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Aug 20
[MD1] PerlScript Name Conflict Resolved
TYRELL AND ACTIVESTATE RESOLVE PERLSCRIPT NAME CONFLICT Name Conflict Ends with Agreement to Cooperate with Marketing and Development of Perl Tools August 20, 1997, San Jose, CA -- In a move typical of the Perl community, Tyrell Software Corp. and ActiveState Tool Corp. have resolved the PerlScript name conflict in a friendly, cooperative manner. Last month Tyrell started marketing a product named PerlScript on the Internet. Confusion quickly ensued between ActiveState's PerlScript ActiveX scripting engine and Tyrell's PerlScript. "Mark Murphy of Tyrell and I started discussing what resolution would be the best one for the Perl community," explains Dick Hardt, President of ActiveState, "We also started exploring how we could work together to provide Perl solutions to developers". "Tyrell has agreed to change our product name from PerlScript to PowerPerl" says Mark Murphy, Tyrell's Director of Software Development, "We are going to cooperate with ActiveState in the development and...
Aug 20
[MD1] Pictorius Closes $3.5 Million Financing Deal
Pictorius Incorporated Closes $3.5 Million Financing Deal Secured Financing Allows Pictorius to Expand Markets and Continue to Grow Friday August 20, 1997 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Pictorius Incorporated, has announced the initial closing of $3.5 million dollars of a $6 million dollar offering by way of a confidential offering memorandum. In connection with the Offering, the Company has signed a financing agreement with McLean Watson SOFTECH Fund. This Fund invests exclusively in leading private software companies. In addition to strong financial backing, McLean Watson brings valuable software industry experience and affiliations. McLean Watson was instrumental in the sale of Montreal-based Softimage to Microsoft Corporation. The completion of the initial closing of the offering and SOFTECH's participation consolidates Pictorius financial base and puts it in a strong position for future growth. Pictorius plans to use this investment to broaden their current marketing and sales...
Aug 19
[MD1] LetterRip at $95
Fog City has extended the special $95 price for LetterRip for one more week good through August 23, 1997. Download a fully functional copy of LetterRip from: (
Aug 19
[MD1] StreamWatcher 1.0
Stairways releases StreamWatcher 1.0 Perth, Western Australia -- 15 August 1997 -- Stairways Software, Pty Ltd, today announced the release of version 1.0 of StreamWatcher, an Open Transport TCP Stream debugging utility. What is StreamWatcher? StreamWatcher allows you to examine the data transmitted through Open Transport TCP streams. This is useful for debugging network applications and network problems, learning about networking protocols, or watching for strange or unwanted TCP traffic. If you have ever wondered what your computer was saying when it was talking to other machines on the network, this program is the answer. StreamWatcher requires a PowerPC (Power Macintosh or clone) and Open Transport. StreamWatcher is shareware, single user licenses cost US$35, site and company-wide licenses are available. Features * StreamWatcher can examine all Open Transport TCP streams (using "OT AutoPush Support" from Quinn), allowing you to examine networking traffic for any application on...
Aug 19
[MD1] Hot Deal! WebTen 1.1 for $350
To all Webmasters and Webmaster wannabes: WebTen 1.1, Tenon's new Apache Web server, is available for a limited time )from DevDepot at the special price of $350. To order, point your browser at: ( To read about WebTen and to download a copy for testing, see: ( According to Ziff Davis, Tenon's Apache Web server is the fastest Web server for Macintosh. In the typical 4 -12 client range, WebTen is three times faster than WebSTAR! On a heavily loaded system, WebTen is still 30% faster. Tenon is committed to making the Macintosh a world class Web server. Why shouldn't the world's most popular Web creation platform be the world's most popular Web server platform? The only thing that is holding the Macintosh back today in Web serving is performance. With Tenon's system-level additions (a native fast file system and an advanced TCP stack), the Mac can reach a new level of performance. Tenon'...
Aug 18
[MD1] Jasik Debugger Update
Jasik Designs posted the latest versions of it's product: 'The Debugger & MacNosy' on it's ftp site. It also e-mailed out notices to all registered users. If you did NOT recieve an update notice from Jasik, then you should e-mail Jasik at with you name, address and current e-mail address. The update consists of the release notes, The Debugger, NosyII and a newer xDbgr_Startup (better error messages). This version of The Debugger is compatable with MacOS 8, and the recently released 'Speedbump' Macintoshes and upcoming CHRP boxes. As an important issue in the release notes, I comment on the unsuitablility of Apple's latest hardware, the Speedbump 8600 and 9600's for use with my Debugger in particular, and most any Debugger in general. The flaw is rather serious, and even a logic analyzer ($30,000) won't help you when one of these machines freezes. Steve Jasik Author of 'The Debugger & MacNosy' 343 Trenton Way (
Aug 18
[MD1] Center for Software Development Upcoming Events
Attention Developers: Below is a schedule of upcoming events you may be interested in. As you may know Apple is a sponsor of the center for software development and Apple developers can attend any of the CSD seminars free of charge. Developers can also use the center's testing facilities which are available on shorter notice than Apple's compatibility labs. Contact CSD at (408) 494-TEST and indicate you are an Apple Developers. In response to popular demand, the Center for Software Development has a number of Venture Capital 1on1s and equity financing events coming up! Please pass this information on to anyone you think could benefit from attending and feel free to call me directly with any questions - 408-494-8302. Thanks! Sandy *********************************************************** Center for Software Development Upcoming Events *********************************************************** Aug 19th - Patents, Copyrights & Trade Secrets Aug 20th - Finding the Right Equity...
