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Jun 12
[MD1] StoneTable 3.0 Released
6/3/97 Portland, OR. StoneTablet Publishing has released a new version of StoneTable, a List Manager replacement. Many improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated into a complete rewrite of the product which has been through an extended beta test using current customers. Some of the improvements include: - improved memory utilization. - improved integration of drag&drop and clipboard between StoneTable and other applications. - improved support for user defined data in cells. - improved method of selecting cells based upon data type. For example, click in a check box changes the value and a click outside of the check box but in the cell selects the cell. - improved method of starting edit of text in cells so that edits begin when mouse is held down for dblClick ticks without moving the mouse. - allow any supported data type to be used in a column or row title. - new function for determining the best height for a cell so rows can be auto resized by application. - support for...
Jun 06
[MD1] 4D Server Version 6
ACI US news for immediate release Contacts: ACI US Marketing ACI US Engineering ACI US Engineering Sharon Miller Pierre LeBlanc Dominique Hermsdorff 408-252-4444 x386 408-252-4444 x271 408-252-4444 x237 ACI US ships 4D Server Version 6 The "zero admin" data and application server JUNE 6, 1997 CUPERTINO, CA. Today, ACI US ships 4D Server Version 6, the newest upgrade to the outstanding 4D product line. 4D Server is the cross-platform data and application server for 4th Dimension (4D). Any 4D application created for Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, or Power Macintosh easily scales to a workgroup client/server solution using 4D Server. 4D Server provides a fully integrated architecture in which both client and server use a single 4D application. 4D Server frees developers from the need to design separate front-end applications. 4D Server fills the gap...
Jun 06
[MD1] Every Mac Dev Pub - at your fingertips
Every article, every major Mac developer publication -- on your desktop, and fast! Special offer through June 30, 1997 Our best deal yet -- Get almost 25% off! You may have heard about the new MacTech CD -- we released it at WWDC (press release is below). The short and simple message about this CD is -- EVERY article of every major Macintosh developer publication available and the original Inside Macintosh is included on this CD. That's more than FOUR LINEAR FEET of printed content. MacTech's 1-12 CD includes: * Entire archives of MacTech Magazine * Entire archives of develop -- Apple's Technical Journal * Entire archives of FrameWorks -- from the Software Frameworks Association * Volumes I-VI of Inside Macintosh(r) and all of it is accessible in one of the most beloved reference tools -- THINK Reference. On the CD, you get: * Almost 1600 articles from all 139 issues of MacTech Magazine (1984-1996) and part of 1997 -- in THINK Reference...
Jun 06
[MD1] Java Fundamental Classes Reference
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 5, 1997 PRESS ONLY--FOR REVIEW COPIES, CONTACT: Sara Winge 707/829-0515 x285 O'REILLY RELEASES "JAVA FUNDAMENTAL CLASSES REFERENCE" SEBASTOPOL, CA--"Java Fundamental Classes Reference," the latest title in O'Reilly & Associates' Java documentation series, provides complete reference documentation on the core Java 1.1 classes. "Java Fundamental Classes Reference" goes beyond a standard reference manual. In addition to detailed descriptions of classes and methods, it offers tutorial-style explanations of the important classes in the Java core API. The first section of the book includes chapters that describe the ins and outs of strings and related classes, effective thread programming, and the use of the I/O classes. These chapters also include lots of sample code, so that readers can learn by example. The core classes addressed in "Java Fundamental Classes Reference" contain architecture-independent methods that...
Jun 05
[MD1] WebObjects Training
Joint Release Apple and Agiliti Announce WebObjects Training Agreement Minneapolis-based Agiliti is First Certified Training Partner for WebObjects Software, With Courses Beginning in July. CUPERTINO, Calif.--June 5, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Bloomington, Minnesota-based Agiliti, the leader in authorized technology training in the Upper Midwest, have announced an agreement for delivering training programs on Apple's WebObjects web development platform. As the first certified training partner for WebObjects, Agiliti has exclusive training rights in the Twin Cities area and the opportunity to conduct private classes in North America. "We selected Agiliti as a certified training partner because they provide the best combination of technical expertise and logistical convenience for customers in the Midwest," according to Sara Benson, director of WebObjects and OpenStep Customer Training for Apple. Corporate programmers and analysts can sign up for Agiliti's next...
Jun 05
[MD1] mTropolis goes hyper
PRESS RELEASE 4 June 1997 For immediate release mTropolis goes hyper mTropolis' open architecture has allowed hot new developer ThereWare to add HyperText functionality to its authoring environment further decreasing the gap in features between mTropolis and Director. "ThereWare has taken full advantage of the mFactory Object Model architecture to add some incredible new features to mTropolis. From RTF file support with the HotText Modifier, to dynamic image rotation with the Rotator Modifier, ThereWare's extensions are immediately useful, elegantly designed, and reasonably priced. Nice work!" said mTropolis Product Manager Mr Jeff Dill ThereWare recently polled mTropolis developers and has over 60 suggestions for kits. ThereWare Vice President, Mr Geoff Hunt said "ThereWare is filling the most immediate needs of developers right now instead of waiting for the next major release of mTropolis". What Kai's Power Tools is to Photoshop, ThereWare is to mTropolis. In the last month...
