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Tuesday October 10

Twitter now supports Apple’s new emoji, but only iOS...

iOS 11.1 beta 2, released yesterday, includes hundreds of new emoji characters, and Twitter hasn’t wasted any time in supporting them …


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How to set up Universal Clipboard on macOS High...

The Universal Clipboard feature in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 allows you to copy content, including text, images, photos and video from one Apple device and paste it in another. For example, you can browse a recipe on your Mac and paste the ingredients right to the grocery list on your iPhone.

The cool thing about Universal Clipboard is that you don’t have to turn on any settings for it to work. It just happens automatically as long as all your Mac and iOS devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone and/or iPad.

With these steps implemented, you can copy on one device, go to another, and paste the data (text, photos, or videos) into another. 

To copy on a device, select the content you want to copy, then copy it. For example, on your Mac, press Command-C or choose Edit > Copy. The copied content is available to paste on your other devices only for a short time.

To paste on a device, position the...

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Tim Cook accepts that Apple may in future have to...

Tim Cook’s meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron might have been expected to be a lively one, with Macron arguing that Apple and other large companies need to pay tax in the countries where their products are sold, while Apple funnels all European sales through to Ireland, where it pays a very low rate of tax.

But a report on the meeting says that Cook now accepts that Macron’s argument is winning the day …


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Amazon drops Echo Show price after YouTube fallout

The Echo Show currently costs $200, down from its original asking price of $230. Amazon is hoping the temporary sale price will convince you to overlook the fact that the device no longer supports YouTube. Google removed its popular video service fro...

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Pixelmator for macOS High Sierra is a powerful image...

Some folks really need Adobe Photoshop with all its bells and whistles. However, Pixelmator has long been my graphics editing program of choice. The app has only gotten better with the recently released version 3.7.

Launch the application and you’re presented with an iMovie-style set of choices: Create New Image, Open Existing Image or Open Recent Image (the latter replaces the former Start Using Pixelmator option). Pixelmator supports over 100 different file formats, including — thank you, Pixelmator Team — PSD files.

The Pixelmator toolbar is very Mac-like. It’s streamlined, clean and easy to use after a short learning curve.

The software is user friendly and works well with macOS' Photos app. For example, the Photo Browser palette in Pixelmator lets you access your Photo Library, albums, Smart Albums, as well as pictures in your Pictures folder. You can drag and the images as layers in a Pixelmator composition.

Pixelmator actions in Automator allow...

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Notable apps and app updates for Oct. 10, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Diethard Seiferth has debuted Reminder4U, an iMessage app available exclusively for iPhone and iPad. With the $0.99 tool, you can send someone a new or predefined reminder message or task with date and optional note that the recipient can add with one tap to the reminders on their device. The recipient can change the reminder date and the optional note and can send back this info to the sender. This all can be done directly in iMessage without leaving it.

macOS Apps/Updates

The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator 3.7 Mount Whitney, an update to theimage editing app for macOS. 

It offers...

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The Morning After: Tuesday, October 10th 2017

It's Tuesday morning and we've got a proper trailer for The Last Jedi and WiFi networks that can monitor your breathing. Oh, and a monstrous new RED camera that you probably can't afford, but would like to hear all about.

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NVIDIA introduces a computer for level 5 autonomous...

At the center of many of the semi-autonomous cars currently on the road is NVIDIA hardware. Once automakers realized that GPUs could power their latest features, the chipmaker, best known for the graphics cards that make your games look outstanding,...

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Nokia halts development of its $45,000 VR camera

Nokia created the Ozo spherical camera to get into the virtual reality market without having to compete with head-mounted devices like the Oculus Rift. Alas, things didn't go as well as the company wanted despite not having to compete with a plethora...

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Twitter is developing a 'Save for Later'...

While most tweets are a quick read, a lot of people still want a way to save those worthy of a more in-depth inspection. After getting tons of requests for a "Save for Later" feature, the company has finally started developing a Bookmarking tool duri...

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Monday October 9

Apple investigating self-adjusting Apple Watch bands

Apple on Tuesday was granted a U.S. patent describing multiple methods of creating a self-adjusting Apple Watch band, designs that could one day replace magnetic clasps, velcro and other fasteners seen in current generation hardware.

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Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook to visit Puerto Rico...

More than three years have passed since Facebook purchased virtual reality headset-maker Oculus VR for $2 billion. Now, with its fourth annual Oculus Connect event fast approaching, Mark Zuckerberg is demonstrating the unique ways he uses VR. While t...

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Watch: Apple's iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus...

Though the cameras in Apple's latest iPhones boast the same megapixel count as last year's models, the new devices sport greatly improved internal components, from "deeper" pixels to an upgraded image signal processor. See how the new hardware compares to its predecessor in this video.

