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Oct 09
[MD1] JavaExpress: Help your career
From: Dave Wilson ( "Java(tm) Express" is a one-day seminar designed to teach people about Java while raising money for worthwhile SF Peninsula charities. It will take place on Saturday, November 8 at Apple's R&D campus in Cupertino, from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. It is sponsored by the Software Forum, Apple Computer, and Personal Concepts, and I will be presenting most of the material. For the last ten years, I have taught advanced object-oriented programming seminars worldwide for companies such as IBM, Apple, Tandem, ParcPlace, Taligent, MITRE, and Boeing, among others. "Java(tm) Express" will cover two major topics: (1) an overview of Java technical and business issues, and (2) writing Java applications and applets. Attendees will need to be familiar with the concepts of object-oriented programming but do not need to be experts. What if you are already a Java programming guru? Then perhaps this seminar is not for you. The seminar is targeted at the thousands...
Oct 09
[MD1] Sybase Conference
From: Deborah Ries ( Subject: Sybase, Inc. Invites you to Power Up for Profits! Join us for a FREE technology and business seminar and gear up your business for increased profits! Whether you are a professional site developer, application solution provider, system integrator, reseller, consultant or educator, give your customers what they need and discover the tools for the future of enterprise computing. Celebrate your freedom of choice by leveraging development and deployment environments that are open, that take advantage of standards, and increase your skills and viability in the fast changing world of the Internet! Have some of our Java during the morning technology seminar and learn about PowerStudio Enterprise, an integrated set of best in class tools for powerful business applications on the Web. Stay for a Power Lunch and understand more about the Internet market opportunities and how to show clients what kind of payoff they can expect from their...
Oct 09
[MD1] VText Developers Mailing List
From: (MACman) Announcing the official VText Developers Mailing List! What is VText? ============== VText is not a reincarnation of the TextEdit API. VText is not a C++ PowerPlant wrapper to some other text engine. VText is a C++ add-on library for Metrowerks' PowerPlant application framework. VText is a text engine built to the object oriented API defined in PowerPlant's "AppleEvent Classes" -- but built entirely from scratch. VText provides complete Macintosh text support including: * Greater than 32kb text * Tabs * Stylesets * Rulersets * Undo * Drag and Drop editing * AppleEvent scripting and recordability * Full support for multibyte characters and inline input methods including Japanese and Chinese text, and full support for bidirectional script systems including Arabic and Hebrew. Information about VText-Dev =========================== The VText-Dev list is the "official" Vivistar Consulting mailing list. The list provides a community forum where users...
Oct 07
[MD1] BeOS Preview Release 2
BE SHIPS BeOS PREVIEW RELEASE 2 FOUR MONTHS AFTER PREVIEW RELEASE 1 MENLO PARK, Calif. (October 7, 1997) -- Today Be., Inc. announced shipment of the second public release of the Be Operating System (BeOS Preview Release 2). Preview Release 2 continues improvements resulting from Developer and End-user feedback with features added as part of the long term development plan for the BeOS. "This release adds momentum to the BeOS," said Jean-Louis Gasse, President and CEO of Be, Inc. "This is business as usual, responding to Developers and Customers and building up the BeOS technology platform." In just the last two months: * Over one hundred new BeOS applications have been released * The number of registered Be developers has climbed 10% to more than 4,400 * More than 500,000 copies of the BeOS have been distributed to potential users. Be plans to deliver three releases of the BeOS next year, and the BeOS Preview Release 2 is actually being delivered slightly ahead of that schedule:...
Oct 07
[MD1] MacPerl 5.1.4r4
From: Tim Rand ( Subject: MacPerl 5.1.4r4 released Forwarded from the MacPerl mailing list: After some dramatical last minute developments, the application and MPW tool packages of MacPerl 5.1.4r4, the first MacPerl release based on 5.004, are now available on The rest of the distribution should become available later this week. 5.1.4 05Oct97 - Made Command-. more reliable and also added a menu command for it. - Expanded toolbox documentation considerably. - The MPW Tool distribution now simply installs on top of the application distribution, which makes it a lot smaller [Martin Heller]. - Add %#s format to printf for Pascal strings. - Rewrote all toolbox interfaces to use strict; introduced a lot more structs; rewrote hash based structs to object based structs. - had lost its XFCN resource and thus would no longer work [Paul Schinder...
Oct 07
[MD1] Sun Sues Microsoft over Java
Try the Java applet version SUN SUES MICROSOFT FOR BREACH OF JAVA(TM) CONTRACT Microsoft fails Java compatibility tests for Internet Explorer 4.0 PALO ALTO, Calif. -- October 7, 1997 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Microsoft Corporation for breaching its contractual obligation to deliver a compatible implementation of JavaTM technology on its products. Sun is seeking an injunction to prevent Microsoft from improperly using the Java Compatible logo. Sun is also seeking to prevent Microsoft from misleading Java developers and to prevent them from delivering anything but fully compatible Java technology implementations. Specifically, the complaint charges Microsoft with trademark infringement, false advertising, breach of contract, unfair competition, interference with prospective economic advantage and inducing breach of contract. One of Microsoft's or any Java licensee's most significant contractual obligations is to...
