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Jul 22
[MD1] Macintosh VRML Support
Contacts: Marisa Shumway Intervista Software, Inc. Ph: 415-543-8765, ext. 244 Email: INTERVISTA SOFTWARE LAUNCHES MACINTOSH VERSION OF ITS INDUSTRY-ACCLAIMED WORLDVIEW 2.0 Intervista Delivers On High Demand for Macintosh VRML Support SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 21, 1997-- Intervista Software, a leading provider of three-dimensional interactive software for the Internet, today announced the Macintosh operating system (OS) version of its successful WorldView 2.0 software, the companys Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)-based Internet browser. "The immediate availability of the much-anticipated Macintosh version will empower users with the ability to create and experience interactive 3D content and applications for the Internet and private Intranets," said Tony Parisi, president and chief technology officer at Intervista Software. "The number of VRML worlds on the Internet is exploding and until now, Macintosh users have been unable to view them. We...
Jul 21
[MD1] CodeWarrior for BeOS, Release 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Gordy Davies Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4797 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR BeOS RELEASE 3 AUSTIN, Texas -July 21, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are now shipping a new release of CodeWarrior for BeOS, the Be-native version of its award-winning Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CodeWarrior for BeOS Release 3 includes CodeWarrior's BeOS-native IDE and PowerPC compilers used to build software applications for the BeOS, which runs on the BeBox personal computer manufactured by Be Inc. and many other PowerPC-based systems. A significant addition in Release 3 is Java 1.02 support with JIT for developing and running Java projects on the BeOS. Other features include scripting support, multiple concurrent compiles, source level debugging, an editor with syntax coloring and styling, headers and libraries, reference...
Jul 18
[MD1] QuickInstaller 1.1
We delayed sending this message due to the InterNIC problems yesterday. InterNIC's error caused an estimated 30% of all mail to all .com and .net domains to bounce for users worldwide. We figured we wouldn't add to the problem. :)
Jul 18
[MD1] Lasso 2.0
We delayed sending this message due to the InterNIC problems yesterday. InterNIC's error caused an estimated 30% of all mail to all .com and .net domains to bounce for users worldwide. We figured we wouldn't add to the problem. :) Lasso 2.0 provides full support for FileMaker Pro features such as repeating fields and related records via portals. What's more, Lasso was the first and remains the only FileMaker Pro Web-enabling solution that contains built-in email forwarding capabilities. Winning Methodology Lasso 2.0 operates on the principle of easily editable HTML files which contain all database integration commands and dynamic page generation instructions alongside standard HTML page elements. This extended HTML mark-up "language" is referred to as the Lasso Dynamic Markup Language (LDML). The LDML method has proven itself superior to thousands of users who quickly outgrow cumbersome and limited "wizard-like" approaches to database integration. Lasso users operate in their HTML...
Jul 16
[MD1] Apple 3Q Results-Better than expected
Apple Reports Third Fiscal Quarter Results CUPERTINO, Calif.--July 16, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced financial results for the Company's fiscal 1997 third quarter ended June 27, 1997. Revenues for the quarter were $1.7 billion, compared to $1.6 billion in the quarter ended March 28, 1997 and $2.2 billion in the quarter ended June 28, 1996. International sales accounted for 53 percent of total revenues in the current quarter. Gross margins for the quarter were 20.0 percent, compared to 18.9 percent in the March quarter and 18.5 percent in the year-ago quarter. The Company recorded a net loss for the quarter of $56 million, or $(.44) per share, compared to a net loss of $708 million, or $(5.64) per share in the March quarter and a net loss of $32 million, or $(.26) per share, in the year-ago quarter. The Company's loss from operations was $60 million, representing a significant sequential improvement from the loss from operations of $186 million, exclusive of charges for...
Jul 16
[MD1] SkyWeyr
For Immediate Release Media and Investor Contact: Tom Biddulph SkyWeyr Technologies Inc. 510-237-8349 SkyWeyr Ships LiveIndex An Interactive Java Navigation Tool for Websites EL CERRITO, Calif. - SkyWeyr Technologies Inc. announced the release of LiveIndex(tm), which enables website visitors to interact with an intuitive and familiar view of a website. Using an interactive file/folder metaphor similar to the one used by the Macintosh Finder and Windows Explorer, users can quickly navigate complex websites and HTML documentation. By default, LiveIndex picks the type of view (Macintosh or Windows) that is most appropriate for the user. Tom Biddulph, founder of SkyWeyr, commented that "No longer do web surfers need to repeatedly click through pages of HTML to find the information they are interested in. LiveIndex allows them to quickly and easily locate exactly what they are looking for." LiveIndex release 1.0 is primarily targeted at content creators and webmasters who...
Jul 16
[MD1] SmartMap v1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 15, 1997 Press Contact: Jim Danbury, President Digital Prairie, Inc. (800) 603-6265 (toll-free) OR (708) 354-0515 DIGITAL PRAIRIE ANNOUNCES SMARTMAP VERSION 1.1 NEW VERSION ADDS MORE FEATURES, IMPROVES COMPATIBILITY La Grange, IL -- July 15, 1997 -- Digital Prairie, Inc. announces the immediate availability of version 1.1 of its first WebSTAR plug-in, SmartMap. SmartMap is the best W*API imagemap plug-in available. It supports both CERN and NCSA-format imagemaps, and can convert existing server-side imagemaps to client-side imagemaps automatically! New features of SmartMap 1.1 include: - Reads extra (AREA) attributes from map file comments This really cool feature allows you to include extra attributes for client-side imagemap (AREA) tags in the comments of your server-side ".map" files, and SmartMap will insert them automatically. Now your SmartMap-converted client-side imagemaps can...