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[Sponsor] Setapp

This week Daring Fireball is sponsored by Setapp, the first subscription service for Mac apps. A huge number of top-tier apps have joined since its launch and Setapp keeps gaining traction. It has recently hit a major milestone — 100 apps on board. Which means that now every Setapp user owns 100 applications for everything from web development to photo editing and budget planning, still for the same single monthly fee. Give it a spin to see for yourself.


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BNZ second bank to support Apple Pay in New Zealand

The Bank of New Zealand, better known as BNZ, on Monday announced it will become the second major financial institution to support Apple Pay in New Zealand, further expanding the fledgling payment solution's reach into smaller international markets.

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Twitter developing ‘Save for Later’ feature to...

Following the rollout of 280 character tweets last month, Twitter announced that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets. A highly requested feature, one product manager at the company today shared an early prototype.


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What’s new in watchOS 4.1 beta 2? Hands-on with new...

The initial watchOS 4.1 beta brought some notable changes and features to the Apple Watch. A brand new Radio app appeared for the first time, allowing Beats 1 and other radio stations to be streamed right from your wrist. Most notably, however, was a fundamental change to the Music app, allowing for streaming of the entire Apple Music library on the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE.

Apple has just released the second developer beta for watchOS 4.1, and although it isn’t a big as the initial release, there are a few noteworthy changes to be documented. Watch our hands-on walkthrough for more details. more…

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Apple to fix iOS 11 Reachability quirk that...

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for an iOS 11 behavior that prohibits users from easily accessing the new Cover Sheet screen, a melding of the Lock Screen and Notification Center, when in Reachability mode.

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BNZ to soon start supporting Apple Pay in New Zealand

New Zealand bank BNZ will rollout Apple Pay support, it announced today. As reported by Stuff, the bank joins ANZ in accepting Apple Pay in New Zealand. BNZ explained that the decision to adopt Apple Pay comes following an increasing number of requests from customers.


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Face ID Is Coming To the iPad Pro Next Year, Says...

According to MacRumors, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said iPad Pro models set to be released in 2018 will come equipped with a TrueDepth Camera and will support Face ID. Apple is believed to be adding TrueDepth cameras to the iPad Pro to introduce a user experience that's consistent with the iPhone X and boost competitiveness. From the report: According to Kuo, TrueDepth Cameras will be limited to the iPad Pro, which is Apple's main flagship tablet device. Kuo also predicts 2018 iPhone models will adopt the new camera technology coming in the iPhone X, as he has mentioned in a previous note: "We predict iOS devices to be equipped with TrueDepth Camera in 2018F will include iPhone X and 2018 new iPhone and iPad models. Because of this, we believe more developers will pay attention to TrueDepth Camera/ facial recognition related applications. We expect Apple's (U.S.) major promotion of facial recognition related applications will encourage the Android camp to also dedicate...

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Apple cancels Elvis Presley biopic series amid...

Apple has reportedly terminated an Elvis Presley biopic series produced by The Weinstein Company, and slated to debut on Apple Music, after multiple women came forward with sexual harassment allegations against TWC founder Harvey Weinstein.

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Report: Apple terminates deal for Elvis biopic...

According to a new report from Deadline, Apple has halted its plans to produce an Elivis Presley biopic series in conjunction with The Weinstein Company. The move on Apple’s part comes following a bombshell report detailing years of sexual harassment on the part of Harvey Weinstein…


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AWT News Update: October 9, 2017

It's a slow news day in the Apple world today, but we have a few stories to educate and entertain you:

  • Be sure to check out this week's sponsor, AR Tape Measure, a free app for measuring distances, angles and areas from your iOS device. 
  • iOS 11.1 developer beta 2 shipped today, adding a host of new emoji and returning 3D Touch gestures to the user interface
  • Intel is getting out of the augmented-reality eyewear business
  • Sightings of the new iPhone X in the wild are being reported
  • Face ID is likely to come to the iPad Pro line in 2018

The text version of the podcast can be read below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.


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What’s new in iOS 11.1 beta 2? A look at new changes...

iOS 11.1 beta 2 was released earlier today, and we’ve taken some time to talk about the new features and changes found in the beta release. The biggest new feature, one alluded to ahead of time by Apple, is the inclusion of hundreds of new Unicode 10 emoji characters. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough for the details. more…

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iPhone X sightings on the rise in San Francisco

iPhone X is increasingly making early appearances as Apple employees routinely carry around the new device and use it openly in public. If it had a less distinctive design, perhaps nobody would have noticed.

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How to record your whole macOS screen, or a portion...

Apple has included an incredibly easy to use screen recorder with macOS High Sierra, contained inside the QuickTime Player utility. AppleInsider shows you how to use it.

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∞ “In Real Life #BeStrong”

“In Real Life” is a social experiment that shows what happens when online bullying is taken offline.

What a powerful

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 9...

Notable software releases this week include Carbon Copy Cloner 5.0.3, Pixelmator 3.7, OmniFocus 2.11.1, iFlicks 2.6.1, Default Folder X 5.1.7, Alfred 3.5, Fantastical 2.4.2, and Bookends 12.8.4.


