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Mar 14
[MD1] Be Dev Conf & Other events
Announcing BeDC THE BE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE --------------------------- May 10-11, 1997 Westin Hotel at the Santa Clara Convention Center San Jose, California Sponsored By: Be, Inc Power Computing Corp. Metrowerks, Inc. Coming on May 10-11, 1997, the Be Developer Conference is the ideal forum to get up to speed on development for the Be Operating Systems, to find out the latest Be technologies, and to meet and discuss technology and products with other Be developers and marketeers. This is a conference that should not be missed. This year, the conference expands to two days, and features a dual track format that includes sessions on basic BeOS programming as well as advanced sessions on specific technologies and software types. There will also be sessions on bringing products to market and Internet-based distribution. As part of Be's continued commitment to our developers, the Be Developer Conference has no fees. Lunch is included on both days. In...
Mar 14
[MD1] BeOS Masters Awards Program
Fame,Recognition,Megahertz... THE BEOS MASTERS AWARDS PROGRAM ------------------------------- Innovation in the BeOS comes as much from developers building with the BeOS as through Be's own efforts. It is Be developers that will create the products that transform the BeOS from raw potential into a truly useful and revolutionary system. How to we recognize the developer who takes a risk? Who steps out of current paradigms to take entirely different approach to a problem. Who takes on the task of leveraging the underlying hardware and OS to deliver new capabilities to the end user. How do we acknowledge the commitment of a team which ignores the invocations of "it can't be done" or "it shouldn't be done" to change the way people use their computers? How do we recognize the lone programmer who works late into the night after their "real" job or school work to complete a product that solves real problems? How can we place the spotlight on the real heroes of the revolution, the...
Mar 14
[MD1] BeOS Porting Lab and Bugs online
Get a Preview of the Preview.... BeOS PREVIEW RELEASE PORTING LAB -------------------------------- Be Developer services is working on setting up a Preview Release porting lab to help port applications to the Preview Release as quickly as possible. Applications written for DR8 will not be binary-compatible with the DR9 release, thus developers will need to recompile their code and make some modifications in order to take advantage of new functionality. The Preview Release is the first release in which forward compatibility will be a priority (and thus the last release to break everything.) If you want to participate in a porting lab, then please send a message to The lab will be held in March and early April, and as the date approaches, we'll get more specific. But since we expect this space to be limited and in high demand, you'll want to reserve space now. This lab is intended for developers who intend to ship a product that is for purchase with the Preview...
Mar 14
[MD1] Apple Details Restructuring Plans
Apple Computer Details Restructuring Plans Company Paves Return Road to Leadership With Focus on Its Distinctive Product Strengths CUPERTINO, Calif.--March 14, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. Chairman and CEO Gilbert F. Amelio today detailed a restructuring plan that sharpens the Company's focus on strengths that have been at the heart of its success -- exceptionally easy-to-use personal and mobile computers with unique multimedia and Internet capabilities. "The top priorities guiding our reorganization are the rapid delivery of distinctive products for our loyal business, education, and home customers, and the development of a robust next-generation operating system to carry them into the future," Amelio said. "We can best achieve these goals by streamlining our organization, simplifying our product lines to deliver fewer but much stronger models, and stopping investments in activities that are not central to these core businesses." Apple began the reorganization last month with a new...
Mar 14
[MD1] BeOS DR8.3 Update
To all, Be, Inc. distributed the BeOS DR8.2 in December. As you know, this version was bound into the January, 1997 issue of MacTech Magazine. The BeOS software expires on April 1. Good news though: Be has released an update (see below) that removes the date limitation. If you are still interested in seeing the BeOS, there are still a few copies of this back issue available (due to a rare situation that we were able to get extra copies). For more information, see Thanks, Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine ------------------------------------------------------- We at Be hope that the beginning of spring finds you well. It has been a few months since we last sent out a developer update, so we've got lots of news. By the way, as a Be developer, you are in good company. There are now 4,706 registered Be developers from all over the world. There are now some 308 applications of various types that have been uploaded to...
Mar 13
[MD1] MacA&D 6.0
MacA&D 6.0 - Software Engineering Made Easy MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, March 14, 1997 --- Excel Software, the world's leading vendor of Macintosh CASE tools, today announced availability of MacA&D 6.0 for Macintosh. MacA&D is a software engineering tool for object-oriented analysis and design, structured analysis and design, real-time and multi-task design, data and screen modeling, integrated code generation with editing/browsing, requirements traceability, use cases and multi-user team dictionary. Version 6.0 represents the next major step in the evolutionary progression of MacA&D which over its 10 year life has been adopted by thousands of corporate, university and government users. MacA&D has new user manuals, improved interoperability with the document compatible WinA&D for Windows 95/NT and new features to improve ease of use. Tool Bar Interface - Commonly used commands are now easily accessible by clicking buttons on the tool bar across the top of the screen...
Mar 13
[MD1] Raven 1.0 on Info-Mac
From: (Jesse Jones) Subject: [ANN] Raven 1.0 A new C++ framework I've recently uploaded Raven 1.0 to Info-Mac. Raven is a new C++ framework for Macintosh programming. Raven is similar to PowerPlant and MacApp but takes full advantage of newer C++ features, has a more modular structure, and makes extensive use of programming by contract. Like ODF and MacApp Raven makes extensive use of multiple inheritance by means of mixin classes. Raven also uses the standard C++ classes wherever possible, including the string class, the standard exception classes, and STL. Raven also makes use of template classes and RTTI. Raven is divided into four layers: Foundation, Core, Application, and Esoteria. Each layer is composed of a number of packages. For example the Core layer has a Files package containing classes to manage things like reading/writing a file, iterating over files, accessing the Desktop Manager, and CustomGetFile and CustomPutFile. The Foundation layer contains...