Aug 18
[MD1] CW Pro Patches
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] List of CodeWarrior Pro 1 Patches Here is a list of current updates and patches for CW Pro 1 both Mac and Windows CodeWarrior Windows IDE 2.0.2 Released on 08/15/1997 Includes numerous bug fixes for crashes during builds, problems saving source files, etc. Download Update (758k) CodeWarrior MacOS IDE 2.0.1 Patch Released on 07/16/1997 A maintenance patch for the Mac-hosted 2.0 IDE originally shipped with CodeWarrior Pro 1. Fixes a serious dependency tracking problem when running on 68k based Macintoshes. Download Update (701k) Targeting Mac OS manual pp. 88-89 Released on 07/09/1997 This file updates Table 5.1 and Table 5.2 with the correct information. Download Update (46k) (7/9/97) Guides and examples for adapting the various template container classes, where CodeWarrior MSL 2.1.2 deviates from the standard...
Aug 12
[MD1] MacAddict and Aladdin Sys Partner
MACADDICT MAGAZINE AND ALADDIN SYSTEMS PARTNER TO DISTRIBUTE ELECTRONIC COMMERCE ENABLED SOFTWARE PROGRAMS TO 140,000 END USERS MONTHLY Monthly CD-ROM Brings Consumers and MAC OS Software Publishers Closer Together BRISBANE, CA (August 13, 1997)-MacAddict Magazine, one of seven publications from Imagine Publishing Inc., and Aladdin Systems, the creators of StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm), will be helping Mac OS software developers distribute their software to the passionate MacAddict readers. Each month MacAddict bundles a CD-ROM disc with it's monthly distribution of 140,000. Starting with the December issue, MacAddict will feature a "Try Before You Buy" virtual store containing software enabled for electronic commerce using Aladdin's InstallerMaker. Taking advantage of MacAddict's mass distribution, Mac software publishers can now incorporate InstallerMaker's technology onto the monthly CD-ROMs to increase their distribution and sales. "This is just one more way that MacAddict is...
Aug 12
[MD1] Protecting Internet Distributed Software
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: John Willsey phone 214-692-8335 Free Developers Kit for Protecting Internet Distributed Software and Files DALLAS, TX -- August 12, 1997 (INB) -- Today, USWK (Universal Software Key) Co. announces a free developers kit for protecting programs and music/video files distributed over the Internet. Based on a patent pending process, this developers kit allows programmers to give the maximum protection possible to their copyrighted programs and files while making it easy and unobtrusive for the general public to use. Now available for immediate download at: With software piracy on the rise through ever-increasing bandwidths of the Internet, and the conversion of music and video files to digital formats, software developers and media artists are crying out for protection. USWK Co. answers them with their free developers kit. Instead of fearing the strength of the Internet, software developers and media...
Aug 12
[MD1] BuildSim AutoCode Generator
For Immediate Release Tangent Systems Announces BuildSim AutoCode Generator Ready for Testing OCEAN BEACH, Calif.-- August 12, 1997: Continuing to meet its internal release schedule for BuildSim, TangentSystem announced to day that its next beta release which includes an automatic code generator is ready for beta testing. It can be downloaded from Tangent Systems FTP site for evaluation and testing. Beta testers will recieve a free copy of the "Silver" edition when BuildSim officially ships. This beta version includes an Automatic Code Generation capability which can automatically create C++ and Java source code. Preliminary compiler libraries are included for PowerMac, 68K Mac, Java and Win32 platforms.The planned ship date for BuildSim 2.0 is September 1, 1997. BuildSim will be delivered via internet as a Bronze Edition and can be upgraded to increasingly more powerful editions (Silver, Gold and Platinum) via password. BuildSim has many application areas including Education,...
Aug 11
[MD1] OneStep 1.1
Objective Software announces the new release of OneStep 1.1. OneStep is an extension that transforms your Mac's user interface. Features include custom windows, menus, pop-ups, scroll bars, buttons, folder and trash icons, and more. OneStep comes with a number of ready to use interfaces, such as "True NeXT" (a genuine NeXT-like interface), "Jump to Eight" (guess what it is?), Back To Seven, Grand Prix, etc. Just try them out! Each interface is contained in an Appearance file. Advanced users will be able to design and distribute their own customized Appearance files. OneStep requires a Macintosh or MacOS-compatible computer running System 7.0 or later. OneStep was written by Harry Alloul, Bernard Frangoulis and Alessandro Levi Montalcini. It is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $15; registrations are handled by the Kagi Shareware service. A screen shot is available on our WEB site at ( What's new in version 1.1? - The "OneStep...
Aug 11
[MD1] CodeFab Training
CodeFab Announces Summer/Fall Training Schedule CodeFab Training Director John Gassenheimer announced the training schedule for WebObjects and OPENSTEP/Rhapsody training courses for summer/fall 1997. These courses include CodeFab's popular "Real World WebObjects" as well as an Enterprise Objects Framework course aimed at advanced Web Objects developers and a range of introductory and advanced OPENSTEP/Rhapsody courses aimed at programmers who will be developing software with Apple's next generation operating system, code-named Rhapsody Aug 25-28 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001) Sep 8 -11 Real World OpenStep, Accelerated (3010) Sep 16-19 Enterprise Object Framework (3005) Sep 23-26 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001) Oct 6-9 Real World OpenStep, Accelerated (3010) Oct 21-24 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001) "CodeFab's broad selection of courses covering Apple's Enterprise Software technologies reflects our commitment to Apple's strategic direction and endorsement of...