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Black Friday deals: 10 tech doorbusters worth...

The best of Black Friday 201

Black Friday is fast approaching, and there will surely be some killer deals on consumer technology in the mix. The key to scoring a great bargain, however, is discernment. Not every so-called doorbuster is a worthy purchase. That’s why, as we do every year, we’ll sort through the top tech deals to find the creme de la creme this season. In our writeups, we’ll point out the usual price leading up to Black Friday so you won’t be fooled by claims of saving $250 or $300 when really an item was just $50 more the week before.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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ExtraBITS for 9 October 2017

In ExtraBITS this week, we learn just how completely Yahoo was hacked in 2013, remember Eudora (fondly!), and discover how Philips has added HomeKit support to Hue accessories.


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Tim Cook talks economy, education in 45-minute...

Apple CEO Tim Cook's audience with French President Emmanuel Macron has concluded, with the pair reportedly discussing education, taxation, and the global economy over the course of the meeting.

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Apple may be looking to open developer's aid...

French Apple-specialist media claims that Apple may be looking to expand its app incubator concept to Paris in a tech-oriented magnet facility called "Station F."

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A five minute guide to better typography

Fun exercise in typography with concrete examples. If you’re not a design nerd steeped in this stuff, there are many good points to keep in mind.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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4 thoughts on design from Apple Chief Design Officer...

Even when I can’t parse what he’s talking about, I always like reading and hearing Ive’s thoughts on design.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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So long, AIM. For years, for millions, you were the...

I’d bet the vast majority of us haven’t logged into AIM in years but we also felt a small tinge of regret with the announcement.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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How to get the App Store back into iTunes

Whether you like the “new” iTunes or not, it’s always nice to have options. I’ll be downloading this version ASAP.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple issues second betas of iOS 11.1, High Sierra...

Nearly two weeks after the last beta releases Apple on Monday provided developers with updated test versions of its next significant software releases for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, all of which are set to get point-one updates in the near future.

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Analyst: 2018 iPad Pros will get FaceID, TrueDepth...

In a note to clients — as noted by AppleInsider — KGI Securities analyst says the 2018 iPad Pro will add FaceID with a TrueDepth camera, following the debut of such features in the upcoming iPhone X.

Apple says FaceID is “even more convenient than Touch ID.” With Face ID, the iPhone X unlocks only when you’re looking at it. It’s designed to resist spoofing by photos or masks. Your facial map is encrypted and protected by the Secure Enclave. And authentication happens instantly on the device, not in the cloud.

The TrueDepth camera for the iPhone X works by using a projector to cast 30,000 dots on your face, which it then reads with an infrared camera. Apple already demonstrated applications of the system, FaceID and Animojis, both of which promise implications of their own when the TrueDepth SDK (software developer kit...

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Design Details: Drag and Drop in iOS

Oisin Prendiville:

Ideally, experiences that users have in one app should stand to benefit them in others. As a community of developers and designers we should be looking to agree upon shared best practices to provide a consistent user experience. There’s an opportunity here to help users understand and embrace drag and drop as a powerful way to interact with touch devices, just as they have on the desktop for years.

This is a great article with video examples on how things work. Oisin recently released Castro 2.5 with his implementation on how it all should work.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Second watchOS 4.1, macOS 10.13.1, and tvOS 11.1...

watchOS 4.1 beta 2 for all Apple Watch models is now available for developers to test. The upcoming watchOS update brings Apple Music streaming over Wi-Fi and LTE plus a new Radio app to Apple Watch. macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 and tvOS 11.1 beta 2 are also now available for testing.


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Apple releases iOS 11.1 beta 2 with hundreds of new...

Apple has released the second iOS 11.1 beta for iPhone and iPad. iOS 11.1 beta 2 is expected to include hundreds of new emoji characters including “Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Breastfeeding, Zombie” and plenty more following Apple’s preview last week.


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Apple may be considering a corporate partnership...

According to the French language site, Mac4Ever (as noted by Apple will announce its appearance at Station F, a business incubator for startups, located in 13th arrondissement of Paris. 

It’s describe as the world's largest startup facility. Situated in a former rail freight depot previously known as la Halle Freyssinet, the 34,000 m2 facility was formally opened by President Emmanuel Macron in June 2017 and provides office accommodation for up to 1,000 start-up and early stage businesses as well as for corporate partners such as Facebook, Microsoft and Naver. As well as 3,000 desk spaces and private meeting facilities, the incubator also hosts a 370-seat auditorium and dining facilities open...

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Apple's iPad Pro to gain Face ID with TrueDepth...

After launching next month on the iPhone X, Apple's Face ID technology will reportedly make its way to the iPad in 2018, potentially paving the way for the elimination of the home button on the company's touchscreen tablet.

