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Feb 23
Timbuktu Pro 2000: Preview Release
Netopia Inc. is pleased to announce the Preview Release of a new generation of Remote Control software: TIMBUKTU PRO 2000. We are inviting you to preview this Beta version, and provide us with feedback based on your experience. Timbuktu Pro 2000 includes the following features: Direct Dial Modem Connection Supporting all virtually all modems, DSL, ISDN, PCMCIA and USB Windows-to-Mac Direct connect with Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS 5.2 Direct TAPI integration Smart Dial for prefixes, suffixes, calling card numbers and more! Cross-platform Universal licensing Mac Win 9x Win NT Win 2000 Complete Internet Communications Internet Locator Service LDAP support Text chat Instant messaging Voice intercom Improved speed with our patented remote control technology This Preview Release and additional information is available for download at: Sincerely, Jeff Porter Vice President Netopia Software Product Marketing
Feb 23
eMerge 1.6.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EMERGE NUDGED TO 1.6.2 BUT DATABASE OPERATIONS GET A TURBOCHARGE. Developers sneak powerful surprises into maintenance release of e-mail tool Contact: Roy Schulze Phone: 416-304-1325 Fax: 416-304-1805 E-mail: TORONTO. February 23, 2000. What started off as a routine maintenance release of Galleon Software's powerful e-mail merge application has ended up with improvements sure to please anyone with a large customer database. eMerge already allowed you to easily import information from your database files or the mailing lists of every major Macintosh e-mail client and list server. But with eMerge 1.6.2 the data now comes in more than three times faster. And exports are more than eleven times faster, so there's less time to wait when you want to process a batch of new customers or build a list of bounced e-mail addresses. eMerge 1.6.2 also gives you greater control over duplicate addresses and now allows you to send...
Feb 23
Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML /mur'mul/)
This was just too funny to pass up. We found it in GMSV this morning. Check out the page at for a full write up of the HTML extension.
Feb 22
Gauge PRO
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Newer Technology Announces Latest Gauge PRO Freeware Application for Mac Users WICHITA, KS, USA-February 22, 2000-Newer Technology, the largest producer of Apple Macintosh upgrades, announces the release of Gauge PRO version 1.0.1. Gauge PRO, a freeware Macintosh performance tool, has been downloaded more than 30,000 times from the Newer website. It is the fifth most popular download from VersionTracker with more than 11,500 downloads and their third most popular freeware download of all time. Gauge PRO provides system specifications including CPU type and speed, backside cache size and cache bus speed, system bus speed as well as temperature and memory performance measurements. A memory test is also included to assist users with more complete diagnostic capability. Gauge PRO is essential for anyone with a processor upgrade as well as anyone who manages multiple Macs and needs a tool to instantly provide system statistics. Gauge PRO ships with all Newer...
Feb 22 Launches FirstStepSite Launches FirstStepSite, an Easy-to-Use, On-line Site Creator Available Free with Domain Registration FirstStepSite provides domain registration customers with a 3-page, customizable, graphics-enhanced site they can build themselves in minutes New York, NY - February 22, 2000 -, Inc. ( today announced the launch of FirstStepSite, a new free tool allowing domain registration customers to create and post their own customized Web sites. With FirstStepSite, customers can purchase a domain name such as for $35 a year and immediately create a Web site at that domain through the easy-to-use, template-driven WebSiteNOW!? online Web site creation software developed by Inabox Inc. Sites for new customers can be viewed on the Internet immediately and are posted at the customer's domain name within 24-hours of creation. "In the past, web site creation was the domain of the technologically savvy, such as web...
Feb 22
Style Master 1.6
Western Civilisation Releases Style Master 1.6 and 1.6 Pro Western Civilisation updates their CSS editor Style Master to version 1.6, refining and enhancing the development of cross-browser cascading style sheets. Bondi Beach, Australia, 22nd February 2000. Western Civilisation announces the release and immediate availability of Style Master 1.6 and Style Master Pro 1.6 for Windows 95/98/NT and the Macintosh. ( With this release, the ZDNet 5 Star rated style sheet editor refines and enhances its already powerful, intuitive support for editing CSS1 and CSS2 style sheets. Style Master 1.6 provides a comprehensive style sheets development solution for CSS1 and CSSP. Style Master Pro takes the solution to the next level with added support for CSS2, the complete style sheets standard. With Style Master and Style Master Pro developers can * create and edit sophisticated style sheets with point and click ease. * get up to speed fast with the interactive...
Feb 22
Visual Projector
From: Caerwyn Pearce ( Subject: Visual Projector 1.0 released For immediate release. Visual Projector 1.0.0 allows users of Apples MPW Projector and SourceServer to examine the status of files on disk and within projector databases. Filtering of files makes it easy to see which ones aren't under project control. The filtered display of projector databases highlights which files already under version control are checked out and to whom. Current Features include Display and filter disk files by ckid status. Launch files from Visual Projector Display of files and their status in any ProjectorDB. Display and filter Projector databases recursively. For further information check the online documentation at DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTION Visual Projector is a $15 shareware application. It can be included free of charge on shareware CD-ROMs but the complete package must be included and the author should be notified. Download application and...
