensation consists of a base salary and an annual cash incentive that can reach be worth four times base salary if the company’s revenue and earnings exceed the maximum goals set, as they did in 2015 when Cook received $10.28 million, including $280,000 in “other” compensation.


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Focalcrest Mixtile Hub claims to bridge HomeKit,...

The Consumer Electronics Show HomeKit reveals continue, with "internet of things" company Focalcrest showing its bridging solution that claims to bridge smart home devices from different brands, allowing access to Apple's HomeKit platform, and Home app.

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Focalcrest announces Mixtile Hub to bridge existing...

The Mixtile Hub is the first smart home hub that can bridge existing smart accessories from other popular home automation protocols, like ZigBee and Z-Wave, and bring them into the HomeKit ecosystem. This means customers will be able to view various accessories in the Home app and control them with Siri voice commands, even if they weren’t designed for HomeKit originally.

The hub, announced at CES, appears to be the first of its kind consumer product although Focalcrest didn’t announce when the product would actually go on sale. The current workaround solution involves running a hacky network server whereas the Mixtile is MFi-licensed and should be as easy to setup as any other HomeKit product.


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Accessible Apple: The 12 Requests of Christmas, Day...

The customizable VoiceOver rotor in iOS 10

Editor's note: Due to scheduling issues, Day 11 is running a day late! Please accept our apologies.

This is the eleventh post in our annual 12-part series covering the accessibility features we would like to see Apple bring to its products in the coming year.

This series is being put together by Accessibility Editor Alex Jurgensen, with the help of several contributors.

For the eleventh request of Christmas, we ask Apple to give to us:

11. A Customizable Rotor for VoiceOver Navigation in macOS

VoiceOver has a feature called a rotor gesture, which some have described as a virtual on-screen knob. There is also a keyboard equivalent. The purpose of the rotor in the macOS version of VoiceOver is to cycle between the modes used to navigate documents, webpages, and apps.

With the release of macOS Sierra, Apple removed the ability to navigate documents by paragraphs, lines...

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2017 & Beyond: What’s next for Mac, and what of...

As we move into the new year, we’re taking a look in a series of pieces at what the future might hold for Apple’s product line-up, for this year and beyond. Jordan kicked things off with an overview, and a closer look at the iPhone 8, while I’m turning my attention to the Mac.

In the longer-term, there are bigger questions we can ask about the future of the Mac – the biggest of all being: does it have one? While Tim Cook has sought to reassure us that Apple still loves the Mac despite making the vast bulk of its revenue from iOS devices, the company’s upgrade cycles do seem to suggest that computers are no longer the priority...

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Apple Cuts Tim Cook's Pay After 2016...

Apple cut CEO Tim Cook's 2016 pay after the iPhone maker missed its revenue and profit goals for the year. From a report on CNBC: Although Cook's annual salary went up by $1 million, he received $8.75 million in total compensation for the year, according to an SEC filing posted on Friday, down from the $10.28 million he received in 2015. Company executives received about 89.5 percent of their targeted annual incentives. The company said its annual sales were down nearly 4 percent, or $215.6 billion, from its target of $223.6 billion, and its operating income was down 0.5 percent from its target at $60 billion, according to the filing.Apple last year faced declining revenue as it grappled with the first prolonged slump in iPhone sales. The salary of some other executives were also trimmed.


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Koogeek launches family of HomeKit-compatible...

Koogeek unveiled a range of new Apple HomeKit compatible products at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. HomeKit is a framework that allows control of compatible home automation devices through iOS and Siri.

Koogeek is one of China’s earliest adopters of the platform. It’s HomeKit compatible products include a US$59.99 Smart Health Scale, $34.99 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug, and $50.99 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket. All products are available now.

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∞ Alexa is everywhere

Amazon is following the Netflix strategy, embedding Alexa everywhere it can possibly make sense. There are TVs (of course – think Amazon Fire TV Stick), refrigerators, and all sorts of Amazon Echo-like docks, all using Alexa’s voice recognition technology without requiring the purchase of an Echo.