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KGI: iPad Pro upgrade will likely gain Face ID from...

A new prediction from reliable supply chain analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities expects one of the iPhone X’s defining features to join the iPad Pro lineup in the next upgrade. KGI expects the TrueDepth camera system which enables Face ID facial recognition to next appear on the iPad lineup.


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Sony's first robot in years will be an Aibo...

Sony hasn't been shy about promising a return to robots, but just what will this revival look like? We now have an idea... and it'll seem remarkably familiar. Nikkei reports that Sony's first device will be an Aibo-like robotic dog made with the he...

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‘Apple for Athenry’ held to support Apple’s proposed...

More than 300 people have attended a rally in Athenry, Co Galway, Ireland, to support Apple's proposed €850m data centre for the town, reports RTE. The tech giant was granted planning permission over two years ago but construction has been delayed by legal challenges.

The march was organized by a campaign group calling itself “Apple for Athenry.” RTE says that the organizers highlighted the economic benefits of the proposed data centre: 300 construction jobs over multiple phases and 150 technical positions on an ongoing basis.


Apple planned to start building the data center on a 500-acre site before the end of 2015. However, it was delayed when unhappy Irish citizens lodged formal complaints with the Irish government. Complainants argued that the data...

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Deliveroo’s pop-up kitchens are ticking off local...

Anyone that's ever ordered food for delivery will know your postcode is only as good as the eateries that serve it. Earlier this year, Deliveroo announced "Editions" as a new way to bring different types of restaurant-quality food to more empty belli...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: MacBook Pro 512GB $250 off,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Hullo: Stop Tossing and Turning on Your Sad Old...

Thanks to Hullo for sponsoring the Loop this week. A hot, sweaty, flat pillow will wake even the deepest sleeper. Soft traditional pillows collapse under the weight of your head which can cause strains in your neck, shoulders and back. They also retain body heat, which can make sleep uncomfortably warm. It’s time to abandon tradition and try something new!

Have You Ever Slept on a Buckwheat Pillow?

They’re totally different than the soft spongey pillows you’re used to. A buckwheat pillow is sort of like a beanbag for your head. Their unique and firm support simply can’t be matched by traditional pillows. The buckwheat hull filling will perfectly conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing comfortable support all night long. Buckwheat pillows also allow air to move freely though your...

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Mixcloud plans subscription service with Warner...

Mixcloud -- a user-generated audio site similar to SoundCloud but with more of a focus on long-form content -- just signed a licensing deal with Warner Music, the Financial Times reports. This means that the site can soon begin to offer subscriptions...

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Hands-on: Apple's iTunes can be confusing, but...

TuneInstructor is ostensibly designed to organize iTunes and play your music -- but a lack of coherent English tutorials and bizarre user interface choices make it bewildering.

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Microsoft drives stake through the heart of Windows...

In a move that surprised only those few people who actually loved Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore broke the news on Twitter this weekend that the platform is essentially dead.  

Of course we'll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren't the focus.

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The Best Budget Subwoofer

By Brent Butterworth

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, reviews for the real world. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, they may earn affiliate commissions that support their work. Read the f...

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‘Robot Wars’ returns on October 22nd

Of course, Robot Wars is coming back for another season. The show's revival in July 2016 was a huge success, reminding everyone how much fun it is to watch homemade robots smash each other to bits. Season nine debuted in March and Season 10, the BBC...

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Google created a fun way to learn about simple AI

You've probably heard the term "machine learning" quite a bit -- basically, it refers to training computers to learn without directly programming them. It's a particularly hot topic these days when it comes to AI, since machine learning is the best w...

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Deals: 15" MacBook Pro for $1,849 ($150 off);...

Apple authorized resellers are offering shoppers instant discounts on MacBook Pros and iPads this Columbus Day. Save $150 on the 2015 15" MacBook Pro or $500 on the 2016 model. Apple's top of the line 512GB 10.5" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + Cellular) is also $999 after a $130 cash rebate, while the 2016 13" MacBook Pro is $1,289 after a $210 markdown.

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Unsupported iTunes 12.6.3 brings iOS App Store back...

One of the "features" of iTunes 12.7.0 -- the latest official version of Apple's media store -- that has befuddled a number of Mac users is the removal of the iOS App Store. For bloggers, having the iOS App Store in iTunes was very useful, as we could use the app to easily search for apps on our Macs while writing. The removal of the iOS App Store also caused issues for Volume Purchase Program (VPP) customers who need to deploy apps within a business through iTunes. Apple has released iTunes 12.6.3 specifically for VPP customers, providing a way for other users to bring back the App Store if they wish.

Now there's one little problem if you want to do this on your own Mac -- if you install iTunes 12.6.3 on your personal Mac that already has 12.7 installed, 12.6.3 will not be able to read an iTunes 12.7  library... If you have a past backup of a 12.6.x iTunes library that can be restored, then here's how...

