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Feb 06
[MD1] DynaMorph
DynaMorph (the Cross Platform Server Side Scripting Engine) continues to blaze new ground. With release 1.1 you will find: - Automatic periodic backup of the built-in database - The most powerful templating architecture on the market - A boatload of new commands for streamlining the process of site creation - Much improved set of examples Chat, Guestbooks, Hitcounting, Rotating Ads, OnLine Calendar, Form Processing and much much more - Extensive online manual with detailed tutorials on getting started as well as advanced topics including Advertisement management, Visitor tracking, and more All this with a Most Powerful Cross Platform scripting engine. Perfect for those who like their mac but need to deliver their sites to the Dark Side. Start enjoying site building for the Wild World Web ... Test Drive DynaMorph! Visit us now at Cheers, marc
Feb 06
[MD1] ObjectPlant Release
Version 1.2.3 of the Object Plant is now released. This version contains two bug fixes. One of the corrected bugs can cause ObjectPlant (version 1.2.2) to crash why I urge all of you using Object Plant to update to version 1.2.3 There is an updater (about 94k) available at: You must have version 1.2.2 to use this updater. Version 1.2.2 can be fetched from the web-site or any info-mac mirror. The Object Plant is a shareware Object Oriented Analysis and Design tool based on the Object Modeling Technique (OMT) notation. With the Object Plant you can create + Object Model diagrams + Event Trace diagrams + State diagrams Diagrams can be exported in PICT or EPS format. The information in the Object Models can be used for generation of C++ code. (Other languages can also be generated by modifying the code generation template files.) Requirements: System 7.1 or later 68020 or better 2 Mb free RAM More information about the Object Plant can be found at http...
Feb 06
[MD1] Runtime Analysis & Optimization
Professional C/C++/Java Developers: VisionSoft has recently developed a runtime analysis and optimization tool that will analyze the relative and actual execution performance of your Java and/or C/C++ applications. The C/C++/Java tool provides results as follows: For C/C++ by file, function, class, method, statement and if-clause True/False degrees of resolution. For Java by file, class/method, statement and if-clause True/False degrees of resolution. Once the analysis is performed the program can automatically or be directed to optimize your source structure to improve the C/C++ application performance dramatically. If you are interested in using this tool please send email to or visit our web site at and request an evaluation. For other tools that are currently released please visit our web site at regards, VisionSoft
Feb 06
[MD1] Amelio's Shareholder Mtg Speech
Dear Developers - Here is the text of Gil Amelio's Apple Shareholders' Meeting address. If you are interested in the direction and goals that Apple is setting, I recommend that you read it. Here are a couple of things that we'll call out to you: 1. There are new and impressive people in charge of marketing. 2. Rumor has it that the new PowerBook -- code named Hooper -- is really going to kick some butt. 3. Last quarter, the Mac OS (as opposed to Apple's hardware business alone) actually GREW 9% -- not shrank as the generic press would lead you to believe. Motorola, who sold 40,000 Mac OS units at Comdex, believes that these sales are new units, not something they are taking from Apple. I apologize for the length of this message -- but I thought it worthy. Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine ========= Good morning. Members of the Board, Apple Executives, Fellow Shareholders, Fellow Employees. Welcome and thank you for coming. Our annual...
Feb 05
[MD1] NeoAccess used in NetObjects
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NeoLogic Technology Deployed in NetObjects Fusion NeoAccess Enables Highly Efficient Storage and Access of Objects in NetObjects Web Site Development Tool Berkeley, CA -- February 5, 1997 -- NeoLogic Systems Inc. announced today that its object database engine, NeoAccess, has been integrated as the database technology behind NetObjects' advanced web site construction product, NetObjects Fusion. Released in September, 1996, NetObjects Fusion allows developers to build professional quality, feature-rich web sites using a graphical user interface which virtually eliminates traditional HTML programming. "NeoAccess' small memory footprint and its ability to search rapidly through vast amounts of data, along with its well developed programming interface, was instrumental in the rapid development of NetObjects Fusion," said Martin Frid-Nielsen, vice president of engineering for NetObjects Inc. NetObjects Fusion has been designed to simplify the process of building web...
Feb 05
[MD1] Reference Manual for Chipmunk BASIC
From: (csaw) I have put together an html reference manual for Chipmunk Basic, which is a freeware interpreted Basic provided by Ronald Nicholson. He describes it as "an old-fashioned Basic interpreter", but he keeps adding features that are not very old-fashioned, like IAC, graphics extensions, object-oriented type and class definition, domain name resolution, and fast Fourier transform. Chipmunk Basic can be downloaded from Mr. Nicholson's Chipmunk Basic Home Page, The reference manual is also available there, but in a simplified form without enhanced navigation. I have posted the complete package to alt.source-code.mac. -Steve Wise
Feb 05
[MD1] WindowMenu
From: Joseph Strout ( I've added another little code module to my public collection... this one creates a "Windows" menu (you know, lists the open windows; pick one from the menu to bring it to the front). It's in C, and only requires a few calls to get the functionality (works fine from C++ too). Should work on any system or with any framework (or lack thereof). See: and click on "WindowMenu". Share and Enjoy, -- Joe P.S. The SimpleVector class has been much improved, thanks to some great feedback from Jesse Jones ( Available at same URL.