Add to that the devices that integrate with Alexa’s APIs, making themselves controllable by the user’s Amazon Echo.

To read more about Amazon’s direct challenge to Apple, jump to the main Loop post…

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Finding and deleting large files on your Mac to free...

Solid walkthough of the process of hunting down the largest files on your Mac. The old way was to use the Finder and construct a search based on file size. The modern way is to use the “About This Mac” storage tab to do all the heavy lifting for you.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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∞ AirPod reviews outside the Apple bubble

Some thoughts on the plethora of mediocre reviews outside the Apple bubble.

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Apple shareholder's meeting scheduled for Feb...

Apple notified the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it will be holding its annual shareholder meeting at 9 a.m. Pacific on Feb. 28 to discuss proposals from the company's board of directors.

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Daredevil rescue of skier dangling dangerously from...

Denver Post:

A man who got tangled in an Arapahoe Basin chairlift Wednesday morning and was hanging unconscious from his neck was cut down by a professional slackliner who climbed up a lift tower, slid approximately 30 feet across the lift’s cable and cut him free with a knife tossed from ski patrollers.

Follow the link, watch the video. Best watched in full-screen. This is a remarkable save. You can see the knife tossed up to the climber after he was unsuccessful in kicking the hanging skier free. Incredible.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple cuts Tim Cook’s pay by $1.5M as company...

Apple has cut Tim Cook’s 2016 pay by a little over $1.5M after the company failed to achieve both revenue and profit goals. The news that Cook’s compensation was cut from $10.28M in 2015 to $8.75M in 2016 was spotted in a regulatory filing by the WSJ.

Apple said its annual sales of $215.6 billion were 3.7% below its target of $223.6 billion, and its operating income of $60 billion was 0.5% short of the $60.3 billion target. As a result, company executives got 89.5% of their targeted annual cash incentive.

Cook wasn’t the only one to lose out …


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Apple plans first retail store on Samsung’s home...


Apple Inc said it was planning to open a retail store in South Korea, its first in the country that is home to its smartphone archrival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

The iPhone maker listed hiring notices for 15 positions dated Thursday on its website, including a store leader and business manager. The listings did not specify the exact location or when those who are hired will begin working.

“We’re excited about opening our first Apple Store in Korea, one of the world’s economic centers and a leader in telecommunication and technology, with a vibrant K-culture,” Apple told Reuters in a statement Friday.

This seems culturally significant, almost personal.


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Here’s 2016 income stats for some Apple execs

Want to know what Apple execs making for a living. Here’s some 2016 salaries as listed in a new SEC document by the company:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: $8,747,719;
  • Apple CFO Luca Maestri: $22,803,569;
  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts: $22,902,892 ;
  • Apple services chief Eddy Cue: $22,807,544;
  • Apple hardware engineering chief Dan Riccio: $22,807,544;
  • Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell: $22,807,544.

Not bad money, but Apple’s executive team actually saw some pay cuts for their performance last year, reflecting the company's first decline in revenue in 15 years. For example, Cook’s $8.7 million was down from $10.3 million in 2015 and $9.2 million in 2014. (I couldn't find a salary listed for design guru Jony Ive.)

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The iPhone interface that came in second

Sonny Dickson:

While it has always been known that Apple considered a variety of ideas when they were deciding to enter the mobile phone market (with ex employees discussing it behind closed doors, as seen in this Cult Of Mac article, not much was known about alternate versions of the iPhone until now.

Much like the first production iPhone, the prototype features many of the same features including an aluminium chassis, multi-touch compatible screen, 2G connectivity and WiFi radios. However, despite carrying a similar design, the phone itself is extremely different from the iPhone we know today.

Check out the video in the main Loop post to see the so-called Acorn OS at work. Fascinating.


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Mystery online Go player crushing all the top human...

Ars Technica:

DeepMind’s AlphaGo is back, and it’s been secretly crushing the world’s best Go players over the past couple of weeks. The new version of the AI has played 51 games online and won 50 of them, including a victory against Ke Jie, currently the world’s best human Go player. Amusingly, the 51st game wasn’t even a loss; it was drawn after the Internet connection dropped out.