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Microsoft pulls plug on Windows 10 Mobile, says...

Having long stuggled for marketshare versus the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, Microsoft is effectively giving up on Windows 10 Mobile for the time being, a company executive said over the weekend.

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Hulu dives into eSports with four ESL-made shows

A handful of TV networks have started to incorporate more eSports content into their lineups and now eSports have made their way to streaming video on demand as Hulu and ESL have teamed up to create four new eSports series. "Esports appeals to a youn...

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Tim Cook visits American Cemetery and Memorial,...

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a meeting later today with French President Emmanuel Macron, but he spent time earlier today doing some sightseeing, visiting Apple technology partners, and surprising several app developers.

He started with a visit to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, the burial site of more than 9,300 American soldiers who fought in World War II. 

At Normandy, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. “Think not only upon their passing. Remember the glory of their spirit.”

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) October 9, 2017

Cook them went on to visit Eldim, a company that Apple has been working with for almost a decade, and is finally tapping for the facial recognition technology that will be featured in the iPhone X. Without Eldim, there would most likely be no Face ID...

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Walmart’s app makes the return process easier

Walmart is adding another new feature to its app and this one aims to make returning items as painless as possible. Starting soon, when you need to return something, you'll first start the process on the app. Then head to a store, scan a QR code at t...

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'Batman: The Animated Series' is coming to...

Batman: The Animated Series is finally getting the remaster treatment it deserves. From this weekend's New York Comic Con Warner Bros. announced that "later in the year" in 2018 it will release the influential animated show to high-def formats. As Po...

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Apple could benefit from proposed Trump tax plan

Bank of America Merrill Lynch reiterates its “buy” rating and $180 price target for Apple, forecast that President Trump’s tax reform plan will benefit the company.

The plan would cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% and lower repatriation tax rates for the accumulated foreign earnings of U.S. companies. Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Wamsi Mohan tells clients that “existing deferred tax liability on the balance sheet could allow for substantially all of Apple’s foreign cash to be repatriated” and investors will give that cash a higher multiple.  

Mohan estimates the lower corporate taxes to benefit Apple’s earnings per share by $0.77 in fiscal year 2018 and $0.89 in fiscal year 2019. The analyst says Apple has $223B in “unrestricted” cash overseas and could repatriate at a tax rate of 8.75%. 

Hello, World...

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WiFi mesh networks can detect your breathing

In the world of indoor security systems, motion detection usually relies on cameras or at least dedicated sensors. Both types of solution add to hardware plus installation costs, not to mention that not everyone is comfortable with having cameras poi...

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AR Tape Measure 2.0 from It’s About Time Products:...

Apple’s ARKit is a framework that’s part of iOS 11 that lets developers create augmented reality (AR) experiences for the iPhone and iPad. One of the first developers we knew of that created AR apps was this week’s sponsor, It’s About Time Products, and we’re happy to tell you about the free AR Tape Measure 2.0 app.

With a compatible iPhone or iPad and iOS 11, AR Tape Measure 2.0 turns your device into a highly accurate tape measure. Simply point your device’s camera at the floor and move it back and forth so that it can recognize the surface. When it’s ready, you can use any of four measuring modes: distance (tape measure), area, angle, and distance from phone.

"Scanning" the ground to prepare AR Tape Measure for measuring

How accurate is AR Tape Measure 2.0? In our testing I measured — what else? — a tape measure set on the floor. As...

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Apple releases iTunes 12.6.3 for ‘certain business...

Apple has released iTunes 12.6.3, which reintroduces the ability to download App Store apps and ringtones from within the iTunes desktop software. However, this update isn’t targeted to the general end user.

Apple offers Volume Purchase Programs and Apple Configurator on Mac to help enterprise environments manage and mass-deploy apps on iOS devices. However, the company says that “certain business partners might still need to use iTunes to install apps,” which is why iTunes 12.6.3 is available.

If you've already installed a newer version of iTunes, you can download this version of iTunes on your Mac, PC 32-bit or PC 64-bit and run the installer. After installation is complete, you can continue to deploy apps with iTunes. You won’t be prompted to download new versions of iTunes after you install this version.

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Nintendo’s mini SNES quickly cracked to run more...

It appears that Nintendo really doesn't mind modders cracking open its little retro consoles and using them for more than they were originally intended. Back when the NES Classic Edition was released, it took Russian tinkerer "Cluster" just a few mon...

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News: Happy Columbus Day + Canadian Thanksgiving!

Our editors are celebrating Columbus Day and the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday today. We’ll be back tomorrow, October 10, with our full slate of news and reviews.

We hope you, your family, and friends enjoy a relaxing holiday together....

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Pay What You Want for the Fab 5 Mac Bundle Featuring...

We love the Pay What You Want deals that we get in the Apple World Today Deals Shop. No matter what you pay -- like a penny -- you're still going to get something, in this case MacCleanse 6, a utility that normally costs $29.95. Pay more than the average of all people participating in the Pay What You Want deal and you get five wonderful Mac apps! We call it the Fab 5 Mac Bundle and you can get it for a limited time. 