Oct 06
[MD1] Jovis Database Engine
October 5, 1997 -- New York, NY. -- DAS Works, maker of ListTable(TM), announces the release and shipment of Jovis(R) Version 1.0.4, an XCmd database engine, and the only fully scriptable database engine available for the Macintosh. It allows users to create single-user, and/or client/server applications with any scriptable application such as HyperCard, SuperCard, Oracle Media Objects, Frontier, and others. With Jovis, data is kept in database files external to the application. The application's scripts include Jovis "calls" that manage and update these files. "Jovis is the best HyperCard/SuperCard-oriented database engine available today. It provides a fast and powerful solution where one is sorely needed." -Jeff Benjamin, StepUp Software, Inc. Because Jovis was designed and created as an extension to scripting environmen ts (not "spun-off" from a database management system or any product that requires expert knowledge of SQL), it is easy to learn and simple to...
Oct 06
[MD1] Fantasm 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lightsoft is pleased to announce the release of the demo of Fantasm 5, a Macintosh assembly language development environment. Fantasm 5 is a major upgrade produced over the last two years. This release addresses four major areas: 1. Flexibility. 2. Ease of use. 3. Speed. 4. Modularity. Fantasm 5 is designed to allow the creation of most any kind of high speed Mac application, code resource, fragment, control panel, extension, shared library etc. Also useful for accelerating higher level C and Pascal projects. It sports a new graphical project manager which allows the use of multiple open projects, embedded projects and merged targets. It provides a new plug in architecture with publically available API. It's up to 260% faster than the version it replaces and uses processor emulation to spot pipeline stalls and dependencies in your source code making it easy to produce very high speed code. No more "black magic" needed. A useable demonstration version and selected...
Oct 06
[MD1] Metrowerks Embedded Strategy
From: Gordy Davies ( Subject: Metrowerks Embedded Strategy In our mad scramble at Embedded Systems Conference West (which was a great success for us), you may not have had access to the press releases we had at the show and that were released to the Business Wire (23 of them!!)... Below is the summary release... ------------------------------ METROWERKS ROLLS OUT EMBEDDED STRATEGY AT ESC WEST/97 IN SAN JOSE CodeWarrior Support for Embedded Systems Development Greatly Expanded SAN JOSE, California - Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK) announced this week at the Embedded Systems Conference West/1997 in San Jose, greatly expanded CodeWarrior support for embedded software development, with over 20 press announcements covering all aspects of the embedded software development tools market. Metrowerks divides the embedded systems market into three core markets: the proprietary operating system market; the RTOS/Windows CE market; and the embedded Java...
Oct 06
[MD1] Microsoft's Java Compliance
We are forwarding this for you to see. This is not specifically an endorsement of the letter below nor of Microsoft's practices/policies -- it is for your information and for you to make up your own mind. If we are sent an equivalent letter to support Microsoft, we will distribute that as well. MacDev-1 Team ------------------- From: David Schargel, Dear friends, I am writing you this message to ask for action. A few short days ago, Microsoft released the final Win95/NT version of the Internet Explorer 4.0 web browser. This browser, as expected, does not contain an implementation of Java that is fully-compliant with the Java core platform. It may have a compatible JVM, but it does not contain the full class libraries of the JDK 1.1 implementations of Java. The omissions seem to be intentional. Let's be clear, IMHO Microsoft is deliberately trying to destroy the chance for Java to fulfill its "write once, run anywhere" promise. Java portability is the single...
Oct 06
[MD1] BBEdit Integrates with Macromedia
BARE BONES SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES BBEDIT INTEGRATION WITH NEW MACROMEDIA TOOL Bedford, MA--October 6,1997--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced their participation in a collaboration with Macromedia, Inc. to provide high-technology Web authoring tools. As the result of this effort, BBEdit(tm), the premier text and HTML editor for the Mac OS(tm), will integrate seamlessly with the Mac OS version of Dreamweaver(tm), the new visual Web authoring tool announced today by Macromedia. This unprecedented level of integration is made possible through a close technology partnership between the two companies. Macromedia and Bare Bones Software engineers jointly developed the integration technology behind "Roundtrip HTML(tm)" by taking advantage of capabilities unique to the Mac OS and BBEdit's high-tech architecture, enabling the two tools to cleanly exchange HTML code and preserve the integrity of the author's composition. "Until now, graphical Web authoring tools have provided their...
Oct 06
[MD1] METAL v1.0B2, a BASIC metacompiler
From: Marin Saric ( Subject: Announce: METAL v1.0B2, a BASIC metacompiler Galactic Dreams Software is annoucing a new version (v1.0B2) of its product METAL. This version is released only a week after a previous one due to high interest and a lot of positive feedback. METAL is a BASIC metacompiler for a PowerMac with features such as: - producing executables - full on-line help - a lot of examples - very big palette of fast graphic functions - sound playing (AIFF & AIFC files) - speech - file I/O The following things are new in METAL v1.0B2: Improved: - Added AppleEvent support (Drag&Drop file(s), Open, Quit, Shutdown, etc.) - Added "Get Pict Size" instruction for determining the PICT file width and height. - Added "Resize console" instruction for resizing the...
