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Wednesday November 8

Ex-Apple Store Manager Sues Apple for Age Discrimination a...

Apple is being sued by Richard Casillo in Ohio in a civil rights case about age and retaliation discrimination. Casillo, who was employed as the most elder senior manager at the Kenwood Towne Centre Apple store when he was terminated shortly after lodging multiple complaints to human resources about the manner in which he was being improperly treated by Beth Coleman-Drum, his superior at Apple.

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Apple's Future Smartglasses likely to be a Standalone...

Yesterday the vaguest of rumors surfaced that Apple Supplier Catcher has started a new project for a client that could be related to an AR device with some speculating that it translated to smartglasses for Apple. Today a bigger gun rumor has been published pointing to scant details of a future Apple headset

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Apple Overtook Samsung in the U.S. Smartphone Market in Q3...

Apple overtook Samsung in Q3 with the help of one week's worth of iPhone 8 sales and is likely to slaughter Samsung in the holiday quarter with the monstrously successful iPhone X

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Apple May Launch Augmented Reality Headset With Custom...

Apple is ramping up development of an augmented reality headset that will have its own display and run on a new chip and operating system, according to well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

A fanciful mockup of digital glasses via TechAcute

Apple aims to have technology ready for the headset by 2019, and could ship a product as early as 2020, the report claims. But the development timeline is said to be "very aggressive" and could still change.

The headset's custom operating system, based on iOS, is reportedly dubbed "rOS" for "reality operating system."Just as tvOS powers the Apple TV, macOS runs on Macs and watchOS runs on Apple Watches, "rOS" will power Apple’s AR headset. Geoff Stahl, formerly a software manager for games and graphics at Apple, is one of the directors of the "rOS" software group.Apple...

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Apple's iOS based iPads continue to Dominate over And...

In Tim Cook's opening summary statement to kick off their fiscal Q4 financial Conference, Cook touched on the iPad this way: "We're also delighted to report our second consecutive quarter of double digit unit growth for iPad. Now in Strategy Analytics latest report we learn that in Q3 2017, Apple maintained its first position with ...

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Tuesday November 7

iPhone X Camera Overview: Portrait Lighting, Video Improve...

With each new iPhone, Apple introduces significant camera improvements, a practice that has established the iPhone as one of the most popular cameras for photography on sites like Flickr.

The iPhone X, as Apple's new flagship device, is no exception. It features new hardware and new features that have established it as the best iPhone camera to date, on par with dedicated point and shoot devices and even DSLRs in some modes. With the iPhone X now widely available, we spent some time with the iPhone X's rear and front-facing cameras to see just what they can do.

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There's an all new rear camera in the iPhone X, with two lenses arranged in a vertical orientation, a first for an iPhone. Apple chose a vertical orientation because of space constraints and design changes that...

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Apple's iPhone X Display beats out Samsung's Not...

DisplayMate is an industry standard for optimizing, calibrating, testing, evaluating and comparing all types of displays, and they've concluded after extensive testing that Apple's iPhone X display beats the former champ being Samsung's Note 8.

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Apple Says iOS 11 is Installed on 52% of Devices

iOS 11 is now installed on 52 percent of iOS devices, according to new statistics that Apple shared today on its App Store support page for developers.

This is the first time that Apple has updated its App Store support page since the release of iOS 11, and the first look we've had at official installation numbers.

We've previously only seen installation estimates from analytics company Mixpanel, which appear to be quite a bit different. Mixpanel currently lists iOS 11 installation at just about 66 percent.

With iOS 11 installed on 52 percent of devices, 38 percent continue to run iOS 10. 10 percent are still on an earlier version of iOS.

iOS 11 adoption has been slower than iOS 10 adoption was last year, but the number of devices with the update installed has ...

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One of the Pioneers in Dual Camera Technologies Corephoton...

An Israeli company by the name of Corephotonics, who is collaborating with Samsung and backed by Foxconn, MediaTek and others, is suing Apple on four counts of patent infringement. As you could tell by the photo in our report, that's from the Corephotonics website, they're smartphone technology that's based on the use of a dual lens camera produces photos with the bokeh effect just as Apple introduced with their iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens camera.

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Apple Supplier Catcher Generates Vague Rumor at Earnings C...

Last week Patently Apple posted a report wherein we learned from Apple's CEO Tim Cook that AR glasses were not ready for prime time because the technology just isn't there yet. Today a vague rumor comes from an Apple supplier that says little to nothing and yet the Nikkei Asian Review is trying to spin it into a worthy rumor

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iOS 11.2 Public Beta Update Introduces Apple Pay Cash

Apple plans to introduce Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, and starting today, the feature is available for beta testers in the United States. Apple Pay Cash is included in the new iOS 11.2 public beta that is being provided to public beta testers this morning. Some developers running iOS 11.2 are also seeing Apple Pay Cash appear as an option in the Messages app this morning.

Since the beginning of October, Apple employees have been testing Apple Pay Cash in a special version of iOS 11.1 that allowed the feature to be enabled through an internal device certificate. The test was initially limited to corporate employees, but later expanded to retail employees. Apple Pay Cash did not end up shipping in iOS 11.1, but it is apparently...

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Apple Releases Second Public Beta of iOS 11.2 for Public B...

Apple today released the second public beta of iOS 11.2 to its public beta testing group, one week after releasing the first public beta and a little over a week after the release of iOS 11.1, the first major update to the iOS 11 operating system.

Beta testers who are members of Apple's beta testing program will receive the iOS 11.2 beta update over-the-air after installing the proper certificate on an iOS device.

Those who want to join the beta testing program can sign up on Apple's beta testing website, which gives users access to iOS, macOS, and tvOS betas. iOS betas are not always stable and should not be installed on a primary device.

Apple is allowing public beta testers to test Apple Pay cash starting with today's iOS 11.2 beta. iOS 11.2 beta 2 also...

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Corephotonics Sues Apple Over Dual-Lens Cameras in iPhone...

Corephotonics, an Israeli maker of dual-lens camera technologies for smartphones, has filed a lawsuit against Apple this week alleging that the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus infringe upon four of its patents.

The patents, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office between November 2013 and June 2016, relate to dual-lens camera technologies appropriate for smartphones, including optical zoom and a mini telephoto lens assembly.

U.S. Patent No. 9,402,032

U.S. Patent No. 9,568,712

U.S. Patent No. 9,185,291

U.S. Patent No. 9,538,152

Corephotonics alleges that the two iPhone models copy its patented telephoto lens design, optical zoom method, and a method...

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Fix for iOS Autocorrect Bug Reportedly Arrived in Latest D...

For well over a week, many iOS 11 users have been noting a strange autocorrect bug plaguing their devices, which autocorrects the letter "i" to the uppercase letter "A" and a question mark symbol. Apple has issued a support document to help anyone facing the problem figure out a temporary workaround, but The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the bug has been fixed in the second iOS 11.2 developer beta released yesterday.

A few MacRumors forum members also...

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Apple Glasses Rumors Resurface as iPhone Supplier Tapped t...

