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Nov 24
[MD1] SpotCheck
From: Subject: [ANN] SpotCheck, the program editor that knows Java GenieWorks, LLC announces the release of SpotCheck 1.0 for the Macintosh. SpotCheck is a language-based editor that "knows" the Java language. It is designed to help a Java programmer produce correct code without relying on confusing and untimely feedback from a compiler. Specifically, SpotCheck identifies syntax errors and semantic errors (undefined names, type mismatches, etc.) -- those errors normally returned by a compiler. This analysis is performed after each edit, giving the programmer immediate feedback on errors. SpotCheck provides a host of additional features, including: * smart links to name declarations * cross-referenced Java APIs * editing with popup menus * interfaces to helper apps to compile & run * hierarchical project browsing * color-coded syntax For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of SpotCheck 1.0, visit (
Nov 24
[MD1] Build Counter tool
From: (William Edward Woody) Subject: [ANN] Build Counter tool for tracking number of builds. Okay, this is a hack. I needed a quick way to increment a 'build count' in a Macintosh project I'm working on. So one afternoon, I hacked this together. It's a Macintosh plugin for CodeWarrior that creates a 4 byte build count resource in your Macintosh application. It's specifically a post-linker plugin, which is invoked after your application is linked. And everytime you build your application, the 4 byte count resource will be incremented by one. You can download this hack^H^H^H^H tool from: Of course, as this is a quick hack, I cannot guarentee that this won't wipe out your system, burn your apartment down, and cause your girlfriend to leave you for an Windows 95 user. Code released into public domain. - Bill -- William Edward Woody | In...
Nov 23
[MD1] ProVUE Development's SiteWarrior
SiteWarrior Wages War On Web Site Complexity ProVUE Development has released SiteWarrior, a new program that uses a revolutionary approach for authoring and managing medium to large web sites. This approach makes HTML coding faster, more flexible and more productive by using an ultra fast RAM based database to manage the structure of an entire web site. SiteWarrior automates tedious tasks such as building tables, catalogs, tables of contents, navigation banners, links to neighboring pages, and other repetitive elements within a web site. Unlike most web authoring tools, SiteWarrior does not attempt to eliminate the need for HTML with WYSIWYG features. Instead, SiteWarrior embraces HTML and automates HTML production with custom "HTML factories" controlled by user defined templates. "For the past two years vendors have tried to convince me that I should stop coding in HTML, but I find that direct HTML coding is still the way to go", says SiteWarror beta tester Kevin Killion of Stone...
Nov 23
[MD1] Objective-Everything Release 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Objective-Everything Release 5 Bethesda, Maryland. November 24, 1997. Today, TipTop Software, Inc. proudly announced Release 5 of the Objective-Everything(tm) development system for OpenStep (Rhapsody, Windows, and Mach), including Objective-Python, Objective-Tcl, Objective-Perl, and Objective-Browser. "We are excited to make the Objective-Everything technology widely available" said Pedja Bogdanovich, TipTop President. "Objective-Everything is the preeminent scripting solution for Yellow Box. It augments the Yellow Box development with the power and flexibility of the world's most popular high-level programming languages." Objective-Everything provides true language independence for the OpenStep (Yellow Box) object model. It allows you to develop programs for OpenStep without being restricted by the lack of expressiveness, class libraries, or other limitations of a particular programming language. With Objective-Everything you can use the language best suited...
Nov 23
[MD1] NetCloak 2.5
Maxum Development Announces Release Of NetCloak 2.5 Upgrade November 24, 1997 -- Maxum Development Corporation, a leading developer of Macintosh Web server tools, announces the release of NetCloak 2.5, a major revision to the enormously popular Web server tool for creating dynamic Web pages. NetCloak, the first commercial Web server tool ever available for Macintosh, has been included on the Apple Internet Server Solution for well over a year, and is now included as a standard component of Apple's AppleShare IP 5.0.2 package. The new version adds dozens of new capabilities, improved support for the wide range of servers available for the Mac OS, better 3rd-party tools support, and more. "NetCloak 2.5 is easily the biggest leap forward in functionality since we released NetCloak 1.0 almost 3 years ago," said John O'Fallon, President of Maxum. "The focus of NetCloak is still on ease-of-use, and with NetCloak 2.5, we are bringing higher-end Web site capabilities into the hands of...
Nov 20
[MD1] Object Plant 1.4.4
From: Mikael Arctaedius ( Version 1.4.4 of the Object Plant is now released. This version contains a few bug fixes and one new feature. (You can find more details at the web-site.) There are updaters (from 1.4 and 1.4.3) and a full version available at: The Object Plant is a shareware Object Oriented Analysis and Design tool based on the Object Modeling Technique (OMT) notation but also supports a subset of Unified Modeling Language (UML). With the Object Plant you can create + Object Model diagrams + Event Trace diagrams + State diagrams + Use Case diagrams Diagrams can be exported in PICT or EPS format. The information in the Object Models can be used for generation of C++ or Java code. (Other languages can also be generated by modifying the code generation template files.) Requirements: System 7.1 or later 68020 or better 3 Mb free RAM More information about the Object Plant can be found at If...