Oct 06
[MD1] Claris Ships FileMaker Pro 4.0
Claris Ships FileMaker Pro 4.0 for Windows and Mac OS SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Oct. 6, 1997 -- Claris Corp. announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 4.0 for Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS, the newest version of its award-winning cross platform relational database software. Now with built-in HTTP server and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) capabilities at an estimated retail price of just $199 (U.S.), FileMaker Pro 4.0 will collect and serve dynamic data over the Web from computers with access to the Internet or an intranet via TCP/IP. FileMaker Pro 4.0 is a breakthrough intranet solution for corporate workgroups and small businesses in need of convenient, cost-efficient access to databases. FileMaker Pro 4.0 may also be used to serve data to sophisticated Web sites, created by popular web authoring tools. Getting a FileMaker Pro 4.0 database onto the Web is incredibly easy using the product's new Web Companion plug-in. With just the click of a check box, users can perform...
Oct 03
[MD1] Pascal Source Code and Articles
From: (Bill M. Catambay) Subject: [Ann] Pascal Source Code and Articles To all Macintosh Pascal programmers: The following is a summary of the current contents available at Pascal Central. For any of you who may not know about Pascal Central, Pascal Central provides the pascal community one place to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal source code, and Pascal-related internet links. The home page is at Pascal Central is now broken up into the following sections: FEATURED ARTICLES: These are the latest articles contributed to Pascal Central. See the end of this note for a summary of these articles. FORUMS & LINKS: This pages provides information on Pascal forums (such as the MacPascal mailing list, and the Pascal newsgroups), and several links to Pascal related web sites (for PC and Mac). To join the MacPascal mailing list, go to NOTHING BUT MACINTOSH SOURCE...
Oct 03
[MD1] Softdisk Publishing
From: Matthew Hudson ( Subject: Mac programs wanted for publication! CALLING ALL DEVELOPERS! YOUR PROGRAMS ARE WANTED FOR PUBLICATION! Softdisk Publishing has been publishing monthly software since 1981 for a wide variety of computer systems. We give our subscribers high quality software at a fraction of the typical commercial price. Our software is in use by thousands of people on thousands of computers worldwide. In age, our subscribers range from six-year-old elementary school students to 70-plus retirees, and their wide variety of interests are well matched by our diverse offerings each month. Many of the programs that Softdisk publishes on its monthly software subscriptions are created by talented free-lance programmers from around the world who submit their programs for review and potential publication. Where do you fit in? We pay a flat licensing fee for the rights to run each program on an issue and we also offer quarterly ROYALTIES (typically 20%) for...
Oct 03
[MD1] public beta of PowerPlant 1.8b1
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] public beta of PowerPlant 1.8b1 CodeWarriors, This is a public beta of PowerPlant 1.8b1 (the archive also includes Constructor 2.4.3a1). This archive contains the new Appearance Classes which provide native support for MacOS 8's new Appearance Manager. It also contains many other changes and improvements since CW Pro 1. It is an (almost) complete PowerPlant folder. Althought this has been tested this is a public beta and all precautions normally associated with beta sofware should be noted. Furthermore, the contents of this archive (PowerPlant) is subject to change for CW Pro 2. You must have CW Pro 1 to install and use this public beta. or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( PowerPlant Public Beta 1.8b1 Released on 09/30/...
Oct 03
[MD1] Open CW C++ v2 Beta Test Version
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] Open CW C++ v2 Beta Test Version Warriors, Metrowerks had to make some hard decisions on the C++ compilers whether to add some C++ improvements this summer or to put all of our efforts into a new version of our C++ compilers. Our decision was to move ahead to the next generation of C++ compilers as fast as possible, however, by doing so, we have failed to uphold some promises, for that Metrowerks deeply apologizes. In order to give CodeWarrior users an opportunity to use these new tools as soon as possible, Metrowerks is having an open Beta test of the v2 compilers and linkers. These v2 tools include namespaces and fuller STL support. If you are interested in testing these tools, please send an e-mail to ( address) Title your message "Open C/C++ compiler test" (without the quotes) and include your full name, company name, preferred e-mail address, and host platform (Mac or Windows). Testers must have...
Sep 30
[MD1] Apple to Distribute Tools Free
Apple to Distribute Mac OS Tools to Apple Developer Program Members and Mac OS Tools Vendors Metrowerks First Vendor to License Tools; Select Tools Will Also be Made Available to Public for Free Download CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 30 -- Apple Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced it will begin distributing many of its Mac OS development tools to the members of Apple's Developer Programs worldwide in November of this year. Apple will distribute the tools on CD as an added benefit of program membership. Select tools will also be made available on the Internet for free to students, hobbyists and non-program members. By making its development tools broadly available, Apple is ensuring that developers get more of the resources they need to take full advantage of new development opportunities for the Mac OS. Some of the tools scheduled to be distributed on CD include the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, MacApp, SourceBug, MacsBug, Power Macintosh Debugger, Virtual User an performance...
