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Apr 18
[MD1] WWDC Preview - Online Chats
WWDC Preview - Online Chats Developers, Still thinking about WWDC and asking yourself the question, "what's in it for me?" Tune into one of our five online chat sessions starting next week. Our track managers will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about WWDC. This is your chance to ask tough questions and walk away with personal, knowledgeable answers. Then we'll leave it up to you to decide if this is an event you can really afford to miss. All chat sessions begin at 4:00 p.m. U.S. Pacific Daylight Time (24:00 hours GMT). To join a chat session, use your Java enabled browser (preferrably Netscape 3.0+ or Microsoft 3.01 Internet Explorer beta) to log on to the Apple Developer World web site at: ( (Note: URL won't be active until Tuesday, 4/22) Date Technology Track Track Manager -------- -------------------- ----------------- Wed 4/23 Mac OS Technologies Gordan Garb Thu 4/24 Interactive...
Apr 18
[MD1] Maxum Development Announces Rumpus, High Performance Mac...
Maxum Development Announces Rumpus, High Performance and Reliable FTP Services for the Macintosh Streamwood, IL, April 16, 1997 -- Maxum Development Corporation, a leading developer of Macintosh(r) Web server tools, today announced RumpusA, a full-service, high-performance FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Internet server. While the World Wide Web continues to garner the lion's share of the attention focused on the Internet, FTP remains the service of choice for transferring large amounts of data. In addition to performing file transfers, FTP is also the most popular method of uploading and maintaining Web content on Internet servers. Choices in FTP server tools for Macintosh have, until now, been rather limited, and Macintosh Internet developers have had few options outside of using shareware. While shareware offerings have been adequate, the Mac has no FTP server with workstation-like performance and reliability. With Rumpus, Maxum is filling this gap with a commercial-quality, high-...
Apr 18
[MD1] Update to BBEdit Light
BareBones has released version 4.0.1 of the freeware code editing tool BBEdit Lite on April 13th: ( Note, they released a maintenance update to their commercial editor, BBEdit v4.0.4, a few weeks ago: (
Apr 18
[MD1] Apple Reports Second Fiscal Quarter Results
Apple Reports Second Fiscal Quarter Results Company Recaps Extensive New Product Offerings and Restructuring Progress CUPERTINO, Calif.--April 16, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced financial results for the Company's fiscal 1997 second quarter ended March 28, 1997. Revenues for the quarter were $1.6 billion, compared to $2.1 billion in the quarter ended Dec. 27, 1996 and $2.2 billion in the quarter ended March 29, 1996. International sales accounted for 49 percent of total revenues in the current quarter. As previously indicated, the Company incurred two large charges of a non-operating nature during the quarter. Pursuant to generally accepted accounting principles, the Company recorded a charge of $375 million for the write-off of in-process research and development activity related to its Feb. 4, 1997 acquisition of NeXT Software, Inc. Additionally, the Company recorded a charge of $155 million to increase reserves to cover the costs of restructuring activities previously...
Apr 15
[MD1] SuperCard $49.95 sale
From: (Kevin La Rue) Subject: * [Ann] $49.95 "SUPERCARD" MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING TOOL SALE! NEWS BULLETIN ** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ** MORE INFO: $49.95 "SUPERCARD" MULTIMEDIA/WEB AUTHORING TOOL SALE! Allegiant offers previous version of SuperCard at incredible price! SAN DIEGO, CA -- April 11, 1997: Today Allegiant Technologies announced a special $49.95 inventory closeout price for their award-winning Macintosh multimedia authoring tool SuperCard 2.5. SuperCard 2.5 sports full PowerPC acceleration, built-in QuickTime support, a powerful Standalone Maker utility for building royalty-free "double-clickable" applications, hypertext, advanced sound features, multi-frame "Filmstrip" animations, and more. These new features build upon an already strong set of powerful authoring capabilities that included comprehensive media support (QuickTime, sounds, animations, text & graphics), support for a full suite of...
Apr 15
[MD1] EveryWare and InContext Merge
IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 15, 1997 EveryWare Development and InContext Systems Announce Plans to Merge Combined Companies will Provide Complete Suite of Open, Multi-platform Web tools Mississauga and Toronto, ON, Canada--April 15, 1997--EveryWare Development Canada Corp. (ASE: EVY) and InContext Systems Inc. (TSE: INI) today announced that they have executed a letter of intent to merge their operations, subject to regulatory approval and approval of the board of directors and shareholders of each of the companies. InContext also announced an immediate private placement of InContext shares to be taken up by EveryWare, subject to regulatory approval. The merger between EveryWare and InContext will be by means of either an amalgamation or a plan of arrangement in which the shareholders of the companies will exchange their shares for shares of a yet to be named new company. The new company will offer corporate clients a complete suite of rapid development, maintenance and administration...
Apr 11
[MD1] Digest Avail & Instructions
To all, Many of you have requested that we have a digest version of MacDev-1. We've been partially supporting this for a while, but now it should be ready to role. Below are the latest instructions for MacDev-1. Let us know if you run into any problems and we'll be happy to work them through. Thanks, Neil ***************** MacDev-1 MAILING LIST HELP FILE Please read the list guidelines (see below) before engaging in discussion. In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates, especially if you've never participated in an Internet email discussion group before. It's a good idea to save this message somewhere so you know how to unsubscribe. When dealing with a listserver, there are two types of messages, namely, COMMANDS and POSTS. Unlike traditional listservers which require the use of numerous email addresses, we have simplified the process by allowing for both both COMMANDS and POSTS to be sent to the same address. COMMANDS These e-mail messages are intended to cause...