Catcher Technology, a Taiwanese company that manufacturers metal casings for Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, will make parts for an augmented reality product, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

Apple Glasses concept via Gadgets Arena

Catcher chairman Allen Horng reportedly said augmented reality products "need to look good" and "be light enough to wear.""Based on what we have learned, [new AR products] need to look good and be light enough to wear ... that makes the casings for such device very complicated to manufacture and there are still a lot of challenges to overcome currently," Catcher Chairman Allen Horng told analysts and reporters in an earnings conference on Tuesday.Horng would not disclose which company was behind the augmented reality product, but...

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Apple begins Sales of iPhone X in 14 Additional Countries...

Apple has announced that iPhone X will arrive in 14 additional countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa ...

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AT&T Confirms iPhone X Demand 'Has Been Strong...

AT&T chief John Donovan has confirmed that demand for the iPhone X has been "strong" following the device's "highly-anticipated" launch in the United States and over 50 other countries just four days ago.

"All the signs are that customers love it. It's probably the most highly-anticipated version… and demand has been strong. So we're pleased," Donovan said at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal, per CNBC.

Apple no longer provides first weekend sales numbers for iPhone launches, and it doesn't reveal iPhone sales on a model-by-model basis in its quarterly earnings results, but it did say pre-order demand was "off the charts."We are thrilled...

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Apple iPhone Partner Wistron is Reportedly Scouting for 10...

It's being reported by Bloomberg today that Apple's primary iPhone assembler in India is scouting for about 100 acres of land in Bangalore to expand its facilities for the world’s most valuable company ..

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Video: Chief Strategy Officer at GBH Insights Bullish on A...

GBH Insight's Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Technology Research Daniels Ives tells Bloomberg business TV that he sees 60 million iPhone users in China upgrading to an iPhone X ...

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Apple 10K Filing notes that Leaks from Suppliers materiall...

Patently Apple posted a report in June titled "Apple has begun a new War on Leakers telling Staff that When they Leak Information, they're letting Everyone Down." The report noted there was an hour-long presentation that touched on Apple's Global Security team employing an undisclosed number of investigators around the world to prevent information from reaching competitors, counterfeiters, and the press. Now we're learning that Apple has put the threat of leakers in their 10K filing. But is for show and tell or real? You be the judge.

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Walmart Pay 'Close to Surpassing' Apple Pay in U...

Walmart announced "Walmart Pay" in December of 2015, bundling its mobile payment solution directly into the Walmart app for iOS and Android devices and entering the market one year after Apple's own Apple Pay launched in 2014. Now available nationwide in 4,774 Walmart stores, Walmart Pay is "close to surpassing" Apple Pay in terms of mobile payments usage in the United States (via Bloomberg).

According to Daniel Eckert, senior vice president of Walmart services and digital acceleration, Walmart Pay is enrolling "tens of thousands of new users a day," and has seen a...

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Apple Granted 36 Patents Today covering 3D Camera Mapping...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 36 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we focus on Apple's patent covering a 3D hand tracking system that uses a depth camera like TrueDepth on iPhone X. Beyond Face ID and being able to accommodate Augmented Reality apps, Apple envisions expanding their TrueDepth camera to cover hand gesturing as a new input methodology that could be used for ..

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Apple Responds to the Paradise Papers with a Formal Press...

Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "The BBC & Guardian have just posted massive Reports about Apple's Tax Games as Revealed in the 'Paradise Papers'" The Paradise Papers were dumped unto the net yesterday en masse with many news sites focused on Apple. The timing of the disclosure as the EU is preparing to fight Apple on appeal for the $14.5 billion tax fine seems very convenient. And one of the main writers in the BBC's report had done another hit piece on Apple about the slave camps that Apple products are made in. The BBC's report puts Apple in a negative light that they're guilty as sin.

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Monday November 6

Top 10 iPhone X Tips and Tricks: Reachability, Face ID, Sc...

The iPhone X is the first new iPhone design Apple has introduced since 2014, and the most radical redesign since the iPhone first debuted in 2007.

With a revamped user interface and a slew of new features, there's a lot to get used to, and there are a bunch of hidden functions that aren't immediately obvious. We've rounded up some of the most important things you need to know about the iPhone X in the video below.

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Here's a quick little spoiler of what we've covered in the video in more depth:

- Turning on reachability

- Quickly zooming in on YouTube videos

- Best methods for closing apps

- Disabling Attention awareness to make Face ID less sensitive

- Using the Lock screen icons

- Using Animoji

- Turning off iPhone X


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A Senior CNN Correspondent shocked at Twitter Account Tamp...

On Friday it was widely reported that a rogue Twitter employee on his last day with the company deleted President Trump's Twitter account. In the video found in our report, CNN Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter thought it was troubling that a rogue employee could so easily tamper with a customer account.

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iPhone X Component Costs Estimated at $357.50

Apple's new iPhone X costs $357.50 to make, according to estimates sourced from TechInsights and shared today by Reuters. At an estimated $357.50 to produce with a price tag of $999, the iPhone X has a gross margin of 64 percent, higher than the iPhone 8's gross margin of 59 percent.

Several of the components in the iPhone X are more expensive than their iPhone 8 counterparts, according to TechInsights. The 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display, for example, costs an estimated $65.50, compared to $36 for the 4.7-inch display of the iPhone 8.

Image via iFixit

The stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X costs an estimated $36, a significant premium over the $21.50 Apple shells out for the iPhone 8.

Following the launch of the iPhone 8,...

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Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross M...

Common sense tells us that Apple's new flagship iPhone X will make the company more money per phone than its iPhone 8 model, but how much more? An industry analyst found that the iPhone X's flashier parts cost Apple 25 percent more than the iPhone 8, but that it retails for 43 percent more.

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Photographer Austin Mann Lauds iPhone X's Telephoto L...

Travel photographer Austin Mann often goes hands-on with new iPhone models to test their camera performance in real world situations, and with the iPhone X, he went to Guatemala to evaluate its new features and its capabilities compared to previous iPhone cameras.

Mann loved the size of the iPhone X as a photography device. Previous Plus models, he says, have been "a bit unwieldy" and tough to operate with one hand, a problem solved with the iPhone X.

As for image quality, Mann was impressed by the improved telephoto lens, which features optical image stabilization for the first time and an improved aperture for better performance in low light situations. Mann says he noticed less noise, faster auto focusing, and better shutter speeds for reduced motion blur.The lens specs for the iPhone X are 28mm @ f/1.8 and 52mm @ f/2.4 (previously, the Plus was 56mm at f/2.8.) This little tweak means the...

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Intel Teams Up With AMD for New 8th-Generation Processors...

Longtime rivals Intel and AMD are joining forces to produce new 8th-Generation H-Series Intel mobile processors paired with stacked second-generation High Bandwidth Memory and custom-built discrete graphics from AMD, Intel announced today.

For the new H-Series chips, which feature all of the above listed components in a single processor package, Intel says is using its Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), a power-sharing framework that reduces the standard silicon footprint to less than half that of standard discrete components on a motherboard.At the heart of this new design is EMIB, a small intelligent bridge that allows heterogeneous silicon to quickly pass information in extremely close proximity. EMIB eliminates height impact as well as manufacturing and design complexities, enabling faster, more powerful and more...

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The BBC & Guardian have just posted massive Reports ab...

What are the Paradise Papers? The Paradise Papers is a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investment, leaked to the public on 5 November 2017 mostly from the offshore law firm Appleby, along with corporate registries in 19 tax jurisdictions, which reveal the financial dealings of politicians, celebrities, corporate giants like Apple and business leaders. There are two larger reports out today on the subject of the Paradise Papers in context with Apple.