Sep 28
[MD1] BASIC Metacompiler
We are announcing our new product: METAL - Meta Language. METAL is a BASIC metacompiler for a PowerMac with features such as: - producing executables - full on-line help - a lot of examples - very big palette of fast graphic functions - sound playing (AIFF & AIFC files) - speech - file I/O METAL v1.0B is a non-crippled freeware product made by Galactic Dreams Software. METAL can be obtained from ( or from Info-Mac archives. METAL can be freely distributed on any CD-ROM, as long as distributed entirely and without any modifications. To find out more about METAL and our other products, visit our homepage at: ( For any questions, contact: Marin Saric A.T.Mimare 63 10000 Zagreb Croatia
Sep 27
[MD1] Apple Launches Brand Advertising Campaign
Apple Launches Brand Advertising Campaign Premiering this Sunday on Toy Story CUPERTINO, Calif.--Sept. 26, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it is launching its new brand advertising campaign with two 60 second television commercials scheduled to air during the network premier of Pixar's academy award winning film "Toy Story" on ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" this Sunday evening, September 28. The campaign is themed "Think Different" and is the first work by Apple and TBWA Chiat/Day in over a decade. Their previous collaboration produced many award winning ads, including the CLIO winner "1984" ad which has been voted the best ad of all time by advertising professionals. "Apple has one of the best brands in the world. This campaign celebrates the soul of our brand--which is the desire to change the world for the better," said Steve Jobs. "This ad is just the beginning of a major marketing campaign to let our customers know that Apple is coming back, and returning to those...
Sep 27
[MD1] Apple Streamlines Channel Policies
Apple Streamlines Channel Policies to Strengthen Customer Experience and Improve Channel Advocacy CUPERTINO, Calif.--Sept. 26 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced channel policy and program changes designed to increase Apple advocacy among channel resellers, improve the customer experience, reduce channel inventory, and bring more profitable revenues to both the resellers and the Company. Consistent with these changes, Apple will allow more authorized resellers to buy direct by lowering its volume bar and will provide greater flexibility by offering its complete product assortment (except products specific to Education market) to all resellers. Additionally, Apple will strengthen the channel force with over 100 additional sales and support representatives focused on communication, forecasting, training, and channel advocacy. "Today's policy and program changes are further proof of Apple's commitment to providing its core customers and channel partners with industry-leading...
Sep 27
[MD1] CDFinder 1.5.1
CDFINDER 1.5.1 RELEASED September 27, 1997, Johannesberg, Germany The new version of CDFinder is the very first application that uses the new contextual menus of MacOS 8! CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to create catalog files of your hard disks, floppies, ZIP's and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires at least a 68020 or PowerPC CPU. While System 7 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 8. A special feature is the trilingual user interface (German/French menus/English). This mix of features makes CDFinder very useful especially for developers with their usually large mount of important developer CDROM's. New features in CDFinder 1.5.1: - CDFinder now uses the Contextual Menus in MacOS 8 to add some interesting new ways to do your work! - All of the menus and some dialogs are translated into the French language, too. - Self extracting archives are now recognized...
Sep 26
[MD1] X-Factor Series (G3) MacOS Compatibles
PowerTools is now shipping the fastest MacOS compatible computer in the world PowerTools announced today they have in stock and are ready to ship the new X-Factor series MacOS compatible computers. Based on the greatly anticipated G3 (Arthur) processor with a "back-side cache," these new systems will out perform any currently shipping models by over 40% in speed. The available configurations are as follows: X-Factor 1: 250Mhz (G3 Arthur processor) mini-tower 32MB / 2.1GB scsi-3 hard drive / 24x CD / 512k "back side" L2 cache / 4MB IMS video card / KB / 10-Base-T ethernet / MacOS 8 / FWB hard disk tool kit....... $3,999 X-Factor 2: 250Mhz (G3 Arthur processor) mini-tower 80MB / 9.1GB fast-wide hard drive / fast-wide SCSI-3 card / 24x CD / 512k "back-side" L2 cache / 4MB IMS video card / KB / 10-Base-T ethernet / MacOS 8 / FWB hard disk tool kit.......$4,999 The G3 series of PowerPC processors from Motorola and IBM have been tested to be the fastest currently available. The speed and...
Sep 25
[MD1] Joy Explorer and Developer for OPENSTEP/MachOS
AAA+ Software invites Developers to Explore OPENSTEP with Joy. Rapid Application Development Tools Joy Explorer and Joy Developer released for OPENSTEP/MachOS. VIENNA, Austria, September 25, 1997. AAA+ Software today announced the availability of Joy Explorer and Joy Developer for OPENSTEP/MachOS. A free, fully-enabled evaluation version of Joy Explorer is available from the AAA+ web site. For developers new to Rhapsody and OPENSTEP, Joy Explorer is the ideal tool to get familiar with the Yellow Box API. Experienced Rhapsody and OPENSTEP developers can use it to quickly try out new ideas, prototype solutions, tweak the functionality of existing Yellow Box classes, explore undocumented features, and for scripting and debugging. "Sitting and waiting for the compiler and linker to finish is a waste of time," said Werner Staringer, founder of AAA+ Software, "interactively experimenting with the API is much more efficient - and a lot more fun." The product name Joy is a logical consequence...