Apr 11
[MD1] Webink InterNews Server
Webink InterNews Server is a powerful yet easy to configure and administer "Macintosh first" news server. We are looking for beta testers to test and evaluate a new product. InterNews is an internet/intranet news server designed for internal and external workgroups. InterNews supports NNTP allowing any news client access with Netscape, NewsWatcher, IE etc. If you are serious about beta testing go to the following URL to register :- Webink Ltd. Phone +44 (1235) 820144 Sutton House Fax +44 (1235) 820141 174 Milton Park Mobile +32 (75) 761463 OXON OX14 4SE Abingdon United Kingdom
Apr 11
[MD1] LogDoor Handles more Servers
FOR RELEASE APRIL 14, 1997 Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS EXPANDS ITS LOGDOOR PRODUCT LINE INDUSTRY-RECOGNIZED REAL-TIME WEB SITE MONITOR NOW SUPPORTS MORE MAC OS SERVERS, WINDOWS 95 AND NT ASHLAND, OR. -- April 14, 1997 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that it has significantly broadened its LogDoor product line by adding support for additional Mac OS servers, plus key Windows 95 and NT servers as well. Open Door announced that its Personal LogDoor Web Sharing Monitor now supports Microsoft's as well as Apple's personal Web server under the Mac OS, and that a new LogDoor for Windows product provides support for Microsoft Web servers under Windows 95 and NT. LogDoor Web Site Monitor products provide Webmasters with the essential ability to monitor accesses to their server in real time, unlike most current log analysis programs which work as after-the-fact log post-processors. The top-of-the-line LogDoor Multi-domain Web...
Apr 10
[MD1] Anopolis 1.0
From: (Antreas P. Hatzipolakis) Subject: [ANN] Anopolis Anopolis 1.0 (Formerly IFSPLM): A DocMaker format stand-alone document containing information about Internet Freeware / Shareware Programming Languages for the Macintosh. Freely available from Anopolis Page at:
Apr 10
[MD1] Open Media Toolkit Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For Information Contact: Kevin Parriott ( 619-462-6042 619-465-0323 fax For Information Contact: Kevin Parriott ( or 619-462-6042 Open Media Toolkit Pro Unveiled April 9, 1997 - San Diego based Pacific Media WorX has announced that "Phase One" development and successful beta testing of its Open Media Toolkit Professional, has been completed. Open Media Toolkit Professional, is a high performance commercial level C++, 32 bit, three dimensional (3D) capable framework, designed for cross platform game and multimedia product development. OMT Pro is revolutionary in that products created within OMT Pro's single source code framework, when compiled, will produce software capable of running on four different operating platforms. They include Windows'95, and NT, the Macintosh, and Power PC. Smart object-oriented structures allow OMT Pro applications to be platform independent with no speed lost compared...
Apr 10
[MD1] Apple Ships Personal Web Sharing 1.0
Server Software Offers a Complete, Easy-to-use Intranet Publishing Solution for Individuals and Small Workgroups CUPERTINO, Calif.--April 9, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced shipment of its Personal Web Sharing 1.0 server software. Personal Web Sharing 1.0 is available for U.S. $19.95 via download on the Internet at the website ( and soon at the C/Net website ( Designed for individuals and small workgroups, the new product, which allows web publishing without dedicating a separate machine as a server, is a result of Apple's strategy to provide easy-to-use Internet publishing capabilities to meet the individual needs of its customers. Based on Internet protocols, Personal Web Sharing extends Apple's traditional file-sharing capabilities to intranet-based webs. While individuals on a Macintosh or Mac OS compatible machines can publish information to the web, other users with web browsers running on most...
Apr 09
[MD1] Mac OS 7.6.1 Update
Apple Ships Mac OS 7.6.1 Update; Delivers Reliability Improvements to the Mac OS CUPERTINO, California-April 7, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc., today released a set of system software enhancements that improves the overall reliability of the Mac OS, and brings the benefits of Mac OS 7.6 to the most recently introduced Mac OS compatible systems. Released in January, Mac OS 7.6 continues to receive an enthusiastic reception. Significance Mac OS 7.6.1 Update delivers on its two main goals: to improve stability through reliability improvements, and to bring Mac OS 7.6 support to recently introduced computers not currently supported by Mac OS 7.6. This release is not intended to deliver any new features, nor does it deliver updates to technologies already available through download sites on the Internet and online services. Numerous Improvements Mac OS 7.6.1 Update is Apple's rapid response to feedback from customers and developers on Mac OS 7.6. It delivers updates for all Macintosh and Mac OS...