Jul 15
[MD1] WebObjects Training by Apple/CodeFab
Apple and CodeFab Enters Web Objects Training Agreement Cupertino, Calif.--July 15, 1997--CodeFab, Inc. and Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have announced an agreement to deliver training programs on Apple's WebObjects web development platform. As a training provider for WebObjects, CodeFab will create and deliver courses on the WebObjects product line with training rights in the New York City area and the opportunity to conduct private classes in North America. "CodeFab is an Apple Enterprise Alliance Program Member that has been creating and delivering training classes on WebObjects, and providing WebObjects consulting services. Creating a training provider relationship with CodeFab provides Apple's customers in the New York City area with one-stop shopping for their WebObjects software and services," according to Sara Benson, director of WebObjects and OpenStep customer training for Apple. "I'm very excited to be working with Apple," said Alex Cone, president of CodeFab, Inc. "...
Jul 15
[MD1] WebSTAR 2.1 Released
Press Contact: StarNine Technologies is proud to announce the release of WebSTAR 2.1. This upgrade, free to all WebSTAR 2.0 users, offers a number of new features, and fixes server bugs revealed by the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Communicator. For the greatest reliability and browser compatibility, this upgrade is recommended for all WebSTAR sites. WebSTAR 2.0 users can download the WebSTAR 2.1 Updater archive at ( Current users of WebSTAR 1.X are invited to take advantage of our 'Macworld Expo' upgrade price of $149 by contacting our sales department or ordering online (available now through 8/15/97). Evaluation copies are also available at ( Some of the exciting, new features and enhancements in WebSTAR 2.1 include: - Support for new HTTP date formats (RFC 822/1123) - Support for cache flushing at user-specified intervals - Ability to perform automated server restarts...
Jul 15
[MD1] Stalker adds Anti-Spamming to Mail Server
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stalker Software adds Anti-Spamming features to its mail server products. MILL VALLEY, Calif., July 14, 1997 - Filling yet another need in the world of Internet Email, Stalker Software, Inc. has just released its latest feature, Anti-Spamming, for both the CommuniGate Messaging System and the Stalker Internet Mail Server. The new feature is especially popular for Internet Service Providers as they suffer the most from senders of bulk E-mail (spammers). Not only do Spam offenders fill mailboxes that ISPs maintain for their clients, but they also abuse ISP mail servers, using them as relays to distribute bulk E-mail all over the world. Anti-spam features are included into the both Stalker SMTP products: the commercial CommuniGate SMTP module, and into the freeware Stalker Internet Mail Server (SIMS). The first feature allows the server administrator to put the network addresses of spammer hosts into the server Black List: all connections from those hosts are...
Jul 15
[MD1] Diba's Information Appliance Technology
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 15, 1997 Editorial Contact: Sara Payne/Deb Fry (515) 223-8000 Microware Systems Corporation Ellen MacDermid (415) 482-3412 Diba, Inc. Microware and Diba Announce Immediate Availability of Integrated Internet Solution for Information Appliances DES MOINES, Iowa -- Microware Systems Corporation (Nasdaq: MWAR), a leader in system software technology for embedded and consumer appliance markets, today announced that they have selected Diba, Inc.'s Information Appliance technology as the preferred solution for customers interested in creating Internet-enabled devices. Beginning immediately, manufacturers of Internet-enabled televisions, set-top boxes, network computers, and smart telephones can purchase this integrated Internet software solution consisting of Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system and the Diba Information Appliance Suite, Version 2.0. "Diba and Microware are coordinating efforts to bring...
Jul 15
[MD1] Apple Computer bundles EveryWare's Tango Enterprise...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 15, 1997 Press contact: Jeff Hendry EveryWare Development Inc. (905) 819-1173 ext. 262 Apple Computer bundles EveryWare's Tango Enterprise and Butler SQL Leading-edge Web development tools from EveryWare Development Inc., chosen for the Apple Internet Server Solution Mississauga, Ontario--July 15, 1997--EveryWare Development Inc. (ASE: EVE) has reached a software distribution agreement with Apple Computer Inc. The agreement is to bundle Tango Enterprise and Butler SQL, EveryWare's intranet rapid application development tool and relational database management system with the Apple Internet Server Solution. Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, CA ( is focused on providing a complete solution to organizations in business, education, or publishing that want to establish a significant presence on the Web. The Apple Internet Server Solution, which is one of three available software solutions for Apple's Workgroup Server...