Sep 25
[MD1] Assoc. of Mac Trainers
THE ASSOCIATION OF MACINTOSH TRAINERS (Newport News, VA) - We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Association of Macintosh Trainers. The purpose of the association is to establish an international network of Apple Macintosh computer trainers, instructors and educators that is easily accessible to end users and to help facilitate and improve upon the quality of Macintosh computer support. The association was founded in 1991, and has a membership that includes individual trainers and instructors, computer retailers, consultants, government agencies and educators from public school systems, colleges and universities from around the world. The Association of Macintosh Trainers can be contacted through Jimmy J. Davies, President, P.O. Box 2743, Newport News, Virginia 23609, 757-877-9463, Fax 757-877-9463, eMail:, or visit our web site at:
Sep 24
[MD1] BlueNotes ECash Toolkit for Developers
ANNOUNCING THE BLUENOTES ECASH TOOLKIT FOR DEVELOPERS The First Commercial Toolkit for Anonymous Ecash Transactions PALO ALTO, Calif. September 24, 1997 -- BlueMoney Software Corporation today announced BlueNotes(tm), the world's first commercial software toolkit for building financial applications with private electronic cash payments. The BlueNotes Ecash Toolkit contains an Applications Programming Interface ("API") to help software developers enable ecash payments within their software products. It is compatible with the ecash issued by Mark Twain Bancshares of St. Louis, Missouri, and other banks around the world that use ecash "mints" built by Digicash bv of Amsterdam. Previously, no commercially supported ecash API has been available to developers of web sites and software products. The BlueNotes Toolkit fulfills this demand, allowing the quick and easy integration of ecash payments into web sites, browsers, electronic wallets, cash registers, and other applications. "We are...
Sep 24
[MD1] Insider Updates 2
INSIDER UPDATES 2 NOW AVAILABLE SIGNIFICANT FUNCTIONALITY AND IMPROVED INTERFACE ADDED TO MACINTOSH SOFTWARE UPDATER Insider Software today announced the availability of Insider Updates 2, a release that adds significant functionality and usability features to the leading Macintosh software-updating product. The new version uses smarter approaches for both determining which updaters users need to bring their Macintosh software up-to-date with the most current developer releases, as well as improved methods for determining when new updaters become available on the Internet. Insider Updates 2 is fully compatible with MacOS 8 and Internet fire-walls. DEVELOPERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SUBMIT NEW UPDATERS Developers can go to and specify information for their new updaters. This gets the updater out to the developer's customers as fast as possible. The secure site is available 24 hours a day. All submtted information is verified before release....
Sep 23
[MD1] Internet Config 1.4
From: (Quinn) Subject: Announce: Internet Config 1.4 The Internet Configuration System -- Making Macintosh Internet Activity Easier Internet Config is an application that allows you to set Internet preferences in one place and have them read my any other "IC aware" application. Internet Config is supported by many Mac OS Internet applications, including NewsWatcher, Anarchie, Fetch, and Internet Explorer. It is my pleasure to announce the release of Internet Config 1.4. This version has a few new features but, more importantly, it offers significant reliability improvements over previous versions. Specific enhancements include: o The IC application now supports "Get URL" AppleEvents, routing them to the appropriate helper application. o The extension now holds the default preferences, so you get default preferences regardless of which application first uses IC. o The extension now sanity checks preference files before opening them. It also keeps a copy of...
Sep 23
[MD1] Be names Roizen to Board
Be, Inc. names Heidi Roizen to Board of Directors Menlo Park, CA (September 23, 1997) - Be, Inc. has named Heidi Roizen to its Board of Directors. Heidi Roizen is an accomplished executive with fifteen years of senior management experience in the computer industry. She serves on the Board of Directors of Great Plains Software (Nasdaq:GPSI), and is a Public Governor of the Pacific Exchange. Her most recent executive position was as the vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations for Apple Computer, which she left in February of this year. She also served for 13 years as CEO of T/Maker Company, a successful software developer and publisher, and is a past president and longtime board member of the Software Publishers' Association. "I, and the rest of the Be team, are delighted to welcome Heidi to our Board" said Jean-Louis Gassee, president and CEO of Be, Inc. "Her broad software industry background will help us chart our future course and her excellent standing with the ISV...
Sep 23
[MD1] AIMED Conducts a series of polls
AIMED Conducts a series of polls for the Mac developer community! Los Angeles, CA -- September 23, 1997 -- AIMED, the Association of Independent Macintosh Engineers and Developers, is conducting a series of polls to collect data that it's developer membership can use to chart their Macintosh development efforts. The information the three polls gathers has been requested by AIMED members and is intended to gather information from the developer community on the following topics, State of Macintosh Development, Rhapsody, and Clone/CHRP issues. The poll pages are available on the AIMED web site and open today. Polling will continue until midnight October 5, 1997. The results of the polls will be made available to the developer community on the AIMED site, Apple Computer and various press organizations. AIMED is an independent, nonprofit organization of Macintosh developers. Founded in January 1996, it is dedicated to evangelizing third party hardware and software development for the Apple...