Jun 04
[MD1] Woz to Keynote at MacHack '97
Woz to Keynote at MacHack '97 Grosse Pointe, MI -- June 4, 1997 -- The MacHack Committee announced today that Steve Wozniak will be the Keynote Speaker for the 12th Annual MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers. MacHack '97 will be held in Dearborn Michigan on June 26-28, 1997. The keynote address will be Midnight of June 26 (Wednesday night/Thursday morning). Attendance at MacHack is limited to the first 300 registrants. Registration information is available on-line at or by calling (313) 882-1824, faxing (313) 882-6942, or writing to Woz, who co-founded Apple Computer in 1976, is currently serving on the Apple Executive Committee and provides computer support for the Los Gatos Unified School District. He built his first computer, the Apple I, for himself and fellow hackers at the Homebrew Computer Club, a group interested in computers and microprocessors. Since then Woz has been involved with many different organizations...
Jun 04
[MD1] Protect and Encode On-line Digital Content
OverDrive DNA Technology to Protect and Encode On-line Digital Content CHICAGO, June 2 -- 1997 BookExpo America, McCormick Place Complex -- OverDrive Systems, Inc. announced the release of OverDrive DNA, content protection and identification software, for the secure hosting and selling of documents and electronic books on the Web. A novel feature of OverDrive DNA is the automatic generation of a unique "DNA" code for each digital object, Web server, and customer that handles the protected container file. "Unlike other encryption programs or service bureaus, OverDrive DNA is a total solution for publishers, authors or other owners of content to totally manage the protection and sale of their digital products from their own website," stated Steven Potash, OverDrive President. "OverDrive DNA Containers provide secure delivery of digital files in a variety of formats, and DNA Readers and plugins are planned for popular publishing formats, such as HTML," Potash stated. OverDrive DNA...
Jun 04
[MD1] ClearWay Simple Cache Manager 1.1
Press Contact: Susan Marlett ( June 4, 1997, Boston. -- ClearWay Technologies today announced "ClearWay Simple Cache Manager 1.1", for both 68K and PowerPC Web servers. This free WebSTAR plug-in automatically refreshes Web server RAM caches using a simple set of configurable rules. Already in use by hundreds of Webmasters, the ClearWay Simple Cache Manager is now available for 68K-based servers, as well as those based on the PowerPC. Since the release of WebSTAR 2.0, many Mac-based Webmasters have faced a tough decision: run their Web servers with RAM caching enabled, and struggle to keep the caches 'in sync' as files are remotely updated, or run their servers without RAM caching, thereby reducing their performance. The ClearWay Simple Cache Manager (CSCM) provides a simple, direct solution to this dilemma, allowing Webmasters to enable full caching, and still letting remote users update their sites easily in realtime. CSCM is an extremely lightweight, high-...
Jun 03
[MD1] Commander
Commander - 4D version 6.0.1 Command Sets Near Release Golden Micro Solutions is pleased to announce that we have almost completed work on the 'Commander' command set files for 4th Dimension version 6.0.1. We expect the full Language Reference and the General Reference sets to be released within the next week. This message is to remind users of the freeware/shareware Commander (with 4D version 3.5.3 command sets) that when the full version 6 sets are released, there will be no 'upgrade path' from the freeware version to the version 6 sets. So, if you've been using the freeware version, and feel you'll want the version 6.x command sets, register your version before June 30, and you'll be eligible for the upgrade. Registered & current users of Commander 2.1.1 will be eligible to purchase the 4D Version 6.0 command sets for NZ$55 (approx US$38). From 30 June 1997, unregistered versions of Commander 2.1.1 will NO LONGER be eligible for upgrading. At that time if you're using an...
Jun 03
[MD1] MacZoop C++ framework- 1.6.4 release
From: Graham Cox ( Subject: MacZoop C++ framework- 1.6.4 release now available Hi folks, The latest release of my Mac C++ framework MacZoop is now available for download from: This release fixes some minor bugs, adds a couple of classes and enhances the menu handling features considerably. For a complete list of changes in detail, refer to the changes section on the website. If you don't know what MacZoop is, or have not checked it out for a while, here's a quick reminder..;-) MacZoop is a FREE C++ application framework for the Mac which is aimed both at newcomers to Mac programming or C++, but is powerful enough to be used for real projects, especially where you need something up and running in a hurry. It is intended to complement rather than compete with Powerplant and TCL, being much smaller, but is generally easier to use and more versatile than e.g. Sprocket. It requires NO EXTRA CODE to compile and...
Jun 03
[MD1] Sun Releases Java 3D API for Comment
SUN RELEASES JAVA 3D API SPECIFICATION FOR PUBLIC COMMENT Sun Microsystems has released the beta specification for the Java 3D application programming interface (API) for a 30 day public comment period on the Web (URL Sun's Java 3D API is an open standard, object-oriented interface which extends the Java core language with advanced 3D graphics capabilities. Java 3D, which is scalable and can be layered on top of existing 3D APIs, allows developers to simplify building, rendering, and controlling 3D Java applications while optimizing performance. The Java 3D API is targeted at a broad spectrum of environments in a variety of scales including browsers, virtual reality systems, 3D games, CAD systems, Web pages, graphic design, VRML implementations, and authoring systems. This rich 3D API specification, a suite of Java media APIs which have already been released and additional APIs being released later this year provide seamless integration of a...
