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Nov 24
[MD1] MailArchiver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Bill Doerrfeld, President Blue World Communications, Inc. (206) 313-1051 MailArchiver Makes Email Searching and Filing Easier - Even on the Web ISSAQUAH, WA - November 22, 1996 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today officially announced the recent release of MailArchiver, the new mass email management solution. MailArchiver automatically archives email into a Claris FileMaker Pro database for quick retrieval and permanent storage. MailArchiver works with email saved to disk from applications such as Claris Emailer, Qualcomm's Eudora, Quarterdeck's ListSTAR, the Apple Internet Mail Server, and any other program that saves mail to disk in the RFC 822 format. The MailArchiver software quickly and easily archives all email stored in designated folders on a Macintosh computer, or on folders over a Local Area Network. Multiple source folders may be selected, any of which can be routed to individual FileMaker Pro databases (based upon...
Nov 24
[MD1] Mulitmedia Animation
Mulitmedia Animation Making Software version 2.0 Make 2D animations for your game, homepage, application or just for fun Announcing the release of Multimedia Animation Maker 2.0. Finally there is an inexpensive but powerful tool to make two-dimensional animations. With the help of this program you can create animations for your game, you can enhance your world wide web pages, create animated about dialogs, impress your friends and much more. It is really easy to use. The program comes along with comprehensive documentation. You can download it at: ( -anim-maker-20.hqx) A german version of Multimedia Animation Maker is also available. You can download it at: ( -anim-maker-20-de.hqx) System requirements: * System 7.0 or greater * 68030, 68040 or PowerPC * 3 MB of hard drive space * 2 MB free memory * Works best with at least 256 colors and 13"...
Nov 21
[MD1] MultiHomie 1.0 WebStar Plugin
Announce: MultiHomie 1.0 WebStar Plugin. MultiHomie(TM) is a shareware WebStar 1.3.2/2.0 FAT plugin that allows Macintosh WebMasters to point multiple domain names at a single Macintosh WebStar server. MultiHomie is different from other "multihoming" solutions because it uses a new feature of the W*API 1.1 that is not available to CGI applications and previous server plugins. This new feature enables a more concrete mid-term solution (until true OpenTransport based multihoming is supported) for multihoming on a Macintosh server than ever before. Any server that correctly supports W*API 1.1 and the filter message can be used with this plugin. More information is available at: Thanks, jon stevens
Nov 20
[MD1] WebSTAR 2.0, Now twice as fast
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 Email: Investor Contact: Fiona Ross The Financial Relations Board, Inc. (310) 442-0599 Email: STARNINE SHIPS WEBSTAR 2.0, NOW TWICE AS FAST -- Robust Upgrade also Supports Java, Has Significantly Improved Security, Browser-based Remote Administration, and Other Plug-In Features -- BERKELEY, Calif., November 20, 1996 --- StarNine, the Mac(tm)OS division of Quarterdeck Corp., shipped WebSTAR 2.0, with performance at least twice as fast as its predecessor, server-side support for Java, significantly enhanced security features, browser-based remote administration, and a plethora of additional Plug-in features. Depending on the configuration, performance increases often reach three-to-four times that of WebSTAR 1.3.1. WebSTAR 2.0 features a built-in Java Virtual Machine, allowing webmasters to develop plug-ins using the full Java langauge and a set of classes tailored to...
Nov 20
[MD1] New HomeDoor Version
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR WEBSTAR 2.0 SPECIAL PRICING, NEW HOMEDOOR VERSION ASHLAND, OR. -- November 20, 1996 -- Open Door Networks, Inc. today announced support for StarNine's newly-introduced WebSTAR 2.0 server. In addition to special pricing on its line of multi-domain products for Macintosh Web servers, Open Door also announced that it will be shipping a new version of its popular HomeDoor default home page server which takes advantage of new features of WebSTAR 2.0. Open Door Networks is the leading manufacturer of "multi-domain" products for Macintosh Internet servers. These products enable a single Internet server to provide independent services for multiple domains, greatly leveraging the investment in that server and radically simplifying overall administration and network management. Open Door today announced special pricing for anyone purchasing a WebSTAR 2.0 upgrade: $...
Nov 20
[MD1] Globetrotter 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Akimbo Systems To Update Globetrotter Web Publisher Version 1.1 Will Publish Larger Sites, Adds Features and Documentation Web Site: See also previous announcement: Akimbo Systems Ships Globetrotter Web Publisher (Somerville, MA - November 13th, 1996) Akimbo Systems announced today that it is preparing to release version 1.1 of its Globetrotter Web Publisher package, the powerful easy-to-use third-generation web publishing package for Mac OS computers. The update will be free to all owners of Globetrotter. Complete information about the product and an order form are at the company's web site Users who purchase Globetrotter 1.0 will receive a free upgrade to 1.1 when it is released. A new fully-functioning Demo version of Globetrotter 1.1 will also be available on the web site. Powerful New Features...