Nov 20
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lightsoft have introduced a new Fantasm 5 price (complete package) for users who are students, unemployed or on a low income. There is also a revised demo/unregistered package, including the PowerPC assembler (in response to users requests). More details can be found at our web page: ( For other details, or comments on this message, please email MORE INFO: Fantasm 5 is a totally revised version of the popular Macintosh Assembler 'Fantasm' (by Lightsoft). It contains, amongst other things, a graphical project manager making it one of the easiest development environments to use on the Mac, in addition to being THE development system for producing fast PowerPC and 680x0 native code.
Nov 20
[MD1] Blue Box now avail for Rhapsody
Apple Extends Rhapsody Developer Release with Mac OS Compatibility Environment, Code-Named "Blue Box" Blue Box Enhances Investments in Mac OS by Enabling Rhapsody Support for Current Mac OS Applications CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 19, 1997--At its European Developer Forum (EDF), Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it is extending the capabilities of its recently introduced Rhapsody Developer Release for Power Macintosh by providing developers with the Mac OS compatibility environment, code-named "Blue Box". Rhapsody is the code-name for Apple's next-generation operating system. The Blue Box is a version of the Mac OS running under Rhapsody in native mode, providing excellent speed and responsiveness. The availability of the Blue Box enhances software developer investments in the Mac OS by allowing existing Mac OS applications to work with Rhapsody for Power Macintosh. In October, as planned, Apple shipped the Rhapsody Developer Release for Power Macintosh to more than 10,000 software...
Nov 18
[MD1] Mac F2C v1.3.6 is now available
From: (MW Ron) Igor Mikolic-Torreira has asked me to let Fortran Warriors know that..... Mac F2C v1.3.6 is now available at: Version 1.3.6 is a quick fix that solves an incompatibility between Mac F2C's f2c.h, the error functions in libF77 and CW Pro 2's (math.h) header and the latest Universal headers. Version 1.3.6 is fully compatible with CW Pro 2. Mac F2C is a freeware FORTRAN-to-C translator.
Nov 18
[MD1] CWProjector 1.0b1 public beta
From: (Richard Wesley) Subject: [ANN] CWProjector 1.0b1 public beta Electric Fish, Inc. announces the public beta of CWProjector, a version control plugin for MetroWerks CodeWarrior, which allows you to use MPW's Projector for source control without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE. CWProjector provides an easy to use source-code control system, at minimal cost, using established technology from Apple. It is well suited for individuals and small organizations which want the benefits of source control with a minimum of hassle and expense. CWProjector 1.0b1 is available now at: ( for more information, contact Richard Wesley, (
Nov 18
[MD1] Rhapsody at BaNG
Bay Area Apple-NeXT GROUP Meeting Wednesday, November 19, 7:00 PM in Apple Campus' Town Hall auditorium 4 Infinite Loop, Cupertino [off De Anza/Cupertino exit from 280] Hit the Ground Running With Rhapsody Development (Overviews, Hints and Testimonials from the Trenches ...) For more info: ( These real world figures have kindly agreed to present: Dan Wood of Bear River Associates: "Mac Toolbox + PowerPlant + C++ Compared To Rhapsody" Eric Simenel of Apple Computer , Inc.: "How a 12-year Mac Developer Veteran Copes With Switching To Another Development Environment". A source code review and demo of - "My First Yellow Application" Steve Dekorte of Inquisit, Inc. and Robert Vasvari, consultant with Inquisit, Inc.:"Real YellowBox Business Apps" - a very cool app using AppKit and EOF, developed in 3 weeks. Please join us for the presentation, demos, Q&A, and dinner after the meeting at a nearby restaurant. Presenter Bios: Dan Wood, a Mac programmer...
Nov 17
[MD1] FileMaker Pro Shipping Carts
Media Contacts: Bill Doerrfeld Blue World Communications, Inc. 425.646.0288, Kevin Mallon Claris Corp. 408.987.7227, FILEMAKER PRO SHOPPING CARTS ON THE WEB DIRECTORY ANNOUNCED New Website Serves as Premiere Resource for FileMaker Pro-based E-Commerce Solutions Bellevue, WA - November 17, 1997 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced the availability of "FileMaker Pro Shopping Carts on the Web", the online directory of e-commerce websites using FileMaker Pro 3.0 & 4.0 for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS from Claris Corporation. The directory, located at, allows users to submit and search listings that showcase their online cyberstores. "FileMaker Pro is an ideal database for building sophisticated Web commerce solutions", said Bill Doerrfeld, President & CEO of Blue World. "We're pleased to offer this directory as a service to the burgeoning FileMaker Pro Internet community...
Nov 17
[MD1] ISO C++ Standard Passes
From: Bjarne Stroustrup, Friday, Nov 14, the ISO C++ standards committee unanimously approved a "final draft international standard" (FDIS) for C++. This means that all technical work on the C++ standard has been completed. The number of the C++ standard is ISO/IEC 14882. There is a final step in the ISO process where the standards bureaucraties ratify the decision of their technical experts. However, that is a formality where no serious controversy exists (and the C++ vote was unanimous!). Under ISO rules, it is now possible to refer to the C++ standard from other standards. Therefore, so can we. We now have ISO C++, ANSI C++, AFNOR C++, BIS C++, DIN C++, etc. - and they are all the same :-) A press release from the committee aimed primarily at non-programmers can be found among my homepages. Personally, I'm very pleased with the new standard. - Bjarne Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Labs, [ Send an empty e-mail to c++-help@...