What I find most intriguing about this is that artificial intelligence is still in its relative infancy. AI can get so much better and humans have to wait for evolution.


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ZipTite is a new macOS tool for creating, sharing...

SpriTec Software has introduced ZipTite, a utility app for creating and sharing zip archives on the Mac. Users can create password-protected Zip Archives. 

Archives based on the files being archived. Users can choose where Archives should be placed on their Mac and can even share them via email, Air Drop, Dropbox, iCloud, Messages and FTP. It's all done via drag ’n drop. Since ZipTite lives in the Menu Bar, it is available at all times.

A demo is available for download. ZipTite 1.0. Registration is US$4.99 (50% off the regular price) until March 1. Also included with the purchase are free upgrades to all 1.x versions of ZipTite and lifetime technical support.

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CEO Tim Cook's compensation cut by $1.5M...

Apple on Friday revealed that its executive team, including Chief Executive Tim Cook, received a pay cut for their performance in 2016, reflecting the company's first decline in revenue in 15 years.

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Updates on Apple’s retail store plans: South Korea,...

Apple plans to open its first retail store in South Korea. The Cupertino, California-based company has listed hiring notices for 15 positions on its website, including a store leader and business manager.

Construction is underway in a southern district of Seoul, according to the Yonhap News Agency. The article says that the work will likely be completed by the end of November.

Speaking of Apple retail stores, Apple has locked in a deal for its next Brooklyn store location – at the base of Two Trees Management’s new 32-story mixed-use tower 300 Ashland in Fort Greene, according to The Real Deal, a site that focuses on New York real estate news. The iPhone/Mac maker inked a 10-year lease for about 12...

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Delphi's autonomous system will be available to...

Automotive supplier Delphi has made a of a habit of showing off its self-driving and other research vehicles at CES in recent years, and 2017 is no different. Except now it's ready to commit to a 2019 launch date for its self-driving suite for automa...

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Daily Deal: Master Adobe Creative Cloud with 130...

In the bad old days, using Adobe's creative apps meant loading DVDs full of software onto your computer, waiting for slow updates, and navigating complex licensing agreements. Adobe moved everything to Adobe Creative Cloud, a subscription service that encompasses the creative apps that make up the company's software offerings. Creative professionals depend on the Adobe Creative Cloud, but for those trying to learn the apps there's a steep learning curve. That's why we've partnered with StackCommerce and Vizual Coaching Academy to offer you the Adobe Super Bundle! For just $39, you'll get access to 130 courses to turn you into a Creative Cloud expert. 

Purchased separately, these classes would cost you $588. The bundle is 93% off of...

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Apple camera lens manufacturer posts significant...

iPhone 7 camera module manufacturer Largan Precision has posted its best financial report in 14 months, specifically citing strong orders from Apple.

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iPhone 8 will dramatically outsell the iPhone 6 due...

You’re nobody in the analyst world unless you’re predicting a ‘supercycle’ for the iPhone 8 – a huge increase in sales over and above the normal level expected for a new iPhone. Pretty much every analyst on the planet is predicting one this year, with sales expected to exceed those of the earlier supercycle seen for the iPhone 6.

But Nomura says that even these predictions are under-estimating the likely popularity of this year’s iPhones …


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AppleInsider podcast at CES talks Apple HomeKit,...

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor talks to Neil from Vegas, the site of CES, about Apple-connected announcements from the show, and what are some of the best and worst products seen at the 2017 event.

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HDMI 2.1 specification notes released, could bring...

The HDMI standard is about to get that much niftier.

Version 2.1 of the HDMI specification has been released. The new version of the standard includes eARC support for object-based audio and advanced audio signal control, wider dynamic HDR, and “Game Mode VRR” allowing a GPU to change the refresh rate of the image on the fly.

The standard was developed by the HDMI Forum’s Technical Working Group whose members represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, personal computers, mobile devices, cables and components.

HDMI and its new cabling remains backwards compatible to older equipment and the new specification will be available to all HDMI 2.0 Adopters and they will be notified when it is released early in the second quarter of 2017.