Nov 17
[MD1] Aladdin acquires ShrinkWrap
Aladdin Systems, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Award-Winning Utility, ShrinkWrap(tm) Aladdin Systems Acquires Shareware Utility for Creating and Using Disk Image Files Watsonville, CA-- November 13, 1996-- Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer of the worldwide Macintosh compression and installation standards, StuffIt and StuffIt InstallerMaker, has acquired ShrinkWrap from developer, Chad Magendanz. Aladdin will continue to work closely with Magendanz and will release new versions of ShrinkWrap in early 1997. ShrinkWrap was developed to create disk image files quickly and efficiently. ShrinkWrap provides a convenient and reliable means of mounting disk image files on the desktop, seamlessly handles disk image files in their archived form, and provides a freely distributable alternative to other disk copying methods. "The success of ShrinkWrap has been phenomenal," said Chad Magendanz, developer of ShrinkWrap. "Aladdin and I understand the symbiotic relationship our products share....
Nov 17
[MD1] AutoShare 1.1
AutoShare 1.1, a freeware listserver and auto-responder for AIMS, has been released and may be downloaded from ( and also from the temporary mirror sites at ( ( until it's up on Info-Mac in the comm/tcp/mail directory. Version 1.1 offers -bug fixes, list-specific features and is fully scriptable -comes complete with documentation and script samples -the AutoShare Admin, a new administration tool, which may be used locally or remotely on AppleTalk network -subscription, open, moderated, announcement and private lists -AIMS and AutoShare may reside on separate AppleTalk Macs -CodeWarrior versions native to both 68K and PowerPC -lists in the 100's and subscribers in the 1000's per list -very stable beta track record -new poll auto-response feature -- Mikael Hansen (
Nov 17
[MD1] Tools Plus Plugs Into Plug-Ins
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tools Plus Plugs Into Plug-Ins `````````````````````````````` OAKVILLE, Ontario--November 18, 1996--Water's Edge Software, best known for their Tools Plus application development libraries, announced today that they will soon release version 3.2 which can be used to write plug-ins for most applications that support a plug-in architecture, such as Adobe's Photoshop and Acrobat, Microsoft's Excel, and others. Tools Plus libraries first broke new ground by letting application developers easily create working user interface elements with a single line of code, including all standard Macintosh elements plus popular additions like tool bars, floating palettes, sophisticated picture buttons, tabs, sliders, and a suite of 3D gray scale components. Once created, all elements are operational and interact correctly with one another, thus eliminating the need for many thousands of lines of code that are attributed to creating the interface, making it work, and accounting for...
Nov 17
[MD1] "Anthem" Visual Programming Tool Rescheduled
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Anthem" Visual Programming Tool Rescheduled ```````````````````````````````````````````` OAKVILLE, Ontario--November 18, 1996--Water's Edge Software announced that delivery of its visual programming tool for Macintosh computers, code named "Anthem," is expected to debut in mid 1997. A company spokesperson stated that the project's rescheduling from the end of 1996 is due entirely to the development and deployment of a recent upgrade that served as an interim step towards visual programming. When it is released, Anthem will let developers easily design an application's user interface using familiar drawing tools, then in seconds, generate the necessary components for that application to be realized. Anthem will leverage the power of Tools Plus libraries to create applications with a world-class look and feel. Water's Edge stresses that unlike traditional source code and framework generators, Anthem will generate a minimum of code, and that it will be simple to...
Nov 17
[MD1] NI Expands Java Training
Natural Intelligence Expands Java Training Division Curriculum and Services Cambridge, MA. November 8, 1996. In line with its strategy for providing a full array of Java(tm) products and services, Natural Intelligence (NI) has announced a dramatic expansion of its Java Training Division, offering a wide variety of on-site and off-site courses of instruction for management and technology workers. Widely acknowledged as a leader in the field of Java development, (including Roaster(tm), the Development Environment for Java), Natural Intelligence is uniquely positioned to offer this exceptional addition to its consulting services. Up to now, Natural Intelligence's Java Consulting Division has offered limited training as an adjunct to its consulting services, but the volume of ongoing requests from corporations and institutions for a traditional teaching structure became the catalyst for the current expansion. The Java Training Division now offers classes for students at all levels,...
Nov 17
[MD1] CodeWarrior for W95/NT
METROWERKS ANNOUNCES FOUR NEW CODEWARRIOR PRODUCTS HOSTED ON WINDOWS 95/NT AUSTIN, Texas-November 11, 1996-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced four new Windows-hosted versions of its award-winning CodeWarrior suite of programming tools. Metrowerks will be showing the products at COMDEX Fall in Las Vegas Nov. 18-22, and the tools will begin shipping at the end of the month. CodeWarrior Gold for Windows 95/NT DR/1 CodeWarrior Academic Pro for Windows 95/NT DR/1 Running on both Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, these new versions of CodeWarrior include support for C, C++, Pascal and Java and allow programmers to build applications for Windows 95, Windows NT and the Mac OS. CodeWarrior Gold DR/1 (Developer Release 1) will retail for $399 and a competitive upgrade will be offered for $199. CodeWarrior Academic Pro will retail for $119. CodeWarrior Gold and CodeWarrior Academic Pro for Windows 95/NT...