Jun 03
[MD1] Apple at Netscape Developer Conference
Netscape Developer Conference: Apple Participation June 11 - 13, 1997 in San Jose, CA Please be sure to visit the Apple booths at the Netscape Developer Conference on June 11, 12 and 13. We will be located in exhibit areas #112 and #113. Solutions demonstrated include Quicktime + the Internet, Java, WebObjects and content creation/electronic publishing. We will also be hosting a "Birds of the Feather" session to discuss Apple's Internet Strategy - Thursday June 12 from 12 - 1 p.m.. Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending this feedback session. Netscape Developer Conference San Jose Convention Center - San Jose, CA June 11 - 13
Jun 03
[MD1] Webink InterNews
For Immediate release. Tuesday June 3rd 1997. Oxford, United Kingdom. Webink Ltd. announce Webink InterNews news server 1.0 Webink Ltd, a Oxford UK based company specialising in the creation of internet publishing systems and solutions announces the release of Webink InterNews Server. The news server with a difference! Webink InterNews Server is ideal for companys wanting to maintain and manage internal and external information . Adding web server capabilities opens up an exciting new realm to create and publish information using existing technologies. Putting people and technology first. InterNews is an intranet newsgroup server for managing internal and external newsgroups. InterNews is ideal for teams of people needing to communicate and orchestrate projects and information in an easy-to-use environment. InterNews must be one of the easiest to 'setup and maintain' workgroup collaboration tools available. InterNews can be used in these environments :- Internet...
Jun 03
[MD1] Tango 2.1
For Immediate Release June 3, 1997 Press Contact Jeff Hendry EveryWare Development Corp. (905)819-1173 ext. 262 Tango Enterprise, EveryWare's Rapid Application Development tool has been upgraded Tango Enterprise's faster performance and added functionality gives it the power to build the most sophisticated Web-based applications Mississauga, ON,-June 3, 1997-EveryWare Development Corp. today announced an upgrade to their windows version of Tango Enterprise. Tango Enterprise is an intranet rapid application development tool used by Web developers to quickly and easily create Web-based applications with data connectivity, using a point-and-click visual development environment. Tango Enterprise 2.1 for Windows adds support for direct Oracle database access, along with continued support for ODBC, has several performance enhancement features including support for NSAPI and ISAPI plug-ins, as well as many new meta tags used to extend Tango's functionality. Tango...
Jun 03
[MD1] VanHacking's $10,000 Macintosh Web Server Security...
VanHacking's $10,000 Macintosh Web Server Security Challenge Sponsored by VirTech Communications Inc. May 15, 1997 VANCOUVER, BC - From June 01 to July 15, 1997, VirTech Communications Inc. will challenge the global hacker community to bypass the security of its Macintosh World Wide Web server. Similar contests have been conducted previously in the US and Sweden, but VirTech's challenge is unique in that it addresses popular Internet security issues that are plaguing the media today. By launching the challenge, VirTech wants to overturn the notion that the Internet is vulnerable to credit card number snatching. Additionally, VirTech also wants to prove its server can withstand the type of vandalism attacks that have been successfully directed against the NASA and CIA Web servers. The rules are simple and the prize is big. Whoever breaks into the server, snatches the credit card number, and changes the phrase found on the page will win a hefty CAD $10,000 or an equivalent of US$7,500...
Jun 02
[MD1] StarNine Upgrades WebCatalog/Merchant
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 Email: Investor Contact: Fiona Ross The Financial Relations Board, Inc. (310) 442-0599 Email: STARNINE RELEASES MAJOR UPGRADES FOR WEBCATALOG AND WEBMERCHANT -- High-Powered, Customizable Internet Commerce Tool-Set Now More Flexible, Even Easier to Administer -- BERKELEY, Calif., June 2, 1997 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Quarterdeck Corporation, today announced the version 2.0 Upgrades to WebCatalog and WebMerchant, Internet commerce applications formerly marketed by Pacific Coast Software of San Diego, Calif. Available within a week on the Mac(tm)OS with NT versions expected to ship by early-July, both applications are dramatically more flexible and customizable, with greater configurability of databases, and support for multiple storefronts. WebCatalog 2.0 can now dynamically generate pages simultaneously from multiple WebCatalog database files, with...
Jun 02
[MD1] StarNine to Publish WebCatalog/Merchant
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 Email: Investor Contact: Fiona Ross The Financial Relations Board, Inc. (310) 442-0599 Email: STARNINE TO PUBLISH PACIFIC COAST SOFTWARE'S WEBCATALOG AND WEBMERCHANT -- Exclusive Publishing Agreement Expands StarNine's Internet Software Lineup -- BERKELEY, Calif., June 2, 1997 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Quarterdeck Corporation, today announced it will publish WebCatalog and WebMerchant, Web commerce applications developed and previously marketed by Pacific Coast Software of San Diego, California. In the exclusive agreement StarNine will publish, market and support WebCatalog and WebMerchant under the StarNine brand, while both companies will collaborate on the development of future versions. Upgraded versions of both products will be released this month by StarNine (see related release dated June 2, 1997). Available for the Mac(tm)OS and Windows...