So, what do you get if you beat the average price for the bundle? These five apps:

TechTool Pro 9.5 ($99.99 value)

TechTool Pro 9.5 goes above and...

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Apple's Cook visits Normandy war cemetery,...

Apple head Tim Cook on Monday shared publicity photos from a pair of stops on his tour of France, including a visit with iPhone X supplier Eldim, and a trip to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, where over 9,300 U.S. soldiers who fought in World War II are buried.

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News: Daily Deal: Pay What You Want – Fab 5 Mac App...

In our iLounge Deal for today, we’re offering the Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle, featuring TechTool Pro 9.5 plus four other apps that will make your Mac run smoother, more securely, and more enjoyably. Pay whatever you want for MacCleanse 6 and if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the full bundle, including the full version of TechTool Pro 9.5, RapidWeaver 7, Hands Off!, and AfterShot Pro 3 — a $350 value! Plus, beat the…

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Unsupported iTunes 12.6.3 enterprise version allows...

About two weeks after Apple released iTunes 12.7, it made a "legacy" version of iTunes available for enterprise customers that retained app management and installation -- but it is an unsupported configuration.

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Keyboard Maestro 8 Automates Even More of Your Mac...

Peter Lewis of Stairways Software has released Keyboard Maestro 8, a major upgrade to the invaluable macro utility for the Mac. It gains over 100 new features, including the capability to send SMS messages and iMessages via Messages, trigger macros based on more events, prompt users within a macro, and much more.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Google also found evidence of Russian influence in...

Et tu, Google? Search and ad giant Google has found evidence that Russian agents purchased ads on YouTube, Google Search, Gmail and the company's DoubleClick ad network, unnamed sources have told the Washington Post. That means Russian actors have pe...

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Tim Cook visits French tech firm Eldim whose ‘...

During a trip to France in which Tim Cook is scheduled to meet French president Emmanuel Macron, the CEO also visited a small French company whose technology is reported to be key to Face ID.

Cook tweeted a photo of himself at the company, thanking the small team of 42 employees for helping to make the iPhone possible …


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Red's new flagship camera is the $80,000...

RED's cinema cameras are too expensive for most of us, but they do push the state-of-the-art, making future camera's you can afford better. A case in point is RED's latest sensor called the Monstro 8K VV (Vista Vision). The bombastic name aside, it p...

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Security researchers point out Apple-granted API...

Last week, a controversial background API given from Apple to Uber designed to improve performance of the Uber app on the Apple Watch made headlines when security researchers told stated that Uber could have used it to record a user’s iPhone screen even with the Uber app just running in the background.

In a statement, Uber said the entitlement was used for an old version of the Apple Watch app and was provided to Uber because the original Apple Watch couldn’t render maps.

The company offered the following statement regarding the situation:

“It was used for an old version of the Apple Watch app, specifically to run the heavy lifting of rendering maps on your phone & then send the rendering to the Watch app. This dependency was removed with previous improvements to Apple’s OS & our app. Therefore, we’re removing this API from our iOS codebase.”

The entitlement is no longer necessary and Uber is planning to remove it from the iOS codebase,...

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How to use passes in Wallet in iOS 11

The Wallet app in iOS 11 allows you to store data from rewards cards, passes, and more, along with your Apple Pay info.  Some passes automatically appear at the right time or place because they include information based on time or location. 

For example, when you arrive at the airport, your boarding pass should appear. Slide to unlock your device to display and scan your pass. There are two quick ways to use a pass:

If you have a credit, debit, prepaid, or store card in Wallet, or a rewards card that works with Apple Pay, open Wallet by double-clicking the Home button. 

If you turned on Automatic Selection for a rewards card or store credit card, use that pass by holding your iPhone near the merchant's contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.

If you want automatic notifications for things like flight updates or coupons and sales for nearby stores, follow these steps:

Tap Settings > Notification Center > Wallet.

Turn on Alerts or...

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Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead –...

The writing has been on the wall for Window Phone for a very long time. It had long struggled to achieve more than one or two percentage points of market share; Microsoft wrote-off its Nokia hardware business in 2015; the company exited the consumer market in May; and even Bill Gates recently admitted he’d switched to an Android phone


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Google's Store is now just a click away from...

Google is making its minimal homepage that little bit busier. Keep your eyes peeled the next time you land on and you should spot two new links in the upper left hand corner. "About" and "Store" are the debutants. One gives you the lowdown...

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PowerCost Monitor helps you monitor your electricity...

By Aaron Lee

Have you ever wondered if the electricity bill that you get each month is really the amount you should pay or are they over charging you? That's where the PowerCost Monitor from Blueline Innovations comes into play.