Mar 13
[MD1] SiteEdit Pro Version 2.0
SiteEdit Pro Version 2.0 ActiveX support, improved editing, and server maintenance SiteEdit Pro provides a convenient, Web-based method of maintaining HTML pages and other files on your server. Without leaving your browser, SiteEdit allows you navigate the folder hierarchy on your server and perform useful functions like moving, copying, renaming or deleting files and folders. In addition, it allows you to create new folders or Web pages immediately. You can edit HTML documents to quickly update a page or create entirely new content. SiteEdit is secure since it requires valid passwords to perform all functions. Multi-user capability is built-in so that you can provide restricted access to multiple people. Thus an ISP or Webmaster can provide easy access to an individual's folder without compromising the security of their system. Version 2.0 includes support for file upload from Microsoft's Internet Explorer using a custom ActiveX control, will automatically expand compressed packages...
Mar 13
[MD1] StuffIt Engine SDK 4.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The StuffIt Engine(tm) SDK 4.0 For Macintosh From Aladdin Systems, Is Now Available To The Developer Community Watsonville, CA-- March 13, 1997 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer and publisher of the worldwide Macintosh compression standard, StuffIt, ships the StuffIt Engine Software Developer Kit (SDK) 4.0 for Macintosh. The StuffIt Engine gives third party software built-in support for StuffIt archives (.sit), the Macintosh standard for archiving and compression. By licensing the StuffIt Engine a developer's product can easily create StuffIt archives (.sit), Self-Extracting archives (.sea), and encrypted archives among other formats. The StuffIt Engine consists of a series of code resources that give users access to standard StuffIt archival compression and decompression. "The StuffIt Engine 4.0 for Mac allows developers to use the industry standard StuffIt compression and decompression formats in their products easily," said Pauline Shumake, StuffIt Engine...
Mar 13
[MD1] WebCommerce Solution
WebCommerce Solution(tm) - Release 2.0 Introducing WebDNA(tm) technology Pacific Coast Software's WebCommerce Solution, the first commercially available commerce package for Macintosh, is entering a new era. With Release 2.0 of the product, the strong turn-key foundation that allowed any Webmaster to quickly establish an online storefront has been radically built up to become one of the most flexible and powerful Web server additions available. WebCommerce Solution Release 2.0 uses Pacific Coast Software's new WebDNA technology. WebDNA (which stands for Dynamic Naming Architecture) provides the Webmaster with the building blocks to create a Web site that is truly alive. The language combines the power of scripting with the familiarity of HTML. WebDNA means that a site created with WebCommerce Solution Release 2.0 can grow from a simple part-time storefront to a muti-million dollar shopping center without problems. ClubMac, ClubPC, and ClubPDA , some of the premiere mail order catalog...
Mar 13
[MD1] World's Largest Software Catalog
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael Robertson Filez (619) 581-1931 Software Seekers Have a New Resource - World's Largest Software Catalog San Diego, CA -- March 6, 1997 - Computer users have a powerful new tool to use in their quest for software at: Filez, the leading software search site, has added a file catalog to its popular file search engine. The Filez Catalog consists of over 10 million Macintosh and Windows files comprehensively categorized from worldwide sources. "FTP servers house an enormous amount of content virtually ignored by all the major search engines. We have leveraged the 75 million files collected by our search engine to create a Yahoo-type browsable catalog of that content," says Josef Block, VP of Marketing. The best commercial, educational, shareware, freeware and personal archives are all combined to construct the Filez Catalog. Rather than visiting each individual site on the net, users can now...
Mar 12
[MD1] HomeDoor 2.0
FOR RELEASE MARCH 12, 1997 Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SHIPS HOMEDOOR 2.0 MAJOR NEW UPGRADE TO INDUSTRY-PIONEERING PRODUCT LOS ANGELES, CA. -- March 12, 1997 -- Open Door Networks, Inc. today announced that, beginning next week, it will ship HomeDoor 2.0, a major new release of the product that started the Macintosh multi-domain Internet services market. HomeDoor 2.0, which works both conventionally and as a plug-in for WebSTAR and compatible servers, provides Webmasters with unprecedented levels of flexibility in setting up multi-domain Web servers using the Macintosh. Not only does HomeDoor remain the only Macintosh product to offer "any browser, any server" compatibility, but, with the 2.0 release, it becomes the only product to provide Webmasters with the option of implementing either or both of the two current mechanisms for providing multi-domain Web service. HomeDoor 1.0 pioneered the multi-domain Internet services...
Mar 10
[MD1] Metrowerks Acquisition of Lattitude
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 METROWERKS COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF LATITUDE PORTING TECHNOLOGY AND ANNOUNCES NEW ADDITIONS TO MANAGEMENT TEAM AUSTIN, Texas-March 10, 1997-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that it has officially acquired the principle assets of The Latitude Group, Inc., of Mountain View, Calif., for the sum of $500,000 including acquisition costs. Latitude's principle assets include a porting library which allows Mac OS applications to be ported to UNIX-hosted operating systems. Metrowerks intends to use the Latitude porting library to port CodeWarrior to run on Sun Microsystems' Solaris-based UNIX workstations and Metrowerks will retarget the porting technology to Apple Computer's next generation operating system, Rhapsody. Sun's Solaris-based UNIX workstations are widely used by embedded systems programmers worldwide....