Jun 02
[MD1] DynaMorph
ANNOUNCE: The Server Side Scripting Engine of Choice Morph Technologies announces the release of DynaMorph version 1.2. The most powerful cross platform embedded scripting solution on the market! DynaMorph is a cross platform server side scripting engine and integrated database that enables web site developers to easily construct and maintain large or dynamic web sites. DynaMorph has an intelligent document caching system which provides peak performance and keeps your site up-to-date as you make changes. DynaMorph offers over 130 high level commands that allow you to embed your CGI processing directly into the HTML page that it applies to. Imagine designing and processing a form using a single HTML page! See our manual at: Since DynaMorph integrates with the Web Server at the API level, processing is FAST and SECURE! Currently, DynaMorph supports the following servers: Windows NT/95 * Microsoft IIS * Microsoft PWS * O'Reilly...
Jun 02
[MD1] WebSonar Extends AppleShare IP 5.0
WebSonar; Extends AppleShare IP 5.0 June 2, 1997, Midlothian, Virginia. Virginia Systems announced that their WebSonar Internet document server can be used with AppleShare IP 5.0. First announced in January, AppleShare IP 5.0 (ASIP) comprises AppleShare, FTP, Web, e-mail and print servers. The AppleTalk Filing Protocol-compliant file server can communicate using AppleTalk and TCP/IP. WebSonar can search over 12,000 pages per second and display the full contents of found documents. Based on Virginia Systems' Sonar Professional search engine WebSonar allows users to publish information quickly and easily on either the Internet or an intranet, without having to convert their files to HTML. WebSonar provides "context" to the stateless HTTP protocol requests so that a user's input on one Web page is "remembered" when the same user moves to a different page or even opens a new window, and asks for something else. Document Libraries can be automatically updated by simply adding new files to...
May 31
[MD1] New "Java in a Nutshell"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 30, 1997 NEW EDITION OF O'REILLY'S "JAVA IN A NUTSHELL" COVERS JAVA 1.1 SEBASTOPOL, CA--O'Reilly & Associates has published a new edition of their bestselling "Java in a Nutshell," the popular quick-reference guide for Java programmers that sold over 160,000 copies in its original edition. The second edition has been updated to cover all of the new features in Java 1.1. It contains an introduction to key Java concepts, descriptions of all of the classes in the core Java 1.1 API, and a detailed description of the syntax of the Java language. It also includes an advanced introduction to Java for C and C++ programmers who want to quickly get up speed with Java. With an alphabetic listing of commands, a clean layout featuring easy-to-browse entries, and a lay-flat binding, this book is designed to be used on the fly. The new Java 1.1 material in "Java in a Nutshell," 2nd Edition includes: - A detailed overview of all of the new features in Java 1.1, both...
May 31
[MD1] Correction to URL: IFile
To all, We've got a correction on a URL -- sorry for the inconvenience. Neil ----------------------- From: James Bredijk ( Subject: Re: IFile v.99 Available Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 09:18:57 -0400 Hi, I got your e-mail about IFile v.99, but had trouble finding it on the web. As it turns out, the URL that you provided is wrong. It needs to lose the tilde. You sent: It should be: Thanx for all of the 'macdev-1' info, it makes being a developer-wanna-be much easier. Keep up the good work. James Bredijk
May 30
[MD1] IFile v.99 Available
Newsgroups: From: (vagrant) IFile is an indexed file library for Macintosh. Features include: - Multisegments noncontiguous keys - BTree indexing - Intelligent reuse of space - Read =,),(,)=,(= than specified key 68K Static, PPC Static, and PPC Shared libraries for CW11 and a demo app are available at: IFile is 'kinda-ware'. For a freeware project, its free. For a shareware project, it costs or requires a registration swap. For a commercial project, a license fee is required. More details are available from the web page and in the documentation. Guy Umbright Kickstand Software
May 30
[MD1] Merlin's Cavern - Pascal source code w/applications
From: (Bill Catambay) Newsgroups: Introducing Merlin's Cavern! This is a new page at Pascal Central which provides source code packages, including complete running applications and buildable project files, all in Pascal. The Cavern features source code for programs such as CornerClock, DropBin, and many others (and the list will continue to expand over time). It also provides a list of programming features each program incorporates. For example, tidbits illustrated in DropBin are: - AppleEvents - Progress bar - CRC Calculating - Binhex encoding - File I/O - Event handling - Dialogs Check out the Pascal Central web site: The intent of Pascal Central is to provide the pascal community one place to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal source code, and Pascal-related internet links. Cheers, Bill
May 30
[MD1] FileZ now more powerful
SEARCH 75 MILLION FILES IN A SPLIT SECOND, FILEZ JUST GOT MORE POWERFUL ( San Diego, CA - (May 28th, 1997) - Filez helps users sift through millions of files on the web to locate software anywhere on the net. New features give users the ability to search the massive 75 million file database using file descriptions in addition to searching by filenames. The new description searching feature means that users no longer have to know the name of the file, but just a descriptive word or two. In the past, visitors to Filez had to have an idea of the name of the file to locate it. Now file descriptions are indexed for many files allowing users to locate files even if they only have a few descriptive words. The ability to read a description also makes it easier to identify relevant files and avoids the hassles of downloading files without knowing what they are. Similarly, if users locate a file using a filename search, the server will display a description if one exists. "...