Nov 17
[MD1] Bare Bones upgrades BBEdit
BARE BONES SOFTWARE UPGRADES BBEDIT WITH RELEASE OF 4.0.2. Natick, MA -- Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the release of version 4.0.2 of BBEdit, their popular and critically acclaimed text editor for Mac(TM) OS-compatible systems. This new version includes a variety of enhancements to its feature set and capabilities: *Startup Items* When it starts up, BBEdit 4.0.2 will look for a folder named "BBEdit Startup Items" and open any documents it finds in that folder. While BBEdit will open a document window for any text file, picture file, or BBEdit file group in this folder, it will also direct the finder to open any other document file it finds in the folder, as well. Additionally, if you place a compiled OSA (AppleScript, or any other OSA-compliant scripting language) script in this folder, BBEdit will execute the script. *Improved Hotkey Generation* The "Set Keys..." command has been improved so that it is easier to assign key equivalents to extensions that are stored in...
Nov 17
[MD1] Apple Supports IMAP and LDAP
Apple Supports IMAP Mail Protocol to Provide Customers With Internet Industry Protocols, Ease-of-Use Apple Also Announced Support for LDAP Internet Directory Services Protocol IMAP FORUM, SEATTLE--Nov. 7, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. announced yesterday that it will support the Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) in future Mac OS Internet mail products, offering customers industry-standard protocols and greater ease-of-use. IMAP will allow users to access both newly arrived and already read email easily from home, the office, or on the road. IMAP is a fast-growing industry mail standard for next generation mail services, and an evolution of POP (Post Office Protocol)/SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) mail protocols in wide use today. For Mac OS customers, IMAP will provide increased control over the exchange of electronic messages and flexibility in message access. IMAP permits a user to selectively download messages at any particular time. Messages left on the server can be...
Nov 17
[MD1] VivoActive Producer
Vivo Software Announces New Version of VivoActive Producer Streaming Web Video Post-Production Tool Now Brings Enhanced Productivity to Webmasters WALTHAM, Mass., November 12, 1996 -- Vivo Software today announced the newest version of its VivoActive Producer, a Web video post-production tool that enables Webmasters to easily produce and integrate streams-based video into their Web sites. VivoActive Producer 1.5 includes productivity enhancing features that help Webmasters manipulate and process vide o clips into their Web sites more quickly and easily. Available for both PC and Apple Power Macintosh platforms, it will be delivered initially on the Power Mac, the most popular development platform with most Web site designers today. A beta version of the VivoActive Producer 1.5 is available at Vivo,s Web site: The initial version of the VivoActive product family, launched in September, already has generated considerable market momentum. More than 190...
Nov 17
[MD1] Pictorius Ships CGI Toolkit
Pictorius Ships CGI Toolkit for Macintosh New Kit Contains Everything Needed to Create CGIs and ACGIs November 14, 1996 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Pictorius Inc. today announced that they are shipping the Pictorius CGI Toolkit, a complete package containing everything needed to write, compile, test and deploy CGIs (Common Gateway Interface) and ACGIs (Asynchronous CGI). The Pictorius CGI Toolkit includes: Pictorius Net Servers; an HTML Editor; and the CGI Toolkit development environment, an easier and faster way to create CGIs. Web developers can now interactively write, test and debug CGIs using a high speed interpreter while the application, the Web server and a browser are all running on one system. Any portion of the source code can be changed while the CGI is running. Once it is functioning properly, Web developers simply compile it with either the 68K or PowerMac compiler and deploy their CGI. The Pictorius CGI Toolkit includes 5 pre-written, ready-to-use CGIs. They are...
Nov 09
[MD1] Apple Releases Beta Java Runtime
Apple Releases Beta Version 1.0 of Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) Apple Challenges Developers to Show the "Geek Factor" at Macworld CUPERTINO, Calif.--Nov. 6, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced the availability of the beta version 1.0 release of Mac OS Runtime for Java. This product highlights Apple's strategy to make the Mac OS a best-of-breed development platform for the Internet. Mac OS Runtime for Java is an implementation of Sun Microsystems' Java virtual machine (VM) and run-time environment, enabling developers of Mac OS-based applications to create Java applets and standalone Java applications, and to embed Java functionality into applications written in native PowerPC or 68K code. As part of this beta software release, Apple also announced the MRJ Coding Contest, an opportunity for a developer using Mac OS Runtime for Java to create interesting and innovative Mac OS-based applications--and win new Apple products! For official rules and submission information, check...
Nov 09
[MD1] FileVille
Dear FileMaker Pro friends, The Internet is like an encyclopedia without a proper index. FileVille is part of the index to FileMaker Pro products on the InterNet. Have a look at You can also register your FileMaker Pro product (template/solution) free of charge. The minute you submit your registration form, your product is on-line and can be viewed via your web-browser. All products are stored in a FileMaker Pro Database that is accessible via your web browser. I look forward to receive your comments, ideas and/or suggestions. best regards Dick Honing (Custodian of FileVille)
Nov 09
[MD1] MindVision's Installer VISE 4.1
MindVision Announces Installer VISE 4.1 The worldwide standard in state-of-the-art installation technology. Lincoln, Nebraska - November 1, 1996- MindVision Software today announced a new release of Installer VISE version 4.1, the standard installation product used by today's leading Macintosh developers and network administrators. The 4.1 version of Installer VISE totally automates software distribution and makes quick work of adding new files and or updating existing files to the latest version. Installer VISE is a professional installation program designed for anyone who distributes applications or data files using CD-ROMs or diskettes, or via the Internet or over a network server. It provides a full feature set, yet requires less than 30 minutes to create a personalized installation! The Installer VISE 4.1 version has all the basic features such as the best compression in the industry; find, delete and move any file; conditional installation; complete fat binary support; and much...