Mar 10
[MD1] Tools for PowerPC Embedded Microprocessors
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4758 METROWERKS RELEASES NEW DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR MOTOROLA'S POWERPC EMBEDDED MICROPROCESSORS AUSTIN, Texas-March 10, 1997-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK) one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting Motorola's MPC 8xx PowerPC family of embedded processors. Motorola and Metrowerks will be showing the new tools at the Embedded Systems Conference East in Boston, MA from March 10-12, in the Motorola booth, #304. Hosted on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 and Mac OS, CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems allows programmers to build applications for a variety of portable electronic devices using the Motorola MPC 8xx series of microprocessors. The CodeWarrior IDE offers a powerful suite of programming tools including an integrated project manager, text editor,...
Mar 09
[MD1] Castanet Tuner for Mac Java Available
From: Nick DeMello ( [PTR] Castanet Tuner for Mac Java Available =========================================== Just noticed this, thought others would be interested. An alpha version of the Cantanet tuner for Castanet (JAVA) channels is now available for the Macintosh. It requires internet config and MacOS runtime JAVA. -- nick MacOS Runtime JAVA ( Internet Config ( Catastanet for the Mac (ALPHA): ( (
Mar 09
[MD1] Krathwohl to Fill Roizen's Shoes
Krathwohl to Fill Roizen's Shoes David Krathwohl was just appointed vice president of Apple Developer Relations, filling the position previously held by Heidi Roizen. As vice president of Apple Developer Relations, David Krathwohl is responsible for building and maintaining relationships between Apple and its developers worldwide, encouraging developer commitment to Apple platforms, and defining programs that facilitate developer success. As the former director of International Developer Relations, Krathwohl brings a wealth of knowledge of Apple's Macintosh developer community to his new position. For his complete biography, see below: ------------------------------------------------------- David Krathwohl Vice President, Developer Relations Apple Computer, Inc. As vice president of Apple Developer Relations, David Krathwohl is responsible for building and maintaining relationships between Apple and its developers worldwide, creating integrated initiatives that encourage developer...
Mar 07
[MD1] LiveAccess
KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, March 1, 1997: theta group is pleased to announce the availability of LiveAccess 1 Update 1, the first update to its innovative suite of OpenDoc parts for accessing relational database systems like FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension, Oracle7, ODBC. Update 1 includes lots of exciting new functionality, like tighter Cyberdog integration (Cyberdog-enabled LiveAccess controls, direct resolution of URLs fetched from any kind of database system; e.g. to build a FileMaker Pro or 4D-driven Notebook-style documents), fully internationalized, database independent date/time handling, off-line viewing of result sets and more great stuff. LiveAccess 1 Update 1 ist still only $69 including connectivity to FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension, Oracle7, ODBC and dtF. More details on LiveAccess 1 Update 1 can be found at ( About LiveAccess LiveAccess is a suite of MacOS OpenDoc Live Objects for accessing relational database systems like...
Mar 07
[MD1] LS Fortran Plug-in for CodeWarrior
Dateline---March 10, 1997 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fortner Research Announces LS Fortran Plug-In for Metrowerks CodeWarrior Sterling, VA---Fortner Research, developers of award-winning software for scientists and engineers, announced today that they are now shipping LS Fortran Plug-in for CodeWarrior. CodeWarrior owners will now have the ability to use LS Fortran in writing and compiling Fortran programs directly in the CodeWarrior environment, as well as combining Fortran routines with C, C++, and Pascal software. The LS Fortran 77 compiler has won worldwide acclaim for its ease of use, robust code generation and high degree of compatibility with Fortran programs on multiple operation systems. Now, this powerful language is being made available to a broad base of customers who want to code with the power of Fortran and link seamlessly with C, C++, and Pascal, all within one programming environment. Thanks to CodeWarrior's full-featured GUI programming environment, users can now...
Mar 07
[MD1] Roaster Licenses Obj Design's PSE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROASTER TECHNOLOGIES LICENSES OBJECT DESIGN'S PSE FOR JAVA TO INTEGRATE WITH ROASTER RELEASE 3 CONTACT: Roaster Technologies, Inc. Judith Steinbaum, Manager, Press and Public Relations 617.876.7680 x1818 email: CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 7, 1997 - Roaster Technologies today announced that its eagerly awaited Roaster Release 3 will include Object Design's ObjectStore PSE for Java. Roaster, the pioneering Integrated Development Environment for Java on the Macintosh, has added significant functionality by tightly integrating ObjectStore PSE into its new release. Written entirely in Java, ObjectStore PSE for Java is a high-speed, small-footprint database that provides portable, transparent Java object persistence. This integration will enable Roaster users to access data from their Java applications easily, without having to map Java objects to sequential files or tables. When combined with the ability of Roaster Release 3 to create stand-alone Java...