Feb 05
[MD1] Updating ANSI C/C++ from CW/10 to CW/11
From: Ron Liechty ( CodeWarriors, With CW/11 Metrowerks has changed the default ANSI C and C++ Libraries from a version licensed from Plum-Hall to Metrowerks owned libraries. These Libraries all source codes as well as projects you can modify to build custom libraries are located in the Metrowerks Standard Library folder, and are referred to as MSL C and MSL C++. We are still providing (and will continue to provide for some time) the older versions of the ANSI C and C++ libraries. These are located on the CodeWarrior Tools CD in the Metrowerks CodeWarrior : ( Obsolete ANSI Libraries) folder. Providing our own libraries allows us to ship the source code so users that want to build their own custom libraries or fine tune the provided code may do so. Furthermore, the Proposed ANSI/ISO Standard for C++ is now in the final stages and this new MSL C++ Library is more compliant than the previous Plum Hall version. If you are updating older projects moving to these...
Feb 04
[MD1] Roaster Licenses ObjectSpace's Java Generic Library
Press Contacts: ObjectSpace, Inc. Joel Zeff (214) 823-8242 eMail: Roaster Technologies Judith Steinbaum 617-876-7680 x1818 eMail: Roaster Technologies Licenses ObjectSpace's Java Generic Library Cambridge, Massachusetts (February 4, 1997) Roaster Technologies, a pioneer provider of tools for Java developers, and ObjectSpace, Inc., a leading provider of object-oriented technology, today announced a strategic licensing agreement. ObjectSpace's Java Generic Library (JGL) will be included with Roaster Technologies' eagerly awaited "Roaster Release 3" development environment for Java. "We are very excited about the Java Generic Library being included with Roaster," said Graham Glass, Director of Advanced Research for ObjectSpace. "The cutting-edge productivity benefits that Roaster brings to Java programmers will mean that our class libraries will be used to their fullest." JGL provides developers with over 11 data structures and 75 generic...
Feb 04
[MD1] WebSonar for the Net
Contact: Philip Van Cleave Virginia Systems, Inc. (804) 739-3200/FAX: (804) 739-8376 Email: WebSonar Powerful New Text Retrieval System for the Internet February 5, 1997, Midlothian, Virginia. Virginia Systems announced WebSonar, a new addition to their text retrieval product line. WebSonar allows users to publish information quickly and easily on either the Internet or an intranet, without having to convert their files into an HTML format. Based on Virginia Systems' Sonar Professional search engine, WebSonar can search over 12,000 pages per second, displaying the full content and exact page numbers of all found documents. Searching can be performed by any computer running a browser. WebSonar's features include: * Boolean, proximity, wild card, synonym, and phonetic searching. Synonym searching allows the user to search for all related information through WebSonar's built-in thesaurus. Phonetic searching allows searches to be performed by sound, if the user...
Feb 04
[MD1] Apple to ship eMate and MP 2000
Apple Intends to Ship eMate 300 and MessagePad 2000 this Quarter CUPERTINO, Calif.--Feb. 3, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. intends to ship the Apple eMate 300 and MessagePad 2000 Newton-based mobile computers this quarter as previously announced. The products are expected to be in the market next month. Both products, based on the Newton operating system, have received positive reviews from potential customers and media. The MessagePad 2000 is a handheld mobile computer for the business professional and provides desktop connectivity to both Windows and Macintosh computers. Core applications ranging from e-mail and web access to personal productivity are all built in. The MessagePad 2000, which weighs 1. 4 pounds, features the 160 MHz StrongARM processor which makes it one of the fastest handheld computers on the market. It is so power thrifty that four AA batteries can provide three to six weeks of typical usage. The eMate 300 is a low-cost mobile computer which features multi-platform...
Feb 04
[MD1] Apple Announces Reorg
Apple's New Structure Brings Sharp Focus on Key Businesses Apple Computer, Inc. today implemented a streamlined organizational structure that consolidates the Company's product development, marketing, sales, support, and operations efforts into groups sharply focused on Apple's strategy. With this organization, Apple is focusing research and development on products that are central to its key businesses, sales teams to its market strengths. It is also integrating Apple's and NeXT's development resources, to execute its OS strategy. "We are reshaping our product development, sales, and marketing efforts into simpler, leaner teams that can quickly bring exceptional products to market--and then aggressively market them to customers in our key markets" said Dr. Gilbert Amelio, Apple's Chairman and CEO. "The organization and team we're announcing today represent the right people, in the right places, to bring Apple back to its basics and return us to profitability by the end of the fiscal...
Jan 31
[MD1] Rhapsody Core OS Announcement
Dear Developers, As you know, we recently announced our intention to acquire NeXT Software, Inc. and deliver a new operating system based on NeXT and Apple technology code-named Rhapsody. At Macworld San Francisco, we shared our high level strategy and goals for this operating system. We want to share as much information as possible when important decisions have been reached. At Macworld, we indicated that Rhapsody will be based on a robust operating system foundation that features full preemptive multitasking, memory protection and SMP and we committed to announce our choice for the core OS within a month. We have chosen to deliver these capabilities using the Mach kernel. Apple completed a thorough evaluation of several options. Each of the options had both technical and business strengths. Mach represents the best balance of technology, business fit and maximizes our ability to deliver on our stated goals for Rhapsody. We believe the Mach-based core provides Apple and...