Sep 22
[MD1] Extending Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus
New utility extends Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus September 17, 1997 - Limassol, Cyprus - Annoyed that you have to press the Control key to open Contextual Menus? "Look Mom, No Hands!", Tools & Toys' newest shareware utility, lets you open Contextual Menus by just holding down the mouse button, and leaves your other hand free for the coffee cup. This handy US$ 9 software requires less than 10K of RAM, installs in less than a minute, and is definitely a must for every Mac OS 8 lover! "Look Mom, No Hands!" runs on any PowerPC computer with Mac OS 8 installed and can be downloaded from Tools & Toys' Web site at ( About Tools & Toys ------------------ Tools & Toys Software Ltd. is based Limassol, Cyprus, and develops software for the Mac OS platform. Products by Tools & Toys include: + Look Mom, No Hands!, a shareware utility for Mac OS 8that opens contextual menus with a single mouse click + Visual Balloons, an easy to use set of libraries...
Sep 22
[MD1] EuroPress for small US based developers
Groupe Mirande launches 'EuroPress', a new low-cost press service aimed at small US based hardware and software developers who want to raise the profile of their products in Europe. "Even small developers cannot afford to forget about Europe as a market...ignore it at your peril" Says Paul Lambert of Groupe Mirande. France - September 22nd 1997- Groupe Mirande, the French based company that works with US based Hardware and Software companies to develop a commercial presence for their products in Europe, today announce plans to expand its services to include 'EuroPress', a new low-cost press service for small US based IT companies who want to raise awareness of their products within the European marketplace. "'EuroPress' is a result of a number of requests from smaller clients who wanted just to use our press services to attract European customers to their web site, where they could buy the product from", says Paul Lambert, founder of Groupe Mirande. He continues "Normally we are...
Sep 22
[MD1] Universal PPP programmers' API
From: Richard Buckle ( In the past few years there's been an explosion of mutually incompatible PPP drivers for the Mac. Writing one product to support them all cleanly was a programmer's nightmare -- not to mention the testing. The Universal PPP API is the solution: a general wrapper that dynamically detects which PPP driver is in use and maps to its sub-API. Programmers can simply code to the Universal API. For users, it "just works", even if they switch between PPP flavours without restarting. Performance has been carefully optimised. The underlying code is modular, and other protocols (such as SLIP) which have a well-definined API can easily be added. Mail me if you would like me to add support for your protocol. The Universal PPP API currently supports: * Metrowerks C, C++ and Pascal. * Open Transport 1.1.1 or better, or MacTCP 2.0.6. * All versions of MacPPP, FreePPP, OT/PPP and ARA/PPP available at the time of writing. Example projects are...
Sep 22
[MD1] Apple Names New PR Agency
Apple Computer Names Niehaus Ryan Group Public Relations Agency CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 22, 1997 Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), today named the Silicon Valley public relations firm Niehaus Ryan Group, Inc. (NRG) its public relations agency of record for corporate and product public relations beginning immediately. This announcement completes Apple's marketing communications makeover which has brought on TBWA Chiat/Day as its new advertising agency, CKS as its new creative services firm, and finally NRG as its new public relations firm. "We are very pleased to complete our new team with the addition of NRG," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "They are exactly the kind of strategic, entrepreneurial agency we need right now." "We believe that Apple's new direction will once again surprise the industry," said NRG president Ed Niehaus. "Apple is one of the top brands in the world, and the company is now poised to once again make its mark." About NRG Founded in 1991, Niehaus Ryan...
Sep 20
[MD1] Financial Cryptography 1998 -- Call for Participants
Call for Participants Financial Cryptography 1998 (FC98): The world's only financial cryptography conference, exhibition, and workshop. FC98 Conference February 23-26, 1998 FC98 Exhibition February 23-27, 1998 FC98 Financial Cryptography Workshop March 2-6, 1998 The Inter-Island Hotel Anguilla, BWI Conference Reservations: ( What is FC98? FC98, the world's only peer-reviewed conference on financial cryptography, will be held Monday through Thursday, February 23-26, 1997, at the Inter-Island Hotel on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. In conjunction with the conference, the Inter-Island Hotel will also be the site of an intensive 40-hour workshop for senior managers and IS professionals the week after the conference (March 2-6), and a concurrent exhibition of financial cryptography products and services during the entire week of the conference itself, February 23-27. The goals of the combined conference, workshop, and exhibition are: - -- to provide a peer-reviewed...
Sep 19
[MD1] Version Master 1.5
Scottsdale, AZ; September 19, 1997 - Symmetry Software Corporation today announced the release of version 1.5 of Version Master, the leading software version reporting and updating tool for the Macintosh. Version Master is the only major Macintosh software updating application that remains free of charge. This release brings a significant increase in performance to the downloading function and integrates the application with the Version Master website. Additionally, numerous interface enhancements have been added to make the application easier to use including support for MacOS 8. Free copies of Version Master may be downloaded from: ( New features in version 1.5 include: Downloading current version Information is 300% to 500% faster Improved version identification Internet Config is no longer required Search online database for software titles not on the user's computer Revised Scan command and new Refresh command updates...