Mar 07
[MD1] Tempo will be MacOS 8
MARCH 5, 1997 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 10 Tempo's official name: Mac OS 8 By MacWEEK Staff Apple announced today that the OS code-named Tempo will be officially known as Mac OS 8, a name that was reserved for the company's failed next-generation OS project, code-named Copland. "It would be confusing to not call it 8," said Jim Gable, vice president of AppleSoft product marketing. "We feel very strongly it is a major upgrade." Gable said that the user-interface changes in the Tempo release merit more than the Mac 0S 7.7 designation originally planned for it. Apple's current naming scheme calls for changing the first digit of the version number when major architectural or user-experience changes are made (see He said Apple's market research indicated that users did not strongly associate the Mac OS 8 name with Copland and felt the name was appropriate for the Tempo release. "This wouldn't even be a big issue if the Copland project wasn't...
Mar 07
[MD1] ScriptAgent
Leverage the power of your AppleScript and 4th Dimension applications with ScriptAgent. ScriptAgent actually embeds AppleScript into the 4D procedural language, which enables 4D to communicate bi-directionally with virtually any AppleScriptable application. You can even combine conditional program branching code and data from both 4D and AppleScript in the same procedure! For instance, a user can enter a customer code into a 4D layout, press Tab, and instantly return the matching customer record into the layout from an outside source (like MacP&L, an AppleScriptable accounting application). That's something you could never do with AppleScript alone. Or build a complete publishing workflow solution using QuarkXpress, 4D, and your favorite scriptable graphics cataloging application. ScriptAgent works great with the new 4D Version 6, and will provide the developer with massive background processing power using the new EXECUTE ON SERVER command. Just imagine what you could do with...
Mar 05
[MD1] NeoAccess 5.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jesse Odell The Ford Odell Group 707/538-9592 NeoLogic Augments Capabilities and Accessibility of Object Database Technology --NeoAccess 5.0 brings added performance, capabilities and full support for the latest releases of all major compilers and development frameworks BERKELEY, CA -- March 4, 1997 -- NeoLogic Systems, Inc., a leading provider of object-oriented database technology, today announced the release of NeoAccess 5.0, a significant enhancement to the company's cross-platform, object database management system. Featuring added support for large databases (over four gigabytes) and expanded schema evolution support, NeoAccess 5.0 simplifies the development of sophisticated applications for a broad range of professional developers. NeoAccess 5.0 includes full support for the latest releases of all major compilers and application frameworks. It ships with full C++ source code to provide maximum flexibility for both commercial...
Mar 05
[MD1] PageSentry 2.1
Press Contact: Dean Dahlgren Phone: (630) 830-1113 Fax: (630) 830-1262 Maxum will be in the Apple Pavillion at Internet World Maxum Development Ships PageSentry and PageSentry Pro 2.1, now Monitoring all your Internet Servers Maxum Announces PageSentry for Windows to Ship Early Second Quarter Internet World, Los Angeles, CA, March 12, 1997 -- Maxum Development Corporation, a leading developer of Macintosh Web server add-on tools, today announced the shipment of PageSentry-tm 2.1 and PageSentry Pro-tm 2.1. In addition, Maxum announced they will be shipping a Windows version of PageSentry in early second quarter. PageSentry for Windows will provide users the same features as the Macintosh version. A beta of the Windows version is available today on Maxum's Web site at: Maxum's set of Internet server monitors allow customers to maintain reliable Internet services seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition to Web site monitoring,...
Mar 05
[MD1] Phantom 2.0
Press Contact: Dean Dahlgren Phone: (630) 830-1113 Fax: (630) 830-1262 E-Mail: Maxum will be in the Apple Pavillion at Internet World. Maxum Development Ships Phantom 2.0 for the Macintosh, the Next Generation of Web Crawling Maxum Announces Phantom 2.0 for Windows to Ship Early Second Quarter Internet World, Los Angeles, CA, March 12, 1997 -- Maxum Development Corporation today announced the shipment of Phantom-tm 2.0, a major upgrade to their market leading Web crawler for Macintosh. Phantom 2.0 brings second generation Web crawling to Macintosh Webmasters and is still the only commercially available crawler/search engine for the Mac OS. In addition, Maxum announced they will be shipping a Windows version of Phantom in early second quarter. Phantom for Windows will provide users the same features as the Macintosh version. A beta of the Windows version is available today on Maxum's Web site at: Phantom enables Webmasters to build...
Mar 05
[MD1] PreFab's Player 1.1
***Essential Scripting Utility Gets Even Better*** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Mary M. Ashley, 420A Main St., Acton, MA 01720, 508-266-2885 ACTON, MA -- February 28, 1997 -- PreFab Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that version 1.1 of Player shipped today. Player adds verbs to AppleScript and Frontier to query and control non-scriptable applications and control panels. The 1.1 release offers new verbs, enhanced options, revised documentation and new example scripts. PreFab Player 1.1 includes a breakthrough feature for automating Adobe Photoshop: it's the only product on the market that can control Photoshop dialog items by name. Scripts can now "check" or "uncheck" a checkbox and call Player's standard query verbs, e.g. to verify that a certain item is enabled or execute a difference sequence depending on which radio button is selected. Photoshop 4.0 takes a preliminary step towards automation with built-in "Actions"; Player is still required for...
Mar 05
[MD1] QuickTime VR 2.0/Macintosh is GM!