Feb 21
PrinterMate: AppleTalk Printing Management
From: Phil Wood ( Subject: [ANN] AppleTalk Printing Management Made Easy PRINTERMATE Announcing the release of PrinterMate Version 1.0.2 PrinterMate is a cost effective Macintosh shareware application that provides an efficient and flexible means of administering AppleTalk networked printers. PrinterMate provides: * Extensible functionality * Manual or automatic operation * Auto-restart facility * Ability to store results in a database PrinterMate can be used to monitor any number of printers across multiple zones. It collects information about each printer, which can be displayed in a window, written to a file, or forwarded to a user-defined AppleScript. The PrinterMate process may be run manually, or through an automatic timer mechanism. You can specify the selected printers to be processed repeatedly, enabling the accumulation of printer profiles, reports etc. At the end of each processing run a user-defined AppleScript can be executed, allowing analysis of...
Feb 20
Collectible: Rare Mac Gaming Leather Jacket
Hi! I thought you might interested in this. Not exactly hard core developer news -- but a nice holiday weekend post nevertheless. :) Back in 1996, the Apple Game Sprockets team made a set of incredibly cool leather jackets to promote the Mac as a "Serious Game Hardware" machine. They took a really cool $500 bomber jacket -- and then embroidered them with a special and fairly complex design on the back. The logo includes a special camouflage Apple logo, target and game weaponry. (See picture at URL below) ONLY 20 of these jackets were made -- and are extremely rare. In fact, other than the ones that we have/had, I've only seen one other. MacTech was fortunate enough to get a few of these some time back -- and the other day, I came across an extra one in my closet at home that had never been worn. This jacket is now on auction on eBay. If you are interested -- or want to see a picture, check out: This is a...
Feb 18
Sherlock Interface for DevDepot
NEW SHERLOCK INTERFACE FOR DevDepot! A whole new way to find Developer Tools! DevDepot(r) announces a free, downloadable plug-in that allows you to browse the Depot from your desktop. Finding the latest release of your favorite Developer tool or resource is now as easy as finding a file on your hard disk! DevDepot is your source for the widest selection of Macintosh programming and developer tools. Whether you are an application developer, a web developer, or a system administrator -- whether you're looking for compilers, editors, servers, or system tools -- the Depot has the products you need! Sherlock 2 is a powerful new feature of the Mac OS that allows you to search the Internet, right from your desktop. Simply type "command-F" or choose "find" from the File menu in the finder to launch Sherlock. Sherlock comes with plug-ins for searching many different kinds of Internet content. Now, with the DevDepot plug-in, you can find the latest developer tools as well. The plug-in...
Feb 18
Perl CGI auto-creator
DMBWriter is a Macintosh application to write customized perl message board script. You need no perl knowledge but a little HTML knowledge and Mac. You customize templates and it spits out a script. It is basically a DoubleMessageBoard type cgi but with a few extra steps you can have it GuestBook type cgi or something looks like Thread type BBS. You can download it from: B. Uchina
Feb 17
Meltdown RocketFire: 3 New FireWire/USB Upgrades
MELTDOWN SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES THREE NEW FIREWIRE PRODUCTS LENEXA, KANSAS -- February 18, 2000 -- Meltdown Systems, in partnership with MacWorks, today announced the addition of three new FireWire products to the RocketFire line: the RocketFire PC Card, the RocketFire FireWire/USB PCI Card, and the RocketFire FireWire PCI Card. FireWire (or IEEE1394) is a special interface for connecting high speed computer peripherals like digital cameras and camcorders, audio recorders and storage devices. In addition, Firewire is capable of configuring itself so peripherals can be plugged in without the need for powering down and rebooting each time. The RocketFire FireWire/USB PCI Card provides both high speed FireWire and USB ports on a single PCI card. The RocketFire FireWire/USB PCI Card includes four ports -- two FireWire and two USB -- and is compatible with either Macintosh or Windows/PC desktop machines that have one available PCI slot. All four ports support cable power and can be used...
Feb 17
Analyzer 2.0 for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WAVES IN MOTION RELEASES ANALYZER 2.0 FOR FILEMAKER PRO Extensive customer feedback pushes development tool to new . . . depths Contact: Vince Menanno Phone: 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 E-mail: Web: PHOENIX. February 15, 2000. Ask a room full of typically vociferous FileMaker developers what they like least about their job, and most will tell you it's the prospect of making changes to projects with hundreds or even thousands of elements, countless cross references, and no documentation. Then present them with a development tool to help them through these problems, and they'll let you know quickly how you can make that better, too. "When we first developed the Analyzer two years ago, it was based primarily on my experience developing and documenting large FileMaker projects and my frustration with FileMaker's limited development tools," says Vince Menanno, president of Waves in Motion. "And being the only FileMaker...