Jul 14
[MD1] OpenDoor-AFP Engage/InfoMac Archives
FOR RELEASE JULY 14, 1997 Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SIMPLIFIES ACCESS TO MACINTOSH FILES THROUGH THE INTERNET "AFP ENGAGE!" ENHANCES APPLESHARE FILE SERVERS ASHLAND, OR. -- July 14, 1997 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced shipment of its new AFP Engage! product. AFP Engage! is a Macintosh application which gives users point-and-click access to AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) servers in Internet, intranet and AppleTalk environments. Working with popular Web browsers, email readers and other Internet applications, AFP Engage's point-and-click access lets users mount remote AppleShare volumes directly on their desktop, simply by clicking on AFP URLs (universal resource locators). Information within those volumes is then available through the Macintosh's traditional drag-and-drop user interface. AFP URLs can also be saved as bookmarks and managed through any standard bookmark manager. "Open Door's AFP Engage! product helps...
Jul 14
[MD1] Nombas' JavaScript compatible interpreter
Nombas has developed a JavaScript compatible interpreter that you can include in your application or embedded system. This interpreter developer's kit is called the ScriptEase:Integration SDK. Using an interpreter in your application means you get: Faster Application Development More Flexible Applications Easier Portability Improved Code Reuse The ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows you to embed into your C/C++ application a fully functional, JavaScript compatible, script language interpreter. You get the full power of an interpreter engine without the time, engineering and hardware resources normally required when developing your own macro language interpreter. The ScriptEase Interpreter offers all the flow control operators: if, else, while, do/while, for switch, and goto. Also included are the pre-processor directives, #include, #if, #ifdef, #else #ifel, #endif, #define. With The ScriptEase:Integration SDK you can allow access to your applications' functions and...
Jul 13
[MD1] Targeting Mac OS manual
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] Targeting Mac OS manual Errata CodeWarriors, There is a release of the Targeting Mac OS manual pp. 88-89 errata available now or soon for downloading from or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( Targeting Mac OS manual pp. 88-89 Released on 07/09/1997 This file updates Table 5.1 and Table 5.2 with the correct information. If you tried to produce a monolithic shared library following the tables as they appeared in the Targeting Mac OS manual, you would get link errors and other problems.
Jul 13
[MD1] MSL C++ Reference errata
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] MSL C++ Reference Errata CodeWarriors, There is a release of the MSL C++ Reference errata available now for downloading from or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( *(7/9/97) Guides and examples for adapting the various template container classes, where CodeWarrior MSL 2.1.2 deviates from the standard methodology.
Jul 11
[MD1] Virtual Domain Manager version 2.1
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Susan Marlett ClearWay Technologies 617-973-5024 CLEARWAY TECHNOLOGIES SHIPS FIRESITE VIRTUAL DOMAIN MANAGER 2.1 WITH INTEGRATED BILLING STATISTICS -- FireSite Virtual Domain Manager Works With All Browsers & Search Engines, Requires Only A Single IP Address; Now Includes Billing Statistics. -- Boston, MA., July, 11, 1997 -- ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announced an updated version of its FireSite(tm) Virtual Domain Manager, the Web's most advanced system for hosting multiple 'virtual Web sites' on a single server, using a single IP address. Version 2.1 now provides cumulative and resettable statistics for customer billing. Free demos are available: ( "There are two halves to hosting 'Virtual Web Sites'-- serving the right page for each request is one part, and making Web hosting work as a business is the other part," said Mark Kriegsman, president of ClearWay Technologies...
Jul 11
[MD1] FireSite for ISDN
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Susan Marlett ClearWay Technologies 617-973-5024 CLEARWAY TECHNOLOGIES SHIPS FIRESITE WEB SITE ACCELERATOR 2.1 OPTIMIZED FOR ISDN-BASED WEB SERVERS -- FireSite Now Also Optimized for 56K-128K ISDN-Based Web Servers -- Boston, MA., July 11, 1997 -- ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announced an updated version of its FireSite(tm) Web Site Accelerator, which contains special optimizations for ISDN-based Web servers. When used with ISDN lines running at speeds from 56Kbps to 128Kbps, FireSite 2.1 can sustain page delivery speeds exceeding 500Kbps, and can increase Web site "traffic capacity" by 400-800%. FireSite 2.1 also can now operated in conjunction with "virtual ISDN connections". Free Demos are available from ( "We've received a huge amount of interest from Webmasters using ISDN lines. They're looking for higher performance and higher traffic capacity, without the immediate cost...
Jul 10
[MD1] 1st Network Wallet for E-Commerce
ANNOUNCING THE WORLD'S FIRST NETWORK WALLET FOR E-COMMERCE The First Software-Free Wallet for Internet Shopping PALO ALTO, Calif. July 10, 1997 -- BlueMoney Software Corporation, an electronic commerce venture, today announced the world's first Network Wallet (tm) technology to facilitate Internet shopping, allowing consumers to store their payment preferences for frequent shopping online. BlueMoney's new technology has been launched under the "BlueMoney Wallet" brand, and it operates as a free payment service to all people who use the Internet for shopping. "Prior technologies have posed real problems for the average consumer," said John Sweet, Chairman and CEO of the BlueMoney Software Corporation. "But now it's time for the Internet to start working for people, and the BlueMoney Wallet is a step in that direction." The BlueMoney Wallet provides consumers with the most convenient online payment process available today. After saving their payment preferences, such as credit...