Nov 09
[MD1] MindVision's Updater VISE 1.2
MindVision Announces Updater VISE 1.2 New release offers unparalleled capabilities Lincoln, Nebraska - November 1, 1996 - MindVision Software today announced a new release of Updater VISE version 1.2, the most powerful and safest updater for the Macintosh today. Updater VISE users will experience the only updater that's powerful enough, easy enough, flexible enough, and safe enough to meet all the requirements for updating software. You will appreciate the simplicity and speed of Updater VISE, and it is the ideal tool for creating updates for any Macintosh software. The 1.2 version of Updater VISE offers powerful features such as support for up to 24 previous versions of your software; complete support for updating 68K, PowerPC and fat binary applications from one updater; ability to display splash screens and readme documents with graphics; flexible options allowing you to tailor your update to your specific needs; total integration with Installer VISE 4.1 to build multi-file...
Nov 01
[MD1] CodeWarrior IDE 1.7.2
Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE 1.7.2 is now publicly available from the Metrowerks Web site. This update includes numerous bug fixes for problems reported in the 1.7 IDE. It also incorporates the Metrowerks Version Control API. This version of the IDE is required to use the CodeManager IDE plugin found with CodeManager Release 3. The archive containing this update can be found at: ( Archive Size: 1142K There is no archive password.
Nov 01
[MD1] WebSiphon update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Purity Software, Inc. 1016 Mopac Circle, Suite 101 Austin, TX 78746 +1.512.328.2288 FAX +1.512.328.2688 (Austin, TX - October 29th, 1996) Purity Software, Inc. announced today an update to WebSiphon bringing it's current version up to 1.0.2. WebSiphon is an authoring tool for site designers that allows a full-fledged scripting language to be used directly within HTML pages. Included with the WebSiphon package is Verona, a low-overhead flat-file database server. Detailed information about these products is available on Purity's web site, ( The full update is downloadable from ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in WebSiphon v1.0.2: - Fixed a bug with calling WebSiphon directly, but using different case in its name. (i.e., "websiphon.acgi" instead of "WebSiphon.acgi") - Fixed a bug in vCountMatching()...
Nov 01
[MD1] Lasso
Press Contact: Bill Doerrfeld President, Blue World Communications, Inc. (206) 313-1051 Blue World Communications announces the availability of Lasso. New Tool to Effortlessly Tie One's FileMaker Pro Database to the Web Redefines Performance and Ease-of-Use ISSAQUAH, WA--October 26, 1996--Blue World Communications, Inc. announces the recent release of Lasso, the new tool for quickly integrating Claris(r) Corporation FileMaker Pro(r) 3.0 for the Macintosh databases with the Web. Lasso is designed for top performance. Searching FileMaker Pro Macintosh relational databases with tens of thousands of records in under a second is now possible with Lasso. Lasso's flexible object design allows modules to be easily constructed permitting additional capabilities to be tightly interwoven with Lasso's core technology. Unlike other solutions, Lasso allows complete flexibility of how FileMaker Pro data is formatted without requiring any changes to the actual database. Lasso...
Oct 29
[MD1] Bugs that Bite
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Putzel Trysail, Inc. (202) 429-6550 e-mail: Trysail, Inc., a Washington-based technology consulting firm, today launched "Bugs that Bite," a feature on the World Wide Web designed to draw public and industry attention to the frustrating glitches that drive average computer users to distraction. "We keep hearing about the wonders of technology, but the fact is these all-powerful machines can be intimidating, capricious and downright nasty to the innocent user," said Trysail CEO Michael Putzel. Elsewhere on the site is a section applauding the work of developers who are making it easy for nontechnical people to use computers. The company, founded earlier this year by Putzel, an award-winning journalist and technology specialist, inaugurated the "Bugs that Bite" section of its corporate Web site to focus on the shortcomings of modern consumer technology and encourage developers to pay closer attention to...
Oct 29
[MD1] CodeWarrior for PlayStation
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Cynthia Fray Metrowerks, Inc. 512.873.4758 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR PLAYSTATION DR/1 HOSTED ON MAC OS & WIN95/NT AND MW CODEMANAGER 3 AUSTIN, Texas-October 28, 1996-Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), today announced the availability of CodeWarrior for PlayStation DR1, a development environment for creating software titles for the PlayStation game console, and MW CodeManager 3, Metrowerks' cross-platform revision control system which is fully compatible with Microsoft SourceSafe 4.0a. CodeWarrior for PlayStation DR1 is hosted on Mac OS and Windows 95/NT and is authorized by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. It features the full CodeWarrior IDE, a plug-in CodeWarrior C/C++ compiler for MIPS and a selection of integrated graphical format converters for managing game development with the CodeWarrior IDE. CodeWarrior for PlayStation DR1 is Metrowerks' first CodeWarrior product hosted on Windows 95/NT. MW...
Oct 29
[MD1] Spooky Low Prices -- Halloween Sale
This Halloween, come and get your treat from DevDepot(tm)! To qualify for the 10% discount, you only need to order: * on the Web at * via e-mail at * via fax at 805-494-9798 That's it -- all orders placed in one of these ways AUTOMATICALLY qualifies (discount is done when the order is processed by DevDepot staff). And the best part is that this ain't a one-night-stand type thing... the sale will last for two weeks, beginning October 24th through November 7th. Wow, that's enough to scare the life out of the competition! So why wait for the ghouls to come out! Grab your goodie-bag, point your cursor to and enjoy two whole weeks of spooky low prices. Sale expires at midnight, November 7. Remember, you can see the hottest items through our monthly catalog in the back of MacTech(tm) Magazine. Your full satisfaction, and the lowest prices are always guaranteed! Happy Halloween! (Due to the overwhelming response...