Feb 17
Connectix Virtual PC with Red Hat Linux
Connectix Teams with Red Hat for Linux on Macintosh Introducing Connectix Virtual PC with Red Hat Linux, the easy-to-use Linux solution for Mac users SAN MATEO, Calif. February 15, 2000 Connectix Corporation, makers of the best-selling and award-winning Virtual PC (VPC) family of products, today announced the signing of a new OEM agreement with Red Hat Inc. (NasdaqNM:RHAT), the leading provider of open source Linux operating system solutions. Under this agreement, Connectix will ship a new version of Virtual PC with Red Hat Linux pre-installed, bringing this popular version of Linux, which is currently available only on PCs, to the Mac users. The combination of Red Hat's open source expertise and Connectix's PC emulation technology gives Macintosh customers access to the power and control of open source Linux-based OSes, said Paul McNamura, director of Enterprise Market Unit, Red Hat, Inc. Under this agreement, Macintosh users will be able to easily use a PC version of Red Hat, right...
Feb 16
PowerLogix RapidFire FireWire/USB PCI Card
MACWORLD TOKYO, JAPAN -- February 16, 2000 -- Powerlogix, the leader in Power Macintosh G3 and G4 processor upgrades, today announced the release of the revolutionary new RapidFire FireWire USB Multifunction PCI card (photo attached). FireWire (or IEEE1394) is a special interface for connecting high speed computer peripherals like digital cameras and camcorders, audio recorders and storage devices. In addition, Firewire is capable of configuring itself so peripherals can be plugged in without the need for powering down and rebooting each time. The RapidFire card includes three FireWire ports. It also offers two USB ports which allow connection to any USB devices. The RapidFire card, combined with a PowerForce G3 or G4 processor, is the most economical way to upgrade an older Mac with all the features of the latest PowerMacs. "The RapidFire card is a great option for older Macs upgraded with G3 or G4 cards. Now, users can get the same processor, FireWire support, and USB support of the...
Feb 16
Apple Unveils New ibook, PowerBook and Power Mac G4 Lines
Apple Unveils New iBook, PowerBook and Power Mac G4 Lines New iBook Special Edition in Stunning Graphite Leads New iBook Lineup Mac OS X to Include Highest-Quality Japanese Fonts MACWORLD EXPO TOKYO -February 16, 2000-In a keynote presentation here, Apple today unveiled new iBook, PowerBook and Power Mac G4 lines, and announced that the forthcoming Mac OS X operating system will include the highest-quality Japanese fonts available. The new iBook line builds upon the success of the most popular consumer portable on the market* and includes the debut of iBook Special Edition. Featuring double the memory and hard drive size, all three new iBook models come standard with 64MB of memory and a 6GB hard drive. iBook Special Edition features a faster 366 MHz PowerPC G3 processor and, like iMac DV Special Edition, comes in a stunning Graphite-color enclosure. PowerBook, Apple's incredibly successful portable for creative professionals, is now the fastest portable ever**. Powered by PowerPC G3...
Feb 16
SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card
Farallon Announces SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card for Macintosh PowerBooks and PC Notebooks 11Mb 802.11b HR DSSS LAN connectivity for cross-platform networking without wires. SAN LEANDRO, Calif. February 16th, 2000 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for Macs and PCs, today announced an 11Mb version of their popular SkyLINE Wireless PC Card for portable computers. SkyLINE provides both Macintosh PowerBook and PC notebook users access to network resources such as file servers, email, printers and the Internet without the hassle of wires. Due to ship in April 2000, Farallons SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card is based on the currently shipping award-winning 2Mb SkyLINE solution. In addition, SkyLINE 11Mb comes with support for 40-bit WEP encryption and enhanced Control Panels for simplified configuration and management. As with the 2Mb version, SkyLINE 11Mb is compatible with Apple's AirPort wireless solutions as well as other IEEE 802.11...
Feb 16
WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b13 from MDG
WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b13 is now available! Complete information is available at Overview: * Auto creation of PDF's of Confirmation Orders * Auto Printing of approved/completed web orders * Canadian GST/PST Tax Support * New Tag (User_Platform), returns Mac, Win, Other * New Tag (User_Browser), returns NetScape, Microsoft, Other * Added Product Actions - Sending Email/Adding Realms after Order is approved via Authorizenet * Added POP support for module WS4D/eEmail-Search * Supports Unique Products on StoreFront * Ability to Show Quantity Available * Different HTML Pages for each Product * Ability to Send Emails per product after order is Approved * Ability to Add User To Realms per product after order is Approved * Expiring Users for Realms * Bug Fixes 3.2 will be a free upgrade for anyone running version 3.0 - 3.1.1. Michael Ginsberg Internet: MDG Computer Services, Inc. Web...
Feb 15
SecurePass 2.0
February 14, 2000. Highwinds Trading Company unveils upgrade to SecurePass ( for the Macintosh. Version 2.0 of SecurePass raises the strength of encryption (with "Blowfish") to 512 bits. It is available only to US and Canadian users. SecurePass(tm) is an encrypted database utility (strong encryption) for storage and management of passwords and security keys. Eliminates the temptation for maintaining stupid passwords because it is so quick and easy getting into the database, and out with what you need. - optionally creates true randomized strings as suggestions for new passwords. - optionally stores URLs for the services with passwords, and provides direct links. - optionally transfers passwords to the clipboard so that they can be pasted anywhere you need. - Simple user interface. - Optimized for management of online passwords, but can be used to store other things as well. - Compatible with MacOS...