Aug 11
[MD1] MacLine Offers Free Marketing
In addition to MacDev-1 for developer industry relevant news, you can also take advantage of MacLine to get to the user community. -Neil ------------------- MacLine Offers Free Marketing and Press Release Distribution For Mac Developers MacTimes MacLine press release service, located on the web at, offers Macintosh software developers a free and effective way to broadcast information about their latest products or upgrades to the Mac news community. MacLine offers developers the ability to post an unlimited number of press releases on the MacLine web site, with no cost. In addition the press releases can be broadcast to Mac news agencies across the world, once again at no cost to the developer. "We wanted to offer the small and medium sized developer the same opportunities to promote a product as those available to large corporations," says MacTimes Chief Editor Jason Pierce. Pierce goes on to add, "Large applications developers can easily afford the...
Aug 11
[MD1] PowerGlot
Paris, July 29th, 1997. Florent Pillet announces PowerGlot, the software localization tool for MacOS. PowerGlot is a new software localization tool for the MacOS. Fast and easy to use, PowerGlot allows developers to localize their software to any language available on the MacOS platform, including 2-byte languages like Japanese and Chinese. The software is WorldScript aware, scriptable, supports drag-and-drop, balloon help and AppleGuide, all this wrapped in a convenient and intuitive interface. PowerGlot comes at a very affordable price ($99, w/discount on multiple licenses). For information, please point your browser to: Screen shots are available at: E-Mail contact: Florent Pillet - Freelance Developer Paris, France
Aug 11
[MD1] Visual Balloons for PowerPlant
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Programming / C++ / Application Frameworks Tools & Toys helps developers help: Visual Balloons(tm) add Balloon Help to PowerPlant projects - without programming August 11, 1997 - Vienna, Austria - Tools & Toys today unleashed Developer Release 1 of Visual Balloons(tm) for PowerPlant, a set of libraries and editors that allow easy creation of standard Mac OS Balloon Help for PowerPlant projects. Using PowerPlant Constructor's simple drag & drop interface and only two lines of C++ code, MacOS Codewarriors can now add Help Balloons that are not limited to plain text only, but instead support pictures and styled text as well. Until today, developers who wanted to integrate BalloonHelp into their software had to use Apple's ResEdit or Mathemaesthetic's Resourcerer and were limited to the user interface elements built into the Mac OS. "Editing Balloon Help with ResEdit has always been a pain and anything but comfortable", said Andreas Pizsa, developer of...
Aug 11
[MD1] Timbuktu Pro 4.0
Farallon Announces the Availability of Timbuktu Pro 4.0 for Macintosh Timbuktu Pro 4.0 Puts the Power of Remote Control, File Transfer and Communication on the Desktop ALAMEDA, Calif., August 11, 1997 - Farallon Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRLN) today announced the immediate availability of Timbuktu Pro 4.0 for MacOS, the latest version of the leading remote control and file transfer software for Macintosh. Timbuktu Pro's patented cross-platform, screen-sharing capabilities makes it the only remote control solution that allows any Macintosh to communicate or collaborate with another Macintosh or Windows PC through modem-to-modem, ARA dial-up, Internet, LAN or WAN connections. Perfect for MacOS 8, the functionality and ease-of-use of Timbuktu Pro has been significantly enhanced to include Timbuktu Express file transfer technology, file synchronization, intercom capabilities and AppleScript support. "Once again, we are pleased to deliver a leading-edge, best-of-breed remote control...
Aug 06
[MD1] MacTech now 3250 Pages!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Susan Whitney MacTech Magazine 805-494-9797 x 105 New MacTech Web Site To Be Previewed At Developer Central at MacWorld Expo Boston, 1997 WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- AUGUST 7, 1997 -- Xplain Corporation, publisher of MacTech(r) Magazine is very excited to offer preview of its new web site at MacWorld Expo Boston August 6 - August 8, 1997. This is not just any ordinary developer web site. The MacTech web site is dedicated to the Macintosh developer. With access to a world of reference material it's a great starting place for the beginner and voluminous enough for the experienced developer. Right at your finger tips you have exclusive access to the entire library of MacTech articles featured in the magazine from 1984 through May 1997. That's 1600 articles in 139 issues. In addition, the site has the entire history of develop, Apple's award winning technical journal. That's 29 issues from 1990 - 1997. Also, the site is also...
Aug 06
[MD1] BeOS at a discount
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DevDepot Will Offering The Full BeOS package At A Discount WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- AUGUST 6, 1997 -- Xplain Corporation, the parent company of DevDepot, today announced that it is offering the full BeOS package through its world class mail order division. As the Internet expands, and as electronic media becomes more prevalent, the high-performance needs of digital content design have different needs today. The BeOS is the first new operating system designed to unlock the door to much more powerful personal computers, and extract more performance than you're used to. The BeOS is based on a concept called the Media OS. It's not enough to add a few features and call an operating system a Media OS, an operating system needs to be architechted to deal natively with digital media. The engineering team at Be didn't start with an existing OS and transform it, they started with the Media OS concept and optimized every portion of a new OS for handling digital media. The...
Aug 06
[MD1] Apple Keynote/MS Announcement...