From: David Palermo, Finally! QuickTime VR 2.0/Macintosh is GM! It will be available in about 10 days to customers. Please keep in mind that QTVR v2.0 is NOT cross-platform yet! We expect to ship QTVR v2.0/Windows later. This release is out now to give developers a chance to start working with it until we have the Windows pieces ready. If you have any questions please call me at 4-2621. Here is a letter that went out to developers: Many thanks for your patience. QuickTime VR 2.0 is GM! You can expect your orders for the QuickTime VR 2.0 Authoring Tools Suite and the book/CD-ROM package, Virtual Reality Programming with QuickTime VR 2.0, to ship in about two weeks. If you have not yet ordered these products, get ordering info on the Web at; click on "Ordering Development Products." If you bought the QTVR 1.0 Authoring Tools Suite since July 1, 1996, you will automatically receive a free upgrade. (Note that we did this so 1.0 sales...
Mar 05
[MD1] Roaster and Pure Java JDBC Drivers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROASTER TECHNOLOGIES AND OPENLINK SOFTWARE - A 100% PURE JAVA JDBC ALLIANCE! CONTACT: Roaster Technologies, Inc. Judith Wachs, Manager, Press and Public Relations 617.876.7680 x1818 e/ OpenLink Software, Inc. Helen Heward-Mills 617.273-0900 e/m: CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 3, 1997 - Roaster Technologies, creators of Roaster(tm), the flagship Macintosh Integrated Development Environment for Java, today announced an agreement to license Type 3 100% Pure Java JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity) drivers from OpenLink Software for inclusion in all versions of Roaster. The eagerly awaited upcoming release, Roaster Release 3, will include OpenLink software, thus immediately enabling Macintosh developers to start creating applets or applications that access ODBC compliant databases. This is the first opportunity for Macintosh users to utilize Java Database Connectivity in their programming efforts. The inclusion of the JDBC drivers on...
Mar 03
[MD1] QuickDraw GX Printing to be Removed
For Immediate Release Apple Announces Unified Printing Architecture for Future Mac OS Releases QuickDraw GX Printing to be Removed in Favor of "Classic" Printing Manager Drivers CUPERTINO, Calif.-- March 3, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced plans to unify the dual printing architectures currently supported by the Mac OS and standardize on the use of "classic" Printing Manager drivers, such as LaserWriter and StyleWriter, for future Mac OS 7.x releases. In a move to simplify users' printing experience, Apple plans to remove the printing architecture component of QuickDraw GX, refocus QuickDraw GX as a graphics solution, and continue to evolve its Printing Manager drivers. "Today's Mac OS users have access to two different print driver architectures, along with two printing user interfaces," said Jim Gable, vice president of AppleSoft marketing. "We believe that standardizing on Printing Manager drivers will provide the best printing solution going forward, while we continue...
Mar 02
[MD1] Multi-port Serial PCI Cards
Keyspan updates serial port driver to improve performance Richmond, California---March 3, 1997---Keyspan, the #1 provider of serial communications cards for PCI-based Macintosh computers, has released a driver update for the company's SX line of low-cost, multi-port serial cards. The SX family delivers affordable and trouble-free serial-port expansion by providing two or four additional high-speed serial ports on one easy-to-install PCI card. Driver version 1.0.1 provides increased performance and fixes some conflicts users have reported since Keyspan began shipping the cards at MacWorld Expo, in January of this year. Most notably, Keyspan has improved single-port performance when configured for port speeds of 230 Kbps. The update also provides a work-around for a bug found in Apple's Serial- and Open Transport Serial Port Arbitrators that would not let ports load at startup. Additionally, the driver update solves conflicts that occur with a few SCSI devices. Features, pricing and...
Mar 02
[MD1] SmallEiffel/CW 1.0b2 available
A minor bug-fix update to SmallEiffel for CodeWarrior is now available. If you've already downloaded SE/CW, just get the updater: New in b2: - No stupid DebugStr when Cmd-Period pressed while compiling - Reports an error if rootclass.c, rootclass.h, or rootclass.make is open (1.0b1 would fail silently); still doesn't work for rootclass2.c, rootclass3.c, etc.
Mar 02
[MD1] The Mac Channel
PRESS RELEASE MARCH 1st, 1997 - for immediate release For more information contact: The Mac Channel Jim Andrews, email: - (512) 795-3535 THE MAC CHANNEL BROADCAST TAKES OVER THE NET TO KEEP ALL MACINTOSH USERS UP TO DATE WITH THE LATEST NEWS. Austin, Texas, USA (March 1st) The Mac Channel announces its broadcasting software version 1.0B1 to deliver news and information about the Macintosh world. The company plans to deliver Macintosh-related news 24 hours a day. The information will be conveyed in short news articles and in multimedia animated clips. In addition, there will be support to browser communication such as NetScape,Internet Explorer, and Cyberdog. "We intend to use The Mac Channel service to deliver important Macintosh-related information to Macintosh users everywhere", commented Edison Thomaz, V.P. of Technology. "Our technology, called NewsFire, is reliable and fast, and will provide businesses and users with a new way to receive media-rich content...