Jan 30
[MD1] Absoft Pro Fortran
Absoft is pleased to announce Pro Fortran, a new Fortran toolset for Power Macintosh. Pro Fortran is a complete development toolset which includes: F90 compiler, upgraded VAX compatible F77, and Plum Hall validated C/C++ compilers. All compilers utilize a common development environment, tools and user interface (individual compiler interfaces are also included). Selected source file will automatically invoke the proper compiler, and linker will include proper libraries. All languages are link compatible and mixed language applications can easily be created. Absoft's primary focus remains on Fortran compilers. The new F90 compiler is the first available for Power Macintosh. The upgraded F77, designed for porting legacy workstation code to the desktop now includes LS F77 extensions. New compile and runtime options allow byte swapping for porting code to/from Intel. The C/C++ compilers are included for those wishing mixed language development in a single environment. Special upgrade...
Jan 27
[MD1] FORTRAN on CodeWarrior
Fortran Warriors, I have just released v1.3.3 which makes Mac F2C fully compatible with MSL and CW11. Users can get it at: Thanks for your patience Igor Igor Mikolic-Torreira (finger for PGP public keys)
Jan 27
[MD1] Motorola C/C++ compiler for Macintosh DR4 avaible
More info here: What's New in DR4.0 for Mac OS: expanded details of optimizer's control variables general porting tips to PPC optimizing tips for PPC code/mcc usage tips list of supported pragma's is included new EDG C++ front end: 3.32 bug fixes more aggressive optimizations memset(), atan(), atan2() now in libmoto new improved memcpy in libmoto ability to selectively turn off warnings pragma unused now supported compiler supports profile driven feedback which allows the compiler to use runtime information to automatically optimize your apps installation program for all Mac OS products SPM preference panel tracebacks for debugger now generated produces output compatible with the Metrowerks Profiler (-p)
Jan 27
[MD1] MPEG for QuickTime
Apple Introduces High-Quality MPEG Software for QuickTime New QuickTime Extension Allows Playback of Popular MPEG-1 and VideoCD on PowerPC Mac OS Systems Cupertino, Calif.--Jan. 24, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced immediate availability of its' QuickTime MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) extension, enabling full-screen, software-only playback of MPEG-1 and VideoCD audio/video files on PowerPC Mac OS computers. MPEG is a worldwide industry standard for compressing synchronized audio and video for post-production and entertainment. The MPEG extension is available immediately for use with QuickTime 2.5 and may be downloaded from the QuickTime website at: Through the MPEG extension, VHS-quality, full-screen video, and CD-quality audio are now available as a synchronized data type in the QuickTime architecture. Apple has long recognized MPEG as an important industry standard and has supported hardware MPEG-1 playback on Macintosh since 1994. With...
Jan 27
[MD1] ProjectorVCS DropIn
This is a posting to announce ProjectorVCS - a CW IDE dropin that let's you connect to a ProjectorDB and do all of your VCS stuff. I have set up a little web site for it that contains the current version and some info. the url is: Comments, as always, are solicited. This constitutes a verion 1, and as such, if you use it, please pay the shareware fee. Ongoing support will definately happen. I NEED this thing too! Thanks, Phil Smy
Jan 27
[MD1] Metrowerks Acquires Latitude
METROWERKS TO ACQUIRE LATITUDE PORTING TECHNOLOGY CodeWarrior(R) To Be Hosted On Sun Microsystems(R)' Solaris(TM)-based UNIX(R) Workstations AUSTIN, Texas--January 27, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that it had signed a letter of intention to acquire the principle assets of The Latitude Group, Inc., of Mountain View, Calif. Latitude's principle assets include a porting library which allows Mac(TM) OS applications to be ported to UNIX-hosted operating systems, including Sun Microsystems' Solaris 2.3+, Silicon Graphics(R)' IRIX(TM) 5.2+ and Hewlett-Packard(R)'s HP-UX(R) 9.03+. The Latitude porting libraries redirect Mac OS commands to the target operating system, with a UNIX library containing a portable implementation of the Mac OS API at its core. Metrowerks will also take over providing the Latitude porting technology to The Latitude Group, Inc.'s existing clients already under...
Jan 22
[MD1] Word Services SDK
The Word Services SDK 1.0.8 has been released and is available via the Web from: Word Services allows any application to link to a speller, grammar checker or other text service as if it is a built-in menu item. It is a public protocol - no license fee or non-disclosure is required to use it. Once a user has a service application, it may be shared among all their Word Services client applications, so the user needs only one dictionary. Also, the user can obtain services in various languages from several vendors and add them to each Word Services client application. It is used, for example, by Qualcomm's Eudora Pro to link to Working Software's Spellswell 7. The SDK includes the complete protocol specification, tutorial documents, and the source code to Writeswell Jr., a simple Word Services word processor. Also available from the Web page is the source to WSI NewsWatcher, a version of NewsWatcher that allows you to spellcheck your posts. The...