May 30
[MD1] Letter from David Krathwohl
Dear Developers, As demonstrated at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple is making great progress on the Rhapsody Developer Release, which is on track for delivery later this year. To help ensure we meet our aggressive deadline for this release, we chose to limit the number of supported hardware platforms. As you know, at this stage of the project, each individual configuration requires significant development, testing, and qualification resources to meet the quality standards required to be successful with this release. Apple's initial commitment to you was that the Rhapsody Developer Release would support Power Macintosh 8500 and 8600 systems. After reviewing this decision with developers at the WWDC and finishing engineering investigations on the impact of supporting additional configurations, we are pleased to announce that the Rhapsody Developer Release will also support Power Macintosh 9500 and 9600 systems which use an Apple-supplied display video card and driver....
May 29
[MD1] PGP Receives Gov't Approval
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRETTY GOOD PRIVACY RECEIVES GOVERNMENT APPROVAL TO EXPORT STRONG ENCRYPTION SAN MATEO, Calif., May 28, 1997 -- Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. (, the world leader in digital privacy and security software, today announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce has approved the export of Pretty Good Privacy's encryption software to the overseas offices of the largest companies in the United States. This makes Pretty Good Privacy the only U.S. company currently authorized to export strong encryption technology not requiring key recovery to foreign subsidiaries and branches of the largest American companies (see list of companies below). The approval allows Pretty Good Privacy to export strong, 128-bit encryption without a requirement that the exported products contain key recovery features or other back doors that enable government access to keys. More than one-half of the Fortune 100 already use PGP domestically to secure their corporate data and...
May 28
[MD1] WebSentinel Public Beta
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Purity Software, Inc. 1016 Mopac Circle, Suite 101 Austin, TX 78746 +1.512.328.2288 FAX +1.512.328.2688 Press Contact: Nathan Nunn, PURITY SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES WEBSENTINEL PUBLIC BETA Austin, TX (May 28, 1997) - Purity Software is proud to announce a public beta program for Macintosh Web Masters looking for the ultimate web site security solution. WebSentinel replaces or supplements your web server's built-in security, allowing more flexibility and power to manage users and secure areas with a complete Macintosh user interface. Features include GREP match strings, custom "No Access" files for each realm, and full caching. WebSentinel's extensible plug-in architecture allows you to integrate existing user data and security architectures. As of today, interested users can download a preliminary beta version of WebSentinel from Purity Software's web site and begin using the new product immediately. The software...
May 28
[MD1] Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Apple Accepting Customer Orders for Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh CUPERTINO, Calif.--May 28, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced that it has begun accepting customer orders for its Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh computer. Slated to ship this summer, the innovative, flat-panel design features a total entertainment center including a custom Acoustimass sound system by Bose; custom vertically mounted CD player; television tuner; FM radio tuner; full computer hardware, including a PowerPC 603e RISC processor; S-video input with a cable adapter for composite video; and a custom keyboard with Italian leather palm rests and a detachable trackpad. Customers in the United States can order a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh through any Apple Specialist. Apple Specialists are a special group of Apple Authorized Resellers who dedicate a majority of their staff and services to Apple products, and who have the highest level of service certification from Apple. Apple Specialists have been...
May 27
[MD1] AppleShare IP Registry
FOR RELEASE MAY 27, 1997 Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS TO SIMPLIFY ACCESS TO APPLE'S NEW APPLESHARE IP SERVERS CENTRALIZED REGISTRY IS NEXT STEP IN OPEN DOOR'S GOAL OF MAKING THE INTERNET EASIER TO USE ASHLAND, OR. -- May 27, 1997 -- In concert with Apple's shipping of its new AppleShare IP 5.0 product, Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that it would host an online registry of publicly-accessible AppleShare IP file servers. The free Web-based registry will enable Macintosh users to easily find and access Internet-based AppleShare file servers using their Web browser. Once accessed, AppleShare file server volumes appear as disks on the user's desktop, enabling the user to access files and applications on those servers just as if they were local to the user's Macintosh and eliminating the need for cryptic interfaces such as those used in FTP (file transfer protocol). "Apple's new AppleShare IP product begins to extend the...
May 27
[MD1] VOODOO 1.8
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA phone: +43 (7236) 3338-82 fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: NEW RELEASE 1.8 OF THE POPULAR VERSION CONTROL TOOL VOODOO AVAILABLE. MANY NEW FEATURES AND SMOOTH INTEGRATION WITH METROWERKS CODEWARRIOR IDE. Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, May-23-1997. UNI SOFTWARE PLUS today announced the IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY of the new version 1.8 of its popular version control tool VOODOO. The new version offers so many great new features that it should be called 2.0. However, since we did already reserve this version number for the next great step (the client server solution) this version is just called 1.8. Here is a list of the most important new features of version 1.8: + Support of AppleEvents and AppleScript + Smooth integration with Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE (compatible with CW IDE 1.7.4 as well as with the upcoming CW...