Jul 10
[MD1] BeyondPress 3.0
Astrobyte Releases BeyondPress 3.0 New product provides WYSIWYG Web page creation in QuarkXPress For Immediate Release -- July 11, 1997 Denver - Astrobyte today announced the release of BeyondPress 3.0 for MacOS, the latest version of its Web authoring XTension for QuarkXPress. The 3.0 version includes all the document-conversion features of its predecessor, and adds powerful Web page authoring and management tools. Previously unannounced features of the new release include integrated online help, an evaluation version of Netscape Communicator, and a reduced price, to US$495 worldwide. WYSIWYG Authoring for Quark Users With BeyondPress 3.0, designers can create Web pages with the familiar tools of QuarkXPress, the world's leading page design software. Using the Cascading Style Sheet support of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator, plus Bitstream's TrueDoc font technology, BeyondPress converts stylized text in a QuarkXPress document to formatted HTML, retaining the...
Jul 10
[MD1] 5 free weeks of Create
For Immediate Release For more information, please contact: Katie Graunke 505-345-4800 Stone Design Announces Free 5 Week Trial Period for Create(TM) 4.2 Rhapsody Philadelphia, PA -- Stone Design, a longtime leader in the NeXT/OpenStep marketplace, announced availability of Create 4.2 PR3 for Rhapsody today. Create is the full-featured design, layout and drawing application, and has been shipping for over 8 years. This version of Create will run on Apple's new Macintosh operating system code named "Rhapsody", as well as on OpenStep. It is the first application to ship for Rhapsody. "Create was designed for the free-thinking Macintosh community" said Andrew Stone, CEO of Stone Design. "Since we believe in try before you buy, we are offering 5 free weeks of Create so you can have the Power yourself!" Current OpenStep users, such as everyone who attended WWDC and received "Prelude to Rhapsody" can use Create now. Otherwise, contact 1-800-TRY-NEXT to...
Jul 09
[MD1] Gil Amelio Resigns
Apple Board Announces the Resignation of Chairman and CEO Gil Amelio CUPERTINO, Calif.--July 9, 1997--Apple today announced that Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio, after consultation with Apple's board of directors, has resigned his positions as chairman of the board and chief executive officer, and that the Company is initiating a search for a new CEO. Until a new CEO is hired, Fred Anderson, executive vice president and chief financial officer, will assume additional responsibilities for the Company's day-to-day operations, working closely with the board and the executive management team, which includes: Fred Anderson - executive vice president and chief financial officer Guerrino De Luca - executive vice president, Marketing Dave Manovich - executive vice president, Worldwide Sales and Service Jack Douglas - senior vice president, General Counsel and Secretary Jim McCluney - senior vice president, Operations Jon Rubinstein - senior vice president, Hardware Engineering Avie Tevanian - senior...
Jul 09
[MD1] MacTech Reports Growing Readership
MacTech Reports Growing Readership Westlake Village, Calif.,-- July 9, 1997 -- Xplain Corporation today announced that it's publication, MacTech magazine, focusing on Macintosh programmers and developers, has shown sizable growth over the past year. Evaluating both the past 6 and 12 month periods, MacTech's distribution has been increasing in a wide variety of ways. In addition to the number of subscribers growing, more copies have been shipped and bought on the newsstand. Also, there's been an increase in the number of back issues purchased, as well as the number of future issues owed to subscribers. Not only have the numbers increased domestically, but they've jumped internationally as well. MacTech is now read in 64 countries, up from 52. And, MacTech Japan has been so wildly successful since it was launched as a bi-monthly magazine in April 1997, the publication is moving to a monthly schedule starting in October. "People have been concerned about Apple, but what we see is a lot...
Jul 09
[MD1] Free Computer Support Online
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No Wonder, Inc. Contact: Scott William, President/CEO Telephone: 913-696-0179, Fax: 913-696-0431 Free Computer Support Online for MacOS, Windows, Be, Solaris, and OS/2 Users (Overland Park, KS--July 8, 1997)--No Wonder, Inc. announces Free Computer Support for users of MacOS, Windows 95/NT, Windows 3.x, Be, OS/2 and Solaris. No Wonder has been providing free support to the MacOS community for over 8 months. During this time it has been 100% volunteer based, computer users helping computer users. No Wonder is made up of volunteers from all over the world including Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Sweden and the US. Free Computer Support is available to all Internet users. What sets No Wonder apart from individual company web support sites, is the personal relationship they provide to its users. Scott William, Founder/President/CEO said, "It is our goal to keep users from spending hours on-line searching for answers...
Jul 08
[MD1] Load Balanced/Fault Tolerant WebSTAR
Dear Webmaster, StarNine Technologies and Men & Mice are proud to announce the Public Beta release of an Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing solution designed to maximize the reliability and performance of WebSTAR web sites. How It Works: The idea behind Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing is simple. A Plug-In installed into each of your WebSTAR servers periodically sends a communications message to a QuickDNS Pro 2.0 server. From this message the QuickDNS Pro server can determine if the WebSTAR server is still active, the current load level and the requested load level for the WebSTAR server. If the server happens to go offline, QuickDNS Pro 2.0 will temporarily remove that server from it's active DNS records, meaning that no requests will be directed to that web server. When the web server comes back online, QuickDNS Pro automatically adds the server back to it's DNS records. Becoming A Beta Tester: WebSTAR and QuickDNS Pro users interested in beta...