HDMI is currently supported across Apple’s entire product line via either a direct HDMI connection, an embedded HDMI implementation in Lightning, USB 3.0 or 3.1 type-C, or Thunderbolt 3....

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Apple Pay to gain support, integration at more than...

You’ll soon be able to use Apple Pay to buy additional snacks.

Vending company USA Technologies announced today that Apple Pay is getting support for its MORE loyalty card and payroll deduct program that is accepted at more than 300,000 vending machines across the US.

Following the integration, customers will be able to take advantage of offers, promotions and discounts at the self-serve machines.

The final deadline for the integration has yet to be announced, although the company has said this will be completed nationwide “over the coming months”.

Apple Pay is now supported through over 1600 supported banks and credit unions in the US with the service adding an additional 17 institutions just earlier this week. The service is also available through a growing list of partners internationally in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

As of December, Apple...

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Dell debuts world’s first 32-inch, 8K monitor (who...

There have been rumors of an iMac with Retina 8K display. I’ve predicted that we wouldn’t see one before 2020, but I may be wrong. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Dell introduced the UP3218K, world’s first 32-inch, 8K monitor.

A Retina 4K display has 4096 x 2304 resolution. A 5K display has 5120 x 2880 resolution. An 8K display would have an incredible 7680 x 4320 resolution.

Juniper Research forecasts that 8K smart TV shipments will grow more than threefold between 2020 and 2021, to reach over 400,000 per annum by the end of the forecast period.

Of course, even if Apple does release an 8K iMac, only a few of us might be able to afford it. Dell’s UP3218K will be launching later this year, for a whopping $4,999. And, currently, there’s only one commercially available 8K TV currently on the market (pictured) -- it's from LG and is priced at $133,000) --  so 8K content is a long way from becoming...

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Cute thermal printer turns your iPhone content into...

I may live a paperless life myself, but not everyone does. If you’re someone who prefers physical reminders of things you need to do, the Mangoslab Nemonic may be for you: it’s a small thermal printer that can print anything on your iPhone onto a sticky note.


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Apple tech supports UPMC Susquehanna Surgical Center

Doctors and nurses are drawn to Apple’s iPad to assist in treating patients at UPMC Susquehanna. Surgery Center and Extended Care Unit Patient Care Manager Deanna Shamsie, RN, BSN, says the installation of Apple technology has streamlined communication among the UPMC Susquehanna perioperative team. 

Medical staff use a computer stationed at the main desk of the new Surgery Center at Williamsport Regional Medical Center to log patient data for daily surgical procedures that include everything from heart valve replacement to tonsillectomies. Greater than 30 iPads mounted to the wall of each pre- and post-op patient bay include a touchscreen checklist for medical staff to press to indicate the patient’s status with a time stamp. Once the patient is assigned a bed, a nurse touches the iPad to begin tracking the time for the patient’s experience. The patient’s record includes the nurse’s name and milestones of surgical care that are checked off throughout their experience.

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Mattel and Microsoft reveal Aristotle, a tabletop...

Let’s face it: The first digital assistants for the home—Amazon Echo and Google Home—often feel like simple Internet portals with thin veneers of humanity to make them feel more warm and fuzzy. But now Mattel is trying to go beyond that with Aristotle, a personality-driven hardware assistant designed just for kids.

Through a partnership with Microsoft (which will lend its Cortana digital assistance technology to the project), the $249 Aristotle straddles the line between a digital nanny for parents and a teaching companion for kids. Though it all might sound a bit hokey, the hardware’s pedigree is sound: Aristotle is the brainchild of of Mattel's nabi team, which use...

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Apple confirms plan to open its first ever retail...

A report back in September suggested that Apple was planning to open its first ever retail store in South Korea, close to Samsung’s HQ in Seoul. Apple has today confirmed this to Reuters.

“We’re excited about opening our first Apple Store in Korea, one of the world’s economic centers and a leader in telecommunication and technology, with a vibrant K-culture,” Apple told Reuters in a statement Friday. “We’re now hiring the team that will offer our customers in Seoul the service, education and entertainment that is loved by Apple customers around the world.”