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Apple Reportedly Shifted Billions of Dollars to Small Isla...

Apple sidestepped a 2013 crackdown on its controversial Irish tax structure by moving the majority of its offshore cash holdings to the small island of Jersey, a self-governed territory with loose ties to the United Kingdom, according to leaked financial documents obtained by The New York Times and BBC.

The island of A photo Jersey via its Chamber of Commerce

The so-called Paradise Papers, primarily sourced from offshore tax law firm Appleby, reveal that Apple's two key Irish subsidiaries were managed from Appleby's office in Jersey from 2015 until early 2016. Apple chose Jersey after exploring several potential tax havens, such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Apple said it made regulators in the United States and Ireland, and the European Commission, aware about the reorganization of...

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iPhone X Outpaces iPhone 8 Series in First Weekend Adoptio...

A new study suggests the iPhone X recorded a higher adoption rate than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus over each device's first three days of availability.

After the first weekend of sales, the device is estimated to have captured nearly one percent market share among all iPhone models, the highest over that time since the iPhone 5s, according to mobile engagement platform Localytics.

By comparison, Localytics measured iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus adoption of 0.3 percent and 0.4 percent respectively among all iPhone models after the first weekend of sales for those devices back in September.

The data suggests that many customers may have been waiting for the iPhone X instead of purchasing an iPhone 8 or...

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Apple Seeds Second macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Beta to Devel...

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 update to developers, one week after seeding the first beta and also a week after releasing macOS High Sierra 10.13.1.

The macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 beta can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center or through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store with the proper profile installed.

It's not yet clear what improvements the second update to macOS High Sierra will bring, but it's likely to include bug fixes and performance improvements for issues that weren't addressed in macOS High Sierra 10.31.2.

The previous update, 10.13.1, introduced fixes for some serious security flaws and brought new emoji to the macOS operating system. No new features were found in the first...

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Apple Releases Second Beta of iOS 11.2 for Developers

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming iOS 11.2 update to developers, one week after releasing the first beta of iOS 11.2 and a little under a week after releasing the iOS 11.1 update.

Registered developers can download the iOS 11.2 beta from Apple's Developer Center or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center. Apple already released beta 2 for the iPhone X, but this new beta will be available for all devices.

iOS 11.2 addresses an animation bug in the Calculator app that caused some numbers and symbols to be ignored when entered in rapid succession. The update removes the animations from the calculator app so calculations can be done quickly with no need to pause between entering numbers to obtain the correct result.

In addition to the Calculator bug, iOS 11.2 introduces a new Now Playing option for...

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Intel Surprises the Market with a combined Intel-AMD Proce...

Intel just pulled off an industry surprise worth noting. It's being announced today that Intel and AMD have co-designed an Intel Core microprocessor with a custom AMD Radeon graphics core inside the processor package, aimed at bringing top-tier gaming to thin-and-light notebook PCs. It might even be something that Apple could take advantage of for something like their Mac Mini that's long overdue for an upgrade or a future MacBook.

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DisplayMate: iPhone X Has the 'Most Innovative and Hi...

As it does for each iPhone launch, DisplayMate has released a display shoot-out for the iPhone X, praising Apple's technology in areas like the higher resolution OLED screen, automatic color management, viewing angle performance, and more. According to DisplayMate, the iPhone X has the "most innovative and high performance" smartphone display it has ever tested. DisplayMate also congratulated Samsung Display for "developing and manufacturing the outstanding OLED display hardware in the iPhone X."

iPhone X matched or set new smartphone display records in the following categories: highest absolute color accuracy, highest full screen brightness for OLED smartphones, highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light, and highest contrast ratio. It also had the lowest screen reflectance and smallest brightness variation with a viewing angle.

New Aspect Ratio and Higher Resolution


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iStockNow Provides Bird's-Eye View of iPhone X Availa...

Apple enabled an iPhone X availability tool on its website over the weekend, allowing customers to check stock at nearby stores, but those looking for more of a bird's-eye view may prefer to use

iStockNow has a live map of iPhone X availability at Apple's retail stores around the world, with filters that allow you to search for specific storage capacities, colors, and carrier-specific or SIM-free models.

Apple stores with the iPhone X in stock are marked with green pins, while locations that are out of stock have red pins. There is an option to hide stores that don't have any availability at the time of your search.

iStockNow is not much different than Apple's availability tool, but it may be useful to those looking for a visual look at iPhone X stock...

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iPhone X Owners Complain About Keyboard's 'Waste...

As early adopters began to experience the iPhone X for the first time this past weekend, many users took to the MacRumors forums, Reddit, and Twitter to discuss the gap that exists below the keyboard within iOS 11 on iPhone X. As some users pointed out, this space was likely meant as a way to more easily swipe up to go Home, and potentially for ergonomics reasons since a lower keyboard could be more difficult to type on, but many iPhone X owners are still getting used to the way the keyboard looks across all apps on the device.

The iOS keyboard on iPhone X

On the new keyboard, the Globe or Emoji icon and the Dictation icon both sit...

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The U.S. Supreme Court Outright Rejects Samsung's app...

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to step back into the years-long feud over patents between the world’s top smartphone makers ...

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Ming-Chi Kuo: 2018 iPhones Will Have 'More Complex...

While the iPhone X launched just three days ago, we're already starting to hear rumors about what to expect from next year's models.

Specifically, oft-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he believes iPhones released in 2018 will feature a "more complex" metal frame design and casing assembly for the purpose of improving data transmission quality.

An excerpt of Kuo's research note with KGI Securities, obtained by MacRumors:Orders for 2H18F iPhones are market focus; both Catcher and Casetek have won new orders. We believe the metal frame of 2H18F iPhone models will be composed of more parts (iPhone X has four parts) for improving data transmission quality. We believe Apple will need more metal frame and casing assembly capacity and new suppliers because of more complex metal frame design and casing assembly, while models equipped with AMOLED and stainless steel metal frame will increase to two (vs. only one — iPhone X — in 2H17). We expect Catcher...

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An Apple Team is going to India to Scout for Top Talented...

It's being report today that Apple will be visiting institutes in India to scout for technology students. Apple along with other U.S. tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Philips, to name a few, have registered with International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad.

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Part II: Broadcom Offers $103 Billion for Qualcomm, the la...

On Friday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's War with Qualcomm could come to an End if Broadcom Acquires Qualcomm in the Coming Days." Today we're learning that Broadcom has offered to by Qualcomm for an amazing $103 billion and $130 billion on a pro forma basis.

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iPhone X Named 'Most Breakable iPhone Ever' as G...

Apple says the iPhone X has the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone, with a strengthening layer that is 50 percent deeper, but a series of drop tests show that glass and concrete still don't play well together.

SquareTrade, a company that provides extended warranties for electronic devices, conducted several breakability tests on the iPhone X, and found that its glass back and lack of a home button make it "the most breakable iPhone ever."

Not only did the iPhone X's glass shatter when dropped on its front and back from a height of six feet, but the display also malfunctioned. Keep in mind that pocket height for most people is about three feet.

SquareTrade is naturally using the opportunity to push its two-year smartphone protection plan, which was recently reduced to $129 plus a $99 deductible for most claims, in the United States.