Jan 20
[MD1] OpenStep, VOODOO, Guide, Tenon & ETO
Due to high traffic on MacDev-1 and to conserve your mailbox space, the following releases have been combined in this message: * OpenStep Docs Available * VOODOO 1.8 integrates with CodeWarrior * Apple Guide Development Tool * Tenon's CodeBuilder * Apple Location Manager * Apple Releases ETO #22 Full text of each of these announcements is below. Each announcement stands on its own and doesn't indicate any relation between companies or products. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- OpenStep Docs Available From: Jordan Dea-Mattson Apple Dev Tools Evangelism Folks, NeXT has started to make their programmer documentation available on the web for downloading. Currently, they have the following documents online (with more to come shortly0: Discovering OPENSTEP: A Developer Tutorial Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language Foundation Reference WebObjects Library...
Jan 20
[MD1] Parts, C100, MW/NEC, Willows, Obj Master
Due to high traffic on MacDev-1 and to conserve your mailbox space, the following releases have been combined in this message: * Part Bundles Avail Online * C100 Integrators * Metrowerks Signs Embedded Agreement with NEC * Willows RT for Embedded Systems * Altura acquires Object Master Full text of each of these announcements is below. Each announcement stands on its own and doesn't indicate any relation between companies or products. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Part Bundles Avail Online January 14, 1997 In an effort to deliver a set of starter parts to end-users, six Component 100 members have agreed to bundle their products and have successfully deployed the bundles for sale on the Internet. Hutchings Software, Kantara Development, Corda Technologies, MetaMind Software, Eclipse Services, and SoftLinc are participating in the initial bundles. Users can purchase a mega-bundle, including Rapid-I(TM) Button, Kantara...
Jan 20
[MD1] BeyondRealms, Purity, 4D & Web, Blyth
Due to high traffic on MacDev-1 and to conserve your mailbox space, the following releases have been combined in this message: * Pacific Coast's BeyondRealms * Purity Previews BeOS Web Server * Purity's WebSentinel * Web Server 4D 1.0.6 * NetLink/4D 2.0 * Blyth Releases Omins Web RAD * Blyth Offers 4D Customers Easy Migration to Omnis Web RAD Full text of each of these announcements is below. Each announcement stands on its own and doesn't indicate any relation between companies or products. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pacific Coast's BeyondRealms BEYONDREALMS' PROVIDES PAGE LEVEL PASSWORD PROTECTION, DYNAMIC HTML SECURITY AND CACHING FOR WEB SERVERS Pacific Coast Software introduces a new product that improves the performance and functionality of any Macintosh or Windows Web server SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (January 7, 1997) - Pacific Coast Software introduces a new product to their catalog of utilities for...
Jan 20
[MD1] SoundMaker, PowerFantasm, PowerTap, Seapine
Due to high traffic on MacDev-1 and to conserve your mailbox space, the following releases have been combined in this message: * Allegiant publishes SoundMaker * PowerFantasm Upgrade * PowerTap * Seapine Announces TestTrack 1.5 for Mac, W95 and NT * Seapine Software and Datacraft Announce TestTrack/4D * Seapine Software Introduces Solo Bug for Mac and Windows Full text of each of these announcements is below. Each announcement stands on its own and doesn't indicate any relation between companies or products. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Allegiant publishes SoundMaker Allegiant Technologies, Inc. 9740 Scranton Road, Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92121 Tel.: 619/587-0500 Fax.: 619/587-1314 Internet: Press Contacts: Kathy Episcopo, Public Relations Manager ext. 127 ALLEGIANT TO PUBLISH SOUNDMAKER Innovative sound-editing software from Micromat to complement Allegiant's award-winning line of...
Jan 16
[MD1] DayStar's 12,000 MHz Mac
DAYSTAR INTROS ANOTHER MAC FIRST! MEDIA PROCESSING NETWORKED CLUSTERS Using DayStar nPOWER Technology Demonstrates nPOWER on 12,000 MHz Genesis MP system cluster Macworld San Francisco, Booth 2407 - January 7, 1997 -- Today, DayStar Digital, Inc., unveiled the next step for nPOWER the technology that has brought new levels of processing capability to media publishing professionals. Media publishing has gone digital, and professional processing of 3D animation, video effects and final encoding outstrips current multiprocessor systems. But, by combining these systems into clusters, processing power is concentrated to solve the most challenging problems, quickly and affordably. DayStar is demonstrating the first implementation of this technology at Macworld San Francisco. Combining 16 quad processor systems for a total of 12,000 MHz of performance, nPOWER solves one of the most time consuming media tasks currently Cinepak compression (encoding). DayStar originally brought new...
Jan 16
[MD1] NeTProfessional
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NeTProfessional - Macintosh Solutions for the Internet. New Macintosh-specific magazine for network and web professionals launches January 6 Contact: Jim Capparell, Publisher, 415-957-1911 ext 11 ( Raines Cohen, Editor, 415-957-1911 ext 36 ( 612 Howard Street, 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 NeTProfessional: Macintosh Solutions for the Internet debuts at Mactivity and Macworld Expo with 36 -page sneak preview; the full magazine premieres in March on a bi-monthly schedule and will offer full coverage of the Internet from a Macintosh perspective. Editor Raines Cohen says "NeTProfessional is about the Net, not just the Web, so in addition to regular Web coverage such as site design, maintenance, commerce and security, we will also look at intranets, e-mail solutions, news mailing lists, and the Mac Internet community as a whole." Cohen has seventeen years of experience in the Apple User Group community and spent...