Nov 17
[MD1] DynaMorph 1.5 Application Server
Morph Technologies Releases DynaMorph 1.5 Application Server New Release Adds Database Connectivity and Commerce Plug-in Reston, VA, Nov. 17, 1997 - Morph Technologies, Inc. ( today announced it has released DynaMorph(TM) 1.5, the latest version of its flagship server-side scripting language. DynaMorph enables a website or application developer to employ the power of CGI programming directly inside of HTML documents without the need for advanced PERL or C++ programming skills. With the latest release, Morph Technologies is again morphing the future of technology on the Web by making it even easier to build sophisticated websites and web-based applications. Version 1.5 of DynaMorph adds database connectivity for all ODBC-compatible databases on Windows NT/95 and Mac servers as well as native database support for UNIX-based databases. Also available with the current release are PC- and Mac-Authorize plug-ins which enable real-time, credit card authorization...
Nov 14
[MD1] Roaster Release 4 Product Family
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Judith Steinbaum Roaster Technologies 617-876-4031 x1818 Roaster Release 4 Product Family: All Java -- Cross Platform and Extensible November 14, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. With its first announcement of detailed information regarding the eagerly awaited Roaster(r) Release 4, Roaster Technologies revealed that the new release is written entirely in Java(tm), utilizes the Java(tm) Foundation Classes, and is the basis for its Data and Enterprise Editions. Release 4 is the cornerstone of the extended Roaster family of development software for high-end professional developers working in Java. The environment is completely extensible, enabling the integration of a wide variety of technologies. "Roaster Release 4 represents a major innovation in the field of Java IDE's," noted John Dhabolt, President and CEO of Roaster Technologies. "This product is the foundation of a substantial and extensible architecture which offers...
Nov 14
[MD1] Nationwide Lasso Training
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 1997 Media Contact: Bill Doerrfeld, President & CEO Blue World Communications, Inc. 425.646.0288, NATIONWIDE LASSO TRAINING COURSE ANNOUNCED Industry Leaders Team Up to Provide Complete Lasso Training Bellevue, WA - November 14, 1997 - Blue World Communications, Inc. and Chris Moyer Consulting, Inc. today announced the availability of Mastering Lasso I, a product proficiency training course for Lasso 2.0, the leading third party solution for web-enabling FileMaker Pro databases. This two day hands-on course allows users to sharpen their skills and provides users of Blue World's Lasso 2.0 recognition for their knowledge and expertise with professional certification for completing Mastering Lasso I. A follow-up course Mastering Lasso II is scheduled for early 1998. "When users successfully complete the Mastering Lasso training course, they become eligible to promote themselves to prospective clients as highly skilled, expert-...
Nov 13
[MD1] OpenBase Updates
OPENBASE NEWS! 1. OPENBASE FOR RHAPSODY (PPC & PC-Compatibles) AVAILABLE NOW! 2. SPECIAL DEVELOPER PRICING ($99 per connection, 5 Pack) 3. RHAPSODY DEMO CD: INSTALLATION PROBLEMS? 4. OPENBASE LITE: INFORMATION ON THE FREE LICENSE 5. DOWNLOAD SITES & INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------ 1. OPENBASE FOR RHAPSODY (PPC & PC-Compatibles) AVAILABLE NOW! ------------------------------------------------------ OpenBase International, Ltd. has made OpenBase Network & OpenBase Lite available for both the PC-Compatibles and PPC versions of Rhapsody. OpenBase is a high performance SQL engine that handles all of the complexities of data storage and multi-user communication for end-user applications. Aggressive multi-threading, row level locking, text searching, change notification and variable record length technology makes OpenBase a robust database solution. Some of the companies who use OpenBase include: Adobe Systems, Allegheny College, AT...
Nov 13
[MD1] Java editor beta available
From: (GenieWorks) Since this may be of some interest, I hope you will forgive a brief "commercial". My company is releasing a beta version of a new Java-aware editor for the Macintosh. It features immediate checking for errors (syntax, name usage, type usage, access control, etc.), and "smart" links to name declarations. It also has an automatic interface with CodeWarrior for compiling. You can find more detailed information and download the beta at ( Thank you for your time. Wes Butler GenieWorks, LLC
Nov 13
[MD1] Pascal Source Code and Articles
To all Macintosh Pascal programmers: The following is a summary of the current contents available at Pascal Central. For any of you who may not know about Pascal Central, Pascal Central provides the pascal community one place to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal source code, and Pascal-related internet links. The home page is at Pascal Central is now broken up into the following sections: FEATURED ARTICLES: These are the latest articles contributed to Pascal Central. See the end of this note for a summary of these articles. FORUMS & LINKS: This pages provides information on Pascal forums (such as the MacPascal mailing list, and the Pascal newsgroups), and several links to Pascal related web sites (for PC and Mac). To join the MacPascal mailing list, go to NOTHING BUT MACINTOSH SOURCE CODE: This is a collection of contributed articles which include Pascal source code for the...