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Apple Supplier TSMC is Aggressively Scheduling smaller fas...

With TSMC delivering a 3nm plant in 2020-2021 and 5nm processors set for 2019-2020, the chances of 7nm coming to market in 2018-2019 are high. In fact there's a chance that next year's iPhone ..

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Foxconn hoping to Gain manufacturing Orders for the 2018 A...

During Apple's fiscal Q4 financial conference Apple's CEO singled out the Apple Watch in his opening statement by saying that "With unit growth of over 50% for the third consecutive quarter, it continues to be the best selling and most loved smartwatch in the world." It's being reported today that Supply chain players in Taiwan are excited about the success of the Apple Watch because ...

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Apple's iPhone X sets new Launch Record while Samsung...

Samsung is always fighting for Apple's business and the two contracts for OLED displays were massive. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun, one of the company's three co-CEOs, visited Apple back in June trying to dig up new business, especially for their new 7nm processor. Samsung's record earnings were in fact only possible because of Apple's OLED display orders and yet the little thankless weasels just can't help themselves in mocking Apple, the iPhone X and their loyal fans ...

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Sunday November 5

New Samsung Galaxy Ad Makes Fun of iPhone X's Notch,...

Samsung today posted a new video on its YouTube channel called "Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up," which follows the life of a young man as he purchases Apple devices over the course of ten years, and then decides to switch sides to Samsung on the eve of the iPhone X launch. The 1-minute commercial features the song "I'm Moving On" by Chyvonne Scott.

The video begins at the iPhone launch in 2007, and subsequent years show the main character facing storage issues when taking a photo and waiting in long lines under poor weather conditions for the latest iPhone. At one point, he drops his iPhone in water and has to place it in a bowl of rice, while his girlfriend's Samsung device continues to function.

Other points made in the ad center around the iPhone's lack of stylus support, as well as its need for dongles after the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7. The ad ends with the character's decision to...

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The Launch of the iPhone X is going down as the Largest Si...

In 2014 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung weeps as iPhone 6 Mania Rocks around the Globe." Apple's first Phablet was a record breaking smash hit that killed Samsung's single advantage in the premium sector of smartphones. The buzz from that launch was epic. Fast forwarding to this past Friday and iPhone mania is back, big time. In fact, record breaking

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Saturday November 4

Apple Watch Bug Causing Restarts When Asking Siri About th...

There's a strange bug with the Apple Watch today that's causing resprings whenever Siri is questioned about the weather. Asking Siri something like "What's the temperature?" or "What's the weather?" or "Is it raining?" causes the Apple Watch to crash.

The issue has been documented in several threads on the MacRumors forums and on reddit, and we've also been able to replicate it on our own devices.

Complaints about the problem appear to have started this morning, and the bug is confirmed to be affecting both LTE and GPS Apple Watch Series 3 models as well as older Apple Watch models running watchOS 4.1. Not all Apple Watch owners in all countries are affected, but it appears to be impacting users in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

It's not...

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Animoji Karaoke Takes Over Social Media Following iPhone X...

An animated cat, fox, pig, and chicken singing Bohemian Rhapsody is the epitome of a new social media phenomenon dubbed Animoji Karaoke.

Over the past week, both reviewers and customers lucky enough to have the device in their hands have shared fun, humorous videos of Animoji in action, ranging from goofy voiceovers to full-out music videos.

Animoji, for those unaware, are custom animated characters that use your voice and mirror your facial expressions captured by the iPhone X's new TrueDepth camera system. You can even record yourself as a Pile of Poo.

Creator: Mia Harrison

iPhone X users can create Animoji recordings up to 10 seconds long in the Messages app, but the internet discovered that iOS 11's new screen recording feature...

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Apple Wins 28 MacBook Touch Bar Design Patents in Hong Kon...

Apple was granted a series of 28 design patents yesterday by the Hong Kong Patent Office covering both Touch Bars Singularly and in combination with a keyboard. Our report provides you with a series of jumbo images.

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T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Call Off Merger

T-Mobile and Sprint today announced that plans for a merger have officially ended after the two companies were unable to find "mutually agreeable terms."

Rumors last week suggested the merger might be called off because Sprint parent company SoftBank was having doubts about the deal over the ownership terms. SoftBank was concerned about "losing control" of the combined company, as T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom wanted a controlling stake.

The two companies allegedly attempted to save the merger by negotiating new terms after Deutsche Telekom submitted a revised offer, but an agreement was not able to be reached.

In a statement, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said a that while a deal with Sprint...

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You Can Now Check iPhone X Availability at Apple Stores Wi...

Apple's website now lists iPhone X availability at its retail stores in the United States and several other countries around the world.

Simply visit the iPhone X purchase page for your country from the list below, select a carrier if required, choose a color, and then click on "Pickup: Check Availability" below your desired storage capacity.






The Netherlands



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Face ID Appears to Fail at Telling Apart Brothers Who Aren...

With the iPhone X now in the hands of thousands of customers around the world, many early adopters are putting Face ID to the test to see if Apple's facial authentication system is as secure as it advertises.

Apple says the probability that a random person in the population could look at someone else's iPhone X and unlock it using Face ID is approximately 1 in 1,000,000, compared to 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID, but it notes the probability of a false match is different for twins and siblings who look like you.

We've already seen that Face ID can be fooled by identical twins, and now a video shared on Reddit appears to confirm that Face ID can sometimes fail to distinguish between siblings who aren't twins but have similar appearances.


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Irish Prime Minister Told Ireland's National Televisi...

In July Patently Apple posted a report titled "Ireland's IDA is calling for a Shake-Up before the Apple Data Center Project and others are lost to other Countries. That fear may become a reality as Ireland's PM told their national broadcaster that the deal with Apple is in doubt. It's not a done deal yet and Ireland's first openly gay Prime Minister may be able to persuade Apple's CEO to recommit.

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Friday November 3

Apple's War with Qualcomm could come to an End if Bro...

What a wild week. Besides Apple hitting a grand slam home run out of the park with their earnings yesterday and iPhone X mania raging around the globe overnight and today, there was Qualcomm suing Apple again, Broadcom announcing that they're moving back to the U.S. and investing billions in new manufacturing capabilities, and ending with a blockbuster rumor that Broadcom could actually acquire Qualcomm.

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iPhone X First Look: Unboxing, Face ID Setup, Gestures, De...

The iPhone X is here! Apple Stores around the world opened up at 8:00 a.m. local time on November 3 and deliveries kicked off around the same time, getting the iPhone X into the hands of millions of customers today.

We got our hands on an iPhone X this morning and spent the day testing it out to get acquainted with all of the new features. Check out the video below to see a walkthrough of the unboxing process and Face ID setup.

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Our video also covers the new Studio Lighting feature available on the iPhone X, plus it goes through all of the new gestures you're going to need to learn to navigate through the iOS 11 operating system. Without a Home button, there's a whole new workflow to learn that can take a couple of days to get used to. Once you've got it down, though, it seems to be a more intuitive navigation...

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Apple Releases iOS 11.2 Beta 2 for iPhone X

Apple this afternoon released a new beta of iOS 11.2 for iPhone X devices, allowing the latest flagship smartphone to be updated to the latest developer beta.

Registered developers can download the iOS 11.2 beta from Apple's Developer Center or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center.