Oct 29
[MD1] SpotLight Web Search CGI
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Brent Simmons World Wide Power & Light (206)269-6505 Add a Fast and Flexible Search Engine to Your Web Server with SpotLight 1.0 Seattle, WA--October 28, 1996--World Wide Power & Light's new SpotLight CGI and file indexer now makes it easy for Macintosh webmasters to add a high performance local file search engine to their Macintosh web server. SpotLight's ease-of-use is its central design goal. Its capabilities include meta tag indexing; multiple search pages with unique search directories; and extendability through custom scripts. SpotLight is a suite of Userland Frontier scripts and code resources (written in C) that work with Claris Filemaker Pro 3.0 to index a site and search it via the SpotLight CGI. Frontier and Filemaker Pro are both PowerPC native. SpotLight's user interface takes advantage of new features in Frontier 4.1, especially the new MacBird user interface component. For...
Oct 28
[MD1] MultiHome 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lieve Bijttebier Phone: + 32 2/537-6810 Fax: + 32 2/537-5155 email: HIGHWARE SHIPS MULTIHOME 2.0, ITS MULTI-HOMING & ROUND ROBIN SOFTWARE FOR THE MACINTOSH Brussels, October 25, 1996. - Highware announces the latest version of MultiHome, its multi-homing software for WebSTAR servers. This internet utility allows a webmaster to control multiple domain names on a single computer. MultiHome saves you the hassle and cost of using multiple computers. With only one IP address, you can serve as many home pages as you want from a single Macintosh. Thanks to its easy configuration, only basic HTML notions are required to set it up. New features ------------ * Easier configuration: MultiHome must no longer be activated from within particular HTML files. * Use of the 'Host' field provided by recent browsers such as Netscape 2, Explorer for Windows 3, Explorer for Macintosh 2.1. When browsers who support the Host field are used, which is the...
Oct 28
[MD1] MailDoor
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS ANNOUNCES THE MAILDOOR MULTI-DOMAIN MAIL CLERK EXPANDS ITS MULTI-DOMAIN PRODUCT LINE ASHLAND, OR. -- October 22, 1996 -- Open Door Networks, Inc. today announced MailDoor(TM), another in its suite of multi-domain products for Macintosh Internet servers. MailDoor, a powerful multi-domain mail clerk, works with the Apple Internet Mail Server (AIMS) to offer server administrators the ability to create and manage independent sets of e-mail addresses within each AIMS mail domain. Together with Open Door's HomeDoor and LogDoor products, MailDoor enables Webmasters to offer users a complete set of multi-domain services -- all through a single Macintosh computer. As shipped from Apple Computer, AIMS does not provide the ability to set up independent e-mail accounts with the same account name. This limitation is most serious when it comes to setting up...
Oct 28
[MD1] Indexed File Library
This post is to announce the availability of IFile, an indexed file library, as a public beta. Some of the main features of IFile are - Multiple segment non-contiguous keys - B-Tree indexing mechanism to fast retrieval - Static or Variable length records - Random or Sequential access - Get records =,),(,)=,or (= a specified key To get a copy of IFile, which is currently available in the current forms: - PPC shared library - Symantec PPC static library - Symantec 68K static library You can download it at Guy Umbright Kickstand Software (P.S. To those of you who have dealt with IFile before (and trying to get it via my previous ISP) thanks for your help and sorry for your hassles. The guts of IFile has been mostly rewritten.) -- :: Guy Umbright - Kickstand Software :: Software Developer :: Macintosh & Apple ][ Infinitum :: ::
Oct 28
[MD1] OpenTransport 1.1.1
Apple Open Transport 1.1.1 Enhances Mac OS Networking Performance and Reliability CUPERTINO, Calif.--Oct. 25, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced the availability of Apple Open Transport 1.1.1, an enhanced version of Apple's standards-based networking and communications system for Macintosh and Mac OS-compatible computers. Significance Open Transport 1.1.1 is an update for Mac OS-based systems currently running Open Transport 1.1, and is a recommended upgrade for all Open Transport users. In addition to bug fixes that increase overall compatibility, performance and stability, the update provides significant performance enhancements for Mac OS-based Internet and intranet servers and includes support for the new Open Transport/PPP implementation. Additional Mac OS Systems Supported Open Transport 1.0 began shipping in 1995 as a standard feature of Apple's new PCI-based Power Macintosh systems. Open Transport 1.1 added support for most 68030, 68040, and additional PowerPC-based...