Jul 07
[MD1] Tools Plus for Mac OS 8
Tools Plus Assists Mac OS 8/System 7 Developers OAKVILLE, Ontario--July 7, 1997--Macintosh developers creating applications or plug-ins for Mac OS 8 and System 7 have a new ally, now that Water's Edge Software has upgraded their Tools Plus libraries and framework to version 3.3. The latest version includes new routines to facilitate writing applications and plug-ins that can take advantage of Mac OS 8's new Appearance Manager while retaining compatibility with System 7. As in the past, Tools Plus libraries continue to shield developers from the multitude of intricacies and complexities of Macintosh programming. They allow developers to easily create professional quality applications and plug-ins, often reducing effort by as much as 85% and dramatically reducing the volume and complexity of source code. Tools Plus libraries can be used with or without the application framework that is included in the software developer kit. Developers using Tools Plus 3.3 can program for a specific...
Jul 04
[MD1] Java Training Course
You're getting this message via MacDev-1 -- the Mac(tm) OS Developer News and Info server sponsored by MacTech(r) Magazine,, or 805-494-9797 DevDepot(tm), or call 800-MACDEV-1 To submit a posting to MacDev-1, To subscribe to MacDev-1, send mail to with the SUBJECT line reading "SUBSCRIBE MACDEV-1". To unsubscribe, the SUBJECT line should read "UNSUBSCRIBE MACDEV-1".
Jul 03
[MD1] Update for VText
VIVISTAR CONSULTING SHIPS VTEXT LIBRARY UPDATE FOR METROWERKS' POWERPLANT DEVELOPMENT 1 July 1997 -- ViviStar Consulting announced the immediate availability of an update for its VText library for Macintosh developers. The update includes full compatibility with and sample project files for CodeWarrior Pro 1. VText is a C++ add-on library for Metrowerks' PowerPlant application framework. VText provides complete Macintosh text support including: greater than 32kb text, tabs, rulersets, undo, drag and drop editing, AppleEvent scripting and recordability, full support for multibyte characters and inline input methods including Japanese and Chinese text, and full support for bidirectional script systems including Arabic and Hebrew. "VText is a definite buy from its WorldScript features alone," said Jonathan Hess, product manager at ViviStar Consulting. The multilingual features support drag and drop, OSA scripting systems, tabs, and rulers. Hess added "developers don't have to do any...
Jul 02
[MD1] Mac OS and Rhapsody Sessions at Macworld Expo
From: Apple Developer News Subject: WWDC Sessions at MACWORLD Dear Developer: If you missed Apple's 1997 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)-or if you need a refresher course on what you learned there-Apple Developer Relations, in conjunction with Mitch Hall Associates (the sponsors of MACWORLD Expo), will be offering nine hours of Mac OS and Rhapsody development sessions during MACWORLD Expo/Boston, August 5 to 8. This new conference track recaps the technical highlights of the May 1997 WWDC. To participate, you can register online for "Package One" at the MACWORLD Expo web site Registering for the conference package includes admission to the trade show (which includes access to Developer Central, the developer tools area), conference tracks,half- day tutorials on August 5, and keynote sessions. Apple will also be hosting special Rhapsody development labs during MACWORLD Expo. The current line-up of sessions includes: Apple's...
Jul 01
[MD1] DevDepot Independence Day Sale!
Dear Developer, DevDepot already offers developer tools and books at the lowest prices in the market - guaranteed! We have hundreds of products available for you all year round. DevDepot has a special blow out this 4th of July! Act now and you'll get an additional 10% off our already low prices. Description In celebration of Independence Day, here's a limited time only sale (until midnight July 6th), we've lowered our already guaranteed super-low prices an additional 10%! You'll find incredible deals, plus a dazzeling selection -- everything from the latest OPENSTEP and Java books to brand new offerings from Apple, Metrowerks, Prime Time Freeware, BeatWare, Lakewood Software, AG Group, Bungie, Arboretum, Capilano Computing, Purity Software, Terran Interactive, Conix Graphics, Roaster Technologies, MacTech(r) and many more. To top it all off, we've made ordering a cinch! What's the catch? There isn't one. To qualify for the 10% discount you only need to order by e-mail, fax, or on our...
Jul 01
[MD1] E-Commerce for DynaMorph
Morph Technologies is Proud to announce its first in a series of E-Commerce solutions for DynaMorph ... the most versatile cross-platform scripting solution on the market! With the release of version 1.3 of DynaMorph we now offer optional modules that allow you to extend DynaMorph for your particular needs. The first of these modules that we are making available is: MacAuthorize module for DynaMorph With this add-in module you can now process forms and authorize credit cards all in the span of a single connection to your server. This particular module extends DynaMorph's server-side command set, allowing it to communicate directly with MacAuthorize and Authorize credit cards! Additional information on the use of the module can be obtained at: A fully functional demo version of the MacAuthorize module comes installed in version 1.3 of DynaMorph. You can test out the new module prior to purchasing. Download a fully...
Jun 30
[MD1] NI Meets Technology Industry Hiring Challenge
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Natural Intelligence Meets Technology Industry Hiring Challenge June 30, 1997. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Beginning on July 7, five successful candidates will begin their apprenticeship in Natural Intelligence's Developer Apprentice Program (DAP)Qan unusual and innovative mentoring program which has yielded the company some of its most successful hires. Created in 1994 in response to competition in the technology industry for highly qualified software developers, the program continues to prove an invaluable resource. The company regularly receives well over 100 applications for five positions. Shari Agatstein, Vice President of Operations, noted that the DAP program was quite unusual. "The 'DAPers' are not only trained in the technologies and development methodologies employed by Natural Intelligence, but considerable attention is also focused upon providing apprentices with those skills that transform a programmer into a highly skilled consultant." Agatstein...