Feb 27
[MD1] WebSTAR 2.0.2 Released
The StarNine Division of Quarterdeck is proud to announce the release of WebSTAR 2.0.2. WebSTAR 2.0.2 includes many important Plug-In enhancements beyond that of WebSTAR 2.0.1. WebSTAR 2.0.2 is a free upgrade for users of WebSTAR 2.0. If you are a current WebSTAR 2.0 user, you are invited to upgrade to WebSTAR 2.0.2 by downloading the updater archive available at ( You can download the full WebSTAR 2.0.2 Installer at ( If you are a registered user of WebSTAR and have not yet upgraded to WebSTAR 2.0, now is the time! Registered users can upgrade online at (, or by calling (510) 649-4949. If you have never used WebSTAR 2.0 before we encourage you to check it out! You can download a free evaluation copy of WebSTAR 2.0.2 at ( Changes and fixes for WebSTAR 2.0.2 NOTE: No changes where made in the 2.0.2 release to...
Feb 27
[MD1] Apple's response to Fortune Mag
From Jordan Dea-Mattson, Apple Evangelism Dear Friends - You have probably read the latest 'hit piece' that appeared in Fortune Magazine's latest issue. This is Apple's response. Not much that I can add. It really sums things up. Yours, Jordan ====== Date: 02/20 Letter to the Editor, Fortune Magazine Dear John, We must confess to being more than a bit confused by your highly melodramatic story about Apple ("Something's Rotten in Cupertino"). Much of your March 3, 1997 article is based on speculation from an individual who even you characterize as a frequently unreliable source, and then your supporting evidence is almost entirely unattributed quotations. We expect better from Fortune. So, allow us to provide an attributed quotation about the story's thesis and suppositions from one of its key figures, Steve Jobs, "The Fortune article is pure fantasy. I am very happy as CEO of Pixar and I am not, repeat not, looking for another job." Best regards, David F...
Feb 27
[MD1] Metrowerks Ships CodeManager 4
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 METROWERKS SHIPS MW CODEMANAGER 4 AUSTIN, Texas-February 27, 1997-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced a new version of its cross-platform revision control system, MW CodeManager 4. Fully compatible with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0, MW CodeManager allows individual developers and large project teams to easily and efficiently manage millions of lines of code while maintaining version control. Release 4 offers much faster database access for network users - up to 16 times faster than the previous version. This dramatic boost in speed will have a major impact on productivity for many users, as MW CodeManager is most frequently used by groups of developers working on a common project across a network. The CodeManager Administrator, a stand-alone administrative application, now features direct database manipulation...
Feb 27
[MD1] UNIX Web Connectivity for FileMaker
Cuesta Technologies to Provide UNIX Web Connectivity for FileMaker Pro Databases February 27, 1997 - Palo Alto, CA - Cuesta Technologies today announced a new service that makes it possible for databases created with FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac OS, Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 3.1, the popular database software program from Claris Corporation, to run on UNIX Web servers. The Cuesta Online Database System uses software developed by Cuesta Technologies, and is the first to offer a way for connecting FileMaker Pro 3.0 databases to UNIX servers. "As the second best selling Windows and Mac database program in the world, FileMaker Pro 3.0 is probably one of the most widely used databases used on the Web. We're excited about Cuesta's solution because many FileMaker users have been anxiously awaiting just this kind of Web connectivity for their databases," said Tony Campitelli, Product Manager, Database Products, Claris Corporation. According to Monty Swiryn of Cuesta Technologies, "...
Feb 26
[MD1] CamerMan for Power Mac
CameraMan(tm) has gone Native! Motion Works Releases CameraMan Version 3.0 for Power Macintosh Vancouver,B.C. -- Motion Works Group Limited, the Canadian-based digital technology and interactive multimedia company, announced today the release of CameraMan Version 3.0 for Power Macintosh. Since its debut in 1992, CameraMan has long been recognized as the tool of choice for software developers, educators and trainers who need a quick, flexible and inexpensive method of producing tutorials, customized training demos, presentations, internet movies and on-line support files. CameraMan makes simultaneous recordings of screen activity, system sounds and voice-overs. It captures all action that takes place on the user's screen including; pull-down menus, dialogue boxes, still screens and animations, video, and game sequences. With smooth, full-screen recording, panning, or follow-the-cursor mode, screen recordings can be saved as QuickTime movies, PICS or sequential PICTS and can be played...
Feb 25
[MD1] MacUser interviews Avie Tevanian
Sorry for the long piece, but this seemed interesting. It's an interview by Andrew Gore of MacUser of Avie Tevanian. Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine ------------------------------------------------------- MacUser Online February 24, 1997 A tough year awaits Avie Tevanian, former vice president of engineering at NeXT Software. Recently anointed as Apple's senior vice president, system software engineering, Tevanian has what is quite possibly the most challenging job in the computer industry: creating the next Mac OS. MacUser Editor Andrew Gore sat down with him to get his take on Rhapsody (Apple's code name for its upcoming operating system) and on the rumors that future PCs may come equipped with a "Mac Inside" sticker. MacUser: Avie, I wanted to start off with a basic question: In the new organization in Apple, what part of the OS organization are you responsible for? Tevanian: I'll be responsible for the Rhapsody product and all the...