Nov 12
[MD1] ScriptEase:Integration SDK
New Scripting Tool Adds Macro Capabilities BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nov. 12, 1997 -- Nombas, Inc. announced today the release of the ScriptEase:Integration SDK 4.0 developers' kit for applications and embedded systems. The kit enables application developers to enhance, extend and customize their applications using the flexible, easy-to-use, JavaScript compatible, ScriptEase scripting language. The ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows developers to quickly and simply embed a fully functional script language interpreter into any C/C++ application. Over 90% of all browser client-side dynamic content on the web is already being developed with JavaScript. By merging ScriptEase with JavaScript, Nombas is making JavaScript available for all classes of software and embedded systems, not just for browsers. ScriptEase:Integration SDK leverages the popularity, power and ease-of-use of JavaScript (an international standard under the name "ECMAScript") to enable developers to customize and extend...
Nov 12
[MD1] MacPerl 5.1.5
MacPerl 5.1.5 has been released. This version fixes some bugs and improves the reliability over 5.1.4. MacPerl users still running 5.1.3 should consider upgrading to take advantage of a significant speed improvement. MacPerl 5.1.5 is now available in DISTRIBUTIONS ------------- MacPerl is arranged into a number of distributions, named according to the following scheme: Mac_Perl_515r4_appl.bin ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ MacPerl | | | MacBinary Suffix | | Distribution Component | Perl Patchlevel MacPerl Release Currently the following components are available: appl The MacPerl application (Dynamic PowerPC/Small 68K), all libraries and documentation. tool The Perl MPW Tool (Dynamic PowerPC/Small 68K) and scripts. bigappl The MacPerl application (Dynamic PowerPC/Big 68K). bigtool The Perl MPW Tool (Dynamic PowerPC/Big 68K). appl_cfm68K...
Nov 12
[MD1] Apple Store: $500k in 1st 12 Hours
Apple's On-Line Store Sells Half a Million Dollars in First 12 Hours CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 11, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today reported that its new on-line Apple Store received over 4.4 million "hits" and booked over $500,000 of orders during its first 12 hours of operation. The e-doors to the Apple Store ( were first opened at noon PST yesterday. "We're thrilled by this immediate customer response to our Apple Store and new G3 computers," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "Apple is really 'thinking different' about the way we do business." Apple's new G3 computers have significantly better price-performance than the newest Pentium II based computers, and are built-to-order to exact customer specifications for those customers ordering through Apple's new on-line store. The Apple Store is part of the company's new distribution strategy of combining direct sales over the Internet alongside its expert resellers to give Apple customers greater...
Nov 12
[MD1] Metrowerks Does Internet Appliances
METROWERKS AND ACCESS FORM STRATEGIC ALLIANCE TO PROVIDE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR NEXT GENERATION INFORMATION APPLIANCES TOKYO, Japan - November 12, 1997 - Metrowerks Inc. (HQ: Austin, Texas, Metrowerks Co., Ltd., Tokyo) and Access Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announced this week at the Microcomputer Systems and Tool Fair in Tokyo, Japan that a strategic alliance has been formed between the two companies to provide enhanced development tools for the growing information appliance device market. Metrowerks will be working with Access to integrate the Access NetFront suite of Internet access software modules into the CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE) and provide customers with a more comprehensive solution to address their new development needs. Both companies agreed that a new generation of powerful, easy -to-use and economically priced development tools and software resources is required to help usher in a new generation of information appliances. The strategic alliance...
Nov 11
[MD1] MacTech T-shirt Design Contest
MacTech Magazine Announces T-shirt Design Contest WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California -- Nov. 10, 1997 -- MacTech Magazine today announced its T-shirt Design Contest. The idea of the competition is to create a concept or design for a T-shirt that will be given away during the Macworld Expo/San Francisco January 6-9, 1998. This T-shirt will literally reach thousands of Mac enthusiasts during and long after the show. MacTech Magazine has had some great shirts in the past that we still see walking around trade shows. For example, the famous Alert message saying "Programmers don't do mornings." has shown it's face years after the shirts were released. "We're looking for the next fun t-shirt that embodies the core of the Mac developer community -- their humor, their goals ... what they are about." says Neil Ticktin, Publishser of MacTech Magazine. "This is a chance for all of the wonderfully creative people in our industry to not only show that creativity to the whole community, but to get...
Nov 10
[MD1] BeOS for Free
Sender: "Michael A. Alderete" ( ** Download the BeOS for Free ** We heard you. You said you wanted to be able to try out the BeOS without having to search high and low for a copy. Now you can download the latest version of the BeOS, Preview Release 2, from the Be, Inc. web site, for free. You can find the downloadable release of the BeOS at ( The BeOS Preview Release 2 download version includes all the components you need to try out the BeOS on your Power PC machine. Then you can decide to purchase either the BeOS Full Pack (a "1 + 2" product -- you receive the BeOS release on a CD, full documentation, plus the next two upgrades), or the BeOS Trial Pack (a "1 + 0" product -- you receive only the BeOS release that comes on the CD, with no upgrades). Maintenance updates will be also be posted to the web site. We have tried to make the download experience more enjoyable by keeping the components of the overall BeOS package small...