Jun 30
[MD1] MessagePad Gets EtherNet
Press Contact: Gwen Murphy Farallon Communications, Inc. Electronic Press Releases: (510) 814-5307, Farallon to Develop Ethernet PC Card Drivers for eMate and MessagePad 2000 Newton, Inc. Selects Farallon as Strategic Networking Partner ALAMEDA, Calif., June 30, 1997 - Farallon Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRLN) today announced that it has been chosen by Newton, Inc., Apple Computer's wholly owned subsidiary, to develop Ethernet PC Card drivers for Newton-based devices such as the eMate 300 and MessagePad 2000. The Ethernet PC Card drivers will be available in conjunction with the September release of the Newton Internet Enabler 2.0 (NIE 2.0) and will enable users to directly connect their eMates and MessagePads to existing Ethernet networks. Farallon is the only vendor to provide PC Cards that can be used in a Newton-based device, a PowerBook and a PC Notebook. "Because Farallon is the premier provider of plug-and-play...
Jun 29
[MD1] Resource for Web Developers
Dear MacTech Magazine, We are the hosts of an internet resource for web developers and individuals who want to track visitors to their web pages. It is called the 'Museum of Counter Art'. The museum contains nearly 500 sets of TOTALLY FREE counter artwork for anyone to use. The counter sets can be used with most any counter CGI, across all platforms. We just completed a major redesign of the museum and would like to get the word out to as many people as possible. Although our site is not Macintosh specific, it is a resource any Mac web developer will want to know about and use. We would really appreciate a mention in your daily news section, and a link placed in your 'net reference area would be fantastic. Please stop by at the Museum for a tour. Here is a brief description that you can use: The Museum of Counter Art The museum is a showcase for digit artwork used with web page hit counters. Counter Art is displayed in the various exhibit rooms of the museum based on its particular...
Jun 29
[MD1] Vibrations in CodeWarrior Tools CD
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [UPDATE] Vibrations in CW Tools CD CodeWarriors, I know that many of you have had problems of vibrations in our Tools CD. Here is another report on the current knowledge. This Vibration problem is only on the Macintosh Tools CD as far as we can tell. It also only affect 4x or higher speed CD Roms, the faster the CD ROM the more noticible the vibration. The manufacturer stil has not received a report back on what the problem is, but still believe it to be one stamper. All of the bad MacOS Tools CDs Metrowerks sent to them were pressed by the same stamper as well as all of the CDs that have been returned from customers. On the shiny side of the CD is the stamper number MACCD R1J 11. There have been reports of other stamper numbers R1J 13 as having the problem but none of the stock tested with that number were flawed. If you feel you have an abnormal CD vibration even if it is not the MACCD R1J 11 stamper number please contact sales...
Jun 29
[MD1] Hsoi's Shop PowerPlant Classes
From: (John C. Daub) Subject: [ANN]: PowerPlant Classes from Hsoi's Shop released Hsoi's Shop is pleased to announce the release of 5 contributed classes for Metrowerks' PowerPlant - some updates, some new! * CURLPushButton 2.2 Helps make your PowerPlant applications more Internet-savvy by adding clickable buttons that look and behave like URL links in web browsers. Just click and go! Great for listing web pages, email addresses, and ftp sites in About boxes and the like. * CVersCaption 1.3 A caption that automatically displays version information based upon the 'vers' #1 resource. Simple and seemless, just drop and go! * HCmdButtonAttachment 1.1 An attachment that gives controls command key equivalents to allow for more and easier keyboard navigation through your application. You can specify the key to be the first letter of the control's title or almost any character of your own choice. Furthermore, the title of the control can change on the fly to display the...
Jun 29
[MD1] Anopolis
From: Sfakianos@EuropeMail.Com (A. Sfakianos) Subject: [ANN] Anopolis v. 2.0 (June 97) Anopolis (Formerly IFSPLM) : A DocMaker format stand-alone document containing information about Internet Freeware Shareware Programming Languages for the Macintosh. Freely available from the Anopolis Page at: A. Sfakianos Sfakianos@EuropeMail.Com
Jun 29
[MD1] TextureFnoob
From: (Andrew Plotkin) Subject: [Ann] TextureFnoob 0.5 (freeware) TextureFnoob is a graphics tool. Or a texture programming language. Or a mathematical graphing package. Or... no, I'll start over. TextureFnoob is a graphics tool which can do *anything*. Okay -- a good approximation of anything. It allows you to construct functions out of basic mathematical elements: numbers, addition, subtraction, colors, color-blending, color maps, rotations, translations, Perlin noise and turbulence functions, and dozens of other operations. And then it dynamically generates the result. Computer graphics are made of mathematics. TextureFnoob does not give you a preprogrammed set of special effects; it gives you a set of mathematical functions and lets you construct whatever image you want. There are functions to render marble and wood textures; you've probably seen those before. There are functions for ripples, bevels, bumps, spirals, wiggles, wobbles, color composites, and all...