Apple didn’t comment on one juicy aspect of the earlier rumor …


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Official Beats Instagram photo fuels rumors about a...

A photo posted to the official Beats by Dre Instagram page has led some people to suggest that the rumors of a new ‘Jet White’ iPhone 7 are real. The photo is certainly convincing at first glance, depicting an iPhone with a stark white finish and black Apple logo (pictured left). The possibility of a new white iPhone 7 finish, to be released before the iPhone 8 in the fall, was first raised by a report in November.

However, it is unlikely that Beats will leak a new iPhone design ahead of an official unveiling by Apple. Given the device’s characteristics, it seems like what is pictured is actually a silver iPhone 6s or an iPhone 5c …


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Apple History: Acorn, a virtual click-wheel-based OS...

Sonny Dickson this evening posted posted a log and video of a never before seen in public version of pre-iPhone era software that was built as an alternative OS to what eventually became iOS.

The OS, which was devised in the iPod’s heyday, was based on a virtual click-wheel that was put on the touch display. A set of menus is navigated with the touch much like one would using an iPod of the time. In the era of multi-touch the idea seems quaint but when everyone is using iPods, the UI makes a lot of sense as a small step rather than the giant leap to iPhone OS, what eventually became iOS.

Check out the video below:


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Thursday January 5

Altered Beats photo ad with silver iPhone 7 sparks...

Rumors of a "Jet White" iPhone 7 refuse to die. Stirring up the pot on Thursday was Apple's own Beats brand, which posted to the web a photo that appears to reveal a glossy white version of this year's flagship iPhone.

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Downtown Brooklyn Apple store rumored, Fifth Ave...

As rumors swirl that Apple is planning a new retail location near Atlantic Terminal and Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn, the company's iconic Fifth Avenue cube in midtown Manhattan will temporarily relocate as renovations take place.

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Apple to temporarily relocate flagship Fifth Avenue...

Rumors of Apple’s renovation plans for its flagship Fifth Avenue store have been circulating for a while now, but the renovations will soon commence as the company has announced plans to briefly relocate the Fifth Avenue store to a new location during the process…


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Quick take video review: LG's UltraFine 5K...

Announced in tandem with the 2016 MacBook Pros, LG's 27" UltraFine 5K Display was developed in partnership with Apple. Despite a modest design, the monitor's color accuracy, brightness, contrast and sharpness make it a worthy successor to Apple's defunct Thunderbolt Display.

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HandBrake 1.0.2 - Versatile video encode...
HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Features Supported Sources VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD (unencrypted... Read more
PhotoDesk 4.1.5 - Instagram client for p...
PhotoDesk lets you view, like, comment, and download Instagram pictures/videos. (NO Uploads! / Image Posting! Instagram forbids that! AND you need an existing Instagram account). But you can do so... Read more

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Chillingo's new game, WarFriends, is finally available world wide, and so far it's a refreshing change from common mobile game trends. The game's a mix of tower defense, third person shooter, and collectible card game. There's a lot to unpack here... | Read more »
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Super Gridland 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Entertainment Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Match. Build. Survive. "exquisitely tuned" - Rock Paper Shotgun No in-app purches, and no ads! | Read more »
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Turbo League Guide: How to tame the cont...
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Fire Emblem: Heroes coming to Google Pla...
Nintendo gave us our first look at Fire Emblem: Heroes, the upcoming mobile Fire Emblem game the company hinted at last year. Revealed at the Fire Emblem Direct event held today, the game will condense the series' tactical RPG combat into bite-... | Read more »
ReSlice (Music)
ReSlice 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Music Price: $9.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Audio Slice Machine Slice your audio samples with ReSlice and create flexible musical atoms which can be triggered by MIDI notes or... | Read more »
Stickman Surfer rides in with the tide t...
Stickson is back and this time he's taken up yet another extreme sport - surfing. Stickman Surfer is out this Thursday on both iOS and Android, so if you've been following the other Stickman adventures, you might be interested in picking this one... | Read more »
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