Nov 10
[MD1] PowerBook G3
Apple Designs Different: Extends Leadership in Notebooks with PowerBook G3 Apple Introduces World's Fastest Notebook for People Who Think Creatively CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 10, 1997--Targeting the needs of creative "road warriors" who require the most in performance and advanced multimedia capabilities from a notebook computer, Apple Computer, Inc. today introduced the Macintosh PowerBookG3. PowerBook G3 is based on the third generation PowerPC G3 processor, a high-performance microprocessor optimized for the Mac OS. "The PowerBook G3 combines next generation processor technology with the latest in Mac OS system software to provide creative professionals with a new standard in mobile computing," said Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "There is more of everything for Macintosh customers with the PowerBook G3--more speed, more memory, more storage. This is high- end desktop performance in a mobile Macintosh." The PowerBook G3 builds upon the...
Nov 10
[MD1] Natural Intelligence Spins Off DragStrip
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Natural Intelligence Spins Off DragStrip, Macintosh Desktop Utility November 10, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Natural Intelligence, Inc. today announced the sale of DragStrip(r), its award winning desktop utility for the Macintosh. This action reflects Natural Intelligence's focus on the expansion of its core custom software consulting business, and its newly formed Corporate Java Division. DragStrip will be acquired by Christopher Evans, the original creator of the product, who will upgrade, support and distribute the product as a shareware product. "We have a very mixed feeling about this spin-off," said Joshua Wachs, President and CEO of Natural Intelligence. "DragStrip was one of the first products we developed, and its international success in the Macintosh community was a wonderful affirmation of Natural Intelligence's innovative technology. But since we don't have time for development or support, we owe it to our loyal and enthusiastic...
Nov 10
[MD1] Apple Builds, Sells Different
Apple Builds, Sells Different Company Announces Build-to-Order and Electronic Commerce The Apple Store: Powered by WebObjects Apple Only Company to Offer All Core Products Via Retail Stores, Resellers, the Internet CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 10, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) today announced that it will build and sell its computers in a new and different way. The Company launched The Apple Store ( as part of its new distribution strategy that utilizes the Internet, along with the Company's existing retailers and resellers to sell products. Also introduced, new flexible manufacturing that will make the new Power Macintosh G3 minitower and desktop computers (see separate release) available on a build-to-order basis for Apple Store customers. Customers in the United States now have three ways to buy Macintosh computers: through the retail and reseller channel, through direct field sales in education, and through Apple. "We're changing everything we do:...
Nov 10
[MD1] Apple Designs Different
Apple Designs Different: Unveils Next Generation Power Macintosh G3 Computers New Systems Deliver Greatest Performance Leap in Power Macintosh History CUPERTINO,California--Nov. 10, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) today unveiled its next-generation "prosumer" systems--the Power Macintosh G3 computers. Based on the third-generation PowerPC G3 processor from IBM and Motorola, the new Apple designs include many technical advancements, which simultaneously increase performance, lower costs, add features and simplify the Macintosh product line. The new systems provide millions of publishing, multimedia authoring, and general productivity customers with best-in-class product features, quality and reliability while being faster than even the newest Pentium II/300 products. According to Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO the new systems are part of a strategy to change how the Company does business. "It's time to think differently about performance," said Jobs. "The new G3 chip,...
Nov 10
[MD1] Apple's New Direction
Apple's New Direction Design Different, Build Different, Sell Different CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 10, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) today showed it takes seriously the "Think Different" message in its ads. The Company announced dramatic changes in the way it designs, builds and sells its computers. Today Apple launched its new G3 series computers, with significantly better price-performance than the newest "Wintel" Pentium products. This simplified design enabled the Company to streamline manufacturing so its computers can be built just-in-time to exact customer specifications. These changes, combined with today's opening of the online Apple Store ( mean that a consumer can buy a built-to-order Macintosh over the Internet. Customers in the United States now have three ways to buy Macintosh computers: through the retail and reseller channel, through direct field sales in education, and through Apple. "We're opening things up and giving our customers...
Nov 10
[MD1] QUALCOMM Acquires Now Software
QUALCOMM Incorporated Announces Acquisition of Now Software SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a world leader in wireless communications and advanced electronic messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced its acquisition of Now Software, a pioneer in cross-platform, personal productivity software. With the acquisition, QUALCOMM gains Now's range of advanced scheduling and calendaring software products that meet a growing demand for individual and enterprise collaboration for both office and mobile users. The acquired Now product line, coupled with its Internet savvy engineering staff, will be incorporated into QUALCOMM's Eudora(R) Division thereby strengthening Eudora's technological leadership in the Internet market. "The acquisition of Now gives QUALCOMM access to exciting new technologies and talented individuals," said Jeff Jacobs, vice president and general manager of QUALCOMM's Eudora Division. It also will provide Eudora's 18...