Feb 15
CDFinder 2.7.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CDFINDER 2.7.1 RELEASED February 13, 2000, Moerfelden, Germany The author today announced the immediate availability of version 2.7.1 of CDFinder, the popular shareware disk catalog tool for the Macintosh. The new version is free for all registered owners of CDFinder and can be obtained from the CDFinder-Homepage ( A single user license is $20, multi user licenses are available. CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to create catalog files of your hard disks, floppies, ZIP's and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires at least a 68020 or PowerPC CPU. While System 7 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 9. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/Swedish/Chinese). New features in CDFinder 2.7.1: - Memory management has been completely reworked and is much more efficient. -...
Feb 12
Codenautics Software's Meshwork 1.7: 3D Trimesh Modeling
Codenautics Software is proud to announce version 1.7 of Meshwork, the premier 3D trimesh modeling application for MacOS. This release introduces an important new feature: "pinned-mode texture mapping," which allows the user to have complete control over the texture coordinates for every point in the 3D model. This allows artists to make more efficient use of texture memory by combining the textures for several different parts of the model into one image. Previously, Meshwork users who needed this level of control were forced to use a third-party texturing application as a post-processing step. This was cumbersome, and often meant repeating the texture mapping work whenever the geometry changed. With the new pinned-mode texture mapping of Meshwork 1.7, artists can meet all their texture mapping needs within one modeling program. Meshwork can now be used to produce the type of models used such games as Quake and The Sims, with a smooth, integrated workflow and no repeated work....
Feb 09
conexs: Live conversation/chat via the Net
Smith Micro Introduces New Internet Service That Offers Mass Market Internet Communication for Apple(R) Computer Users Everywhere Aliso Viejo, CA-- January, 2000 -- Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI), a developer and marketer of Internet and communications software, today announced the introduction of the Mac client software for conexs(TM), its mass market Internet communications service that offers real-time Internet chat and telephone capabilities. As an Internet communication service, conexs brings live conversation and chat to your computer via the Internet, making it a cost-efficient alternative to traditional telephone services. When the conexs software application is installed on a Macintosh, users can register with the Internet host server for free to establish a user account. conexs links Internet users together, enabling everyone to be a part of a new generation of Internet communication, and making conexs part of a new wave of Internet communication...
Feb 09
Perl CGI auto-creator
From: "B. Uchina" ( Subject: Introducing Perl CGI auto-creator (on-line software for Macintosh) DMBWriter is a Macintosh application to write customized perl message board script. You need no perl knowledge but a little HTML knowledge and Mac. You customize templates and it spits out a script. It is basically a DoubleMessageBoard type cgi but with a few extra steps you can have it GuestBook type cgi or something looks like Thread type BBS. You can download it from: B. Uchina
Feb 08
Email Merge 1.8.5
Sig Software is proud to announce Email Merge version 1.8.5. Email Merge is an intuitive program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It takes a database and a message template, and merges the two to rapidly and effortlessly create customized email messages in Outlook Express, Eudora, Claris Emailer or Mailsmith. Version 1.8.5 adds support for version 5 of FileMaker Pro, allows the display font to be selected (for non-Roman scripts) and includes various other minor improvements. The Email Merge page is at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Feb 07
Be Unveils BeIA: For Internet Appliances and Entertertainment
BE UNVEILS BeIA, NEW SOFTWARE PLATFORM FOR INTERNET APPLIANCES AND ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES BeIA Delivers Superior Performance and Flexibility for Next-Generation Post-PC Lifestyle Devices Demo 2000 Conference, Indian Wells, Calif.-February 7, 2000-Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today formally announced BeIA(tm), previously known by the code name Stinger, its software platform for appliances that deliver information and entertainment over the Internet. At the basis of these devices is the need for a simple, intuitive means of accessing the Internet without the cost, complexity and hassles often associated with personal computers. Characterized by exceptional media handling, unfaltering stability, and broad application flexibility, devices based on the BeIA platform will deliver the richest possible web experience to consumers at a low cost and with the ease of use typical of popular consumer electronics appliances. BEIA: SOFTWARE PLATFORM FOR THE POST-PC ERA BeIA is a device-independent...
Feb 04
ACI US Offers Course for FileMaker Pro Developers
ACI US news for immediate release Contacts ACI US Marketing ACI US Engineering Jim Staples Jr. Raymond Manley 800-881-3466 x4609 800-881-3466 x4695 February 4, 2000. San Jose, CA. San Jose, CA. ACI US Offers Course for FileMaker Pro Developers ACI US, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension (4D) RAD/RDBMS Environment announced today that they will offer a two-day intensive course designed for FileMaker Pro developers interested in learning about the powerful solutions 4D has to offer. This course will cover a myriad of topics ranging from basic terminology to Wizard functions. All course participants will receive the course CD that contains extensive tools, code and documentation. "Our training courses continually strive to demonstrate to everyone within the development community, the full, functional power of 4D," said Brendan Coveney, President of ACI US, Inc. "With the 'Upgrading from FileMaker Pro to...