May 22
[MD1] YetEvenBetterBusError (aka DavesBetterBusError 1.0b1)
[ANN] YetEvenBetterBusError (aka DavesBetterBusError 1.0b1) =========================================================== Dave Evans May '97 Article in MacTech magazine reported the availability of YetEvenBetterBusError. This debugging tool wasn't immediately available, but is now. It has also been renamed DavesBetterBusError 1.0b1. You can find it at the MacTech ftp site: ( Or Dave Evans "Code Mechanic" web site: (
May 22
[MD1] Apple Announces Newton Subsidiary
Apple Announces Newton Subsidiary New Company to Focus on Computing & Communications For Mobile Users CUPERTINO, Calif.--May 22, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the formation of a subsidiary that will focus on meeting the computing and communications needs of today's corporate mobile users. The new company, to be named at a later date, will provide customers with market-driven products and technologies, based on the award-winning Newton operating system, in conjunction with its licensees, value-added resellers, and systems integrators. "Over the past year, we have seen the Newton Systems Group launch compelling products based on the Newton operating system," said Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio, Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, Inc. "We believe that the time is right to establish the group as a focused entity. This decision allows the new subsidiary to pursue its business and create the marketing and operating strategies it needs to succeed." The new company will be led by a...
May 20
[MD1] Noesys: Hierarchical Data Format Tool
Dateline---May 19, 1997 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fortner Research Releases Noesys, the First Desktop Tool for Accessing HDF Data Sterling, VA---Fortner Research, the "Science Data Experts", announced today the release of Noesys, the first desktop software tool for Windows and Macintosh OS that provides access and control of scientific data formatted in the popular Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). HDF is a powerful, open standard file format that was developed by The National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) and is used by thousands of scientists worldwide. The HDF format allows users to easily access data, organize large amounts of technical data from a variety of sources, and share data across networks. "When standard data formats like HDF are adopted, the potential benefits are huge: the exchange of data and information becomes simpler, powerful tools for working with data become more available, and the ability to mine vast quantities of interdisciplinary data becomes...
May 20
[MD1] Roasted Java(tm) News
PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release Press Contact: Judith Steinbaum Press and Public Relations Roaster Technologies 617. 876. 4031 x1818 'Roasted Java(tm) News' Launch Offers Daily Distillate of Java! Cambridge, Mass. May 19, 1997 - Roaster Technologies today officially launched "Roasted Java(tm) News," an online Java News Daily. Each freshly updated version includes a comprehensive collection of news headlines concerning Java culled from over 50 different publications available on the Internet. In addition, a department of "Short Takes" supplies information on new or updated applets, applications or Java-related sources. Previews of this resource have been greeted with enthusiasm by members of the press, Java developers and IS Managers. "The accessibility and organization of the site by publication, with special highlights featured at the beginning of each day, gives the site the sense of a well-moderated Java newsletter," said an early user, John Magee, Director...
May 20
[MD1] QuickCRC 1.0 - Software Design Tool
For Immediate Release: QuickCRC 1.0 - Software Design Tool MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, May 20, 1997 --- Excel Software, makers of the popular MacA&D and WinA&D software engineering tools, today announced availability of QuickCRC 1.0 for both Macintosh and Windows 95/NT. QuickCRC is a software design tool for discovering objects and related information for an object-oriented software development project. QuickCRC automates the CRC card concept of identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations between objects. It provides developers with a powerful, intuitive design tool that requires little or no formal training. QuickCRC uses a diagram workspace for creating card and scenario objects. A card represents the properties of a class including its name, description, superclasses, subclasses, attributes, responsibilities and collaborating objects. A scenario represents a design mechanism defined as a series of steps involving communicating objects. Scenarios can reference...
May 20
[MD1] BasiChat
BasiChat Download a demo version now. The idea is simple: use Java to provide a cross-platform WWW chat tool that everybody can use. No IRC support, no fancy graphics, no blinking advertisements, no advertisements you didn't sell, no outrageous cost, no slow applets that bring your machine to a crawl - just a BasiChat for regular users. Most existing chat servers suffer from either feature bloat (the expensive ones loaded with plug-ins) or inefficient design (the free and cheap ones). We designed BasiChat to elegantly offer only core functionality for web-based chat. The server is cross-platform, extremely efficient, and easy to install. Simple design is the centerpiece of this application. The Server: Supports multiple independent channels, with multiple rooms, with private messages. Logs a client's entrance and exit Can do 'session' logging, which can be turned on/off at any time Gives complete control over all channels, rooms and...
May 20
[MD1] Apple Developer News
This is a really great Apple Developer News -- it succinctly sums up WWDC, so we're redistributing here. ---------------------------------------------------- --- --- --- A P P L E D E V E L O P E R N E W S --- --- From the staff of Apple Directions --- --- --- --- #56 Supplement May 13, 1997 --- ---------------------------------------------------- Most of the items in this e-mail can be found at Apple's Developer World site, with live links to referenced web sites: ( For subscription/cancellation information, see the end of this message. --------------------------------------- The WWDC '97 Keynote: A Personal Account by Gregg Williams Apple Developer Relations Apple Computer Tuesday, May 13, 1997 If there was anything different about the 1997 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, I couldn't tell it. The usual assortment of...