Nov 07
[MD1] Free QD3D Sample Code
From: Brian Greenstone ( Subject: Free QD3D Sample Code In the spirit of helping to promote QuickDraw 3D, Pangea Software has just made freely available the entire project source code for OreoAnimator. The tool itself probably isn't all that useful to anyone, but it contains a wealth of excellent sample code showing how to do lots of cool stuff with QuickDraw 3D. You can download the source code from the QuickDraw 3D web site, or the Pangea Software web site:
Nov 07
[MD1] Rhapsody's Joy Can Deply to Windows
JOY FOR WINDOWS RELEASED NEW RAPID SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TOOL FOR WINDOWS 95 AND NT VIENNA, Austria, November 7, 1997 -- AAA+ Software today announced the release of "Joy for Windows". Joy is a tool for very quick, interactive software development. Programs developed with Joy run on Windows 95/NT, Apple Rhapsody, and OPENSTEP/Unix, with no porting required. Joy is based on OPENSTEP, a software widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced object-oriented development environments, and used by Apple as the foundation of its new Rhapsody operating system. With Joy, developers can take advantage of the rich object-oriented frameworks of OPENSTEP without the need to get familiar with a complex development environment. Joy boosts developer creativity and productivity by enabling programmers to quickly and interactively try out new ideas. Professional applications can thus be developed step by step, through rapid creation of prototypes. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS - integration with OPENSTEP's...
Nov 07
[MD1] StuffIt InstallerMaker 4.5
INTERNET SAVVY, STUFFIT INSTALLERMAKER 4.5 SHIPS FROM ALADDIN SYSTEMS, INC. Aladdin's Installer Easily and Quickly Creates Custom Installers That Can Download Files From Multiple FTP Sites Watsonville, CA - November 7, 1997 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer and publisher of the worldwide compression standard StuffIt(r), today announced StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm) 4.5 began shipping. InstallerMaker 4.5 allows developers to create Internet savvy installers, that download files from the Internet. InstallerMaker also allows developers to easily create custom software installers that turn standard software into trialware (a time-locked demo) without any coding. InstallerMaker is the only Macintosh installer with automatic trialware creation capability that is also Internet savvy. Trialware created with InstallerMaker can be purchased by end users with the click of a button. "InstallerMaker has grown from just being an Installer for developers to a solution for data distribution for...
Nov 06
[MD1] Metrowerks Acquires ElectricSourceServer
Metrowerks has acquired the ElectricSourceServer (which will now be known as MW SourceServer) MPW Projector SourceServer IDE VCS plug-in. In the future it will be distributed with CW Professional. Metrowerks is opening MW SourceServer up for beta testing if you are interested please send requests to ( Please note that this is a separate Metrowerks Permanent Testing Partners (beta testers) list from any others. If however you currently are a beta tester please note this in your request.
Nov 06
[MD1] Release of QuickTime VR Authoring Studio
Apple Announces Availability of QuickTime VR Authoring Studio CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 6, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, a new professional software application that allows web designers and multimedia authors to quickly and easily create professional quality QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality) panoramas and objects. Apple believes that with QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, QuickTime VR adoption will increase on both the Internet and CD-ROM. "QuickTime VR Authoring Studio radically simplifies the creation of QuickTime VR scenes--both panoramas and objects--for products developed for the Internet and CD-ROM," said David Palermo, QuickTime VR product manager, Apple Computer, Inc. "QuickTime VR Authoring Studio brings ease-of-use and power to all multimedia content developers, web authors and photographers no matter what their skill level is." "Kaidan is proud and excited to have been working with the QuickTime VR team from the...
Nov 06
[MD1] FREE - Stalker Internet Mail Server 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stalker Software Announces Stalker Internet Mail Server 1.5 Key features: faster than Unix mail servers, administration via the Web, extensive multi-domain support. FREE. MILL VALLEY, CA -- Nov 10th, 1997 -- After 3 months of extensive testing by early adopters and after passing several key revisions, the Stalker Internet Mail Server is released to the public today. Stalker Software, Inc. decided to release the MacOS version of the industry-strong SMTP, POP3, "poppwd", NotifyMail server free of charge. The server does not have any demo or trial limitations, and it can be used to support several hundred accounts and multiple domains, as well as being able to distribute mailing lists with several thousand subscribers. This new Stalker product fills the gap between the commercial servers, such as the CommuniGate(tm) Integrated Messaging System, that go beyond the Internet Mail, and entry-level freeware and commercial mail servers available for MacOS. The high...
Nov 06
[MD1] Rhapsody and Yellow Box Apps via CD Sub
QSoft CD Combines Rhapsody and Yellow Box Applications State College, PA USA -- Showing its continued commitment to Apple's next generation operating system, code named Rhapsody, QSoft(TM), a division of VVI-DCS(TM), today announced plans to combine commercial Rhapsody and Yellow Box applications on one CD and provide subscription services for that CD. "Rhapsody and yellow box are multi-platform and rapidly growing and evolving systems. Because of that reliable subscription services and distribution will be major issues for application users for the foreseeable future. As a result, we have produced the QSoft CD. That CD is currently comprised of the applications Create(TM), GraphBuilder(TM), Mesa (TM), OpenBase(TM) and TIFFany(TM). Those applications were distributed with the initial release of Rhapsody (RDR) from Apple and are all high quality solutions.", said Ed VanVliet, acting Project Manager of the QSoft CD productions. He adds, "We are actively engaging cutting-edge Mac OS-...