Jun 27
[MD1] WebMaker 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jei Lee Chong Marketing Communications Tel: +1 617 374 2514 mailto: Harlequin(R) WebMaker(tm) 3.0 Now Shipping CAMBRIDGE, MA -- June 26, 1997 (INB) -- Global software developer Harlequin has made available WebMaker 3.0, the latest version of its $99 FrameMaker-to-HTML conversion tool. WebMaker automatically converts FrameMaker(R) documents into HTML, allowing authors to simultaneously publish both printed versions and online versions of their FrameMaker documents. WebMaker may downloaded and purchased from the Harlequin Web site at WebMaker 3.0, a major upgrade to the acclaimed WebMaker software package, features a number of enhancements including a new wizard interface and support for Cascading Style Sheets. "With Cascading Style Sheets, WebMaker allows authors to take Web publishing to the next level. Harlequin is committed to providing its customers with the latest...
Jun 27
[MD1] Special - CometPage for BBEdit
Dear BBEdit Bunch, We wanted to let you know about a new plug-in (CometPage For BBEdit) and a related special price offer on the plug-in for registered BBEdit users. CometPage For BBEdit is a plug-in tool which adds dynamic web page creation and site management to BBEdit's feature set. The graphical organizer in CometPage For BBEdit allows drag and drop of templates, site-wide macros/stylesheets and over 75 dynamic Comet commands into any BBEdit window, enabling BBEdit users to start building dynamic web pages immediately. For more information on the plug-in itself, refer to Digital Comet's web site ( A separate, stand-alone personal web server (called CometSite available for $129 directly from Digital Comet) lets you test dynamic pages on a local machine before the pages are loaded onto any Mac, UNIX, or NT based web server. This is a very nifty tool. It is available at a special discount price of $49 from our site (
Jun 26
[MD1] mTropolis 2.0
27 June 1997 For immediate release Delays in mTropolis 2.0 release unites developer community. Delays in the release of Quark's mTropolis 2.0 has prompted the developer community to build their own modifiers to increase the power of the mTropolis programming environment. "mTropolis empowers developers to create solutions to their immediate problems" said ThereWare VP Mr Geoff Hunt "Our new FixIt kit was created because of the community responding to our call for suggestions" ThereWare's FixIt kit offers FlexiTime and Go There modifiers that increases the feature set of mTropolis. "No longer do we have to idly sit by and wait for the next release, we can take control and guide the direction of our most important multimedia tool" lamented Mr Hunt. The FixIt Kit can be downloaded from their website and trialed for as long as you like in your mTropolis editor. When you want to build a project, just buy the key to unlock the kit from the same website. mTropolis...
Jun 26
[MD1] Apple Evaluating New Ad Agencies
Apple Announces Advertising Agency Review CUPERTINO, Calif.-June 26, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced a reassessment of general advertising needs in the U.S. consistent with Apple's restructuring of their marketing operations and strategy. As a result, Apple is inviting a number of advertising agencies, including BBDO, Apple's current advertising agency, to participate in an account review. "We have gone through the process of reconsidering all of our other existing business practices in the past several months and now we are doing the same thing with our advertising plans and resources," said David Roman, Apple's vice president of Advertising & Brand Communications . "1997 has been an opportunity to review the way Apple does business based on new goals and resources. We have chosen this time to explore other resources to meet our current and future advertising needs." Apple's renewed focus on its users and key markets necessitates a significant change in...
Jun 25
[MD1] MacOS Trade-ins
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PowerTools offers the most comprehensive upgrade & trade-in program for the Macintosh market in history. AUSTIN, TEXAS -- PowerTools, the makers of the infiniti line of MacOS compatible systems announced today the most comprehensive upgrading and trade-in program ever to be offered to the Macintosh industry. Starting with the LCIII series of MacOS computers including all models by any manufacturer thereafter, PowerTools will upgrade these systems to the popular line of infiniti computer line using state of the art 603e and 604e PowerPC processors. By offering this program, users of older Macintosh systems can upgrade to the newest technology available while recovering value for their equipment. In upgrading their systems with PowerTools, endusers will be eligible for future upgrades and will always be in step with the latest models. The program is as follows: 1.) Starting with any system from the LCIII, the enduser can use a special CPU upgrading page located...
Jun 25
[MD1] TestTrack 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEAPINE SOFTWARE SHIPS TESTTRACK 1.5 FOR WINDOWS AND MACINTOSH TestTrack 1.5 Offers Comprehensive Cross-Platform Bug Tracking, Automated Bug Reporting, and Unparalled Ease Of Use CINCINNATI, Ohio--June 25, 1997--Seapine Software, Inc., an innovative developer of cross-platform bug tracking tools, is now shipping TestTrack 1.5, a full-featured bug tracking solution at an affordable price. The most popular bug tracking solution for the Macintosh, TestTrack 1.5 adds versions for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. TestTrack offers complete feature parity and a virtually identical user interface across platform versions, so users can work on their platform of choice and retain full database compatibility between Windows and Macintosh systems. "Finally, a single bug tracking application that covers both Macintosh and Windows developers! As someone who tests both Macintosh and Windows products daily, this is wonderful!" said Rick Shields of Quality Assurance at Ann Arbor-...