Jan 16
[MD1] NI Spins Off Roaster Product Division
Contact: Judith Steinbaum 617-876-7680 x1818 Natural Intelligence Announces Spin Off of Roaster Product Division. January 6, 1997. Natural Intelligence, Inc. today issued the first of several new year announcements which reveal the new directions projected by this energetic technology company. The company will spin off its Roaster Products Division to "Roaster Technologies," a newly formed company specializing in Java Development Tools. For Natural Intelligence, this announcement officially begins the celebration of the company's upcoming 10 Year Anniversary, and is the first step of the 'New Year Resolutions' which will articulate the company's business strategies. "This is an exciting transition for all of us," said Joshua Wachs, President and CEO of Natural Intelligence. "This new arrangement liberates each company to continue to evolve and maintain its 'natural' focus. All of the Natural Intelligence energy will now be focused on our Consulting and Training...
Jan 16
[MD1] Phantom 2.0
For Immediate Release Maxum Development Announces Phantom 2.0, the Next Generation of Web Crawling for Macintosh Macworld, San Francisco, CA, January 7, 1997 -- Maxum Development Corp. today announced Phantom 2.0, a major upgrade to the currently released version, Phantom 1.1. Phantom 2.0 brings second generation Web crawling to Macintosh Webmasters and is still the only commercially available crawler/search engine for the Mac OS. As the Internet continues to expand, Web search and retrieval tools are becoming essential in making information not only available but accessible. Monolithic search engines such as Yahoo offer important services, but in many cases only add to the information overload. Phantom enables Webmasters to build targeted search and retrieval capabilities into their Web sites. It is perfect for organizations with multiple (even hundreds) of Web servers, allowing the Webmaster to make the entire site searchable from a single entry point. Phantom is also ideal for...
Jan 16
[MD1] Apple Club
Apple Enters Internet Commerce Market Web-based Club Offers One-stop Access for Software Updates MACWORLD/EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO--Jan. 7, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced it is entering the Internet commerce market with a new, web-based subscription service called Apple Club. The service, which will be initially available in the U.S., reaches out to Apple customers, developers, and service providers with high speed access to Apple software updates, newsletters, and services for the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to keep Macintosh systems up-to-date. "The Apple Club is phase one of our Internet commerce strategy for Apple solutions and services," said Mike Dionne, senior vice president and general manager of AppleAssist. "With the popularity of Internet services compounding daily, we have created easy to use 'diamond lane service' to deliver features that are valuable to our customers." Priced at U.S. $19.95 per year, the Club offers customers a full-service software...
Jan 16
[MD1] ICONIX ObjectModeler NextStep/Intel
ICONIX announces availability of ObjectModeler for NextStep/Intel ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. ( is pleased to announce the immediate availability of all 10 ICONIX PowerTools modules, including ObjectModeler, the leading Macintosh OOA/OOD tool, for the NextStep operating system on the Intel platform. "ICONIX has been building development tools for the Macintosh since 1984, with a strong focus on object-oriented analysis and design since about 1990," stated company President Doug Rosenberg. "We think that ObjectModeler's advanced O-O modeling capabilities are a perfect match for NeXT's state-of-the-art Object-Oriented development environment. In particular, we believe ObjectModeler's support for OMT Class Modeling and Use Case driven modeling (Jacobson's Objectory) provides an excellent front-end for developing with the NeXT Enterprise Object Framework, Interface Builder, and, of course, WebObjects. We expect a significant number of new developers to begin...
Jan 16
[MD1] Lasso 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 6, 1997 Media Contact: Bill Doerrfeld, President Blue World Communications, Inc. (206) 313-1051, Lasso 2.0 Java-Enables FileMaker Pro Contains Built-in Web Server MACWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 6, 1997 - Blue World Communications, Inc. will demonstrate ground breaking features to be part of the next major upgrade to its popular Lasso program. Lasso Web-enables Claris Corporation FileMaker Pro databases, providing a powerful all-in-one dynamic Web data publishing solution. Java-Enabling FileMaker Pro Lasso 2.0 will allow Java applets and applications to access FileMaker Pro databases from anywhere on the internet. Java applets and applications will be able to search FileMaker Pro databases, and add, update, and delete records. Lasso 2.0 will ship with a set of Java classes that will allow developers to create their own applets and applications. Lasso 2.0 will also ship with a set of "canned" applets that non-programmers will be...
Jan 16
[MD1] Philips & Metrowerks Collab on Media Processing
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks Inc. 512/873-4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512/873-4777 Jodi Guilbault Philips Semiconductors 408/991-2332 Kathy Keller Oak Ridge Public Relations 408/253-5042 PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS AND METROWERKS COLLABORATE TO PROVIDE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR NEXT GENERATION MEDIA PROCESSING Philips' TriMedia Processor Tools to be Hosted in the Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE SAN FRANCISCO, California--January 6, 1997--Philips Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Metrowerks (Austin, Tex.) have announced an agreement that provides new software programming tools for improving real-time graphic, audio and video quality for Mac(TM) OS systems using the TriMedia(TM) processor. Metrowerks, a leading developer of computer language products, will integrate Philips Semiconductors' TriMedia development tools...