Apple first released iOS 11.2 to developers and public beta testers earlier this week, but did not provide an iPhone X version. That left customers who had installed the iOS 11.2 beta on their previous devices unable to restore from an existing backup on the new iPhone X.

With the iPhone X beta now available, an iOS 11.2 backup can be installed on the device after upgrading to the new version of the software.

iOS 11.2 addresses an animation bug in...

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Early Adopters Unbox iPhone X and Share Overwhelmingly Pos...

As customers around the world begin to receive an iPhone X, several early adopters have turned to the MacRumors discussion forums to unbox and share their first impressions of Apple's all-new flagship smartphone.

We've already seen iPhone X reviews from the media, but opinions shared by regular customers can provide additional insight. We've rounded up some early opinions about the iPhone X below, with very minor editing for clarity.

iPhone X photo via MacRumors forum member pudcraft

MacRumors forum member pudcraft shared an overwhelmingly positive review of the iPhone X. He said the device has a "very comfortable" overall size and an "absolutely beautiful" display. He added that...

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Apple Says Minor Screen Burn-In and Shifts in Color When L...

Apple this morning shared a new support document explaining how OLED displays work and that it is normal to see some screen burn-in over time and shifts in color when looking at the iPhone display from an off-angle.

According to Apple, when you look at an OLED display from a side angle, you may see shifts in color and hue, something that's a "characteristic of OLED" and "normal behavior."

Apple says that with extended long-term use, OLED displays can show "slight visual changes," which is also considered normal. The iPhone X has been engineered to be the "best in industry" at reducing burn-in effects, but Apple's support document suggests burn-in is still a problem that some users could potnentially see over time.This is also expected behavior and can include "image persistence" or "burn-in," where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen. This can occur in more...

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Some New iPhone X Owners Facing Activation Issues

The iPhone X is now widely available across the United States, but some new iPhone X owners aren't able to start using their new phones due to carrier activation issues and congestion.

On the MacRumors forums, a number of AT&T users are complaining about activation problems, and there are also reports of activation issues on Twitter and reddit. Some AT&T customers are seeing long wait times for the activation process before it eventually fails with an error message.

Image via MacRumors reader William

The issue appears to be due to heavy congestion with so many new devices being released into the wild at once. Several of our readers have been able to get the activation...

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Apple Shares New 'Guided Tour' Video Walking Use...

With the iPhone X now in the hands of Apple customers worldwide, Apple today uploaded a new iPhone X Guided Tour video to its YouTube channel, which is designed to provide an overview of all the new features in the iPhone X.

The four minute video covers a wide range of topics, including Face ID, Animoji, Apple Pay, and the list of new gestures that are needed to navigate through the iOS 11 interface on the new device.

Apple has used Guided Tours to help users adjust to new devices for years. When the iPad launched in 2010, Apple debuted several iPad Guided Tours, and Guided Tours were also used to walk users through the new features available on the Apple Watch when it launched in 2015. There were even Guided Tours for the original...

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PSA: There's No iOS 11.2 Beta for iPhone X, so Beta T...

Developers and public beta testers who installed the iOS 11.2 beta on their devices earlier this week will be disappointed to learn that there's no iOS 11.2 beta for the iPhone X as of yet, and therefore no way to restore from an existing iOS 11.2 backup on a new iPhone X.

If you're running iOS 11.2 on your existing iPhone and create an iCloud backup, that backup is not going to be compatible with the iPhone X.

New iPhone X owners who want to restore from a backup will need to wait for Apple to release a version of iOS 11.2 for the iPhone X or downgrade back down to iOS 11.1.

It's not entirely clear when Apple plans to release a beta of iOS 11.2 for the iPhone X.

It could happen today now that the iPhone X is out in the wild and there are customers who can't restore, but Apple could also choose to wait until it's time for the second beta to be released, which means...

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Apple's Business Strategy is changing under the Cook...

Beneath the headline revenue and profit figures, Apple's CEO Tim Cook seemed to have solved two of Apple’s longest-standing problems: its heavy reliance on the latest flagship iPhone to buoy its profits, and its lack of affordable offerings to help budget-minded buyers see the benefits of joining Apple’s ecosystem of hardware and software. This is where the Cook Doctrine changes things on their business front.

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IDC's Q3 2017 Smartphone Report shows Minor Global Gr...

According to a new IDC smartphone report, third quarter volumes were up 2.7% year over year, and up 7.4% from the second quarter. Despite the annual growth being low, the fact that it is positive leading into the holiday quarter is a sign the industry still has momentum. When the report touched on Apple's iPhone 8, they stepped off a cliff as hours later Tim Cook annihilated their assessment.

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Apple Says 'Face With Tears of Joy' is Most Popu...

Apple has revealed that "face with tears of joy" is the most popular emoji among English speakers in the United States.

The face topped Apple's list of the top 10 emoji, ahead of a red heart, loudly crying face, heart eyes face, face throwing a kiss, face with rolling eyes, skull, smiling face with smiling eyes, weary face, and thinking face.

Apple's chart isn't labeled, much to the disappointment of anyone who was desperately seeking emoji statistics.

Apple shared the chart in a recently published overview of its differential privacy technology on macOS Sierra and iOS 10 and later, which allows the company to collect and aggregate anonymized data from a large number of users while preserving the privacy of individual users.The differential privacy technology used by Apple is rooted in the idea that statistical noise that is slightly biased can mask a user's individual data...

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Apple Celebrates iPhone X Launch Day as Sales and Deliveri...

Apple today celebrated the launch of the new iPhone X by sharing some images of customers around the world buying and trying out the smartphone for the first time.

George Street, Sydney

Apple Stores globally open at 8:00 a.m. local time to allow customers to pick up their reserved devices and make walk-in purchases, and Apple posted pictures of customers at Apple Stores in Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Years in the making, the iPhone X (pronounced "iPhone 10"), is Apple's latest and most advanced flagship device to date, featuring a 5.8-inch OLED display, Face ID facial recognition, wireless inductive charging, and a faster A11 Bionic processor.

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue, New York (Image: @jonfortt)

Initial demand for the smartphone...

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Photos of Ecstatic Apple Fans buying iPhone X Roll in from...

Yesterday Apple announced another record quarter that smacked the naysayers silly with an enthusiastic forecast for the holiday season due to the incredible demand for iPhone X. Apple's CEO talked about the quarter in detail in his quarterly summary showing incredible strength in iPhone 8 sales along with Mac, Apple Watch and services including Apple Music subscriptions. After their financial...

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iPhone X Teardown: TrueDepth Camera System, Stacked Logic...

iFixit has completed an iPhone X teardown, providing a closer look inside the device, including its new TrueDepth camera system, stacked logic board, L-shaped two-cell battery pack, and Qi-based inductive charging coil.

Like every other model since the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X is a sideways-opening device. A single bracket covers every logic board connector.

iFixit said the miniaturized logic board design is incredibly space efficient, with an unprecedented density of connectors and components. It noted the iPhone X logic board is about 70 percent of the size of the iPhone 8 Plus logic board.

The extra room allows for a new L-shaped two-cell battery pack rated for 2,716 mAh, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 8 Plus battery.

iFixit's teardown includes some high-resolution photos of the iPhone X's new TrueDepth camera system that powers Face ID and Animoji.

For those...