Feb 03
Basic4D 2.0.3: VBA in 4D
For more information contact Adrienne L. Coerper Director of Marketing and Administration Automated Solutions Group (714) 375-4252 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces Basic4D 2.0.3 Maintenance Release VBA Compatible Language and COM Object Interface Plug-in for 4th Dimension Huntington Beach, CA - February 3, 2000: Automated Solutions Group announces the release of Basic4D 2.0.3 update, a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)-compatible language and COM object interface plug-in for 4th Dimension and Windows. Using Basic4D, you can now provide an interface between your 4D applications and standard Windows VBA compliant applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. In addition, Basic4D provides the ability to create and communicate with any Windows COM object (ActiveX control) that does not require a user interface, greatly extending the power and functionality of your existing 4D applications. New Basic4D v2.0.3...
Feb 03
Macworld Tokyo: You're Invited
IDG World Expo Japan, Apple Japan, Apple Developer Connection, and MacTech Magazine would like to invite you to see the Developer Central and Net Innovators special interest pavilion at the upcoming MACWORLD Expo Tokyo. Below is information on this important event taking place February 16-19, 2000. ******************************************************************* (This information can be also found on our web site, at General Information Name: MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo 2000 Dates: February 16 - 19, 2000 (4 days) 10:30 am - 6:00 pm (5:00 pm on February 19) Venue: Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-0023 Phone + Organizer: IDG WORLD EXPO JAPAN INC., The JAPAN INDUSTRIAL JOURNAL, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc., The Sankei Shimbun, Fuji Television Network Inc., Mainichi Communications Inc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Access to the...
Feb 03
WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b10
From: Michael Ginsberg ( Subject: [ANN] WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b10 Now Available WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b10 is now available! Complete information is available at Overview: * Auto Printing of approved/completed web orders * Canadian GST/PST Tax Support * New Tag (User_Platform), returns Mac, Win, Other * New Tag (User_Browser), returns NetScape, Microsoft, Other * Added Product Actions - Sending Email/Adding Realms after Order is approved via Authorizenet * Added POP support for module WS4D/eEmail-Search * Supports Unique Products on StoreFront * Ability to Show Quantity Available * Different HTML Pages for each Product * Ability to Send Emails per product after order is Approved * Ability to Add User To Realms per product after order is Approved * Expiring Users for Realms * Bug Fixes 3.2 will be a free upgrade for anyone running version 3.0 - 3.1.1. Michael Ginsberg Internet: MDG...
Feb 02
WAP solution for FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Pro Databases Go Wireless Affordable WAP solution for workgroups and individuals announced by Norwegian-based Viventus AS OSLO, Norway - February 2, 2000 - Viventus AS, today announced the first affordable Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) solution for FileMaker Pro, the popular database solution from FileMaker, Inc. Users can now access, enter and update information to desktop based FileMaker Pro databases directly from cellular phones supporting WAP using the FileMaker Pro Tool-Kit available from Viventus ( starting at $500 (US). As Europe and other parts of the world move to embrace WAP technology, Viventus ( a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, is at work forging alliances working with cellular phone companies such as Nokia and Ericsson to build the next generation of wireless information systems. Using FileMaker Pro databases, which allow for rapid application development (RAD), Viventus targets small to medium sized businesses and...
Feb 02
CWProjector 3.3 and CWCVS 2.2
From: Richard Wesley ( Subject: [Ann] CWProjector 3.3 and CWCVS 2.2 released For immediate release. Electric Fish, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of new versions of our CodeWarrior version control plug-ins CWProjector and CWCVS. CWProjector (( provides a complete GUI interface for the Apple SourceServer tool from inside the CodeWarrior IDE and is is ideal for small shops, students and shareware developers. CWCVS (( integrates the full power of the cross-platform CVS version control system into the CodeWarrior IDE and is a great choice for cross-platform development efforts. For version 3.3, CWProjector has added database retry logic and now allows copying of check in comments. CWCVS 2.2 sports a new comment command and adds support the Finder coloring feature originally in CWProjector. Various small bugs have also been fixed in both plug-ins. The plug-ins...
Feb 02
Macintosh ODBC Fix for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE METACOMMUNICATIONS ANNOUNCES IT IS SHIPPING A FREE FIX FOR MACINTOSH ODBC CONNECTIVITY TO MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 7.0. IOWA CITY, IA - February 2, 2000 - MetaCommunications announced today that it has developed and is shipping a free fix for Macintosh ODBC connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. This fix allows users of products like Microsoft Office 98 to connect and extract information from Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 databases. This functionality was previously available to Macintosh users using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, but was lost during the recent release of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. The software is a server side fix and is easy to install and remove. AVAILABILITY The installer software may be downloaded from the MetaCommunications web site at ABOUT METACOMMUNICATIONS MetaCommunications is a leading software developer of client server business solutions for the graphic arts industry. Founded in 1991, MetaCommunications is...