Sep 19
[MD1] INTERSOLV PVCS Version Manager
INTERSOLV PVCS Version Manager(tm) for Macintosh Synergex and INTERSOLV (Nasdaq: ISLI) announce the availability of PVCS Version Manager(tm) for the Macintosh, enabling Mac developers for the first time to manage software development projects across today's major platforms with INTERSOLV's top-selling SCM tool from the PVCS Series. Ported to the Mac by Synergex, which has brought PVCS tools to more than 20 other leading platforms, PVCS Version Manager for the Macintosh supports any type of file-source code, graphics, documentation, binary, and text. And it's ideal for tracking changes to HTML. Equally usable as a standalone application or for team development projects, this product enables developers to track revisions and customized versions of software in Mac OS and non-Mac environments-even across system boundaries. Developers can make and track changes to Mac OS and non-Mac files alike, across Macintosh, Windows, OpenVMS, and leading versions of UNIX. PVCS Version Manager for...
Sep 19
[MD1] Macworld Expo Moving to NY
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACWORLD Expo To Be Held At Jacob Javits Convention Center of New York New venue in new city to provide broader reach to core Mac market BOSTON, September 18, 1997 - IDG Expo Management Company today announced that the 1998 East Coast production of MACWORLD Expo will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York. The East Coast's premier showcase for software and hardware vendors supporting the Mac OS platform, MACWORLD Expo/New York will be held July 8-10. The exhibit floor and the MACWORLD Expo Conference Program take place July 8-10. In addition, the MACWORLD Expo Professional Conference Program will run from July 6-8. "We are excited about launching MACWORLD Expo/New York," said David B. Egan, president of IDG Expo Management Company. "New York is considered an international center for creative professionals, and for companies specializing in advertising, printing and publishing, the commercial arts, graphic design, video production and...
Sep 19
[MD1] TechTales
This is not exactly a developer release, but it may be amusing to you -- and maybe some of your stories can make it into it. Have a good weekend, Neil ------------------------------------ Looking for laughs on the net? Read about the new site with the funniest tech support stories... and the exclusive Tech Supporter!
Sep 18
[MD1] Java 1.1.3 for CodeWarrior Pro Beta Update
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] Java 1.1.3 Beta Update available CodeWarriors, There is a release of the Java 1.1.3 for CodeWarrior Pro Beta Update available now or soon for downloading from or If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at: ( Java 1.1.3 for CodeWarrior Pro Public Beta Released on 09/16/1997 This patch adds Java 1.1.3 support to the Java tools supplied with CodeWarrior Pro 1 for Mac OS. This version is a PUBLIC BETA. Download Update (7065k)
Sep 17
Guerrino De Luca Resigns from Apple Cupertino, Calif.--Sept. 17, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc, today announced that Guerrino De Luca, Apple's executive vice president of Marketing has resigned from the Company. De Luca was in that position since February 1997. "This is a personal decision which does not reflect my assessment of the Company's prospects," said De Luca. "We are seeing a lot of changes at Apple, and I'm confident that Apple will shine again." Apple Computer, Inc. ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is now recommitted to its original mission - to bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world. Contacts: Katie Cotton Apple Computer, Inc. (408) 974-7269 email:
Sep 17
[MD1] Macworld and MacTech Team Up on Awards
JOINT RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Macworld and MacTech Team Up on Awards SAN FRANCISCO, CA and WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- SEPTEMBER 17, 1997 -- Joining together to recognize the industry's finest, Macworld Magazine and MacTech Magazine have agreed to jointly present a new set of awards for Macintosh developer tools. Macworld Magazine, which now incorporates MacUser Magazine, will also give out about 30 awards for best products in a variety of Mac product and technology categories. The event will take place at the annual Editors Choice Awards (Eddies) ceremony in January at the Macworld Expo. Macworld and MacTech will present four awards for best Macintosh development tools. Winners will be chosen by MacTech editors and contributors based upon such factors as innovation, design, versatility, contributions within the industry's current standards, and impact upon the developer community. Submissions for these awards should be sent via email with product name and description, contact...
Sep 16
[MD1] Visual Basic to Java Converter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VB2Java offers Effortless Translations of Visual Basic programs to Java for $89 HICKSVILLE, NY - September 16, 1997 - PowerBBS Computing, which already produces the only Delphi to Java converter, has leveraged its technology to enter the Visual Basic to Java market. VB2Java allows Visual Basic programmers to effortlessly create Applets or Applications, directly from their Visual Basic code. No additional configuration for Java output is necessary. While other products in the VB2Java market require the user to define the Java compatible data type to use for VB variants (variables that can change types), VB2Java automatically handles variants with its internal variant data type that ships with the product. In addition, it can automatically create variables from variables that are used in Visual Basic program which have not been defined with the DIM statement. VB2Java supports global variables, user defined data type structures, as well as complete conversion of VB...