Microsoft and Apple Affirm Commitment to Build Next Generation Software for Macintosh Companies announce patent cross-license agreement. Microsoft announces Office 98 for Macintosh; Apple announces Internet Explorer to be bundled with Mac OS. Product commitment backed up with $150M Microsoft investment in Apple Computer. Boston, August 6, 1997--In a keynote address delivered today at Macworld Boston, Apple Computer Inc. director and co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft Corp. chairman and CEO Bill Gates announced a broad product and technology development agreement between Apple and Microsoft including the following: The companies agreed to a broad patent cross-licensing agreement. It paves the way for the two companies to work more closely on leading-edge technologies for the Mac platform. Microsoft will develop and ship future versions of its popular Microsoft Office productivity suite, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft tools for...
Aug 05
[MD1] MailMan, FMPro.Net, Lasso 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 6, 1997 Media Contact: Bill Doerrfeld, President & CEO Blue World Communications, Inc. 425.646.0288, BLUE WORLD SETS INTERNET BUSINESS STRATEGY Previews MailMan, FMPro.Net; Shows Lasso 2.0 at Macworld Expo BOSTON, MA - August 6, 1997 - As part of its mission of "bringing business to the internet," Blue World Communications, Inc. today previewed for the first time two forthcoming products, MailMan and FMPro.Net, and showed the shipping version of Lasso 2.0 at Macworld Expo/Boston. All three new offerings support Bellevue, WA-based Blue World's strategy of turning Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac OS into a full Internet business partner for handling commerce and information. "Together," said Blue World President & CEO Bill Doerrfeld, "our FileMaker Pro Internet companions allow FileMaker Pro users to seamlessly build complete Internet business solutions using the leading database for Mac OS." "Blue World has produced quite a few...
Aug 05
[MD1] UMAX Developer Purchase Program
UMAX Boosts Support for Mac and BeOS Software Developers New Developer Purchase Program Provides Incentive for Developers of Powerful Multiprocessor-Aware Applications for the Mac Architecture Fremont, Calif., August 4, 1997 -- UMAX Computer Corporation (UCC) today announced a developer purchase program to increase support for Mac OS and BeOS software developers creating applications for the Macintosh platform. For a limited time, registered developers can purchase UMAX SuperMac Mac OS compatible systems at a 10% discount for use in application development, application support, compatibility testing and other internal development and support tasks. UMAX will also provide one secondary 180 MHz Multiprocessor (MP) card at no charge to qualifying MP developers purchasing a top-performing UMAX SuperMac S900 system. UMAX is offering additional discounts on secondary 200, 225, and 233 MHz processors to developers. This program is applicable for all S900 systems purchased from now until...
Aug 05
[MD1] ProFont Distribution 2.2 Released
From: "Stephen C. Gilardi" ( Subject: [ANN] ProFont Distribution 2.2 Released Co-authors Steve Gilardi and Carl Osterwald are pleased to announce the release of "ProFont Distribution 2.2". It is available now as: ( ProFont is a monospaced font whose 9 pt size is similar to Monaco 9 but with improved readability. It includes slashed zeros, ells with serifs, emphasized punctuation, etc. It is a great font for programmers and anyone else who needs a monospaced font with easily distinguished characters. New since the 2.1 release are: - modifications to the shape of several characters for even better readability and improved anti-aliasing support, - several small bug fixes in the fonts, - improved QuickDraw GX compatibility, - a version of ProFont encoded with the Windows character set, and - updated contact information. ProFont Distribution 2.2 includes bitmap and outline (both TrueType and Adobe Type 1...
Aug 04
[MD1] FireSite to support Open Transport 1.3
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Susan Marlett ClearWay Technologies 617-973-5024 FIRESITE VIRTUAL DOMAIN MANAGER TO SUPPORT APPLE'S OPEN TRANSPORT 1.3 -- Will Simultaneously Operate In Single-IP and Multiple-IP Modes -- Boston, August 4, 1997, Macworld Expo -- ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announced that their FireSite(TM) Virtual Domain Manager, the most complete virtual Web site management system for Mac OS, will support tight integration with Apple Computer's forthcoming Open Transport 1.3 network software. Under Open Transport 1.3, which adds multiple-IP-address support to Mac OS, FireSite Virtual Domain Manager (VDM) will operate simultaneously in both traditional single-IP and new multiple-IP modes for all hosted virtual Web sites. ClearWay has extended the introductory price of US$99.00, and has made free evaluation copies of the most current version available from their Web site. ( "Web hosting is big...
Aug 04
[MD1] ColorSafe and GIFmation
8/3/97 - ColorSafe 1.0 Available for Macintosh There are a couple of things I need to say in this note, so I'll get the good news out of the way first. There is bad news to go with it this time. ** ColorSafe 1.0 Available for Macintosh A new plug-in, ColorSafe 1.0, is available, and it's the one plug-in no web designer needs to be without. ColorSafe extends the 216 color web safe palette to millions of non-dithering optical colors and patterns with an real-time, fully interactive RGB color picker and a pattern canvas for creating tiling patterns. It's got a definite cool factor, and I'm not saying that just because we wrote it. Works with Photoshop 2.5 - 4.0, PhotoDelux 1.0, Illustrator 6.0 - 7.0, Painter 2.0 - 5.0, xRes 2.0 - 3.0, ColorIt! 3.0 - 3.2, DeBabelizer 1.6, and Canvas 5.0 and more. You can download the demo from: ( or go by the web site at ( ** GIFmation 2.x has gone cross-platform Last week the...