Feb 02
ShrinkWrap 3.5.1 for iDisk
ALADDIN SYSTEMS' SHRINKWRAP SOFTWARE PROVIDES APPLE'S iDISK USERS WITH INTERNET FILE SAFETY ShrinkWrap Encryption Capabilities Provide Protection For iDisk Files From Unauthorized Viewing And Maintains Transparent Access To Data Watsonville, California - February 2, 2000 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ALHI), announced today that ShrinkWrap 3.5.1, a new update, is perfect for iDisk customers to secure their data and maintain transparent access to the data, because it encrypts image files and supports network volumes. ShrinkWrap(tm), the quickest and easiest way to create and distribute disk images, provides encryption security for iDisk(tm) users, an Internet storage service provided by Apple Computer's iTools(tm). With ShrinkWrap, iDisk users can create an exact byte-for-byte image of a file, encrypt it, and then save it to iDisk. ShrinkWrap's powerful 40-bit encryption delivers security to both compressed and read/write...
Feb 01
Aladdin DropZip
ALADDIN SYSTEMS, INC. SHIPS ALADDIN DROPZIP, A MACINTOSH ZIP COMPRESSOR DropZip Provides Easy Drag-and-Drop Zip Compression For Convenient Cross-Platform Communication San Francisco, CA- Macworld EXPO- January 5, 2000 - Aladdin Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ALHI), today announced it is shipping Aladdin DropZip(tm), a new Zip compression product for Macintosh users to aid in cross-platform Internet communication. DropZip helps Macintosh users easily communicate with PC users who don't have StuffIt(r) already installed on their machine, by allowing them to create Zip-compressed archives, a popular compression format on the Windows platform. A Zip archive is a compressed file or folder that ends with the extension ".zip." The zip format is popular on the Windows platform, and is sometimes used as a cross-platform compression format. DropZip is a Macintosh program that creates Zip archives and is compatible with Zip files created on...
Feb 01
Media Cleaner Power Suite 4.0.2
MEDIA CLEANER POWER SUITE 4.0.2 CLOCKS 10X SPEED INCREASES FOR STREAMING MEDIA COMPRESSION Media 100's Terran Interactive today released Media Cleaner Power Suite 4.0.2, offering dramatically increased speeds for preparing streaming media. Media Cleaner Power Suite version 4.0.2 is a free software upgrade, and is also available to first time buyers at $5,995.00 US Dollars. New Features: * Acceleration of DV Source The Media Cleaner Power Suite accelerates the reading, decoding, processing, filtering and encoding of video files. (For time test chart, visit * Increased Compression Speeds The Media Cleaner Power Suite saves web and digital video producers time and money by increasing video compression speeds. The Media Cleaner Power Suite now enables developers to encode QuickTime content 5 to 10 times faster on a single system. * Support for all G4 Macintosh Systems With the release of version 4.0.2, developers can now use the Media Cleaner Power...
Feb 01
MacPopUp Instant Messenger
For immediate release MacPopUp Instant Messenger Released MacPopUp 1.0 allows Mac OS, Windows and Linux users to exchange messages on any local network. February 1, 2000 - Today Kanex Group Inc. released MacPopUp 1.0. MacPopUp is a program that allows Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network (LAN). With MacPopUp, you can send and receive messages from different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, Linux and other UNIX OSes. MacPopUp is compatible with the Microsoft WinPopup application and the similar clients in other operating systems. What can be faster than the real time? You would like to have the high-speed way of communication in your office, company or college, then MacPopUp is what you are looking for. With MacPopUp you can send any text messages to your colleagues, friends or everybody else in the real time. Now it's become possible to work on your Macintosh using powerful networks for...
Jan 31
Black Cat File Clerk 1.06
Press Release - File Clerk 1.06 Release date: 26/1/2000 Black Cat File Clerk for Mac A new shareware program - Black Cat File Clerk - is now available to make deleting, renaming, moving or copying Mac files simplicity itself. Available for download from and costing only $35 (approximately 20) to register, this utility uses a simple listing of source and destination allowing you to click and select a file or group of files and handle them however you wish without having to use the Mac Finder. Black Cat File Clerk facilities include: - File Copy. - File Move. - File Rename. - File Delete. - File Find. - Display File or Folder Information. - Create New Folders. - Show Hidden Files. - Set & Edit Hidden File Flags. The downloadable Black Cat File Clerk' allows you to evaluate the software for 30 days in one hour sessions. It comes complete with a User Guide PDF written in plain English and a registration program via Kagi which allows you to pay by credit card...