Apr 09
[MD1] QuickTime 3.0 for Windows and Macintosh
For Immediate Release Apple Unveils QuickTime 3.0 for Windows and Macintosh Video Capture, Editing, and Playback on Multiple Platforms Now Possible NAB, LAS VEGAS--April 8, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced major advances in QuickTime, the industry-standard digital media system software for Windows and Mac OS. QuickTime 3.0 is the newest release of the Company's widely adopted software architecture for creating and publishing digital media. Today's announcement is significant as it marks the first time the full power of QuickTime--including the ability to capture, edit, compress, and playback digital media--is available for all major personal computer platforms, including Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Mac OS System 7, and Mac OS System 8. "Professional media producers and publishers have relied on QuickTime's flexibility and performance on Mac OS for years. Today's announcement that Apple is bringing QuickTime's full capabilities to customers using Windows-based systems...
Apr 09
[MD1] Them double messages...
MacDev-1 Subscribers, Well, we could say... "We were celebrating April Fools' Day late." or "We installed a Windows server." or "The messages were really important so we sent them more than once." But, in reality and in "technical terms", the servers got confused in part due to the shutting down of AppleLink and the Apple layoffs (bounces went through the ceiling). We believe that the problem of multiple sends of MacDev-1's are solved ... this message will test that. :) We're almost finished with the Digest implementation, so stay tuned for more information on subscribing to the digest version soon. Thanks, Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine
Apr 05
[MD1] MacStandardBasic
New Product Information ZCurve Software Indianapolis, IN Contact: Bob Hays FAX # (317) 271-0571 For Immediate Release New MacStandardBasic is released and sold over the Internet INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 3rd, 1997 : ZCurve Software released MacStandardBasic, a powerful BASIC development system for Macintosh computers. Users can purchase and download the complete MacStandardBasic package for an introductory price of $ 49 from the ZCurve Software website ( "The Macintosh has not had a BASIC language that makes it easy for the average user to create fast applications incorporating animation, graphics, sounds, and movies. MacStandardBasic gives this to them.", Bob Hays of ZCurve Software, said. MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple's newer Power Macintosh computers and older Macintosh models. ZCurve Software has teamed up with BroadCast Software Corporation to allow users anywhere in the world to purchase and get...
Apr 05
[MD1] WebImage 97
CONTACT: ROYCE WHITE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE dataDisc, Inc. 10334 Battleview Parkway Manassas, VA 20109 703-331-2200 (Tel) 703-331-2260 (Fax) DATADISC ANNOUNCES WEBIMAGE97 - THE VERY BEST WAY TO CATALOG (AND THEN FIND) ALL THOSE IMAGES YOU GRAB FROM THE 'NET March 31, 1997, Washington D.C. Manassas, Virginia-based dataDisc, a leader in the multimedia arena, has brought its expertise to the Web. The introduction of webimage97 means never again losing another image you've downloaded from the Web. You've been browsing the net. You find a good image and you download it. After a very short while you've got hundreds of images on your harddrive but no way to find the exact one you're looking for. That's because they usually have names like AD6535.GIF or image07.jpg which tells you absolutely nothing about what the image looks like. Enter webimage97 -- A great web tool...
Apr 03
[MD1] Metrowerks Supports MS AFC Java Classes
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 METROWERKS ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR MICROSOFT AFC JAVA CLASSES AUSTIN, Texas-April 2, 1997-At the Software Development West Conference and JavaOne, Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that Metrowerks' CodeWarrior will offer full support for Microsoft's recently announced Application Foundation Classes (AFC), a comprehensive set of cross-platform, value-added class libraries written entirely in Java. These classes provide small, fast and flexible graphics, user interface and multimedia capabilities in a suite of highly functional Java class libraries. This enhances development of rich, sophisticated cross-platform Java applications while saving on valuable development time. Metrowerks will provide support for AFC in upcoming versions of its CodeWarrior Gold Integrated Development Environment...
Apr 03
[MD1] Sun Licenses Headspace Audio Engine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACTS: MARSHA VDOVIN PUBLIC RELATIONS MARY COLLER-HEADSPACE 415.826.1121 415.696.9400 SUN MICROSYSTEMS LICENSES THE HEADSPACE AUDIO ENGINE UNPRECEDENTED SONIC POWER SLATED FOR JAVA JavaOne Conference * San Francisco, CA * April 2, 1997 - Headspace Inc., a leading creator of software technologies for music and sound on the Internet, has licensed its audio engine to JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc., bringing high-quality sound and interactive music to Java. Headspace founder, musician Thomas Dolby Robertson, will demonstrate this technology at Sun CEO Scott McNealy's keynote address at the JavaOne conference. The keynote address is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on April 3, 1997, at San Francisco's Moscone Center. "We were eager to bring a monumental leap in audio quality to Java applications," commented Jon Kannegaard, vice president of software products at JavaSoft. "With Headspace, we've found an ideal...
Apr 03
[MD1] Metrowerks licenses Java Optimization
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 Sara Payne/Deb Fry Microware Systems Corporation (515) 223-8000 METROWERKS TO LICENSE JAVA OPTIMIZATION TECHNOLOGY TO MICROWARE AUSTIN, Texas-April 2, 1997-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME: MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that it will license its optimized byte code interpreter and Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation technology to Microware Systems Corp. for implementation in the Java Virtual Machine running on Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system. OS-9 is a leading multi-tasking real-time operating system for mission critical embedded applications, including digital TV, Internet appliances and wireless communications devices. The first implementation of the Java optimization technology will target the Java Virtual Machine running on OS-9 for PowerPC. "Microware is pleased to be...