Aug 04
[MD1] BeOS For Intel PCs
For more information contact In the U.S. and Pacific: Mark Gonzales, (415) 462-4117 In Europe: Jean Calmon, (33) 1 49 06 73 75 BE DEMONSTRATES BeOS FOR INTEL PCs Developer conference demonstration is prelude to the next BeOS product release and expansion of developer opportunity. BOSTON, Massachusetts (August 4, 1997) - Before an audience of software developers at the Be Developer Conference in Boston today, Be, Inc. demonstrated for the first time the Be Operating System (BeOS) running on Intel-based personal computer hardware. The company went on to announce that it will simultaneously release Intel and PowerPC versions of its widely acclaimed OS with its next release in January. "Our goal is to meet the needs of customers doing digital content design - no matter what hardware platform they may be using.", said Jean-Louis Gasse, president and CEO of Be, Inc. "BeOS for Intel opens the door for an even broader customer audience to take advantage of...
Aug 04
[MD1] New MacTech CD
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Susan Whitney MacTech Magazine 805-494-9797 x105 Now Available: The Release Version of The MacTech CD-ROM with all of develop WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- AUGUST 4, 1997 -- Xplain Corporation, the publisher of MacTech(r) magazine, today announced that it will be shipping the release version of the MacTech CD-ROM, Volumes 1-12, which includes the entire history of develop, Apple's awarding winning technical journal. As one of the first CD-ROM publishers, MacTech Magazine has continually updated its historical CD with an extensive library of reference material, hundreds of megabytes of source code, special offers with developer demos, and much more. The MacTech CD, Volumes 1-12, includes every article from MacTech magazine (November, 1984 through May, 1997). It has the entire history of develop (Volumes 1-29, 1990-1997). The CD also has the original Inside Macintosh, and the most complete set of Frameworks archives known (the...
Aug 04
[MD1] CodeWarrior for PalmPilot Release 3
Press Contacts: For Release August 4, 1997 Gordy Davies Allen Bush Metrowerks Inc. A&R Partners (for 3Com) (512) 873-4797 (415) 363-0982 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR PALMPILOT RELEASE 3 FOR DEVELOPING PALM OS APPLICATIONS New Features and Important Updates Highlight New Product Release AUSTIN, Texas -Aug. 4, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are shipping this week CodeWarrior for PalmPilot Release 3, an integrated suite of tools for both the Mac OS and Windows 95/NT. With new features and important updates, programmers will find it easier than ever to develop applications for the PalmPilot products from 3Com Corporation. CodeWarrior for PalmPilot Release 3 comes with the highly anticipated final update to the PalmPilot SDK (Software Development Kit), Version 2. This update supports all the new enhancements to Palm OS 2...
Aug 04
[MD1] CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems
Press Contacts: For Release August 4, 1997 Gordy Davies Kirk Ladendorf Metrowerks Inc. Motorola (512) 873-4797 (512) 891-2058 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR POWERPC EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, TARGETING MOTOROLA'S FAMILY OF POWERFUL EMBEDDED RISC MICROPROCESSORS New Tools Support Embedded Development for Rapidly Growing High Performance Consumer Electronics Market AUSTIN, Texas -Aug. 4, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are shipping this week CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems. With this product, Metrowerks extends its popular CodeWarrior development environment to include support for Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) MPC821 and MPC860 PowerPC embedded processors. CodeWarrior for PowerPC Embedded Systems has all the tools, libraries, documentation and examples needed to develop, on a Windows 95/NT platform, software for the MPC821 and MPC860...
Aug 04
[MD1] Visual SourceSafe for Mac Release 5
Press Contact: For Release August 4, 1997 Gordy Davies Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4797 METROWERKS SHIPS MW VISUAL SOURCESAFE FOR MACINTOSH 5 Latest Release of Version Control System Highlights New Stand-alone Client AUSTIN, Texas - August 4, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are shipping this week Metrowerks Visual SourceSafe for Macintosh Release 5, the latest version of its cross-platform revision control system. MW Visual SourceSafe for Macintosh replaces the CodeManager brand name and significantly extends the feature set of earlier versions of the product. With the addition of the new stand-alone client, programmers now have a choice of three interfaces when using MW Visual SourceSafe for Macintosh: the CodeWarrior IDE, the stand-alone application, or MPW. The client provides users with revision history without using MPW or an IDE. In fact,...
Aug 04
[MD1] CodeWarrior for Mac OS 8
Press Contact: For Release August 4, 1997 Gordy Davies Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4797 METROWERKS ENHANCING CODEWARRIOR TO SUPPORT WRITING MAC OS 8 APPLICATIONS PowerPlant Class Libraries Expanded to Support Mac OS 8 Appearance Manager AUSTIN, Texas - August 4, 1997 - Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, is announcing additions to CodeWarrior Professional that will take advantage of the new features in Mac OS 8. CodeWarrior will soon support the Mac OS 8 Appearance Manager by creating new classes in PowerPlant for using the new interface controls, which include sliders, progress bars, group boxes, pop-up menu buttons, bevel buttons, and image wells. Existing PowerPlant grayscale classes are being modified to implement these same controls under System 7.5. This way, customers can create PowerPlant applications that have the same look and feel, whether running on System 7.5 or on Mac OS...