May 20
[MD1] Vivo Software Releases
For Immediate Release Contacts: Peter Zaballos Ed Hutchinson Vivo Software Lois Paul & Partners (617) 899-8900 (617) 238-5700 VIVO SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY OF VIVOACTIVE 2.0 WEB STREAMING VIDEO PRODUCTION TOOL, VIEWER Most Popular, Easiest Way To Create Web Video Content Now Offers Larger Image, Higher Resolution, More Flexibility WALTHAM, Mass., May 19, 1997 -- Vivo Software, Inc. today announced immediate availability of VivoActive 2.0, an enhanced version of Vivo's popular, server-independent Web streaming video production tool and viewer. VivoActive 2.0 offers Web developers the fastest, easiest way to create Web video content, which can be streamed from a wide array of servers and viewed over dial-up modem connections. VivoActive supports standard HTTP servers as well as media servers from Microsoft Corp.'s NetShow, Netscape...
May 20
[MD1] Rhapsody for Apple Developer Program Members
Sender: "Mark B. Johnson" ( Subject: Prelude To Rhapsody For Program Members You've asked for it, and here it is. If you are a program member and are signed up for our seeding program, you too can get Prelude to Rhapsody. Due to licensing restrictions this is a limited offer and you'll need to request it, but if you want it and will use it, you should be able to get it. Note the special addition of WebObjects which was provided as a bonus to WWDC attendees is not included in this package, but all of the rest of the software you need to get started is. Regards, Mark --------------- Prelude to Rhapsody for Apple Developer Program Members Due to the phenomenal success of the Prelude to Rhapsody bundle that was given to all attendees of last week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple Developer Relations has obtained a limited supply of Prelude to Rhapsody development tools and is very pleased to be able to offer these to members of Apple's Developer Programs. Apple...
May 16
[MD1] Stalker Internet Mail Server
Stalker Software Announces Stalker Internet Mail Server 1.0beta MILL VALLEY, CA - May 15th, 1997 - Stalker Software, Inc. announced today the first public beta version of the Stalker Internet Mail Server - a high-performance Open-Transport native SMTP, POP3, and "poppwd" server for the MacOS. The industry-strong Stalker Internet Mail Server is FREE. It does not have any demo/trial limitations, and it can be used to support several hundred accounts and multiple domains. This product fills the gap between the commercial servers as the CommuniGate(tm) Integrated Messaging System and low-end freeware mail servers. The high performance Mail Server relies on the OpenTransport features. While the first release is still slower than the best UNIX mail servers on comparable CPUs, several enhancements will be implemented shortly. But even this beta version (available in the MC68K code) easily handles 100+ incoming and 100+ outgoing simultaneous connections on a Quadra or low-end PowerPC machines...
May 15
[MD1] Apple Offers New Customer Support Program
Apple Offers New Customer Support Program Customers Get Greater Flexibility and Choice at Low Cost CUPERTINO, Calif.--May 15, 1997--Today, Apple Computer, Inc., announced a new technical support option for owners of Apple hardware and software products, called Apple Support Line (ASL). Since April 1, 1996, Apple has offered customers both a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90 days of complimentary up-and-running technical support on their Apple products. ASL, a one-year renewable support contract available directly from Apple and from participating Apple authorized resellers, allows customers to continue to receive up-and-running support from Apple after their 90 days of complimentary support have expired. The majority of customers purchasing Apple products benefit from having access to up-and-running support when they first purchase their computer or peripheral product. That is, new customers find it very useful to be able to call Apple for some basic assistance: for help...
May 15
[MD1] NeoAccess 5.0 for BeOS
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEOLOGIC ANNOUNCES NEOACCESS FOR BeOS BeOS release of the high-performance, cross-platform object database runs 300 to 500% faster than on MacOS. SANTA CLARA, CA May 10, 1997 -- NeoLogic Systems, Inc. today announced the release of NeoAccess 5.0 for the Be Operating System (BeOS) NeoAccess is NeoLogic's cross-platform object database engine. NeoAccess is used by developers as the database foundation for building advanced software applications running on Be, Windows, Macintosh and/or Unix platforms. Utilizing the BeOS's new high-performance file system and extensive multithreading capabilities, benchmarks show that NeoAccess performs three to five times faster than under MacOS on similar PowerMacintosh hardware, making NeoAccess the highest performance object database engine available for PowerPC-based applications. Since NeoAccess is a cross-platform framework, developers can use it to build both BeOS and MacOS applications. "We're extremely pleased that...
May 15
[MD1] ProMaker Utils 0.9.1
ProMaker Utils 0.9.1 - For the FileMaker Professional Announcing the release of of the first public release of ProMaker Utils This is a FileMaker Pro productivity shareware tool for enhancing working with ScriptMaker. If you are a FileMaker Pro 3.0 user or developer and write ScriptMaker scripts this small application can save you a lot of time. ProMaker Utils makes it possible to paste an entire ScriptMaker script (all steps) from a TEXT file into a FileMaker Pro script. No more clicking until your hands hurt, just enter them in one go! How does it work? - Open FileMaker Pro and the script you want to paste the steps in. - Use ProMaker Utils to open a TEXT file with the script-steps in it (some sample text files are included). - Enter the complete script by pressing command-E. ProMaker Utils will bring FileMaker to the front and start pasting the steps into the selected script. It is that simple. System Requirements: Macintosh with 68030 or better or Power Macintosh. System 7.1 or...