Apr 03
[MD1] BMUG's MacFest 97
Contact: Colleen Miller, Development Director (510) 549-2684 x210 MORE VENDORS AND SPEAKERS THAN EVER TO ATTEND BMUG'S MACFEST '97 For Immediate Release - BERKELEY, CA, April 2, 1997 - April 26 marks the date of the 7th annual BMUG MacFest. This year MacFest will be held at its usual site in the Pauley Ballroom on the UC Berkeley Campus. The show will take place from 10am to 6pm. This year will prove to be the best yet with such big name vendors as Adobe,Connectix, Aladdin, Dantz, Iomega, Corel, Wacom, Techworks, Motorola and MANY more. Fir the first time ever, vendors will be selling product and giving some great deals to MacFest attendees. Also, come hear first hand about Apple's tremendous changes this year as Ellen Hancock, Apple Vice President, has agreed to be our keynote speaker. And if that's not exciting enough, we'll also have Jean Louis Gassee, founder of Be, Inc. Other conference speakers include industry analyst Dave Winer, TidBits Editor Adam Engst, MacWeek Columnist...
Apr 03
[MD1] StarBase Bundles with Oracle
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STARBASE ANNOUNCES NON-EXCLUSIVE BUNDLING AGREEMENT WITH ORACLE Inclusion of StarBase's Version Control Product Expands Market Opportunity Irvine, California, March 27, 1997 - StarBase Corporation (Nasdaq: SBAS) today announced the completion of a non-exclusive bundling agreement with Oracle to ship StarBase's version control product, Versions 2.0, with Oracle's Developer/2000 product at no additional charge to the customer. Oracle [Nasdaq: ORCL] is a major vendor of developer tools with the company exceeding $5.2 billion in annual revenue. Commenting on the importance of this bundling agreement, Donald R. Farrow, President and COO of StarBase, said, "Oracle is the world's second largest software company and the market leader in application development. Oracle's decision to allow the inclusion of Versions 2.0 is acknowledgement of our product; and we expect this agreement will offer us many marketing benefits, including presentation of information about StarBase...
Apr 03
[MD1] Claris Solutions Conference
CLARIS SETS ANNUAL SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE FOR MAY 12-15 IN SAN JOSE Three day conference to focus on integrating Claris software for the Internet for "simply better solutions" Santa Clara, Calif., March 31, 1997 - Claris Corporation has announced that online registration is now open for its second annual Claris Solutions Conference May 12-15, 1997, at the San Jose Fairmont, in San Jose, Calif at conference . With "Simply Better Solutions" as this year's theme, the conference will provide training and education for software developers, consultants, trainers and users. Benefiting independent and in-house developers and consultants as well as users of all levels, the conference will cover all key Claris software applications, including FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS, Claris Home Page, Claris Emailer 2.0 for Mac OS and ClarisWorks 4.0 for Windows 95 and Mac OS and Windows. Many of the sessions will focus on how...
Apr 03
[MD1] MS & Metrowerks distribute Java VM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Ryan James Waggener Edstrom (503) 245-0905 Joscelyn Zell Waggener Edstrom (503) 245-0905 Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 MICROSOFT AND METROWERKS ANNOUNCE FREE REDISTRIBUTION OF VIRTUAL MACHINE FOR JAVA AND JIT COMPILER FOR THE MACINTOSH Fast, Robust, Small-Footprint Way to Run Java on the Macintosh Now Available to Any Developer SAN FRANCISCO-April 2, 1997-Today at Software Development West and JavaOne, Microsoft Corp. and Metrowerks Inc. announced that the companies' jointly developed virtual machine for Java and the just-in-time (JIT) compiler is available for redistribution with Java applications as part of the CodeWarrior software development package. This implementation of Java provides a fast, reliable way to run Java on the Macintosh, with low memory requirements. "Metrowerks and Microsoft have been working very closely over the last year to deliver best-of-breed virtual...
Apr 03
[MD1] Metrowerks Supports MS AFC Java Classes
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 METROWERKS ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR MICROSOFT AFC JAVA CLASSES AUSTIN, Texas-April 2, 1997-At the Software Development West Conference and JavaOne, Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that Metrowerks' CodeWarrior will offer full support for Microsoft's recently announced Application Foundation Classes (AFC), a comprehensive set of cross-platform, value-added class libraries written entirely in Java. These classes provide small, fast and flexible graphics, user interface and multimedia capabilities in a suite of highly functional Java class libraries. This enhances development of rich, sophisticated cross-platform Java applications while saving on valuable development time. Metrowerks will provide support for AFC in upcoming versions of its CodeWarrior Gold Integrated Development Environment...
Apr 02
[MD1] DevDepot Japan
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE XPLAIN AND BYSE LAUNCH DevDepot JAPAN Westlake Village, CA and Sapporo, Japan -- April 2, 1997 -- Xplain Corporation who operates DevDepot, today announced that it is launching DevDepot Japan with noted Japanese marketing and sales organization, BYSE, Inc. Until today, Japanese MacOS developers have had to work hard to find MacOS development tools. In fact, they had to work twice as hard because all of the literature about the products was in English -- battling a language barrier. Now, DevDepot Japan, a fully localized version of DevDepot in the United States (DevDepot US), solves that. DevDepot Japan will publish marketing literature, provide order fulfillment and customer service through a Japanese office -- all in native Japanese. DD-J will not only carry best selling English versions of products, but also a significant number of localized Japanese versions. As its first major advertising campaign, DevDepot Japan will include a full color catalog in each...