Aug 01
[MD1] Jobs to Keynote at MACWORLD
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Christopher O'Reilly Matthew Hutchison MHA Event Management Brodeur Porter Novelli 617-551-9800 202-973-1374 Steve Jobs to Keynote at MACWORLD Expo Boston BOSTON, July 31, 1997 -- MHA Event Management and Apple Computer Inc. announced today that Apple cofounder Steve Jobs will deliver the opening keynote address at MACWORLD Expo Boston at 9 a.m. Aug. 6. The East Coast's premier showcase for software and hardware vendors supporting the Mac OS platform, MACWORLD Expo will be held at the Bayside Exposition Center and World Trade Center. Conference sessions run Aug. 5 - 8; the exhibition floor is open Aug. 6 - 8. Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is chairman and CEO of Pixar, an Academy Award-winning computer animation studio that creates next generation animated feature films and interactive CD-ROM titles. He serves as a strategic advisor to Apple's Board of Directors and executive management team....
Jul 31
[MD1] Developer Central Returns to Boston
Developer Central Returns to Macworld Boston Apple Computer, MacTech Showcase Products and Services for Developers Cupertino, CA -- July 28, 1997 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced its plans to showcase the latest technologies, tools, support, and information for developers at Macworld Boston, Aug, 6-8, 1997. Co-sponsored by Apple and MacTech magazine, the Developer Central Pavilion is designed to provide convenient access to information on the latest developer products and services for Mac OS Macintosh platform development. "Developer Central is a dynamic environment where developers can come for the latest products and information on developing for the Apple platforms," said David Krathwohl, vice president, Apple Developer Relations. "We reached over 20,000 Macworld attendees at our expanded Developer Central in San Francisco last January. In Boston we'll build on this momentum by facilitating collaboration among tool vendors and application developers." "The developer...
Jul 28
[MD1] WebTen 1.1
WebTen Breaks Macintosh Web Performance Barrier Fastest Web Server on MacOS creates a new standard in Web service for Apple Santa Barbara, CA, July 29, 1997. Tenon Intersystems today announced WebTen 1.1, an industrial-strength, high-performance Apache Web server for Power Macs. WebTen is the world's fastest Macintosh-based Web server, offering a performance improvement (as measured by Ziff Davis Labs) that can be as much as 300% over WebSTAR, the leading Macintosh Web server. ( WebTen 1.1's new features include improved scheduling of CGIs during heavy cache usage, reduced memory and disk footprints, improved behavior in low-memory conditions, enhanced performance and reliability of Tenon's TCP stack under load conditions, updated caching software, and an enhanced user interface. In addition to being the fastest Macintosh Web server, WebTen is the only caching proxy Web server for Macintosh and the first Macintosh Web server to...
Jul 28
[MD1] StuffIt InstallerMaker 4.1
Media Contacts: Jennifer Lyng or Kendra Howell (408) 761-6200 STUFFIT INSTALLERMAKER 4.1 WITH ELECTRONIC COMMERCE CAPABILITIES NOW AVAILABLE FROM ALADDIN SYSTEMS, INC. Aladdin1s Installer Gets New Tasks and Flag Alerts for Improved Installations Watsonville, CA -- July 28, 1997 -- Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer and publisher of the worldwide compression standard StuffIt(r), today announced StuffIt InstallerMaker 4.1 began shipping. StuffIt InstallerMaker allows developers to easily create custom software installers and automatic trialware software (a time-locked demo) without any coding. InstallerMaker is the only Macintosh installer with automatic trialware creation capability. Trialware created with InstallerMaker can be purchased by end users with the click of a button. "Integrating electronic commerce into InstallerMaker is the solution for developers, distributors, and marketers to easily incorporate trialware versions of their software. InstallerMaker with...
Jul 24
[MD1] MacStandardBasic
Product Release Information ZCurve Software 8206 Rockville Road #280 Indianapolis, IN ZCurve Software releases MacStandardBasic 2.3 and prepares Visual MacStandardBasic 3.0 INDIANAPOLIS, IN, July 24th, 1997 : ZCurve Software announces the release of MacStandardBasic Version 2.3 , the powerful BASIC development system for Macintosh computers. Users can purchase and download the complete MacStandardBasic package from the ZCurve Software website ( This as a free upgrade to owners of previous versions MacStandardBasic. MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple's newer Power Macintosh computers and older Macintosh models. ZCurve Software is finishing work on Visual MacStandardBasic 3.0 which is planned for release in September, 1997. This new product will provide advanced visual programming along with new Internet access functionality. All registered owners of MacStandardBasic will receive Visual MacStandardBasic 3.0 as a free...
Jul 23
[MD1] SAP R/3 and WebObjects
Joint Release *** Apple and Advis Announce WebObjects Support For SAP R/3 Apple Enterprise Alliance Solution Provider Introduces Mantle for SAP R/3 *** INTERNET WORLD EXPO, CHICAGO--July 23, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Advis, a Boston, Massachusetts-based Apple Enterprise Alliance Solution Provider, today introduced the Mantle for SAP R/3 product for Apple's WebObjects application server. Mantle from Advis provides a WebObjects application developer with transparent access to SAP Business Objects via the Business Application Program Interface (BAPI) and Remote Function Call (RFC) interfaces published and supported by SAP. With Mantle, the data and functionality of SAP R/3 systems can be integrated with the dynamic web capabilities of WebObjects for rapid development and deployment of robust, highly scalable, corporate intranet, and World Wide Web business applications. SAP is the leading global provider of client/server business application solutions. According to...