Jan 28
From: Marin Saric ( Subject: [ANN] METAL BASIC v1.3 released For Immediate Release Galactic Dreams Software proudly presents METAL v1.3! METAL v1.3 is a 100% free extended BASIC language metacompiler. See below for download info. One of the fastest BASICs around, METAL (Meta Language) has a rich command library that includes powerful graphics, sound, speech, math and file I/O routines. METAL is a complete programming environment that readily produces standalones and features numerous examples, 2800 lines of hypertextual documentation and a new pleasant to use editor. METAL is used in scientific research around the globe (quick calculations), in software development companies (for prototyping), in K-12 and higher education and, of course, by the beginners who are trying to enter the world of programming. What's new in METAL v1.3 (a brief summary): - new cool examples: a real raytracer, starfield and fractals! - new commands for graphics, file I/O, console and...
Jan 28
Thursby's MacNFS
Thursby Software Introduces New NFS Software for the Macintosh January 31, 2000 -- Arlington, Texas -- Thursby Software announced today that MacNFS, its new Macintosh-based version of Sun's Network File System (NFS) is available for immediate purchase. Designed exclusively for the Macintosh, MacNFS offers several advantages: Users can share files with other Macintosh users and multiple-vendored UNIX machines from their desktop, Data can be shared with DOS and Windows users, increasing productivity in a multi-platform environment, MacNFS allows access to corporate intranets, the Internet and remote access via PPP for enhanced communication and greater flexibility. Thursby Software provides a fully functional free evaluation of MacNFS on their web site at MacNFS is available for $149 retail. For corporate and educational multi-pack and site license information and pricing, contact Thursby Software at As part of this new product introduction,...
Jan 27
Eiffel for Macintosh
Object Tools is pleased to announce the latest version of Eiffel for Macintosh CodeWarrior. This is the Beta 5 release and should be the last beta before final release, (Apple would call it a Golden Master candidate) so please try it out and let us know what you think. You can download it from: Works on all CW versions from Gold 11 to Pro 5.3. Eiffel for Macintosh is now well integrated with the CodeWarrior IDE. We have nearly doubled the speed of the compiler. The compiler now reports multiple errors instead of stopping on the first. What was known as the MOTEL library is now known as Honey. The compiler now adds generated .c files to the Code group correctly. Eiffel projects are better organized, reflecting the separation of concerns in Eiffel. We now support the create keyword, rather than !! (still supported but flagged). The class creators clause now prefers the create keyword rather than creation. All known bugs have been...
Jan 26
ASG StructNamesPack for 4D
For more information contact Adrienne L. Coerper Director of Marketing and Administration Automated Solutions Group (714) 375-4252 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces StructNamesPack Obtain arrays of method names, list names and form names for a given table. Huntington Beach, CA - January 26, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of StructNamesPack, a suite of routines for obtaining arrays of method names, list names, and form names for a given table. About StructNamesPack StructNamesPack includes a variety of functions, designed to enhance any 4th Dimension application, providing a suite of plug-in routines. Included in StructNamesPack are the following features: * Build an array of 4th Dimension lists * Build an array of Project Methods * Build an array of Forms for a given Table "We (OSMOSE Editeur) are very proud that ASG accepted to distribute our products in North America, and hope that the series 'Les plug-ins...
Jan 26 Announces One-Step Registrations Announces One-Step Registrations New application Domain Manager 3.0 provides faster domain registration, allowing customers to register new domain names in just one step New York, NY - January 26, 2000 -, Inc. (, one of the Internet's leading domain name registrars, today announced the launch of Domain Manager 3.0, allowing customers to register domain names in seconds. A domain management application proprietary to, Domain Manager 3.0 can now provide existing customers with faster domain registration service, as well as management tools to update domain information in real time. "Domain Manager 3.0 makes getting a name both faster and easier," said CEO and President Richard Forman. "In this market, sometimes just a few minutes can make the difference between getting a name and missing out. Now, all our existing customers have to do is log in, enter a name, click on a button, and the name...
Jan 26
VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE WEB SITE TURBO 3.0.2 Update of the web page and image optimizer Germany, 26 January 2000. Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0.2. VSE Web Site Turbo is a tool that tries to prevent web surfers from leaving a web site before it has been loaded. It does that by making web pages load as fast as possible. VSE Web Site Turbo strips unneeded data from web pages, resulting in size reductions averaging from 20 to 50 percent based on content. It also optimizes JPEG and GIF images. The appearance of the web page is not changed. The faster a web site loads, the better is the visitor's impression of the company, the web site and the product. NEW IN VSE WEB SITE TURBO 3.0.2 The new version fixes several minor bugs and a conflict with the Palm Desktop Extension that could lead to a crash. It also offers a new preferences option that allows the user to filter special files. Further information about VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0.2:...
Jan 26
VSE Update Finder 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE Update Finder 2.0 New version of the freeware that finds updates for any Mac program Germany, 26 January 2000. Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced the release of an update to their freeware application VSE Update Finder. VSE Update Finder finds any application on a hard disk and allows the user to find the latest version of any application with an easy to use interface. With VSE Update Finder, Mac users always have the latest version of their software. NEW IN VSE UPDATE FINDER 2.0 The new version now supports all volumes, which are mounted in the Finder (and not only the boot volume). It also fixes the problem that prevented Update Finder from building the application list on some Macs. Furthermore, has been added to the list of searchable databases. VSE Update Finder now supports 15 databases on the Internet. Further information about VSE Update Finder: DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTION VSE Update...