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Thursday November 2

The Transcript of today's Opening Statement from Appl...

Prior to Apple's special iPhone event at the new Steve Jobs Theater on September 12th, Patently Apple posted a report titled " It's Circus Time: Apple Competitors race to discredit the coming iPhones as behind the Curve & Late to Market." Competitors claimed they had better phones that Apple's, rumors were saying the iPhone was a failure and that the delays with iPhone X were disastrous. The naysayers were first kicked in the head when Apple revealed that iPhone X pre-order sales were off-the-charts. Android fans told me it was all just marketing talk with nothing to back up the claims. Well, today Apple's CEO made it crystal clear that the iPhone 8 is the best selling iPhone model ever and ....

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iPhone X Shipping Estimates Improve to 3-4 Weeks in the Un...

iPhone X shipping estimates have now improved to 3 to 4 weeks in the United States and Canada, up from a previous shipping estimate of 4 to 5 weeks.

The updated 3 to 4 week shipping estimate applies to all carriers, colors, and capacities, and it means that orders placed today will arrive right around the beginning of December rather than later in the month.

Earlier today, iPhone X shipping estimates improved to 3 to 4 weeks in countries Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, while shipping estimates were still at 5 to 6 weeks in North America, but now the iPhone X lists the 3 to 4 week shipping estimate in all first wave launch countries.

With shipping estimates improving, customers who have already placed an order for the iPhone X are also seeing their prospective delivery dates bumped up...

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Transcript of Everything Apple Said About Its Record-Break...

Apple today reported revenue of $52.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $10.7 billion, or $2.07 per diluted share, in the fourth quarter of its 2017 fiscal year.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri discussed the results on a conference call today. MacRumors has prepared a complete transcript of the call ahead.

Tim Cook

Good afternoon and thanks to everyone for joining us. As we close the books on a very successful fiscal 2017, I have to say I couldn't be more excited about Apple's future.

This was our biggest year ever in most parts of the world, with all-time record revenue in the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia. We had particularly strong finish this year, generating our highest September quarter revenue ever, as year-over-year growth...

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Tim Cook on Augmented Reality: 'What It Will Be, What...

With Apple focusing heavily on augmented reality in iOS 11 through ARKit, Apple CEO Tim Cook received several questions about AR during today's fourth quarter earnings call. He was, of course, questioned about augmented reality hardware, a question he dodged by explaining that Apple's all about the experience.

In terms of monetization of AR/VR, we focus first and foremost on customer experience. We're all about making sure the customer experience is great. We think if we get the experience right, revenue and profits will follow. We're very much focused on the experience right now.On augmented reality in general, Cook said there are "fantastic" people at Apple who are working on incredible things, and that Apple is in a "unique position" to lead when it comes to augmented reality.I view AR as profound. Not today, not the app you'll see on the App Store today, but what it will be, what it can be, I think it's profound, and I think Apple is in a really unique position to lead...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: We're Getting as Many iPhone X as...

During today's earnings call for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on iPhone X demand. While he was unable to predict when Apple would reach supply/demand balance for the device, he said that Apple is ramping up output week by week and aiming to get the new smartphone out to customers "as soon as possible."

The ramp for the iPhone X is going well, especially considering that the iPhone X is the most advanced iPhone we've ever created and it has lots of new technology in it. So we're really happy that we're able to increase week by week what we're outputting and we're going to get as many of them as possible to customers as soon as possible.Cook went on to say that iPhone X orders are "very strong" for both direct customers and the company's channel partners throughout the world and Apple is excited for the device to get into the hands of its customers.

"I'm told we had several hundred people waiting in Sydney," Cook said. "We're getting...

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Apple Delivers Record Q4 Revenue with 62% Revenue from Int...

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2017 fourth quarter ended September 30, 2017. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $52.6 billion, an increase of 12 percent from the year-ago quarter, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.07, up ...

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Apple Reports 4Q 2017 Results: $10.7B Profit on $52.6B Rev...

Apple today announced financial results for the third calendar quarter and fourth fiscal quarter of 2017.

For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $52.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $10.7 billion, or $2.07 per diluted share, compared to revenue of $46.9 billion and net quarterly profit of $9 billion, or $1.67 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. The revenue and earnings per share numbers were company records for the fourth fiscal quarter, although the total profit fell short of the 2015 figure.

Gross margin for the quarter was 37.9 percent, compared to 38 percent in the year-ago quarter, with international sales accounting for 62 percent of revenue. Apple also declared an upcoming dividend payment of $0.63 per share, payable November 16 to shareholders of record as of November 13.

For the...

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First iPhone X Orders Start Arriving to Customers in New Z...

Apple customers in Australia and New Zealand are always the first to get their hands on new devices on launch day because of time zone differences, and the iPhone X is no exception.

It's nearly 9:00 a.m. in New Zealand, and customers who pre-ordered an iPhone X are beginning to receive their shipments and have started sharing the first customer photos of the new device on Twitter, Instagram, reddit, and the MacRumors forums.

Image via reddit user ekalb22

There are no Apple Stores in New Zealand, so customers in Australia will be the first to be able to purchase devices from an Apple retail location. Available stock in Australia should give us an idea of what we can expect as it rolls around to November 3 across the globe.

Following New Zealand and Australia, iPhone X sales will kick off in Asia, Europe, and finally, North...

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Qualcomm Sues Apple for Providing Intel with their source...

As Apple is gets ready to hold their Fiscal Q4 Results financial conference, the news of Qualcomm Inc suing Apple Inc again hits the wire. Qualcomm is alleging that Apple violated a software license contract to benefit rival chipmaker Intel Corp for making broadband modems, the latest salvo in their longstanding dispute.

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iPhone X Apps Now Widely Rolling Out on App Store Ahead of...

An increasing number of developers have updated their apps over the past few days with support for the iPhone X's new screen dimensions. We've rounded up some of the more popular titles below ahead of the device's launch tomorrow.




Super Mario Run

Heads Up!


Tweetbot 4

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President Trump Announced Broadcom's HQ is Returning...

In a press release today Broadcom Limited, a leading semiconductor device supplier to the wired, wireless, enterprise storage, and industrial end markets, officially announced that it intends to initiate a redomiciliation process to change the parent company of the Broadcom corporate group from a Singapore company to a U.S. corporation.

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Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Helping Intel Using Qualcomm Sof...

Qualcomm on Wednesday filed yet another lawsuit against Apple, this time accusing the company of breaching software licensing terms and using Qualcomm code to help Intel, reports Bloomberg.

According to Qualcomm, Apple breached a contract that dictates the use of software that's designed to make Qualcomm chips work with other iPhone components. Qualcomm also believes Apple may have used its access to that software to help Intel with its own modem chip development.

Since 2016, Apple has been using LTE chips from both Intel and Qualcomm in an effort to diversify its supply chain and move some production away from Qualcomm. The iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus all use a mix of Qualcomm and Intel chips.

In light of the ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple is said to be considering...

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Prior to Apple's Financial Call, Option Traders have...

Ahead of Apple Inc’s quarterly report on Thursday, traders in the options market have taken positions close to the most bullish since late December, options data showed.