Jul 23
[MD1] QuickTime Plug-in 2.0 for the Internet
*** Apple Announces QuickTime Plug-in 2.0 for the Internet *** New Version Brings Advanced Digital Media to the Internet; QuickTime Enables Access to the Vast Majority of Digital Media Content on Internet; New Plug-in to be Available Simultaneously on Windows and Mac OS INTERNET WORLD EXPO, CHICAGO--July 23, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the QuickTime Plug-in version 2.0 for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator and Communicator. Slated for release in the fall of 1997, the plug-in will bring the advanced digital media capabilities of QuickTime 3.0 to the Internet including QuickTime VR 2.0 support, the ability to play alternate movie tracks, hotspots, and URL linking. The QuickTime Plug-in is planned to support most popular file formats, so that users can have a wide and rich experience with digital media content on Internet websites. The QuickTime Plug-in 2.0 is planned to be available simultaneously on Windows 95, Windows NT, and Mac OS, and will be...
Jul 23
[MD1] WebObjects IIOP Capability
*** WebObjects Delivers Global Networked Solutions with Java and CORBA *** Corporate Customers use WebObjects and Netscape Communicator to Design Compelling Networked Applications INTERNET WORLD EXPO, CHICAGO--July 23, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc.'s WebObjects application development software is now able to help enterprises deliver new solutions based on Java and CORBA, as well as HTML and HTTP. Through IIOP capability bundled with market-leading web browser Netscape Communicator, customers are able to use WebObjects and the Netscape browser to create interactive and open network applications quickly and easily. WebObjects, an award-winning open development platform for the web, provides an application server, pre-built application components, and rapid application assembly tools that let customers bring enterprise solutions on-line quickly. By providing an open middle-tier application server that provides flexible support for multiple standards, WebObjects delivers more interactivity...
Jul 23
[MD1] Java 10x Performance Improvement
*** JITc Provides for 10X Performance Improvement Over Previous Versions *** INTERNET WORLD EXPO, CHICAGO--July 23, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. announced today the availability of Mac OS Runtime for Java 1.5 (MRJ 1.5), an implementation of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java virtual machine (VM) and run-time environment for Macintosh and Mac OS-compatible systems. MRJ 1.5, which features a set of shared libraries and other system software files, follows on the success of Apple's MRJ 1.0 and offers improved functionality. With the addition of a PowerPC "just-in-time compiler" (JITc) and numerous graphics subsystem performance enhancements, MRJ 1.5 has the capability to offer a 10x improvement in performance over previous versions of MRJ as measured by industry standard CaffeineMarks. Additional functionality in MRJ 1.5 includes the new MRJ Toolkit, which allows developers to add Mac OS-specific functionality to Java applications. MRJ Toolkit stubs are written in 100 percent Pure Java to...
Jul 23
[MD1] WebSTAR Plug-in to go with QuickDNS Pro
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 Email: Investor Contact: Fiona Ross The Financial Relations Board, Inc. (310) 442-0599 Email: STARNINE AND MEN & MICE COLLABORATE TO ADD LOAD BALANCING AND FAULT TOLERANCE TO WEBSTAR WEB SITES -- Free WebSTAR Plug-in Communicates with QuickDNS Pro Domain Name Server -- BERKELEY, Calif., July 23, 1997 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Quarterdeck Corporation, and Men & Mice, Inc. today announced the completion of a collaborative development project to increase performance of WebSTAR Web sites and provide fault tolerance for sites running more than one copy of WebSTAR. StarNine's WebSTAR QuickDNS Responder Plug-in provides server load and status information to Men and Mice's new QuickDNS Pro 2.0 domain name server, allowing QuickDNS to efficiently allocate server load and to redirect hits if a server is not responding. Available today for download...
Jul 23
[MD1] Roaster 3.1 Supports Apple's MRJ
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Judith Steinbaum (617) 876-4031 x1818; ROASTER TECHNOLOGIES TO SHOWCASE JDK 1.1 SUPPORT AT MACWORLD BOSTON Roaster Release 3.1 to support Apple's Mac OS Runtime for Java Cambridge, Massachusetts. July 23, 1997. Roaster Technologies, creators of the pioneering Development Environment for Java on the Macintosh, announced today that Roaster Release 3.1 will be demonstrated at Macworld Boston, August 6 through 8th, and will showcase its debut of support for Sun's(tm) Java(tm) Development Kit (JDK) 1.1 and Apple Computer's Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ). This will be the latest in a string of solid deliveries by the recently formed spin-off, adding yet another advantage for the growing number of Roaster users. Roaster Release 3, which shipped on March 31st, continues to receive glowing reviews from industry experts and from developers who are choosing Roaster for their professional Java development needs. According to John Dhabolt, President...
Jul 23
[MD1] QuickDNS Pro 2.0
For Immediate Release: Media Contact: Snorri Gudmundsson Men & Mice Tel. +354 552 2045 Email: MEN & MICE SHIPS QUICKDNS PRO 2.0, BRINGS UNPRECEDENTED FUNCTIONALITY AND EASE OF USE. Upgrade Maximizes Web Site Reliability and Performance, Brings Robust Domain Set-up Assistance, Provides Increased Intranet Flexibility. Reykjavik, Iceland, July 22, 1997 --- Men & Mice today announced the immediate availability of QuickDNS Pro 2.0, a major upgrade of the industrial-strength name server, bringing a revolutionary Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing solution that maximizes web site reliability and performance by intelligently directing traffic to web servers, robust Mac OS 8 type Domain Assistants that allow easy set-up and maintenance of domains, and increased flexibility for corporate Intranets. Initially released in February 1996, QuickDNS Pro continues to provide cutting edge DNS (domain name service) to the Mac OS Internet platform, being the...