Feb 25
[MD1] Symantec's 100% JDBC Compliant dbANYWHERE Server
SYMANTEC ANNOUNCES 100% JDBC COMPLIANT DBANYWHERE SERVER FOR JAVA APPLICATIONS -- Middleware provides Internet-browser access to multiple database engines; connects thin-client Java applets to existing corporate databases using JDBC -- CUPERTINO, Calif. -- February 24, 1997 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) announced today the availability of dbANYWHERE Server, a robust middleware database technology that lets Java(tm) programs access corporate databases over the Internet using 100% JDBC compliant API. This exciting middleware solution allows developers to create data-connected portable distributed applications without the need to install database drivers on client systems. dbANYWHERE Server manages transactions between the client and various back-end database servers, providing swift, simple access to information in large-scale databases. dbANYWHERE Server is available with direct database drivers for Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. With third-party ODBC drivers,...
Feb 25
[MD1] Natural Intelligence and Productivity Point
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. February 25, 1997 Natural Intelligence Press Contact: Judith Steinbaum Manager, Press and Public Relations ... 617.876.7680 x1818 Productivity Point International Press Contact: Jeb Bates Advanced Technology Programs Manager ... 617.928.1912 x1220 Natural Intelligence and Productivity Point International! February 25, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Natural Intelligence, Inc. a pioneer in the burgeoning world of Java(tm) Technology, has announced a strategic alliance with Productivity Point International(PPI), an international giant in computer training services. Thus far, Natural Intelligence's Java Training Division will partner with PPI to be the exclusive providers of the teaching personnel for PPI's Java courses of instruction at training centers in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Parsippany and Iselin, New Jersey, New York City and the Boston area. Java, a computing language developed by Sun MicroSystems, was virtually...
Feb 25
[MD1] BMUG's Marathon-a-thon
Contact: Colleen Miller, Development Director (510) 549-2684 x210 BMUG GOING STRONG WITH HOT EVENTS AND TOP NOTCH SPEAKERS For Immediate Release - BERKELEY, CA, February 13, 1997 On March 9, BMUG and Bungie will be co-sponsoring the first annual Marathon-a-thon at the BMUG offices in Berkeley. Twelve players will be playing Marathon Infinity from 10 am to 6pm (or as long as they can take it!). By doing this, they'll be raising money for BMUG's largest ever fundraising drive. Each player must get pledges of money for every hour they play. The person bringing in the most in pledges at the end of Marathon will be the winner of the tournament and will receive a color Quick Cam. Runners up will also receive a variety of prizes. Bungie will also be present to preview Myth and other new Bungie products and to answer questions.All locals are invited to come and watch the play or, more importantly, find out who's playing and pledge! Remember, it all goes to help BMUG. On April 26, BMUG will...
Feb 25
[MD1] MacTranslator Generates Design From Code
MacTranslator 1.0 - Fast, Easy Design From Code MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, February 21, 1997 --- Excel Software, the world's leading vendor of Macintosh CASE tools, today announced availability of MacTranslator 1.0 for Macintosh. MacTranslator extracts software design information from existing program source code into a language independent text file. Used in conjunction with its MacA&D product, MacTranslator allows software developers to automatically generate graphic class diagrams and a data dictionary from C++ or Object Pascal/Delphi code or structure charts from C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran code. MacA&D supports object-oriented analysis and design, structured analysis and design, real-time and multi-task design, data modeling, code generation with integrated editing/browsing, requirements traceability and use cases and multi-user team dictionary. MacTranslator replaces the company's former Translator product. It closely matches the functionality of the new WinTranslator...
Feb 24
[MD1] MoreFiles 1.4.6 is available
From: (Jump Long) Version 1.4.6 of MoreFiles is now available. The changes from v1.4.5 to v1.4.6 are listed below. You can download it today from from : ( It will also submitted for release through the following channels (and may be available today or in the near future): Apple's Developer CD Apple Developer World web/ftp site America Online's Macintosh Developers Forum library (keyword: MDV) CompuServe's Macintosh Developers Forum library (GO MACDEV) - Jim Luther, Apple Computer, Inc. ---------- v1.4.6 2/15/97 Bugs fixed: * Fixed bug in PreflightFileCopySpace (FileCopy.c) introduced in MoreFiles version 1.4.4. * Fixed problem between PBXGetVolInfoSync and __WANTPASCALELIMINATION conditional. * HMoveRenameCompat from v1.4.2 through v1.4.5 worked with files but not folders, and comments were not being moved along with the file. Reverted HMoveRenameCompat to the v1.4.1 source and then fixed the...
Feb 24
[MD1] AppleScripts for multiple projects in CW
From: (Richard Buckle) I've posted some AppleScripts for CodeWarrior. They are useful for people working with multiple CodeWarrior projects in the same project folder, typically because they are building fat binaries or merging multiple code resources into the same file. They let you do common operations such as building or compacting all projects at once, with just one command. They're at ( and have also been sent to MacGifts, so they should be appearing on info-mac soon. Richard.
Feb 24
[MD1] Correction to PRF
To all, Olle is right -- I messed up and accidently deleted his e-mail. See below. Thanks, Neil ------------------------------------------------------- To: MacDev-1 Moderator ( From: Olle Israelsson ( Dear webmaster Thanks for mentioning my file system in: 2/17/97 PR : PRF -- Resource Files with Unlimited Resource Count However, my e-mail adress was missed: e-mail: Could you please publish a notice so that those that are interested can reach me Thanks Olle Israelsson
Feb 24
[MD1] Can anyone save Packard Bell?