Mar 31
[MD1] Keeping Track of SW Versions
27 March, 1997 -- Symmetry Software today announced a new website designed to help Macintosh users keep track of the latest versions of software. The Version Master website currently lists more than 25,500 product titles from over 40 countries, making it the most comprehensive list of Macintosh software anywhere on the internet. Visitors to this site are invited to search the huge database to find the latest version of software on their Macs. Once a software version is located, users may simply click on the download site to be transferred to the software's website. The Version Master database keeps track of 680xx, PowerPC and FAT versions of software. It also tracks beta versions of software independently from release versions of the same software. Software is also categorized by "country code" so localized versions may be identified. The Version Master website is located at: ( The Version Master website now joins the Version Master application as...
Mar 31
[MD1] StoneTable and ToolsPlus Compatibility
From: stack ( Subject: [ANN] StoneTable and ToolsPlus Compatibility Portland OR USA - StoneTablet Publishing is pleased to announce that StoneTable is now compatible with ToolsPlus from Water's Edge Software. Now users of ToolsPlus will be able to create tables within their applications that have the full power of StoneTable including: - resizeable rows and columns - editing directly in cells - pictures, checkboxes, and controls in cells - hierarchical lists - row and titles columns - more than 32k of data in a table - and much more. For additional information on either StoneTable or ToolsPlus, please check the following web pages. For StoneTable For ToolsPlus
Mar 31
[MD1] Essential Software for the BeOS
Essential Software for the BeOS. BEATWARE INC. 1150 Chestnut Street Menlo Park, CA 94025 AppSketcher Upgraded for Seamless Integration with Code Warrior for BeOS IDE For Release Monday, March 31, 1997 Monday, March 31, 1997 Contact: Karen Cassel BeatWare Inc. 415-322-7253 Menlo Park, California -- March 31, 1997 -- BeatWare Inc. announced today the release of AppSketcher v0.9, a new version of its powerful software development tool for the BeOS. AppSketcher v0.9 is available for free downloading on the company's website, With this new version, AppSketcher minimizes project maintenance and streamlines the application building process by automatically adding all necessary resources to Metrowerks' IDE for the BeOS. In addition, AppSketcher's user interface has been improved and more detailed documentation provided to make the tool even easier to master. AppSketcher is the leading programming tool for the BeOS. Its...
Mar 31
[MD1] Roaster Technologies' Release 3 is Shipping
Roaster Technologies' Release 3 is Shipping! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Judith Steinbaum 617.876.7680 x1818 March 31, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Amidst pre-release enthusiasm, industry compliments and a burgeoning worldwide Java(tm) industry, Roaster Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has begun shipping its eagerly awaited Roaster(tm) Release 3. This is the first release of the newly formed company (a recent spin-off of Natural Intelligence, Inc.), whose focus is on software products for Java developers. Roaster is the pioneering Integrated Development Environment for Java on the Macintosh(r). Release 3, the first non-developer release, not only includes exciting new features and an array of bundled 'goodies,' but is also offering a special introductory price of $49.00. "This is indeed cause for celebration," noted John Dhabolt, President and CEO of Roaster Technologies, Inc. "We believe that we have achieved our primary goal - to make harnessing...
Mar 31
[MD1] Visual Basic to Java Conversion Tool
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Carmen Delessio, President Black Dirt Software 914-651-1599 914-651-0015 Black Dirt Software releases Visual Basic to Java Conversion Tool GOSHEN, NY -- March 27, 1997 (INB) -- Black Dirt Software announced today the release of Convert 1.0 - a Visual Basic to Java Converter. Convert 1.0 is available immediately for purchase and electronic delivery from ObjectTiger. The price is set at $59.99. The initial version provides a true graphical rendering of the original Visual Basic screen - including sophisticated user interface elements such as Frames and Tabbed dialogs. Black Dirt also provided details about their next generation conversion software. The new version is written entirely in Java. The object oriented features of Java allows this new converter to be extended by third party vendors. Carmen Delessio, President of Black Dirt, noted that there are "over 400 VB Controls in existence today. There is no way that we can convert...
Mar 27
[MD1] 4D version 6
CUPERTINO, CA. March 24, 1997 ACI US, Inc. shipped the 4th Dimension Version 6 (4D V6) relational database today. Company president and founder Marylene Delbourg-Delphis states, "With 4D V6, ACI has plotted a course in three main directions. We have taken a new approach to Internet/intranet technology, enhanced the developer environment, and revised the 4th Dimension interface." 4D V6 integrates database technology with Internet capabilities through its built-in web server, enabling immediate Web data publication simply by clicking a check box in the Preference dialog. The new version converts 4D forms to HTML on-the-fly with no need for an external CGI or additional software. Because of the integrated 4D architecture, a Web browser becomes just another client to 4D, allowing users to access, insert, modify and delete data stored in 4D and SQL or ODBC-compliant databases such as ORACLE, Informix, and Sybase. Additionally, the optimized 4D Web server architecture guarantees automatic...