Jan 16
[MD1] QuickTime 2.5 for Windows
Additional multimedia, video, and productivity vendors invest in QuickTime 2.5 for Windows. Market opportunity for hardware developer growth when products ship MacWorld - January 8, 1997 -- Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) today announced that Allegiant Technologies, Electric Image, miro Computer Products, Inc., Strata, Specular and Terran Interactive have joined the third-party co-development team of QuickTime 2.5 for Windows (QT 2.5-Win). Adobe, Broderbund, Equlibrium, Macromedia , Media 100 and Truevision are also continuing their close relationship with Apple in accelerating the development of QT 2.5-Win. QT 2.5-Win is a key component of the QuickTime Media Layer, which is an effort intended to deliver a universal container for mixed media types (e.g. video, audio, 3D graphics, text, etc.). "Application developers are creating software that takes advanatge of QTML, and a wide range of customers will use those solutions. Hardware vendors get the benefit of this work from the...
Jan 15
[MD1] CodeWarrior for BeOS includes BeOS DR8.2
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4777 METROWERKS TO SELL NEW CODEWARRIOR FOR BeOS DR/2 INCLUDING BeOS RELEASE 8.2 SAN FRANCISCO, California, Macworld Expo--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced it would be selling a special CodeWarrior(R) for BeOS(TM) developer bundle at Macworld which will include the recently released CodeWarrior for BeOS DR/2 and BeOS Release 8.2 which runs on both the BeBox(TM) personal computer manufactured by Be(TM) Inc., and some PowerPC(TM)-based Macintosh(R) personal computers. CodeWarrior for BeOS DR2 includes CodeWarrior's BeOS-native IDE and PowerPC compilers used to build software applications for the BeOS. The BeOS is a multithreaded, true multitasking, symmetric multiprocessing operating system geared for...
Jan 15
[MD1] CodeWarrior for PlayStation DR/2
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4777 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR PLAYSTATION DR/2 SAN FRANCISCO, California, Macworld Expo--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced CodeWarrior(R) for PlayStation(TM) DR/2, the newest version of its programming tools for developing games for the PlayStation game console. CodeWarrior for PlayStation is hosted on Windows(R)95/NT and Mac(TM)OS and is authorized by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. CodeWarrior for PlayStation DR/2 features the full CodeWarrior IDE, a plug-in CodeWarrior C/C++ compiler for MIPS(R) and a selection of integrated graphical format converters for managing game development with the CodeWarrior IDE. Version DR/2 offers programmers much greater stability in the IDE in addition to...
Jan 15
[MD1] CodeWarrior Wins Byte Award
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4777 METROWERKS CODEWARRIOR WINS PRESTIGIOUS BYTE MAGAZINE 1997 EDITORS' CHOICE "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" SAN FRANCISCO, California, Macworld Expo--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced that its flagship product, CodeWarrior(R) Gold 10, has been awarded the Byte Magazine 1997 Editors' Choice "Award of Excellence". This is the second time in four years that Metrowerks CodeWarrior has won this prestigious award. All PC, Macintosh(R) and Unix software and hardware products are eligible to win the Byte Editors' Choice Awards. The "Awards of Excellence" are the highest ranking awards accorded by the Editors of Byte Magazine and are intended for products which "showcase technical innovation that sets a new...
Jan 15
[MD1] Metrowerks & Apple Sign Dev Agreement
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Apple Computer, Inc. PR Contact Ken Smith (408) 974-5675 Metrowerks Inc. PR Contact Cynthia Fray (512) 873-4300 METROWERKS & APPLE COMPUTER SIGN DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT FOR PORTING CODEWARRIOR TOOLS TO RHAPSODY, APPLE'S NEXT GENERATION OS Metrowerks to Provide Full CodeWarrior Tools for Both Mac OS & Rhapsody SAN FRANCISCO, California--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME: MWK) and Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) today entered into a development agreement to accelerate support for Apple's next generation operating system (codenamed "Rhapsody") in Metrowerks CodeWarrior integrated programming environment ("IDE"), development tools and compilers. Upon completion, Metrowerks will provide Mac OS developers a full CodeWarrior solution comprising compilers, programming tools and debuggers for the development of applications for both Mac OS and Rhapsody. Metrowerks' support for Rhapsody will contain...
Jan 15
[MD1] Metrowerks Signs Exclusive for Visual SourceSafe
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4777 METROWERKS SIGNS EXCLUSIVE LICENSE FOR MICROSOFT VISUAL SOURCESAFE ON MAC OS SAN FRANCISCO, California, Macworld Expo--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft(R) Corporation whereby Metrowerks will become the exclusive licensee for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe(TM) 5.0 on the Macintosh(R), an enhanced version control and configuration management system for software development. "We are pleased to become the exclusive licensee of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0 for Mac OS," said Jean Belanger, chairman and chief executive officer of Metrowerks. "Metrowerks hopes to make MW CodeManager the standard for version control on the Macintosh as we have made Metrowerks CodeWarrior the...