Nov 05
[MD1] webAlias 1.0
New Macintosh IMAGE MAP EDITOR & ANTI-ALIASING TEXT TOOL Released TORONTO - November 5, 1997 - Lakewood Software today released webAlias 1.0, an integrated image map editor and anti-aliasing text tool for web and graphic designers. Positioned as the first dedicated Mac-based client-side image map editor to feature powerful anti-aliasing text tools, webAlias can be effectively used to design complete web sites, single web pages, and graphic content for multimedia and web design projects. "What we have endeavored to do here is to build a complete web design tool kit that delivers the pixel-level control and attractively rendered text sought by graphic designers," explained David Hutchison, the lead developer at Lakewood Software. "We've integrated support for line, shape, freeform, field, and button objects and wrapped all of this functionality within a WYSIWYG, object-oriented graphic design tool that itself has the 'look and feel' of a web browser." A webAlias project consists of...
Nov 05
[MD1] Mac Software Eng Tools Updated for System 8
For Immediate Release: Macintosh Software Engineering Tools Updated For System 8 MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, November 10, 1997 --- Excel Software, makers of the popular MacA and WinA software engineering tools, today announced an update to its full line of Macintosh products to support Apple's new Macintosh System 8. The updated products include MacAnalyst, MacA, MacTranslator and QuickCRC for Macintosh. MacAnalyst automates system analysis and top level software design using industry standard diagramming methods, integrated text specifications and requirements traceability. MacA has the capabilities of MacAnalyst plus additional detailed design, code generation and code browsing features. MacTranslator generates design diagrams from existing source code including C/C++, Pascal/Object Pascal, Basic and Fortran. QuickCRC is a software design tool for discovering objects and related information for an object-oriented development project using CRC cards that identify classes, responsibilities...
Nov 04
[MD1] MRJ 1.5.1 Release Version
Apple has recently discovered a security hole in MRJ 1.5 and earlier which makes it possible for applets to directly call routines in the Mac OS, contrary to operational guidelines for such software. (MRJ is Apple's implementation of the Java virtual machine.) All customers using MRJ are advised to upgrade immediately to MRJ 1.5.1, to avoid this problem. MRJ 1.5.1 is available now on Apple's web site at If you already have MRJ 1.5 installed, you can download a patching utility to quickly update it to 1.5.1. If you have an earlier version installed, you can download a complete MRJ 1.5.1 installer.
Nov 04
Tango Enterprise 3.0 Sets Standard for Deploying High-Powered Web Applications EveryWare Delivers Upgrade to "Best of Breed" Product Mississauga, Ontario--November 3, 1997--EveryWare Development Inc. (ASE: EVE) announced today it will release a major upgrade to Tango Enterprise, EveryWare's visual Web application development tool. Tango Enterprise 3.0 will be released later this month with over 50 new features providing the Web development community with a cross-platform tool that will increase productivity, reduce time to deployment, and enable project or team-based development. Tango is a powerful Web application development tool that enables professional Web developers and corporate IS departments to quickly create complex business applications for the Web. Tango supports direct native connections, ODBC, and Data Access Language to integrate corporate databases with Web servers. The open standards approach utilized within Tango enables Web developers to also integrate existing...
Nov 04
[MD1] MRJ 1.5.1 Fixes Security Hole
Apple has posted a MRJ 1.5 to 1.5.1 Updater on it's bleeding edge page at The MRJ 1.5 -) 1.5.1 Updater fixes a security hole in MRJ 1.5. They are posting it here to get feedback from the developer community that (a) this updater fixes the security hole and (b) we didn't break something else in the process. We expect to release this to the general public shortly. Please send feedback to, put "UPDATER" in the subject line of your email message. MRJ 68K JITC 1.5 Beta is a Just-in-time compiler for 68030 and 68040 Macintoshes that have MRJ 1.5 installed. The JITC greatly enhances the peformance of many operations in Java. You will need Apple's Disk Copy 6.1.3 utility to mount the MRJ 68K JITC 1.5 Beta install image. If you don't already have Disk Copy, you can find it on: Send Feature Requests and Feedback about MRJ to: Send Bug reports about MRJ to:...
Nov 04
[MD1] JRun 2.0
LIVE SOFTWARE TO RELEASE FREE VERSION OF JRUN 2.0 "SERVLETS EVERYWHERE," JRUN SET TO BECOME THE INDUSTRY STANDARD JAVA SERVLET RUNNER SAN DIEGO, California (November 3, 1997) - Live Software, Inc. announces version 2.0 of their JRun(tm) product line. JRun adds support for the Java(tm) Servlet API to web servers and applications. This exciting new release leverages the technology from JRun version 1.0 and expands the breadth of supported platforms. JRun version 2.0 now fully supports Netscape's FastTrack and Enterprise Server 3.0, Microsoft's Internet Information Server 3.0 and 4.0, Microsoft's Personal Web Server, O'Reilly & Associates' WebSite Pro 2.1, and StarNine's WebSTAR 2.1 and 3.0 for Mac OS. Servlets are Java-based applications written to the Java Servlet API. Servlets are akin to applets running in a browser, but instead run on the server. Through the use of servlets, traditional CGI applications and extensions written in Perl, C/C++, or other languages can be replaced...