Jan 25
AppMaker #12 Update to Generate Scriptable Applications
AppMaker Generates Scriptable Applications Grantham, NH - January 25, 2000 - Bowers Development has posted an update for AppMaker #12 to generate scriptable applications. With this update, AppMaker generates the 'aete' resource, and code to resolve object references, to handle GetData and SetData events, and to create elements. This update supports PowerPlant. In the coming weeks we will post updates for our other languages. Another new feature in this update is the ability to "override" generated code with your own code. You can specify an override name for the App, Doc, windows, dialogs, or DataDefs. AppMaker's generated code will instantiate your class instead of the standard class. Your override class is assumed to be a subclass of the standard class. I.e. your code overrides the standard code. The update is available for download from About AppMaker - AppMaker is a programming tool that makes it faster and easier to make a Macintosh...
Jan 25
Media Design in*Progress ships Interaction 3.0
MEDIA DESIGN IN*PROGRESS SHIPS INTERACTION 3.0 New release improves Interaction's support for server-side XML, advances the membership subscription capabilities and introduces additional features for making dynamic and personalized websites without requiring scripting. SAN DIEGO CA, January 25, 2000: Media Design in*Progress ships Interaction 3.0, the XML based Mac web server companion for building and hosting personalized, social websites. Key new features includes integrated Emil XML editor, expiration of membership subscriptions, conditional content that adapts to the membership status, prerequisite restrictions to personalize pages depending on browsing history, upgraded visitor monitor, OSA scriptability and recordability, among others. Interaction 3.0 can be downloaded from: "Interaction 3.0 has a completely revised user interface and introduces substantial advances" said Terje Norderhaug, President of Media Design in*Progress. "The new...
Jan 24
Analog Helper 1.2
From: Gideon Greenspan ( To: ( Sig Software is proud to announce the release of Analog Helper 1.2. Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for Analog, which is a free program to analyze the logfiles from your web server. Analog Helper lets you control and preview the results of hundreds of settings. Version 1.2 adds full support for Analog 4 and full integration of the Report Magic add-on for Advanced HTML reporting. The Analog Helper page is at : Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Jan 23
MetaCard 2.3: Cross-Platform Development
For immediate release Contact: Scott Raney (, 303-447-3936 METACARD SOLIDIFIES LEAD IN CROSS-PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT Boulder, Jan 24, 2000 --- MetaCard Corporation continues to deliver on the promise of hassle-free cross-platform development. Whether you need it for application development or multimedia authoring, MetaCard 2.3 has the features to make the job go quickly and smoothly: * Support for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000, all popular UNIX platforms including Linux, and MacOS 68K and PowerPC. No preprocessing, recompiling, redesign, or platform-specific debugging is required to deploy an application on all platforms simultaneously. MetaCard has a fully functional development environment on all platforms and doesn't rely on limited-function "players". * Native look and feel on all platforms, with cross-platform support for advanced controls including combo-boxes, auto-scrolling hierarchical menus, and a tab control. Combined with built-in support for popular audio,...
Jan 21
DICOM Import Component for QuickTime SDK
Escape Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of its beta campaign for DICOM Import v1.1 which provides programmatic access to all DICOM non-image data. A developer toolkit (SDK) is available for MacOS developers. DICOM Import provides access to the non-image data of DICOM files by exploiting the QuickTime Atom architecture. Thus developers only need to use existing QuickTime API calls to gain access to such data. How to join the beta team ------------------------- Developers interested in participating in the beta campaign, please fill out the special registration form that is available on our home page at ( There, one will also find: - detailed instructions on the structure of the QuickTime Atoms used by DICOM Import - sample code in C of a complete DICOM file parser - a section on the QuickTime Atom architecture for those who are unfamiliar with this excellent technology About DICOM Import ------------------ DICOM Import is a new...
Jan 20
LaCie: PocketDrives with USB *and* FireWire Support
For Immediate Release LaCie Shipping Newly Announced Removeable Storage Solutions Industry Firsts Include: 6GB, 18GB PocketDrives with USB and FireWire Support FireWire 37GB External HD 12X CD-RW Drives HILLSBORO, OR (January 20, 2000) Less than a week after unveiling three revolutionary storage solutions to crowds of onlookers at MACWORLD, LaCie announced today that it has already begun shipping the new products. Designed to meet the capacity and performance requirements of content developers, A/V professionals and on-the-go users, the new devices include the world's smallest 6GB and 18GB hard drives with both FireWire and USB support, the industry's highest-capacity FireWire desktop drive, and a 12X CD-RW drive--the industry's fastest burner for Macintosh Computers. Building on the success of its original award-wining PocketDrive which was introduced with a SCSI interface in 1991, LaCie's new PocketDrive hard drives are the first peripherals to offer both Universal Serial Bus (...

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