Jan 15
[MD1] BeOS PowerMac Dev Kit
For more information contact North America & Pacific: Mark Gonzales, (415) 462-4100 Europe: Jean Calmon, (33) 1 49 06 73 75 BE SHIPS BEOS POWERMAC DEVELOPMENT KIT AND CONFIRMS Q1 DATE FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Public BeOS Preview Release will ship on or before March 31. MENLO PARK, Calif (January 7, 1997) - Be, Inc has announced that it has begun shipment to developers of the version of the Be Operating System (BeOS(tm)) designed to run on PowerMacintosh-based hardware systems. Shipment of the development kit began just before Christmas. In addition, the company confirmed today that it will ship the "BeOS Preview Release", the first publicly available release of the BeOS, on schedule on or before March 31, 1997. The BeOS DR8 Development kit became available on December 23. The release is similar in functionality to the DR8 release for the dual-processor BeBox systems, with a few additional enhancements that have been developed since the DR8 version's...
Jan 15
[MD1] MultiProcessor BeOS Support
BE ANNOUNCES BeOS SUPPORT FOR NEW MULTIPROCESSOR POWERPC SYSTEMS Macworld demonstrations on single and dual processor systems up to 300MHz. MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif (January 7, 1997) - At Macworld Expo today, Be announced and demonstrated its support of new high-speed PowerPC microprocessors introduced by IBM, and high-speed multiprocessor and single processor systems PowerPC systems introduced by Power Computing. In addition, the company demonstrated Be Operating System (BeOS(tm)) support for DayStar's multiprocessor products, which are used in systems by DayStar, Apple Computer, and SuperMac. Many of the new systems announced at Macworld make use of new PowerPC microprocessors introduced by IBM. Power Computing demonstrated for thefirst time a single processor PowerPC 603 system operating at 300 MHz. Power also introduced multiprocessor systems based on dual PowerPC 604s running at either 225 MHz or 250 MHz, the fastest 604-based designs yet produced. Be will include...
Jan 15
[MD1] New Apps for BeOS
For more information contact North America & Pacific: Mark Gonzales, (415) 462-4100 Europe: Jean Calmon, (33) 1 49 06 73 75 BE PROVIDES A "FIRST LOOK" AT BeOS APPLICATIONS AT MACWORLD New applications run the gamut in demonstrations at the expo MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif (January 7, 1997) - At Macworld Expo, taking place this week in San Francisco, Be, Inc. is providing a first look at some of the applications being developed for the Be Operating System (BeOS(tm)) These demonstrations include a wide range of applications, from word processors to development tools, and from multimedia and 3D to applications that control sound effects for theaters and even entire theme parks. "Macworld provides an excellent venue at which our developers can provide customers with an early look at their products," said Jean-Louis Gasse, president and CEO of Be, Inc. "We're happy to help provide them with this opportunity because, after all, they are the real...
Jan 15
[MD1] Tango for FileMaker
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 7, 1997 Press contact: Jeff Hendry EveryWare Development Corp. (905) 819-1173 ext. 262 Jamie O'Donnell JONA Group (415) 552-1515 EveryWare announces Tango for FileMaker 2.1 Tango for FileMaker, the Web/database tool nominated for both a MacUser MacEddy and MacWorld WorldClass award, has been upgraded Macworld Expo, San Francisco, CA---January 7, 1997---EveryWare Development Corp. today announced a new version of Tango for FileMaker. Tango for FileMaker is a Web development tool used to integrate Macintosh FileMaker Pro 3.0 databases with the Web. Tango for FileMaker utilizes a visual drag-and-drop development environment to enable rapid creation of Web-based applications. Tango for FileMaker has been nominated for both the MacUser MacEddy and Macworld World Class awards, two of the most highly respected awards in the Macintosh community. Tango for FileMaker 2.1 provides developers with added functionality, increased performance and...
Jan 15
[MD1] VirtualMac for BeOS
For more information contact North America & Pacific: Mark Gonzales, (415) 462-4100 Europe: Jean Calmon, (33) 1 49 06 73 75 BE DEMONSTRATES VIRTUALMAC FOR THE BE OPERATING SYSTEM New technology from fredlabs, inc. will provide a bridge for customers and developers making the transition to the BeOS. MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif (January 7, 1997) - This week at Macworld Expo, Be Inc. is demonstrating, for the first time, technology that allows the Be Operating System (BeOS(tm)) to run System 7.x MacOS applications directly within its multitasking, multiprocessor environment. Developed by fredlabs, inc., a software company based in San Francisco, VirtualMac(tm) allows both modern BeOS applications and current System 7.x applications to be active at the same time, and for data to be exchanged between the systems. Last August, Be announced it would enhance the BeOS to provide support for a wide variety of PowerPC based systems, including those...