Jul 23
[MD1] Iconovex Releases EchoSearch for the Mac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Iconovex Corp. Introduces EchoSearch Web Software for the Macintosh The First Truly Intelligent Desktop Research Tool Bloomington, MN - Iconovex Corporation, makers of the award-winning intelligent desktop-based professional research tool EchoSearch, announces a Macintosh version, EchoSearch 1.08. A simple, yet powerful tool, EchoSearch significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of Internet or corporate Intranet searches. "With the wealth of information available today online, millions of Macintosh users of the Internet and corporate Intranets need a tool to help sort through and find relevant information," states Zeyad Abbas, general manager of Iconovex. "EchoSearch addresses the needs of those users, with a tool that will not only find information, but synthesize and distill it." Making use of Java's multi-threading capabilities, EchoSearch enables users to simultaneously query multiple search engines. Unlike other Web search tools, EchoSearch...
Jul 23
[MD1] Apple's Search for new CEO
Apple Retains Heidrick & Struggles for its Search of a New CEO. CUPERTINO, Calif.--July 22, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. announced today that its Board of Directors has retained Heidrick & Struggles, Inc., a global executive search firm specialized in CEO assignments, to assist it in its search for a new CEO. Heidrick & Struggles will work closely with the search committee established by the Board. Based upon the profile defined by this search committee, the firm will seek a world-class technology industry executive, both a strong leader and a hands-on manager, with a successful sales and marketing background, an established industry knowledge and reputation, and the ability to create, execute and inspire. The global search will be led by John T. Thompson, vice chairman of Heidrick & Struggles, which has successfully recruited executives such as Lou Gerstner at IBM, George Fisher at Eastman Kodak, Ray Lane at Oracle, and Mort Topfer at Dell. Though the Board and the firm...
Jul 22
[MD1] PreFab Text Machine
From: (Scott S. Lawton) Subject: Text Machine beta1, pattern search & replace Text Machine offers the power of pattern-matching search & replace, made simple using plain English keywords such as "letter", "digit" and "punctuation". It works with Frontier, AppleScript, Tango and any other software that can send Apple events. Text Machine includes a full set of pattern verbs (replace, extract, locate & match) and supports the standard document verbs (make, open, save, close). Applications include: - web publishing (e.g. convert to and from HTML, extract URLs) - print publishing (clean up text before importing) - database import (extract fields from text, e.g. city, state, zip from a single line) - web database (reformat data before posting) - electronic-mail (convert addresses to a consistent format, create context-sensitive replies) - document management (search multiple files) The beta1 version of Text Machine is now available for $75, including free...
Jul 22
[MD1] Mac OS 8 Ships!
Apple Introduces Mac OS 8-Most Significant Macintosh Operating System Release Since 1984 Milestone Operating System Upgrade Features Improved User Experience, Best-of-Class Internet Integration, Industry Leading Multimedia, and Enhanced Performance and Stability CUPERTINO, Calif.-July 22, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today introduced Mac OS 8, the latest operating system software release for the Macintosh-and the most significant Mac OS upgrade since 1984. Mac OS 8 also represents the latest milestone in the Company's dual operating system strategy which includes the delivery of ongoing Mac OS releases and system updates, as well as Rhapsody, the code name for Apple's next-generation operating system. Mac OS 8 includes a multitude of new features and technologies to offer customers an improved user experience with increased productivity and efficiency, greatly simplified Internet access and leading-edge tools, state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities, and enhanced performance and...
Jul 22
[MD1] Macintosh VRML Support
Contacts: Marisa Shumway Intervista Software, Inc. Ph: 415-543-8765, ext. 244 Email: INTERVISTA SOFTWARE LAUNCHES MACINTOSH VERSION OF ITS INDUSTRY-ACCLAIMED WORLDVIEW 2.0 Intervista Delivers On High Demand for Macintosh VRML Support SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 21, 1997-- Intervista Software, a leading provider of three-dimensional interactive software for the Internet, today announced the Macintosh operating system (OS) version of its successful WorldView 2.0 software, the companys Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)-based Internet browser. "The immediate availability of the much-anticipated Macintosh version will empower users with the ability to create and experience interactive 3D content and applications for the Internet and private Intranets," said Tony Parisi, president and chief technology officer at Intervista Software. "The number of VRML worlds on the Internet is exploding and until now, Macintosh users have been unable to view them. We...
Jul 21
[MD1] CodeWarrior for BeOS, Release 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Gordy Davies Metrowerks Inc. (512) 873-4797 METROWERKS SHIPS CODEWARRIOR FOR BeOS RELEASE 3 AUSTIN, Texas -July 21, 1997- Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world's leading providers of software development tools, today announced they are now shipping a new release of CodeWarrior for BeOS, the Be-native version of its award-winning Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CodeWarrior for BeOS Release 3 includes CodeWarrior's BeOS-native IDE and PowerPC compilers used to build software applications for the BeOS, which runs on the BeBox personal computer manufactured by Be Inc. and many other PowerPC-based systems. A significant addition in Release 3 is Java 1.02 support with JIT for developing and running Java projects on the BeOS. Other features include scripting support, multiple concurrent compiles, source level debugging, an editor with syntax coloring and styling, headers and libraries, reference...
Jul 18
[MD1] QuickInstaller 1.1
We delayed sending this message due to the InterNIC problems yesterday. InterNIC's error caused an estimated 30% of all mail to all .com and .net domains to bounce for users worldwide. We figured we wouldn't add to the problem. :)
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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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