May 14
[MD1] Apple Endorses Java Foundation Classes
Joint Release Apple Endorses Java Foundation Classes as a Key Component of its Rhapsody Platform WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.--May 13, 1997--Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that Apple has joined Sun, Netscape Communications Corporation, and IBM in the continued effort to evolve the Java Foundation Classes, the most comprehensive set of tools for defining the look and feel of Java applications. Apple will embrace the Java Platform, which includes the Java Foundation Classes, as a central component of its development and deployment strategy for Rhapsody, the code name for its next generation OS, and Mac OS. This announcement confirms Apple's commitment to providing a leading Java Platform for creating and distributing 100% Pure Java solutions. By adopting Java as a premier development environment and Application Programming Interface (API) platform for Mac OS and Rhapsody, Apple developers will have access to the largest deployment platforms possible. "Sun is...
May 14
[MD1] HIDE Awards Winners
Apple Announces Winners of 1997 HIDE Awards "HIDE" Award Winners Display Outstanding Innovation, Elegance, Look and Feel, and Overall Superior Design in Applications for Mac OS WWDC, San Jose, Calif.--May 14, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the winners and runner-ups of its 1997 Human Interface Design Excellence Award (HIDE Award; pronounced "Heidi") contest for Mac OS developers. The HIDE Awards illustrate Apple's continued support for the Mac OS developer community and recognize superior software from 1996 in the areas of Innovation, Elegance, Look and Feel, and Overall Design. This year's HIDE Award winners and runner-ups were unveiled last evening at an awards ceremony as part of Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The WWDC takes place this week, May 13-16, at the San Jose Convention center in San Jose, Calif. " The HIDE Awards recognize and applaud the outstanding innovation and creativity of Mac OS developers, said David Krathwohl, vice president of...
May 14
[MD1] Mac OS 8 Beta Release Receives Positive Response
Apple's Mac OS 8 Beta Release Receives Positive Response; Developers and Customers Laud Major Upgrade to Operating System WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today revealed that the recent release of the beta version of its forthcoming major operating system upgrade, Mac OS 8, has been enthusiastically received by seeded developers and customers alike. Scheduled for introduction in July 1997, Mac OS 8 will provide a more responsive user interface with a multi-threaded, PowerPC-native Finder; integrated Internet services, and improved installation and configuration features. "Everytime we show Mac OS 8 to customers, press, and trade show attendees we get a terrific response," said Jim Gable, vice president of Apple Software Marketing. "This is the most significant update to the OS software platform in many years and clearly demonstrates Apple's lasting advantages -particularly in ease-of-use and now with integrated Internet services." "Developer response to the Mac...
May 14
[MD1] Apple Operating System (OS) Strategy and Roadmap
Apple Operating System (OS) Strategy and Roadmap Strategy Delivers Compatibility with Currently Shipping Mac Systems and Applications, Accelerates Delivery of Next-Generation Software, and Provides Smooth Migration to Next-Generation OS WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-As announced at Macworld San Francisco in January, Apple Computer, Inc. plans to implement a strategy in which the Company will continue to deliver significant and regularly scheduled upgrades to the current Mac OS while accelerating development of a new and advanced operating system. The new operating system is code-named 'Rhapsody' and will be based on the merging of technologies from Apple and NeXT Software, Inc. As well as providing pioneering next generation technology, Rhapsody aims to provide strong backward compatibility for Mac OS software offering current customers a smooth migration path to the new OS. Through this approach, the Company expects to provide customers and developers with a platform for...
May 14
[MD1] Internet Access With Mac OS 8
Apple Plans to Provide Customers with Best-of-Class Internet Access With Mac OS 8 Mac OS 8 Planned to Offer Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today revealed its plans that customers of its upcoming operating system, Mac OS 8, will have access to best-of-class Internet access via Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Scheduled to be released this summer, Mac OS 8 reaffirms Apple's continuing efforts to integrate the Internet into the core operating system. "The depth of Internet integration in Mac OS 8 is going to surprise many observers-and delight customers," said Jim Gable, vice president of Platform and Software Technologies. "The natural extension of this philosophy is to include both of the world's leading browser technologies, giving customers choices for the best possible Internet experience." Internet Features Mac OS 8 provides key Internet features including integrated...
May 14
[MD1] WebObjects Part of Next Generation Development Environment
WebObjects Included in Yellow Box Development Environment; New Tiered Pricing Benefits WebObjects Customers WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-At it's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple Computer Inc. today announced that its WebObjects technology will be included in the Yellow Box, the code name for its cross platform next generation application development environment. The inclusion of WebObjects Frameworks in the Yellow Box provides an HTML interface to objects, enabling developers to easily create dynamic web-based applications. Apple also announced a new tiered pricing structure for WebObjects Enterprise that includes aggressive pricing based on access by workgroups, divisions, and unlimited users. Apple expects both these announcements to increase the market penetration of WebObjects technology. David Kay, WebObjects product manager, Apple Computer, Inc. said, "WebObjects has cut its teeth in the Enterprise market where it has been adopted by fortune 500...
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**Job Summary** Imagine what you could do here. At Apple , great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring Read more
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