Mar 27
[MD1] WEB FM 3.0
WEB BROADCASTING CORP. SHIPS WEB FM 3.0 SDK FOR FILEMAKER PRO 3.0 SDK UNLEASHES UNPRECEDENTED OPPORTUNITY FOR FILEMAKER PRO 3.0 DEVELOPERS TO COMPETE IN THE INTERNET PRODUCT SPACE Palo Alto, CA. -- March 21, 1997 -- Web Broadcasting Corp. announces the release of the WEB FM 3.0 Solutions Distribution Kit (SDK). The new SDK version of the leading web server plug-in for FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac allows unlimited, royalty-free distribution of WEB FM 3.0 to customers that have already licensed the Macintosh runtime database engine version of FileMaker Pro 3.0 SDK from Claris Corporation. WEB FM 3.0 SDK provides FileMaker Pro 3.0 developers with a fast, cost-effective way to distribute customized World Wide Web solutions to clients and consumers. This means enterprising FileMaker Pro 3.0 developers can now distribute their desktop applications and solutions as powerful Internet or Intranet applications and solutions. "WEB FM 3.0 SDK represents a truly remarkable opportunity...
Mar 27
[MD1] Free Chain Gang Beta
From: (Kenneth H. Wieschhoff) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Jimenez or Ken Wieschhoff PLR Software, Inc. PO Box 420706 Atlanta, GA 30342 770.438.1860 PLR Software and Siren Enterprises Announce ChainGang Beta Atlanta, Georgia ~ March 26, 1997: PLR Software and Siren Enterprises today announced the free public beta of ChainGang, a programmer's debugging tool. Features Chain Gang is a MacOS first, MacOS only application! Chain Gang is an extension/application which watches the resource maps and resource chains of a running application and provides a running report of resource usage. Where this is really useful is in combination with a high-level debugger like MWDebug where Chain Gang will show resources either on disk, or in RAM while single stepping through the code. In addition to the resource list, the program provides the programmer with the latest resource (ResError) and memory errors (MemError) that were generated...
Mar 27
[MD1] Metrowerks Standard Lib 2.1.1 Update
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] Metrowerks Standard Lib 2.1.1 Update CodeWarriors, There is a release of the Metrowerks Standard Lib 2.1.1 Update available now or soon for downloading from or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( Metrowerks Standard Lib 2.1.1 Update Released on 03/27/1997 MSL 2.1.1 addresses problems with the MSL 2.1 shipped with CodeWarrior 11. It is only recommended for use with the version 1.7.1 C/C++ compiler update. Download Update (4070k)
Mar 26
[MD1] Depot Easter Holiday Sale
DevDepot Easter Holiday Sale! Dear Developer, DevDepot already offers developer tools and books at the lowest prices in the market - guaranteed! We have hundreds of products available for you all year round. The DevDepot bunny has a special bargin Easter basket! Act now and you'll get an additional 10% off our already low prices. Description Easter is here and we're offering you un-bunny-believable deals! For a limited time only (until midnight March 30th), we're lowering our already guaranteed super-low prices an additional 10%! You'll find incredible deals, plus a dizzying selection -- everything from the latest NeXT(tm) and Java books to brand new offerings from Apple, Royal Software, Metrowerks, WAVES, BeachWare, Arboretum, Capilano Computing, Symantec, Vivistar, Bare Bones, Roaster Technologies, MacTech(tm) and many more. Plus, we have added Multimedia and Games software for you. To top it all off, we've made ordering a cinch...
Mar 26
[MD1] Apple Briefing in Nice, France
Apple Computer's European Developer Relations invites you to a full-day briefing on Thursday, April 17, from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, at the Abela Regency Hotel in Nice, France. This briefing will cover Mac OS 8, Rhapsody and OpenStep, and WebObjects. In addition, Apple will offer a limited number of developers a hands-on introduction to the current Intel-version of OpenStep and the OpenStep development environment--the tools you can use today to start getting ready for the Rhapsody Developer Release due out later this year. This event is limited in space and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For registration and event information, visit our event web page: ( For questions not covered by the web page, send a message to: Stephen Humphrey ( See you in Nice!
Mar 26
[MD1] QuickDNS Pro 1.1.1
New release of QuickDNS Pro, version 1.1.1, offers more admin flexibility, enhances server performance and robustness. Men & Mice's cutting edge DNS server for the Mac OS, QuickDNS Pro, now provides more admin capabilities, as well as enhancing the performance and reliability of QuickDNS server. The admin changes include a new find command, providing the user with easy tracking of domain information. This version also allows printing of domains straight from the QuickDNS admin program. In addition, version 1.1.1 includes several other enhancements to QuickDNS admin. Server changes add more robustness to the already solid QuickDNS server framework and enhance the server performance. Root server information has also been updated to reflect the most recent changes. More information on QuickDNS Pro and a free fully-functional evaluation copy of version 1.1.1 is available at: ( The upgrade to 1.1.1 is free for registered users of QuickDNS Pro. The...