Oct 28
[MD1] Pictorius' New CGI Toolkit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pictorius Introduces New CGI Toolkit Mac Web Developers Can Now Create CGIs & ACGIs Interactively Write CGIs, Run & Edit Them Simultaneously While Watching the Results in the Browser October, 1996 - 1996 Pictorius Developer's Conference - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Pictorius Incorporated announced at their Developer's Conference the Pictorius CGI Toolkit, a new product designed especially for Web developers looking for an easier and faster way to create CGIs (Common Gateway Interface) and ACGIs (Asynchronous CGI) for their Mac-based Web sites. The Pictorius CGI Toolkit includes the CGI development environment, Pictorius Net Servers and an award-winning, shareware HTML Editor so users have everything they need to write, compile, test and deploy CGIs in one package. Sample CGIs are included to help users get started. The Pictorius CGI Toolkit is also compatible with other Mac-based Web servers that support CGIs and ACGIs, including WebStar. Prior to...
Oct 28
[MD1] Free Macintosh Net Servers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 28, 1996 Pictorius Releases Free Macintosh Net Servers New Net Servers Offer a Free, High Performance Web Server Option October 28, 1996 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Pictorius Inc. today announced the first release of their free Pictorius Net Servers (formerly Entrada! Net Servers) for Macintosh. Available for both 68K and PowerMacs, the first release includes: a fully-threaded, full service Web (http) server; native Open Transport support for maximum performance and unrestricted simultaneous users; full support for CGIs and ACGIs; 14 Agents which provide the functions of CGIs but are fully integrated into the servers for better performance; multi-homing support for multiple domain names on one machine; and security features, including: prohibiting access by domain name or IP address; configuring user groups; and changing user access control without restarting. Pictorius will be adding new servers including Mail (SMTP and POP3), FTP, Finger, DNS, News...
Oct 21
[MD1] Apple's OS Strategy Letter
A LETTER FROM CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER ELLEN HANCOCK ON APPLE'S OS STRATEGY AND THE "HARMONY" RELEASE October 21, 1996 Apple Developers: As you know, my team and I have been working on redefining Apple's OS roadmap to better meet our customers' and developers' needs. While we have not yet finalized these plans, I wanted to give you an update as to where we stand. As previously announced, we have moved from a monolithic OS release strategy to one that delivers releases on a regular schedule. We believe that this more frequent release strategy provides Mac OS customers and developers with the power and flexibility they're demanding. We feel it is important to deliver improved products and emerging technologies to developers and customers on a timely basis. The first of these scheduled releases, code-named "Harmony," is expected to be made available in January. The Harmony release will include features such as OpenDoc and Cyberdog in the OS, along with a new Extension Manager, an updated...
Oct 21
[MD1] Gestalt Selectors List v3.6
Dear Mac-programmers, I have released version 3.6 of the Gestalt Selectors List (GSL) This list was released for the first time on this day in the year 1992. Hence, this release marks the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of this list! To celebrate this a survey it held for every GSL user to fill in and return. The survey form is included with the GSL 3.6 release but it can also be entered using a form on a WWW page: The GSL lists all sorts of information about the Gestalt Manager, but mainly about selectors and the meaning of the returned values. The Gestalt Manager is part of the Apple Macintosh System Software to enable programmers to determine the availability of certain software and hardware. You can obtain the latest version in several ways: - by sending email to the mail archive server at: with the subject: archive get recent/gestalt-selectors.etx or to get...
Oct 21
[MD1] VRML, Internet3D, and more...
ParaGraph International Unveils Low-Cost Software For Easily Creating 3D Internet Worlds and Interactive 3D Text for Web Sites VRML 2.0 Authoring Software Includes New Beta Versions of Internet3D Space Builder and Internet3D Font Magic; Virtual Home Space Builder 2.2 Now Available New York, NY - October 18, 1996 -- ParaGraph International, Inc.(R) (Campbell, CA) today announced availability of additional software in the world's first family of VRML 2.0 software for creating a full range of Cyberspace worlds on the Internet. Beta2 of Internet3D Space Builder, the software for creating sophisticated VR worlds and the Final Beta of Internet3D Font Magic are available now for Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) 95. VHSB 2.2, an upgrade to Virtual Home Space Builder(TM) (VHSB), the easiest software for creating 3D multimedia worlds, is also available now. Together, the software packages fully support the new Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML 2.0) Internet standard -- enabling the advent of 3D...
Oct 21
[MD1] BeOS Bundled in MacTech
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Neil Ticktin Publisher MacTech Magazine 805-494-9797 Mark Gonzales Director of Marketing Be, Inc. 415-462-4100 BeOS TO BE BUNDLED IN MACTECH MAGAZINE MENLO PARK, Calif. and WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- October 21, 1996 -- Be, Inc. and Xplain Corporation, the publisher of MacTech(tm) Magazine, announced today that the BeOS(tm) DR8 for Power Macintosh will be bundled, free of charge, on CD in the January, 1997 issue of MacTech Magazine. "We want to get the developer release of BeOS for PowerMac into the hands of active PowerMac developers so that they can get up to speed on the technology as rapidly as possible, " said Mark Gonzales, Director of Marketing at Be, Inc. "MacTech is recognized as a key development resource within the PowerMac community, and so it made complete sense that we should work with them to reach a wide base of developers." "With all of the buzz in the Mac...