Jun 25
[MD1] WebObjects Training
Tensor Information Systems Enters WebObjects Training Agreement CUPERTINO, Calif.June 24, 1997 -- Tensor Information Systems, Inc. and Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have announced an agreement for delivering training programs on Apple's WebObjects web development platform. As a certified training partner for WebObjects, Tensor has exclusive training rights in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the opportunity to conduct private classes in North America. We selected Tensor as a certified training partner due to their established relationship with Apple as a provider of WebObjects and OpenStep consulting services. Training certification enables us to expand our business relationship with Tensor and provide technical training to our customers in the Southwest, according to Sara Benson, director of WebObjects and OpenStep customer training for Apple. Corporate programmers and analysts can sign up for Tensor's next WebObjects courseIntroduction to WebObjectsto be held July 14-18. The...
Jun 24
[MD1] Vote for MacTech!
To all, If you want to help spread the word for developer resources -- vote for the MacTech web site in the below survey. Then again, just vote for your favorite news regardless of your reason. As a MacDev-1 subscriber, you may not realize that the news distributed over MacDev-1 is also mirrored as web content on the home page of -- check it out. Thanks, Neil Ticktin MacTech Magazine ------------------- From: JM Pierce ( Organization: Unofficial Macintosh PR Department Subject: Vote For Your Favorite Mac News Site! Hi, The Unofficial Macintosh PR Department is running a contest to determine the Mac community's favorite Mac news related site. Titled, "Vote For Your Favorite Mac News Site" and located at, the contest features appr. fourty nominee sites. We will be accepting votes from readers until the end of June at which point we will post the results of the contest. In...
Jun 24
[MD1] CodeWarrior, Discover Programming Edition
METROWERKS SHIPS NEW VERSION OF CODEWARRIOR, DISCOVER PROGRAMMING EDITION AUSTIN, Texas -June 24, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are now shipping CodeWarrior, Discover Programming Edition, a powerful set of learning tools designed for both the novice and the experienced programmer. Metrowerks has two versions of the Discover Programming Edition, one for Macintosh and one for Windows 95/NT. "The new Discover Programming Edition represents incredible value for $79," said Dave Mark, Vice President, Discover/Academic Products. "Both the Windows and Mac versions now ship with four of the most popular programming languages: Java, C, C++, and Pascal. You also get a series of electronic books, all the documentation, a bunch of useful programming tools, and a lot more. I wish I had CodeWarrior Discover Programming when I first started learning to program." About CodeWarrior Discover...
Jun 23
[MD1] SiteCam 1.0
For Immediate Release REARDEN SHIPS SITECAM 1.0 -- PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH UPGRADE TO MacWebCam -- Adding QuickTime Time-lapse Movies to Web Sites is Easier with New Streaming Video Management Tools; Now Only Application to Provide Automated Image Archiving -- SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 23, 1997 -- Rearden Technology, the leader in webcam software on the Mac(tm)OS, announces SiteCam 1.0, easily the most feature-rich webcam program on any platform, with more robust management tools for streaming video and now the only webcam application with Automated Image Archiving. SiteCam 1.0 is the fully supported commercial successor to Rearden Technology's popular shareware program, MacWebCam, already known for its high-performance, reliable streaming technology and QuickTime time-lapse movie generation. SiteCam 1.0 has been dramatically enhanced over MacWebCam to include faster streaming, several new display modes, all new and SiteCam-only image archiving capabilities by time stamp, a new status...
Jun 19
[MD1] Pictorius' iNet Developer for Macintosh
For Immediate Release Pictorius Ships iNet Developer for Macintosh New Intranet Development Tool Takes Team Approach to Building Powerful Sites Thursday June 19,1997 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Pictorius Incorporated, the leading developer of Intranet software solutions for the corporate market, today released the commercial version of Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh, a next generation Intranet site development tool. Pictorius iNet Developer is a complete Intranet development solution designed to allow multiple users in corporate environments the ability to create complex sites, manage databases and change content instantly with an easy-to-use, visual interface. Anticipating the release of Mac OS 8, Pictorius iNet Developer includes support for context sensitive menus available only in the new OS. This enhances user productivity by providing immediate access to options available in specific areas of the application. "With both the Macintosh and Windows versions of iNet...
Jun 19
[MD1] MacStandardBasic 2.20
For Immediate Release MacStandardBasic 2.20 is released and sold over the Internet INDIANAPOLIS, IN, June 19th, 1997 : ZCurve Software announces the release of MacStandardBasic Version 2.20 , the powerful BASIC development system for Macintosh computers. Users can purchase and download the complete MacStandardBasic package for a special price of $ 49, for a limited time, from the ZCurve Software website ( ZCurve Software is offering this as a free upgrade to owners of MacStandardBasic 2.0 and 2.1. MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple's newer Power Macintosh computers and older Macintosh models. MacStandardBasic can be purchased and downloaded directly from the ZCurve Software's website. Users anywhere in the world can get MacStandardBasic within minutes over the Internet. For more information about MacStandardBasic visit the ZCurve Software website at or via email at . ZCurve Software 8206 Rockville Road #280 Indianapolis...
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Flavours 1.1.16 - Create and apply theme...
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Duplicate Annihilator 5.1.0 - Find and d...
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