Mar 26
[MD1] Grayscale Kitchen 2.0
GRAYSCALE KITCHEN 2.0 FOR MACINTOSH DEVELOPERS March 25,1997 NEW VISUAL INTERFACE EDITOR ALLOWS DEVELOPERS TO EXPERIENCE USER INTERFACES AS THEY ARE CREATED Contact Web Site: BUILDING INTERFACES Grayscale Kitchen 2.0 (GK) was designed to provide the most convenient, efficient method of prototyping a user interface. Currently, there are no good UI prototyping utilities available, forcing most developers to use a paint program or Hypercard to design their interfaces- a practice that is barbaric considering the progress of technology today. With Grayscale Kitchen, developers no longer have to spend countless hours lining up pixels in a paint program to see what their new UI will look like. With GK, all they have to do is click and drag, and they can experience their UI inside GK without ever compiling or writing code. GK 2.0 now features a never-before seen "hands-on" approach to interface development. Instead of...
Mar 26
[MD1] Apple Ships MessagePad 2000
Apple Ships MessagePad 2000, a Complete Handheld Computer for the Mobile Business Professional CUPERTINO, Calif.--March 24, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced it is shipping the MessagePad 2000, a mobile computer for the business professional and one of the fastest handheld Internet computers on the market. The MessagePad 2000 offers the versatility of a laptop- including email, fax, and Internet access capability, as well as personal productivity software--at a fraction of a laptop's weight: 1.4 pounds. Incorporating the 160 MHz StrongARM processor, the MessagePad 2000 performs up to ten times faster than current handheld computers in the market today and works easily to exchange data with both Windows and Mac OS-based computers. "A lot has been said about putting the functionality of a business computer into a handheld computer," said Jim Groff, senior vice president of the Information Appliance Division at Apple Computer, Inc. "In demonstrating the MessagePad 2000 over the...
Mar 25
[MD1] Symantec Cafe 1.5 for Mac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Marcella Wucher Zing PR (415) 592-5834 Sheri Schurter Symantec Corporation (408) 864-2865 SYMANTEC ANNOUNCES CAFE 1.5 FOR MACINTOSH JAVA(tm) DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT -- Market-leading toolset upgrade offers comprehensive Java environment to Macintosh developers -- SYMANTEC CAFE 1.5 NEW FEATURES * Enhanced debugger * Recursive compiler for much faster builds * New JIT * JDK 1.02 integration * MacOS Runtime for Java included * Read/write zip files for classes CUPERTINO, Calif. - March 24, 1997 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the leading supplier of Java development tools and environments, today announced Symantec Caf&eacute 1.5 for Macintosh. An upgrade to Symantec's best-selling Java toolset, Caf&eacute 1.5 now offers the richest feature-set available for Macintosh Java development, including an enhanced debugger, new just-in-time compiler for faster applet and application performance, new recursive...
Mar 25
[MD1] Apple Invite to JavaOne
From: Apple Developer Relations Subject: Please Join Apple at JavaOne Dear Developer, Apple Computer, Inc. would like to invite you to join us at JavaOne, Sun's 1997 Worldwide Java Developer Conference. JavaOne is being held April 2-4 at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center. Apple is proud to be a Gold Co-Sponsor of the conference. JavaOne is a three-day technical conference for developers to learn Java technologies directly from Sun's Java Development Team. Keynotes will be delivered by Java industry luminaries James Gosling, John Gage, Scott McNealy, Alan Baratz & Eric Schmidt. Apple Computer, Inc. will be conducting a session in the Java Industry Momentum track, where we'll be presenting our successful solutions using Java and discussing our view of the Java industry as it moves forward. You won't want to miss it! JavaOne will also feature the JavaOne Pavilion where we will be showcasing our Java tools and applications along with over 250 other companies. And there will be...
Mar 23
[MD1] CameraMan Version 3.0
** F O R I M M E D I A T E R E L E A S E ** DATE: March 20, 1997 CONTACT: Corine Hopkins, Product Manager 604-685-9975 CameraMan has gone Native! Motion Works Releases CameraMan Version 3.0 for Power Macintosh Vancouver,B.C. -- Motion Works Group Limited, the Canadian-based digital technology and interactive multimedia company, announced today the release of CameraMan Version 3.0 for Power Macintosh. Since its debut in 1992, CameraMan has long been recognized as the tool of choice for software developers, educators and trainers who need a quick, flexible and inexpensive method of producing tutorials, customized training demos, presentations, internet movies and on-line support files. CameraMan makes simultaneous recordings of screen activity, system sounds and voice-overs. It captures all action that takes place on the users screen including; pull-down menus, dialogue boxes,...
Mar 23
[MD1] Status on Game Sprockets
From: Chris De Salvo ( Subject: NEWS: Sprockets: Present and Future Hi, this is Chris De Salvo. I work at Apple on the Sprockets team and I wanted to take a few moments to very clearly state where the Sprockets are at, where they will be going in the future and what all the press releases really mean. WHERE WE'RE AT: --------------- DrawSprocket - version 1.1.2 of DrawSprocket should be released some time next week (today is Monday, March 17). It provides some performance increases and several major bug fixes (most notably the DebugStr() call that was accidentally left in). There are also some UI enhancements to the user-select-context dialog. InputSprocket - version 1.2 of InputSprocket should be released some time in the next week as well. This is a significant update and, among other things, includes the following list of improvements: o Lots of bug fixes o Support for Microsoft SideWinder3D Pro joystick o Much-improved support for...