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Prime Real Estate: The Fight for Space in the iPhone X

As the launch of Apple's iPhone X approaches tomorrow, eager users are set to enjoy battery life normally reserved for Apple's Plus-size form factors in a phone more closely resembling a non-Plus variant in its dimensions. The reason for this advancement is not an energy density development, but rather a smaller printed circuit board (PCB) inside the iPhone X, according to a February report from KGI Securities.


— Anson Chen ☂ (@AnsonChen) November 2, 2017

This smaller PCB is thanks to a technology referred to as substrate-like PCBs, or SLP. Depictions from the report show a PCB with more layers than a traditional iPhone PCB thanks to application processor and RF signal-...

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Apple Supplier for 3D Touch is Forecasting Better than Exp...

In August Patently Apple posted a report titled "Nine of Apple's Supply Chain Partners are Enjoying Strong Revenue Growth for July leading up to iPhone 8." The report noted that one of the suppliers was TPK Holding which provides Apple with touch modules for the MacBook and Apple Watch, and the iPhone's 3-D touch function. TPK saw its sales rise 29.1% from a year ago. A new report today provides with news that TPK with Apple is helping forecast better than expected ...

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iPhone X Shipping Estimates Improve to 3-4 Weeks in Severa...

iPhone X shipping estimates have improved to 3 to 4 weeks in many countries around the world, including the UK, Australia, Japan, China, and more.

In fact, shipping estimates are better in what appears to be all first wave launch countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

At three to four weeks, customers in those countries who place an order today will be able to get their hands on an iPhone X right around the beginning of December. Customers who have already placed an order should also see their arrival times improve, and MacRumors readers are already reporting decreased wait times.

The new shipping estimates are an improvement from the 5 to 6 week estimates we saw just after pre-orders sold out. Estimates have not yet improved in North America, so we're still seeing 5 to 6 week wait times in the United States, but the better shipping estimates should soon...

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Lines Swell at Apple Stores Around the World as Customers...

As the launch of the iPhone X approaches, customers who are hoping to get one of the new devices on November 3 are lining up at Apple Stores around the world. Lines at many major stores started forming earlier this week, and some people have already been waiting for days to purchase an iPhone X.

Apple Store on West 14th Street in Manhattan with a line on Wednesday night via Instagram user checo7xdp

Apple has said that Apple retail stores will have the iPhone X available for walk-in customers, but the company has encouraged people to line up early as the device is in short supply. If pre-orders are any indication, available supply at stores could go quickly.

Apple Store in Sydney, Australia via Instagram user hanskristensen1980

While we still have...

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For those who said the Days of Long Lineups for a new iPho...

With the iPhone X in short supply, the line-ups at Apple Stores are back. Our report shows you the crowds in Singapore waiting for the iPhone X.

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Another Face ID related Projection Patent comes to Light c...

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that generally relates to optoelectronic devices, and specifically to integrated projection devices like the one used in the TrueDepth camera designed for Apple's new iPhone X that includes a 'Dot Projector.'

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Apple Expected to Report Strong Summer Revenue of $50B+ as...

Apple is set to report its earnings results for the fourth quarter of its 2017 fiscal year at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time today.

The fiscal quarter reflects Apple's sales between July 2 and September 30 of 2017.

Apple provided the following guidance for its fourth quarter back on August 1:

• revenue between $49 billion and $52 billion

• gross margin between 37.5 and 38 percent

• operating expenses between $6.7 billion and $6.8 billion

• other income/expense of $500 million

• tax rate of 25.5 percent

Apple's guidance suggests the company will report at least its second best fourth quarter earnings results in its history.

Wall Street analysts forecast that Apple will report $50.7 billion revenue and earnings per share of $1.87, according to 29 estimates averaged by Thomson Reuters.


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Privacy Experts Raise Concerns Over iOS Developer Access t...

The iPhone X's facial recognition abilities continue to be found at the center of privacy concerns, with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Democracy and Technology today raising questions over how "effectively" Apple can enforce certain privacy rules surrounding face scanning (via Reuters). Specifically, the privacy defending groups are worried about how certain pieces of facial data can be taken off the iPhone X by developers who seek to create entertainment features with the new smartphone's facial software.

Facial data that is used to unlock the iPhone X -- or data related to "Face ID" -- is securely stored on the device itself and not in iCloud. However, Apple will let developers take certain pieces of this facial data off the user's iPhone "as long as they seek customer permission...

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iPhone X Orders Now Widely Shipping to Customers as Delive...

iPhone X pre-orders began shipping to customers earlier this week, and with just hours remaining until the device launches around the world, most orders have now been updated with a "shipped" status on Apple's website.

MacRumors readers continue to report improved delivery estimates, with some customers who were previously quoted a November 17-24 window now expected to receive their iPhone X around November 8. Many of these customers, but not all, are enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program and ordered a silver model.

iPhone X pre-orders destined for the United States are passing through UPS and FedEx hubs in Anchorage, Alaska, as usual, with UPS shipments headed to its Worldport facility in Louisville, Kentucky. From there, the iPhone X orders will begin to make their way to...

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While Apple's Patent for an iPhone with a Glass Back...

Apple was granted a patent in September for glass device housing in-part or in whole. Our cover graphic illustrates one of Apple's patent figures showing an iDevice with a glass backing highlighted in yellow. Technically this becomes a patent fulfilled in-part with the introduction of Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Apple legal has filed an update to this invention to ....

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Privacy Experts are Spooked at App Developers Access to Fa...

While Apple may have won accolades from privacy experts in September for assuring that facial data used to unlock its new iPhone X would be securely stored on the phone itself, the fact is that Apple's privacy promises don't extend to thousands of app developers who could build a facial profile of users.

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Wednesday November 1

iPhone X: Hands-On With Apple's New Flagship Device

The iPhone X will be in the hands of customers in less than 48 hours, but ahead of the device's launch, our new videographer, Dan Barbera, was able to spend some time with an iPhone X demo device to get a look at the new smartphone before its public release.

Because this is a demo device that's going to be in retail stores for customers to check out before making a purchase, Face ID was disabled, but Dan was able to check out the design of the iPhone X and give us a good look at the new gestures needed to operate the device.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

We just wanted to give MacRumors readers a quick close-up of the iPhone X ahead of its launch with this first video, but starting this Friday, we'll be doing a much deeper dive into the iPhone X in a series of videos. We have a lot of content planned, so make sure to stay tuned to...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Russian Election Interference, Fa...

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with NBC's Lester Holt on tonight's NBC Nightly News broadcast, where he spoke about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the need for tax reform in the United States, and more.

As was shared in a clip of the interview earlier today, Cook commented on Russia's use of social media to interfere with the 2016 election and the congressional hearings executives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been attending to discuss the role Russia might have played. Cook said he believes the social networks in question have been learning "along the way a lot" and that fake news is a major issue.

I think they learned along the way a lot. And you know, it's best to ask them if they should have projected it or not. I don't believe that the big issue are ads from foreign government. I believe that's like .1 percent of the issue.

The bigger...

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iPhone X Predicted to 'Absorb' Up to $30B in Hol...

High demand for the iPhone X will drive an upgrade "supercycle" this holiday season that could see shoppers spending the bulk of their holiday cash at Apple Stores, according to a note from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty (via Business Insider).