You can now attached this $79 device directly to your meter on the outside of the dwelling and with the Wi-Fi bridge you can see how much energy and money you are spending in real time. For even more data you can download a number of apps to help you monitor your home from away and keep track of what's draining the most money.

The PowerCost Monitor enables personal real time electricity data to be fed to smartphone and web applications for anytime/anywhere access. With it you can learn how and where you are using electricity in the home to make informed decisions to reduce usage and cost and track your current and historical electricity usage


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The Morning After: Monday, October 9th 2017

Hey, good morning!

Welcome to your week! Over the weekend, we mention a few ghosts from smartphone past, we pour one out for the end of AIM, and there's the return of our robotic table-tennis rival.

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Apple still offers an iTunes version with App Store...

For people mourning the loss of a desktop iTunes client to store their app library or check the best-selling app charts, there is some hope. It has been noticed on Reddit that Apple offers a special version of iTunes, iTunes 12.6.3, which retains the features that were abruptly removed in iTunes 12.7.

Apple positions this build as necessary for some businesses performing internal app deployments but it is available to download by anyone.


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Engadget UK giveaway: Win an iPhone 8 courtesy of...

Even the sweet scent of autumn rain can't beat that new iPhone smell, and that's exactly what we're giving away this week. And not just that, but an actual gold iPhone 8 (64GB) to go with it, thanks to our friends at Casetify. They've also been kind...

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Black lawmakers call on Facebook and Twitter to...

Facebook and Twitter are facing renewed calls from US lawmakers to ensure ads on their respective platforms aren't used to spread hate. The two firms are currently cooperating with Congressional investigators looking into Russian meddling in the 2016...

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China denies carrying out cyberattacks against US-...

China claims it wasn't behind the hacking of a US think tank that was set to host exiled Chinese tycoon-turned-activist Guo Wengui. The Hudson Institute abruptly canceled its event with Guo last week, claiming it had detected a Shanghai-based attack...

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Sunday October 8

Steven Soderbergh's 'Mosaic' app lets...

Many TV shows have apps, but they're usually meant as nothing more than companions that encourage you to tune in. What if you could actually choose how the story is presented? Steven Soderbergh is trying just that. His upcoming HBO miniseries Mosa...

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Watch Hulu's first teaser for Stephen King...

Ever since Hulu announced Castle Rock, there's been a lingering question: just what would JJ Abrams' take on Stephen King's universe look like? You now have a better idea. Hulu has posted the first trailer for the series, and it makes more than a few...

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Scientists create 'tooth cracker' device...

That pesky wisdom tooth you're glad you got rid of is apparently a great source of stem cells that could save lives. However, it's not easy getting to the tooth root pulp that contains those cells: drilling into the tooth generates damaging heat that...

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BlackBerry Motion arrives with no keyboard and a...

That didn't take long -- mere days after images emerged, BlackBerry has launched the Motion. As expected, it's effectively a KEYone without the keyboard... and a couple of extra perks. You're still looking at a mid-range device with a Snapdragon 62...

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Apple's Tim Cook to talk with French President...

Apple CEO Tim Cook will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, according to an official agenda item, marking just his second official visit to France as CEO.

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Microsoft exec says Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a...

It's no secret that work on Windows 10 Mobile has wound down given the lack of new devices and software features (talk of mobile Windows updates was virtually absent at Build, for example), but what's happening with it, exactly? Well, Microsoft's Jo...

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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.0.3

Improves the archive pruning utility’s performance and fixes a number of bugs. ($39.99 new, free update, 12.4 MB)


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OMRON's updated ping pong robot can serve and...

It's CEATEC, so I knew OMRON would once again bring out its massive table tennis robot to belittle us humans, but what I didn't expect was a significant performance jump this time. FORPHEUS, now at its fourth generation, features improved AI to boost...

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EU raids banks over attempts to block financial tech...

You'd think that governments were waging a war against financial technology given reports of crackdowns and tighter regulation, but the opposite is true in Europe. EU officials have confirmed that they recently raided the offices of bank authorities...

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Arizona Diamondbacks coach fined for wearing Apple...

The saga of the Apple Watch in Major League Baseball continues this week. During the NL Wild Card game on Wednesday, cameras captured Diamondbacks coach Ariel Prieto wearing an “illegal electronic device in the dugout,” which turned out to be an Apple Watch. MLB then launched an investigation, as noted by CBS Sports.


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Pixelmator 3.7

Adds full support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and the capability to launch Pixelmator from the Photos app for round-trip image editing. ($29.99 new, free update, 78.3 MB)


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Tim Cook traveling to France this week to meet with...

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to travel to France this week. According to local media reports from and Mac4Ever, President Emmanuel Macron’s agenda for the week shows a meeting with Cook tomorrow, October 9th.


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After Math: Starting up, shutting down

While the tech industry focused on all of the new shinies Google unveiled on Wednesday, the rest of the world turned. The Supreme Court shut down Kim Dotcom's attempts to get his millions back, Toys R Us made a last ditch effort to save itself from o...