Not in the typical use of MacDev-1, this was a very intriguing piece. Enjoy the diversion. Thanks, Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine ------------------------------------------------------- This reprint is from: Scott Kelby, CAN ANYONE SAVE PACKARD BELL? )From the Mar/Apr issue of Mac Today Magazine ( by Scott Kelby The other day, while reading another article designed to scare the pants off potential Apple customers and/or shareholders, I started wondering what life would be like if I somehow got a writing gig at a PC magazine. Besides having to wear the dorky-looking outfit, wire-rimmed glasses, and pocket protector, I'm certain that during my first day on the job I'd be handed a secret dossier that would include the closely guarded manual of rules for writing any article that mentions Apple Computer. It would include certain guidelines to follow, like "Any good news on Apple must be followed by the word 'but' and then a...
Feb 22
[MD1] Bare Bones Upgrade
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bare Bones Software, Inc. P.O. Box 1048 Bedford, MA 01730-1048 Contact: Allan Rousselle, VP Sales & Marketing 617/778-3100 February 20, 1997 BARE BONES SOFTWARE UPGRADES BBEDIT WITH RELEASE OF 4.0.3 Bedford, MA -- Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the release of version 4.0.3 of BBEdit, their popular and award winning text editor for Mac(TM) OS-compatible systems. This new version includes a variety of enhancements to the program's feature set and capabilities: *Improved FTP Support* The FTP tool, used to support the "Open from FTP Server" and "Save to FTP Server" commands, has been improved in a number of areas. BBEdit now features greater compatibility with Windows NT and VMS servers, and supports symbolic links on FTP servers. The updated FTP tool offers the ability to select between active and passive FTP transfer mode -- the latter being necessary when traversing intranet firewalls. For greater...
Feb 22
[MD1] CodeWarrior Tools for Rhapsody
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press contacts: Apple Computer Japan Atsuko Torigoe Apple Computer, Inc. Ken Smith (408) 974-5675 Metrowerks Co., Ltd. - Japan John Cheuck (81-3) 3780-6091 Metrowerks Inc. Cynthia Fray (512) 873-4758 METROWERKS & APPLE COMPUTER FINALIZE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT TO DELIVER DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR PORTING MAC OS APPLICATIONS TO RHAPSODY Metrowerks to deliver CodeWarrior IDE for Rhapsody and Rhapsody porting technology through new development tool, CodeWarrior Latitude MACWORLD TOKYO, Japan-February 21, 1997-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME: MWK) and Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) today announced they have finalized their development agreement by which Metrowerks will provide new software development tools that will facilitate the transition from the current Mac OS to Apple's next generation operating system, code-named "Rhapsody". Metrowerks will deliver a Rhapsody-hosted...
Feb 22
[MD1] The Gray Council 2.1 - grayscale appearance code
The Gray Council version 2.1 is now available. This version is in sync with CodeWarrior 11 and the versions of MacApp (3.3.3 & r12) and PowerPlant (1.6) that come with CW11, adds view palettes for AdLib, and implements a number of bug fixes and user requests. The Gray Council C++ classes provide the premiere implementation of the "Apple Grayscale Appearance for System 7." This is Apple's recommended grayscale user interface design for today's applications, consistent with the future Appearance Manager default theme. For programmers using the MacApp and PowerPlant application frameworks, the Gray Council includes framework "adapter" classes that provide easy "drop-in" grayscale appearance support. An adapter for the Dialog Manager lets you add grayscale appearance to standard toolbox dialogs and alerts without requiring modifications to your DLOG/ALRT/DITL resources. The Gray Council implements the complete set of controls defined by the Apple Grayscale Appearance specification,...
Feb 20
[MD1] Apple's new structure
CUPERTINO, Calif.--Feb. 18, 1997-- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced further details of its streamlined organizational structure that consolidates the Company's product development, marketing, sales, support, and operations efforts into groups sharply focused on Apple's strategy. As part of this announcement, Apple has detailed the structure of the new Worldwide Sales and Support organization which comprises all the geography sales organizations, as well as Claris, and AppleAssist. This organization, responsible for selling and bringing service and support to customers in the education, business, and consumer markets, will be divided into divisions organized geographically with a strong focus on fulfilling customer demands: North America Business Division will focus on three key markets: PEN (Publishing/Entertainment/New Media), Enterprise, and SED (Scientific/Engineering/Design), and will include NeXT Sales and Professional Services. Mitch Manditch will be acting as head of...
Feb 19
[MD1] Version Master for Macintosh
18 February, 1997 -- Symmetry Software today released version 1.1 of Version Master for the Macintosh, the premier version tracking utility on the internet. Version Master is a client application which shows which software on a Macintosh is out-of-date and where on the internet users may find updates, patches, and upgrades. Version Master compiles a list of the software on a Mac and displays it in spreadsheet form. Users download the current version numbers and update locations from the Version Master server. The Version Master server currently tracks over 22,500 software titles localized in 45 regions of the world. Version Master keeps track of 680xx, PowerPC and FAT versions of software. It also tracks beta versions of software independently from release versions of the same software. Software is also categorized by "country code" so localized versions may be tracked. As an added bonus, users may indicate that they would like to receive e-mail notification whenever a newer...
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TechTool Pro 7.0.5 - Hard drive and syst...
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PDFKey Pro 4.0.2 - Edit and print passwo...
PDFKey Pro can unlock PDF documents protected for printing and copying when you've forgotten your password. It can now also protect your PDF files with a password to prevent unauthorized access and/... Read more
Yasu 2.9.1 - System maintenance app; per...
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