Sep 16
[MD1] Stone's Homecoming Sale
For immediate release Stone Design Announces "Homecoming Sale" September 16, 1997 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Stone Design announced today the "Homecoming" Sale on its suite of NEXTSTEP software, which runs on NEXTSTEP and OpenStep MACH. In response to the placement of Steve Jobs as interim CEO at Apple Computer, and the return of Stone Design to the Macintosh software community, we wished to honor the pioneers who were early adopters of this next millennial technology with some awesome prices. The StoneWare suite consists of DataPhile(TM), the multi-media, easy to use database manager, Create(TM), THE powerful graphics package, 3DReality(TM), a 3D modeler and renderer, and CheckSum(TM), a check writer and finance manager. A bundle of all of these Stone Design applications for NEXTSTEP is now available for only $199, a very special deal. These apps originally listed for $1,979. This bundle includes DataPhile 3.1, Create 3.1, 3D Reality 2.1 and CheckSum 2.0. All of the licenses will be...
Sep 16
[MD1] MICRO PLANNER X-Pert - Version 3.0
MICRO PLANNING TO RELEASE MICRO PLANNER X-PERT VERSION 3.0 Sophisticated Project Management Software for the Macintosh, Sun Solaris, HP and Windows 3.x, 95, NT Denver, CO -- Micro Planning International (MPI) today announced the latest version of their powerful project management software for the Macintosh and Windows 3.x, 95, NT: MICRO PLANNER X-Pert - Version 3.0. The latest release offers added features and enhancements such as: unlimited capacities, multiple work breakdown structures, shared project components, enterprise-wide resource leveling, a new source code, detailed archiving and much more. These features, combined with direct file open compatibility, allow project managers to model the project organization and create meaningful, successful project plans. This next generation of software will give customers a durable, flexible and powerful project management tool and a strong foundation for success. The new versions are scheduled to ship in December 1997. MICRO PLANNER X-...
Sep 16
[MD1] Jobs Interim CEO
Apple Names Steve Jobs Interim CEO Cupertino, Calif.--Sept. 16, 1997--At its first regularly scheduled meeting last week, Apple's new Board of Directors formalized the role of Steve Jobs by naming him interim Chief Executive Officer of the Company until a new CEO is named. At this meeting, the Board of Directors also met with its executive recruiter, John Thompson of Heidrick & Struggles, to review the status of its search for a CEO. The Board expects that a new CEO will be named before the end of the year. Jobs, Apple's co-founder and newly appointed member of the Board, has been serving as an advisor to Apple's Board and executive management team for several months. Apple Computer, Inc. ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is now recommitted to its original mission - to bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists...
Sep 15
[MD1] MHA Event Mgmt Becomes IDG Affiliate
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MHA Event Management To Become IDG Affiliate IDG Expo Management to continue producing IDG's market-leading IT events, develop additional world-class information shows BOSTON, September 15, 1997 - MHA Event Management and International Data Group today announced a new development in their long-standing and successful relationship. Effective immediately, MHA will become an IDG affiliate and assume the IDG name, it was announced by MHA CEO Mike Hallal and President David B. Egan. Under the agreement, MHA will be known as IDG Expo Management Company. The company will continue to produce leading IDG-branded information events, including the MACWORLD Expos, ComNet, the Telecommuting & Home Office Exposition & Conference (THOE) and E3 - the Electronic Entertainment Exposition. "We are excited about becoming an IDG affiliate," said Mike Hallal. "This agreement enhances the long-standing strategic alliance between the two companies and creates one point of...
Sep 14
[MD1] A different perspective
To all, Don Crabb has a well written article at: ( that gives a very different perspective on the licensing issue and Apple. Now that the industry knows what's going on with licensing, it's time to move forward with what plans that make sense for your own company. Check out his article -- so that you are making balanced decisions. MacDev-1 Staff
Sep 13
From: (Jesse Jones) Subject: [ANN] Raven 1.2 (Mac C++ framework) This file contains the source for Raven 1.2 a new C++ framework for Macintosh programming. Raven is similar to PowerPlant and MacApp but takes full advantage of newer C++ features, has a more modular structure, and makes extensive use of programming by contract. Like ODF and MacApp Raven makes extensive use of multiple inheritance by means of mixin classes. Raven also uses the standard C++ classes wherever possible, including the string class, the standard exception classes, and STL. Raven also makes use of template classes and RTTI. Raven is divided into four layers: Foundation, Core, Application, and Esoterica. Each layer is composed of a number of packages. For example the Core layer has a Files package containing classes to manage things like reading/writing a file, iterating over files, accessing the Desktop Manager, and CustomGetFile and CustomPutFile. The Foundation layer contains low level...
Sep 12
[MD1] QuickTime 3.0 Receives Industry Awards
Apple's QuickTime 3.0 Receives Industry Awards Videography Magazine Recognizes Technology with Two Top Awards CUPERTINO, Calif.--Sept. 12, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that QuickTime 3.0, the latest release of the Company's industry-standard digital media system software for Windows and Mac OS, has received several product and technology awards from computer industry press and user groups. Videography magazine recently granted QuickTime 3.0 two top honors--the first annual Open Studio Interoperability Award, presented at the SIGGRAPH tradeshow in August, and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) '97 Editors' Choice Award. According to Videography, the Open Studio Interoperability Award is given to a new product that "most significantly enhances the sharing of digital media in professional studio environments." The NAB Editors' Choice Award is for products "that deliver new capabilities, or substantially improve the state-of-the-art in an existing product...
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