Jan 14
[MD1] Apple's Future MacOS Strategy
Apple Announces Future Macintosh Operating System (OS) Strategy and Roadmap Strategy Delivers Compatibility with Currently Shipping Mac Systems and Applications, Accelerates Delivery of Next-Generation Software, and Provides Smooth Migration to Next-Generation OS Mac OS Upgrades to Continue; First 'Rhapsody' Release Scheduled to Ship Within 12 Months MACWORLD/EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO--Jan. 7, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced its strategy for the future evolution of the Macintosh operating system software, for Macintosh and Mac OS compatible personal computers. Apple plans to implement a strategy in which the Company will continue to deliver significant and regularly scheduled upgrades to the current Mac OS while accelerating development of a new and advanced operating system. The new operating system is code-named 'Rhapsody' and will be based on the merging of technologies from Apple and NeXT Software, Inc. (Apple announced its intent to acquire NeXT Software on Dec. 20, 1996.)...
Jan 14
[MD1] BeOS/MacTech Bundle Avail in Quantity
BeOS/MacTech Bundle Available in Quantity January issue of MacTech Magazine contains BeOS for PowerMac DR8 As announced in October of 1996, the January 1997 issue of MacTech Magazine includes the BeOS(tm) DR8 for Power Macintosh bundled, free of charge, on CD and bound into the magazine. This issue has been extremely difficult to get in bookstores and on the newsstand. In fact, stores have had to take names for waiting lists -- something rarely done for a magazine. To alleviate this problem, and with some luck, the publishers of MacTech Magazine have been able to arrange to get additional copies of the issue -- something also very rare in the industry. This back issue is available through DevDepot. Back issues of MacTech Magazine cost $10 plus shipping and handling. (Standard Shipping: $3 US, $5 Canadian, $6 Foreign; Rush/overnight charges are more). Allow 2-3 business days for the issue to be shipped plus shipping time. To order contact DevDepot in the following ways: *...
Jan 14
[MD1] QuickTime VR 2.0 Ships
Apple Computer Enhances QuickTime VR to Integrate Image-Based Virtual Reality With 3D, Movies, Animation and Sound QuickTime VR 2.0 for Mac Ships: Endorsed by Wide Range of Innovative Developers MacWorld -- January 7, 1997 -- Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) today launched QuickTime VR(R) 2.0 for Mac(TM) OS -- a major update that bridges the gap between multimedia and image-based virtual reality. QuickTime VR 2.0 incorporates the feature most desired by developers since the initial release of QuickTime VR, a C API. This allows developers to do more than add virtual reality scenes to their CD-ROM titles, games, and Web pages -- it enables the creation of lively virtual worlds with 3D objects, movies, audio and animation. With the new C API, QuickTime VR can easily be integrated with Apple's other QuickTime Media Layer (QTML) technologies, QuickTime and QuickDraw(TM) 3D, on both Mac OS and Windows. Through QuickTime VR, media-rich VR content may be authored once and easily deployed...
Jan 12
[MD1] CodeWarrior 11 Ships
Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Media Relations Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4758 Jim Welch Chief Financial Officer Metrowerks Inc. 512.873.4777 METROWERKS LAUNCHES CODEWARRIOR 11 HOSTED ON MAC OS CodeWarrior 11 Includes Improved Java Support and New CodeWarrior IDE, Version 2 Alpha SAN FRANCISCO, California, Macworld Expo--January 7, 1997--Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced CodeWarrior 11, the newest version of its award-winning programming tools hosted on Mac OS computers. CodeWarrior 11, hosted on Mac OS, allows users to develop applications in C, C++, Object Pascal and Java for four operating systems: Mac OS, Win95/NT, Magic Cap OS and PowerTV OS, all hosted in the same intuitive CodeWarrior integrated development environment ("IDE"). CodeWarrior's modular, front-end/back-end architecture offers true cross-platform compiling, thus making it easier to...
Jan 12
[MD1] MacDev-1 Update...
Dear MacDev-1 Reader, As you might well imagine, the last week has had a lot of news from Apple and the industry. Over the next day or so, we'll be catching up on all of the releases done at Macworld Expo and around the world. ** THERE WILL BE HIGHER THAN NORMAL TRAFFIC IN YOUR MAILBOX as a result of this catch up. Traffic levels on MacDev-1 *will* return to normal afterwards. Just a heads up. Happy New Year, Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine
Jan 03
[MD1] Mac Developer Survey
In cooperation with MacWEEK, we're conducting a survey of current Macintosh developers to learn about their plans for future platform-specific work. The survey form, which is only open to people who are currently developing Macintosh software, is at: ( Everyone is welcome to monitor the real-time results at: ( Thanks! Dave Winer PS: If you run a web site that's used by Mac developers, please point to the survey page.
Jan 02
[MD1] MacHack Call for Papers
MacHack '97 Call For Papers Make a New Year's Resolution to Write For MacHack, Lose Weight* Did you know that MacHack papers form the cornerstone of the premiere Macintosh technical conference? Papers can cover a wide variety of cool topics. Anything from Adaptive Computing, the Business of Being a Mac Developer, and Game Programming, to Internet Development, Debugging PPC code, and figuring out spiffy NeXT OS hacks. Start the New Year off right by writing a paper for MacHack. Not only will you get accolades from your peers, but you will get free admission to the conference! Send your idea or abstract to us at before February 15th, 1997. Visit our web-site at for more exciting information. *Note that weight loss is only guaranteed if you eat non-fat food while writing, drink lots of caffeine, and move your mouse about the desk in a rapid fashion.
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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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