Nov 04
[MD1] BBEdit 4.5.1 Update Available
Contact: Sandra Schneible Director of Marketing 617.778.3100 BBEDIT 4.5.1 UPDATE AVAILABLE Bedford, MA. November 04, 1997 - Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the availability of version 4.5.1 of BBEdit, the company's award-winning text and HTML editor. The update, which is free to all registered owners of BBEdit 4.5, can be obtained direct from Bare Bones Software ( or from mirror sites as given by ( This release brings new functionality to the core text-manipulation abilities of BBEdit as well as substantial enhancements to the HTML Tools, and the TableBuilder companion application. BBEdit's best-of-class text search capabilities have been further improved to allow the use of search and replace strings of up to 4096 characters. The Find Differences command has also been enhanced to provide greater control over content matches criteria, as well as to allow more specific selection of files...
Nov 04
[MD1] CompUSA Makes Recommitment to Apple
CompUSA Makes Recommitment to Apple CompUSA Computer Superstores to Feature Apple "Store Within a Store" CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 4, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. and CompUSA Inc. today announced that they are partnering to the launch a new "store within a store" retail format for selling Apple products and technology within CompUSA Computer Superstores (SM) nationwide. CompUSA Computer Superstores will be dedicating significant retail space to Apple computers, software, peripherals and supplies as well as staffing the areas with Apple-trained employees. "We believe in the future of Apple, and we are making a large investment to show our recommitment to Apple," said Jim Halpin, president and CEO of CompUSA. "These specialized departments within our Superstores will offer a superior buying experience for the Apple customer." CompUSA will be outfitting all of its Computer Superstores with dedicated "store within store" environments. The specialized departments will feature displays and...
Nov 03
[MD1] Eudora Internet Mail Server v2.0
QUALCOMM ANNOUNCES AVAILABILITY OF COMMERCIAL VERSION OF EUDORA(R) INTERNET MAIL SERVER (EIMS) V2.0. Commercial Version Includes Multiple Domains, Anti-spam Features, Remote Administration, and Industry-Leading Pricing SAN DIEGO - November 3, 1997 - QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leader in wireless communications and advanced electronic messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced availability of Eudora Internet Mail Server v2.0 (EIMS) for the Mac OS. The EIMS server will join the Eudora family of software products, the world's most popular Internet email solution used by over 18 million users. EIMS 2.0, the second server product )from the Eudora division of QUALCOMM Incorporated, joins Eudora WorldMail(tm) Server for Windows NT. The latest commercial version of the EIMS server includes comprehensive documentation, technical support and new features that directly address the messaging needs of small to medium-sized businesses. QUALCOMM Incorporated licensed the EIMS...
Nov 03
[MD1] Apple Announces US Distribution Strategy
Apple Announces New U.S. Product Distribution Strategy Balanced Distribution Plan Increases Product Availability and Enhances Relationships with Ingram Micro and MicroAge CUPERTINO, California--Nov. 3, 1997--Apple Computer, announced a new U.S. product distribution strategy that will reduce channel inventory, increase Apple advocacy, and streamline channel operations. The Company will leverage long-standing relationships with Ingram Micro Inc. and MicroAge, Inc. to more effectively manage inventory and secure products to resellers and therefore customers faster than ever before. "We're working with distributors who have made a sizable investment and commitment to Apple and are focused on helping us get our products into the channel faster," said Mitch Mandich, senior vice president of the Americas. "Ingram Micro and MicroAge are both increasing the number of resources they dedicate to Apple and improving their advocacy of our products." "Ingram Micro and MicroAge offer the...
Nov 03
[MD1] Apple Showcases Technologies to European Developers
Apple Showcases Platform Technologies to European Developers Annual European Developer Forum 1997 to Focus on Mac OS and Rhapsody Platform Technologies LES ULIS -- Apple Computer, Inc. announced plans to host its fourth annual European Developer Forum 1997 (EDF97) next month for Apple's most strategic European developers, solution providers, content producers, and systems integrators. The three day technology-focused conference will provide in-depth insight into existing and emerging Apple platform technologies for both Mac OS and Windows developers. EDF97, scheduled November 19-21, 1997 at the Pyramides International Convention and Exhibition Center in Brussels, is a key component of Apple's strategy to further enhance its worldwide developer services. Apple Developer Relations' vice president David Krathwohl is expected to deliver the conference's opening keynote address on November 19. This year's conference will also feature keynote speeches by Bertrand Serlet, senior director of...
Oct 31
[MD1] ServletExec Now Cross Platform
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 3, 1997 Media contact: Vince Bonfanti, President New Atlanta Communications, LLC (770) 664-4559 SERVLETEXEC PRODUCT LINE EXPANDED More Features, More Platforms Alpharetta, Georgia - November 3, 1997 - New Atlanta Communications, LLC announces the expansion of their ServletExec(tm) product line to Microsoft and Netscape web servers running on Windows NT and UNIX operating systems. Previously announced for Mac OS, ServletExec adds support for the Java(tm) Servlet API for web servers on these platforms. ServletExec will implement version 1.1 of the Java Servlet API for all supported platforms and web servers. Servlets are Java(tm)-based alternatives to traditional CGI scripts and proprietary C/C++ web server extensions. Servlets provide better performance and scalability than CGI scripts; they are easier to implement and more reliable than C/C++ extensions. There is growing industry awareness of the compelling advantages of server-side...
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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Job Description: Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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