Oct 18
[MD1] Visual Cafe Preview Release
CONTACT: Symantec Customer Service (800) 441-7234 VISUAL CAFE PREVIEW RELEASE 1 FOR MACINTOSH NOW AVAILABLE! CUPERTINO, CA -- October 16, 1996 -- Keeping pace with developments in the Macintosh, and current internet technologies, Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) is pleased to make Visual Cafe Preview Release 1 for Macintosh available for download. We value your input to help us provide you with the best visual rapid application development tools for Java. We are very interested in your feedback in terms of the user interface of Visual Cafe, as well as the base feature set. Please send any bug reports to ( Send feature suggestions, comments etc. to ( and use the subject line "visual cafe for mac". Visual Cafe Preview Release 1 includes: o RAD Visual Tools designed exclusively for the Java programming language, allowing the easy creation of Java applets and applications using drag and drop of...
Oct 18
[MD1] PERFORCE now supports Macintosh
We're happy to announce that PERFORCE -- the FAST Software Configuration Management System -- now supports Macintosh clients. Coupled with existing support for Windows/NT, Windows/95, OS/2, and nearly a score of UNIX platforms, PERFORCE now provides just about universal platform coverage. (Sorry, Win3.1 is still out of luck.) The PERFORCE Macintosh client currently works with the MPW shell. The Mac client handles both data and resource forks of MacOS files, and allows both forks to be shared and edited by non-Mac clients. MacOS data forks are treated as ordinary text or binary files on a non-Mac client. With this, Mac and non-Mac users can share their source code, while Mac users additionally can share Mac resource and file type attribute information. The new PERFORCE Mac client is available directly from Perforce Software. For further information on availability, platforms, pricing, documentation, and free evaluation software, check our Web site (below) or send email inquiries to...
Oct 18
[MD1] CometPage/CometSite 1.0b4
CometPage 1.0b4 and CometSite 1.0b4 are available now for downloading at ==) Special note to NetCloak users: These products are NetCloak 2.1 compatible. See below for details. CometPage Features: ------------------- -- Built-in "Personal Web Server" lets you build and test your web pages on your local machine before you deploy them on your server. -- Drag and drop "templates", "macros" and over 65 "dynamic commands" into any web page editor that handles drag and drop properly. -- "Publish Site" feature allows you to deploy pages built in CometPage on any web server -- no CGIs needed (though not all dynamic features are available unless you deploy using the CometSite CGIs, which are available for a variety of Macintosh, UNIX and WindowsNT servers). -- Over 30 dynamic commands take the form of custom HTML extensions. Simple syntax allows any web page designer to make their pages dynamic. For example,...
Oct 18
[MD1] Frontier 4.1 Ships
Frontier 4.1 is shipping at ( Here's an overview of the new features in 4.1, full detail is available on the site. ***Ease of Learning and Use The main priority of Frontier 4.1 was to re-design the user interface to incorporate what we've learned about Frontier over the last four years. The User's Guide has been completely updated and made current with the feature set of Frontier 4.1. Frontier's menus have been reorganized to be easier for the first-time user, and more complete for experienced users. Navigators make finding your way around the object database easier, and supply vital information for the beginning script writer. Where do I put my script? This was the number one question for new Frontier users. New places include the Workspace table, which is the best place to store personal scripts; the Overnight and Hourly scripts tables store scripts that run every night at 2AM and every hour on the hour; the webServerScripts table stores CGI...
Oct 18
[MD1] Symantec Visual Page Preview
CONTACT: Symantec Customer Service (800) 441-7234 VISUAL PAGE PREVIEW RELEASE 1 FOR MACINTOSH NOW AVAILABLE! CUPERTINO, CA -- October 16, 1996 -- Keeping pace with developments in the Macintosh, and current internet technologies, Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) is pleased to make Visual Page Preview Release 1 for Macintosh available for download. We value your input to help us provide you with the best web page editing tool on the market. We are very interested in your feedback in terms of the user interface of Visual Page, as well as the base feature set. Please send any bug reports to ( Send feature, suggestions, comments etc. to ( and use the subject line "Visual Page for Mac". Visual Page Preview Release 1 includes: o Support for Tables, Frames, Images, Links o Source Code Editor o Floating Images and Tables allow wrap around text o Supports embedded Quicktime playback As with all pre-release...
Oct 18
[MD1] NI Releases Roaster DR2.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Natural Intelligence Releases Roaster(tm) 2.3 Includes Support for Sun's JDK 1.0.2 Cambridge, MA, October 17, 1996. Natural Intelligence, Inc. (NI), the company which led the Java(tm) revolution for the Macintosh(tm) in January of this year, has released the newest update of Roaster, the Development Environment for Java. Roaster was the first development environment for creating applets and applications in Sun(tm) Microsystems, Inc.'s Java(tm) programming language on the Macintosh platform. This latest release, Roaster Developer's Release 2.3, furthers the functionality of the development environment by including support for Sun's JDK 1.0.2. This release also dramatically increases the stability of the development environment for Java. Russell Neufeld, one of the Senior Developers of Roaster noted: "We are very pleased with this updated version which reflects the great strides taken toward the stabilization of our Virtual Machine. We have done this without...
Oct 18
[MD1] Microsoft Delivers ActiveX on Macintosh
Microsoft Delivers ActiveX on the Macintosh Beta Release of ActiveX SDK for Macintosh Enhances Cross-Platform Support for ActiveX REDMOND, Wash. - Oct. 17, 1996 - Microsoft Corp. today announced worldwide availability of the beta release of the Microsoft ActiveX Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Macintosh. The move is an important step toward making ActiveX interoperability technology available across all popular computing platforms. With the new SDK, Macintosh developers can create native ActiveX Controls and interactive content that will be immediately viewable by users of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.1 for the Macintosh. The SDK beta release is available now for free download from /intdev/sdk/mac/ (connect-time charges may apply), and the final release will be available by the end of the year. Over 2,000 ActiveX Controls are already available to content developers and users of the Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems....