Mar 20
[MD1] Pilot Emulator for Power Mac
From: (Michel Pollet) Subject: [ANN] Zilot, new pilot emulator for Macintosh A new port of Copilot for Powermacs is online.. You can get it from: It features a lot more than the original port, including: + Sound + Saved machine state + Allow dowload of pilot applications + *VERY* fast + Double sized display.. + Backlight mode ;-) ... and more a great tool for testing applications from the net, or even easily test the applications you're writing !
Mar 20
[MD1] Updaters for CodeWarrior Compiler/Linkers
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] CodeWarrior C/C++ Compilers Linkers Released CodeWarriors, There is a release of the Metrowerks C/C++ Compilers and linkers Update available now or soon for downloading from or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( CW IDE C/C++ 1.7.1 Update Released on 03/19/1997 This update provides the version 1.7.1 of the IDE plugin MacOS C/C++ compilers and linkers which correct problems with excessive inlining as well as correcting several internal compiler errors. Download Update (786k) CW MPW Tools 1.7.1 Update Released on 03/19/1997 This update provides the version 1.7.1 of the Metrowerks MPW tool C/C++ compilers and linkers which correct problems with excessive inlining as well as correcting several internal compiler errors. Download...
Mar 18
[MD1] UMAX for High End
UMAX Computer Corporation Announces Powerful New SuperMac System Targeting High End Professional Users Fremont, Calif., March 17, 1997 -- UMAX Computer Corporation today expanded its high end family of SuperMac S900 Mac OS-compatible workstations with the S900/233 system based on a 233 MHz PowerPC 604e processor with an estimated street price of $4,199. Like the rest of the S900 family, the new system has been engineered with UMAX' Advanced Scaleable Processor Design (A.S.P.D.) architecture, enabling a user to upgrade the primary processor card to faster speeds, and providing a slot for a secondary processor card, allowing users to upgrade to a dual-processor system without removing the original processor. UMAX supports the leading standards of Mac OS multiprocessing through DayStar nPOWER multiprocessing technology. The unique degree of upgradeability guards SuperMac S900 systems against premature obsolescence. "The new system provides the UNIX workstation-...
Mar 17
[MD1] Handheld Systems Conference Final Agenda
Handheld Systems Conference Final Agenda Creative Digital Publishing Inc. is pleased to announce that the final agenda for the Handheld Systems Conference (formerly PDA Developers) has been posted to the company's web site at Entering it's third year, this is the only conference in the world that focuses exclusively on creating handheld hardware and software products. Taking place April 24-26 at the San Francisco Airport Hilton, the event includes a variety of keynotes, panels, and sponsor presentations about handheld computing. Keynotes are Andrew Seybold, noted industry analyst, Jean Belanger, Chairman and CEO of software development tools creator Metrowerks, and IBM's Thomas Zimmerman, cofounder of the noted virtual reality company VPL Research and inventor of Personal Area Networks. Event sponsors and supporters include Microsoft, Geoworks, Hewlett-Packard, Psion, General Magic, Apple Computer, Nokia Mobile Phones, Palm Computing, Research in Motion, and Pen...
Mar 17
[MD1] "Royals" Awards
Press release Dateline: Largo, Florida March 13, 1997 For more information, contact: Ro Nagey,, 813-581-6422 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today, Royal Software announced the winners of this years "Royals", the annual award presented to the best in HyperCard programming. "The entire staff at Royal Software reviewed not only the programs that have been submitted to us for development over the last year, but also the authors, the purposes, and the driving forces of the HyperCard industry. These awards give recognition to those who have proven themselves to be leaders in the HyperCard field, and to those products that have helped shape the HyperCard community," said Ro Nagey, President and CEO of Royal Software. The winners of the awards are: Special Presentation: The first award is presented to Param Singh, Kevin Calhoun and the HyperCard Development Team for their untiring efforts to improve HyperCard, and to increase its visibility and viability....
Mar 17
[MD1] The A List - a List Manager replacement
From: (Kyle Hammond) Subject: [PR] The A List - a List Manager replacement Hi all, I'd like to let you know about The A List. This is a replacement for Apple's List Manager in the same spirit as WASTE is a replacement for Text Edit. The A List can handle lists of essentially infinite size, supports drag and drop, cut/copy/paste, dynamic scrolling, and many other features that Apple's List Manager does not. The A List uses several application callback routines to provide support for any type of data that you wish to use (instead of an LDEF). The default implementation assumes that the list data is a StringHandle. The A List is distributed under the same general licensing scheme as the WASTE library: it's free, but you need to give me credit. To download the full source code and a sample application go to the URL: ( The documentation is not finished yet, but what there is is on-line at the above URL. I wrote...
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*Apple* Solutions Consultant (ASC) - Apple I...
…important role that the ASC serves is that of providing an excellent Apple Customer Experience. Responsibilities include: * Promoting Apple products and solutions Read more
*Apple* Solutions Consultant (ASC) - Apple I...
…important role that the ASC serves is that of providing an excellent Apple Customer Experience. Responsibilities include: * Promoting Apple products and solutions Read more
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