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Ben Heck's Super Glue Gun: Scoping out the...

Is Ben over-engineering the Super Glue Gun? Working on an idea from Felix, Ben prototypes the automatic deploying kickstand for the super glue gun build, and develops code for the ATTiny microcontroller for servo control. Though all is not as str...

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Hopper Disassembler is a binary disassembler, decompiler, and debugger for 32- and 64-bit executables. It will let you disassemble any binary you want, and provide you all the information about its... Read more
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GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image-editing program that can import 200 different graphic-based formats, edit the image, and export it to any of 80 available file formats. The high-end editing... Read more
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Hopper Disassembler is a binary disassembler, decompiler, and debugger for 32- and 64-bit executables. It will let you disassemble any binary you want, and provide you all the information about its... Read more

ICEY (Games)
ICEY 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game. As you follow the narrator's omnipresent voice, you will see through ICEY's eyes and learn the... | Read more »
The best new games we played this week -...
We've made it, folks. Another weekend is upon us. It's time to sit back and relax with the best new releases of the week. Puzzles, strategy RPGs, and arcade games abound this week. There's a lot of quality stuff to unpack this week, so let's hop... | Read more »
Wheels of Aurelia (Games)
Wheels of Aurelia 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: | Read more »
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander guide - ti...
Halcyon 6 is a well-loved indie RPG with stellar tactical combat and some pretty good writing, too. It's now landed on the App Store, so mobile fans, if you're itching for a good intergalactic adventure, here's your game. Being a strategy RPG, the... | Read more »
Game of Thrones: Conquest guide - how to...
Fans of base building games might be excited to know that yet another entry in the genre has materialized - Game of Thrones: Conquest. Yes, you can now join the many kingdoms of the famed book series, or create your own, as you try to conquer... | Read more »
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (Games)
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $6.99, Version: (iTunes) Description: An epic space strategy RPG with base building, deep tactical combat, crew management, alien diplomacy,... | Read more »
Legacy of Discord celebrates its 1 year...
It’s been a thrilling first year for fans of Legacy of Discord, the stunning PvP dungeon-crawling ARPG from YOOZOO Games, and now it’s time to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. The developers are amping up the festivities with some exciting... | Read more »
3 reasons to play Thunder Armada - the n...
The bygone days of the Battleship board game might have past, but naval combat simulators still find an audience on mobile. Thunder Armada is Chinese developer Chyogames latest entry into the genre, drawing inspiration from the explosive exchanges... | Read more »
Experience a full 3D fantasy MMORPG, as...
Those hoping to sink their teeth into a meaty hack and slash RPG that encourages you to fight with others might want to check out EZFun’s new Eternity Guardians. Available to download for iOS and Android, Eternity Guardians is an MMORPG that lets... | Read more »
Warhammer Quest 2 (Games)
Warhammer Quest 2 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World are back! | Read more »

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Adorama has 2017 13″ MacBook Airs on sale today for $100 off MSRP including free shipping. Adorama charges NY & NJ sales tax only: – 13″ 1.8GHz/128GB MacBook Air (MQD32LL/A): $899, $100 off MSRP... Read more
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TigerDirect has the 1.4GHz Mac mini on sale today for $399 including free shipping. Their price is $100 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Although currently out of stock,... Read more
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MacMall has the 21″ 2.3GHz iMac (MMQA2LL/A) on sale today for $999 including free shipping. Their price is $100 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Read more
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Adorama has 12″ iPad Pros on sale today for $50 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and Adorama charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 12″ 64GB iPad Pro: $749, save $50 – 12″ 256GB iPad Pro: $899, save $50... Read more
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MacMall has 9″ iPads on sale for $30 off including free shipping: – 9″ 32GB iPad: $299 – 9″ 128GB iPad: $399 Read more
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Apple has restocked a full line of Apple Certified Refurbished 2017 13″ MacBook Pros for $200-$300 off MSRP. A standard Apple one-year warranty is included with each MacBook, and shipping is free.... Read more
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Amazon has the 2017 13″ 3.1GHz/256GB Space Gray MacBook Pro on sale today for $121 off MSRP including free shipping: – 13″ 3.1GHz/256GB Space Gray MacBook Pro (MPXV2LL/A): $1678 $121 off MSRP Keep an... Read more
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B&H Photo has 2017 13″ MacBook Pros in stock today and on sale for up to $120 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only: – 13-inch 2.3GHz/128GB Space Gray MacBook... Read more
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B&H Photo has 15″ MacBook Pros on sale for up to $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 15″ 2.8GHz MacBook Pro Space Gray (MPTR2LL/A): $2249, $150... Read more
Roundup of Apple Certified Refurbished iMacs,...
Apple has a full line of Certified Refurbished 2017 21″ and 27″ iMacs available starting at $1019 and ranging up to $350 off original MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free... Read more

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