Oct 18
[MD1] High-Quality Virtual Domains
Dear Customer, Many of you have been requesting various additional services and products from us. Because of your recommendations, we have some exciting announcements to make later this year. In the meantime, we've recently unveiled our new Seagull Networks web hosting service. If your company or organization is looking for a quality web presence provider, we have the resources to make it happen. And as a special promotion, we are offering a free on-going subscription to the Apprentice CD-ROM to anyone who orders the top-of-the-line package from Seagull Networks! You get the latest edition of Apprentice as it is released, as long as you use our web hosting services. Just let us know that you heard it from this emailing. The top-of-the-line package includes the following features: - 125 megabytes of space! - Your own domain ( - Your own IP number - Your own virtual web server - Your own root ftp server - Your own smtp and pop3 mail servers - Your own...
Oct 18
[MD1] TestTrack 1.0 Demo Released
Seapine Software has released a demo version of TestTrack 1.0. This version limits you to entering no more than 10 defects per bug database, but is otherwise fully functional (including multi-user access). The demo version has been uploaded to the following locations: URL: ftp: machine "" path "seapine" file "TestTrack10_Demo.bin" CompuServe: MACDEV forum, Tools library AOL: Macintosh Developers forum, new uploads library What is TestTrack? ================== TestTrack is a bug tracking tool for Macintosh-based software and hardware development. TestTrack automates the tedious and error-prone process of tracking bugs and feature requests by hand. It also eliminates the need to create a custom solution using general purpose database tools such as 4D and FileMaker Pro. TestTrack links engineers, testers, managers, even tech writers together so no one falls out of the loop....
Oct 17
[MD1] Several Acme web tool releases...
Hello! I wanted to let you know about some of the new products that we've just released. The four products are WebDetour (a Mac Web CGI), FingerToys (a Finger Server), PowerGate (another Mac Web CGI), and Mondo Mail (a scriptable SMTP client). I've included our press releases about the first three. The fourth, a freebie, is Mondo Mail. Mondo Mail is an easy-to-use, reliable mail gateway for use on a web site. It's not a fancy program, but it has a few advantages over other alternatives. It's written in C, built from a well-tested and reliable code base, is friendly to other applications on the system, and is free. It also has a failsafe "kill file" where undeliverable mail and associated errors are written. This product is currently unsupported, meaning we can't dedicate resources to supporting it, not that bugs and/or problems shouldn't be reported to us. The Acme Technologies Web site is located at and our downloads page is located at
Oct 17
[MD1] SpriteWorld 2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Karl Bunker Vern Jensen SPRITEWORLD 2 RELEASED A FREE, FAST, POWERFUL, AND EASY TO USE PROGRAMMER'S LIBRARY FOR CREATING SPRITE ANIMATION IN MACINTOSH PROGRAMS Karl Bunker and Vern Jensen today officially released SpriteWorld 2 as freeware to the Macintosh programming community. SpriteWorld 2 is an update to the widely respected SpriteWorld animation library originally written by Tony Myles in 1993-94. SpriteWorld 2 offers a huge number of improvements over the original SpriteWorld, as well as correcting all of the bugs that plagued that earlier version. SpriteWorld 2 is released with the permission of Tony Myles, and is available free of charge to all Mac programmers. SpriteWorld 2 will be of particular interest to Macintosh game programmers. Using the SpriteWorld 2 library, programmers can easily produce highly complex sprite-based animation effects, with high frame rates, smooth overlapping, pixel-precise...
Oct 17
[MD1] Web Pages for Sprocket
Announcing Licorice, Web Pages for Sprocket(tm) Development Viperware(tm) is proud to announce Licorice, a new series of web pages designed specifically for developers using Apple's Game Sprockets. The URL for Licorice is: ( Licorice features FAQ's for each of the Game Sprockets. Questions and answers have been taken from the past 6 months of the Mac-Games-Developer mailing list. If you have a question concerning Game Sprockets, you should check Licorice first to see if your question is answered in a FAQ. Hopefully this will reduce noise on the newsgroups and mailing lists, and will make using these services more enjoyable. ** Also take a look at Butterscotch, the #1 source of information for game developers: ( *Sprocket is a trademark of Xplain Corporation.
Oct 16
[MD1] Rating Software Via The Internet
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dina Tanzi Phone: 800-819-1335 Fax: 301-513-9466 E-mail: URL:; WWW.RATINGS.ORG, The New Standard For Rating Software Via The Internet COLLEGE PARK, MD -- October 16, 1996 (MMG) -- The National Multimedia Association of America, the largest non-profit multimedia professional association in the United States, will begin operations of a new service to the Internet community: WWW.RATINGS.ORG. The purpose of RATINGS.ORG is to help users select the best software for their needs and to improve communications between end user's and developers. Any individual who has experience with a specific software application (shareware, freeware, or commercial) can rate the application via the Internet. Each overall rating is based on a possible score of 100 points. The individual rates the software on ten questions ranging from ease of installation, to quality of features. After rating a specific software...
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