Given the high price of the iPhone X, which starts at $999, the iPhone X could "absorb" $30 billion of discretionary spending during the holidays, impacting other retailers. Huberty believes customers will be drawn to all of the new features in the iPhone X, and will reduce spending in other categories in order to afford the device."Apparel is a wallet share donor to other categories, with cell phones/technology and services being two of them. We see this upgrade supercycle coupled with the very high $999 iPhone X average selling price as a...

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Qualcomm Enjoys Healthy Quarter but Admits Actions taken b...

On Tuesday morning we reported Apple is reportedly set to design 2018 iDevices without Qualcomm modems and by the afternoon Wall Street was already dinging Qualcomm's stock price for such a scenario. Today CNBC reports that Qualcomm beat expectations on earnings per share and revenue but admitted that Apple ...

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In Q3 Apple Competed in the Top Three Price Bands in China...

On Monday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Bounces Back in China with 40% Growth after Eight Slow Quarters." The report noted that Apple's declining streak in China had come to an end, as shipments grew 40% from 8 million in Q3 2016 to about 11 million this quarter. This makes it Apple's best performance in China in the last eight quarters. Today a new analytical report shows that Apple remains the leader in premium smartphones in China as recorded on a new price band chart.

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Security Researchers Use Wi-Fi and Safari Exploits to Brea...

Trend Micro's annual Mobile Pwn2Own contest took place in Tokyo, Japan today at the PacSec security conference, and security researchers spent the day attempting to hack into the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel, and the Huawei Mate 9 Pro in an effort to win prizes totaling more than $500,000.

Apple's iPhone 7, running iOS 11.1, the latest version of the iOS 11 operating system, was successfully breached twice by Tencent Keen Security Lab. The first hack targeted a Wi-Fi bug and won the team $110,000 and 11 Master of Pwn points, while the second hack targeted the Safari Browser and earned Tencent Keen Security Lab $45,000 and 12 Master of Pwn points.They used a total of four bugs to gain code execution and escalate privileges to allow their rogue application...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook to Appear on NBC Nightly News Tonight

Apple CEO Tim Cook will appear in an interview with NBC's Lester Holt on this evening's NBC Nightly News broadcast, NBC unveiled in a tweet this afternoon.

One of the topics of discussion will include Russia's use of social media to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. In a teaser clip airing ahead of the interview, Cook says the use of social media to spread fake news and manipulate people is a major problem.

"I don't believe that the big issue are ads from foreign government. I believe that's like .1 percent of the issue," Cook told NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt in an exclusive interview airing Wednesday night.

"The bigger issue is that some of these tools are used to divide people, to manipulate people, to get fake news to people in broad numbers, and so...

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I Am The Hero 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: I Am The Hero is a pixel art, beat 'em up, fighting game that tells the story of a "Hero" with a glorious but mysterious past.... | Read more »
Kauldron (Music)
Kauldron 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Music Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Kauldron is our warmest sounding, punchiest synth yet! A completely new modeling technology, combined with carefully designed... | Read more »
Lineage II: Revolution is mobile’s bigge...
NCSoft’s hit fantasy MMORPG series has just made the leap to mobile with the help of Netmarble in Lineage II: Revolution. With over 1.5 million players having already pre-registered ahead of the game’s launch, Revolution hit the app stores... | Read more »
Swing skilfully in new physics-based pla...
Sometimes it’s the most difficult of obstacles that can be the most rewarding. One game hoping to prove this is OCMO, the new tough but fair platformer from developers Team Ocmo. Primed to set every speedrunner’s pulse racing, as an otherworldly... | Read more »
RPGolf (Games)
RPGolf 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Once upon a time, the kingdom was a land of peace, harmony, and an all-consuming passion for the greatest sport - GOLF. Everyone in the... | Read more »

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Early Black Friday sale: Apple iMacs for up t...
B&H Photo has 27-inch iMacs in stock and on sale for up $130-$150 off MSRP including free shipping. B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 27″ 3.8GHz iMac (MNED2LL/A): $2149 $150 off... Read more
Apple restocks refurbished Mac minis starting...
Apple has restocked Certified Refurbished Mac minis starting at $419. Apple’s one-year warranty is included with each mini, and shipping is free: – 1.4GHz Mac mini: $419 $80 off MSRP – 2.6GHz Mac... Read more
Save on 12″ MacBooks, Apple refurbished model...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2017 12″ Retina MacBooks available for $200-$240 off the cost of new models. Apple will include a standard one-year warranty with each MacBook, and shipping is free.... Read more
Early Holiday sale: 12″ iPad Pros for up to $...
B&H Photo has 12″ iPad Pros on sale today for up to $130 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H collects no sales tax outside NY & NJ: – 12″ 64GB WiFi iPad Pro: $749, save $50 – 12″ 256GB... Read more
Holiday sale prices on Apple 13″ MacBook Pros...
B&H Photo has 2017 13″ MacBook Pros in stock today and on sale for $100-$150 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only: – 13-inch 2.3GHz/128GB Space Gray MacBook Pro... Read more
Sale: 13″ MacBook Airs starting at $899, $100...
B&H Photo has 2017 13″ MacBook Airs on sale today for $100 off MSRP including free shipping. B&H charges NY & NJ sales tax only: – 13″ 1.8GHz/128GB MacBook Air (MQD32LL/A): $899, $100 off... Read more
Week’s Best Deal on 13″ MacBook Pros: Apple r...
Apple has a full line of Apple Certified Refurbished 2017 13″ MacBook Pros available for $200-$300 off MSRP. A standard Apple one-year warranty is included with each MacBook, and shipping is free.... Read more
Deal: 15″ 2.6GHz MacBook Pro for $1799 w/free...
B&H Photo has clearance 2016 15″ 2.6GHz Touch Bar MacBook Pros in stock today and available for $600 off original MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY & NJ sales tax only: – 15″ 2.... Read more
Black Friday pricing on the 1.4GHz Mac mini....
MacMall has the 1.4GHz Mac mini on sale for $399 including free shipping. Their price is $100 off MSRP (20% off), and it’s the lowest price for available for this model from any reseller. MacMall’s... Read more
Early Black Friday deal: 15″ Apple MacBook Pr...
B&H Photo has 15″ MacBook Pros on sale for up to $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 15″ 2.8GHz MacBook Pro Space Gray (MPTR2LL/A): $2199, $200... Read more

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*Apple* Solution Consultant - Apple (United...
# Apple Solution Consultant - Rochester, MN Job Number: 113037950 Rochester, MN, Minnesota, United States Posted: 19-Sep-2017 Weekly Hours: 40.00 **Job Summary** Are Read more
Sr. Experience Producer, Today at *Apple* -...
# Sr. Experience Producer, Today at Apple Job Number: 56495251 Santa Clara Valley, California, United States Posted: 23-Jun-2017 Weekly Hours: 40.00 **Job Summary** Read more
AppleCare Support Engineer for *Apple* Medi...
…Summary AppleCare Engineering, Software & Services, is a group that works to represent Apple 's World Wide contact centers and Apple 's customers to groups within Read more
Site Reliability Engineer, *Apple* Pay - Ap...
Job Summary The Apple Pay Site Reliability Engineering Team is hiring for multiple roles focused on the front line customer experience and the back end integration Read more
*Apple* Solutions Consultant - Apple (United...
# Apple Solutions Consultant Job Number: 86078534 Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, United States Posted: 07-Jul-2017 Weekly Hours: 40.00 **Job Summary** As an Apple Read more
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